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  • Do you have a prompt you’d like to see done for Vic, let me know. Asks are open!

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  • I realize there are like 10 of us in the whole NOS4A2 fandom, but at least we all support each other. 

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  • Masquerade


    “You know it’s rude to kidnap someone straight from the looney bin,” Vic McQueen muttered at Willa, who was busy trying to pile the brunette’s unruly curls up and sticking little rhinestone pins in it to boot. 

    “Yeah, well, after your ‘friend’ crashed my party the other day, you owe me, Vic.” Willa uncapped a can of hairspray the size of Vic’s forearm. She closed her eyes just before her hair was assaulted repeatedly with the can, the sticky substance getting on her bare shoulders at one point and making Vic squirm a bit. 

    “Look, I’m sorry, okay? Maggie’s been through a lot,” flashbacks of watching the Wraith hit the other strong creative before Charlie Manx so smoothly slid back into the car made her voice trail off. “She’s not even in town anymore.”

    Willa’s huff interrupted Vic’s downward spiral of thoughts. 

    “Well thank whoever for small favors,” Willa muttered before clapping her hands triumphantly and stepping back. “Alright, girl, I think you’re done!”

    Vic really looked at herself then. Willa had gotten her hair up into a small coif of sorts, the rhinestone pins glittering in her dark hair. Her lips were the color of a dark bruise and her eyes had a smokey texture to them. The dress was an off the shoulder affair with a sweetheart bodice in a crushed velvet hunter green that belled out to the ground.

    “Don’t ya think this is a bit much?” Vic asked finally. 


    Willa smiled gleefully at her through the mirror, decked out in her own powder blue French ensemble with a huge freaking ostrich feather sticking out of her own updo. “Not even a little bit, Vic. And here!”

    She handed Vic a black and green fan and a matching mask. “Now let’s get downstairs and dance!” Willa squeaked and pulled Vic down into the masquerade ball in full swing downstairs. How she got pulled into this, Vic would never understand. 

    It took all Vic’s concentration not to descend the stairs in her new heels like a freaking baby giraffe and she was sure everyone was staring, and not in a good way. The room was filled with laughing, champagne glasses clinking, and an honest to gods live band playing ballroom music. It felt so alien to Vic, like being stuck in someone else’s dream and at the same time, she was getting caught up in it. Watching the people who knew how to sweep around the floor in tuxs and ballgowns make a whirling spin of colors and grace. 

    Willa refused to let Vic stand in a corner and instead swept her into a group of faces she didn’t recognize, but after a while their voices gave them away to the kids she’d met at the last two parties. Here at least, she started to find comfort in something familiar. 

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  • Ok but someone tell me that Ashleigh Cummings wouldn’t be a brilliant Katniss Everdeen??

    #N0s4r2#nosferatu#tv#Amazon prime #it was gonna more but tumblr mobile hates ne #Ashleigh Cummings. #vic mcqueen#victoria McQueen
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  • Rewatching NOSA2, and it’s so stressful! I spend so much time being sad for everyone and wanting to put Vic in a warm blanket.

    #nos4a2#vic mcqueen #watching things I like can stress me out because feelings but then this also has so many bad things happening or about to happen #it feels kind of like BTVS season 6 and some of the tougher episodes from other seasons #but I do want to because it’s lived in my head all these months and I might as well have the details fresher #text#text post
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  • image

    Happy New Years Eve! I’m hoping this next year will be brighter and healthier than the last has been! Ily all sm! 💖💞

    It’s been a while since I’ve done or posted a traditional drawing. Here are the pony versions of Maggie, Charlie, and Vic: Scrabble Tiles, Candy Cane Fangs, and Lost n’ Found.

    In this MLP/NOS4A2 crossover, ponies, like humans, can be born as Strong Creatives. They exhibit all of the same abilities and the like. The only notable difference is that Creative ponies earn their cutie marks at a later rate than most ponies. Once they unlock their abilities, they earn their cutie marks.

    Scrabble Tiles is a book loving unicorn who once lived with her mom, who was crazy about religion. She earned her name because when she was first brought home from the hospital, she loved to play with the Scrabble tiles on the board game. This love stuck with her even as she matured. She liked to carry them with her in a pretty purple bag. Scrabble also loved to try to find the truth when it came to the world, as she was restricted to religion as answers thanks to her mother. Throughout her life, she’s avoided her mother to the best of her ability, especially since she isn’t accepting of Scrabble being a lesbian. When she realized she was a Strong Creative, Scrabble was playing with her tiles when she decided to try something new: ask them if they could help her find her purpose in the world. She randomly moved them around to form words, but that’s when something sparked in her magic, something she never felt before… her Creative abilities unlocked and words spelling out, “Creative” were just beneath her hooves. She noticed a sensation on her flank, and that’s when she earned her cutie mark. Her drawback to using her abilities is her stutter. Scrabble Tiles lives in her library, where one can often find her reading or being with her cop girlfriend, a Pegasus named Justice Wings, or Lost n’ Found, her best friend.

    Lost n’ Found is a tough Pegasus with a rough family. Her dad, a Pegasus named Gritty Nails, and her mom, an Earth pony named Stone Hooves, didn’t get along the best and had many issues. She earned her name because she liked to wander away a lot, especially when her parents fought, so she was always “Lost n’ Found.” This name would take on a whole other meaning when she discovered her Creative abilities. Like her dad, she loved flying fast on her wings, and she used it as an escape. One day, when she was flying fast, she found a bridge that wasn’t there in the real world, but it projected from her mind. Through this bridge, she could find lost things. The first object she ever found was a lost watch. When she came back from the bridge, she earned her cutie mark. This is known as The Shorter Way bridge. Her drawback is her one eye bleeding and feeling sick. Her wings also feel painful for a bit. Later on in her life, she falls for an Earth pony named Warm Heart, and has an Earth pony son named Bats. You can usually find her flying fast, finding lost objects, reading comics, and spending time with Warm Heart, Bats, or Scrabble Tiles, her best friend. She tries her best to work out the rough relationship she has with her parents.

