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    #Message in a Bottle {Ask} #Look at Our Gallery {Mun’s Art} #Our Very Own {IC: Raditz} #Not One of Ours {Vegeta} #I tried to make them look younger because this takes place after they get the news #idk how well i did with that #their necks bother me really looking at it but too late to fix it now #either way i am evil
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    I'm loving these

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    Commission by Enchee on Twitter for Story of Another Us.

    Goku bolted up in his bed. A knot had formed in his stomach and he couldn’t get it to go away no matter what he did. He needed to save Vegeta, but could he really repeat the worst mistake he ever made again willingly? He loved Vegeta, yes. But he loved his son too and had a duty to him as well. He tried to go back to sleep.

    Vegeta will take care of Cell early any way, so it would all be a moot point. He closed his eyes and was immediately assaulted by an image of Vegeta letting Cell absorb 18 on purpose at the promise of a challenge. Goku broke into a cold sweat. Vegeta wouldn’t… except he did! Goku bolted up. He woke Gohan quickly.

    “Come on son we have to go!”

    Gohan was sleepy and confused but he picked up on his father's tone enough to comply. They had only been in the chamber for a few weeks. Not a lot of time would have passed on the outside. Hopefully he wasn’t too late. Gohan hadn’t reached Super Saiyan but that didn’t matter right now. Hopefully he wouldn’t need to.

    They immediately burst into flight after leaving the door and flew as quickly as possible. He could feel Trunks and Vegeta’s energy, they were at level two. Cell was still there, but he felt stronger. Did that mean 17 was already gone? What about Piccolo and Tien? Goku flew faster. It was times like this he really missed his Instant Transmission.

    They finally arrived at an island not far from Kame House. Goku could see Vegeta and Trunks fighting each other and Semi-Perfect Cell inching toward 18 and 16. Without any thought, Goku flew right at Vegeta and kicked him full in the face with both feet.

    “Vegeta!” Goku screamed as he powered up to Suoer Saiyan 2. “I told you to take care of him as quickly as possible!”

    “Be quiet idiot! I’m strong enough to defeat him no matter how much stronger he gets!” Vegeta jumped up from the ground.

    “No, Vegeta you're not. You have no idea of the consequences of your action, but I’m not going to clean up after your mess this time!”

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    two posts in one day? sorry just simping really hard today i guess.

    in my humble opinion i think kakashi would've made a fine husband. just think about it. he's sweet, he's caring, he's a dad to his three children and would absolutely die for them and any of his friends really. y'all know he would do anything in his power to make his significant other happy, there's literally no limit. he's like fucking perfect husband material. and i know he's been through a lot and it's not really his "thing" (according to my boyfriend at least, i haven't watched a lot of shippuden to come to that conclusion) but like come on. wouldn't it be just fucking adorable if he got married or at least got a girlfriend and every time they kissed they would somehow cover up his face in a way (kissing behind banners, her covering up his face with her hands briefly, etc) like i have been thinking about that shit all DAY guys. and now i hope you will too.

    still love him though. vegeta, you got some competition babe.

    (and yes i'm using this gif because he literally just deflected a lighting attack WITH HIS BARE FUCKING HANDS. god what a man. lord save my ovaries).

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    What will you call this squad 😎😎.... Follow @saiyanshere for more.. #goku #kakarot #vegeta #princevegeta #bardock #dbs #dbz #dbgt #dragonball #vegito #gogeta #majinvegeta #ultrainstinctgoku #broly #goten #gohan #beerus #zamasu #gokublack #ssjrose #trunks #torankusu #frieza #goldenfrieza (at Anime Japan Tokyo) https://www.instagram.com/p/CQIAz9JFQMt/?utm_medium=tumblr

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    #Message in a Bottle {Ask} #Look at Our Gallery {Mun’s Art} #Our Very Own {IC: Yamcha} #Not One of Ours {Vegeta} #I may have gotten a bit ambitious with this one. #I need to clean my screen now because somehow it got dirty-
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    #Outta this World {OOC} #Look at Our Gallery {Mun’s Art} #This is What Happens When You Play God {Shitpost} #Vegeta I love you but w h y #why must your hair be so hard to draw #I struggllllle
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    i can feel ur heart beating under my skin

    #y-ya let me..... post vent on my main art blog LOL #why not. yolo #anyway time to finish up current commisions so i can reopen wahh #im mostly posting to tell u guys this song is Absolutely kakavege #it sounds like how vegeta flirts LOL #its morbid #anyway!! ok to rb <3 #kakavege
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    Recruited: Chapter 8

    [Here’s chapter 8! Much more laid back action wise than the last one, but still fun imo. :P Gotta have those heart to hearts you know. Or something like it.

