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    It’s been almost two years since ACNH came out and I haven’t touched the game since that first month. Is it too late to get back into it now...lmao

    #Shima speaks #NMDAKSMDSLDS I just see all these REALLY cute interior home designs on IG and I cry #It's like. The level of customization you can do in ACNH is insane and it overwhelms me #But it's also SO fucking neat and I want to try my hand at it #But if I go down this rabbit hole I will easily lose hundreds of hours to playing this game LMAO #Animal Crossing#ACNH #And the DLC............getting to decorate your villagers' homes............aaahhh..........
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    Poor Lolly! 🥺

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    LOCATION: Village of Drusilla

    TIME: Medieval Fantasy of sorts.

    Female Human Reader x Male Moth (both cis).

    After staying out much later than she was supposed to Rheda was escorted by her angel and moth Esclavon to the village of Drusilla. Trying to beat the rain and to remain hidden, they witnessed a terrifying conversation that has chilled her to the bone. As their lives move forward and the rains still fall, will Rheda be able to tell her friends what she witnessed?

    Rain pitter pattered on the thin windows of the dining hall; the chill of the air licked at her fingers despite the hot cup of tea that her hands circles around. A whole pot of tea and two empty cups sat before her as she waited to see if either of her friends would show up today. Rheda was supposed to have tea with Aisley and Idra today, however, the rains have made it difficult to pass through and the Orcs courting them have seen it considerably unfit to traverse in this weather. She doubted they would show She could hardly blame them, nor did she, but she would have much preferred to have a distraction from her thoughts and the recent event that continues to haunt her dreams. She desperately needed to speak with both Liddy and Bethea, but neither have been particularly available as of late. Liddy has been praying until her knees are bruised to whisk the rain away while Bethea has been locked away in her room with her loyal Sir Theron to keep her company.

    Her gray eyes stared at the gray atmosphere on the other side of the window. It only seemed to rain harder since her last visit with Esclavon and her heart ached to pass through it again to see him now. It was strange to think that it was only yesterday that she saw him, but it felt like a month had passed since she had last seen him. Her fingers curled around her cup, seeking the little warmth it could provide while releasing a frustrated sigh. Regret gnawed at her heart as she gnawed on her lower lip for not taking up Esclavon’s offer and staying the night in his nest. With the constant rain that followed her like a shadow though, one night would have turned into a week and who knows when she would have left. Not because he would keep her there against his will, but because it was so cozy and some part of her just knew that that was home for her. Even though she grew up with a loving mother in the church, it never had that feeling of home.

    After having a much longer nap than she had originally planned with Esclavon, and after she regrettably refused to stay in his nest and received much whined and chirps from his sleepy pouting. It took him a little while to wake up as he was so close to his hibernation period, and he clung to her like a babe to its mother purring and chirping and doing everything he could to convincingly tempt her to stay. If it weren’t for the initial fear of her mother coming and hunting her down, she would have given into the temptation and stayed; possibly forever. However, she needed to speak with her mother about Esclavon, and she especially needed to speak with Liddy and Bethea about what she saw on her return to the church.


    Between the mists of the Violet Oaks and the rain picking up there was plenty of cover for them as Esclavon hopped from branch to branch in the trees. Rheda had tried to persuade him that she could return on her own, but he would not hear of it. She was terribly worried about his wings getting wet, however, he assured her that he and his wings would be all right and that he would not fly for a while until they were properly dried. They were only a few yards from the church and were just outside the edge of the gardens when Esclavon came to a jarring halt and hissed and growled lowly in his throat. If it weren’t for his pointed glare at the ground Rheda would have teased him about how pleasant the sound was and how tempted she was to turn back. The glint of the metal armor worn by the Holy Knights was enough to stop her wayward tongue. At first, she thought they were out on patrol looking for the deadly Driders that were allegedly causing the issues, however, the conversation that followed removed all doubt that the Holy Knights were not who they said they were.

    If it weren’t for petting his mane of hair around his skull and a soft shush to quiet Esclavon she would not have heard them. She recognized the head of blonde hair immediately, it was the captain of the Holy Knights, Sir Harold. He and another man, one of his men, with dark hair and dark eyes carried lanterns and stood under the tree they were waiting upon.

    “What’re you doing out here, Jacob?” Sir Harold growled and wiped his face of the rain clinging to his face. “I told you to stay at your post.”

