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  • msommers
    01.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    lucinda with one of those three-wheeled basket bikes..a little checkered blanket to wrap around whatever she puts in the basket to keep it clean and secure...definitely a bell that one of her friends got her as a joke....scream

    #she'd look so Cute i'm gonna die it's so silly #her parents think cars are too unreliable in this town AND there's nowhere she can't get with the bike. so she's fine #fuckn Everyone in town knows whose bike this is bc she's riding it everywhere if not in a car with friends #it's the little things that give me the most amusement #ch: lucinda armitage #verse: motw
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  • msommers
    30.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    beauregard, now corporeal: wow look at me and this cool new body i have, it's like i never died at all and we didn't suffer a single consequence for using old dark magic to accomplish this let's keep hunting monsters

    beauregard, learning lucinda got fully possessed by a dark entity that had been the one to murder him all that time ago and is intent on doing it again, all because the ritual gave it an easy vessel to latch onto:

    #verse: motw #ch: lucinda armitage #r: lucinda & beau #i just think this plot concept was v good and actually really funny beyond the Yikes of it #this is like. not the full context maybe i'll make a whole post about it but for now it's just a goof #release the memes nancy has learned the lore alsnskb
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  • msommers
    16.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    thinks about lucinda during the times that she falls a little too deep into her visions and comes back to reality with parts of the person she embodied still lingering in her because sometimes it’s difficult to find herself again

    #verse: motw #ch: lucinda armitage #she never had anyone to teach her how to properly use her abilities + already being naturally somewhat detached from reality sometimes #this is what happens when you don't know how to keep spirits/creatures at a reasonable distance from u during ur connection #you come back speaking like some 1800s ghost or with an attitude problem that you've never had before smh #this is the main reason why lucinda likes to be around friends bc if she's alone (or just Feels alone with other folk)- #it's that much harder to set things right again bc she doesn't have someone there to ground her in herself/the world #it's all fun and games sending your medium into the past to figure out how to solve a current problem #until she comes back with a bloody nose‚ distant eyes and no ability to recall whatever you ask of her actual memories for half an hour rip #hacker voice i'm in but it's actually terrifying bc you never know if she's strong enough that day to pull things off without a hitch lmao
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  • msommers
    12.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    agatha and victoria had to break up because one grew up to inherit a monster hunting base disguised as a bookshop and the other became a goddamn cop who can’t take “a vampire did it” as a serious answer to a crime

    #i made the connection like 20 minutes ago and it's already a favorite bc it's so funny #''you two were so cute together what happened?'' ''she started to believe in ghosts and drew a 'glyph' underneath my bed'' f in the chat #verse: motw #r: agatha & victoria
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  • msommers
    12.07.2021 - 3 monts ago
    just some monster of the week ladies because they’re on the noggin


    #ch: lucinda armitage #ch: agatha saltzman #ch: athena smith #verse: motw#graphic #i've legit had these 90% done in my drafts for weeks! i'm sick of them!! get out!!! #not everything's perfect but it's all good enough and makes me satisfied i'm love them #yes i Did throw winnie in at the last second bc i didn't have another connection for athena what about it #she'd fit well into this world that's 95% in my head alright #i'll probably ramble shit about them at some point or another bc my willpower is low
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  • williamsockner
    08.08.2020 - 1 year ago

    Another extremely Dan song.

    #except the 2nd verse #because Dan’s never been hurt romantically #just trying to outrun the whole dead family thing #the adventures of dan sagittarius #music#montgomery gentry #i have a lot of feelings about country music! #motw#Youtube
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  • caskarass
    28.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    if possession exists then we know a soul and grace can exist in the same body. we also know that Cas is just grace inside his body because he’s an angel, you ass, he doesn’t have a soul to sell. 

    so hear me out: you’ve heard of the reverse!verse now get ready for Reverse Possession: That’s Right, Folks, Dean’s Soul in Cas’ Body

    how does it go down? I’m glad you asked. motw is a witch using Lily-Sunder-style soul magic but her spell breaks the body down until it can’t hold human souls anymore (for harvesting purposes, spell purposes, idc dealer’s choice) 

    Dean being Dean he gets hexed and all is fine until it is very much not: Dean’s body is dying imminently and Cas cannot seem to heal him fast enough to override the spell. A phone call down to Rowena results in her saying she and Sam can probably figure out a counter but it’d take a week and Dean doesn’t have that kind of time. 

