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  • silveriver44
    18.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    Shut up about the magnus achievesShut up about the magnus achievesShut up about the magnus achievesShut up about the magnus achieves

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  • somnolent-scout
    18.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    I'm probably gonna throw up soon and I'm honestly terrified

    I've been deathly afraid of vomiting for several years now

    It's my biggest fear next to pregnancy

    I paused writing this to get my room ready for the possibility of me throwing up and I've just kinda accepted my fate here

    I'm still terrified and definitely worried about the possibility

    But I guess I'm kinda ok with this now

    I ate half a hot dog from QT, a few sips of a cola slush from QT, life saver gummies, an entire happy meal (6pc nuggets, fries, apples, coke), an apple pie from McDonald's, and that's it. I also had to deal with an hour and a half of the start-stop motion in the car because of crash that happened on the freeway. So everyone was going 7 mph and we all just went release the break, hit the break, release the break, hit the break. We were doing that motion for an hour and some. So I just got shook up like crazy after eating life saver gummies and drinking sugar water.

    #tw vomit#tw vent #tw eating disorder #tw emetophobia #sorry for posting this but i needed to geh this out of my head #i cant think clearly anymore
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  • castielsbeeslippers
    18.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Feeling really down , but I wanna shout out fanfic writers. Reading fan fiction is the only thing that’s working in bringing me comfort right now 😌

    #thank you fanfic writers #you have all my love #Cilla talks#vent post#vent
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  • skullthighz
    18.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    just now realizing that the sakurai twins are vent ocs for me,,,, i made them like “ehheheeehehhe silly goofy obsessive little pink people” but now i’m like “oh fuck,,,, the silly goofy obsessive little pink people are me.” why can i not have what i want and be comfortable. this is truly sad

    #i think my mood stabilizers have stopped working #but yea i think abt kms a lot #it's not pretty but nothing about me really is #everyone just likes lying to me a lot i think #idk #maybe i'll fuck around and cut everyone off!!! #you don't know #you don't know what i might do #i just fucking want to be at peace with my self is that too much to ask #big vent post #vent post
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  • morguest
    18.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago


    #txt. #vent #if youre going to accept commissions then maybe finish them? or give updates at least? #the amount of people who have told me they cant refund me because /// is just annoying #so you can spend my money immediately but cant draw what you were paid to? okay #id be alot happier if i was told hey your comm is gonna take a couple weeks extra! or anything instead of seeing active posts #from the artist i commission????? #nice!!!!
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  • sobakii
    18.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    the upside: chest hair, hair basically everywhere, ever so slightly deeper voice, jawline improving already

    the downside: ⬇️

    #I wish I could make more joking posts about this sort of thing without worrying some t3rf is gonna find it and use it as a gotcha somehow #or think I'm actually venting #like no I'm fine I am just #literally going through second puberty and it sure is something #anyway sorry for being tmi I'll get back to the funnies soon
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  • lilaccdreams
    18.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    I don't wanna spend the rest of my life with myself

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  • justletmecreateaventblogplease
    18.10.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    okay okay so like. imagine this:

    you download duolingo and start learning a language. and it’s slow going, sometimes you get more answers wrong than you do right, mess up the same question a half dozen times or so before it sticks. but you’re still learning, slowly but surely, and you like piecing together the words you know into little sentences and turning what you’ve learned over in your head even when you’re not on the app. maybe it’s a little frustrating sometimes, going so slowly, but it’s worth it, you think.

    a month passes. you know, because duo gives you a little announcement. 

    “hey!” he says “you’ve been learning a language for a month!”

    ‘cool!’ you think, and tap the next button. it’s neat, knowing that you’ve stuck at it this long, and nice to think back and see how far you’ve progressed in that time.

    “here’s how many times you’ve gotten a question wrong!” duo says, and gives you a number. it’s embarrassingly high. “we’ve compared every user’s right to wrong answer ratio, and come up with an average of how many times users get an answer incorrect per month. here’s how you compare!” he gives you another (significantly lower) number.

    it’s... demoralizing. but you still want to learn the language, so you click next again, and thankfully it takes you to the home learning screen.

    and it’s fine. you’re still learning slowly, and now you’re extra aware of every time you get a question wrong, which makes it much less fun, but you’re learning! you’re making progress!

    and then you hit the end of month 2, and you get another little... fun... report from duo. your number’s still higher than the average, despite your best efforts

    tell me, why would you keep using duolingo with that kind of motivation hanging over you?

    why would you expect any student to really enjoy learning with that kind of motivation hanging over them?

    especially if they got told that if they didn’t learn quickly enough then they might have to redo the whole thing?