    “I was at my post,” Jacob spat back angrily and leaned back against the tree. “I followed the nun I was supposed to be watching get lost out here. You know, the one who always wears that veil over her eyes,” he motioned with his hand the veil that Rheda always wore. If it weren’t for Esclavon holding her she possibly would have fainted at this news. “She practically bolted out the doors the moment the rain stopped.”

    “Think she’s really one of them?” Harold chuckled darkly. “How’d you manage to lose her?”

    “Gotta be.” Jacob nodded his head. “Always keeps her eyes covered, only comes out at night, always singing where she goes – she’s gotta be a witch. If not a witch, then maybe a vampire? Does it matter? Anyways, she came out this way, but I lost sight of her when she went deeper into the mists. I’ve never seen mists as thick and dangerous as what they have here, there’s gotta be things lurking deep in the shadows.”

    Esclavon had shifted, his hold on Rheda tightening and she could feel his heart hammering angrily in his chest where her hand rested. Her own hand fisted his mane of hair tighter as her own heart hammered in fear, she tried not to shake and bit her lips hard together to keep from whimpering out. How could they think she was a witch, let alone a vampire? Her eyes were incredibly sensitive to the light, everyone in the village knew that she had been that way ever since she was left on the doorstep of the church! How could any of them have made her out to be a witch?

    “Only witches can see through mists and fogs as thick as this.” Harold frowned and glanced over his shoulder, almost as if he could sense them up in the tree. “I lost sight of the one I was after here as well. All this damned mist.”

    “How’d you manage that?” He scoffed and rolled his eyes. “To think there would be three in a single village like this.”

    “They always come in groups.” Sir Harold said ominously as his blue eyes stared off in the direction of the cliffs. “Pairs at a minimum, but they’re always looking to expand their rein of dark magic where they can.”

    Rheda bit her lip to keep from gasping or saying anything to reveal their location and somehow rationalize this situation. The Holy Knights were obviously here for more than just a few feral Driders, but witches? Why would Holy Knights be after witches? There had been a law passed in recent years that prevented the Holy Knights from acting out and seeking out witches; there had been too many incidents where too many innocents died, and it started their damned war.

    Jacob’s voice broke her thoughts. “Any news on the Smithy’s wife?”

    “Other than the claims the man has made about his own wide, hardly.” Sir Harold scoffed. “I’m not foolish enough to outweigh the possibility, all wolves where sheep clothing when they must, but he’s beaten her into such submission that I find it to be highly unlikely. One can’t break the spirit of a witch so easily as that.”

    “Her daughter then?”

    Rheda’s heart nearly stopped, and she had to slap her hand over her mouth to keep from speaking out. The Holy Knights are on a witch hunt, and they suspect the blacksmith’s wife and her daughter of being witches. Lorelle does have a checkered past, however, she has not shown her powers despite the creeping rumors since being in Drusilla, her daughter Odelyn was a sweet soul and never showed any inkling of magic possession.

    Sir Harold shook his head. “If she possessed any powers, we’d have seen them by now. They’re always full of an energy they can’t quite control, and though the girl seems to be literate she does not seem to possess any power.”

    “Well, at least we’ll be leaving this hole of rot with something.” Jacob yawned and scratched the back of his neck. “How much longer until we hold the fire?”

    “When the rains finally stop.” His blue eyes tilted to the sky and glared. “The fires won’t last otherwise.”

    Esclavon held her tightly, his grip on her was a vice she couldn’t escape from, and after the men left, he did not dare take her back to the village. He had moved faster than her eyes could keep up with and took her all the way back to his nest in the Violet Oaks. When he tucked her into the threshold of his nest again, he draped himself over her, as if to hide her away and protect her from the offenders hunting her and her sisters down.


    She barely got any sleep, the conversation between the knights kept her awake, and when Esclavon woke for the day, he almost didn’t let her return to the village. She almost wished he hadn’t brought her back at all, but she needed to warn the others of what she overheard. The conversation was still so fresh in her mind, but she hadn’t been able to see Liddy or Bethea to inform them of what she heard. She had half a mind to tell her mother, but with the recent argument she had with Father Isaac she doubted this was the time to bring up yet another reason why the Holy Knights should not be in the church. She had never seen her mother so on edge, even though she was Mother Superior and had the responsibility of taking care of all the women in the church, she bristled at the slightest things and was constantly on edge as though ready for a fight. Part of her feared what would happen if she were to tell her mother what she heard.

