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    I love how we’re tricked into thinking Ibn is really weak, that he can’t fight well and constantly needs Bax to heal him…………….and then it turns out he’s the most insanely powerful, dangerous, and deadly one of them all

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    I love how Petronella, the character who constantly felt useless and thought of themselves as contributing nothing of value, ended up being the most important one of them all.

    #if they hadn’t brought Bax back the world literally would have been destroyed #ikenfell#video game#video games#text post#it speaks
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    She followed her big gay heart………..and the background is the lesbian flag………..

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    They both got new looks in the epilogue and they both look great!!!

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    I’ll bet you anything poor Nel constantly walks in on those two making out

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    The headmistress moved away to live the cottagecore dream with her wife 🥺🥺🥺

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    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Oh man love scrolling more and more upsetting parts of Reddit until smth seriously triggers me bc I’m like. Nah I don’t get triggered that’s not a real thing. Anyways I’ve found a new thing people could say to me on the street that would make me attack them like a wild animal

    #I’m v nonviolent not least bc I am small and weak #and like. say smth hateful enough in front of me and I’ll get violent sure #but this is different. I cannot say what it is only that I feel sick enough I had to get emotions out w this post. #sm spiritual kinda insult #I would black out and try to kill them I think #my brain would shut off and I would do my absolute 100% best to hurt them emotionally and physically #I just. didn’t know that was a think people would ever say to each other. it’s too fucked up I couldn’t picture it #but I saw it on video it was the worst feeling terrifying sickening I can’t even describe #her tone of voice is gonna haunt me for real
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    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Went rogue tonight and made a whole video for moarevival in 5 hours. Regular after work activities are for the weak and those who pay attention to what time it is.

    #I swear I’m an adult with an adult job and an adult mortgage #anyway I’m proud of this video and excited to post
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    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    leonora carringtons short stories are so, so good. if you like Guillermo del toros work, but have never stepped into the genre of magical realist literature, id highly recommend both her and jorge luis borges' short stories.

    the carrington short story that i read most recently is "As They Rode Along the Edge." there's a really interesting and old reading of it along with a picture presentation (which is almost in the styling of a picture book, in a vein to carringtons own drawings. i feel like its very true to her style.)

    #if there were a readily available pdf id post it instead of the video but alas. #maybe ill like photocopy the collection of carringtons stories im reading from #leonora carrington#magical realism#literature#Youtube
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    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago


    (drawing wasn’t how i wanted, but wanted one for with the post T-T)

    This character does not live on earth, so years will not look how they are here.

    Full Name


    Goes By/Nicknames

    Niobe, Nio.

    Father of Sin



    50 in Prequel

    837 in the First Game

    840 in the Second Game

    23 in the Third Game




    He/Him, but He/They also is fine


    Asexual, panromantic


    Creatio Autem, Tenebris

    A being that was once the Goddess’ Chosen, fallen from her path set out for him. While he looks human, Superbia is not human at all.

    The Eight Creations of the Dark, also known as The World’s Sins are unable to perish normally. They can feel the pain of death numerous times in their lives. Only a spell created by a long passed Sin can give these creatures the permanent sleep that the world wishes they had.


    Superbia stands at 5’11, or 180cm. With his shoes, he is 6’0, or 182cm.

    Eye Color/Colour

    A pale Lavender color (#dcd0ff to be specific)

    Hair Color/Colour

    Very very pale pink-ish purple (#f9f5fa specifically)

    Special Features

    Superbia has a birthmark on his right ear.

    He has a few freckles on his arms.

    Date of Birth

    Febuary 26th 117

    Favorite Color/Colour

    The color that reminds him of a “friend” who passed long ago. (#0c1830)

    The color that brings him comfort. (#34518a) (has story reasons)

    Favorite Food

    Coconut cake

    Pumpkin soup


    Niobe once had a lot of pets, back when he and Aeo were close. Aeo brought a lot of animals to their home before it was hard for Aeo to move. Niobe cared for them all, and still does, even though it has been over 700 years since he last saw them.

    He had at least 10 cats, all of which had names (which were chosen by his “children”), and all made it hard for him to work.

    Aeo was also fond of pet mice, one of which slept in Nio’s pocket whenever he was working in his office.

    They did not have dogs, as they scared one of the others living in the house (Luxuria), but they did rescue them, and adopt them out to those in town.

    Outside the home, they had a lot of horses they were training for the knights. Because Aeo, and their youngest, have a hard time saying goodbye to them, making their backyard the knights’ horses’ home.

    Other animals such as pond wish, turtles, and frogs also live in the pond nearby.


