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  • mandashelly
    06.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Dante and Vergil random headcanons

    Nobody asked for

    Ok so, I was just thinking about some random things and this is what came to mind. This is my first post and my box is open for multiple fansoms. Devil May Cry, Bleach, Attack On Titan, and more to come soon. I'm working on my initial announcement post but feel free to request anytime! Anyways, enjoy!


    Dante us a simple creature. He doesn't ask for much, just some pizza and good company.

    He's most relaxed when the two of you just chill around the office on a slow day. No calls, no visitors, no unexpected intrusions...just the two of you doing absolutely nothing.

    Usually, you're the one cleaning up after him, his feet propped on the desk, stretched our with a magazine over his face.

    "Don't do that, I'll get it later..." he says waiving a hand in the direction he thinks you're in.

    "You've been saying that for two weeks..."

    "Seriously don't worry about it y/n..."


    Late nights silly dancing (followed by romantic dances) after beating up the jukebox.

    The romantic dancing is just hid way if buttering you up for later 😏

    In the mornings Dante drinks whatever is around....leftover coffee from yesterday?

    Yeah, he's drinking it.

    And yes, Dante's coffee is weak and watered down.

    Just make this poor man a fresh pot.

    Dante likes the fancy lates but he doesn't know how to make them so when you make one for yourself he always asks for one too.

    You've shown him the creamers

    "Its just not the same when I make it..."

    After a stressful day if you offer him a massage, he will literally melt in your hands.

    You know how some people say he does a demon purr

    Ok he does that

    His shoulders and the back of his neck are the sweet spots

    He's a sweets kinda guy.

    Seriously don't take him shopping.

    Besides strawberry sundaes, cheesecake is his favorite.


    He just wants a quiet place to read.

    Quiet moments closed up together in his personal library.

    He reads while you busy yourself with your own hobby.

    Bonus if you play some sort of relaxing instrument.

    Like piano or violin.....

    He's a man of culture

    You don't have to clean. Unlike Dante he keeps it orderly.

    Read to him.

    Seriously. He'll complain at first but he will secretly like it.

    Tea. If there isn't tea around, he will drink coffee but he drinks it black and brews it as strong as possible.

    He smells good.

    I haven't decided what he would smell like but he would smell really good.

    He kinda has a think about being touched

    Until you're both settled into the relationship (which he takes slowly)

    So after a stressful day he likes to sit ans hold you.

    The first time it was a while into the relationship

    You were sitting quietly, both reading

    When you felt his hand lightly brush yours.

    It started like that, and over time progresses to him pulling you to lay in his lap

    He just wants to feel you, it's sort of a need for reassurance

    That it's all real.

    That you're real.

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  • comics-in-midgar
    05.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Dante filming a road trip with Vergil on the aux after DMC5

    #vergil would love sea shanties #devil may cry #dmc#dmc 5 #devil may cry 5 #dante#vergil#dante dmc#vergil dmc#dmc dante#dmc vergil#dante sparda#vergil sparda
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  • lovely-gluesalt
    05.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Soft speaking answer little brother's bumb joke.

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  • call-me-the-ultimate-defective
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    We can all talk about Ayaka's moveset, but when are we going to talk about how similar Xiao and Vergil are?

    They'd make a niche support group on facebook.

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  • iamtheshriekingguineapig
    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I'm still baffled, like....

    You're telling me Vergil- plans out everything, control freak VERGIL son of Sparda- had an oops baby out of wedlock

    And Dante didn't???

    Ludicrous, I don't believe it. That, and the possibilities are too much fun otherwise. The fandom is sleeping on this and I, for one, intend to have fun with it.

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  • iamtheshriekingguineapig
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    I just.... I just want to hug Vergil? Like, I am suddenly drowning in a wave of platonic affection? Like, all of thr DMC bois just need a hug? Help? Have strong desire to love and protecc. Like am smol but would fight for you? Somebody stop me, I'm feeling.

    Like they just all need hugs and friendship and love, like I can't. I can't. What is happening. Somebody love the bois.

    #my brain is mush #dmc fandom#vergil sparda#dmc dante #devil may cry 5 #i have so many feelings #what is happening #you guys those dang Vergil rp blogs are making me sad #these kids were not hugged enough as children #why do I have feelings over videogames send halp
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  • iamtheshriekingguineapig
    04.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    If anyone has any good, whumpy Dadgil fics to recommend, please send them my way. I have a need for some Nero h/c

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  • milkybonebroth
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Two distinct ways people write Vergil:

    1. Vergil knows exactly what's he's doing, thinks about stuff a lot. Very precise in everything he does.

    2. Vergil never knows what he's doing. For every thought he has, his brain needs to boot up and his head sounds like a dial up modem. He's just good at pretending.