    Small reminder than you can find the whole thing in one place over here, as well as a few other things I’ve written for or related to this blog! :3]


    Another prematurely assigned mission that left them idle on some random planet with nothing to do until the recon team finished their report. He didn't know if it was those lazy bastards slacking off or the dolts tasked with making the final decision of a planet's fate taking their sweet time that lead to these mix ups in his team's orders, nor did he care more than a creeping desire to knock some heads for it if he ever figured it out. But it still irritated him beyond measure to touch down ready to purge a planet or fight another bunch of rebellious fools only to be told to stand by for orders. This was the third time in a row since they left base last.

    Nappa and Raditz finally wore Nabooru down to join them in whatever revelry they might sniff out, leaving the prince alone with the pods and waving their efforts of convincing him to tag along off with the usual orders of don't do anything too stupid and to secure a place to stay. He spent the time reviewing information regarding the last three jobs on their itinerary and finishing up reports from the last few, fielding whatever questions had cropped up since their completion. The most prominent of them, along with complaints about it, being why the palace on Trimbon had been destroyed. He easily explained it away with a tale about the leader destroying it when he realized they had him cornered. The fact that he had to cover up for Nabooru’s spur of the moment and inexplicable decision irked him no matter how simple the excuse. He attempted to confront her about it on multiple occasions, but she infuriatingly failed to provide a sufficient answer and went to great lengths to avoid all three of them until earlier. 

    Perhaps he would venture another attempt. If he found her drunk enough, perhaps she would be more compliant. But the image that haunted him since the mission in question put a halt to the plan. Outside of their occasional spars where he was far more concerned with ensuring she had not crept closer to surpassing him by some miracle and keeping himself from any egregious injuries, jobs like that on Trimbon usually kept them spread out, taking care of a faction here or another there all across the planet. 

    The battle that ensued within and in front of the palace on Trimbon placed the four of them in a relatively small area. He took up a post near the entrance to stymie any further rebels from entering the edifice and was the first to see Nabooru emerge. In that moment, he thought little more than to silently order her to quit gawking and get to work. But as time wore on and they fought against the steadily decreasing flow of soldiers descending upon them, he caught his gaze flitting to the flash of crimson in the periphery. Since that day, he regretted his outright pause to observe her for now the image had burned itself in his memory and cropped up in moments where he failed to keep his mind occupied enough.

    Tendrils of her red hair loose of her tied up hair. Sweat glistened on her brow. Blood of her victims smattered her face, armor, and the knuckles of her gloves. How she seamlessly shifted styles from hand to hand melee to wielding her ki blades, mastered and perfected to mimic the shape similar to the curved swords they saw in the window. Her flawless form, the efficiency of her blows that incapacitated if not killed her enemies. But most notable even from a distance was the fire in her gold eyes, the drastic change from the mere glimmer he caught on normal occasions, the near dead stare. A scene an artist would die to capture, a warrior goddess in battle. He was partially glad for the sucker punch a rebel delivered the side of his head; he deserved it for such a stupid thought and losing his focus.

    No, for now he would seek out that damn recon team. Harassment would have to do as killing them would only steepen the bureaucratic nonsense as well as their increasing workload. He was sure they would be slapped with more recon if he obliterated one of the specialist teams.

    Considering the weaker power levels among the populace, he located the team easily with his scouter on the other side of the planet. His search brought him to a strangely scarlet lake and, upon landing on its shores, he found three abandoned piles of force issued armor. The Saiyan’s nose scrunched and his lips curled in disgust. Dark gaze roved the lazily rolling waves and, toward the center, found three heads bobbing in the water (or whatever it was). A heightened sense of hearing caught jovial conversation and laughter only further grating his nerves. 