    At this point Cas mentions that Dean could inhabit him. Dean says What. Cas says Yes, human bodies always have space for a soul and since his doesn’t, Dean could coexist with him while they wait for the counterspell. Crucially Dean does NOT like this idea and probably fights his discomfort with something very Rude (“Dude, you’ve never once taken a shower. You’ve probably got a rash and I do not want that anywhere near me.” “I’m offering to share my body with you, Dean, don’t be crass.” “Share your -- oh for god’s sake.”) 

    Even more crucially he doesn’t really get a choice in the matter because it’s either shack up with Cas or essentially get kidnapped from his body with questionable return options. So Cas does the little face cradle he did with Jack when returning Jack’s soul to Earth and BOOM! It takes two to tango and Dean and Cas are sharing a dance.

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  • slasherdean
    30.06.2021 - 3 monts ago
    #wa #jesus someone should genuinely just start hitting me over the head with a newspaper when i start going on tangents. im sure half of this is #probably just completely nonsensical. sorry but i love u thank u for asking and ur kind words :)
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  • ieatmypizzawithaforkandknife
    17.02.2021 - 8 monts ago

    TMA: Episode 10, “Vampire Killer”

    Summary: Jonathan reads the statement of Trevor Herbert, regarding “his life as a self-proclaimed vampire hunter.”

    Those poor kids. (Trevor and his brother Nigel.) Sometimes you just get dealt a really shitty hand, huh? Abusive, boozy dad who kills mom and then drinks himself to death. At least they had each other I guess? Until a “vampire” killed Nigel, of course.

    I’ve always loved vampires. As much as I don’t like serial killers, that’s how much I love vampires. So I was really excited to see how vampires were going to fit into the emerging mythos of TMA. Turns out that, so far, this isn’t anything more than a MotW episode. I’m not disappointed - it was still a great story - but I will be ecstatic if any elements of this story return in future episodes.

    Probably the closest connection I saw between this statement and the others was the old/rotten food that “Sylvia McDonald” gave Trevor. He described the food as “several weeks old and in various stages of rotting”, and he could only stomach a small amount of it. Bad/spoiled food was also seen in episode 4, when Mary Key gave Dominic Swain tea that tasted like dust and smoke, and in episode 8, with the rotten apple inside the box Ivo Lensik discovered at the base of the uprooted tree. I don’t entirely know what to make of this yet, but three times does a pattern make.

    The “communication without speaking” the vampires do reminded me of the anglerfish creature from episode 1. I don’t think the anglerfish creature was the same as one of these “vampires” at all - their physical descriptions and methods of luring their prey to their death are different enough - but that makes it even more interesting to me, since two apparently distinct supernatural creatures are shown to communicate without using their own voice AND they both use this communication to lure in their prey. I don’t necessarily think it’s part of any larger pattern, I just think they’re both creepy and cool and I like them.

    It is interesting that this non-verbal communication the vampires do goes so thoroughly unnoticed. It’s as if it alters people’s perception somehow. Again, it’s not exactly like other things we’ve seen, but it does remind me in a very general sense of other reality-altering or perception-altering things we’ve seen so far.

    I can’t decide whether I think Trevor is very intelligent or very, very dumb. Probably, like with most people, it’s a combination of both. On one hand, he himself points out the big unanswered question of what the heck the vampires are doing with all the bloodless bodies they leave behind. Does this mean they have accomplices or that someone cleans up after them and disposes of the bodies for them? He points out that they must seldom feed and must be few in number, or the number of missing people (or found bodies) would raise suspicions. (I’m not convinced of this myself, given the circumstances around Graham Folger’s replacement and Julia Montauk’s mother’s disappearance. I have little faith in people in the TMA-verse to notice things. Could these vampires’ ability to mask the oddness of their lack of speech extend beyond that into helping cover up their victims’ disappearances?)