    #devil may cry #vergil#vergil sparda
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  • spophiearts
    04.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Once upon a time, yes, a very long time ago

    Lived a family noble and old, whose children were very close

    And on and on it goes....

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  • incorrectnerov-quotes
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    V: Nero, you almost hit Vergil

    Nero: I know, I missed

    #incorrect nerov quotes #incorrect dmc quotes #not exactly nerov #source: this is us #devil may cry 5 #devil may cry v #v devil may cry #nero devil may cry #dmc5 nero#dmc5 v #nero devil may cry 5 #devil may cry 5 nero #nero sparda#dmc5 vergil#vergil sparda #vergil devil may cry #devil may cry 5 vergil
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  • spophiearts
    03.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    "Two Birds of a feather say that they're always gonna stay together, but one's never going to let go of that wire. He says that he will, but he's just a Liar."

    Anyway, I get really sad abt the Sparda brothers and I've already played dmc5 3 times in 3 days :')

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  • trickstersmagic
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Love how Dante is just so possessive over Vergil that he kept any info about him from Nero til 5

    #maria talks#sparda family #I hate this family so much #why do they do this? #devil may cry 5 #devil may cry 4 #dmc5 dante#dante sparda #devil may cry dante #vergil sparda#dmc5 vergil #nero devil may cry
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  • mandashelly
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    Hello and welcome! I'm doing anime oneshots, headcanons, matchups and more!

    I'm excited to get started so if you don't mind rebloging this post, it would help let everyone know I am am open and functional blog!

    I'll keep this post pinned with updates/special news and more on what's open, lists of fandoms I'll be open for, and hopefully I can get a master list set up as well!

    I do RP as well but I keep all of that on separate blogs which I will posts links to with the fandom list and OCs. I am more than open to rp with OCs and I heavily encourage them! I will try to keep my tags organized so things are easy to search.

    If you have any questions or can't find something inparticular, feel free to message me or send an ask at anytime! I'm looking forward to writing with/for you!

    Fandom of Interest- This is where I will post which fandom I am into the most and any specific characters I am feeling a particular muse for at any given moment.

    Rules - For requests and RPing

    Fandoms - List of fandoms and characters I will write for.

    OC's and their pages - All of my OC's pages to keep rp threads separate from requests.

    About the mun - Get to know me

    Special - Special works/ announcements for special events.

    Masterlist - Want a specific character to read up on? You can find them here!

    Coming soon - Fandoms I am planning on writing for. Asks for these fandoms can be sent in but I may not get to them until I get comfortable with the characters.

    ♡all lists and links are under construction at the moment but feel free to brows through the ones that are already done or message me with any questions!♡

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  • nadius-anonymous
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    *Dante and Vergil trying to find their way out of Hell*

    Dante: Hey Vergil how much lo-?!!!

    Lil Nas X pole dancing down to the 9th circle for his yearly anniversary with Lucifer: Call me when you want 🎼. Call me when you need🎼. Call me in the morn...

    Dante:... Was that Lil Nas X???

    Vergil: Yes it is.

    #devil may cry #devil may cry 5 #dante sparda#vergil sparda #lil nas x #montero call me by your name #ya’ll can’t tell me that dante’s cowboy cosplaying ass hasn’t listened to old town road #vergil probably met Lil Nas X in his time as Nelo Angelo #shitposts
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  • much-obliged-timothy
    03.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    I haven’t written Devil May Cry fic since like October so here’s some Nero and Vergil...angst? Love? Father-son bonding but DMC style??


    Nero let out a wet, shuddering breath. His whole body trembled, agony rocking through him. He started to pitch forward, but a hand caught his shoulder, steadying him.

    “Nero,” Vergil snarled. “Don’t move.”

    There was black on the edge of Nero’s vision, slowly creeping in. He shifted just enough for the agony to shock him and clear his vision.

    “Nero!” Vergil snapped.

    Nero opened his mouth to tell his father to shut the hell up, but all that came out was a cough that sprayed blood on the ground. Vergil tightened his hold on Nero’s shoulder.

    “Idiot,” he said, looking around. 

    He couldn’t get up and go get help. They’d have to hope Dante found them soon. 

    Instead, Vergil kept one hand on Nero’s shoulder to keep him still, and the other hand on the spear protruding from Nero’s chest.