    Liddy was going into ruin her knees with all the praying she was doing, the poor girl just wanted the raining to stop, and Rheda did too. Even Bethea was distant and hard to reach as of late as she was receiving plenty of letters of correspondence from the castle. Rumors were always quick to spread around the village, gossip was truly the only entertainment around the place, and it only made matters worse that Bethea has hardly seen throughout the day and when she was seen she was always accompanied by the Drow. Quite a handsome pair they made, but it gave too many running tongues too much to talk about. Rheda was determined to speak with them tonight, though, she had to warn them about the Holy Knights.

    A knock echoed on the doorway and nearly made her jump out of her skin as she turned to see Aisley and her Orc. The Orc remained at the door while Aisley, with a basket slung over her arm, came to her table. “What are you doin’ in the dark like this, hm?” Aisley teased as she set the basket down and pulled her chair out. “You’re not poutin’ now, are you?”

    “Whatever for?” She quickly brightened and threw on a smile at the warmth her friend’s presence already brought with her. “I’ve gotten used to my friends cancelling plans due to weather.”

    “Come off it, I’m here, aren’t I?” She scoffed and opened the lid of the basket. Golden buttery bread covered in thyme and oregano wafted in the air and made her stomach grumble. “Idra’s father wouldn’t let her out and sent this in her stead.”

    “Though I hate to have missed her, I do appreciate the fresh bread.” Rheda smiled with a little guilt. Her eyes glanced to the redheaded Orc who watched them with careful eyes. “How’d you managed to convince your knight over there?”

    She grinned wildly, her cheeks turning a deep shade of red as she turned her head to the side. “Just a little persuasion is all.”

    “Right.” Rheda smirked and could only imagine the amount of persuasion it took. She poured Aisley a cup of tea while she pulled pieces of the bread out. “How’s Idra doing?”

    “Fine I suppose.” She gave a half shrug as she even pulled out a cheddar cheese chunk and knife and set it on the plate between them. “She’s had her nose in books, her hands on a few new recipes, and lips on a certain Orc.”

    “Really?” Her voice came out louder than she meant, and she glanced over her shoulder to see the Orc watching them in interest. Quickly covering her mouth to hide her laughter she whispered, “Really? You saw her kiss that Orc?”

    “I caught them in the act before I came here.” Aisley nodded in glee, mischief in her eyes. “It was a lucky thing that it was me and not the baker that interrupted them, her father would have been so livid.”

    “Mr. Barley would be having a fit for days!” They snorted and giggled between themselves, their laughter echoing off the quiet halls. “At least that explains why she’s not here today.”

    “You know how her father is.” Aisley huffed and rolled her eyes. “He’s more overprotective than my own brothers of me whenever Thomas comes sneaking around.”

    “Thomas is one to be wary of though.” Rheda hummed with a frown as she plucked a piece of bread and cut a slice of cheese. “Heard someone broke his nose again.”

    Aisley kept her eyes downcast as she cut herself a thin slice of cheese. “He had it coming.”

    “He always does.” Rheda prodded and popped a corner of the bread in her mouth. “I heard this time the Orc working with the blacksmith got involved though.”

    “He did nothing more than act as the good muscle I needed to scare them off.” Aisley spoke heatedly and waved her knife at Rheda, the piece of cheese wagging on the blade. “The idiot said something he shouldn’t, and I wasn’t about to let him walk away and get away with it!”

    Rheda barked out a laugh at the glare Aisley gave her. “Well, if you have any more sins to confess –”

    Aisley took an aggressive bite out of her slice of bread and turned her face away. “Like you haven’t wanted to hit him!”

    “I may not have a tall Orc like you,” Rheda smirked and wiped at her eyes “but Mother Superior is not one to be crossed.”

    “Aye, that’s true.” Aisley nodded and made the symbol of the cross before taking a bite of her goat cheese and bread. “Heard she’s been barking at the Holy Knights sniffing around the place and has nearly ripped Father Isaac’s head off for all the antics happening.”

    Rheda nearly choked on her bread at the barking comment. Though she knew it was just Aisley’s way of speaking, it was enough to cause her to worry about her mother’s secret. No one in the church or village other than herself knew of this secret. She knocked on her chest to get the piece of bread out of her throat and nearly scalded her throat by drinking her tea so fast.