    #vent#vent post #and that's not even factoring in average/above average learners; who'd have it somewhat better; but still?? #and it's been a couple years since i've used duolingo so i could be misremembering but im pretty sure u stick with a word until u've gotten #it? imagine instead then you're shown it a few times and then move on and you just have to hope that you'll remember if it comes up again #and like with languages!! it will come up again!! that's kind of how it works; you add together what you know to form a language!!! #with math and history and science then ur shown a concept and you learn it (how well u do is debatable) and then you MOVE ON and it m a y b #*m a y b e #gets touched on again; until the end of the year; when you have to take a big test combining everything you learned! yes; even those things #you haven't talked about in 7 months!! prove you have the same mastery of them as you did when they were fresh on your mind! if you don't #you might fail!!! #.. #maybe i'm just frustrated and my metaphor doesn't really work but i think?? the grading system sucks??
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  • callonpeevesie
    18.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago


    #rant cw#vent cw #i feel not so good for a lot of reasons so I'll yell into the void for a second please ignore me #i hate aphobes so fucking much i hate it here #you make one post about amatonormativity in fandom and you'll get multiple comments like ''ahahaha aroaces are prudes and freaks #no wonder they think gay people are pervs'' #like that's somehow supposed to prove that aroace are the bad guys here #I'm not even going to pretend to be nice i hope aphobes and everyone who tries to #pit aspecs and gay people against each other die a very painful death #..... that's not just it i don't feel good for a lot of reasons #like the fact that abusive friends can fuck you up real bad but good luck being taken seriously lmao #everyone I've tried to tell was like ''it's okay friends fight sometimes 😌✨'' #we're not fighting?? i dumped her and it's the bravest thing I've ever done if i do say so myself #she fucked me up so bad and I'd like to be taken seriously.... #umm #that was intense #negativity cw#please ignore#peevesie speaks
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  • deianeiira
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    family means nothing. blood means nothing. living with my partner and his family. they’re so amazing and i love them all so much, but i am slowly breaking. i have no blood relatives that i can trust.

    also recently being diagnosed as autistic as an afab person in my 20’s has opened so many doors for me, but i’m realizing so so so much of my life has been constant trauma and i don’t know how to heal. i want to cut so bad. tomorrow i have 200 days clean from self harm. in 3 days it’ll be the year anniversary of the last time i was in the psych ward (i haven’t gone a year without being admitted somewhere in.. 8 years?) but i am hurting so bad. i need a week in grippy sock jail but i can’t miss school and i can’t do that to my partner (even tho they’re so fucking understanding and would completely get it.) i’m so tired of living this life. i wish i could secretly relapse with my ED… i miss it’s comfort so much. Sorry for the long ass rant post. i can’t exactly tell my psychiatrist/therapist what’s going on.

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  • mono-red-menace
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    my dad stole my whiskey. lmfao piece of shit

    i buy whiskey so i can drink it with my tea when i feel extra shitty but he always seems to find it and drink it all. piece of shit lmao

    he's a complete shithead to me my entire life and fucks me up so thoroughly and has the audacity to steal My shit. that i bought with My Money? asshole.

    makes me wanna steal shit from him. i could easily. fuck him. i could open their bank account, withdraw all they have. fuck em over. who cares.

    im not gonna tho. maybe later once i can actually do something with it, if he continues being a piece of shit like he always has been lmao

    i won't ever end up actually doing it. it'd just fuck things up further, even if i fully get out of there, they'd be able to find me lmao.

    sounds nice though. taking all his cash and running off.