    He couldn’t risk pulling it out. Even if Nero healed fast, he didn’t heal fast enough to stop himself from bleeding out without medical attention to aid him. No, they’d have to get him help without jostling the spear or removing it. 

    Vergil watched Nero’s pained expression, trying to look for any signs of him losing consciousness. If he slumped forward, he’d jostle the damn spear. He was on his knees, hands clenched into fists and pressed against his thighs to keep still. 

    He heard a soft sound behind him and cursed. He thought he’d killed the damn demon that had stabbed Nero, but apparently the thing was as resilient as a cockroach.

    “Hold this,” Vergil ordered, using his hand to guide one of Nero’s to the spear. Nero wrapped weak fingers around it. “You need to hold that in place and stay conscious, or you’ll die.” He guided Nero’s other hand up to it, waiting until he appeared to have a decent grasp on it before pulling his own hand away cautiously.

    The spear trembled a bit in Nero’s hold, which had him letting out a choked noise of pain. But he stayed conscious, so Vergil got up and spun around, unsheathing the Yamato. He’d have to end this fast. He didn’t trust Nero in his current state. 

    The creature had gotten upright, but it was on its last legs. It lurched forward, dark eyes locked on Nero, apparently determined to finish the job just to piss Vergil off.

    Vergil stepped in front of the boy and sliced at the demon. It let out a roar loud enough to shake the room, Nero letting out another choked noise. He must’ve jostled the spear too much.

    “Enough,” Vergil said, dashing forward. He didn’t have time to deal with this demon.

    Nero was going to die if Vergil failed. 

    So Vergil made sure he didn’t fail. He sliced at the demon’s already deep wound, pleased each time it let out a roar and swiped wildly at him. Good, let the cursed thing suffer. This time, Vergil would make sure it stayed dead.

    A gunshot rang out, followed by a cry of pain and then another shot. The bullets sent the demon stumbling off balance, enough for Vergil to plunge the Yamato into its neck and jerk it through the thick flesh there.

    He waited only long enough for the demon to fall unmoving to the floor before he whirled on Nero. The gun tumbled from Nero’s hand as he coughed up an alarming amount of blood, the recoil having jerked his chest against the spear.

    “You fool,” Vergil said, sheathing the Yamato and dropping back down next to Nero. He swatted Nero’s hand away to hold the spear himself and inspect the damage.


    Vergil shot him a look, expression darkening as Nero coughed up more blood instead of finishing his sentence. “Stop trying to speak.”

    He hadn’t realized the demon had been trying to form another spear. Neither of them had realized it could even do that, which is how it caught Nero off-guard.

    Because Vergil had distracted Nero. Because Vergil had told Nero to take out the smaller demons in the room. Because Vergil hadn’t seen the demon forming the spear, its body turned to hide it until it suddenly turned and impaled it through Nero with a brutally precise throw.

    Vergil heard footsteps rushing towards them. He gripped the spear tighter.

    He’d given up on praying a long damn time ago. But hope was still something that flickered inside him from time to time, as it did now.

    That flicker was rewarded when Dante rushed into the room, looking out of breath. He spotted the dead demon first, scowling.

    “You killed it already? Dammit. I heard that thing roaring and came running. You always have all the fun.” He turned and his eyes widened at the sight of Nero. “Oh, shit.”

    “We can’t take it out,” Vergil said as Dante hurried forward. “He’ll bleed to death.”

    “What, from that little scratch?” Dante lightly pat his hand against Nero’s shoulder. “That’s nothin’, kid. I’ve been in more imminent danger after stubbing my toe.”

    Vergil was about to snap at Dante, but then stopped as he spotted the faintest glimpse of fear on Dante’s face. He wasn’t being ignorant; he was trying to comfort Nero.

    Vergil hesitated, because he didn’t know how to play along. Was it even right to? Shouldn’t Nero know he was in real danger of dying if they weren’t careful? 

    No, they’d already wasted too much time. Vergil didn’t have time to figure out how to play along with Dante. Still, he didn’t have to scare the boy anymore than he likely already had.

    “Go get help,” Vergil ordered his brother. “I’ll keep him awake and still. He’s already proved he can’t be trusted by himself.”

    Nero lifted his hand, trembling so badly that Vergil was surprised he even managed it. The surprise was wiped away by annoyance as Nero flicked his middle finger up.

    “See? He’s fine. I’ll get him help, and then he’ll owe me,” Dante said. 

    “Fu...fu...f-fuck…y…” Nero coughed up more blood, sucking in a gasp and wheezing it back out in pain.

