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  • oopsallmabari
    19.05.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    i cannot stop thinking about alistair. i CANNOT hes just so big. sometimes i just pan the camera around in origins and i am STRUCK by how fucking tiny mahariel looks next to him. himbo and himlet, as it should be.

    #ari plays dragon age #da origins #mahariel is at perfect chest-staring height and like. good for him!!!!! good for him. mahariel KNOWS thats the view he wants to see.
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  • one-more-offbeat-anthem
    19.05.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    when the depression starts feeling like you should rewatch the history channel’s “the men who built america” series

    #that was my shit in AP US history back in tenth grade #but also it’s a sorta narrow view of industrialization in the US
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  • zorkaya
    19.05.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Me: Makes icons for the horny asks

    Me: Has a Horny Panik

    #not safe for view tw #SCREAMS INTERNALLY #❄  ―  OUT OF CHARACTER.  ╱  fun time’s passing by like river’s flow.
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  • yodaboda
    19.05.2021 - 24 minutes ago
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  • lovingboygenius
    19.05.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again: as much as i’m attracted to who mgg is as a person and he has many qualities i’d want in a partner, id literally just wanna be his best friend lol

    like imagine the goofy ass photos and texts he’d send u at any hour of the day, or like movie nights and going to karaoke, or like making art together

    he just seems so nice 2 be around

    #like i don’t view him romantically because the age gap is a no for me #but i’m attracted to his qualities in a partner #if a 20 y/o replica of mgg could just pop into my life then that would be great #but i do wanna be mgg’s bff #thoughts
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  • pleasant1
    19.05.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Eye Catching Caramel Beauty 💜👑🔥

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  • hanafubukki
    19.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago


    Summary: Ace and Deuce wants to know why MC disappears for a few days every month.

    Ace and Deuce were very suspicious.

    MC was acting weird. Not that, that wasn’t the pot calling the kettle black.

    They noticed MC would disappear for a few days every month.

    MC would leave Grim with them, much to Grim’s dismay.

    They also noticed before she disappeared, she would nervously talk to Professor Crewel and he would give her a small box.

      “What if she and Professor Crew--!!!”
      “Shut up Deuce! There’s no way!”

    When they asked her about it, she would never tell them.

    She was resilient.

    They tried. They tried so hard to make her tell them. Grim couldn’t find out and he lived with her. It was to the point that she threatened telling Riddle on them and leaving Grim with no tuna.

    Ace and Deuce gave up.

    Or so it seemed.

    The three in one brain cell trio were ready next month.
    After MC left Grim with them, they waited a few hours.
    Then to the Ramshackle Dorm they went.
    It was oddly quiet.
    No sound could be heard and most of the lights were off.
    Except for a faint glimmer where MC’s room was located.
    “But what if-?”
    “Shut it Deuce!”
    Ace used his magic to open the door.
    Deuce and Grim followed him in.
    ….then they heard it.
    It was faint but there.
    MC was crying.
    The three panicked and ran.
    “MC!!!” They broke into her room.
    Their hearts broke.
    MC looked up in shock. Her face had tear stains and she was hugging a pillow to her. Several other items lay around her: hot water bottles, candy bars, blankets, just to name a few.
    “MC, Why are you crying?!?! Whose bone do I break??!!” Deuce seemed to have reverted back to his old ways. Grim ran to her and hugged her. Ace just observed the scene.
    “What are you guys doing here???”
    “Forget about that, minion! Why are you crying?!!”
    “Deuce and Grim, go reheat her soup and warm up her water bottle.”
     “Now.” With the way Ace looked at them, they readily did as they were told.
    After the door closed, Ace went to MC and wrapped her tightly with her blankets.
    “A-a-ce..” MC was trembling.
     “Stupid MC, why did you suffer alone?”
     Ace sat next to her and pulled her close by her shoulders.
     MC silently cried.
     Deuce and Grim returned after a few minutes.
     Deuce was a bit red in the face and seemed to realize what was going on. He hesitantly sat next to MC and handed her the hot water bottle.  “Here you are MC.”
     MC took it with shaking hands. Deuce’s heart broke even more and hugged her. “I’m sorry MC.”
    “Hey! What is going on?! Why is MC crying?!”
     “We’ll tell you later Grim, just be quiet.”
     Ace looked around the room and noticed the package Professor Crewel gave her. “MC, when can you take the next dose?”
      MC looked up from where she had nestled her head in Deuce’s shoulder. “In an hour.”
     Ace nodded. He took the bowl of soup from Grim’s paws and turned to MC. He scooped a spoonful and carefully lifted it to her face. “You need to eat.”
     MC shook her head and buried further into her hug with Deuce. Deuce patted her head and looked at Ace, helplessly.
     “You have to eat.” Ace repeated. “Please.”
     MC looked at him in shock. Ace never said ‘please.’
     It showed how worried he was that he had to resort to that.
      Grim was frozen.
     Deuce nodded his head along and gave MC his best puppy dog eyes. “Please.”
      MC sipped the soup as Ace held it up to her again.
     After handling all she could, MC just laid her head on Deuce’s shoulder. Ace left to get a glass of water, so MC could take her medication.
     Grim had chosen to bully the pillow out of her arms so he could lay on her lap and purr.
     Ace returned. MC took her medication.
    MC’s boys cuddled her while she slowly dazed away into slumber.
    Their warmth brought her comfort.
     It was the best sleep she had in a while.