    Energy built in each of his palms. He shot a wave of ki downward at an angle into the water. A tidal wave rose upward from the force and the prince rose into the air to avoid the onslaught himself. He heard the recon team scream in shock and terror as they rose into the air on the crest of the wave and were slammed back onto the shore. A malicious smirk curled his lips again and he descended, landing in front of the beached soldiers. Mud squelched beneath his boots and, when three pairs of eyes settled on him, the trio scrabbled to their feet, terror and embarrassment over their state of undress evident on their features.

    "How is the recon going? Is cavorting around like you're on vacation conducive to collecting data now?"

    The largest of the three, towering over the Saiyan, struggled not to quake with fear. "V-Vegeta. Why are you here? We haven't finished our rep--"

    "Obviously. Which is exactly why I'm here." Obsidian gaze narrowed at each member individually before falling on the giant again. "Because of your slacking my team and I are stuck on this scorching heap of a planet until you fools submit a sufficient and complete report. And here I find you idiots enjoying a leisurely swim. How do you think that makes me feel?"

    When none of them answered, Vegeta's lip rose upward, revealing his sharp canines. Lightning-quick reflexes snapped his arms up, palms out. He fired blasts between them, making sure it narrowly grazed along the sides of their faces. Two winced and clapped a hand to the scorch mark, the third had to stifle a pained yelp with the hand not tending to his wounded cheek. 

    Vegeta kicked a boot, whacking the large one in the gut. Air burst past his lips and he doubled over in pain. "Find your damn armor and get back to work. If I don't have orders for this planet by the time I wake up, you're all dead. Hear me?"

    They each babbled some form of "Yes sir" along with their apologies. The prince merely huffed and left them to their hunt, taking flight once more. Gloved hand tapped his scanner and he clued in on his cohorts' power levels. They hadn't strayed far, finding amusement in the city nearest their pods. His success in lighting a fire beneath the recon team urged him to seek the answers he wanted from Nabooru. Without slowing, he changed course for their location, weaving between the near blinding skyscrapers and descending once close enough to their readings.

    The lights of the hotel the readings brought him to shifted through a rainbow of colors from the entrance to the windows. He stepped into an elegant lobby that could pass as the entrance hall of a castle with a spacious bar and lounge area built off of it. Knowing his cohorts, he ignored the staff that approached and at the front desk and strode through the wide archway. Though not a fan of the color choice, the lighting here remained a soft pink, casting plush couches, the expansive bar and the bottles behind it, and tables in a warm but nauseating hue. A quick scan of the near empty room and he found the Gerudo seated at a table near the back, the hulking masses of the two Saiyans missing, though empty glasses sat in front of the other two seats which meant they abandoned the woman or she wasn’t holding back in her own consumption. She had her legs stretched out in front of her, gaze locked on a painting across from her and a glass balanced between her fingers.

    Weaving through the tables, he approached where she sat and sank down in one of the abandoned seats. “I see you decided to join us after all. Or me, now. The other two...well, you can guess.”

    Vegeta snorted and shifted the empty glasses in front of him toward the other side of the table. “Figures,” he huffed, folding his arms and crossing one leg over the other, a playful smirk curving his lips. His tail unwound from his waist and swished idly behind him. “Didn’t find anyone for yourself?”

    “You really think that’s what I get up to when I tag along with these two?” She scrunched her nose and finished off the liquid in her triangular glass. He tried to ignore the relief he felt with her answer and attempted to convince himself it was due to nothing other than not having to deal with another insatiable idiot on his team. “Raditz and Nappa tried to convince me it would be good for me. Help me relax, relieve stress, blah, blah, blah. Too bad for...well, everyone I’m a whole lot pickier than either of them.”

    He offered little more than a grunt in response, noncommittal in its belief or disbelief of her claim. Several minutes passed before the Gerudo broke the silence between them, obviously in no rush to continue conversation. "You came all this way for something, and I doubt it's to find someone to warm your bed tonight. You haven't gotten a drink, either. So, what is it?"

