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  • sarahsartedits
    25.01.2022 - 29 minutes ago

    My 1st VenKai edit them having a great date night on the beach & enjoying each other’s company 🌸✨💕 @queenkairi20 @eradicatetehnormal @namiskythepuppy hope you all like it!

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  • namiskythepuppy
    25.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    Happy 3rd anniversary of kh3 with my top 3 guy and girl characters edit hearts (also decides to make them ships together too, even though I switch on Namine and xion for top girl but wanted to do Rokunami and soxion for ship)♥️

    #happy anniversary to kh3 #kingdom hearts #kingdom hearts 3 #kingdom hearts 2 #multishipper#sky's edits #shippers gonna ship #sora#xion#roxas#namine#ventus#kairi#soxion#rokunami#venkai
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  • ari-writes-stuff
    25.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Dandelion Tongue - Chapter 4, “Explanation”

    Kairi was, well, surprised. She probably shouldn’t have been, being so used to Sora’s antics, but she still found herself impressed by the amount of time Ven was able to keep himself entertained by staring out the window. The look of wonder had yet to leave his face, and he had hardly moved from his position at all, even when Chirithy had gotten up to explore the ship. She watched him with her hands in her lap. Chirithy was somewhere in the closed off quarters that made the bedroom and bathroom, and Aqua and Terra were sharing quiet conversation between each other as they took turns piloting.

    Kairi pulled out her Gummiphone, the screen flickering awake to show the time. It had been nearly two hours since they left The Land of Departure, which meant Ven had kept himself busy staring outside for nearly two hours. That also meant that Kairi had kept herself busy watching him stare outside for nearly two hours. She sighed, sliding her phone back into her pocket.

    She never could have guessed how much of a constant reminder of her best friend Ven would become. There were days when being around him hurt, just as there were days where she felt as if she was talking to an old friend, instead of a person she had hardly known for a year.

    A whole year . Sora had been gone for a whole year now, and any progress they had made was small. Sure, they had some leads from Kairi’s memories and Riku had left for Quadratum to look for him, but it didn’t feel like anything had changed. It was different when he was gone not long after Kairi had returned to Destiny Islands when she was 14. Then, missing him was just a dull ache, a longing she couldn’t quite place for a boy she couldn’t quite remember. And as horrifying as it had been, the steps to get him back were simple. Destroy his nobody, reconstruct his memories, recomplete him. But now things hurt so much more. Kairi knew exactly what was missing and why . Sora had sacrificed himself to save her , and what was she doing about it now? Hardly anything. She was supposed to be the one protecting him now; she had promised . Instead, he had become a festering wound inside her heart. A gaping hole that she couldn’t fill despite her best efforts.

    She closed her eyes, resting her head on the back of her chair. She was tired of being cast aside. She wasn’t going to be the weak, helpless girl of the group anymore. This time, she was going to get Sora back, no matter what it took. They were going to go back to being the carefree trio that had lived on Destiny Islands what felt like so long ago.

    “We’re going to be landing soon!” Aqua called from the driver’s seat. “Chirithy! Can you let Ven know?” At the mention of his and his Dream Eater’s names being called, the young boy looked up from the window for the first time and instinctively held onto the back of the couch. The spirit quickly shuffled into the room.

    “Nevermind,” Aqua laughed. “I think he’s got the idea.” Chirithy sighed and turned to Ven, saying something to him in the language only they understood. The boy nodded, relaxing slightly into the couch. They chatted back and forth, Ven pulling the Dream Eater onto his lap at some point.

    Ven, as Kairi was learning, was full of surprises. He had already changed so much from how he had been that morning. Even before that, he was always quick to find the positive in any situation. Aside from occasional flickers during sparring and his scene from earlier that day, Kairi couldn’t really remember ever seeing him upset. Maybe she just hadn’t known him for long enough, but what she had seen so far was, well, impressive. Even Sora hadn’t been this content all the time.

    She watched as Aqua carefully chose a landing spot behind the world’s castle, nervously setting the vehicle down in as clear of an area she could possibly find. The blue haired master was still nervous about driving the ship, and usually didn’t have much good reason to practice. Upon landing, she wiped her hands on her pants—yes, pants; she had finally decided that her previous outfit wasn’t fit for her line of work—and released the pressure lock holding the door closed.

    The four of them, er, five, if you counted Chirithy, exited the ship, stepping out into the warm sunlight that reminded Kairi of her home on the islands. Aqua closed the ship up once Ven had stepped out, curiosity in his eyes. He spun around slowly, taking in his surroundings. His gaze finally settled on the blonde girl standing in the shade of the castle.

    “Naminé!” Kairi called out to her. The girl smiled and carefully walked over to the group.

    “It’s nice to see you all,” she said. “You said Ven was having some… issues?” Aqua nodded.