    Aisley cocked a brow at her, those hazel eyes full of worry. “You all right?”

    “F-Fine.” She coughed and dared to sip her tea again. It helped a little, but her throat still burned. “Went down the wrong pipe.”

    She coughed a little more before finally clearing her airways, all the while Aisley watching her carefully and even the Orc standing watch at the doors seemed concerned.

    “You sure you’re all right?” Aisley frowned, her lower lip poking out as she watched her friend compose herself.

    “J – Just fine.” She cleared her throat with a nod. The ever so watchful hazel eyes narrowed at her, and Rheda’s neck began to sweat as she jutted her chin at her.

    “What, is one of the Holy Knights sniffing around you?”

    She gasped, her face burned at the insinuation, and slapped her hand on the table. “Aisley!”

    “I’m just asking.” She huffed and crossed her arms as she sat back in her seat. “From what I’ve seen and heard it seems as though all the Holy Knights are trying to court a sister or two. There’s only two of them that seem decent while the others all seem to be pigs. I just want to make sure if the one you kept getting fruit for is one of the good ones.”

    er cheeks burned and her stomach churned at the assessment she made. It was Rheda’s turn to turn and avoid her gaze. “I – I am not being courted by a knight; I can assure you of that.”

    “Oh?” There was amusement coming back to her voice. “Then just who are you courting, hm?”

    “An angel.” She pursed her lips and waited for the scoffs and the laughter and was surprised by the silence she was met with. She dared to peek and look at Aisley to see her brow furrowed with a thoughtful look.

    “An angel, huh?” A smile slowly crept on her face as she leaned her arm on the table. “Have you reached the peak of the spiritual hierarchy that you’ve been blessed with an angel?”

    “Well, he’s not technically an angel, but he’s my angel nonetheless.” She huffed as she remembered how he had corrected her the first night she met him. “He’s a moth. . .”

    “A moth?” Aisley’s brow wiggled at the thought and the smile on her face grew. “That at least explains why you wanted fruit so badly. What, are you trying to win his heart through his stomach?”

    “No, it’s not like that.” Her face burned at the thought, and she shook her head. “H-He saved me from a few drunks, a-and I wanted to repay him.”

    “Really?” She scoffed in disbelief and sipped her tea. “You’re trying to tell me you’re not trying to win his heart at all now?”

    Rheda’s mouth opened and closed like a fish before she bit her lip and tried to think of anything else to say to somehow devoid the topic from her, however it was useless. Aisley had asked all the questions she needed to pick at both her mind and her heart to get the answers she was seeking, and after all the truth had been laid out bare for her, she did not mock her for falling so hard for a moth. How could she when she was courting an Orc and was the current topic of the village?

    It was a true shame that no amount of chiding and warning could be enough to stop the wagging tongues of this boring village when it came to the rumors and gossip that spread like wildfire. There just wasn’t anything else to do save for talking and spouting such things. If there was anyone else, save Liddy, who understood her struggles about loving someone who wasn’t of human standards, it was certainly Aisley. She at least had the support of both her brothers and her father who all seemed to adore and appreciate Evreaux and all the things he had done on the farm and helping them with their daily lives. Rheda was certain that she could talk to Liddy and Bethea about this and they would understand and even support her, they seemed to be so easily missing these days. Talking with Aisley about things outside the church and things she wasn’t involved in somehow managed to distract her from her brooding worrisome thoughts long enough to have a more joyful conversation.

    Gradually the conversation shifted from the monster lovers and the struggles that came with them to the more mundane things that happened in their lives until the bells tolled and Aisley had to return home. Rheda had whispered a few words of encouragement so that Evreaux could escort his lady friend home and received a kind smile of thanks. It was the least she could do since she was unintentionally borrowing so much of the little time he and the others had here. Aisley had been so heartbroken when he was assigned to stay in the church to guard the nuns that she ran out crying after their last tea session. Rheda would happily give the Orcs back to her friends if she could, however, that was in her power nor authority to do so. She waved them off with a smile as the Orc held his cloak over her like an umbrella as they walked through the rain.

     Rheda could only pray that the madness in the village would finally go away and that they could finally be together. She had never seen Aisley so happy, and that look of utter endearment in the Orc’s eyes was something Aisley deserved after all the things she has done in the village and for her family. As her friend disappeared into the drizzling mist, her smile faded, and the chill of the air seemed to return to her now that the warmth of her friendship had left. All those foreboding feelings and thoughts came flooding back to her the moment she could no longer see Aisley. She needed to talk to her sisters now more than ever so they could at least make some sort of plan of action.

