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  • kjd55
    03.08.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    hey guys, i just wanted to apologize for being so inactive this last week!! i’ve been on vacation so i haven’t had any time to write, but i promise i’m starting to work on a few requests now:)

    #vinnie hacker #sorry for being dead #:( #more stuff out soon
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  • hckrghst
    02.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    % ✿𖽐 💭🐛 𝗻𝗘𝘄 𝗽𝗢𝘀𝗧 ¥999𖠣✹ꩍ𖾝ꕥ㔡᪢𖢆無磻便酪 𝗹!𝗸ᦸᩚ 𝗼𝗿 𝕽𝖾𝗯𝕝𝙤𝗀 ⋆。˚🥬🍄🦋첑㈴私新★★^.^

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  • i2devora
    02.08.2021 - 3 hours ago

    % ✿𖽐 💭🐛 𝗻𝗘𝘄 𝗽𝗢𝘀𝗧 ¥999𖠣✹ꩍ𖾝ꕥ㔡᪢𖢆無磻便酪 𝗹!𝗸ᦸᩚ 𝗼𝗿 𝕽𝖾𝗯𝕝𝙤𝗀 ⋆。˚🥬🍄🦋첑㈴私新★★^.^

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  • gingeraleluke
    02.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    can i just say

    i love the universe i created for the boxer so much


    wow, i really did that


    i can’t wait to share the rest of this story with y’all :)

    imma cherish every post

    and keep you all dear to my heart

    #the boxer #the boxer fic #vinnie hacker #vinnie hacker x reader
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  • minadovinnie
    02.08.2021 - 5 hours ago

    • nailea devora icons | like or reblog <3

    #charli damelio icons #icon tiktok #random girls icons #addison rae icons #darianka icons #nailea devora icons #site model girls #site model icons #tiktok girls#tiktok icons#nailea devora #vinnie hacker icons
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  • abearrrxyz
    02.08.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Bom, eu sou nova aqui, então provavelmente ninguém vai ver isso; eu precisava de uma aesthetic e capa para minha nova fanfic do Wattpad, mas eu não conheço ninguém que faça e não sei fazer; se vc conhecer alguém que não se incomode em me ajudar nisso; poderia mandar uma mensagem no pv, por favor?

    Obrigado desde já : )

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  • netunw
    02.08.2021 - 6 hours ago


    ⌕ like or reblog if u save! ‹𝟹

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  • vincent-hacker
    02.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i miss the nose piercing

    #vinnie hacker#vhackerr #vinnie hacker imagine #vinnie hacker x reader #vinnie x reader
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  • skycl4ss
    02.08.2021 - 14 hours ago

    ᰍᝳ ꒲㌯ⵓ ?!? ☆ vhackerr ! ಣ🥏ᝂ ୫ႛ᪼ᰴ ⼽⽏⽑ !

    % ๓ँ ㇂💋 𠊎𠊞𠊙Ჰ . . #𝗟𝗢𝗩𝗘 ¿᯼᳴ ⿈⾽ᝢ ᜁ 🥂 ᔔ ☆︩︩ ᯾ꜣ 🝮㌥ℓ᳛ !!🧄 曲奇饼 ?!? ⍈ ⨾ 𝕡𝗼𝚂𝘵𝞋𝕕 ꯸ 𝘀𝗸𝘆ᩚ𫟼🗯乕𖥾 ]ꫧ 鈭鈬鈮 Ꮱ ☆ ¥900 ! ❥︎ ᝂ ⋆。˚💢

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  • vincent-hacker
    02.08.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #vinnie hacker#vhackerr #vinnie hacker imagine #vinnie hacker x reader #vinnie x reader #someone please take away my power to remove stuff from pictures
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  • vincent-hacker
    02.08.2021 - 22 hours ago
    #vinnie hacker#vhackerr #vinnie hacker imagine #vinnie hacker x reader #vinnie x reader #i get bored and i remove whole words and trees from photos
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  • xojamiebear
    02.08.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Fighter~Vinnie Hacker

    Plot : you are filming the netflix show and you and vinnie are dating and you get into a heated argument with Lily in front of everyone and the cameras, it turns violent when you start calling out the girl that everyone has been shipping him with. Lily is best friends with vinnie. I came up with a character, I used Nailea at first and then I read it over and it just didn't seem right so I just made this person up.

    WARNINGS: mention of blood, Blood!!, fighting, arguing, violence, language, and i think thats it. just dont read if any of this triggers you.