    Dark eyes narrowed a hint, her flippant and near demanding tone grating. "Watch it," he growled, the warning twofold: first to remind her of her place and second of the scouter pressed to the side of his head. She had apparently abandoned hers in her room. "You know why I'm here."

    She shifted in her seat and grimaced, eyes darting from the tables sporting patrons to the bartender counting stock. "Mm, right. Your key." She reached into her armor and retrieved two card keys, one she extended to him. "I got us the suites on the top floor and made Nappa and Raditz take rooms a few floors down. Might help us actually get some sleep if we don't have to listen to them."

    Vegeta snagged it. "Good. I doubt we'll have long to rest." His tail swatted the air behind his seat with new vigor, a mischievous smirk twisting his lips. "I found the recon team and had a...conversation with them. If they know what's good for them, they'll be completing their reports sooner rather than later."

    "Maybe you should look into a career as a motivational speaker," Nabooru teased with a snort. She pushed up onto her feet and stretched. "If you're ready, I can show you where our rooms are. I might have done a little convincing myself to make sure we got them. They’re very nice."

    The prince followed her lead and stood, gaze shifting and lingering on the bar. He rarely indulged, and after the headaches of the past few weeks, he deserved a drink. Leaving Nabooru behind and baffled, he strode over to the bar and behind it. A wicked glare shut the bartender up immediately, and Vegeta took stock of the bottles lined along the back wall. He picked two at random and snatched a glass before joining the woman at the lounge entrance.

    "Did you really want a drink or did you just want to terrorize that poor man?"

    Vegeta pressed the button to call the elevator, a cylindrical glass tower in the center of the building. "Both, of course." He nodded to the glass in her hand, apparently snagged from the table when she saw what he was up to. "How can you be so sure I intend to share?"

    She leaned down and pressed the proper sequence of buttons to take them to the top of the hotel. "Because you know you're more likely to get results if you liquor me up some."

    "Or I'll get drunken rambling and potential crying over your home world." His smirk returned when she glared. "You think I want either of those outcomes?"

    "I'll have you know I'm an eloquent and happy drunk," she sniffed, returning to her full height as the elevator shot upward. Each floor passed by in a blur. "I don't even get sloppy."

    "You couldn't even pronounce my name the last time I went out with you fools. Don't try to lie to me."

    Nabooru's lips twitched upward and the elevator stopped, a computerized voice announcing their arrival and  floor number. "You can't base your analysis on one instance, you know." 

    Vegeta followed her out of the elevator and into the circular hall that wrapped around it. She headed to the left and stopped at the only door on this side. "Here's your room. Mine's on the opposite side." She moved out of the way to allow him passed, and he held up the card to the lock. A short beep sounded and the doors slid open. "There's a balcony. The view isn't bad."

    Code for a private place they could talk about her stunt back on Trimbon without worry of eavesdropping from his scouter. Another grunt and he entered the suite signaling for her to follow. Opulent as the rest of the hotel and borderline tacky, the lighting in it was far more tolerable in a calming, light blue hue bright enough to illuminate the room without creating a gloom. The furniture from the sitting area to the expansive bed were grand, fit for royalty. Far better than the hovels they usually ended up booking to save credits. Unless she talked them into a discount, frugality hadn't been on Nabooru's mind when she checked them in. It had been a while since he felt his title, and this room offered a semblance of a chance to.

    He pulled off his scouter and chucked it onto the too-large bed, turning it off first for safety. Nabooru had already ventured across the room and pulled open the doors to the balcony where a table with a pair of chairs had been set up on one side along with a couch suitable for the outdoors across from it on the other end. Liquor in hand, he joined her at the table and closed the doors behind him before taking the seat across from her. 

    "Spill," he demanded, popping the lid off one of the bottles. He poured the liquid into the glass, watching it shift from one color to the next in a near dizzying effect. "What the hell were you thinking? You're lucky this was easy to write off as that idiot rebel leader trying to make a final statement."

    Nabooru caught the bottle when he slid it roughly to her and filled her own glass. "Would you believe I got caught up in the moment?"

