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  • kimbapuhkidding
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Fake Date Me//Jang Wooyoung

    Pairing: Ace X Reader

    Themes: fake-dating!au, fluff

    Summary: Ace helped you convince your parents you weren’t alone.

    A/N: There will be a part 2 eventually

    “When are you going to get a boyfriend? We would like grandchildren sometime soon. We’re not getting any younger.” Your parents were always hounding you about your relationship status. And it’s not like you chose to be single. 

    But one time during their ranting about your relationship status you couldn’t help the lies that you spouted. “Who says I’m not in a relationship? Have you considered I just haven’t told you?”

    As soon as the words left your mouth you regretted it. “A boyfriend? You have a boyfriend. How wonderful! You must invite him over for dinner.” Now they weren’t going to leave you alone until they met this so-called boyfriend”

    That was it, you had dug your own grave. “I don’t think that’s such a great idea.” You had to get out of that dinner no matter what.

    “Nonsense. Invite him over for dinner tomorrow. I’ll be lovely.” Your mother was as determined to have your non-existent boyfriend over as you were to not. But you knew she would win. When you didn’t argue back, your mother took this as agreement. “Then it’s settled, we’ll have your boyfriend over tomorrow for dinner.” You were screwed.

    Later that day you had called your best friend to tell her the story. “I can’t believe I told them I was in a relationship. What am I going to do?”

    “Oh honey. Do you know what you need? You need a fake boyfriend. Someone to be your boyfriend for one night.” 

    You had to admit it was a good idea, but with one major flaw.“And where am I going to get a fake boyfriend.” 

    “I’ll ask Wooyoung. He owes me a favor.” She said it so nonchalantly. As if it was no big deal to fake date your best friend’s brother.

    “Wooyoung! Are you kidding me? I could not ask him to pretend to be my boyfriend, even if it’s just one night.” You let out a sigh, you were so screwed. 

    “Hey Wooyoung, I have a question for you.” You heard your best friend yell through her house. You tried to stop her but she wasn’t listening. “Will you pretend to be Y/N’s boyfriend tomorrow night to get her parents off her back?”

    This was it. Not only would you never be able to show your face to Wooyoung ever again, but your parents will be disappointed in you too. “Sure. Why not?” Did Wooyoung just agree to fake date you?

    “Wait, what? Say that again.” You had to be hearing things. There’s no way that Wooyoung is going on a fake date with you. 

    “I’ll see you tomorrow." This is real, this is happening. 

    “Done and done. Now you have a fake boyfriend for tomorrow. I have to go now, but I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Have fun on your date tomorrow.” Without another word she hung up. Her words slowly sinking in. You have a fake date tomorrow, with Wooyoung. Oh boy...

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  • monstaless
    07.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    You haven’t left the apartment in two days. The curtains are pulled shut. There are takeout boxes on the coffee table from the night before and unwashed coffee cups in the sink from the previous two mornings. The clothes on the floor are from two nights ago, left where they were dropped as you’d undressed each other. The comforter is falling off the end of the bed, unneeded, forgotten.

    The mess doesn’t matter though. These things seem trivial. He’s home and you can’t seem to waste time worrying about those things. Not yet. Not when you can be wrapped up in his arms all weekend instead. Every moment is too precious. Especially when you know the next day you have to go back to reality.

    You’re straddling his waist, fingers intertwined with his. When you lean in for a kiss, he pushes his arms straight up, holding you at bay. His grin is huge and goofy and your heart swells. You smile back at him, despite the kiss you’ve been denied.

    He chuckles and lets you back down to his level, where you claim your kiss. You pin his hands to the bed as you rest on top of him. You let go of one of his hands, only so that you can run your fingers through his short hair.

    He breaks the kiss to look into your eyes.

    “You should call in sick tomorrow.” He’s very serious about it too.

    “I don’t think they’d believe me,” you whispered. You kissed him again, catching his bottom lip between your teeth. He let out a quiet groan.

    “Two days is not enough for me.” He flipped your positions so that you were underneath him and he was propped up on one forearm. His thumb brushed gently over your cheekbone. “Tell them that your man just got back from his enlistment and he deserves more than just two days. Tell them that he missed you like crazy and you were all that he could think about everyday. Hell, take the whole week off. Tell them that I’m taking you somewhere. Any where that you want. Everything else can wait.”

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  • emeraldbabygirl
    19.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    VAV reaction to you falling in the shower

    Ahoy gremlins and gentleman! (It’s a joke of course) it me! It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything VAV related and I was having a moment to process a thought and came up with this!

    St.Van: you and Geumhyuk were getting with it in the shower and things got a little wild. Geumhyuk had you against the shower wall fucking into from behind. You were both moaning. Shower sex was something you to did a fair amount of times. Geumhyuk really enjoyed it and it was easy clean up after. His hands were on your hips digging into your skin as he came in you. When you pulled out and tried to turn you around to face him you lost your footing and slipped falling into him. “Are you ok precious?” He asked his hands gripping your arms to hold you up. Your heart definitely dropped to your stomach when you felt yourself fall, thank god Geumhyuk was there to catch you. “Y-yes I think so. Thank you Geummie.” “Maybe we should stop messing around in the shower huh?” You nodded agreeing with him.

    Lou: a week had gone by since you fell out of the shower actually. You slipped and went to grab to door but it opened and you fell pretty hard on the tile. You didn’t want to tell Hosung so you tried your best to keep it a secret. That was until he noticed you leaning over holding your side. “Princess are you okay, what’s wrong?” Hosung came over to you from the living room where you were leaning over by the kitchen counter. “Uh..just um..I fell. I tripped in the shower and fell out and umm. I think I hurt my ribs or something.” Hosung’s eyes got wide as he went to grip your chin firmly. “When did this happen?” You looked away feeling guilty. “Like a week ago..” you started to tear up. You felt horrible for not telling him right away. “Y/n why did you not tell me? You’ve been hiding this for a week. You know I want you to tell me things especially if you get hurt.” Hosung pulled his phone out of his pocket and started dialing. “I’m sorry I just didn’t think it was a big deal. What are you doing?” You asked. “I’m making a doctor appointment to get you checked out.” Hosung said. You heard the phone ring. You reached up to grab the phone out of his hand to stop him but a sharp pain dig into your side causing you to yelp. “Ok that’s it, we’re going to the emergency room right now. You could be seriously hurt how could you be so stupid.” Hosung quickly grabbed you a coat and the keys and off you went. You were in tears the entire way there continuously apologizing. “Princess I’m not mad I am disappointed, you could be hurt bad. Next time you fall anywhere you call for me. That’s what I’m here for.”