    “We think he—” she glanced at Terra, “—may have suppressed some of his memories while trying to uncover ones he had forgotten.”

    “I see,” Naminé nodded, a solemn look flashing over her face. “Oh, I shouldn’t force you to stand outside. Please, come in!” Kairi followed her other into the large castle, the others close behind her.


    Ven liked this new world much more than the one he had woken up in. It reminded him of Daybreak Town, in a way, and the lack of hallways so far was a definite plus. The blonde girl that had welcomed them shared quite the resemblance with the redhead girl— Kairi. Maybe they were sisters? He would have to get Chirithy to ask. If Kairi had reminded him of Lady Ava, then this new girl—he thinks her name is Naminé, but he can’t be sure—reminds him of Lady Invi. Quieter and more shy, but she seemed nice all the same. Unsurprisingly, he can’t understand anything she says either, but it’s less of a frustration now that he’s getting used to it. Probably-Naminé makes conversation with the others, while Ven pulled his Dream Eater a little closer to his chest.

    “Her name is Naminé, right?” he asked. Chirithy nodded, and the blonde girl perked up at hearing her name being said. She gave him a polite smile and then turned back to talking with the others. They followed her through the castle, passing by several libraries and rooms Ven didn’t even have names for.

    Eventually they ended up in a futuristic looking room with a large computer. One of the walls was made entirely of glass, giving a view into a long corridor with tons of… Containers? Ven couldn’t quite tell. Stacks of papers and books littered the floor and the counters. Naminé motioned for them to sit in some chairs that looked like they had been set up specifically for the occasion. She nodded at the older two, commenting something in their language, before excusing herself from the room.

    “We just have to wait a little bit now,” Chirithy explained as their wielder watched Naminé leave. He nodded in understanding, then chose to occupy himself with observing his surroundings. This new building shared some similarities with the Clock Tower, at least more than the castle in the mountains had. It felt mechanical, and the piles of books reminded him of his bedroom. It made the nearly empty room feel lived in, gave it a little bit of personality.

    Ven wondered why there would be so many books in this room in particular, given that there were many libraries that probably served much better for housing them. Maybe this room was someone’s favourite spot to read, he thought, as he remembered how he would spend hours in his own reading corner, far enough away from everyone else that it would be quiet enough to concentrate, but not so far that he would get lost trying to find his way back. After his reading sessions, he would usually stack the books he had been reading somewhere on the floor or tables in his room. Despite all the books he kept in there, he tried not to read them in his bedroom, as he would usually get tired, try to read in his bed, and then fall asleep only to wake up later with a sore neck and his book dropped on the floor with no indication of where he left off.

    He temporarily pulled himself from his daydream to hug his Dream Eater closer to him. Kairi was showing Aqua what looked like a small, flat, box.  She would occasionally tap and swipe at its surface, smiling and talking with the blue haired woman. Terra watched over their shoulders, adding his own comment every now and then. Ven wondered what the box could possibly be, if it was able to hold all of their attention like that. He was about to ask Chirithy when he heard a loud crash outside the door. Everyone’s heads jerked up at the sudden commotion, and Terra got up to his feet and sped to the door to see what lay on the other side.

    “Again, I am so sorry,” the young scientist muttered, bringing in the last of the books he had dropped in the hallway. “We’re still in the process of digitally archiving all of Even’s notes and you came on such short notice—.”

    “It’s alright, Ienzo. Really.” Aqua gave him a patient smile. “We’re not in any hurry.” Terra sat the pile of books he had helped Ienzo gather on the counter, giving a nod that showed he agreed with her.

    “Right,” Ienzo sighed. “Well, would you be willing to elaborate on your issue? With… Ventus’s memories, I believe you said?” Aqua nodded.

    “Well, he woke up this morning and suddenly couldn’t recognize any of us or speak our language. The only one he remembers is Chirithy, and they can talk with each other just fine. Chirithy said they had been trying to restore some of Ven’s lost memories, and we think that he somehow repressed his memories of being with us in the process.”

    “That is peculiar,” the scientist remarked, looking over to the young boy. “Have you been able to deduce what language he understands now?” Terra shook his head.

    “It’s nothing like any language I’ve ever heard before.” He looked over to Ven’s spirit. “Do you know the name of it, Chirithy?”

    “Oh, no, I don't,” they squeaked. “Only that Ven and I have been speaking it all our lives. I’m not sure about him, but I’ve only recently become fluent in English.”

    “I see,” Ienzo said, resting his hand against his chin in thought. “And you’ve known Ven since he was a child? Do you recall the name of the world he grew up in?”

    “It was known as Daybreak Town,” the spirit explained. “But I don't think it’s around anymore.” Ven suddenly perked up and asked them a question in his strange tongue. Ienzo listened intently as the two of them conversed.