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  • puppylvrs
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    (つ﹏<;; might delete later 

    #puppy is going to b serious for a sec !!! hiding this in tags #ummm mayb i shuld tag this as vent? #vent tag #not rlly but wanna explain myself mayb #maks pup feel a bit better #nyways mmmm #irl puppy rlly nervous round men esp cis men :< it due to genuine situations in past #where i was followed or touched badly w/o me wantign #som kinks i hav help deal wit it bc it help me have control #tht i didnt have then but #men still scare me lots which it y i might start blocking som ppl here #tht follow m #or interact wit my posts #bc pup dont wanna feel scared #thas msotly all i wantd to say i fink a lot of other noncis men accs tht folllow me can understand #ok thas it fr :>
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  • residentfrogbi
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Quick vent post

    I wanted so badly to be original and now one of my best friends has a partner just like me.

    -Same name (with a 1 letter difference)

    -Same taste in fictional men

    -Same birth month

    -Same taste in candy

    -Same everything

    God it makes me feel so shitty. And everyone else in the groupchat lives so close and I’m in another state and they go: “Well can everyone come? Except Cal of course.” And I feel so fucking shitty.

    They’re just a better version of me and they all know it. I am really really upset even tho I shouldn’t be. Remind me to delete this later

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  • i-never-shut-up-ever
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    does anyone else sit there on sunday nights and just get so overwhelmed and depressed because it’s another week starting and the weeks just never stop. like every night you go to sleep and wake up and there’s more tasks to do and you can just never??? catch a break????? things just never slow down and you constantly feel like you’re behind and having to catch up and for once you just wish time would stop so you could truly relax???

    anyways i need to call my therapist and schedule another appointment 😁

    #this is also probably too personal #vent post haha #vent #yeah idfk at this point #yes i have adhd #yes i probably have other underlying problems why do you ask #adhd life#lol #this post is depressive #depressing* #god oh fuck i need to call my therapist don’t let me forget #i’m gonna forget #help me lol #this is a cry for help #i need help #mental health memes #school is so overwhelming #school sucks #public school vibes #memes #funny post haha #shitpost
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  • spoon-is-cuddly
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me, someone who's biracial: I am a POC

    Random ass people: but you don't loo-

    Me @ randomass person

    #meme#shit post#biracial #you would not BELIEVE how much ive has this said to me #just because i am white passing doesn't mean im not a person of color #though i may experience racism alot less than people who arent white passing #i still experience it #its just Uakajkana UGGHHHHHHHHHHHH #i have alot of feeling >:c #vent#vent meme#POC
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  • ophenlia
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    yeah you're in her dms, but i'm

    drowning in assessments that i'm months behind on. my course ends in 39 days and i have so much work to do. someone, please send help. i'm going to need to re-enrol in this course so that i can get my certificate.

    #vent#vent post#personal vent #ignore my rambles #school#fuck college #yes i should be doing work right now #am i? #no i am not #no i am not <3 #probably delete later #haha oversharing on the internet is fun
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  • decolonize-the-left
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    after years of not doing a damn thing for her and even 7 months of no contact at all, today I got a summons in the mail saying bd decided he wants to be a dad after all 🙂🙂

    y'all know who can't afford a custody battle 2 states away? this bitch.

    s2fg it's one thing after another. can't catch a fn break

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  • rat-zuki
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    #god i’m #vent post because i’m stupid #ugh #i’m so ill #like. my periods are tremendously heavy and painful and i lose my ability to downright function some days #and like. it’s so bad rn i’m gonna have to skip clinicals tomorrow #automatic 6% deduction from my total class grade and i’m so nervous about it #on top of that this has been a terrible ibs week for me #and i’ve been #so busy and stressed that i’ve been eating like shit #and it’s making my ibs work #WORSE* ???? #and so does my period #like. christ #I HATE ITTTTTT #can i not be so sick at 23 #top of everything my period makes me so achey and makes my sciatica symptoms exacerbate #just feel like my body’s giving up on me lmfao #like whyyyyyy
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  • rubiatinctorum
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    me: im fine and not fucked up from my childhood

    also me: *tries to take a light break from my midterm assignment only to see a post abt smth bad that reminds me of my childhood and spirals into dread*

    me: okay cool :(

    #rubia speaks #vent post i guess
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  • paintmelikeoneofyourfrenchpoodle
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    you know... sometimes i really do wish i wasnt such a mess?

    but i dont really know how

    its kind of hard to get close to people in certain ways, let alone that way, when you dont know if you can trust them to that degree

    or you have it stuck in your head that something is going to go wrong




    why am i still on this thing?

    #i should probably get off #vent post#ic
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