    Candy Cane Fangs was born an Earth pony in a small town in Coltorado… 135 years ago. He earned his name when his abusive whore mother described his growing teeth as “sweet little candy canes to some, but fangs to me, the little vamp pony.” His father left when he was a few days born and was found in bed with another mare. Her stallion came home and shot him dead, where he died in his new girlfriend’s arms. Candy Cane Fangs was left on his own a lot and slept in a coffin bed in the back of the inn and mortuary he lived in with his mother. Candy Cane’s greatest Christmas gift was the Fantom Sled he bought with his own money he saved up from drawing the hearses in funeral processions. As he grew older, the pony often noticed an odd static in the sky, and as he played on his sled, odder and odder things would happen. One day, when Candy Cane was playing, a stallion, unsatisfied with Candy Cane’s mother’s “services,” decided he would do unspeakable things to the poor colt. When Candy Cane managed to escape, he hit a tree, and his powers unlocked for the first time (but not to their fullest extent, hence why he didn’t earn his cutie mark yet). He snapped and killed the stallion who hurt him, the owners of the inn and mortuary, and his mother, with the blades of his sled. He left Coltorado and ended up in Dodge Junction, where he worked as a chauffeur pony.

    During the 1920’s, he met Golden Princess, a richer Earth pony. To celebrate her birthday, her family took her to see the Wonderbolts show and to go see a movie. Since her father was too scared to go on an airplane to “fly” with the Wonderbolts, Candy Cane volunteered to go with Golden Princess. He realized that he was in love with her, and she realized she was in love with him. Their first date was that same day, when the two of them and her family went to see a movie about a vampire pony named Nosferatu. Within the next year, they got married and had two Earth pony fillies, Nutcracker and Silver Bell. They lived a comfortable life thanks to Golden Princess’s father’s money, but once the stock market crashed, he lost everything. Their family especially lost everything thanks to her father falling down the stairs in a daze when he found out the news about losing everything.

    Forced to live on a farm, Candy Cane did his best to work hard for his family, but Golden Princess grew to despise him, becoming abusive. She even hated the fillies and would sometimes mistreat them. One day, Candy Cane Fangs was conned into believing a place called Christmasland existed through a tricky pony named Nick LeMark. He spent a bunch of money to own two-and-a-half percent of it, and even bought a fancy black carriage known as The Wraith. He convinced Golden Princess everything would be okay, but while he was traveling back to Coltorado where Christmasland supposedly was, Golden Princess began to grow mean again. Slowly, Candy Cane’s attachment to the Wraith sparked something inside of him, and his Creative powers were starting to spark up again, and this time, they were stronger. He was beginning to transform into a vampire pony, alongside Nutcracker and Silver Bell, who turned on Golden Princess and ate her. When Candy Cane found out Christmasland was fake, his mind snapped beyond his control. Completely by instinct, he ran with all his might, anticipating to end himself and his fillies by running into a mountain, but instead they were teleported to… Christmasland. It became real through Candy Cane’s mind! He realized he and the fillies became vampire ponies, and he had earned his cutie mark! When he discovered the Graveyard of What Might Be, he discovered a way to find foals who are abused by their parents that he can save, make vampire ponies, and take to Christmasland. This is what Candy Cane has been doing for many years.

    Candy Cane Fangs, also the strongest Strong Creative there is, enjoys reading books, celebrating Christmas, spending time with his vamp foals, and searching for the perfect mare to be his Mother Christmas to his Father Christmas. His relationship with a Creative Earth pony named Jazzie July, who’s abilities were harbored through her roller skates, failed miserably. His best friend is a unicorn named Brewski Trots, the second most powerful Creative. Sandy Hooves, another Strong Creative unicorn nicknamed “The Hourglass,” looks up to him and wishes to be just like him.

    Welcome to My Little Strong Creative: Imagination is Magic.

    Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed and have a (better and healthier) New Year!

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  • since i shared my superior movie/show ships i will be sharing my current book ones.


    - nos4a2


    - aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe


    - they both die at the end

    #aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe #they both die at the end #nos4a2#maggie leah#vic mcqueen#mateo torrez#rufus emeterio#aristotle#dante
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  • Team McCarmody forever!

    #Victoria McQueen/Lou Carmody #vic mcqueen#lou carmody#nos4a2 #nos4a2 season 2
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  • Most outrageous thing you would have done with the story?

    Just interested in hearing everyone’s different ideas.

    What are your best ideas you would have wanted (or would have changed) for the past seasons or in any future season?

    My favorite two ideas:

    1. Charlie CAN turn adults if he wants to and he tries to turn Vic into his perfect Vampire Bride/Mother Xmas and her friends have to try to rescue her from that. *turns the dial on Stockholm syndrome up and sits back to enjoy those warm Xmas morning feels*

    2. Charlie comes back in Season 3 by possessing and influencing Vic to act as Mother Xmas and she slowly loses more of her sanity thru this process. Her friends try to help. Millie and Wayne are the “anti-help” and only pull Vic deeper into trouble.

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