    At this point, I’m just writing comfort stories because I wish someone would do the same thing for me that the boys do for MC. 🥺🥺🥺😣😣😣💕💕😩😩💙💙💚💚

    I hope you enjoyed reading this 💞💞💞💞❣️❣️❣️❣️

    #twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland headcanon #twst x reader #twst scenarios #twisted wonderland x reader #twst imagines #twisted wonderland scenario #ace trappola#deuce spade #ace trappola x reader #deuce spade x reader #I mean it can be seen as platonic or romantic #personally I view it as platonic #frienships#My Fics #tropes I love #Deuce spade x mc #ace trappola x mc #Grim#twst ace#twst deuce
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  • zorkaya
    19.05.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    @sadamenai​ said:

    “Come one more time for me, I know you’ve got it in you.” // Kaito to Zarina, adjust tension accordingly for Genshin verse <:

    Sex was always the best way to get pleasure and to forget everything there is about the real world, closing the thoughts of the outside only to enjoy this hedonistic pleasure where nothing else would intervene. Before, she would’ve chuckled at anyone who would’ve told her that they can go on for more than three rounds, telling that they’re not like others. Kaito proved himself to be the person who lasted far more than three rounds without speaking out about it, but showing it through his actions. Every single night they got to fuck around, today was just another night when her body craved someone’s warmth and touch, so little number of people ever satisfied her. 

    The way her back arched after she hit another high, mouth open to let out the sweetest moan before gasping for air as he hovered over her. Her body was on fire, the way he held her scarred hands above her head with one of his hand while the other held her right thigh, eyes watching her expression and her state. He hit all the right notes in her, making stars seem so much closer and make her body so receptive of his touch. Her body ached for more of his touch. It made her want to chuckle and smirk at his words, cockiness suited him and her both. Just because she came several times already didn’t mean she was yet to beg him to stop, she won’t beg. He’ll have to torture her for some more with some slow but deep thrusts, hitting that one sweet spot right after making her tear up from from pleasure. 

    It was yet to be done.

    So many would find this embarrassing. The sweat, the cum, the sounds - the way her legs still trembled slightly was a show of her making a braver face than her body actually felt. The hazy yet stubborn look in her eyes, swollen lips after kisses and bites exchanged. The way he tasted will never be forgotten by her, the filthy words spoken by him would be burned in her memory and will be used to please herself later while thinking about how he’d sound if she were torturing him on top, not allowing him to cum and to receive that brightly exploding climax. Her breathing started to slowly calm down, but she knew it won’t be long until he’ll take her breath away, so she wanted to make him do his very fucking best to just destroy her in bed today... if he could. 