    Baron: you fell in the shower and must’ve passed out or something. When you came to you slowly got yourself up and very slowly got dressed. It was 7:30 by the time to got done and you checked your phone to see a few texts from your boyfriend and a missed call. You called him back and he picked up right away. “Y/n where are you? Why didn’t you answer me?” He sounded upset. “I’m sorry Chunghyeop, I fell in the shower and passed out. But I’m” “you fell?! He said the tone of his voice an octave higher sounding alarmed. “Are you okay baby I’m 15 minutes away I’ll be right there.” You sighed into the phone. “Sweetie I’m fine. I just have a bit of a headache is all I’ll be okay I promise.” It was silent for a bit and you could almost hear his shake his head. “No y/n you passed out I need to take care of you. I’ll be home as soon as I can take some pain pills and lay down and stay there til I come home okay?” His tone was calmer now and caring. It made you blush that he still went out of his way to take care of you. “I’ll be fine Chunghyeop.” “Please babe, let me take care of you. I’ll make you some soup or a bowl of rice and some hot tea okay? You need to take it easy for awhile. Let me do my job and take care of my baby okay? I’ll be home soon. Now go lay down.” And with that he hung up. You sighed to yourself and got under the covers. You must’ve fell asleep cause you heard Chunghyeop calling out to you. “Babe I’m sorry I was late there was a bit of a road problem, I had to take a detour. How are you feeling?” He asked bringing a kiss to your lips before cupping your cheek. You smiled at him. “Did you get some medicine?” When you said no Chunghyeop just shook his head. “Alright stay here, I’ll be back with some hot food and medicine okay. Don’t move.”

    Ziu: you went to take a bath while Heejun was playing video games. You had just finished and went to stand up to pull the plug but you lost your footing and fell backwards falling back into the water whacking your noggin on the shower wall. “Fuck!” You yelled loudly. Seconds later the door opens and Heejun pokes his head in. “Everything al- kitten are you alright?” He asked making his way towards you. There was a few puddles of water on the floor so Heejun threw some towels down. “I’m just fucking peachy.” You say trying to stand up but you got a bit dizzy and fell back down. “What happened?” He asked reaching under the water to pull the plug. “I slipped and about cracked my damn skull open is what happened.” You snapped back. You weren’t trying to sound like a bitch but boy did you hit the wall hard. “Looks like lack of adhesive ducks. I told you if you had a mat or adhesive ducks you wouldn’t fall but you didn’t listen.” Heejun said grabbing a towel. “It has nothing to do with damn ducks now please help me Heejun. I don’t think I can stand on my own.” You were frustrated with yourself and him and so you just started to cry. “Hey now, you’re okay. Come here kitten.” Heejun wrapped the towel around your body that was now shivering and helped you out of the tub. “You might have a concussion, do you feel nauseous? You’re definitely going to have a nasty lil bump.” Heejun gently kisses your cheek and helped walk you out of the bathroom. His arm was tightly wrapped around your waist holding you close you him. You felt dizzy again and leaned over. Heejun held you up and checked you. “Are you gonna throw up?” “No I just got dizzy again.” You said holding your head. Your vision was buzzing but you finally made it to the bedroom. Heejun put a towel on top of the pillow and set you on the bed. He put some pajama pants on you and manouvered one of his button ups on you. “Just rest but don’t fall asleep okay? I’ll be right here.”

    Jacob: you just stepped out of the tub and onto the bath towel set on the floor but you must’ve moved wrong or too fast cause you came crashing to the ground feeling immediate pain shoot down to your ankle. You cried out in pain tears forming on your waterline the icy prickly sensation in your nose. “J-Jacob! Jacob help!” You called out as loud and as clear as you could. You heard footsteps and the bathroom door swung open as Jacob entered. “Oh my god what happened are you hurt?” Jacob asked kneeling next to you. His hands cupped your face and wiped some of your tears. “Jacob, I fell and I think I twisted my ankle. Jacob it hurts.” You cried. Jacob looked at where your feet were and saw the bath towel twisted around your ankle. “Okay hey, I got you. You’ll be okay.” Jacob stood up and grabbed the towel from the bathroom counter and wrapped it around you. He then picked you up bridel style and carried you into the bedroom setting you down on the bed. “Does it hurt anywhere else?” He asked checking your face and arms before kneeling down to look at your ankle. You sniffled. “I don’t know just my ankle really hurts Jacob.” You sobbed. Jacob knew you had certain parts of your body that were more sensitive then others so he understood why you were crying so much when normally when you got hurt it was little to none. “Okay let’s get you dried and find something to wear and I’ll take you to the hospital. You’ll be alright, I’m right here and I’ll take care of you.” Jacob have you a gentle hug and kiss before finding you something to wear.

    ACE: you were in the shower singing obviously when you heard a knock. “Can I come in?” Wooyoung asked. “Yeah!” You shouted. “Sorry darling I just need to put these towels away before I start on dinner.” You hummed the same song you were singing while listening to the shuffling noises Wooyoung was making. “Hey babe?” You asked. “Yes darling? What’s up.” He said still in the cupboard. “Do you think we could go out to-ah!” Your question was cut short as you slipped falling to the shower floor. The door doing open and Wooyoung was there immediately to turn the water off. “Darling are you okay?” He asked wrapping his arms around you lifting you to your feet. Wooyoung was quite petite in size but he was stronger than an ox. “Uh, yeah. I think, just took a tumble I guess.” You started to blush feeling embarrassed. Wooyoung grabbed a towel and helped dry you off. You were on your feet so he assumed you didn’t hurt yourself. “I’m gonna feel all of this in the morning.” You said half laughing. Wooyoung chuckled too. “Yeah you might even get a few bruises. And they won’t be from me this time.”

    Ayno: you were sitting in the tub shaving your legs. When you finished you stood up to rinse the rest of your body off making sure to clean all the soap off but you didn’t see the slightly large drop of shampoo that was near the side of the tub so when you stepped on it you fell over the side of the tub and landed face first on the floor. It all happened so quickly you thought you died. Your chin hit pretty hard causing your teeth to grind against each other and you definitely felt the pain in your neck and your stomach as you hung over the side of the tub. “Y/n love are you okay? Oh my god!” An angel flew in to your bathroom and he looked just like your boyfriend Yoonho. Oh wait, it was your boyfriend Yoonho. Or was it? Your thoughts were all shook up. You couldn’t tell up from down and you sure as hell weren’t gonna try and move on your own. Your entire body hurt and you couldn’t tell if you broke anything. You felt the Yoonho angel lift you up with his strong arms and wrap your body up in a towel before setting you on the counter. He was such a pretty angel. And he looked exactly like your boyfriend it was crazy. Same platinum blonde hair, same gorgeous face and same caring eyes. You were definitely in heaven. But it was a bathroom. Your mind was swimming and you suddenly got this awful ringing in your ears. “I heard a loud thud from downstairs. How did you fall? Where does it hurt? Can you feel your legs and arms. Does your neck hurt, be careful we don’t know if you broke it. I should probably call an ambulance. Don’t move.” Angel Yoonho was panicking. You could hear it in his voice. Angels don’t panic. Man your jaw hurt like a bitch. You slowly wiggled your fingers and toes and you spoke slowly your teeth in pain as well as your chin and jaw. “A-angels..don’t..am I dead?” You slurred your words. Poor Yoonho had the most confusing look on his face. “Baby you had a real bad fall didn’t you?” His hands were very large, much larger than you remembered, he had to be an angel or a god of huge hands. Man you were totally loopy. Yoonho held your face gently in his and checked your body for bruises, scratches and anything that looked abnormal like if something was sticking out. “I am not an angel. I am your boyfriend Noh Yoonho and I’m calling a bus because you are not okay. Oh my poor baby.” Yoonho hugged you gently being careful not to move your neck. You could hear him sniffling and when he pulled back to look at you tears were streaming down his face. Angels don’t cry so you clearly came to the conclusion that it was indeed your boyfriend and you did indeed have a bad fall. Yoonho was scared you could tell. You slowly lifted your hand up to cup his face. He leaned into your hand and covered your hand in his. “I’m sorry. I-I don’t know what to do. I hope you’ll be okay. I’m never letting you bath alone again.” Yoonho said gently kissing your lips.

