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    Finally decided to released some songs with direct ties to the plot of the story. Consider these OSTs of Alternative Berseria The X. Enjoy!

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  • Okay, more people voted for ABX 2. Seriously? I was writing Zestiria’s bonus chapter for ABX and the results shocked me. I think I’m going to wait and reblog/retweet it again.

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  • Alternative Berseria The X - Rewrite: Chapter 15 Ending

    A bunch of rewrites is coming up since I’m staying at home for a while. So, have a sneak peek from Chapter 15′s new confession scene.

    “…you got feelings for me?” Velvet asked, her brows knotting even more. “… cause I don’t need the complication.”

    Avernus smiled in amusement. “Yes. Freaks you out, doesn’t it?”

    Velvet bared her teeth in defiance. “Leave me alone, Avernus. I don’t want this.”

    Avernus pulled her letter out and held it up. “You are lying.”

    Velvet’s eyes burned in an orange flame, her cheeks heating up. “Don’t tell me what I feel. I know what I need.” She released her wrist blade, brandishing it. “Go away. I don’t want to see you for a while.”

    Avernus strengthened his body to its full height, arms akimbo on his hip. “Talk to me about it.”

    Velvet narrowed her gaze. “Why? I’m not interested in some dumb love affair.” She said in a mocking tone her voice hardening.

    “What if I’m?”

    She groaned harshly. “You feel, you get sloppy. It’s simple. Might as well save your energy to be useful.” Velvet positioned her right leg forward into her fighting stance. “Or I’m going to leave you behind.”

    Avernus stood unflinching. “What’s with that wall you put up?”

    “It’s there for you, too.” She exhaled deeply. “Don’t you get it? You want to stay alive, you run from me.”

    The Shepherd crossed his arms over his chest. “Then you don’t know what I really want.”

    Velvet moved her body as if she was ready for an attack. “Are you nuts?!”

    The corner of Avernus’ lips quirked into a grin. “I’m persistent, so do your worst.”

    Her wrist blade flashed under the shine of the moon. “Are you sure? It’s going to hurt. You mess around and I’ll end up killing you.”

    Avernus slowly marched towards her, unfazed and uncaring. “And?”

    Suddenly, Velvet dashed and slashed her blade. Avernus effortlessly sidestepped to the side. Her blade tore through empty air. "Do you know what it’s like to think you’re alone and find out you’re not?!“ She abruptly yelled, gloom hiding behind her anger.

    "Pretty much, yes.” 

    Triggered by his calm response, Velvet delivered another followup slash, only to clash with his scepter. "You just keep pushing! What am I supposed to do with that?!”

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  • I believe your love

    I believe your dream
    誇りたいから so far away

    I believe your love
    Never give up,
    As you spread those wounded wings,
    You soar through the skies and portray a boundless dream 

    I believe your dream
    Please show me a smile,
    even though you’re overflowing with sorrow,
    So that someday you can be proud of
    this irreplaceable moment,
    So far away

    Song: Last Impression by Two-Mix

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  • The new book cover for AltBerseria is ready! Also, I promised Velvet’s full colored-body. 

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  • Velvet Crowe (Efreet Spirit Gear) and Avernus Diphda (Shepherd’s Ultimate Gear) are finally done. Now, for the book cover of Alternative Berseria The X.

    Edit: Cristina Vee (Velvet Crowe’s VA) liked my art on Twitter! Thanks, Velvet!

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