    On the other hand...Trevor killed a human. Possibly two. He’s not really sure, somehow. I can, unfortunately, see him initially mistaking someone who wasn’t speaking for a “vampire”, maybe even going so far as to kill them, but he lists significant physiological differences between humans and “vampires” that would be blatantly obvious after killing them (the difference in the chest/abdomen, the difference in general flammability) that I just don’t understand how he could stab someone to death, burn their body, and not be sure even after that. I’m chalking it up to fallible human nature and the general state of paranoia that would probably accompany his living conditions. But it still annoys me.

    The last big mystery is the statement itself. Jonathan says that it’s a photocopy of a photocopy and that the bag of teeth originally left with it is missing. Knowing how unorganized the Archive is, my first instinct was to say the bag of teeth could have been shoved into a dark corner somewhere, not to be found for another 20 years. But where is the original statement and why was it photocopied twice? Copies of it could have been disseminated to “the Institute’s government and law enforcement contracts” that Jonathan says were interested in it, but what about the original? That should have been kept in the Archive. And the fact that it’s missing means that maybe this isn’t the MotW episode I first took it to be.

    #personal#liveblogging #is this liveblogging? #The Magnus Archives
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  • destieldisaster
    14.02.2021 - 8 monts ago

    08x02 - What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

    MotW: crowley trying to get the demon tablet at an auction (setup by the god plutus)

    Any Cas? Yessss (just flashbacks)

    Of course Dean understands Kevin wanting to save his mum, of course he does

    Really? They're calling her Tiger Mom? Maybe don't do that???

    Heh, emotional moment interupted by holy lube

    But! The demon was getting out of her! The woman would have lived!

    Linda, you're a badass

    "What, like it's my first tattoo?" niiiice. AND KEVIN'S FACE! AND DEAN'S LITTLE SMILE!

    Hahahahaha, Kevin squirming and Linda being entirely calm

    "Just said the verse backwards" :')

    Another "where's the angel?" 💚

    Damn Dean, that's some interrogation method. Effective, though..



    "Is that even a planet anymore" dean :')

    "Say it and I will kill you, your children, and your grandchildren"

    OF COURSE Dean brought weapons

    Thor's hammer :')

    "Hello, boys" hi king!

    "You're gonna make an omelet, sometimes you have to break some spines" :')


    ALFIE. Okay fine, Samandriel. Either way, hi!!

    "I think too much heart was always Castiel's problem" 😭😭😭




    He ran to keep them away from Dean 😭



    All the bidding was already so great and then CROWLEY BID THE MOON

    "I bid my soul" nooooo :'(

    Crowley trying to bid his own non existant soul 😂

    Oh shiiiit, Crowley's in Linda

    "Where'd you get the 5/8 of a virgin?" man the dialogue on this show..


    "Yeah it would have sucked and I would have hated myself, but what's one more nightmare?" jesus, Dean 🥺

    Can't blame Kevin for leaving, the Winchesters haven't exactly been able to protect him and his mum


    #godddd the purgatory stuff!!! #spn rewatch#08x02 #what's up tiger mommy? #rewatch potential#supernatural #my shitty gifs
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  • caswouldratherbehere
    20.11.2020 - 11 monts ago
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  • dovesdanceatdusk
    23.10.2020 - 1 year ago

    This is a summary for anyone who didn’t watch the episode, or don’t want to, but want a summary for 15x16. Note, this is not the entire plot and I’m paraphrasing most of it. Think of it as the cliff notes. Spoilers ahead.

    Main Characters Tonight: Sam, Dean, Caitlin, Travis.

    MOTW episode. See below summary for creature reveal.

    Case episode. The guys go to a funeral to pay respects from a friend they haven’t seen in years. Since they were kids, years. Only, Sam and Dean don’t go to the funeral; they return to hunt the MOTW haunting the friend while he was alive. Travis is the deceased friend; Caitlin is Travis’s older sister. Caitlin was the one who called Sam and Dean to hunt what killed her brother, the creature all four of them thought were dead. 

