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  • hopelessromanticfanperson05
    31.07.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Chest has a bruise and hurts to press down slightly

    Combined with everything else I’m attempting to remedy this just has not been a good day for me

    #had so much happen #friend won’t talk to me at band camp bc I can’t get get tested for covid to make sure I don’t have it after just ending quarantine for it #every day I become more and more clingy to all of my friends and it’s just. yeah. #maybe I made someone mad at me? my sister just keeps getting mad at me for saying stuff and I don’t know what I did #got hit with a hugeee wave of depression late this afternoon and just gave up on some stuff #I still have to shop for clothes. and school supplies. and shoes. #I have to finish all my summer reading stuff #I severely need to sleep because the last time I got sleep was Wednesday night? idk caspian was fronting #I pulled an all nighter yesterday and I have no sleepiness tonight either. #if I could talk to that one person I think I’d sleep in peace #also have many questions to ask someone and sort some stuff out bc god am I confused and need clarity #I am not good with what is essentially confrontation in this case and wanna cry just thinking about it #I have to work during the weekend #other things that I’m not disclosing #when will this fucking end #nathan.txt #vent #ask to tag #been a good while since I wrote a vent post but it was all severely piling up and it’s terrible
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  • autistic--cryptid
    31.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    sorry for dumping 3 vent posts on here /g

    #i have a vent blog frthose posts even if is in the tag #but i dodnt use it today #idint know why #i will use it in the future #cause i do use it and i do have used it before #snd i just didnt do today #sorry #i don’t want to put it all on here #cirrus says things #sorry for typos again
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  • bowties-and-warlocks
    31.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    As some of you may know I am bi and not out to my family.

    This is important info moving forward.

    My sister has recently got into reading and she went through my books to find something. She noticed as time went on that I had a lot of LBGTQIA+ books.

    She asked me why I had so many gay books.


    #should I just tell them??? #probably. #my parents would be okay with it but it’s my sister that I’m worried about #like I know they would be #or at least my mom #my sister is questionable #caps tw#vent post
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  • precious-ketchup
    31.07.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    If you're anxious and you know it scream out loud.

    #ive had so many panic and anxiety attacks throughput this entire pandemic its not even funny. #ready to just become a hermit and live under a rock #being chronically ill doesnt help this shit at all #covid anxiety#pandemic anxiety#vaccine anxiety#fucking anxiety#social anxiety#vent post#mental health#anxiety awareness#anxiety#depression
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  • otomeman
    31.07.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    So now we have an artist getting pissed that people ship themselves/their OCs with the most popular character in Obey Me because apparently only that artist is allowed to do that


    And if you don’t like drawing gay shit, just say that. Do we even say “slash” anymore? The fuck is this.

    Like come on, I don’t like bashing other artists but what the fuck are you even doing? Making more business for ME, that’s what you’re doing. Lord knows I’ll draw just about anything. 🤘✨

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  • choco-mimilk
    31.07.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    I think the reason I keep deleting my artblogs is bc when I first started posting my art, it didn't get much attention and it leggit made me feel so sad

    I tried to make it get attention and I guess I ended up with the mindset "likes = art good, no like = art bad" and now I just struggle to post my art with the fear of not getting good feedback

    #mimi.txt #vent #there is ths one very especifically that i still remember #it was an oc art and i remember being so happy with the result but when i posted and reposted it got 0 attention and i legit cried a bit #i was also at this very bad momment in my life so like it got me so unmotivated to draw #its even the smallest year file i have saved #i grew out of that mindset but i wont lie that it comes back every once in a while
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  • warle-talk-about-stuff
    31.07.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    The relationship with my parents have been really bad these past 2 months. I’m not at all the kind of person to get mad at other people at all, on the contrary, it’s actually been a problem where I mostly blame myself for everything and never stay angry at others for more than 2 days. But this time it’s different. For once, I have been stating loud and clear (I do try to not be too rude) that I was upset and I was no happy about some things my parents have said to me and done and how I feel like some of my boundaries are continually crossed when I am with them.

    And well, unsurprisingly they don’t take it well. I tried to talk in a proper way. Like ‘I feel like..’ instead of being too accusatory. But I feel like when I try to have this discussion they each time goes in full defensive mode. My mom particularly like listing each one of my flaws even when they don’t have any link with what we are talking about. I have been accused of being ‘not social enough’, ‘not happy enough’, ‘difficult to live with’, Also the ‘I have to endure your unhappy face each day so why don’t you put more effort in living in a society with us?’ Also the classic ‘we can’t even say anything around you without you getting upset.’ My dad have been putting the ‘I’m being unreasonable and acting like a chid card.’ And I do hear him being my back saying I’m acting stupid, overly emotional and mocking me. And when I say that I didn’t like him calling me names like that. He’s like ‘But it’s true, so you shouldn’t be upset when I call you that.’

    Right now, I am still financially dependent on my parent for another year before I finish my studies but… I’m tired. So tired. When I used to have those ‘fights’ with my parents. I used to completely break down. Begin sobbing uncontrollably until I felt nothing inside. I didn’t deserve to be upset. I didn’t deserve to disagree with things. I didn’t deserve to be heard. I realize that all this kinda fucked my brain so hard, I have a bad tendency to bottle things up, until it gets very bad. And I know my parents are themselves dealing with a lot of stress (most from family and work things) and they still love me a lot and that’s why they take me being unhappy as some kind of failure of their part, (and of course their defense mechanisms fight against that, very hard)

    My parents both left for one month for their vacations, leaving the house mostly to myself, but they are coming back tomorrow. We haven’t talked for weeks now, but my brother today said that it didn’t seem like they changed their views at all nor that they seem to want to sit down and actually talk together and actually listen to each other for once. And, it sucks. I feel like they are mostly waiting for me to stop being upset (somehow?). But I don’t think I can let it slide anymore.

