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  • silvermossfrog
    20.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    send me super fluffy fics to read under the table during thanksgiving and cry about later that night!!!

    #kpop#kpop fanfic #enemies to lovers #meet cute#college au#coffeeshop au#secret dating#royal au#fluff#fluffy #angst is okay but only if it ends happy #long ones are super okay #i also like a good sm au #ask game#vav#got7#ateez#seventeen#wonho#oneus#nct
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  • monstaless
    07.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    You haven’t left the apartment in two days. The curtains are pulled shut. There are takeout boxes on the coffee table from the night before and unwashed coffee cups in the sink from the previous two mornings. The clothes on the floor are from two nights ago, left where they were dropped as you’d undressed each other. The comforter is falling off the end of the bed, unneeded, forgotten.

    The mess doesn’t matter though. These things seem trivial. He’s home and you can’t seem to waste time worrying about those things. Not yet. Not when you can be wrapped up in his arms all weekend instead. Every moment is too precious. Especially when you know the next day you have to go back to reality.

    You’re straddling his waist, fingers intertwined with his. When you lean in for a kiss, he pushes his arms straight up, holding you at bay. His grin is huge and goofy and your heart swells. You smile back at him, despite the kiss you’ve been denied.

    He chuckles and lets you back down to his level, where you claim your kiss. You pin his hands to the bed as you rest on top of him. You let go of one of his hands, only so that you can run your fingers through his short hair.

    He breaks the kiss to look into your eyes.

    “You should call in sick tomorrow.” He’s very serious about it too.

    “I don’t think they’d believe me,” you whispered. You kissed him again, catching his bottom lip between your teeth. He let out a quiet groan.

    “Two days is not enough for me.” He flipped your positions so that you were underneath him and he was propped up on one forearm. His thumb brushed gently over your cheekbone. “Tell them that your man just got back from his enlistment and he deserves more than just two days. Tell them that he missed you like crazy and you were all that he could think about everyday. Hell, take the whole week off. Tell them that I’m taking you somewhere. Any where that you want. Everything else can wait.”

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  • tywritesxpop
    19.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    VAV St. Van: Tattoos (SFW)

    A/N: Repost from Wishful Daydreamings on my other blog.

    Your back was pressed against his warm chest, his arm snaked beneath you and around your torso to hold you close to him. You could feel Geumhyuk’s soft breathing against the back of your hair, blowing at some of the strands and tickling your scalp. His other lay over you, relaxed against your stomach and leaving both of you in a cozy comfort. You were idly looking for something of interest to keep yourself awake. Falling asleep in his arms was ideal, but it was too early to go to bed right now.

    Your fingers lightly traced over the lines of ink painting his arm. The tattoos were intricately detailed on his skin, and you found yourself intrigued by the patterns. He chuckled behind you, fidgeting slightly to get a better look at your face. “What are you doing?” he asked, goosebumps rising in your wake and making him shiver a bit.

    “What do they mean?” you asked, turning your head to look at him in wonder. A smile appeared on Geumhyuk’s face and he delved into a short explanation of his tattoos. You listened to every detail, examining each one in turn until he finished his story. “So what’s next?”

    “Hmm?” His hand instinctively reached for yours, lacing your fingers together and burying his face in your hair. “What’s what next?” You scoffed out a laugh and turned back to look at him again. “Your next tattoo, genius. What’s next?”

    Geumhyuk hummed as he gazed back at you thoughtfully. “I don’t know yet,” he answered. “Still figuring that out.” You pouted. “You must have some ideas floating in that air head of yours,” you joked.  Your boyfriend puffed his cheeks and blew raspberries into your neck, making you cringe and laugh. He held onto you as you tried to escape his grasp, settling for cuddling against you with his face resting in the crook of your neck. “Something like that,” he finally replied. “I need to decide what best represents my beautiful girlfriend first.”