    Haha hello! So a couple things. I’m sorry all the others are way longer than St.Van’s oops. Uhhh I basically turned ACE into a sexy butler 👀 and I think I got a lil bit to soft with Ayno. He’s in the back of my mind crying. I miss him and ion what the hell is going on but I hope he’ll be okay I’m so ready to grab @excindrela and find our baby boy and give him the best hug ever Idk man I just. I’m worried about that kid. Anyway yes I stole your platinum blonde comment from demon Ayno and yes I am technically tagging you cause I want you to read this please? 🥺👉👈 also also the adhesive ducks I stole from The Big Bang Theory and if anyone is confused why you conked your mind prison on the shower wall despite being in a tub some tubs, Idk if they still make’em like this but like one of our bathrooms (our because communism) has a shower and a tub combo and so that’s what it is here. So if y’all confuzzled thar be your explanation ùwú! ALSO YES THE LOU GIF DONT FIT BUT LOOK AT HIM LOOK AT HIM HE IS BEAUTY HE IS GRACE PLEASE ROUND HOUSE KICK ME IN THE FACE with your lips, softly, cause I like you. And I saw a gif of big daddy geumhyuk’s smile and my heart went 💓💓💓 his smile is perfect and he’s so cute when he shows the natural human emotion of happiness 🥺 I FUCKING MISS HIM BITCH DONT TALK ME I ANGY

    I have a confession to make: I’ve never seen any of these new gifs before. The last time I searched for gifs in the gif function nothing much showed up but there’s so many new gifs I’ve never seen before because Made for Two was the last mv I saw from VAV. No I have not seen the mv without Baron. Tbh I’ve been avoiding any and all VAV content like the fucking plague and it hurts. I miss them all I really do, I was so into them and I went through so much with them but I’m afraid that I’ll get too sad if I listen to them again. Poison really has me by my throat and if I listen if even get the song stuck in my head I might get real sad. Made for Two made me choke on my own tears and I’m just not ready to watch anything vav rn but god I really do miss them a lot. It feels like they disappeared of the face of the earth and a part of me went with them cause I don’t look at them the same way anymore and boy does that shit hurt right in my meow meow 😔 I wanted to make this a vav reaction because not only had it been awhile since I’ve written it even talked about the guys on my blog but I really truly miss them. There’s so many holes in my soul and one of them is waiting for them to come back. But I feel like the hole will stay a hole. :( man vav putting me in my feels at 7 in the am and they aren’t even doing anything.

    I’ve just been doing other things and listening to and writing for other groups but I’ve written so much for vav in fact I started writing on here because of vav. Because there wasn’t a lot of anything for them here so I just stepped in. I’ve written a lot of vav stuff and my vav tag is heavy heavy but so is my heart man 🥺 idk I’m just. Like damn I’m really feeling the void this day and I miss everything about them. I miss when I would get so excited and find out new things about them and watch videos and I made that st.vsn blog because he shot to the top of my ult list. My entire being still belongs to that man. I just stopped talking about them altogether and all my thoughts were either in my mind prison or with @excindrela and I’m so fucking thankful for her and damn I’m really not tryna make this go south. Anyway I hope it was an okay reaction, it has been awhile since I’ve written a reaction. I was gonna do Great Guys but no great guys gifs and then I thought ATEEZ but my heart said “pour one out for each of them.” I hope it was okay and sorry about the fucking monolith of sadness :(

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  • eurobagel
    17.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    vav reaction

    ✉ anon asked: Please can you do a reaction to vav jealous of another guy checking their girlfriend out

    ˘ ° finally, here it is ! (feel free to request, everything is in my bio)

    a guy checking you out

    st. van

    “hello, and who might you be?”

    i think he would be jealous, but not as much as some of the others. he trusts you, but he isn’t sure the guy would understand your boundaries so he is just here for damage control.


    “hi, what are you two talking about?”

    he isn’t really bothered. he knows that the guy is no match for him and that you love him. he will probably hold your hand or something, just in case.


    he will be discreet about his jealousy. maybe he will simply pull you closer to him or hold your hand just to make sure everything is clear. if that doesn’t work, he will have to resort to some more...rash tactics.


    “hey babe, you know the thing i was telling you about? it’s over there so let’s go, quickly!”

    he’s not having it. yes, you are beautiful and funny and kind and caring, but that doesn’t mean the guy has to like you too! he will steer you away from the guy as quickly as possible. he will try to assure you that he’s not jealous, even though he knows that that’s a lie.


    similarly to ace, he would simply keep you as close to him as possible. jacob is a man of a few words so he’ll simply show what he means with his actions. he will follow the guy with his eyes in order he doesn’t get funny ideas.


    lou would try to be as civil as possible. he might not like the guy, but he doesn’t have to let him know that. he’ll also probably use his height to his advantage. afterwards, he will most likely need some reassurance from you so he knows for sure that he doesn’t need to worry about anyone else trying to ‘steal’ you away from him.


    “who are you and why are you so close to my girlfriend?”

    he will make himself known and he will make sure the guy is so far from you that he (ziu) can’t see him. he doesn’t think anything will happen between the two of you, but he needs the reassurance that your heart belongs to him (and vice versa, of course).

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  • tywritesxpop
    19.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    VAV St. Van: Tattoos (SFW)

    A/N: Repost from Wishful Daydreamings on my other blog.

    Your back was pressed against his warm chest, his arm snaked beneath you and around your torso to hold you close to him. You could feel Geumhyuk’s soft breathing against the back of your hair, blowing at some of the strands and tickling your scalp. His other lay over you, relaxed against your stomach and leaving both of you in a cozy comfort. You were idly looking for something of interest to keep yourself awake. Falling asleep in his arms was ideal, but it was too early to go to bed right now.

    Your fingers lightly traced over the lines of ink painting his arm. The tattoos were intricately detailed on his skin, and you found yourself intrigued by the patterns. He chuckled behind you, fidgeting slightly to get a better look at your face. “What are you doing?” he asked, goosebumps rising in your wake and making him shiver a bit.

    “What do they mean?” you asked, turning your head to look at him in wonder. A smile appeared on Geumhyuk’s face and he delved into a short explanation of his tattoos. You listened to every detail, examining each one in turn until he finished his story. “So what’s next?”

    “Hmm?” His hand instinctively reached for yours, lacing your fingers together and burying his face in your hair. “What’s what next?” You scoffed out a laugh and turned back to look at him again. “Your next tattoo, genius. What’s next?”

    Geumhyuk hummed as he gazed back at you thoughtfully. “I don’t know yet,” he answered. “Still figuring that out.” You pouted. “You must have some ideas floating in that air head of yours,” you joked.  Your boyfriend puffed his cheeks and blew raspberries into your neck, making you cringe and laugh. He held onto you as you tried to escape his grasp, settling for cuddling against you with his face resting in the crook of your neck. “Something like that,” he finally replied. “I need to decide what best represents my beautiful girlfriend first.”