    Terris, Superbia’s mother, and the Goddess of Luira. He was born to be a vessel for negative emotions, and was given special powers in exchange for an eternity of pain. Their relationship used to be good, but no longer. After the person Superbia loved most passed, her son made it his life goal to make Terris lose her followers, and to keep the other Sins alive, even if they hated him.

    Aeo, a person who Niobe met back when there was no town, and was one of the Sins. They appeared in his cave-home one day, acting like they owned the place. They were the person who named him “Niobe”, as nobody is allowed to say any of the Sins’ true names. Niobe felt at home with them, and they are the reason he refuses to let the Goddess destroy the Sins. Aeo and Niobe were the parents of the group, as they were the eldest, and thus spent a lot of time together.

    Ace is one of the Sins. Once, he was a very loving older “sibling” to the sins, but it has been many years since that time, sadly. Niobe’s relationship with Ace used to be great, but after Aeo’s passing, their relationship shattered, and Ace resented Nio. Ace attends meetings properly, but the second it ends, he leaves so Niobe cannot talk to him.

    Iina is one of the Sins. She was the one who took care of most of the social jobs posted in the town’s marketboard, meaning she was rarely home. When she was home, she and Niobe would rarely spend time together, but that didn’t mean their relationship was bad. Iina was the first of the children to move out after Aeo’s passing, and she didn’t tell Nio about it. Now, their relationship is just of talking during meetings, and only about the topic the meeting was for.

    Gitta is one of the Sins. She and Emil were the ones who did the cooking, and occasionally with Niobe. She was the first one to call Nio “dad’, and is one of the two who still do. She is the most neutral of the Sins in terms of sides, and treats her siblings and dad the same instead of favorite one over the other.

    Emil is one of the Sins, and the twin brother of Cináed. Despte his reason for existing being to carry people’s anger for eternity, Emil is a very kind kid, or at least, he was. A once gentle soul now turned cruel, Emil is who he is now because of Niobe, and Rowen. Because of that fight that didn’t involve him, it forever changed him. He doesn’t talk to Niobe, he doesn’t show up to meetings. Cináed is the only one in contact with him, yet he never says how his twin is doing.

    Cináed is one of the Sins, and the older twin of Emil. He is the one most quiet, and keeps to himself a lot. While that trait has mostly remained, Cináed has become more brave to stand up for things he cares about, which causes a lot of arguments with Nio when their opinions are different. He and Niobe do not get along, especially from the year 940 and onwards. He also does not interact with Niobe, telling his sister Alina that if he ever sees Niobe, it will only be in combat on opposite sides.

    Alina is the youngest of the Sins, and is treated as such. As the youngest (still over 650 years old), Alina is the only one that alll of the others like enough to side with her during wars, or to go to meetings when she asks. She looks up to Niobe, calling him “Papa”, and sometimes trying to act like him with poses or phrases. She even follows him around whenever she can, though she hasn’t been able to in awhile.


    Rowen… the man Niobe hates the most. He is the first person that Terris gave her powers to. Rowen was already not the best when Nio met him, but after Aeo created that spell to turn someone to crystal, Rowen became the worst. He’d antagonize everyone before, sure, but it really became a problem when he targeted Niobe, and Aeo. Somehow, Rowen figured out their names, and it triggered a switch in both of them when they were said aloud. Niobe attacked Rowen first physically, but it was a death sentence to speak a Sins’ name in front of them. All that Pride inside of Niobe that he shoved down, it all forced its way back up in an instant, causing him to lose control of his actions. Before the killing blow, Superbia was stopped by Aeo, which gave Rowen a chance to escape. Instead of never returning, Rowen came back a month later in the middle of the night. Before Niobe could stop him, the spell to crystalize Aeo had already been cast. Aeo grabbed Nio’s hand before he could chase Rowen, asking him to not leave them alone in their final moments. Rowen was never seen again since, but Niobe has a feeling that the next time he feels a moment of happiness, that man will come to ruin it.

    Terris. After Aeo was killed, Superbia went to find her, and called her to bring him to her to talk. Instead of talking, Superbia just drew his sword, pointing it to the woman who made him. He did not stop after hearing that if he attacks her, the Sins will be casted away from the light, and to be hunted, and hated until their final breaths. Terris revealed to him in their fight that Aeo was the one who made the spell, but it was her that gave Rowen the power to use it. When asked why they’d create such a thing, Terris replied with a lie, stating that they saw the others as corrupted beings who did not deserve life. It was a lie, Superbia knew that, but it felt as if that was what she thought of them. After their fight, Superbia says he would like to finally use his wish, and Terris was unable to refuse, as she did promise all eight one. He wished for each Sin to have the power to use humans as a place to hide, as a place to share the pain of their Sins. A power that lets them “possess” a human of their choice, and you cannot tell who is taken over by a sin. One that if the human dies, the Sins will be unharmed. Terris agreed, despite not wishing to give them this power.