    There was movement off to the side, the scraping against wet stone and she turned and locked eyes with one of those dreaded Holy Knights. Jacob, she recalled him being called, was on his hands and knees as if he’d slipped and fallen. His black eyes stared at her, and a sense of dread filled her.

    “I didn’t mean to startle you, sister.” He said briskly as he pushed himself up from the ground.

    “N-No.” She gulped and offered a weak smile. “It’s all right. Are you hurt?”

    “I’m fine.” He shook his head as he approached the stairs to stand under the stoop. “Is it all right if I wait here a moment for the rains to stop?”

    She offered a shaky nod, she shouldn’t have, and withdrew into the threshold of the church, her heart pounding and praying God would protect her as the tall and armored man stood before her. Rheda reminded herself that she had to act natural, to act like she hadn’t heard anything even though she heard everything they said yesterday.

    “Does it always rain here?” He asked as he stared out into the gray falls covering the village.

    “Not always, only after the summer and the autumn has passed.” She softly supplied, really wishing she had her veil to hide behind. “You and your company came during the rainy seasons, though, it has rained more this year than any of that before.”

    “I wonder why that is. . .” he grunted and scratched under his chin. It was strange that she was speaking to him. Had she not come to the discovery of his plans yesterday, perhaps she could have had a normal conversation with him. She had to remain guarded, and she had to remain vigilant in her efforts though, no matter how kindly he spoke to her now, she knew he could not be trusted.

    “This village is technically in a valley.” She answered and hugged her shawl tighter around her shoulders to keep the cold away. “So, when it rains, it just seemed to linger until the sun decides to ebb it away, though I must admit that the rains are easier for me to deal with.”

    “Why is that?” His black eyes flicked to her in a strange sort of interest, as if he’d finally heard something he was looking for.

    “It’s easier on my eyes.” She smiled weakly again and tapped at her temple. “Ever since I was a child, my eyes have always been sensitive to the sun, it was always too bright. Doctors have told be because my eyes lack color in them, but I don’t know what that would have to do with anything.”

    She wasn’t sure why she was telling him this, perhaps some part of her hoped that if she told him this, he’d open his eyes and reconsider his plot against her and her sisters. Rheda silently prayed this would be enough to convince him, however, some part of her just knew it wasn’t.

    “Is that why you’re not wearing your veil today?” His black brow flicked up in curiosity. “Cause of the rain?”

    “Aye.” She nodded and clutched her shawl tighter about her shoulders and tried to withdraw into the church. However, he suddenly braced his hand against the frame of the door and looked her over. Her heart thudded in her chest, and she wanted to slam the door in his face with the hopes of catching his fingers too.

    “Is such a thing common in your family?” His left brow rose in interest at her.

    Rheda bit her lip as an old scab cracked on her heart. “I’m afraid I wouldn’t know. . .” She looked down at her feet, “I lost my parents as a babe and have only ever known the church as my family.”

    “Oh, I’m terribly sorry to hear that.”

    He cleared his throat awkwardly and looked away. Rheda had hope that this was a chance for her to escape this conversation with this man and tried to retreat into the church when he loomed over her and peered into her face, his brown eyes searching her pale gray ones for something.

    “I must say,” she gulped at how close he was and hated that she had nowhere else to look, “you do have lovely eyes, it’s a shame you keep them hidden away.”

    Her face flushed and she hated the way his words carried weight. Had she now known of his villainous plot she would have been flattered, and possibly felt an appreciation towards his words. He was not a hideous man, though she found little attraction in his square face. However, she could not properly interpret his words as just a flattering compliment, instead they came out twisted, as if he wished her eyes were something more to give him reason to go through with his plot. She gulped drily and gripped the door, silently praying to God to give her strength.

    “Thank you, sir knight,” she was careful not to say his name so as not to give away what little she knew. “Though flattering your words may be, I cannot accept them. As a woman of the church, you know I cannot accept such advances.”

    His eye ticked in annoyance, as if he hadn’t anticipated to be rejected so quickly or so harshly. He recovered quickly and took a half step closer, a smile slithering onto his face as he gave her a smoldering smile, “I’m merely admiring God’s handiwork that He has blessed my eyes to behold.”