    “Uh, if you will excuse me for a moment, I believe I may have some resources on this language.” He moved towards the door. “I believe Naminé was assisting the guards with a task; she should be back momentarily.” Aqua and Terra nodded, signaling they would be alright in his absence. He slipped out the door, leaving the five of them in the computer room.

    “Ven grew up in… Daybreak Town?” Terra asked, turning to Chirithy.

    “I’ve never heard it before,” Aqua remarked.

    “Neither have I.”

    “Um, yes, but, I believe it was, er, destroyed a long time ago,” the spirit said. “I haven’t been there in quite some time…”

    “It’s a shame,” Aqua said. “I was kind of hoping we could pay a visit. Especially with how Ven is now...” Chirithy nodded.

    “It would be nice, but—,” they shook their head, attempting to clear their thoughts, “—sadly, that’s not possible.” They leaned in closer to Ven’s chest, feeling his warmth that they had gone so long without. “I’m sure right now, most of all, Ven is the one who wants to be there the most.”

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  • namiskythepuppy
    25.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Venkai manga edit. Kairi finds Ventus sleeping, and she think hes looks so cute, sleeping there peacefully.♥️🥰

    #venkai#ventus#kairi#ventusxkairi #kingdom hearts 3 #kingdom hearts #kingdom hearts 2 #multishipper #shippers gonna ship #sky's edits#kh manga
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  • c0ralsky
    25.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Whoops back to KH for a hot minute

    RP stuff from a werewolf AU, Vanitas needs some face smooshes sometimes

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  • divineshadows
    25.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    doodling up some old hc designs for the centurions... this is lumen and ventus. hello good sir your loyal centurions are just friend-shaped Creachurs

    #✩ / memories of travel { OOC } #my art #lumen is designed to be kinda 'opposite' to tenebrae #and ventus has just always looked like that bird from the lion king in my brain #i dont know why #he just always has
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  • fletchingbrilliant
    25.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    🖤💚 y o u c o m p l e t e m e 💚🖤

    This piece has been living in my head (and a really old sketchbook) for a really really really long time

    I finally stopped staring into the void long enough to paint it

    Lookit that tongue tho 👀

    Back to the void now

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  • kingdomheartsmarts
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I feel the need to share this-

    god bless super smash bros

    #kingdom hearts #super smash bros #hallow bastion stage #final fantasy 7 #sephiroth#Ventus #shadow the hedgehog
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  • fandomregressing
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Regressor!Vanitas x CG!Ventus Headcanons

    Do not tag as kin/me!

    Vanitas was involuntarily regressing for a long time before he realized what was happening. When he finally realized that his tantrums and angry tears were age regression, he resented it. He tried everything he could to stop regressing, all to no avail.

    Ventus found out about it one day when Vanitas was having a breakdown and he tried to comfort him. At first Vanitas was pushing him away, cursing and kicking, but when Ventus finally pulled Vanitas into a hug Vanitas started crying into his chest, clinging onto him for dear and occasionally babbling incoherently, eventually calming down o just sniffles and whimpers with his thumb in his mouth while Ventus gently rocked him.

    Vanitas refused to acknowledge or talk about his regression, so Ventus just started taking care of him when he was having episodes and with time he started trusting Ventus (and himself) with his regression more. Instead of trying to fight a child Vanitas into allowing himself to be comforted, Vanitas would quietly seek out Ventus' help, tears in his eyes and hand clenched tightly around a comfort object.

    Vanitas, when not having a breakdown, is generally a very quiet regressor. He doesn't like playing with toys or dancing around to music. Instead, he prefers silently watching cartoons (things with some darker topics, like Adventure Time or Gravity Falls) or drawing in a sketchbook (disturbing scribbled forms, only ever drawn in black or red). He doesn't like getting too much attention, he gets anxious and overwhelmed with it, but he liked Ventus to be close by and check in on him, bring him drinks or snacks and quietly sitting next to him or holding him.

    Ventus is a very adaptable caregiver - he also takes care of Sora sometimes, who has very different needs than Vanitas. So he doesn't at all mind that Vanitas can't handle too much noise or attention. He enjoys silently holding Vanitas just as much as he enjoys playing tag and dancing to loud fun music with Sora.

    Speaking of Sora, Vanitas can't handle him or any other regressors around him when he's small. He's too easily overwhelmed and distrusting, and so it takes a long time for him to trust anyone else around him when he's regressed. This also means that Ventus is his only caregiver, and it's a hard limit that nobody else can take care of him.

    Ventus loves surprising Vanitas with regression items. Typically Vanitas can only handle dark colors, and enjoys red and black the most, so stuff for goth regressors is perfect for him. He's a baby bat through and through. He's bad at showing gratitude, but Ventus is more than happy with the shy "thank you" mumbled from behind a paci and the sight of him quietly holding whatever new item he was gifted.