    It was 10 oclock at night and you shut your phone off and sighed as you saw yet another tik tok about how Vinnie should have dated Lily instead of you. Then you saw that Lily commented on it saying, ‘Yeah that's true, she stole him from me, but whateverrr.’ Lily was Vinnie’s best friend . She was the first person to be friends with him when he moved out to LA and they would always hangout and everyone would ship them together but Vinnie never had any feelings for her. Only saw her as a friend as he has told you before. Then when you came into the picture, he stopped hanging out with her and spent all his time talking to you and eventually asking you to be his girlfriend. Ever since that day, she has given you the cold shoulder. Ignoring you when you would say hi to her and she would only talk to Vinnie. You started to get mad because you know how close they are as friends so sometimes it looked like they were dating rather than you and him. Vinnie was downstairs with the rest of the crew including Lily. She was also best friends with Kouvr and Mia so she was over more often than you liked. You guys are filming your new Netflix show. So there were cameras everywhere, and you were always being recorded. So nothing was ever private. Your older brother Thomas had gotten you into the hype house a few months ago and then spilled the tea on them getting a tv show. You were excited. You had been dating Vinnie for a few months and once you got invited to stay at the hype house, you decided you would just stay in the same room as Vinnie. Thomas didn't like the idea of you dating Vinnie but he still supported you.

    You got up from his bed and went to the closet grabbing your sneakers and putting them on. You put your hair up in a ponytail and grabbed Vinnie’s black bandanna and tied it on your head with the knot on the top of your head. You were wearing black leggings and a black tank top. You walked out of the bedroom and walked downstairs. As you walked down the stairs the angrier you got as you heard everyone laughing. One of the camera men turned to you from the bottom of the stairs and he started to film you as he noticed your bitch face. You walked towards the kitchen and looked around as no one had noticed you yet. Alex and Kour were by the sink doing something and talking. Vinnie, Paper, Calvin and Jett were at the table talking and showing each other pokemon cards they had all bought. Mia, Thomas, Lily and Larray were standing around the island talking and taking turns trying something that Alex must have cooked. You looked over at Vinnie seeing him laughing with his friends, just got you even more mad. You walked past everyone and went to the fridge and opened it, grabbing a bottle of water and you shut the door with more force then you should have, and it slammed shut and everyone turned their faces to you. Vinnie looked up at you and saw how mad you looked. You turned around and took a sip of your water before looking right at Lily who was across the island from you standing next to Larray. You gave her a dirty look and put your water bottle down on the counter with the cap off still. Vinnie got up and walked over to you as you looked right at Lily.

    “What are you looking at (y/n)?” She laughed nervously and turned to Larray who was laughing kinda too.

    “I am going to give you 3 seconds to defend yourself, or take this ass beating.” You said with a lot of attitude. You did not care at this point. You were ready to fight her even if she wasn't a fighter. You were going to punch her either way. (If yall dont know this Bad Girl’s club quote..imma cry)

    “(y/n), come on. Let’s go talk.” Vinnie said as he grabbed your arm to pull you away but you pulled your arm away from him.

    “Dont fucking touch me!” you say as you push him away as he bumped into Alex and he helped him stand up straight, “This is all your fault! If you would have just listened to me when I told you to not be so friendly with her anymore, we wouldn't be having a problem now would we?!”

    “(y/n), come on lets just go outside and talk about this before you do something you will regret.” He grabbed your arm again, but tightly this time, but not to leave a mark. You heard Lily chuckle a little and you looked right over at her and that just set you off. You grabbed your open bottle of water and threw it right at her getting her all wet with the water and you threw the bottle at her and it hit her in the chest.

    “Why are you laughing bitch?! What the fuck is so funny huh?!” Vinnie grabs you by the waist as you try to jump over the island to get to Lily. She wipes her face off with her hands as her makeup is ruined now. She looks over at you and she throws her drink that was in a red solo cup at you and you gasp and it gets all over you and Vinnie. “Vinnie! Let me go! Let me GO!!” You try pulling out of his grasp as he wraps his arms tighter around your waist. He had his eyes shut because whatever was in Lily’s drink was burning his eyes.

    “(y/n) I dont know what you are talking about! I didn't even say anything about your relationship with Vinnie! You are acting like a complete psycho! Vinnie calm her down!” Lily says as she looks at Vinnie, whose eyes are still shut. He lets go of your waist with one arm to rub his eyes with his shirt. As he did that, you took that as your opportunity to shove his other arm off of your waist, as you walked around to the other side of the island. Larray pushes Lily back, as she walks backwards and her back hits the wall as he is blocking her from you. Thomas walks over to you grabbing your waist pulling you back from Lily and Larray. Vinnie was at the sink with Micheal and Mia as they were helping him clean out his eyes.

    “(y/n)! Relax! Come on, take a walk! Take a walk!” He pulls you to the other side of the kitchen. You try to push his arms off of you as you walk backwards towards the backyard doors.