    She frowned, knowing that this type of flattery would work on so many others of her sisters, and if she didn’t know what he was up to, it would have worked on her too. Before she could open her mouth there was a firm clearing of a throat that made her recoil from the door.

    “Sir Jacob.” Mother Superior’s voice clipped as she padded forward, her shoes angrily clapping against the floor. Never in all her life had she been so relieved to have her mother walk in on her. “By what means are you here on the church grounds?”

    The smoldering smiled twisted and tightened into a firm frown, his brow creasing heavily as Mother Superior came and stood before Rheda. He scowled at the sight of Mother Superior and gritted out behind his frown, “Just a quick rest out of the rain, Mother Superior.”

    “Then go rest at the inn with the rest of your company.” She growled fiercely as she snatched Rheda into the church, her nails digging into the grain of the door before slamming it in his face. Jacob had managed to move his fingers before the door shut, and Rheda sagged in relief that there was at least a door between them now. She did not have any good means of escaping or avoiding his advances and would likely have been trapped by more useless conversation had her mother not shown up.

    “Rheda Eilonwy Gray!” Her mother shrilled a hiss at her with her hands on her hips. Rheda winced at the full name. “You know I have forbidden their presence on the grounds, what was he doing there?”

    “I did not invite him, mother,” she frowned and tried to remain polite. “He slipped on a stone and only stood there, attempting to woo me.”

    Rheda had never seen her mother so stressed like this before. Her eyes were wide and with a wild angry look in them as though she really would bite someone the next time she snapped. Mother Agnes clicked her tongue in disapproval but seemed to relax marginally as she quickly locked the doors and rested against the large church doors.

    “You have better taste than that, I raised you better,” Rheda bit back a smile knowing this was true but refrained from expressing it. “So, when are you going to tell me?”

    The question made the smile fall from her face and the dread from earlier came rushing back like a storm. “Tell you what?”

    “About him.” Her mother cocked a brow and smirked mischievously at her as she twisted around to lean her hip against the wooden door. Rheda’s mind whirled as she tried to figure out just which him, she was referring to.

    Had she known something about the Holy Knights and was expecting Rheda to come to her? Was Mother Agnes suspicious of the Holy Knight’s behavior outside of their lack of manners and the way they flocked around her fellow sisters.

    “I’ve caught his scent in the area for a few years now,” there was a knowing glint in her eyes as she tried to give Rheda a pointed look, “but you came back this morning reeking of him. I’ve allowed you your privacy for so long now, but my impatience has gotten the better of me and I must know the depths of your relationship.”

    Rheda’s heart nearly stopped as she realized which him she was referring to. It wasn’t Jacob, it was Esclavon. Her cheeks warmed in realization, but her mind hadn’t quite caught up with her yet.


    “Come now, dear, you know who I am.” Mother Agnes snorted and rolled her brown eyes as she crossed her arms. “Best come out with it now while I’m still feeling lenient.”

    “I –” Rheda stammered a bit, her mouth opening and closing but words refused to come to her mind. Her head began to ache with the whiplash of things revolving around in her skull. “You knew about Esclavon?”

    “I’ve lived here my whole life and there is nothing that goes on in the forest that I don’t know about, Rheda,” that knowing smirk returned to her mother’s face and Rheda’s face burned. “I especially know when a moth comes fluttering around the belfry at night too. Esclavon, that’s a lovely name. I like the way it flows from the tongue. It makes me wonder if he is as handsome as his name.”

    God was punishing her, he just had to be. Rheda truthfully hated not having her veil to hide her face away from her mother’s teasing and her face burning with embarrassment. It was one thing to be teased about her angel by her friends, but it was far too embarrassing to be teased by her mother!

    “You’re not the only one that’s been sneaking off at night.” Her mother only seemed to grow more amused by her discomfort. “I know the three of you think you’re slick, but you’re all nothing but trouble, whether you’re working together or finding a mate for life, you three always seem to know how to find trouble. You a moth, Bethea the Drow, the one that has truly surprised me has been Lidwina and that massive Drider she’s found.”

    She sighed and rubbed irritably at her forehead all the while Rheda could only be dumbfounded that her mother claimed they were seeking out mates. She was at such a loss for words she could not respond. Mother Superior knew about all of them, Bethea was much less secretive with her Drow of a knight, but neither Rheda nor Liddy have spoken of their more monstrous loves.