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  • tywritesxpop
    19.08.2021 - 3 monts ago

    VAV St. Van: Lap Pillow (SFW)

    A/N: A short thing I whipped up last night to help my bestie feel better. Enjoy~

    No image yet! Let me know if you’re interested in making one! Otherwise, I’ll eventually get around to it! :)

    Pairing: St. Van x gn!reader Warnings: none Genre: Fluff WC: 408

    Your eyes drooped as you blankly stared at the long-forgotten dishes of what’s left of your dinner, sitting haphazardly on the coffee table in front of you. It was strange, looking at the view from a sideways perspective but still somehow able to see it perfectly straight. Your mind idly drifted with this thought. It was silent save for the light tapping of his fingers on his phone, a small wooshsound indicating he had sent someone a message. One of the guys, perhaps?

    One of his hands dropped from his phone and onto your shoulder, squeezing gently as he stroked your arm up and down. You snuggled further into the blanket that was messily wrapped around you, nudging his leg with your head in an attempt to get comfortable. His hand was warm, and his touch made you feel safe. You had already closed your eyes and nearly fell asleep when his voice alerted you back to consciousness.

    “Babe?” You looked up at Geumhyuk from your comfortable spot of using his lap as a pillow. He wore an amused grin, looking down at you with love and laughter in his eyes. “Are you falling asleep?”

    “Yes,” you answered. “Let me. You’re comfy.” You turned away from him as you spoke, shifting again before settling against him. You could hear him chuckle above you.

    Geumhyuk took the blanket and covered you up again, resting his hand on your waist as he turned back to his phone. His thumb stroked back and forth absentmindedly, lulling you to sleep. He would occasionally hum, one of his songs of course, and his gentle voice further sent you into a state of rest.

    Eventually, he noticed how soft your breathing had become, and he pulled his eyes from his phone once more to look down at your sleeping figure. Part of him never expected you to actually fall asleep, but he wasn’t complaining. Instead, he smiled and made sure you were comfortable. He carefully tugged a bit of your hair back, away from your face.

    Rather than risk waking you by moving too much, Geumhyuk kissed two of his fingers and softly pressed them to your own lips. The small scrunch of your nose at the contact almost made him laugh. He leaned back, resting his head against the back of the couch. At some point, after growing bored of his phone, he too fell asleep, with you resting peacefully against him.

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  • youngjvo
    21.07.2021 - 4 monts ago


    Hi there, i'm nad and my second account is @hajoonflavored and since i got into writing again recently i decided to open a blog!! I'm also apart of the ONEUSWEWRITERS

    I write for following groups

    -The Rose







    The next Demon Lord

    Triangle of Kisses-VICTON ver.

    Triangle of Kisses-ONEUS ver.





    The Rose/더로즈


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  • chennqingg
    24.06.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Series Masterlist

    VAV & Dreamcatcher Masterlist here

    This will be a masterlist for my other stories I write for on AFF (Asianfanfics). It’ll mainly serve as a masterlist for series that I write on AFF, I’m still deciding whether I want to post the chapters on here or keep them on AFF. I do prefer the writing format on AFF better, but I’ll keep that in mind if I want to post the stories on here as well.

    (Note: Please don't feel obligated to make an account in order to read my stories on AFF, you can still read my stories whether you have an account or don't have one)   

    **Also, please let me know if a link doesn’t work**


    Fate of the Undead Emperor (Leedo x OC: Historical/Royal AU): Story Description | Prologue | Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 | Chapter 04  

    Tumblr Version: Story Description | Prologue | Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03

    Golden Child:

    Breaking the Ice (Sungyoon/Y x OC x Bomin: Modern/High School/University AU): Story Description 


    Rekindling Past Love (Jacob x OC: Historical/Royal & Modern AU): Story Description | Prologue | Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 


    More Than A Contract (Jongho x OC: Modern AU/Marriage Contract AU): Story Description | Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03

    Tumblr Version: Story Description | Chapter 01 | Chapter 02 | Chapter 03 | Chapter 04

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  • kyukyuhunnie
    30.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    vav as dates except its just going to a vans store with ayno and making custom vans for each other for your anniversary and then you surprise each other with it while youre out at dinner, laughter surrounding you at the table

    #vav#vav scenarios#jae writes #the rest of the boys are in the reblogs
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  • kyukyuhunnie
    16.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    vav as crushes but its just me waxing poetic about baron and how sweet he is and how liking him would literally just make everything so rosy in your eyes and you just have a perpetual stuttering heart whenever hes near and you cant help but giggle shyly when he greets you and hes literally an angel and your sat there like how does one person so sweet exist in the world???

    #jae text#vav#vav scenarios #can you guys tell i miss baron? a;ldsfjaoidfha
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  • chennqingg
    09.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    𝚅𝙰𝚅: 𝙲𝚞𝚍𝚍𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚌𝚊𝚗’𝚝 𝚜𝚕𝚎𝚎𝚙

    A/N: Sometimes, I have way too much ideas and I end up either scrapping them or leaving them in my drafts for way too long. 

    Anyways, here’s a fluff scenario for y’all. It’s 1000000% soft, I was going through a lot for the past month because things in my life were all happening at once and I pretty much started to shut things out, hence the inspiration for this.

    Decided to add little timestamps for all of them & the timestamps are written in military time.   

    Hope you enjoy :)

    » 𝚂𝚝. 𝚅𝚊𝚗 (𝙶𝚎𝚞𝚖𝚑𝚢𝚞𝚔)

    [22:44]: You were tossing and turning in bed, sleep wasn’t coming to you at all when you pulled the comforters over you. It was one of those nights where your thoughts were too loud for you to sleep. 

    Geumhyuk came out of the bathroom, fresh out of the shower and getting ready for bed. With your back facing toward him, he turned off the lamp on his side of the bed and lied down underneath the covers. 

    Thinking that you already fell asleep, You felt him begin to spoon you, allowing his hands to rest on your stomach and his chin on your shoulder. Feeling his warmth, you turned to face him and rested your head against his chest. Your sudden actions shocked him a little, but his strong arms wrapped around you. His thumbs drawing small circles on your back gently.  

    “What’s wrong, love?” he asked.

    “I couldn’t sleep,” you murmured, “I’m just having a hard time. Not just with sleeping, but with everything.” 

    Geumhyuk smiled as he pulled you into his arms and stroked your hair. “I’m right here now, everything is going to be okay,” Geumhyuk whispered. 

    As his hand traveled up and down your back gently for a few minutes, you fell asleep in no time. 

    » 𝙱𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚗 (𝙲𝚑𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚐𝚑𝚢𝚞𝚙)

    [22:59]: Your head rested on Choonghyup’s chest as he was still scrolling through his phone. It was a long day and this was his favorite moments with you when it was just you and him. 

    Relaxing with each other in bed, small talk about your day along with his day or enjoying each other’s presence in silence. His arm was wrapped around you while your head was resting on his chest. 

    You could hear his heartbeat against your eardrum and his chest was rising and falling, the sound of his heartbeat managed to help you sleep through the night. However, it was one of those nights where your thoughts were very active.

    So you laid there against his chest, still wide awake. You heard him place his phone on the nightstand as he turned off the lamp, and then you felt his hand grazing your back gently. Choonghyup drew small patterns on your back with his fingers and rubbed your back at the same time. 