    "No. That was calculated. I saw it in your face. Who were you looking to piss off? Me? Frieza? Or did that bastard make you feel particularly belligerant?"

    He was certain she was going to refuse to answer or feed him more lies and half truths by the glower she sent his way over the rim of her glass. The challenge in her eyes. She tipped the glass to her lips and took a generous swig. "In a way, I suppose it is that last one. I understood where he was coming from on a very personal level." She must have noted his further souring expression or the growl that rumbled in his chest because she added, "No, I didn't do that for a dead man that perhaps really did only want the power that came with insurrection and not to better the lives of those he led or his cause no matter how similar it had been to my situation back home. I'm not an idiot. It was for me and only me. Catharsis, in a way…"

    She trailed off and he considered shoving the table into her gut and pinning her to the wall with it until she elaborated. He swallowed his first swig of the sour liquor, the burn in his throat harsh but pleasant, and she continued of her own volition. "It reminded me of the castle. Their castle. I didn't get to be a part of my people taking Hyrule which no doubt would have included blowing up that damn castle to destroy the symbol of the Hylians’ power and to make way for one more suited to our tastes and culture, so I used destroying the hub of Trimbon's government as a substitute."

    Her response did little to make him feel better about it, though at least now he understood the why. "It was stupid. Petty. Trimbon's royal family is one of the Colds' oldest and closest allies. You're lucky I covered for you because King Cold himself would have ordered your execution despite his retirement."

    "Makes sense the people wanted to rebel, then," she grumbled, glaring at the color changing liquid in her glass. She drained it and her face screwed up either from the sour flavor or the burn in her throat. "I didn't ask you to cover for me. I'm surprised you did, with how often you threaten to kill me. You don't want to deal with me, you never did. It would have been a prime opportunity to get me off your back."

    Vegeta stared at her--cold, intense--dark eyebrows lowered and a deep frown on his lips. "You're right. It would have been." Smirk returned along with the wicked gleam in his eyes. "But when you die, it will be by my hands. Not some nameless executioner or Frieza or his family."

    Many of his threats were for show, a reminder of who was in charge to keep her in line and an obedient member of his team, but it didn’t mean she was wrong in her claims. Whether the bluffs convinced her to behave or she made her own conscious decision, he didn't care. She proved efficient and loyal enough, stepping out of line in only minor ways that usually involved the dregs of a rebellious attitude she couldn't or wouldn’t quite shake. This job, the toll he knew it took on her morality, hadn't squashed her pride and for that he could commend her. Trimbon had been her largest transgression, the riskiest for no reward other than self-satisfaction. Perhaps he should have cut her off for it, but it cemented his suspicions about her dissatisfaction with Frieza adn his family’s influence. That she would take risks that could endanger her life or those of her people if she thought she could get away with it (she no doubt knew it would be simple enough to explain away; accidents happened). 

    But...how loyal was she to him? When he decided to enact his revenge, would she betray him?

    “Then when are you going to off me? Or do you want it to be a surprise?”

    Vegeta shrugged a shoulder and finished off his first drink. “When you are no longer useful to me. When you fuck up bad enough. Maybe next time you mouth off. Who’s to say?”

    “This feels like a challenge to test you on that. You know I can’t turn down a challenge.”

    He growled and refilled his glass, allowing his tail to slip from its spot around his waist. He considered dismissing her, sending her off to her own room before she engaged in that “challenge.” The intense heat of the day had cooled to a more pleasant degree and the potent strength of the foreign liquor already had spread slight heat into his face and he felt less combative than usual. He considered the danger of it, of letting his guard down no matter how private the space seemed, but it failed to linger longer than a moment in favor of admiring the view Nabooru mentioned.

    He lost track of time, how long the oddly comfortable silence lasted between them, and in that time forgot Nabooru was still there. He blinked stupidly at the skyline when she spoke again, glad he was mindful enough not to look at her when he did. "Do you ever think about what your life would have been like if you Frieza hadn't taken you? And if your planet hadn't been destroyed?"

    "I try not to," he answered gruffly, gaze remaining on the neighboring skyscraper and the people milling about on its roof. He considered firing a blast over to it to cause a little mayhem. "What would be the point?"