    “As cute as it is to see my darling daughter caught by the tongue of a wolf,” she chuckled at her own joke, “I think it is high time you’ve told me about your moth if you intend to keep seeing him. Don’t tell me you’re pregnant.”

    “Mother!” She gasped and her face burned so much she was certain she’d faint from the embarrassment. God was truly punishing her.

    “Come now, as your mother I have every reason to be concerned!” She hissed and frowned with a clap of her hands to her hips. “Moths are particularly potent to humans, and I need to know now if I have to hide you away from the village or –”

    “Mother, I’m not –” She ran a hand over her face, glad for its chilling touch to sooth the burning skin. How had this escalated so quickly? “I’m not pregnant, Esclavon and I haven’t –”

    “But he’s taken you to his nest.” Her brow furrowed and her nose wrinkled. “Moths only do that when they have found a mate and - ”

    “It was for different circumstances, and not what you think!” Rheda’s words came out in a rush and she shook her head vehemently, her hands crossed over her chest in an ‘x’ as she did her best to refuse her mother’s assumptions. Why had she bothered to come back? Had she just stayed with Esclavon she wouldn’t be at her mother’s mercy. But then her mother’s words about why her angel would take her to his nest just echoed louder in her head and she was growing lightheaded from the growing heat in her face. “It was to get me away from the Holy Knights while I was in the forest, there was nothing more to it. He only helped me get away from the knights.”

    “And just what were you doing in the forest to begin with? You know as well as the others that place is dangerous.” Her mother crossed her arms with a pointed look. All the teasing and playful nest was quickly swept away as a more wary look crossed her mother’s face.

    Rheda paled under the pressure of that gaze and barely squeaked out, “But it is beautiful too.”

    “God made nature to be beautiful to be admired, my child.” Mother Agnes spoke strictly with a sigh. “There is just as much danger in beauty as there is in beauty in safety.”

    “I wasn’t looking for danger.” Rheda frowned at her mother’s words. “It was the Knights who came to me seeking to harm me, and Esclavon saved me.”

    “Why were you anywhere near the Knights that you needed to be swept away into his nest?”

    “It was upon my return from seeing Aisley on the kinghts first arrival in town.” She hated how defensive she felt at having to explain herself to her mother. “They were drunk, stumbled out of the tavern, and tried to come after me as I tried to return to the church.”

    A low growl sounded in her mother’s throat and Rheda could have sworn she saw a feral look cross her mother’s face at this news. After all the trouble the Holy Knights have currently caused in their little village, Rheda didn’t need to give Mother Agnes another reason to loath them and spite them. It had been so long ago now that if she began to retell her all the things that happened that night with Esclavon, it would only unravel everything else she and her friends were so desperately trying to keep everyone else out of. Surely her mother would understand, would even be willing to assist them in some way, however, it was not her whole secret to tell and she needed to speak with at least one of her sisters before telling her mother anything.

    “Nothing happened, though, mother.” Rheda rushed and grabbed her mother’s hands. “I am alive and well and no harm has come to me.”

    That angry look in her eyes softened by only a fraction, but she at least managed a smile and gave Rheda’s hands an encouraging squeeze. “It eases my heart to hear this, however, you need to be especially wary of the happenings in the village until the Knights leave. The longer they reside here in Drusilla, it becomes very apparent that they could possibly be more permanent residents here.”

    “S – Surely not.” She shook her head in disbelief. Her heart squeezed in panic at the idea of the Holy Knight staying permanently. Would that mean they would still continue their witch hunt? “There hasn’t been another Drider sighting since their arrival, so they shouldn’t have any reason to stay here.”

    “Not Drider sightings, but they have set their sights on the other nuns. Unless they start marrying the sisters in the church, I refuse to allow them admittance.” Mother Agnes scoffed and rolled her eyes. “Though I do agree with you that they’ve overstayed their welcome, there is little else we can do about it save to keep them out of the church. Even then, if Lord Colquett pitches a fit enough times, Father Isaac will eventually try to step in and persuade my decision.”

    “It wouldn’t really come to that, would it?”

    “Hopefully not, however, I can’t say for certain.” Mother Agnes grunted and cast a glare over Rheda’s shoulder. Rheda glanced over her shoulder; however, she didn’t see anything before Mother Agnes sighed again. “Between this rain and the Holy Knights, I would highly recommend you tell your fellow sisters-in-crime to be careful. The uphill battle only grows more difficult as it rains.”


