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  • draconic-ichor
    18.09.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    More Mama Juniper and Papa Heisenberg art

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  • the-unkindled-queen
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    My Alcina X OC fanfic is just Beauty and the Beast if they were lesbians.

    #resident evil #resident evil village #alcina dimitrescu #i mean is that a bad thing? LMAO
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  • maniacwatchestheworld
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So I was wondering how much items in RE8 would actually be worth in real life. And then I remembered... Oh wait... Lei is an actual currency in real life!

    Of the objects that you can sell to the Duke, 3000 lei for one used cigar seems like a lot. Way too much for a used cigar. That must mean that 3000 lei is not actually worth very much in real life, right? Well as it turns out, 3000 Romanian lei (RON) is worth ~700 USD. And just... Like... WHAT!? A single of Heisenberg's cigars. USED. Is $700!??? Just... DAMN! Either Duke is INCREDIBLY generous to Ethan, or Heisenberg's cigars are DAMN expensive! What the hell is in those things for them to be worth THAT much!? I was looking at cigar prices and maybe the very most expensive Cuban cigars that I could find were that price brand new. So for a USED one to be worth that much!? Those damn things must have pure gold dust in them or something! I don't know what the resale on used cigars is, but I can't imagine that it'd be a lot. So that cigar probably easily runs at least double that price. Most likely more.

    So what I learned about this is that the Lords must be absolutely fuckin' LOADED and that Heisenberg is just sitting here flexing his wealth, smoking $1500 cigars. Just... DAMN DUDE!

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  • greenpinktoys
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • cinnamintrollsimp
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Its kinda self explanatory to my mood I'm planning on doing all of the RE8 characters Except Rose (duh)

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  • popeyetoons
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • w-i-s-e-d-o-g
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Just for those who is wondering.....

    Sorry for sh*ty quality, I tried my best.

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  • tinytoadsim
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Over time, Emil came to realize that he and Grim were in love. Maybe it was different from what Birdie and Lou experienced, or Grandma and Grandpa Founder, but it was love all the same. 💖

    Grim didn't need sleep, and yet, he preferred to spend his nights in Emil's company.

    (Grim and Emil have an aromantic partnership and it might be my favorite relationship that I've made in a long while.)

    Pioneer Village Challenge Rules

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  • videogameheadcanonsandoneshots
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Alcina Dimitrescu Relationship Headcanons #2

    16.) She spoils you. I guarantee you that she does. She would give you the world if she could. She wants you to be the happiest person on Earth.

    17.) Will take time to get to know you. She wants to know every little detail of your past, present, personality, what you want to happen in the future, everything. Dimitrescu stop having long conversations with you after that either.

    18.) She respects your boundaries. She has boundaries to that you better respect, but she will always put yours first.

    19.) She always puts your need first. No matter what, your first. She hasn't had sleep? Your still first. She hasn't eaten or drank anything? Your first. She always makes sure you have eaten, had some water, taken a shower, changed. All of those things.

    20.) If you have things like depression, anxiety, and other things she will try to help you with them. If not then she will make sure you never have things like that.

    21.) If you like animals she might let you get a cat or something that doesn't stink or take a lot of taking care of for the castle. If you do you ended up with a female cat.

    22.) Pet names? Yes there is one. That's one is Darling. Darling is the only pet name that she has for you, other than that she just uses your name.

    23.) She like to listen to classical music with you because she thinks it's relaxing, and because it's easy to have a conversation to. You guys would be drinking wine, and chatting about random things about your day.

    24.) Loves to sleep next to you. She falls asleep easily knowing that she is there to protect you if anything happens. She's a light sleeper.

    25.) She adores you so so much. Anything you do she loves, well almost anything.

    26.) Any special skill that you have amazes her. Your really good at art? Amazed. Really good gamer? Amazed. She loves your skills.

    27.) If you are a daredevil and you don't care about your safety, then your going to give her a heart attack. Crash a motorcycle because why not? Dimitrescu is dead. Almost exploded yourself? She dead.

    28.) If your a streamer she probably won't want to be in your streams at first, but then she shows up eventually.

    29.) If you like to cook, she will try to pick up a few recipes from you because she is interested in everything you do.

    30.) She will try to teach you a few things. She has probably learned so much from you and she wants to return the favor by teach you somethings. It could be hunting to making the wine.

    ~Thank You For Reading~

    #gaming#alcina#alcina dimitrescu#dimitrescu#lady d #lady dimitrescu headcanons #lady dimitrescu #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil viii #resident evil #resident evil alcina dimitrescu #resident evil headcanons
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  • y-u-m-e-r-i-s
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    she 🥰😍 (1/2021)

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  • videogameheadcanonsandoneshots
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Alcina Dimitrescu Relationship Headcanons #1

    1.) She loves you with all her heart and would never leave you for any reason. Like you should be happy that she's even dating you she hates like a lot of people.