    He heard her breathe a sigh, annoyed by his refusal to entertain her attempts at conversation. "I'm just curious about your culture, I suppose. What would life be like for the prince of all Saiyans if he was allowed to truly fill the position?"

    Finally, Vegeta allowed his attention to return to the Gerudo. "With or without the empire's influence?"

    "Both, I suppose. If there's a difference."

    He eyed her a moment longer, jaw tight as he considered whether he really cared to open this conversation up with her. Or anyone. He kept himself closed off for a reason. Protection. To remain aloof and out of reach. He didn't want to let anyone too close, least of all her. Not when he already struggled to purge her from his idle thoughts as it was.

    "Not much," he said at last, taking another swig of his drink. "Even before the Cold Empire found out about the Saiyans, once we had the technology at our disposal from the conquered Tuffles, we traveled from planet to planet looking for the next challenge to our might. We waged war and took what we thought would benefit us. As the prince, I would likely be joining in on that. The prince conquered. The king ruled."

    The flicker of a grimace passed over his features when, instead of his own voice, he heard his father's repeating the mantra he so often reminded the young prince of. He covered it by continuing: "The difference over whether the empire got its hands on us or not would be that we did it for a salary and for another cause rather than our own. It was no longer about testing ourselves and securing our own wealth but rather expanding an empire that didn't belong to us. So I suppose I would be doing much of the same as I am now until Father croaked and I was crowned king."

    Nabooru propped her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her palm, fully engaged. Her gaze remained fixed on him through the entire explanation, and it both emboldened and unsettled him. The latter for reasons he couldn't place. "And then you would have to stay planet side and ruled the home front, I assume? Marry and produce heirs? That sort of thing?"

    "Precisely." He snorted. It all sounded so boring in comparison to busting planets, traveling, and fighting. He hated doing it for the damn Colds, but it sounded far more exciting than attending to squabbles between tribes and classes, discussing wars and missions rather than participating in them, and sucking up to Frieza more than he already had to. Not to say he didn't want the title, the power that came with it. He was more than proud of his birthright, and he longed for it along with the universe as his father had promised him. He simply struggled to imagine anything different for himself when he long ago came to terms with his permanent station. His meaningless title. 

    Maybe someday he would take it all back. Acquire all that he was promised.

    "While marriage isn't common for Saiyans, it was expected of the king. Almost immediately after my coronation, I would be given lists of all the most powerful warrior women along with their family histories, combat records, and anything else my advisors deemed pertinent to choosing a queen and best choice for breeding a powerful heir. Then, all it usually took was a formal declaration from the king to the woman informing her she had been chosen to wed the king and take up the mantle of queen." The hint of a smirk ghosted his lips. "Mother was different, though. As the top general of our army, she forced my father to defeat her in battle before agreeing to marriage."

    "Sounds like the proper way to accept a marriage proposal if you ask me."

    "Is that how you accepted the one from your king?" The question popped out before he could stop it, the mild surprise on her features--either from the question itself or the fact he remembered that detail from a conversation that occurred a few years prior he couldn't say--reminding him of how out of place it was. Thus, he huffily added, "Yours was a warrior race too, wasn't it? It only seems fitting."

    Shock melted away to humor, and she relaxed in her seat once more. "I didn't. But after hearing that story, I wish I had." She took a sip of her drink, returning to the moment in question. "While he wasn't quite as cocky about how he could have any Gerudo woman he wanted being the king and only male in the tribe since, if he wanted me, I made it clear that I wasn't big on the idea of sharing him any more than I had to with his position, it still would have humbled him to not get an immediate yes from me. I suppose I made it difficult enough to win me over, so I'll just have to take solace in that."

    "At least you're not easy, then. Though you more than proved that through spurning Nappa's and Raditz's advances."

    "And everyone else's," she pointed out with pride. It was his turn for his features to shift momentarily to surprise, a change she must have noted, for she added, "Did you think they were the only two trying to bed me, Vegeta? I'm strong, smart, funny, clever, absolutely ravishing--"

    "Insufferable, vain, reckless, stubborn, a pain in the ass," he finished for her with a devilish smirk. "Need I go on?"

