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  • pm me for some fun 💙


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  • Honestly, I need some money. I’m not able to access my bank account to transfer any money until Monday.. if anyone feels comfortable helping I would really appreciate it

    #venmo #dm for venmo #pay with venmo #paypal#please #sugar daddy?? #ill give the money back
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    my birthday is in 36 days (March 29th), I want money for more leg tattoos. Accepting Venmo now🤣 Tina-Kirk-131 on Venmo 🤑

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  • Im stressed about money because I can’t transfer any from my savings to my checking and I need to transfer at least $150 over. Fuck

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  • for the next hour I will be doing free tarot readings!! tips are appreciated: venmo - deveree 🦋

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  • thank you all for the birthday wishes ✨

    i’m celebrating tonight at the casino so if anyone wants to give me extra money to blow or a belated gift that would be super cool 😂💖

    cashapp & venmo @haleyreneb

    #venmo#cashapp#money#casino #send me money #pls and ty
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  • If you send me $20 plus shipping costs I can send you beef jerky I am fundraising for my softball team

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  • I’m still selling n00ds. 👻💕

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    Follow me for more content. First followers get a free surprise 😘👅👣

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  • Anybody got extra money to give away so i can pay bills?

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  • Made a Twitter to post content on their, idk how it works lol

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  • this is going to be a long story but i would appreciate if you listened. my dog was attacked two days ago by a stray german shepard (i live out in farmland so I have NO IDEA where he came from). I was letting her out to go potty (she was on leash) and he immediately attacked. Mind you, I’m almost six months pregnant so I let go of the leash out of fear he might hurt me too. It’s making me tear up even saying this but I knew that dog was going to kill her, i went back into the house and grabbed the bat and when he was pinning her down (and i knew it was safe for me to) i hit him as hard as i could across his back and then again and he fell and couldn’t move. It was horrifying to watch and do. Ama is 75 lbs and i could barely help her get into the house. I couldn’t leave her out there just incase. I called my boyfriend and animal control and they took the german shepard. We got Ama to the emergency vet as soon as he got home. We dropped her off and then went to the emergency room, me and the baby are okay (thankfully). Ama got severely injured, her left back leg is broken and she has deep bite marks on her body as well as a severe rip in her ear (going almost half way down). We were finally able to take her home this morning but she’s still very hurt and can’t walk by herself. Ama is only 1 ½ and my emotional support animal. I’m having a really hard time with seeing her like this, especially because I’m pregnant and seeing her getting mauled like that was really scary.

    I usually don’t do stuff like this and I’m sorry in advance. Our savings barely covered half of Ama’s bills and we’re waiting on the bills from the er. I have to take time off of work to take care of her and because I’m experiencing extreme anxiety and panic because of what happened, not to mention the fact that i cry ever time i see Ama just laying there and getting scared every time someone moves. I hate asking for money, I know a lot of people do it and I’m sure you guys are tired of seeing posts like this but if you have a spare dollar, anything, it would help so much. Even if you can’t donate i appreciate all of you for being here and for those I’ve become close with that support me.

    My venmo and cashapp is @ smokeychokeme

    Don’t judge but I also have many many nudes from when before i was pregnant that I’m willing to sell at a cheap price. I’ll even give a sample before you buy.

    Thank you for listening ❤️

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  • Who wants n00ds? Cause I’m selling them. 💕

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  • image

    Pictured: My Venmo address (@StreamworthyTV, for any donations to keep the channel going), as well as some pics of me, both after and before before I got ill with physical disabilities (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, MCAS, POTS/dysautonomia) & psych issues (like depression, anxiety, & agoraphobia, after I was pushed from my job…shortly after I first showed up in my chair - despite having the highest performance rating possible).

    WHAT IS @StreamworthyTV ALL ABOUT?

    #StreamworthyTV is meant to be a free, quick resource, for all major streaming platforms. We cover #Netflix, #Hulu, #PrimeVideo, #DisneyPlus, & even #AppleTV. (Other platforms, like #Starz, & #HBO, may also be added, based on demand!)


