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  • My SIL said she and her fam can’t come to the shower because it’s too close to when they were in a car accident (last year) and she’s nervous about being on the road. Which, cool. That’s fine!

    But now she’s upset that we’re not going to make the 3.5 hour drive to her because then she won’t get to see us for the first time since March 2018.

    Lady, my being 30 weeks pregnant and unable to sit that long trumps your anxiety issues your refuse to seek therapy for.

    We come out to CA once every other year and ALWAYS make that fucking drive to middle of nowhere to see his mom and siblings, and the one year we come out and can’t, I’m supposedly the difficult one?

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  • Forgive me folks but I need to vent my frustrations with the KH fandom again, this isn’t KH3 related this time, but Dream Drop Distance related.

    I know the game isn’t perfect, my only criticisms with it is Sora’s more naive than he ought to be and the bosses(namely Young Xehanort) are cheaters, but It’s still my 2nd favorite game in the series.

    And it makes me sad and lonely that the majority of the fandom on Tumblr likes to bash it openly while I was only able to meet a few handful of fans who actually liked it, some being SoRiku fans and others being just regular fans. I mean don’t you have a favorite game that you like but feel ostracized because a majority of fans hate it? 

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  • Since I don’t want to bore or vent to people in person tumblr is the perfect outlet. I realized that I don’t think I deserve/meant to have a relationship. Don’t get me wrong It’s not like I don’t want one I always saw myself settling down someone but my situation is just really complicated. I’ve been single for most of my mid to late 20’s and thought “eh I still have time, this is just temporary I’m just gonna enjoy this.” I’ll be 30 next year and I don’t see much of a change happening.

    What’s wrong with me lol

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  • Mama,
    Ten years ago:
    -there were grandparents who would have been livid over someone missing Christmas because of work.
    -you had two kids who needed both parents.
    -the relatives actually gave a damn, or at least convincingly pretended to.
    -Christmas actually meant something.
    -we all spent time together.
    -y'all said “I love you” and meant it.

    -there are no grandparents.
    -you have a gamer who lives online and a failing college student losing her mind.
    -the relatives barely care, if they do at all.
    -Christmas is an obligation and a desperate attempt to cling to dying traditions. It’s an exchange of gift cards and awkward conversation at this point. It doesn’t mean anything.
    -Daddy is constantly on the phone.
    -y'all are never in the same room when we’re at home.

    You’re the only one still trying to pretend that we’re all a happy, loving family, even when you’re crying over the proof that we’re definitely not.

    I love you, but I’m tired of this.

    #things i wish i could say #reality check#family problems#venting
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  • What did he even see in me, anyways?

    #heartbreak #just depressed thoughts #venting
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  • I’m so mad at myself. I didn’t mean that much to him and I know it. So why am I still thinking about him? Why can’t I move on?

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  • I feel so sick seeing him with his other partners. He looks so happy… he doesn’t miss me at all…

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  • He gave me so many songs to love… I can’t listen to them anymore.

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  • Vent Post…

    I just gotta get this out bc I’ve no where else to do so. My father is lile a giant toddler. No self awareness, doesn’t give a shit about anyone else, and manipulative.

    Today, my mother had finished making dinner and waiting for him to get his food (bc dad always has to be first or he gets upset) and she was standing in front of the fridge to be out of his way.

    So, he then gets mad at HER for not moving when he wanted something from the fridge, but he just expects everyone else to know what he wants. And he was laughing at her for “just standing there, like she was lost.” She wasn’t you turd, she was waiting for you, catering to you, like she always does. So she says, no I’m just waiting out of the way.

    And then he started in on the “why are always so grouchy” bs. She’s not “grouchy” she’s tired of your childish behavior. And I stood up for her, bc i am too, and I’m tired of it too, tired of him expecting us to wait on him hand and foot, and tired of him expecting everyone else to automatically know what he wants and needs.

    He can’t or doesn’t want to realize that the way people act toward him is a direct reaction to how he treats them. We’re just “against him.” He gets angry and then plays the victim and tries to get everyone, especially my mother, to feel sorry for him.

    He actually had the audacity to threaten my mother with divorce if she didn’t start treating him more nicely. 🤢 sometimes I wish she’d just leave the asshole to rot all alone, cause without us he wouldn’t even be able to take care of himself.

    He needs to realize that 1. His behavior is ridiculous, childish, and toxic. and 2. He literally relies on us for things he cannot do due to medical reasons and he needs to learn to be fucking grateful instead of complaining about everything we do.

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  • BBC’s Dracula is coming out soon! You know what that means! Several more years of brainless bitching and nitpicking! 

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  • So I decided to scroll through tumblr and do nothing productive. I’ve just found some predicted results notes I’d written and put those into my outline, and now I’m going to call it quits and just go home to food.

    (Dw in case this is stressing to read; I’m going to get it done, I’m just going to be a whiny cunt about it lol)

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  • vent yom

    Ok so basically

    I’ve been talking to this guy non stop for like 3 days,, we were messaging p much constantly

    I’ve known him for 3 months (met him through my brother) and we’ve like chatted a bit before now n I’ve always found him quite attractive. I dunno if he’s interested or anything but that’s not the point rn.

    After talking to him pretty much about anything , he was like “oh I’m going out tonight” etc and was I was like “gn etc”

    Then we just stopped talking. Like there has been 0 communication. I didn’t want to say anything first because i was like “I’m generally the one always inciting the conversation so ig this is like a test?? To see if he’ll message me?? If he doesn’t he probably finds me annoying etc??”