    She met his insults with a wink and a grin of her own. "All true, but plenty apparently find all those qualities endearing, if not outright charming."

    "Fools easily tripped up by a pretty face and their libido, and therefore hardly worth mentioning," he said, expression falling as he finished the contents of his glass. 

    Nabooru chuckled and followed suit, returning her glass to the table. "Exactly. Why do you think I haven't taken any of them up on their offers? I know what they see when I walk by them. You have to earn my bedroom company, and a few cliché compliments about how pretty I am won't cut it."

    "At least someone other than me has standards on this team." Vegeta inwardly cringed when his unfettered mind relived memories of the sort of company he witnessed Nappa and Raditz courting time and again. The sordid tales of their escapades. He could only guess at the filth they dug up on this planet. 

    The sound of liquid pouring and the weight in his hand increasing snapped him out of his train of thought. He glanced up just as Nabooru finished filling his glass and returned to her seat to refill her own. In a need to shift the conversation back to the original path, he asked, "So if you were back home, you would be enjoying the luxury of being queen on your newly conquered planet?"

    Nabooru chewed her bottom lip and set the near empty bottle on the table, gold gaze lowered and avoidant. "I suppose so. I'm not sure how luxurious I would let it be. I always had trouble sitting still, and I'm sure there would be plenty for me to do. It's hard to say when it's new territory for my people." She took a generous gulp of the alcohol. "But I imagine we would have married at some point, sure. Now if Frieza hadn't come along and offered us the ki training? I'm…not so sure."

    "Oh? Trouble in paradise, then?"

    "Heh, that's putting it lightly," she said, bitterness in her tone. "The state of things had us at each other's throats more often than not because we disagreed on how best to deal with Hyrule and help our people. Had it gone on any longer, I doubt we could have lasted with how nasty the fights got."

    Vegeta swirled the remaining liquid in his glass. Considering her stubborn and strong willed nature, he didn’t doubt her claims. In the short time he had been acquainted, he both witnessed and experienced them first hand through arguments or the occasional questioning of his decisions. Thus, that she would employ the same with the king of her race--someone with far more incentive to keep her alive than he had--sounded as plausible as anything else. His smirk flickered back onto his lips; he wondered if their arguments lead to the same sort of rousing spars as his did with her. His tail perked up and swatted the air behind him at the thought. He half considered challenging her to one. A far better use of their time than idle chatter. He could easily pick at her nerves and push her buttons, witness the flicker of that light in her eyes that preceded the passionate flames that ignited there while she was in the throes of battle. Besides, she put up a more exciting fight when she was pissed.

    "Are you thinking about fighting or murdering me?"

    The prince growled, more at himself for getting caught up in his own thoughts to the point of losing his focus again. Once more he blamed the alcohol. "What?"

    Nabooru nodded to him. "That smirk." She shifted to the side and indicated his tail with another tilt of her head. The appendage snapped back around his waist. "Your tail was doing that thing it does."

    "Is that a crime?" he demanded, glaring. He downed the remainder of his third drink. "Perhaps you deserve a little physical punishment for blowing up that palace."

    "At least it wasn't the whole planet. That thought crossed my mind, too."

    Another grunted response, though her comment brought him back to his original intention in engaging her after her repeated attempts to avoid him and the other two after Trimbon. He eyed the bottle for a moment then refilled his glass and topped her off. With so little left in the bottle, he tipped it to his lips and finished it off, tossing the bottle over the balcony. “Speaking of planet destruction…you recall how mine was destroyed, right?”

    The unexpected change in topic threw her off, head tilting to the side in question. “A meteor, wasn’t it?”

    “That’s what we were told.” Nabooru's frown deepened, and Vegeta continued. "At first I thought it was just my pride and denial that fought the explanation, the thought of my entire race being wiped out by something as insignificant as a damn hunk of space rock pathetic and infuriating. I couldn't blame the clods that mocked us for it. The great Saiyan race who conquered planet after planet reduced to dust by a rock."