    “Baby, I’m here. You’re safe and you’re okay,” Choonghyup whispered in your ear. “Please get some sleep.” 

    Choonghyup continued to rub your back and hummed lightly, until you felt your eyes begin to get heavy. You were eventually sound asleep with his gentle hands still grazing your back and gentle humming.    

    » 𝙰𝚌𝚎 (𝚆𝚘𝚘𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚗𝚐)

    [23:31]: As you were laying in your shared bed, Wooyoung was sitting on the bed with his guitar in hopes to help you go to sleep. Usually, his late night guitar sessions would put you to sleep in an instant, but your thoughts were blocking out his melodic voice and his guitar chords. 

    “Sweetheart, why aren’t you sleeping yet?” Wooyoung asked, putting his guitar to the side. “Is there something wrong with what I’m playing?” 

    “Of course not, Wooyoung,” you responded, “Your guitar playing is beautiful like always, I’ve been having a hard time trying to sleep...” 

    Wooyoung sighed as he slips into the covers with you and he scooped you into his arms. You started feeling better when he was holding your hand and caressing your hair. He was drawing invisible patterns with his thumb on the palm of your hand while his fingers combed through your hair.

    “I’ll cuddle you to sleep then,” Wooyoung cooed, “Is that okay with you?” 

    You nodded as you scoot closer to him, he pressed his lips to your forehead as he continued caressing your hair and rubbing his thumb over your palm. You managed to finally be sound asleep in his arms after a long night.

    » 𝙰𝚢𝚗𝚘 (𝚈𝚘𝚘𝚗𝚑𝚘)

    [02:15]: Yoonho was working late on his b-sides and mixtapes back at the company, you didn’t mind since you would be sound asleep at this time. But this night proved to be different and difficult for you because you were having a hard time going to sleep. You eventually gave up on trying to go to sleep, so you grabbed a blanket and walked into the living room of your apartment. 

    You turned on the lamp in your living room and turned on the TV, hoping that a few shows or two would help you get sleepy. The door to your shared apartment opened as you were still watching a show. Yoonho came inside, running his hand through his hair as he closed the door. With the noise coming from the TV, Yoonho’s attention was now focused on you. 

    “Honey, why aren’t you asleep yet?” Yoonho asked, sitting on the couch next to you. 

    “I’m having a hard time sleeping,” You mumbled, leaning onto his shoulder. 

    Yoonho wrapped his arms around you and began to brush your hair with his fingers. His pressed his lips onto your head and continued to run his fingers through your hair. 

    “We can stay up and watch movies until we go to sleep,” he suggested, pulling the blanket over the both of you. “Would you like that?” 

    You nodded as a response as you leaned closer to him. You two managed to fall asleep a few minutes later during the middle of watching a movie for the rest of the night. 

    » 𝙹𝚊𝚌𝚘𝚋 (𝚉𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚐 𝙿𝚎𝚗𝚐)

    (I made Jacob’s way too long, oops)

    [01:40]: Usually around this time, you would be asleep before Peng. This night proved to be different since promotions were happening and he was more exhausted than usual. He was fast asleep and you were wide awake, tossing and turning didn’t help you either, so you left the bedroom and went to the living room to do some work on your laptop.  

    As you were working, you heard footsteps coming into the living room. You didn’t mind because Peng would usually find something to eat in the middle of the night if he was hungry, but you felt his arms wrap around you from behind.

    “Doll, what are you doing?” He asked in a sleepy tone. “It’s late, why are you working right now?"

    “I can’t sleep at all,” You answered, feeling his face moving to the crook of your neck. “Why are you awake?” 

    “Please come back to bed,” Peng begged, “I need you in my arms so I can sleep better.” 

    You sighed as you turned off your laptop, feeling guilty for leaving him alone. He offered to carry you back to bed despite how exhausted he was from his promotions, he just wanted you in his arms. Closing your laptop, Peng placed his arms underneath your back and knees, lifting you up with ease. 

    You scrunched your body closer to him, feeling comfortable in his arms as he walked back into your shared bedroom. He gently laid you down on the bed and then he laid down next to you, scooping your body into his arms. 

    "Much better," Peng mumbled, kissing your cheek as he pulls you in closer to his chest. Your back making contact with his chest as he placed his hands on your stomach. 

    “You’re warm,” You said, placing your hands on top of his and intertwined your fingers with his. “Can you be the big spoon for tonight, please?” 

    He nodded as he moved closer to you, gently rubbing your stomach. Knowing that you felt comfortable and protected when he was the big spoon, you hummed in response. He was helping you get sleepy with his warmth and his gentle touch, you two eventually fell asleep in no time with each other’s presence.

    » 𝙻𝚘𝚞 (𝙷𝚘𝚜𝚞𝚗𝚐)

    [00:55]: Hosung was recording music in the studio as you kept him company for the night, he would record his music and let you sleep on the couch if you got tired. You were scrolling through your phone on the couch, but you eventually got bored of going on your phone. 

    Your exhaustion wasn’t coming in either, so you let out a heavy sigh out of nowhere, causing Hosung to turn his attention over to you. You were quiet the entire time, he assumed that you were already asleep. 

    “Are you getting sleepy, my love?” He asked, “I thought you were sleeping already.”

    You shook your head, “I can’t sleep for some reason. I want to sleep, but my body won’t let me.” 

    Hosung opened his arms as a silent invitation for you to come over to him. You got up from the couch and you seated yourself on his lap, he adjusted you to have you seated properly. Your legs resting over his while your head was against his shoulder, he cradled you in his arms as he continued to work. 

    “Are you comfortable like this?” Hosung asked, pressing his lips onto your head. 

    You nodded, snuggling closer to him and nuzzling into his neck. He hummed in content as he held you with one arm as he continued working on his music. Hosung continued to hold you in the same position until you finally closed your eyes and eventually slept in his arms.

    » 𝚉𝚒𝚞 (𝙷𝚎𝚎𝚓𝚞𝚗)

    [23:11]: You stared up at the ceiling of your bedroom while Heejun was already fast asleep. He had a long day and requested you to spoon him, to which you fulfilled his wishes, but you were having trouble trying to sleep. You had trouble sleeping for a couple of days and never told him about it, he came over to your place today instead of the dorms because he really missed you. 

    You sighed in frustration, pulling the blankets over your head and curling up into a ball. To your surprise, Heejun heard you and turned on the lamp that was on his side of the bed. He removed the blankets away from your head and he made direct eye contact with you.

    “Darling, I thought you were sleeping already,” Heejun said, “You were spooning me a little while ago and you usually fall asleep after you spoon me.”

    “I...I’m having trouble sleeping,” you confessed, “I haven’t been able to sleep well for a couple of days.” 

    Heejun’s face softened when he heard about your struggles. You never really opened up about your struggles to anyone, especially to him because of how busy he was. He opened his arms for you to come over to him, he wanted you to get a good night’s sleep as well. You let yourself into his arms and he wrapped his strong arms around you, his thumb circling your back gently.

    “I’m sorry that you’re having a hard time,” Heejun stated, “Let me be your big spoon for tonight. You’ve been my big spoon for when I had trouble sleeping, but now it’s my turn.” 