    So. Yea. I just hate going from this period of being non stop talking to someone and then just nothing for days. It’s like unnerving,? And also yknow I was excited to chat to this guy and now I just don’t have anyone to talk to now. It weird and I just feel hella lonely

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  • I know it’s the middle the day but I just need to vent so ignore this plz

    I feel like I cant be honest with these people. They have no idea what theyve done to me and if I say anything I’ll only lose them. Although at this point I’m just hanging onto vapor trails of passed friendships. At thispoint, I know they play favorites, I know I’m just some ugly black duckling to them, the odd one out. If any one of them wrongs me and I get angry then I’m the fucking villain. If I tell them I think they treated me unfairly, that I think they’re playing favorites, theyll just team up on me again. I’ll be lucky if they even bother to talk to me. Why would they want to deal with something from months ago? It wasnt months ago for me though. I think about it every week.

    I had one chance at new friends and now I’ve got nothing. I told them once they moved things wouldnt be the same but they wouldnt listen. That or they lied to me. That or they knew they werent going to see me or talk to me anymore once they moved.

    Every week I think about how didnt even hug me last time we saw each other. I fucking remember that last few seconds in the parking lot, and how every one just turned away where we would have originally hugged. God that hurt. God this all hurts. The moment will forever be seared into my mind. Seeing four people turn their backs to me like that. Just. Hurt.

    And I’m such a sad fucking pathetic piece of shit that if someone cool or rad shows any amount of kindness in my direction that I just cling to them. I cant help it. I havent msde friends in over half a decade and no one has ever bothered to talk to me outside of class. And the longer this goes on the worse I become. No one is ever nice to me or shows any interests. So how can I not become infatuated?How can I not scare them away with my excitement? How can I not be so fucking pathetic

    God I just want to cry

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  • I submitted that paper I was talking about a week ago and took two of my exams, and I got so excited about nearing the end that I’ve been at the library for 3 hours now trying to work on a paper due Monday. The thing is I haven’t really… worked on it much til now. I had outlined a methods section from a few weeks ago, but I still need to do the writing part. And since my last exam is on monday and I have a flight right after, I kind of need to submit this paper by tomorrow night. Yay…

    Oh did I mention it counts for 50% of my grade for that class and I’m royally fucked if I don’t get at least an A-?

    I want to stay and not leave the library until I’ve got an outline filled with bullet points (sources, intro, predicted results, conclusion) but I’m also really hungry ‘cause I haven’t had much to eat today. Problem is, if I go home, I know I’m not going to get any more work done (in my defense my bed and blankets are warm and cozy and uni work is dumb and stressful), and I’ve already not worked on this for 2 days in a row.

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  • -cause so many people have absolutely wrong takes on things that you’re not allowed to directly correct them on without breaking NDAs.

    #bl0ggybl0g#complaining#venting #Sonic the Hedgehog
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  • u talkin shit behind my back with ur friends but at the same time u struggling to fall asleep every night cuz u can’t stop thinking about how u were not good enough, how I’m way too positive for u and u were scared that u were going to darken my soul. U know I was open for anything and I was down to help u. I know that u r saying shit now because u r scared, ur ego is up to the heavens and is making u do so. U are scared to show vulnerability to others because u hate to admit that u were wrong and now regret is taking over, it’s easier to just say some random shit or say to the others how I’m not important to u at all. I know. I can feel it. I can feel everything that u feel and it kinda sucks that we are connected like this, yet not communicating that often. I showed u my vulnerability and I promise I won’t run away if u take ur mask off. It’s been months, but I’ll wait till u r ready. I know u r different, that’s what attracted me the most. ur vibes are higher than this. U can do so much more than u think! Don’t be scared because darling, I saw the side of u that u think u hide so well. I just didn’t say anything because imma wait for u to show me by urself. My arms will be always open for u, even if u tell me ur darkest secrets and let me love u the most. I wish I could tell u this but I just don’t wanna bother u. All that’s left is for me to continue hoping that one day u’ll realize that u won’t be rejected by me and I’m waiting because my heart built a home for u. Maybe it was too early and u got scared and ran away but it’s still here, for u only. And no, it’s never too late.

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  • I feel like I’m going to be one of those women who ends up so desperate to not die alone that she marries the first semi-kind person who shows even a vague interest me, and then I’ll work to shape my personality into someone my partner will be willing to stay with so I don’t have to be alone for the rest of my life. I think I’ll be happy to take what I can get, even if it isn’t enough because something is better than nothing.

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  • I’m tired of always reaching out and no one reaching back. People keep telling me they care and I’m important but no one actually goes out of their way to include me in their lives. I’m an object on the fringes they don’t want to feel responsible for losing. I’m not a friend. I’m not someone they care enough to interact with. I’m only bothering them when I reach out. That’s why they don’t reciprocate. I don’t belong here. I don’t fucking belong here. I’m alone. I will always be alone.

    I want to die. I want to not exist. I don’t want to feel any of this anymore. I just want to be able to lean on someone. I just want help. I’m tired of always helping myself and being the only one who cares. I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired.

    I just want friends who care. I want to be part of shit. Of people’s lives. I’m not. I’m never going to be a part of people’s lives. Of anything worth being around for.

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  • I had another seizure due to flareups and wont be active for a little while,

    I love you all and i genuinely hope you take care of yourselves, rest, take your meds, eat some food,

    And dont forget to remind yourself how rad you are you funky lil humanoids, ill be back soon(♥ω♥ ) ~♪

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