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  • tywritesxpop
    19.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    VAV St. Van: Lap Pillow (SFW)

    A/N: A short thing I whipped up last night to help my bestie feel better. Enjoy~

    No image yet! Let me know if you’re interested in making one! Otherwise, I’ll eventually get around to it! :)

    Pairing: St. Van x gn!reader Warnings: none Genre: Fluff WC: 408

    Your eyes drooped as you blankly stared at the long-forgotten dishes of what’s left of your dinner, sitting haphazardly on the coffee table in front of you. It was strange, looking at the view from a sideways perspective but still somehow able to see it perfectly straight. Your mind idly drifted with this thought. It was silent save for the light tapping of his fingers on his phone, a small wooshsound indicating he had sent someone a message. One of the guys, perhaps?

    One of his hands dropped from his phone and onto your shoulder, squeezing gently as he stroked your arm up and down. You snuggled further into the blanket that was messily wrapped around you, nudging his leg with your head in an attempt to get comfortable. His hand was warm, and his touch made you feel safe. You had already closed your eyes and nearly fell asleep when his voice alerted you back to consciousness.

    “Babe?” You looked up at Geumhyuk from your comfortable spot of using his lap as a pillow. He wore an amused grin, looking down at you with love and laughter in his eyes. “Are you falling asleep?”

    “Yes,” you answered. “Let me. You’re comfy.” You turned away from him as you spoke, shifting again before settling against him. You could hear him chuckle above you.

    Geumhyuk took the blanket and covered you up again, resting his hand on your waist as he turned back to his phone. His thumb stroked back and forth absentmindedly, lulling you to sleep. He would occasionally hum, one of his songs of course, and his gentle voice further sent you into a state of rest.

    Eventually, he noticed how soft your breathing had become, and he pulled his eyes from his phone once more to look down at your sleeping figure. Part of him never expected you to actually fall asleep, but he wasn’t complaining. Instead, he smiled and made sure you were comfortable. He carefully tugged a bit of your hair back, away from your face.

    Rather than risk waking you by moving too much, Geumhyuk kissed two of his fingers and softly pressed them to your own lips. The small scrunch of your nose at the contact almost made him laugh. He leaned back, resting his head against the back of the couch. At some point, after growing bored of his phone, he too fell asleep, with you resting peacefully against him.

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  • seunguwoos
    05.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Friends - Optional Bias Drabble

    One look that lasts too long. A laugh that’s a little too loud for a joke that wasn’t that funny. Small touches that linger longer than normal. Your heart racing when it never did before.

    The small signs of falling for someone. 

    You tried to stop it, universe knows, but of course it never works that way.

    It was almost like he knew. Like he was trying to get you to do something. But was he really? Or was that what you were wanting to see?

    “No, forreal!” He laughed at you, his smile making your own come out. “I was just sitting there and suddenly he’s laid out on the flo-”

    You were paying attention, you swear, but the realization of your smile had you fixing your expression. It must of come off more emotionless because he stopped talking. 

    “What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly and you shook your head.

    “Nothing, why?” 

    “You just look like something happened?”

    “I-” You took a deep breath. “I don’t want to be just friends anymore..” You spoke slow and soft, your fingers fiddling with each other as you avoided him. 

    It was quiet and it was getting to you. You were about to speak up and tell him to forget about it when you felt him lifting your chin. 

    “Y/n,” He looked at you, a small smile pulling at the side of his lip as he took in your expression.

    “We’re not just friends and you know it.”

    #hi i don't know what this is #but my friend approved it so here ya go #victon fluff #i guess this counts as therapy writing #x1 fluff#woodz fluff#uniq fluff#ateez fluff#svt fluff #stray kids fluff #vixx fluff#exo fluff#kard fluff#cix fluff#nct fluff#wayv fluff #the rose fluff #n.flying fluff #vav fluff #monsta x fluff #got7 fluff#astro fluff#ikon fluff#pentagon fluff#sf9 fluff #the boyz fluff #highlight fluff#kpop fluff#mine
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  • aurorasillusion
    31.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Request Guidelines

    Please, please, please if you're thinking of requesting a piece of work from me, read this post.


    ♤ Check my writing guidelines to find out who and what i write if you haven't already.

    ♤ ⚠️ 🔞Absolutely no smut request for minors. If idk the group I will check ages🔞 ⚠️

    ♤ ⚠️🔞 No smut requests for anyone below 20 I'm just personally not comfortable with that 🔞⚠️

    ♤ Be aware I complete requests in order of how quick and easy it is to get the request done.