    We’re getting flashbacks so lookout for young Sam, young Dean, young Caitlin, young Travis. There’s a shoutout to Sully, for anyone who enjoyed him. He is not seen in the episode. There is mentions and moments of Sam and his wish for normalcy outside of The Life (hunting). 

    The side story is a continuation of 15x15. More to move certain events in place. Castiel* told Dean about what Billie wants Jack to do. Billie meets up with Dean to discuss Chuck’s move and Dean’s hesitance to tell Sam what’s going on. Chuck destroyed the few alternative worlds that remained outside SPN verse and is on his way back to Sam and Dean’s world. Dean most likely wanted to keep Sam in the dark to keep Sam from acting counter to the plan to end Chuck and to keep Sam from sacrificing himself to save Jack from his fate. Jack was at peace with his part of the plan: to become a bomb, taking out Chuck and Amara. 

    Billie wants Dean to tell Sam what’s going on. Dean tells Sam toward the end of the episode. Sam is rightfully upset at Dean for withholding Billie’s plan and Jack’s part in said plan. Now Sam, Dean, Castiel, and Jack are in the know, at least enough, to move forward with Billie’s plan. Dean and Jack are on board with the plan. Castiel is not; he’s trying to find an alternative to Plan Jack Bomb, Alpha and Omega**. Sam doesn’t seem to be on board either, but it isn’t clear if he will implement the plan regardless of how he feels or not. I like to think he won’t and will find another way. We’ll see.  

    MOTW: Baba Yaga or Baba Yaga type monster. She preys on children, frightening them and persuading them to commit suicide. In some cases, like with Travis, she kills them outright. She went after grownups like Travis (and failed to finish off Dean and Caitlin) because she was hungry and desperate to feed. Past food who escaped is better than no food, it seems. MOTW death: destroyed power source (ring).

    Episode reception: If you like stand alone, case MOTW episodes, it’s not too bad. Open and shut. If anything, this MOTW episode was meant to highlight the nature of keeping secrets and whether or not it is better to tell these secrets/the truth. Probably more topics to discuss here, but this is the main one that comes to mind. 

    My opinion: this episode is meh. Not too bad. (ETA: The last scene was amazing.) Some people enjoyed it, others didn’t. YMMV. There is character development: instead of keeping details to himself, Dean comes clean to Sam. Sam confronts Dean about the decision to keep those details in the dark. 

    Any details I miss can be found in reblogs, highlights, and other reactions from other viewers. I’ll leave it here. 


    *Implied at the end of 15x15 (last week’s episode). 

    ** Not a real plan name. I’m just being silly here.

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  • autisticjon
    27.07.2020 - 1 year ago
    #ask #sam.txt
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  • poetandmadman
    21.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    hey, so i thought i’d make a comprehensive list of my fandoms, organized by how much i care about them.

    first off, we have the musical les miserables, or les mis. i’m absolutely obsessed with this show, and i’m writing a lot of fics for it currently. i’ll be opening requests for this frequently.

    secondly, we have another musical, falsettos. i honestly love this musical and wish there was more content for it, so expect some awkward rambling. i will also put the great gatsby here, since these two are in a similar boat. i will make jokes about jay gatsby’s poor attempts at convincing himself that he and nick are entirely straight.

    then we have one that isn’t really a fandom, but i could count it as such, greek mythology. it’s been a thing for me for years and years. i know pretty much everything about it, and i’m very well versed. i love it.

    fourth, we have IT. the movies, but i plan on reading the book eventually. i really like the characters and the story, but i’m not obsessed with it. i could also put good omens here, but i like GO a bit more.

    fifth, we have two things, technically. taz (the adventure zone) and dnd/motw in general. i love tabletops, and i’m always looking for people to play with. i will probably post about my dnd characters, sorry in advance.

    sixth is the things that could be honorable mentions. i like them, but they’re less important to me. those are: d:bh, hamilton, heathers, bmc, harry potter, danganronpa, marvel, queen/borhap, rocket man (if you like this movie PLEASE dm i beg of you), beetlejuice, newsies, star wars (this doesn’t really fit in here, i’ll make a post about that), the umbrella academy. i just realized how much that is holy fu-

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