    Noel is the newest of Terris’ chosen warriors. He was born with the ability to see and speak to Terris, and thus, grew up with her feeding him information about the Sins, but a lot of it was not true. Not much is known of Noel for now, as Superbia does not meet this man until 957, and that is spoilers.


    Solis used to be one of Nio’s enemies, as Solis is the protagonist, and Niobe is the antagonist, but Solis never treated him as an enemy, even during the lowest points in their friendship. Sure, Solis did sort of threaten Nio on their first meeting, but it wasn’t every day someone appears in your dreams and asks you to do something like travel the world to free people of the Sins.

    Eira is the person he’s hurt the most, but also the one who treats him the kindest. She tries her best to include him in conversation, even though Solis is the only one who can see him most of the time. Plus, when Niobe is finally there in person, Eira does not fear him, the opposite, actually. She’s the one who cut his hair, got him armor he could use, and was just there for him in general.


    Niobe’s main goal is to make Terris have 0 followers, so she is unable to get energy, and then is taken from the role of Goddess of Luira.

    Niobe wishes for all of his children to survive.

    Niobe needs the other Sins to no longer have vessels. His goal with this is to have a “hero” free people, then convince him to find the Chosen, so that they can work together to crystalize the Sins, and Niobe can stop them from succeeding. (it changes during the story)

    Stop Noel.



    Short Story: Birthday From the Past, Present, and Future.

    Past (Year 245)

    It wasn’t often that Niobe was invited to go shopping, especially with Aeo, as both were usually busy. Today was one of those not often days, and Nio went out to the kingdom with Aeo. They walked the town together, side by side. Aeo was walking along the edge of the stone bridge between the Sins’ home and the rest of town, “Nio, have you thought of what we could do?” They asked, looking at their friend who seemed to be lost in thought, his legs just taking him in the direction he was facing. They let out a small sigh, hopping back onto the pathway, and stepping in front of Niobe.

    “I took you away from there so you’d stop thinking about that whole ‘ninth sin’ situation, so stop thinking about it, okay?” Aeo spoke with a small pout, placing their hand on their friend’s cheek. “Alright…” Niobe set his hand on top of theirs, giving Aeo a tired smile, “I will stop thinking about it.” He said.

    The two made it to the marketplace, side by side once more. Aeo was pointing out a lot of things that were interesting, which was nearly each thing they passed, but the bakery in particular made their eyes light up. “Look over there! They have fresh bread!!” They beamed. They did not wait for a response before tugging at Niobe’s shirt sleeve, pointing to the door to the bakery. Niobe simply followed, enjoying the moment before having to get back to work. “You’re very happy today.” He pointed out. “Well… that’s because it’s your birthday, and I wanted you to enjoy it!” Aeo admitted, a bit embarrassed that they were found out so early. Nio was quite shocked, he had no idea it was his birthday, he never did, since he never celebrated. “Thank you, Aeo.” He said. He felt happy as long as Aeo was around. He was happy as long as Aeo was around.

    “Present” (Year 957)

    Niobe was sitting at the night’s campsite, Solis by his side, and Solis’ friends asleep in their tents. “Nio, do you see that star there? the reeeeally bright one by the moon?” Solis had convinced his friend to go stargazing with him, and thus, was showing off his star knowledge. “I do see it. It’s very beautiful.” Niobe said, moving to sit by Solis. “People say that if you wish on this star on the anniversary of your day of birth, it will come true. But only if you keep the wish a secret.” The shorter of the two said with his usual grin. “I see… will you be making a wish on yours?” Niobe asked. “Unsure! Won’t you make one today?” Solis asked, laying on the snowy winter ground. “Rowen said it was your birthday when you went to find some firewood, so I wanted to share an Aldin traditon with you before sunrise.”

    Rowen… of course. The man he hates the most had joined their party, though Niobe could not tell why other than to mess with him. All he could do now was just tell Solis to be careful near him until Rowen reveals his true colors.

    “How do I make a wish?” Niobe asked, leaning against the fallen over tree that was beside the two of them. “Look towards the star, close your eyes while imagining the star, and silently say your wish!” Solis explained. “That sounds too easy.” “I promise it works! Would I trick you into something like this?” Solis pouted. “Wait don’t answer that!” He rushed out. Both knew full well that Solis would do something like this. “I’ll do it, but if you try doing something stupid, I will make your life a nightmare for the next week.” After giving his friend a threat, Niobe looked up to the star, and shut his eyes.

    When he opened his eyes, he saw Solis had fallen asleep. Had he really taken that long? Sighing, he stood from the snowy ground, and went to pick his friend up. He carried Solis on his back, muttering something about how stupid it was to just fall asleep in the snow. His wish was not to succeed in his goals, no no…

    He wished to be able to spend another year with everyone, even if it was not in this lifetime.