    I see myself as a sort of #TVGuide for the most popular, relevant streaming platforms. I’ll let you know about #arrivals & #departures to each platform, while also providing other news/info, such as #renewals, #cancellations, & #recommendations. If I haven’t seen a show or movie, I do my best due diligence, researching IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, & box office numbers, to help factor in recommendations.

    All news & updates are COLOR-CODED for your convenience, to help you quickly find what’s related to each platform. These colors were set as those most associated with the platform…so Netflix updates are outlined in red, Hulu in light green, PrimeVideo in blue, Disney+ in gold/yellow (since blue was already taken!), & AppleTV is in white or black, based on the image.

    Info is also set up to be read quickly. Info on new shows is set up as follows:





    (Any links are at the bottom of a post.)

    Starting off with the platform means that you don’t read all about a show you don’t have access to, & keeping the genre at the top also helps you find programming you’ll be interested in. The separation of “Quick Info” vs “The Deets” lets YOU decide just how much you want to read about a program, and if you want more detailed information, or not. And any links are conveniently found at the bottom of a post, just above any hashtags.

    I will also be offering specially curated, cross-platform lists, such as the upcoming “Actor of the Week.” This will let you know where to find all of a popular actor or actress’ work, ACROSS platforms. For example, if you want to go on a #TomHanks binge, we’ll let you know where to find each of his movies that are available, across the major platforms. Then you can watch them all, or only watch what’s on the platform that you have…so every Hanks fan wins! (Hit up my comments or DMs to make any actor suggestions!!)

    I will also have other curated lists (you’ll have to wait on those…#TopSecret!!). Plus, I’ll soon have some of these lists up on #YouTube, along with some reaction videos, some review videos on #hiddengems and #oddities that I’ve found, & some comedy clips on movies/shows I’ve found that were flat out #CRINGE AF!!

    😱There will also be…FREE GIVEAWAYS!!😱

    WHO IS BEHIND StreamworthyTV??

    My name is Kelly, & I became disabled, physically and psychologically, over the past few years…the pic on the left is of me now, while the pic on the right was just a few short years ago, when I was capable of working and commuting long hours, and doing 10ks, & even a half-marathon! I’m a hard worker, but my conditions - #EhlersDanlosSyndrome, #MastCellActivationSyndrome, #POTSsyndrome/#dysautonomia, now require me to use a #powerchair.

    Once I showed up to my last job in my chair, despite having a pristine record, and the highest rating possible - I was soon pushed out, via refusal to grant me #accessibility (after previously enduring #bullying & #discrimination for years, once it was known that I had health issues).

    Because of the #trauma that I faced in how I was treated by my job, I was soon caught in a deep #depression, facing #anxiety, panic attacks, & #agoraphobia. These issues worsened my physical conditions, causing many flareups. My job found a way to make me lose 6/8 months of free insurance coverage I was to get from my union, after I tried to file a lawsuit. My health, not surprisingly, further spiraled out of control. I was too ill too work, and was in fact #bedbound for over 2 full years.

    In working towards “making a comeback at life” I wanted to find - or CREATE - a job that fit within the parameters of what I could still do…watch TV, research things online, be a wiz at organization, make great art, & write well (all channel art & write-ups, unless stated otherwise, are my own!). Also, I have a hell of a sense of humor, that I can’t WAIT to share on #YouTube!! I have materials ready to set up, & several treatments (scripts) nearly or partially finished.

    Plus, I love to help people, and to make things easier for them. I’m a proud #Aspie, & I know that this channel will be the most efficient way of finding all you need, about ALL THINGS STREAMING!! I just need a bit more time to finish setting up some templates and get into a groove, and after that, I’ll always have you on the cutting edge!