    2.) No one would hurt you because they don't wanna see Lady Dimitrescu pissed. I mean who would? I know I wouldn't, she scares me...

    3.) She would hate if you break anything. Everything in her castle is very obviously expensive. If you break anything she would get stern and angry. Not pissed off, but a little angry. She won't hurt you though.

    4.) No PDA. She has a figure to maintain. She has to seem stern I front of the others. But alone? That's a whole new story. You can snuggle, hug, and kiss her whenever you want.

    5.) She will NEVER hurt you in anyway. Physically? No. Mentally? No. If someone else hurts you, she will kill them. If Mother Miranda hurts you. She straight up questions her loyalty to her.

    6.) She will never cheat on you. I mean she couldn't really. She kinda hates everyone else. If you were to cheat on her? She would be heartbroken. She might not kill you though. I mean she still loves you, but she would be horribly sad.

    7.) If you are about to die, or want to be turned  she will turn you. She loves you so she doesn't want to lose you. Since she loves you and you want to be a vampire she will turn you.

    8.) If you really like something? She will put in the effort to learn about it. You really want something? You have it in your room the next morning. Need a hug? There you go you have a hug. She will do anything for you. She will give anything you want to you.

    9.) Heisenburg? Nope, you're not going to see him. Dimitrescu doesn't want you near him. She hates him and would think he is a bad influence on you. She doesn't want your pure soul ruined.

    10.) Her daughters? If they love you it makes her so so happy. If they call you mom, Dimitrescu marries you. She would be so happy if you loved her daughters as much as she does too.

    11.) She won't let anyone have you but her. She is extremely protective over you. This is because she has lived with other monsters her whole life. She has learned to be protective over her things. That includes you.

    12.) No ones aloud to drink your drink. Not even her. She loves you too much for that. She would be a cruel girlfriend if she let anyone or anything do that to you.

    13.) Someone bullies you? Dead. Someone touches you without your permission? Dead. Hurts you? Dead. She's not a yandere, but she will hurt anyone who tries to harm you in any way shape or form.

    14.) Ok this is s reminder. She is gay. Like no doubt about it.

    15.) She will hold you while she doing literally anything and everything. Doing her makeup? Your there in her arms. Playing the piano? Your in her arms listening.

    ~Thanks For Reading~

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  • maniacwatchestheworld
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    In response to this post.


    Hey! If anything I should be the one to apologize for not replying, but I've been doing a lot lately! So sorry about not getting back to you on this! I also get distracted SUPER easily. So like... Sorry about that... But yeah. You're more than welcome to say your piece. I'm just feeling very scatter brained right now.

    #reply#answered#re village #resident evil 8 village
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  • videogameheadcanonsandoneshots
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Tired!Cuddly!Chris Redfield x Reader

    Chris had just gotten back from a mission he had been in for about 2 months. Chris sat in the couch, and you are somewhere doing something with your friends. He was waiting for you to get home. He was kinda bored to be honest, he just wanted to be in your arms or vice versa.

    ~Time Skip~

        You had walked through the door, and you saw that Chris had fallen asleep on the couch. You couldn't help but stare at him for a little bit, he just look so peaceful when he sleeps. You eventually wanted to cuddle him, but sadly there wasn't any room on the couch (Chris is a huge guy ok). So, you just went to your shared bedroom.

    ~Time Skip~

        It has been a few hours since Chris had fallen asleep. At this point you were asleep in the bedroom. Chris had woken up the slightest bit, and headed to your shared bedroom. He saw you laying there asleep, and peaceful. Chris then laid next to you and tucked your head in his chest. He finally felt you close.

    ~Time Skip~

    It's now morning. You had just woke up to the light of the sun pouring into the room with the feeling of muscular arms wrapped around you. You loved when Chris was sleepy because he gets all cuddley. You couldn't really get out of his arms, but you didn't want to. All you did was cuddle up to him. He is so warm. You wrapped your arms around him, and you felt him shift his hand to your waist.

    ~Time Skip~

    Chris is finally awake. He said he didn't want you to get up, and wanted to cuddle. You said fine, and cuddled up to him more. He fell asleep again eventually. I mean you don't really blame him. He was just away on a 2 month mission. You probably will fall asleep if you stay in his warm, muscular arms so you pry yourself out of his arms to make breakfast.

    ~Time Skip~

    Chris is awake again and you just got done making breakfast. You guys need to eat, especially since you didn't have dinner last night. After that Chris went to go to bed again, because he is exhausted. You followed him like a small puppy to the bedroom. He laid down and you did the same. He pulled you into his arms, and you pulled him into yours. You messed with his hair for a bit, and then he fell asleep.