    You hummed in response as he pulled you in closer. He started singing a few ballad songs to you as a lullaby, which eventually helped you get your good night’s sleep.

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  • kyukyuhunnie
    02.05.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Ok but university au Jacob where he's majoring in fashion and minoring in Chinese bc damn it all to hell he will get the Fan siblings to model his designs if it kills him but anyways he ofc is known around campus bc he's beautiful??? And isn't afraid to show it on douyin much to half of the campus' delight and his friends' chagrin and you are in his class for some gen ed course that neither of you wanted to really take but it was either that or *shudder* a four hour lab. So!

    And anyways you two end up sitting in the same row and he lends you a pencil one day that looks like it's maybe seen better days but you notice that he doesn't seem to really talk much at all. Or show any emotion. Or show that he understands what you're saying. And so despite your offer to coffee when you thank him for the pencil he slow blinks at you before swinging his bag over his shoulder and leaving

    And lou over your shoulder says "that's the most emotion I've seen from him when he isn't talking about fashion or wrangling Fan Chengcheng into some sort of photoshoot" and you're like "that slow blink was an emotion???" and Lou ignores your question and mumbles to himself that he can't wait until ayno and Baron find out and also swings his bag over his shoulder tossing behind him a "see you later" and a ominous (to you) sounding laugh

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  • dreamxchapter
    22.04.2021 - 7 monts ago


    R E A C T I O N S

    Their s/o randomly starts laughing

    M T L

    Enjoy wearing your clothes

    You having piercings

    M E M B E R S

    St. Van




    spring aesthetic




    Note: Everything I write is fiction or my personal opinion.

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  • dreamxchapter
    22.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    VAV: Their s/o randomly starts laughing

    ST. VAN

    Starts giggling as soon as he hears you and asks „care to share what’s going on, sweetheart?“ while leaning closer to you


    Will be confused for a second before he shakes his head and smiles, thinking „they’re way too cute…“


    Stops whatever he’s doing, smiles just enough for his dimple to appear and says something like „your laughing is the cutest sound to me“


    Curious about what’s so funny, when you brush him off or tease him and say „nothing“ he will turn whiny and annoys you till you share your thoughts with him


    Thinks he did or said something to make you laugh. Asks „What did I do?!“ confused and feeling a bit left out


    He probably would just stare at you with a blank expression, trying his best not to smile. Can’t help but end up giggling himself saying „cutie, please tell me why you’re laughing!“


    ...wouldn’t even notice that you’re daydreaming, thinking you’re laughing at his story „yeah I know! And then hyung accidentally…“ continues rambling and makes you laugh even more.

    Note: Everything I write is fiction or my personal opinion.

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  • dreamxchapter
    21.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Hello everyone! ♡

    My name is Hana and I just created this blog to share my writings and my thoughts. English is not my native language so please bear with me and let me know if i make any big mistakes.

    The groups I mainly write for are:





    But you can always request and ask for other groups as well.

    I’ll mostly write fluffy scenarios, reactions and mtl‘s.

    My goal is to create a safe space for people. Hopefully I can bring comfort and distract some of you. ^-^

    Feel free to message me, just for fun or if you want to give constructive criticism. Please, always be respectful.


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  • staytheb
    08.04.2021 - 8 monts ago

    NEW reserved ML

    this is a post for groups i had intended to write for, but never got around to actually write anything for. so it helps to keep it as an option if anyone would like to request for them and if i do get motivated than i could actually write for them. then again, this isn’t necessarily guaranteed.

    prompt list here! guideline post here! grand masterlist here!

    updated 10.30.21

    cut for easier scrolling.















    HIGHLIGHT (formerly BEAST)




















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  • chennqingg
    01.04.2021 - 8 monts ago

    VAV: “How they would comfort you when you’re upset”

    A/N: Not requested, a little angsty (especially towards the end) but lots of fluff <3 

    This is my first reaction/scenario(?), hope you enjoy :)

    (Also, excuse my grammar, it’s not the best at times. I may or may not come back and fix them later)

    St. Van (Geumhyuk)

    He would be in the middle of cooking dinner for that night until he hears the door to your shared apartment open. He smiles when he sees you, but his smile turns into a frown when you came in with a blank expression and crashed onto the couch without saying a word to him. 

    Worry got the best of him when he saw you, so Geumhyuk stops what he’s doing immediately. He quickly made his way over to the couch to be right by your side.

    “My love, what happened?” Geumhyuk asked. 

    “I’m just tired,” you huffed, “today was just exhausting.”

    Geumhyuk doesn’t say anything, but he just scoops you into his arms, knowing that you felt a sense of comfort and protection when he held you. You rested your head on his chest as he cards his fingers through your hair and rubs your back gently. 

    “I’m here baby, I’ll sing for you so you can relax, okay?” 

    Baron (Choonghyup)

    You huffed out a heavy sigh as you entered your shared bedroom, Baron was sitting on the bed in his pajamas and he looked up at you with concern. Once you finally settled down in bed in your pajamas that matched his, Baron brushed his fingers over your arm gently to get your attention. 

    “Princess, you’re so quiet,” he said, “do you want to talk it out?”

    You turned to face Baron and moved closer to his side of the bed, you snuggled closer to his chest as you wrapped your arms around his neck. 

    “I’m just happy to be home right now,” you mumbled, pulling him closer, “today wasn’t the best day because of how long and tiring it was. I just want a hug.” 

    Baron obliged in giving you the hug that you wished for, you relaxed immediately when his arms were gently rubbing your back. You let your eyes close, feeling comforted from his hug. 

    “Everything will be okay. Let’s go to bed and I’ll keep hugging you.”

    Ace (Wooyoung)    

    Wooyoung was strumming on his guitar in the living room of your shared apartment, excited to share his new song that he took a lot of time to write. When you entered the apartment, he looked up and greeted you with his heartwarming smile, but you just crashed onto the couch next to him without saying a word. 

    “What’s the matter, sweetheart?” He asked, putting his guitar down, “care to tell me what’s going on?” 

    You didn’t say anything, but you just leaned on him. “I’m so tired,” you groaned, “I just want to sleep...”

    “Will my serenade help you sleep then?” Wooyoung asked again with a smirk appearing on his face.

    You lifted up your head when he smirk, despite how exhausted you were. You just nodded in response, wanting him to strum away on his guitar. He scoots over a little bit on the couch, giving some room for you to lie down on the couch as he grabs his guitar. 

    “Feel free to sing with me, or you can listen and fall asleep.”  

    Ayno (Yoonho)

    Yoonho was working late back at the company, so he asked you to meet him there tonight after you got off work. However, when he checked the time on his phone, it was an hour past the time you would usually get off work. He was starting to worry, until he hears the door to the dance practice room open. 

    “Babe, you’re here!” He exclaims with a smile, running up to you and giving you a hug. 

    You let out a smile as you leaned your head against his shoulder, just wanting to relax in his arms. As soon as he lets you go, your smile faded away as you went to the wall of the dance practice room to sit down. When you didn’t say anything to him, he followed you. 

    “Did I do something wrong?” Yoonho asked as he sat down next to you, “tell me something, what happened?” 

    You shook your head and used your hand to wipe the lingering tears from your eyes. “I was working overtime, I...”