    #kingdom hearts agere #kingdom hearts age regression #age regression#agere#agere blog #age regression blog #fandom agere #fandom agere post #fandom agere blog #fandom age regression #fandom age regression post #fandom age regression blog #caregiver ventus#regressor vanitas
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  • namiskythepuppy
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Venkai edit I made for one of my friends new Venkai server 🥰 @queenkairi20

    #kingdom hearts #kingdom hearts 3 #kingdom hearts 2 #multishipper #shippers gonna ship #sky's edits#ventus#kairi#venkai
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  • nokuto
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Darkness is what I am

    requested by @aqua-terra-ventus

    #kingdom hearts#khgraphics#vanitas #kingdom hearts iii #kingdom hearts 3 #kh3#khgifs#khedits#nokutoedits #palette swapped ventus will come next #but i'm going to change his clothes and keyblade as well to match vanitas
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  • embraceyourdestiny
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I really really hope all of the guardians fight together again because it was literally so satisfying to see in kh3. they’re finally THE SQUAD and I need to see them like an actual unit or group as much as possible.

    the guardians of light are MY favorite superhero group

    #og#kingdom hearts#kh#kh3 #kingdom hearts 3 #kh remind #it’s so sad that sora isn’t really here for it or Kairi :( #they kinda change the dynamic a lot tbh but maybe that’s just bc they weren’t there so it’s hard to imagine #mickey mouse#Xion kh#terra kh#aqua kh#lea/axel#Roxas kh#ven kh#ventus kh#Riku kh #need them to become an official group like the radiant garden restoration committee
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  • axplode
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    y'know it's been so long since i actually beat a game. maybe 2 years, at this point... i'm close to beating ff9 though, the same is for ff7 and crisis core. and birth by sleep.

    #i don't consider myself to have beaten bbs yet because i haven't completed ventus' route yet...
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  • nonameskeeper
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sora saves Aqua after Riku and King Mickey's failures to actually do the job, accepted Ventus into his own heart at a very young age and helped him heal for over a decade, and he didn't think twice about it and uses the Power of Waking to reawaken Ventus, Sora later uses the Power of Waking to free Terra from Master Xehanort's clutches once and for all!

    “Master Eraqus deserves some credit because if he hadn’t been Terra’s heart as long has he had; well, things would have been much worst!”

    "So yeah, Ventus, Aqua and Terra haven't gotten the chance to fully thank him in person, so data greeting will have to do for now!"

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  • razorblade180
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Ventus:You ever think of you were given an inkling of love and support that you would be a better person?

    Vanitas:It scares me think an inkling of anything would change all of this that is happening here. You better start with nothing less than ten gallons. Then we’ll talk.

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  • nokuto
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    You never stopped lighting my way back

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  • xiiiwayfinders
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Ven: Siblings are supposed to be a shield against life's cruel adversity!

    Vanitas: Siblings are life's cruel adversity!

    #kingdom hearts#ventus#vanitas#source: tumblr #incorrect kh quotes #incorrect kingdom hearts quotes #kingdom hearts incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#siblings
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  • elizabeth-dicewielder
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    I finally unlocked the final episode for birth by sleep and just oh? my god? I was Not expecting that

    Like I’ve played the game before so I knew the vague details of the ending but I was just expecting some cutscenes not TWO EMOTIONAL BOSS BATTLES

    And actually seeing it just makes the ending hit so much harder

    #kingdom hearts #kingdom hearts birth by sleep #kh bbs#kh#bbs#aqua#terra#ventus #AND IN THE SECOND BATTLE WHERE TERRA HELPS AQUA FIGHT XEHANORT FOR A BRIEF MOMENT #i am simply in tears #why cant they just be happy #hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i am experiencing emotions
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  • starlightshadowsworld
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Xehanort trying to get into Sora's heart and the Heart hotel squad just go feral. Xion and Roxas have got him immobilised and are kicking the age outta him while Vani is yelling pointers and guarding Sora.

    At some point someone just throws Vens sleeping body at him and the boy just sucker punches him in the jaw.

    #Heart hotel#Ventus #Sleeping Ven is a surprisingly effective projectile #Vani would join in but knows they need and deserve this #Vanitas #He supportive though #So proud#Xion#Roxas#Kingdom hearts
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  • starlightshadowsworld
    23.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Heart hotel stuff where they all have sleepovers, and Vani is rolling his eyes but allows Xion to do his nails and Roxas is ranting about Riku or something while they eat popcorn and Ven sleeps soundly.

    Maybe he makes lil grumbles and sleepy mumbles to add into the gossip.

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