    After all, she was no simple mortal... he knew her sins ran deeper than Abyss, the golden gaze only shined with lust and desire. Oh, the way she sighed softly when she felt him move inside her just when he filled her fully at her orgasm. No, not yet--- she wanted more. The bead of sweat ran down her temple, her legs giving him a squeeze, wishing to have her closer since she couldn’t use her hands. Tongue darted out to lick her pink, puffy lips as she looked up at Kaito, summoning all of her left-out control to taunt him for his words of cooing her as if she couldn’t handle more. 

    “’Course... I do,” she breathed out fast, trying to make sure that he’ll hear the answer before trying to get away. She could feel the way he stretched her out, the way his hand held her wrists and the slightly movement he did. She wanted him to fuck her more, to have his cock buried deep inside her and kissing her cervix every single fucking time. Zarina wanted his teeth leaving marks on her neck, she wanted hickeys, she wanted marks, she wanted even for him to cum on her to leave another type of mark. And she’d do the same, but how she regretted not sucking Kaito off before all of this, she could’ve make him moan for her so sweetly, show him his place, but the way they had sex today only spoke to her as if  he wanted to show her what he’s capable of and just how wrong she was about teasing him before, even with the glacier of her heart and soul being untouchable, but maybe at this moment the glacier would melt from this passion and maybe she’ll wake up tomorrow hugging him instead of getting up and making breakfast. Maybe, oh maybe... 

    “Do you have it in you ... hah... to make me cum again, Kaito?” A breathless chuckle that changed into a repressed moan as he moved his hips, bottoming her up right away, hips flush against her thighs. Fuck, she could feel him throbbing inside her, her walls clenched around his length. Oh, how she wanted him to make her scream his name. 

    #sadamenai#lemon tw #not safe for view tw #❄  ―  IN CHARACTER.  ╱  you breathe by the sun,i breathe by the moon. #HERE YOU GO SAGI ENJOY I'M KINDA RUSTY RIGHT NOW BUT I HOPE ITS OK
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  • ededdneddy-artrefs
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #edd#eddy#jonny#s5#coolhanded#edd curious #edd warm outfit #eddy back view #jonny full body #jonny walk#jonny smile#jonny happy #jonny warm outfit #jonny ap
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  • ededdneddy-artrefs
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ed e3#edd#eddy#bps#bps a3 #ed full body #ed back view #ed pancake #edd back view #edd pancake #edd full body #eddy full body #eddy back view #eddy pancake
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  • fresh-bagel
    19.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the amount of emotion i can evoke with one post is astounding

    #bagel talk time #view my prev. post #im so sorry i love you all
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  • 8robinsons
    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Skate Colorado . . #westminstercolorado #westminsterreccenter #colorado #skatepark #skatesupadopefresh #travelphotography #travelblog #blog #blogger #8Robinsons #untamedcreativebeings #skyline #view #scenic #clouds (at Westminster Rec Center) https://www.instagram.com/p/CPCSbREDN_o/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • crewneck
    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    literally any alan j paluka film is like: sits in stunned silence as the end credits roll

    #the parallax view was predictable on occasion but still!! damb!!! #now that's a movie!!
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  • delinquentinsomniac
    19.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    i have watched advice probably way to many times for it to be sane

    #part of the reason is to get a clearer view of his tattoos #taemin advice#taemin comeback#lee taemin #lee taemin tattoos #taemin tattoos#advice#taemin
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  • dr-iphone
    19.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    一次看完 Google I / O 2021 的 13 項重點,全新 Android 12、Google Workspace 更新、數位車鑰匙...等

    一次看完 Google I / O 2021 的 13 項重點,全新 Android 12、Google Workspace 更新、數位車鑰匙…等

    Google I/O 2021 開發者大會發表會在台灣時間 5 月 19 日凌晨 1:00 登場,2 個小時的發表會過程中,Google 指出全球活躍的 Android 設備達到 30 億台,同時發布全新的 Android 12 作業系統、Google Workspace、Google 相簿、數位車鑰匙 …等共 13 項亮點。 (more…)

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  • spirits-in-the-wind
    19.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    time to avoid danganronpa again

    #i have fluctuating feelings on it #and i don't need it becoming a serious trigger for me again #but i also don't want to hyperfixate or anything on it #so i'm trying to overall keep a neutral-but-slightly-negative view on it
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