    #romance#monster romance#monster boyfriend #monster x human #monster lover#moth#moth man#fantasy#gothic#nun#knight#deverell #village of drusilla #crusades#moth boyfriend#exophilia #esclavon & Rheda #esclavon#rheda #human x monster #violet oaks #black and white pepper moth #part 4 #nun story 3 #reblog
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  • monrowing
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    speaking of europeans i recently asked my professor for tips abt traveling as a jew in poland and he said “quite frankly you look jewish, so i’d be worried too”

    #i was planning to try and visit the village my great great grandfather came from but I Guess Not
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  • bad-moodboard
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    “Snowstorm in a Pennine Valley”

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  • squinko
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    guys i want to sell judy bc shes moving but idk how much she goes for what if i get scammed

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  • wujuhour
    25.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    my sister can no longer hold over my head my not being interested in “shang chi and the legend of the ten rings” as me not caring about asian representation anymore, since i watched it last week on a legal streaming platform. it was meh.

    #i'm perfectly fine with being wrong and eating my own words but my gut feeling was right that i wasn't going to be that into it #it's just yet another marvel movie that i'm not going to bother watching again #(i liked ''eternals'' more for sure that had more going for it and i actually cared about things more) #i wasn't that invested in the family plotline; it didn't properly take the time to develop it in a way that would've been effective for me #shang chi jumped into the action too soon and it just kept being about the actin #*action #i need more than action and they visit a fantastical world but we stay in the same village for almost the entire time #that felt underutilized and underwhelming #(action doesn't captivate me in general but even then the action scenes were okay to me) #but it was cool to have parts that really resonated with the chinese martial arts film genre and it's still cool to get an asian lead #i just wish i had cared for it more #it also has the problem of cutting what should be serious emotional punches with jokes that aren't even that funny most of the time #obviously these are all my personal feelings and i don't expect them to apply to everyone #it still annoys me that my sister was holding this movie over my head the way she was like i care about asian american rep plenty #(i thought i had shut her down about this for good but apparently not) #i'm watching ''the half of it'' and ''the farewell'' and ''the tiger hunter'' and ''crazy rich asians'' and ''searching'' and ''spa night'' #amongst other things like excuse me if i don't feel like giving money to marvel #what people can judge me for is not having seen ''black panther'' #that's perfectly justified and i keep slacking off but it is one of the marvel movies that i actually do want to check out #text
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  • starstruck-selfshipper
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I’m getting super into Encanto lately and have run into a problem when it comes to self inserting.

    Do I make my si a Madrigal, thereby getting cool gift/backstory, but being unable to self ship with Bruno (cause related)?

    Or do I make my si a boring villager, but then can ship them with Bruno?

    Decisions decisions…

    #or do I pull something out of my ass by saying that since Mirabel saved the miracle #that everyone in the village gets a chance for a gift not just family? #do I wanna be special? (yes) #or do I wanna be in love with Bruno? (also yes)
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  • heisenbergs-wife
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Songs that radiate Vixen energy

    Cherry Bomb - The Runaways

    Bad Reputation - Joan Jett

    Tantrum - Asknikko

    Blow - Kesha

    Bumblebee - Bambee

    Therefore I Am - Billie Eilish

    Welcome to the Jungle - Guns 'n Roses

    Dragula - Rob Zombie

    Gorey Demise - Creature Feature

    #resident evil#re8 village#re8 oc #resident evil heisenberg #vixen heisenberg #re8 village oc #re oc
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  • aimeenationarts
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    It's been almost a year now scince they were introduced, how time flies.

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  • julia-a-99
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Something doesn't work out to draw something so detailed and global. Only sketches, and only with a ballpoint pen. And again I remembered one of my favorite games ... :)

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  • corg-crossing
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago


    #Shoutouts to Sven... #I HC him as Sherb's grandpa ok #come on like look them both up and compare sjdksdf THEY ARE RELATED #Animal Crossing #Animal Crossing New Horizons #AC#ACNH#Sherb #Animal Crossing Villagers #Villagers#Moriohpost
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  • goldenwaves
    25.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    no when will nintendo capitalize off of animal crossings stuffed animal capabilities like they do for pokemon those build a bear releases were NOT enough

    #the money they could make from villager plushes like cmon
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