    He paused and took a generous gulp of the alcohol, the sour taste and the burn negligible by then. "The more I thought about it the less sense it made. We had the technology to warn us of incoming threats like that and it would have been destroyed before making impact no matter how massive. Most of the race was planet side, so it wouldn't have been difficult. Someone destroyed Planet Vegeta and everyone on it, and only Frieza or someone on his orders would have the strength and clearance to do it. I wouldn't put it past the bastard to do it himself, though."

    Nabooru remained silent, but her lips parted slightly in surprise. Whether over his theory or the fact that he shared it with her at all he could only guess. "That's a big accusation," she said at last, rethinking a sip of her drink and setting it back on the table. "Certainly plausible but...from what I've heard from you, Nappa, and Raditz, weren't the Saiyans a formidable part of his army? I mean the three of you alone accomplish a ton, so I can only imagine the work a whole planet of you could accomplish. Why would he want to obliterate that?"

    "The shit Frieza pulls doesn't have to make any damn sense," Vegeta growled. "You haven't been around him enough. I've witnessed him kill on a whim for his own entertainment, for something as little as bringing up the wrong bottle of wine. He's grown bored of entire prospects with great influence while his father was in charge and demolished them for sport. He could have destroyed my planet for a number of reasons or for none at all. But I know he had a hand in its destruction if he didn't blow it up himself."

    This time, Nabooru downed half of her glass without hesitation, her gaze distant. He had a decent guess where her mind went. How truly tenuous the safety of her people was, no matter how hard she strove to hold up her end of the bargain struck with the tyrant. How they could be dead already for all she knew. 

    She chewed her bottom lip. "Why are you telling me all this? What do you know that I don't?"

    The hint of a smirk twitched at the corner of his lips. "Nothing solid, and nothing you probably didn't just scare yourself into believing." Her scowl widened his wicked grin a touch. "I'm going to kill Frieza. If not for my planet's destruction and everything I was robbed of, then for years of being forced to act as his slave and enduring his torments. Swallowing my pride to appease him and to secure my place as the most powerful warrior in the universe. I'm telling you because I need to get stronger, and you're going to help me do it."

    "Oh, am I?" She leaned back in her chair, glass held between her thumb and middle finger. "What if I don't want to risk that and I refuse?"

    "You won't. You want to get stronger, too, and that stunt you pulled on Trimbon shows you're not that afraid of risk." Her gaze met his, unshakeable and unreadable. "Besides, you want to see your home again. You really think you'll get to while Frieza's got you in a chokehold?"

    "So you're saying if I help you defeat Frieza and take his empire, you'll let me return to Hyrule?"

    "If that's what you really want at the time, I don't see why not. It won't be difficult to find a replacement for you if I feel I need to. What do you really have to lose at this point?"

    His tail uncoiled from his waist again, and he finished off his glass as he observed her. It surprised him that she had to consider the offer at all. Then again, he had never given her real reason to trust him or his word, and he wasn't entirely convinced he would keep that promise to her when the time came. Or if he physically could if her planet suffered the same fate as his own. It would depend on his needs, he supposed. How disposable he felt she was after achieving his goals.

    Finally, she tore her gaze from the city skyline and nodded stiffly. "Fine. I'll help you. I'm sure my association with you would get me killed even if I didn't." Full lips shifted to a slight smirk of her own. "Plus, besides ripping me from my home to do his dirty work, I've seen enough of what Frieza has done to want to see him dead. And you deserve to kill him more than anyone else I can think of."

    "Hmpt, you're smarter than I give you credit for." He chuckled darkly when she rolled her eyes. He stood. "Now, let's go. I'm sure we can fit in a decent spar before those idiots finish their report."

    Nabooru finished her drink and followed suit. "So you were thinking about fighting me earlier. I'm flattered."

    "You wouldn't be if you saw how badly I embarrassed you." He nodded to the sky, boots leaving the balcony. "Enough talk. Follow me. I know a spot."

    Without a glance back, he sped off into the night, Nabooru joining him at his side a moment later. 

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    DBZ Abridged version is the best version. XD

    (eps 30-part 3)

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    Alright, it’s time to see what you’re made of.
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