    ♤ Be aware that even small request, let alone big requests, can take their time to be done due to various reasons.

    ♤ Don't request something I have explicitly stated I wont write. (you can find that in writing guidelines)

    ♤ Be as clear as possible about what you are asking me for.

    ♤ Add everything you would like to see included in your requests, in your ask.

    ♤ If you want to give me more or less total creative freedom on your request that's okay too.

    ♤ Be polite when requesting, and when waiting for your request to be completed :D

    ♤ You can request to add multiple people, into the person A & person B prompts if you want. (just an fyi not a guideline really.)

    ♤ Will add more if and when I think something else needs to be apart of the request guidelines

    -> Back to request masterlist <-

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  • personalized-imagines
    23.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    What (fandom) Characters Think Of You? Personalized Results.

    How it works:

    + copy the corresponding form, fill it out and send/ submit your answers to me.

    + I will send you back what I think the characters think about you from your selected fandom.

    I will try my best but know this is just my opinion!!! The more detailed you are the better the results!

    Please be nice and patient!

    Currently taking forms for:

    + BTS

    + Stray Kids (Current Members Only!)

    + Monsta X (Current Members Only!)

    + Day6

    + GOT7

    + Blackpink

    + Ateez

    + NCT

    + Pentagon (Current Members Only!)

    + Seventeen

    + SF9

    + SuperM

    + TXT

    + VAV (Current Members Only!)

    + Twice

    Feel free to ask me questions!


    + Anyone you leave blank will be left out of the results!

    + judgement free zone!!!! You hate a certain member well... that’s fine! You do you, only you and I see your result. My own personal opinions won’t affect your results.

    + please only one group per submission.

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  • dreamxchapter
    29.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    VAV [MTL] Enjoy wearing your clothes

    m o s t




    St. Van




    l e a s t

    Baron and Ziu wouldn’t care if it’s way too short or looks ridiculous. It’s yours so it’s perfect. Ayno would somehow make it fashionable. Would like to share certain clothes with you.

    St. Van, Lou and Ace would only do it if they have to, like when they get big stains on their own clothes and need to change, maybe would do it for fun if they’re sure no one will see them.

    Jacob… we all know how picky he is with his (expensive) style, so I don’t think he would wear something that doesn’t fit well or goes perfect with the rest of his outfit.

    Note: Everything I write is fiction or my personal opinion.

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  • dreamxchapter
    22.04.2021 - 7 monts ago


    R E A C T I O N S

    Their s/o randomly starts laughing

    M T L

    Enjoy wearing your clothes

    You having piercings

    M E M B E R S

    St. Van




    spring aesthetic




    Note: Everything I write is fiction or my personal opinion.

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  • dreamxchapter
    22.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    VAV: Their s/o randomly starts laughing

    ST. VAN

    Starts giggling as soon as he hears you and asks „care to share what’s going on, sweetheart?“ while leaning closer to you


    Will be confused for a second before he shakes his head and smiles, thinking „they’re way too cute…“


    Stops whatever he’s doing, smiles just enough for his dimple to appear and says something like „your laughing is the cutest sound to me“


    Curious about what’s so funny, when you brush him off or tease him and say „nothing“ he will turn whiny and annoys you till you share your thoughts with him


    Thinks he did or said something to make you laugh. Asks „What did I do?!“ confused and feeling a bit left out


    He probably would just stare at you with a blank expression, trying his best not to smile. Can’t help but end up giggling himself saying „cutie, please tell me why you’re laughing!“


    ...wouldn’t even notice that you’re daydreaming, thinking you’re laughing at his story „yeah I know! And then hyung accidentally…“ continues rambling and makes you laugh even more.

    Note: Everything I write is fiction or my personal opinion.

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  • sungsoda
    09.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    [10: 12 pm]

    Trying to finish a document for work. Your bf, Jacob wouldn't let you as he kept distracting you with his arms wrapped around your waist, leaving kisses on your bare shoulders, swaying you back and fourth, whispering sweet nothings into your ears. Then, leaving kisses on the back of your neck. "Ugh, your so annoying" you said, rolling your eyes in a joking matter. "But You still love me, babe" Jacob says, a small giggle escaping from him as he tightens his grip on your middle and snuggles his face into your neck.