    I’m eventually hoping that this is a success, that I can maybe even get a Patreon for!! But until then, you can decide if you’d like to help me continue to release content - which will ALWAYS be free - on my new Venmo account, @StreamworthyTV. This channel is a lot more work than some may realize, and all money donated will go towards things like my #healthinsurance, my #medications, durable medical equipment (like the upkeep of my powerchair), & towards funding professional training lessons for my #servicedogintraining, @TheWorkingWigglebutt.

    Mikka has been owner-trained for the most part, to this point…& has an amazing sense of smell, with many natural alerting/medical response instincts. However, my agoraphobia & other health issues, as well as costs of training being too high, contributed to her not getting enough socialization. She already does several tasks for me at home, but could really use the training to learn more, & also to learn how to behave as a proper SD in public, so that she doesn’t need to remain as only an “at home” service dog. (I may post a video of her doing a fantastic medical response revival for me, when I’d only had her 4 months - in the future.) Mikka definitely has service dog potential, & at not quite 16 months, she still has time to make the changes that I need from her, in order for her to help me in public (and perhaps to make me feel safe enough to break me of my agoraphobia!)

    In any case, thanks so much to anyone that has taken the time to read!! I look forward to helping you find what to watch, whether you can contribute financially, or just with like, follows, comments, & shares!! (And don’t worry, I won’t repeatedly bother you for 💰!) As always, happy streaming!!

    Find me at @StreamworthyTV on:



    -Tumblr (streamworthytv.tumblr.com), where I link to some of my extended info/reviews

    -Facebook (fb.me/StreamworthyTV)

    -Snapchat (I’m new to it, but should be fun!)

    And, of course, on #Venmo, @StreamworthyTV, as pictured above.

    YouTube is coming as soon as I finish filming some clips!!!

    #StreamworthyTV #streamworthy #whattowatch #disabledblogger

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    I really could use some help. My birthday is 3/2 (March 2) and it looks like there’s nothing in mom’s budget or mine for anything for my bday. Also, my disability decision hasn’t come through yet. Please share.

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    I’m just going to leave these here and see some real quick 🤍🖤💋🖤🤍🖤

    #cashapp#venmo #dm for venmo #ask for my venmo #send me money #pay me money
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  • Trigger warnings for abuse and suic*de.

    My cousin and her three kids finally ran from her abusive ex and have been living with us. They have nothing but their clothes. He’s been threatening her, saying he’s going to kidnap the kids. Saturday night he hacked her Facebook. He threatened her friends, called her from different numbers and screamed at her all night. He told her he was coming to get her, he just wanted to take a ride and talk. Just get in the van, go for a drive, calm down and talk.

    We talked her out of it. When men get desperate, they get calm. We talked about family annihilators, told her he had something in mind. She didn’t get in the van. He called her later while he was driving, screaming that it was her fault, she should have gotten her ass and the kids in the van. He threatened suicide if she didn’t go with him.

    When people ask abused women “why didn’t you just leave?” This is why.

    Before he managed to carry out any of his threats, he died of a massive heart attack while driving. The van - his only possession, was towed away. The dog was in the car with him and fortunately wasn’t harmed but is now in a shelter.

    It’s complicated. The kids are mourning and so is she. It is possible to mourn your abuser. He was the father of her children. (There’s an older boy, 22, who was living with him.)

    His brother set up a Go Fund Me “for the kids,” but he’s taking all the money for himself. They are destitute. My cousin and the kids are living in our guest room, sleeping on air mattresses. We’re trying to get them enrolled in school (he was against sending them to school, wanted them home-schooled so he could take them from state to state. There were lots of warrants for his arrest.) They have no money for clothes or food; I’m trying to feed seven people (the four of them, my son, and my Mom,) on two incomes (mine and my Mom’s.)

    I have no idea how Venmo works, but my cousin’s sister does, and she set up an account for them. @celiaann7 is the Venmo account name.

    The kids DO NOT know the details of what happened before he passed and it needs to be kept that way. (They are not on Tumblr.)

    So please, if anyone can contribute, or RT this, it would help greatly. Any amount helps, every RT and reblog helps.

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