    ~Time Skip~

    It's the next day. You guys had basically slept all day yesterday. You had to go out with your friends because they made you, and Chris either stayed home waiting for you or went with you to make sure no one tried to take you. Chris is a tired guy, so in conclusion you guys like to cuddle!

    ~Thanks For Reading~

    #chris redfield#Chris#resident evil #resident evil 5 #resident evil 8 #resident evil 6 #resident evil village #re#re5#re6#re7#re8 #resident evil 7 #chris redfield x reader #chris redfield x you
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  • maggierobertsimp
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    From Maggie's insta. She is reading Fellowship of the ring ❤.

    #maggie robertson #an actual goddess #lady dimitrescu#re8#alcina dimitrescu #resident evil village #tlor
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  • videogameheadcanonsandoneshots
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Donna Beneviento x Fem!Creative!Dollmaker!Reader

    You walked down to the Beneviento gardens, and to the Beneviento household. It was your first day working for Miss Donna Beneviento as a doll maker.

    You had made dolls at (place) before receiving a job offer from her. You have always saw her dolls as unique, and that's what you love about them. Sure there kinda creepy, but still unique.

    You got to Miss Beneviento's house, and knocked on the door. A small doll had opened the door. You were confused, but walked after her smiling.

    The doll lead you to Miss Beneviento. She was making a new doll. She nodded at the doll. It began to talk, and introduces herself.

    "Hello, you must be the one we gave a job offer." she said excitedly

    "I am indeed Miss Beneviento, and.......I actually never got your name" you replied to her looking at Miss Beneviento, and at the doll.

    You heard Miss Beneviento say quietly, "This is Angie. My dad had made her before he-". She took a small pause, "Before he passed.".

    "I'm so sorry to hear that Miss Beneviento." you told her.

    "It's ok, it wasn't your fault. And please, call me Donna." Miss Beneviento explained to you in a calm voice.

    "Ok, Miss Beneviento. I mean, Donna.", you replied with a smile. She sat you down, and told you what to start on. You started making a doll, and she watched you while making her own.

    You made a doll similar to hers, but it wasn't exactly like hers. It was a small porcelain doll, with blue eyes. It's hair was a light brown, and was cut to a curly bob.

    The lips were painted to be a pink that shimmers in the light of the moon. Angie was walking around the house, being Angie.

    Miss Beneviento had asked how you got so creative, and amazing at making dolls. You said your father had made dolls a long time ago.

    The more Miss Beneviento talked to you, the more she realized she's a lot like you. You two became really good friends. You two love hanging out and making dolls with each other.

    ~Thank You For Reading~

    #donna beneviento#miss beneviento#donna#beneviento #resident evil village #resident evil 8 #resident evil viii #re8 #resident evil donna #resident evil donna beneviento #donna x reader #beneviento x reader #donna beneviento x reader
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  • videogameheadcanonsandoneshots
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Alcina Dimitrescu x Shy!Maid!Reader

    It was your first day as a maid at the Dimitrescu Castle. You were worried, all the other maids told you that she would punish you for the smallest thing. You were also already scared, because you were going to work for a 9ft tall vampire.

    You walked down the halls, and to Lady Dimitrescu's chambers. You knocked and said, "Lady Dimitrescu, I have arrived to serve you."

    She replied with, "Go ahead and come in. I need you to do something."

    "Of course, my lady." You answered, hoping to not get punished on your first day.

    You walk in trembling at the sight of Lady Alcina. She stood up to 9 feet tall, and wore a custom made white dress. She also had a black hat that seemed to cover her whole face with shade.

    "I need you too help me get my key. I dropped it, and I'm far to tall to get it. It fell under my vanity, could you get it for me?", she told you while ordering you to do so.

    "Yes Lady Alcina." You replied as you got on your knees, and grabbed her key. You handed it to her, and she dismissed you.

    The other maids chattered as you walk out of Lady Alcina's chamber. They thought you had already been banished, and are going to the dungeons. You didn't though, you just went to the wine room.

    Lady Dimitrescu had frequented wine before you had left, and you had to go fetch it as soon as possible. You asked another maid where the wine room is, and she pointed in that direction.

    ~Time Skip~

    You finally found the wine room, and got the wine Lady Dimitrescu had requested. You got a glass for her as well, and walked to her chambers again.

    You are outside the door you had been when you helped her find her key. She opened the door, and greeted you. You were so confused, did she just.....greet you?

    She sat down at her vanity, and you placed the wine down.

    "Here is the wine you requested, and a glass for you Lady Dimitrescu.", You stuttered out, trying not to make notice of your nervous antics.

    "Why thank you, but I already have a glass.", Lady Dimitrescu had said while lifting up the glass.

    "Oh, sorry I didn't know." You replied realizing you had acted like she was a middle class person, and not a higher ups.