    “Thomas, let go of me! Why are you guys defending her?! She is a fucking bitch! I want her out of here Thomas!” He turns you around and pushes your back up against the wall near the back sliding doors.

    “(y/n), you need to relax! Fighting isn't the answer to your problems! You need to relax and then have a nice conversation with her about it, okay?!” he looked at you, sighing.

    You looked at Thomas, your eyes were dilated so much they looked black. The rage was taking over you and you weren't yourself anymore. “I dont give two fucks! She talks so much shit about me to the fans! She agrees with them when they say that Vinnie should be with her and not me! She said that herself today on a tik tok fan page about her and Vinnie! What if someone said that about Mia and someone else! You would be pissed too! So don't give me that run around bullshit!”

    You rambled on, as you didnt even notice that you were crying as tears were running down your face. Thomas sighed and looked back at Larray and turned around still blocking you from running after her.

    “Lily, you guys need to leave.”

    Lily looks over at Thomas, “Why? Because you guys can't control (y/n)’s anger problems, so you have to step in and be the dad in the house and tell me to leave? I have friends who live here.”

    Vinnie looked over at Lily and now he was mad, “Lily, just fucking leave! You are causing more of a problem than there already is! You know for a fact (y/n) can and will kick your ass if you don't leave! You talk mad shit and you say you are this tough bitch, but you aren't! So just leave before you cause a bigger problem!”

    Lily looked over at Vinnie and shook her head, “You should have been with me, not that psycho bitch!” She grabbed her purse and Larray walked to the door. Everyone finally let out a sigh of relief. You wiped your face of your tears and you made your way to the kitchen to grab a towel to clean your chest and face. Vinnie looked at you and he walked over to you.

    “Hey, are you okay now?” He rubbed your shoulder, sighing.

    You nodded your head, “Yeah I'm fine. Just need to calm down.”

    He chuckled a little, “That's what we have been trying to get you to do for like 10 minutes now.”

    The producer walked into the kitchen and looked at everyone, “Who’s car is that parked near the fountain?” Everyone looked over at you.

    “That’s my car, why?” You put the towel down on the counter looking at her.

    She sighed, “Lily just smashed your windshield-” She was cut off by you running past her as everyone yelled your name. You ran to the front door and pulled it open as she was still standing by your car with the bat in her hand and your front windshield smashed in as Larray was taking pictures of her in front of it. You blacked out. You don't remember anything after you saw her standing there with the bat.

    After the producer told everyone that Lily smashed your windshield. You were gone so fast, Vinnie didn't get a chance to hold you back. You ran to the front door as they all yelled after you. Thomas and Vinnie ran after you as you ran out the door and ran right towards Lily punching her right in the face and pushing her right on the ground. There was hair pulling, and punches being thrown everywhere. They both ran over and tried pulling you off of Lily but she had your hair so tight in her grip and her right hand just kepting punching you anywhere. Your hand was in her hair and you were punching her on the head. Vinnie grabbed your waist trying to pull you off of her as Thomas was grabbing Lily’s waist trying to pull her away.

    “y/n let go of her hair!” Vinnie said.

    “Lily let go of her hair!” Thomas said. Lily was the first to let go and you let go right after. You are both being pulled in separate directions. You push away from Vinnie and spit out blood from your mouth as one of your teeth from the back falls out. You are breathing heavily as you bend over, putting your hands on your knees to catch your breath. You had a cut across your cheekbone from her ring that she had on. Your mouth was bleeding because when she punched you in the face, she knocked your tooth out. You spit out more blood and look down at your hands. They were covered in blood and your knuckles were cut and bruised. You stood up and looked at Vinnie who was looking right at you observing the damages on your face. When Thomas pulled Lily away, she was just as bad as you were. She was spitting out blood, her face was swollen on the right side, she had blood everywhere on her.

    “We need to take you to the hospital.” he sighed as he ran his hands through his hair and you nodded, standing up straight starting to cry because everything was too overwhelming for you. He grabbed you and pulled you into a hug as you hugged him back, your cheek still bleeding and getting all over his white shirt but he didnt care. He kissed the top of your head and rubbed your back. “Shhh, it's going to be okay baby. Let's just take you to the hospital.” He pulled away as Thomas walked over and he rubbed your back.

    “You okay y/n?” You nodded looking at him, “Larray is taking Lily to the hospital, she is in pretty rough shape. And so are you. She got you good.” You winced as he touched the cut on your cheek and nodded.

    “Yeah, I'm going to take her to the hospital too.” Vinnie said as he reached in his pocket for his car keys.