    Future (Year 2037)

    It was a rather chilly morning, on days like this, Nio just wanted to sleep in, maybe have the spaceheater on in the room, but his friends had other plans for him. “Nioooooooooo!!!!” A voice called for him outside of his window. Just ignore it, they’ll go away. “Nio, are you thinking oof just letting me, your dearest friend, sit out here in the cold? You know I will be here until you open the door!” The person complained, as if they could read his thoughts. He groaned, removing the lovely covers that he wished to stay wrapped up in. Nio sat up, looking out the window to see Aeo standing in front of the front door.

    After getting dressed for the day, and putting his piercings in, Nio made his way down the stairs, and to the front door, and opened it. Outside was more than just Aeo, a lot more. They had invited Ace, Alina, Cináed, Emil, Gitta, and Iina. “Let us in! I want to have breakfast made before the others arrive!” Aeo held up the bags of groceries with a grin. “Others?! How many people did you invite?” Nio wondered, yet still let the seven inside. “Not many people. Just Solis, Eira, and their friends!” Aeo was the first inside, making their way to the kitchen. The others followed, walking into the small single family townhouse. Thankfully, Nio’s home was not attached to the other townhouses, so they didn’t have to be quiet.

    Like Aeo wanted, breakfast had been set on the counter before the doorbell rang. Opening the door, Nio sees Solis, Eira, and their friends, including Noel. “Come on in.” Nio stepped aside, letting the nine extra people inside.

    The day was filled with much chaos, especially when Aeron and Cináed were in the same building. The two had surprised Nio with painting the entirety upstairs walls in a bunch of different bright colors. Aeo and Solis spent the day cooking, until they burnt the cake, then Ashe took over with Iina’s help. It was hard to believe that these people were all enemies in a past life.

    It was safe to say that Nio had a fun birthday, even if it was a bit stressful. They all shouted happy birthday at him when giving him the cake, at 11 PM, meaning he got a noise complaint. He did not mind it that much, just glad to have these friends.

    #oc#original art#original story#rpg #i don’t know how to make tags #i also don’t know how to make a video game so i should figure that out #so he will be vibing #Nio my son #i didn’t write personality because ow #personality writing sucks #fantasy#long post
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    *vibrating at a frequency that could shatter glass* Talk to me about ikenfell

    #holy shit dude I went into this game expecting a cute puzzle game AND THEN IT GOT SO HEAVY #but it’s GREAT i LOVED it #ikenfell#video game#video games#text post#it speaks
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    I love ikenfell’s gay wizard boyfriends

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    one like/reblog on this post = one thought for kamisato ayaka !! please help her !!

    she is no thoughts,, head empty,, help her

    #genshin impact#kamisato ayaka#ayaka kamisato #this post was brought to you by #all the videos/posts abt ayakas head being hollow #there are no thoughts behind those eyes #someone help her #or all the simps can do the thinking for her #ayaka fanart#inazuma
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    I was able to get a > recording < of the station that plays on the radio. It plays regardless of time or day. It cycles for only 2 hours and like 45 minutes despite the supposed 4 hours it's suppose to be playing music. I was only able to get a short recording before something came up. The host has never changed. The only times the station doesn't play is when it storms outside. I checked the actual 90.5 station here and it's a classical music station with no host by the name of "June Patrov(?)." The station also doesn't play any music by an artist named "Jack Stauber." This Stauber guy doesn't exist? The first song I named is "Hi Again." There is another hour worth of music from the same artist. I haven't named the others because I can't understand anything the artist is saying. The last song I named is "Gone Again."

    Unlike the other ones, this one is just instrumental. It sounds like orchestra music from the 70s or 80s. The ones the grandparents would have a record of and play on their record player and then dance gracefully to. It plays peacefully like that for only 45 minutes before the audio begins to delude and transition into indescribable noises. At the end, whatever playing can hardly be called music. It's just noise. Its almost unsettling but I can't help but smile.

    #check my description #fiction#goi #group of interest #oc#original scp#scp#the collector #the scp foundation #writing #person of interest #poi #Jack Stauber is a real person #Hi Again is a real song actually called Video Man by Jack #The last song is a real song actually called Everywhere At the End of Time #Its 6 hours long or smth and about dementia #June Patrov is not real #90.5 is not real #long post
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    #answered #i dont know if you’ve ever watched videos of malinois that do protection work #but like….. in my head. that essence is coyote. #and that concludes the bonus fact #in response to my ask though i actually have a piece posted about them breaking down about this. #anyway thank you for loving them it means a lot <3
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