    You were so worried that she was going to send you to the dungeon. Lady Dimitrescu just sat there looking at you. She didn't ask, or say anything, but "Will you pour the wine for me, Darling?".

    You were confused now, more then you ever had been. "Darling?", you asked. The Lady Alcina Dimitrescu had realized what she called you.

    "I'm so sorry-" Lady Dimitrescu apologized.

    "It's ok Lady Dimitrescu. No need to apologize to your maid, miss." You explained to her as you left to put the glass away.

    You heard her whisper something, but you didn't catch what she had said. You started to think about what the other maids had been saying, and she's not that bad.

    ~Lady Dimitrescu's POV~

    "What is wrong with me?" She whispered as you walked out of the door. Had see been growing a soft spot in her cold heart for a shy, human maid.

    She couldn't believe herself, and most certainly couldn't tell Mother Miranda until she knew what was happening.

    She wanted to throw her vanity, but she didn't. It was quiet expensive after all. She kept wondering what had happened, why she apologized to a stupid human girl.

    Is she......in love? She kept thinking to herself over and over about what could have caused this, and then she went to her daughters. Sure they weren't the most helpful, but they will help her enough.

    I had called them in, "Cassandra! Daniela! Bella!!". They didn't come though. I started to get worried about if something had happened to them.

    I went to go find them, and I saw them trying to mess with Y/N. They were kind of swiping at her with there scythes, and giggling.

    For some reason I boiled over with an instant rage. I didn't tell at them though, I did stamp over, and asked what was going on.

    "She was going to do something, and we thought it would be fun to play a little game!" Cassandra said.

    "Yes mother! We thought it would be fun to mess with one of the maids!" Bella said right after.

    ~Your POV~

    The Dimitrescu daughters (Cassandra, Daniela, and Bella) where causing trouble with you. You of course were to shy to do anything.

    That's when you heard Lady Dimitrescu walk over to you guys. She asked what was doing in a angry, but call tone.

    The answered with "She was going to do something, and we thought it would be fun to play a little game!", and "Yes mother! We thought it would be fun to mess with one of the maids!"

    Lady Alcina was very obviously furious, but she was a good mother indeed. She didn't scream at her children, she just confronted them about the problem.

    Then your life practically changed after that incident. All the maids were afraid to talk about you behind your back again. The Dimitrescu sisters stopped messing with you. The biggest one of all is that Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, the 9ft man slaughtering vampire lord, wanted to spend time with you.

    Just randomly out of no where too. I ok nice she called you up to her chambers, and you thought you did something wrong. Nope, she just wanted to spend time with you. Once she even smiled in front of you.

    Her smile was pleasant, and you wanted to see it again. She had some form of......liking? Affection? You don't really know.

    ~Cassandra's POV~

    "Mother has been acting weird. Or more....strange? Has she been falling for that human maid? I need to talk to Bella, and Daniela.", I mumbled to myself.

    I went to my sisters. They were talking about mother, and the human maid. I joined the conversation.

    We talked and talked for hours. Then we heard the maid walking down from mother's chambers!

    "What was happening? Is mother going.....SOFT!? No, no she can't be! She's a lord, and sh-she hates humans. Right?", I kept repeating these questions.

    We saw mother walking down. Bella, Daniela, and I all went flying up to mother.

    "Mother I have a question." Daniela said as Bella went after the maid. "Are you going-", she had got cut of by mother going to talk to Bella! Had Bella swiped at the maid?

    "Mother your in love!" Bella exclaimed. "Love!?", Daniela and myself shrieked excitedly. "Mother, mother! This is amazing!" I explained circling around her.

    ~Time Skip~

    "Mother your in love!", one daughter exclaimed. The other daughters shrieking while circling around me.

    "Love? What a disgraceful feeling!" I reminded myself. That's where my my face flushed red. "Love? With who?" Y/N small voice echoed through the castle behind me.

    I whipped around, and help my hat. "I-" I attempted to stutter out. "I'm making a fool of myself!" I thought. "I think I'm in love with you" I finally mumbled out to the tiny human I front of me.

    Her face turned redder than the finest wine, made of man blood. She dropped the glass she was holding.

    ~Your POV~

    "L-Love me?", you stuttered out into the castle. You wondered how Lady Dimitrescu, a 9ft tall vampire woman that sends maids to the dungeon. The woman you had some how fell in love with yourself had fallen in love with you!

    ~Time Skip~

    Lady Dimitrescu had called you to her chambers about a hour or two after the incident.

    You tripped on your way through the door, and you trampled in. Lady Dimitrescu had caught you though.

    You guys had a long conversation and started dating! You guys lived in the castle, and you weren't a maid anymore. You were now apart of the Dimitrescu manner.

    ~Thank You For Reading~

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