    He patted your head gently with his hand, completely understanding your situation before you even finished your sentence. He took off his hoodie and folds it into a pillow, he places the pillow on the floor and makes you lay down as he grabs a blanket and puts it over your body. 

    “You can take a nap, I’ll be practicing for a little bit. I’ll carry you back home when I’m done.”

    Jacob (Zhang Peng)

    As soon as Peng finally returned home, he was hoping to see you in the living room or bedroom as he was always the last one to come home. However, the apartment was empty, he was actually the first one home. Worrying that something happened to you, he was frantically calling and texting you to make sure you were actually coming home.

    “Y/N? Are you coming home? Please call me, I’m worried about you.”

    You didn’t pick up any of the calls, which forced him to leave a voice message. After he left his voice message for you, the door to your shared apartment opened. Peng lets out a sigh of relief as soon as he saw you come inside the apartment, but he noticed that your face was nearly full of tears.

    “Baby...what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Peng asked as he pulls you into his arms. 

    You didn’t respond as you let your tears flow out, he didn’t question anything further and lets you cry your eyes out. Peng gently rubs your back as he held you, staying silent and letting his presence be a source of comfort for you.

    “It’s okay, I’m right here.”

    Lou (Hosung)

    Hosung was working late like usual, working on his own music. When you were done with your own day, you would usually meet up with him at the company. However, tonight was different because just as he was going to leave, Hosung thought that you were at home due to the late hours of the night. Then, he saw you entering the company with a distraught look on your face.

    “Love, what are you doing here?” Lou asked, “it’s really late.” 

    You didn’t say anything as you were going to turn back to the front entrance to leave, but Lou grabs your arm to stop you from leaving. He managed to make you turn around to face him, but turned your gaze down to the floor.

    “Tell me what happened,” He said, “did I say something wrong?”

    You shook your head in response to his question. “It’s just been a rough day,” you mumbled, loud enough for him to hear.

    He pats your head as he pulls you in for a hug, you let out a soft sigh as he tightens his hug. 

    “Let’s go home together.” 

    Ziu (Heejun)

    You were sitting on the couch of your shared apartment, nothing was really helping you laugh or smile at all. You had a rough day and had the apartment to yourself when you came home. Once Ziu came back home, the first thing he noticed was your blank expression because you always greeted him. 

    “Is everything okay, baby?” He asked, dropping his things down to take care of you. 

    Shaking your head, you turned away and looked out the window of your apartment. But Ziu had his ways of trying to get your attention, so he sat down next to you on the couch and started tickling you to try and get you to talk. 

    “Heejun, stop!” You exclaimed, nearly screaming at him. 

    Ziu stopped tickling you immediately when you asked him to, so he got up from the couch, getting ready to leave the apartment. 

    “H-Heejun wait,” you muttered quietly, surprisingly getting his attention. As he turned around to look back at you, he noticed your tears beginning to form in your eyes. “Stay here, please...” you pleaded. 

    Ziu’s expression softened as soon as he realized that you were going to start crying. He walked back to the couch and you snuggled next to him as he wrapped his arms around you.

    “Whenever you’re ready to talk, I’ll be right here to listen.”

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  • wronqness99
    16.03.2021 - 8 monts ago


    > About my writing

    Genre: Fluff

    Warnings: ---

    Word Count: 843

    Characters: Baron (VAV)/Choi Chunghyop x Fem!Reader

    *The image doesn’t belong to me, credits to the owner.*

    ChungHyop came out of the bathroom freshly showered, making his way towards the bed with careful steps, trying not to wake up his wife.

    Laying down on the bed underneath the silk covers the man moved towards his lover, spooning her and allowing his hand to rest on top of her growing stomach. His favourite place to be. The place he hated to have to leave every morning.

    Y/N stirred as she felt her husband's presence on the bed with her. A smile appeared on her tired face as her hand moved toward his, resting above it as her thumb drew soft circles on her lover's skin.

    "Honey, you're home...." she softly stated, allowing her body to relax against his as his scent filled her lungs. ChungHyop hummed, pressing a soft kiss to her shoulder. Y/N chuckled sleepily, feeling their daughter's incessant kicks as soon as she felt her father's warmth come in contact with her mother's womb.

    "She missed you," Y/N stated making her lover smile against her warm skin. "She was very active today, only went to sleep when I decided to play a clip of you singing while trying to calm her down. She was kicking my ribs so hard it actually became hard to breathe." She sighed, face scrunched up as she remembered the painful evening. "I guess she's excited her daddy is really here now."

    "I missed both of my loves, too. It was really productive today, though, we got to finish the four final tracks and still had time to put a choreography together." He said, sharing how his day had been, something they always did before sleep. However, with the preparations for the new album, Chunghyeop got home quite late and with the pregnancy starting to take a toll on Y/N who most of the times was too far gone into dreamland at the time of her husband's arrival that habit had been lost, somehow, but their relationship was going as strong as ever.

    All they needed was each other's presence, each other's warmth. Soon, ChungHyop was to enlist in order to fulfil his duty of protecting and serving his country.

    It saddened him that he wasn't going to be able to witness his daughter's first months of life where things change so fast and many things happen all at once. The man sighed pulling her in closer and leaving a feather kiss on her shoulder.

    "I'm gonna miss this so much. I will lose so many of our baby's first's, however, I know I couldn't have picked a better partner to share my little one with." He stated, causing her to smile shyly. Y/N placed her hand on top of his and intertwined their fingers, allowing them to lay on top of her tummy where their baby seemed to be wide awake and throwing a dance party. "Please don't give up on us even if it's hard..." He begged, voice trembling.

    Y/N's heart skipped a beat hearing him cry. She turned around with some difficulty due to the added weight from the baby and faced her fiance.

    "Cheungyop, I would never. You know it! It's your duty to serve our country and me and baby girl will be proudly watching you succeed at yet another goal. When the time comes we will be here waiting for our hero to come back home to us." She smiles sweetly, wiping a tear that slid down his eyes.

    Chunghyop hugged her, placing a loving kiss on her forehead. He had really lucked out in life, he had a partner in the same person he had a best friend, a supporter. He did not know when it happened but he fell deeply in love with the woman lying beside him every night. The woman he wanted to call his for the rest of his life and with whom he planned to officialize his union as soon as he was discharged from his mandatory service.

    "You're the best thing that has ever happened to me, Y/N, no one can compare. I love you, I always will. Forever. No matter what," He promised. "I will always protect you and out little Chaeyeon."

    "You are my soulmate, Choi Chunghyop. I have loved you in a thousand different lives," She smiled, kissing his lips.

    That night they fell asleep in between promises and plans for the future. One thing they were sure of was that they would never meet someone who could compare to the other. As many people as they spoke to or met, there was no one who could comprehend the other like they did each other or give them the warmth and familiarity they had. Someone who listened, who was there and who always tried to walk a mile in the other's shoes to understand, someone they could never find in anyone else but each other.

    They were each other's 'it'.

    In the end, maybe it wasn't their first love they compared everyone they ended up meeting to, but their soulmate.

    There is no heart for us like our soulmate's.