    #i'm feeding vapmz your welcome! #vav imagines #vav jacob imagines #vav jacob#jacob fluff#vav fluff
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  • tabsteen
    05.04.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Sooooooo, I’m so excited to be making this post. Recently, I’ve been working on forming a prompt list for people to send in requests! So that should be up and running soon. BUT, in the meantime, I am working on TWO new series that I’m super excited for you guys to see!

    First, I’m going to be working on a Wedding Series!! Woot woot ! The premise will be that one of the higher-ups at SM is getting married and many of the NCT members are in attendance. So, we’ve got many dates to plan, some bridesmaid-groomsmen hookups-- you know how it is. 

    Second! I’m working on a *drum roll* TRAVEL SERIES -- This will be a completely multi-series where we go with our favorite kpop boys traveling wherever, such as taking one boy to a cabin in the mountains, going on a cruise with another. I’m super excited for this one too!

    So that’s all that’s coming up. As always, feel free to drop in the ask box to rave or suggest or literally whatever ! I need to start screaming to more people than just my 3-person group chat i think they’re getting tired of it honestly as I jump from one kpop boy to the next faster than yoongi chases after jin on an atv

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  • soulangel-works
    26.03.2021 - 8 monts ago
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  • wronqness99
    16.03.2021 - 8 monts ago


    > About my writing

    Genre: Fluff

    Warnings: ---

    Word Count: 843

    Characters: Baron (VAV)/Choi Chunghyop x Fem!Reader

    *The image doesn’t belong to me, credits to the owner.*

    ChungHyop came out of the bathroom freshly showered, making his way towards the bed with careful steps, trying not to wake up his wife.

    Laying down on the bed underneath the silk covers the man moved towards his lover, spooning her and allowing his hand to rest on top of her growing stomach. His favourite place to be. The place he hated to have to leave every morning.

    Y/N stirred as she felt her husband's presence on the bed with her. A smile appeared on her tired face as her hand moved toward his, resting above it as her thumb drew soft circles on her lover's skin.

    "Honey, you're home...." she softly stated, allowing her body to relax against his as his scent filled her lungs. ChungHyop hummed, pressing a soft kiss to her shoulder. Y/N chuckled sleepily, feeling their daughter's incessant kicks as soon as she felt her father's warmth come in contact with her mother's womb.

    "She missed you," Y/N stated making her lover smile against her warm skin. "She was very active today, only went to sleep when I decided to play a clip of you singing while trying to calm her down. She was kicking my ribs so hard it actually became hard to breathe." She sighed, face scrunched up as she remembered the painful evening. "I guess she's excited her daddy is really here now."

    "I missed both of my loves, too. It was really productive today, though, we got to finish the four final tracks and still had time to put a choreography together." He said, sharing how his day had been, something they always did before sleep. However, with the preparations for the new album, Chunghyeop got home quite late and with the pregnancy starting to take a toll on Y/N who most of the times was too far gone into dreamland at the time of her husband's arrival that habit had been lost, somehow, but their relationship was going as strong as ever.

    All they needed was each other's presence, each other's warmth. Soon, ChungHyop was to enlist in order to fulfil his duty of protecting and serving his country.

    It saddened him that he wasn't going to be able to witness his daughter's first months of life where things change so fast and many things happen all at once. The man sighed pulling her in closer and leaving a feather kiss on her shoulder.

    "I'm gonna miss this so much. I will lose so many of our baby's first's, however, I know I couldn't have picked a better partner to share my little one with." He stated, causing her to smile shyly. Y/N placed her hand on top of his and intertwined their fingers, allowing them to lay on top of her tummy where their baby seemed to be wide awake and throwing a dance party. "Please don't give up on us even if it's hard..." He begged, voice trembling.

    Y/N's heart skipped a beat hearing him cry. She turned around with some difficulty due to the added weight from the baby and faced her fiance.

    "Cheungyop, I would never. You know it! It's your duty to serve our country and me and baby girl will be proudly watching you succeed at yet another goal. When the time comes we will be here waiting for our hero to come back home to us." She smiles sweetly, wiping a tear that slid down his eyes.