    “Yea, yea. Maybe we’ll leave the spear in until you can control that vulgar mouth of yours. Kyrie might even thank us instead of kicking our asses for letting you get turned into a kebab,” Dante said, getting up and stretching like his nephew wasn’t dying right in front of them. He passed by Vergil and lowered his voice so that Nero couldn’t hear. “I’ll be as fast as I can. Don’t scare him anymore. He knows, Vergil.”

    With that, he took off in a hurry, out the way he’d come. Vergil looked at the spear protruding from Nero’s chest, at the blood coating Nero’s clothing and the ground before him. And at the gun, which had only clattered a little ways away.

    Even dying, he risked himself because he thought Vergil was in danger. Vergil, who had torn off Nero’s arm.

    Vergil made sure his hands didn’t shake. His eyes rose to Nero’s face, so startlingly familiar. He looked so much like Vergil that it was hard not to look away with the blood coating him.

    Sometimes Vergil thought the boy was weak and reckless. And sometimes he watched the boy fire on a demon even as he died slowly because he cared so much about the safety of others.

    Nero began to slump a little. Vergil put a hand on his shoulder and guided Nero so that he rested against Vergil’s body.

    “Stay conscious,” he ordered. “You’ll be fine. You’re too stubborn to die.”

    Nero made a noise that might’ve been a laugh, lips twitching towards a smirk. So full of himself. So full of life. So full of care for others.

    “You’ll be fine,” Vergil repeated, a promise to both of them.

    Nero would survive this. And Vergil would make damn sure he never let something like this happen to Nero again.

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  • comics-in-midgar
    02.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    i haven’t recovered from finding out Vergil is 6’5”

    i mean, i know he has legs for days—but this demon man is the same height AS THE ROCK & i am LOSING MY MIND???

    the maps are so big in DMC5 so the characters look so smol that i didn’t even think of the possibility that he or Dante would be over 5’10 or whatever. SIX FOOT FIVE????? and i think Dante is 6’0???

    Vergil is a whole UNIT wtfff

    #i was freaking the fuck OUT y’all #it says Dante’s character model is 6’4 in DMC4 and 6’0 in DMC5 when i search it so i dunno if that’s accurate or not #6’0 & 6’5 don’t actually look dramatically different it just sounds like it should so maybe that’s why i’m screaming @ those numbers 😂 #WHY ARE THEY SO TALL #hELP #devil may cry 5 #dmc#dmc5#dmc 5 #devil may cry #vergil#dante#dmc vergil#dmc dante#vergil dmc#dante dmc#vergil sparda#dante sparda
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  • hylianghoulart
    02.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Sparda brothers

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  • rodeoxqueen
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Vergil is one of those emotionally constipated dads who cuts up fruit for his kids as a way of saying he loves them.

    (Alright, alright, hear me out-)

    Nero is listening to music in Dante’s office when Vergil comes over with a plate of fruits, silently placing it next to his son and walking away.

    “Um, thanks?”


    It becomes their thing.

    One time, Dante tried to snatch some cut-up apples, only for Vergil to grab his wrist with a death grip.

    “This is for Nero.”

    Dante sighs, propping an elbow on the counter. Vergil’s behavior is familiar, something memorable from years ago re-emerging into the now.

    “Remember when Mom used to cut up fruit for us?” Dante asks his brother.

    “Yes, you used to take my apple slices with your filthy hands like the heathen you were and still are.”

    “You loved using that dinky little fork. Thought you were hot shit, didn’t you? Had your pinky up and everything.” Dante mocks his brother, his own pinky up.

    Vergil does a very human gesture, flipping his brother the bird. Something he learned from Nero. The younger twin scoffs.

    Silently winning the twin tirade, Vergil places a toothpick on the side of the plate with a smirk. He walks out the kitchen to find his son.

    Some things transcend through lifetimes and Dante happily chooses to lose to see his brother smile after everything.

    #might write a work about this soon. elaboration. #devil may cry #vergil headcanons #devil may cry headcanons #nero sparda#dante sparda#vergil sparda#not spardacest
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  • anapproachingstorm
    01.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    Dante: What's wrong?

    Vergil: I'm unhappy.

    Dante: Fuck that. Good vibes only.

    Vergil: I have no good vibes, Dante.

    Dante: I've already sent good vibes your way.

    Dante: They're coming.

    Dante: There's nothing you can do to stop them.

    Dante: Get ready.

    Vergil: This is the most threatening way I've ever been cheered up..

    #Incorrect Devil May Cry Quotes #Incorrect DMC Quotes #Incorrect Quotes#Dante#Vergil#DMC Dante#DMC Vergil#Dante Sparda#Vergil Sparda
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