    #vav baron#baron vav#choi chunghyop#baron#vav#vav scenario#vav scenarios#vav imagine#vav fanfic#vav fanfiction #baron x reader #baron fluff#vav fluff #vav baron scenarios #vav baron scenario #vav baron imagine #vav baron imagines #vav baron fanfic #vav baron fanfiction #vav choi chunghyop #vav chunghyop#baron imagine#baron scenario#baron fanfic#baron fanfiction#kpop fanfic
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  • chennqingg
    16.03.2021 - 8 monts ago

    Jacob: Prompt 8 & 64 teaser

    The front door of the company bursts open, interrupting your sentence. Jacob arrives and you suddenly froze in place. You looked away from Jacob while Lou took his leave and St. Van murmured something inaudible to Jacob. St. Van left after that, leaving you and Jacob alone. Jacob lets out a sigh as he approaches you.

    “Were you ever going to tell me?” Jacob asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.  

    “Tell you what?” You asked in return, your body began to fidget.  

    “That you liked me,” he responded, making direct eye contact with you, “you could’ve just told me because I’ve rather hear it from you.”

    You felt your eyes water as you pulled away. He looks at you, confused about why you’re starting to cry. He was going to pull you into his arms until:

    “I-I’m not good enough for you!” You choked out, pushing him away and running out of the company’s building.

    “Y/N, wait! Talk to me!” Jacob tried to call out to you, but you already disappeared from his sight.

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  • boxyg24
    19.01.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Jacob Size Kink

    requested by: Anonymous

    Pairing: Jacob x fem reader

    Genre: smut

    VAV Masterlist   Main Masterlist

       Jacobs arms were your safe place. Specifically, his arms wrapped around you, have it be lazily as you relax together or him holding you close to his body when he gets home from promotions and concerts. He knows you love them so any chance he gets he has them wrapped around you.

       Having his arms around you around the other boys was normal, today though he was extra handsy as you all were sitting around the campfire. St. Van, and Ace are tackling the coolers and food distribution. Ayno, Ziu and Lou deep in conversation as they built smores. Jacob on the other hand had you positioned in his lap and pulled into him like he was going to lose you.

       His grip and posture were needy but he was calm in his tone as you talked about whatever came to mind, occasionally laughing at the others as they destroyed their gooey melting smores. You felt your body spark as you suddenly felt his lips on your head, and he tightened his hold for a couple seconds.

       “What's gotten into you?” You say as you smile into his chest, feeling your cheeks flush red.

       “Mmmm, want me to stop?” He asks as he buries his face further towards your ear.

      “No...” you giggle out shyly. without warning you yawn out and cover your mouth. You hear a small giggle from Jacob, and you lay your head back against his chest feeling your eyes start to droop.

      “You're so adorable, wanna go back to the tent?” He asks with his hand caressing your cheek.

      “I think that's a good idea” you answer back and before you can think, he positions himself and lifts you up, causing you to yelp from the suddenness. The boys get startled and stare at you two.

      “She’s tired...wanted to be a good boyfriend,” Jacob says with red cheeks. They all nod nonchalantly and go back to their tasks. “Sorry” He whispers as he carries you back. As you reach the tent, he places you down gently and opens the zipper door for you. Leaning down and into the tent you both grab your thin floor mattress and position it accordingly.

      As you grab the blankets you look and see him sprawled out and arms open for you with a puckered lip. Throwing the blankets at him, he takes it and throws it so it spreads open. Sneakily you crawl up under the blanket and wrap your arms around him.

      “We should change” he states as he pulls you in to rest on his arm.

      “Too tired” you yawn back, closing your eyes.

      “Don't worry, I’ll take care of you” he says. You open your eyes, and he pushes your shoulder so you're now under him and he is in-between your legs. One of his hands by your head and the other by your hips, he puts his weight on them and looks at you. Seeing his wide shoulders, deep stare, and feel him growing against you, you feel heat rush to your stomach. “Is this ok?” He asks, staying there.

      You rake your hands up his clothed chest, feeling his toned muscles twitch lightly at your touch. Reaching his neck, you pull him closer to you. He attaches his lips to yours making you tighten your fingers in his hair. Just as you feel him melt further into you, he props himself up on his knees and discards his shirt.

      He pauses to look at your fucked out expression and smirks at the affect he has on you, just by his kiss. Looking up at his exposed chest you feel your core tighten. His hand grips on to your ass and attaches his mouth to your neck. You try to suppress your moans but he’s making it really hard as he sucks on your sweet spot.

      His hard, hot body against yours has your head spinning and your breath ragged. You need more.

      “J-Jacob” You stutter out.

      “Yes?” he purrs against your neck.

      “I need more” you whimper out. He slowly racks his free hand up your body and barely grips your neck.

      “Like this?” His grin now pressed into you your hot skin. you shutter as you feel your blood rush. His large palm and fingers wrapped around your throat making your core tighten. He’s back over you now, eyes focused on your expressions with his hands slightly tightening but he wants you to tell him, he wants to hear it.

      “Fuck...m-more please?” you beg as your fingers tighten around his bicep. You feel trapped under him, his legs have yours pinned and your lower body tight against his growing crotch. Your underwear and pants are drenched at this point.

      “Mmm I can feel how hot you are, its intoxicating” He growls in your ear. he forcefully pulls away from you and grabs your pants, along with your underwear, pulling them down and off with hast. Every bit of patience has slipped way as he positions himself in-between your legs hooking your thighs over his shoulder.

      He gets to work on your wet slick clit, His hands gripping onto your breasts and pinching your nipples. To scared to make to much sound you moan into your hand. Flattening his tongue, he laps up all your sweetness and looks up at you trying to restrain your heavenly moans. He giggles at your attempt and it pulses against you making you yelp out.

      Slipping his tongue into your pussy he can fell you tighten around him so he sits up leaving you a whining mess, that is until he pulls his pants down enough to release his hard cock.

      After some pumps he leans forward and lays your legs against his chest, making it so he can hit deeper in you. He doesn't lean to far forward so you dont get to uncomfortable. He slides in slow at first to help you adjust to him and to watch your face be overcome in pleasure.

      After a couple slow thrusts you start moving your hips against him and he quickens his pace. Feeling him stretch you out so much has you seeing stars and not giving a shit how loud you were. Jacob panics and grabs your throat knowing you like it but to also quiet you a bit. His big strong hand grasping your throat makes your eyes roll to the back of head, making you feel desperately close to cumming.

      Knowing your close he takes his other hand and pushes down on your lower abdomen feeling his cock slide in and out of your tight pussy. Felling the pressure, your body starts to shake. You aren’t even able to warn him before you feel your body come undone and you try to wiggle free but he grabs your hips and keeps you in place around him.

      “Mmm fucks yes baby” He pants out as his orgasm rips through him and he cums deep inside you feeling your pussy tighten and drain him. Your legs fall down off his chest out of exhaustion and you whine out in pain. The position they were in left them really sore.

      He sees and puckers his lower lip. As an apology he kisses you and lays next to you on his side. Scooping you into his arms he pulls your body into him and starts massaging your thigh.

      “I’m somewhat sorry” he says making you giggle and swat his chests playfully. Suddenly you feel his hands at your waist and he clumsily takes your top off and his pants then pulls you back into him. Sleep over takes you and you snuggling in tighter to his body.

      “You're so precious, goodnight baby” Jacob whispers and kisses your forehead

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