    Chunghyop hugged her, placing a loving kiss on her forehead. He had really lucked out in life, he had a partner in the same person he had a best friend, a supporter. He did not know when it happened but he fell deeply in love with the woman lying beside him every night. The woman he wanted to call his for the rest of his life and with whom he planned to officialize his union as soon as he was discharged from his mandatory service.

    "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me, Y/N, no one can compare. I love you, I always will. Forever. No matter what," He promised. "I will always protect you and out little Chaeyeon."

    "You are my soulmate, Choi Chunghyop. I have loved you in a thousand different lives," She smiled, kissing his lips.

    That night they fell asleep in between promises and plans for the future. One thing they were sure of was that they would never meet someone who could compare to the other. As many people as they spoke to or met, there was no one who could comprehend the other like they did each other or give them the warmth and familiarity they had. Someone who listened, who was there and who always tried to walk a mile in the other's shoes to understand, someone they could never find in anyone else but each other.

    They were each other's 'it'.

    In the end, maybe it wasn't their first love they compared everyone they ended up meeting to, but their soulmate.

    There is no heart for us like our soulmate's.


    #vav baron#baron vav#choi chunghyop#baron#vav#vav scenario#vav scenarios#vav imagine#vav fanfic#vav fanfiction #baron x reader #baron fluff#vav fluff #vav baron scenarios #vav baron scenario #vav baron imagine #vav baron imagines #vav baron fanfic #vav baron fanfiction #vav choi chunghyop #vav chunghyop#baron imagine#baron scenario#baron fanfic#baron fanfiction#kpop fanfic
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  • seunguwoos
    01.01.2020 - 11 monts ago

    What Luck - Optional Bias Drabble

    A/n: Something fluffy so the new year can start off with some kind of sweetness. *Mayhap based on what happened to me on Wednesday night but moving on.*


    “’I’ll be fine’, she said. ‘I don’t need a rain jacket because the forecast is always wrong’, she said.” He chanted as he walked towards you with your mug, now full of hot chocolate. “You never listen to me.” He tsked, motioning for you to sit up before handing you the mug. 

    “You know the forecast always lies!!” You tried, the sudden raise of your voice triggering a small coughing fit, your boyfriend crossing his arms in a ‘Yeah, sure.’ type of way. “It was right this time..” You said in a smaller voice before taking a sip from the mug, wincing slightly at the temperature. “I would’ve been fine if it wasn’t for my two left feet, though.”

    “Which is why I said to stay home, but nooo, you just had to go to work.” He shook his head as he sat by you. “You fell into all those puddles and now you’re sick. When you would’ve been just fine had you listened to me.”

    “It’s hard to see when it’s raining that bad!” You pouted, hating the fact that you were completely losing this argument. 

    You had a valid reason to ignore his request. Your weather was never predictable. It never matched the forecast, in fact, it did the exact opposite. You had no reason to stay home. 

    But of course, things just had to go wrong.

    The first hour of work was fine, and right as you were about to text him to rub it in his face that he was wrong, you felt the first drop of water. 

    Then the second.

    And then the rest of it.

    It would’ve been fine had the rain not lasted as long as it did. Even soaking you as you walked to your door. But of course, the universe had other things planned. 

    Like you tripping.

    And falling into a small flooded hole on someone’s driveway.

    Four different times.

    “Might I remind you, your shoes aren’t even dried yet.” He shook his head. “Being a delivery driver, you’d think you’d be smart about your clothing choices during a storm.” He sighed at you. “Who wears Vans in weather like that?” 

    “I didn’t think it would rain. Or that I would fall. That many times.” You sank deeper into your pillows as he stared at you the way a parent stares when they lecture. “It’s not my fault I have shitty luck.”

    “And I bet you didn’t think you’d be sick for new years, either, huh?” He quirked a brow and you let out a small huff. “Don’t worry, though, I already planned it out.” He smiled.

    “We’re gonna be wrapped in one big blanket burrito and cuddle through the night while we watch movies and I remind you that I’m always right.” He booped your nose. “And you won’t be able to run away because who would pass up the opportunity to start the year off in my arms?” 

    You stared at him and tsked yourself as a smile pulled at your lips. 

    “I guess I am a little lucky.”

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