    So yeah, little vent post. It feels nice to write it down. But yeah, I’m angry, and will stay angry. But it mostly feels empty. I do hope it gets resolved at some point.. but not like this.

    #not a fun post #family relationships are complicated #I guess I'm not exception to the rule #I have been always having a hard time connecting with them #I feel like a stranger #some autopilot mode #vent post #warle has issues #I"m so not used at feeling angry
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  • alwaysreading
    31.07.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    It's exhausting to always pretend everything's okay all the time.

    It was tiring then and still is now.

    It's not like I could have expressed my problems to just anyone. And its not like I didn't tell anyone. The problem is that the people that could know didn't care enough to listen.

    Now I've just bottled up so many feelings and memories that I barely know myself anymore.

    And I hate when someone tells me remember when you were 6 or you were 3 or 8 and we went here or you liked this. Bc I can't remember most of childhood, I've suppressed so much of it I can't remember the important experiences I had.

    There's always an excuse as why my problems can't be fixed and my concerns are always cast aside.

    The hysterical thing about it all is I'm supposed to be the strongest, sane one out of them all.

    Bc I was the good student, I'm not quick tempered, I'm really patient, I'm supposed to be the dependable one, the one they can always tell all their problems too. But mine are never valid enough to be concerning.

    Instead it's be grateful. Be hopeful. Be happy. But why? I have nothing to look forward to or look back on.

    But I have to be okay, I have to pretend everything's all right.

    #my post#for myself #its best that i just write it out bc i cant keep it in anymore #venting#2
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  • strugglecore
    31.07.2021 - 56 minutes ago

    idk how tf ppl can sit all the way thru a movie, turn it off without finishing the credits, say 'it was good' and then *not* talk about the movie anymore ?? like they just move on with life as usual without speaking more on what they just saw ??? whyyyy are u so eager to return to reality and drag everyone back down with u,, can we just sit for a second ???? god i hate u

    #this one goes out to my dad #fuck that shit i want to cry #i'm gonna lose my mind #vent post #strugglecore.txt
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  • proship-hyouga
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Don’t you just fucking hate it when u have to unfollow blogs because they reblogged some anti bullshit to be put on your dash? Had to unfollow a yugioh blog I liked because they reblogged that “omori creator is a p/do” bullshit, goddamnit

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  • undervaluedagent
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    You have no son. He was once organic, but you formed him into a rage-fueled monster. And you don’t even get to know what you did to him. The monster can still put up a human façade most of the time. 

    The slivers of human that crave attention and cry themselves to sleep at night are unimportant, are hidden by the monster which is hidden by a false human. Strange inception, isn’t it? This all could have been simpler if you hadn’t failed.

    #undervalued files#vent#vent post #what the hell do i tag this with #is this poetry? what even is this? dude i don't do weird #metaphorical shit#toxic family#abuse#neglect #i want to put both of those tags in quotation marks because #i don't want to acknowledge #that #i don't know #it's not real and i'm a fake coming up with excuses for the monster #hehehe #okay time to post this dumpster fire
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  • fciyaz
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    kind of accepting that i will never get my laptop fixed any time soon

    #like not only is the traction v low on that post #but i got a herniated cervical disk babes. #which prbly means PT which definitely means more bills #AND i'm def gonna get a bill for my EMG/NCS #i hate being broke idk how many times i'mma say it! #like i know donation posts are going out on a limb n i really appreciate the donations i did get #n i don't wanna like. guilt trip i just need help getting my fucking laptop fixed #so i can stop borrowing other ppl's things just to do my damn job 😋 #okay i'm done venting 😋 if u read all these tags have a goodnight kiss muah #personal.
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  • n0-nam3-k1d
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Semi verbal? More like fucking murder me cuz i cant talk like a normal person and the expectation of doing so crushes me on a daily basis

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  • n0-nam3-k1d
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    When your mental health is worse yet better than before lol

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  • chasmdweller
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    It drives me crazy that I lack the talent to truly save him from his pain, to write him a kinder ending. All I can offer him is useless sympathy and an internal tale I cannot make concrete, cannot write into life and blood. I'm not my sister, I cannot truly close the wound that killed you and it's wounding me too.

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  • macklnthebox
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #poems#vent art #yes i post these at the same time every night sorry #this one is from my eigth grade formal gym #literally a week later all hell broke loose
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  • sirusbled
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i promise to get to replies and starters soon. work has been running me ragged and im legitimately about to quit one of them bc of a certain coworker. im so stressed and tired pls/

    #i have two days off on the 1st and the 2nd but the 2nd is a friends bday so ill be with them #but like this coworker threatened me over a SODA. a fucking soda and its not the first time shes gotten violent or aggressive but the #owners and managers arent doing shit and im just *SCREAMS* #n e ways sorry for the rant/vent in the tags #tw: vent#vent post #ooc tag tbt.
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  • ablednt
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ableism tw #ask to tag #like i never had a callout post written abt me afaik but a singlet DID take So Many Things out of context an embarrassingly obvious amount #to accuse me of everything under the sun (like legitimately the only things they could bring up were times I misphrased things or #made someone uncomfortable and immediately apologized or behaviors I'd already corrected entirely etc #and of course faking a system(tm) was one of the biggest points #they also had other ppl they vented about a lot when we still got along who conveniently did all the same things so i think some singlets #just copy and paste this shit ngl #i feel bad admitting how much it traumatized me tho i feel like maybe they're right despite objectively knowing they were lying in bad faith #ocd and bpd are fun as u can see/s
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  • kcalssuck
    31.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the girl i liked a while ago just started showing interest in me after i’ve lost 9kg since we started talking. this is both hilarious yet disheartening…

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