    Thomas nods, “Okay just let me know when you guys get there.” he looks at you, “I will pay for your new windshield, and i'm not mad at you for getting into the fight, you have every right to fight her, but next time, don't do it on the driveway, now i gotta wash off the blood.” he laughs a little, making you smile a little and nod. He looks at you, “what? Can you not talk?”

    “Sh-She made me bite my to-tongue and it hurts.” You look at him as you spit out more blood.

    He nods, “okay well go get checked out, i'll see you when you get back, love you.” He kisses the top of your head as you and Vinnie walk to his car. You get in the passenger seat as Vinnie gets in the driver seat, starting his car and he drives down the long drive way and makes his way to the hospital. You looked out the window as you felt the blood from your cheek run down to your neck. You sigh and take the bandanna from your hair and hold it up to your cheek to stop the bleeding. Vinnie put his hand on your thigh and squeezed it, sighing.

    “(y/n), I love you so much.” he gets to the hospital and pulls into a spot parking. He looks over at you, “I'm not mad that you fought her, I am just disappointed. You didn't need to yell at her, throw the water, or even fight her. And I get it, she smashed your window, I would be just as upset. But I need you to promise me that you won't let what her or my fans say about us. Nai is just a friend and you know that. I am in love with you and I would do anything for you to make you happy. And if dropping Nai as a friend, especially after this, I am sure going too, is going to make you happy, then I will.” he squeezes your thigh as you smile a little.

    “Thank you Vinnie, but if losing a friend over me isn't going to make you happy then you shouldn't. Just everyone is always shipping you guys together and saying that you should have been with her rather than me and it gets to me sometimes and I don't like it.” you sigh, “I'm sorry that i did fight her, but to be honest, i completely blacked out when i saw her taking the pictures near my car. I don't even remember attacking her or anything. When I came back, I saw you and then I looked down at my hands and I realized I did fight her.”

    “Can I just say that I've never seen you fight before, but you did pretty freaking great.” he laughed as you smiled. “Alright let's get you checked out.”

    ~a few hours later

    You were in the car with Vinnie driving home. When he parked the car, you walked into the house wih Vinnie behind you as you were holding an ice pack they gave you to your cheek. You walked into the living room and everyone turned their attention to you.

    “Hey look there is our little fighter!” Thomas said as he laughed, “So whats the damage?”

    “She has 8 stitches on her cheek, a broken tooth, a black eye and a few bruised ribs. She cant talk much because she could rip the stitches out, so she has to try not to speak as much.” Vinnie said as he sat on the couch next to Jett.

    “Oh damn, this is really fucked you up huh y/n?” Jett said as he chuckled. You nodded and sat down on the bean bag.

    “I’m sorry that i fought her. I didnt want to but she smashed my window, and now…” you sigh as you tear up.

    “y/n its fine, dont cry, please.” Vinnie got up from the couch and walked over to you sitting down next to you rubbing your back.

    “Yeah, y/n its okay. We understand, any of us would have done the same.” Kouvr said as she sat on the other side of you and gave you a side hug resting her head on your shoulder. You sniffle and put your head on hers.

    “Thank you.” you wipe your eyes.

    “So when do the stitches come off so we can see your battle scar?” Thomas laughed to try and lighten up the mood. Everyone started laughing along with him.

    “2 weeks.” Vinnie said.

    “2 weeks of not hearing her voice as much or her laugh?! Thank the lord!” Thomas said laughing more as you smiled and threw a pillow at him.

    “Not funny Thomas!”

    A/N: should i make a part 2? maybe when y/n gets the stitches off and the girl shows back up, round 2? let me know! okay enjoy byeeeee

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  • luverts
    02.08.2021 - 23 hours ago

    can you guys send me myb some blurb n fluff requests pls i need a break from writing these long ass smuts😁🙏

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  • vincent-hacker
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    someone take this child's phone away pls

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  • vinnieslut
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • vincent-hacker
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    fluffy hair and a kissable nose, what more could you want

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  • vincent-hacker
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • vincent-hacker
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    i used to drive a manual and I don't get how he's just doing that. i would already struggle normally lmao

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  • luverts
    02.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    late night ‘swim’ // vinnie hacker

    warnings: light angst, smut, f!ngering, degrading, unprotected, seggs in a hot tub :|
    vinnie x fem!reader (best friends) [18]
    a/n: THIS IS LONG , 2 requests i merged tgt cos they were similar!! hope you all enjoy mwah <3
    like & reblog !! please this took days :)

    2 hours. just a 2 hour trip to this beach house the hype house had rented and your best friend, vinnie, invited you to come… and how could you say no?

    you were excited to finally get out of basic LA scenery, but the 2 hour drive was hell. absolute hell.

    for some reason, your group decided to take vinnie’s bmw there, and laugh out loud that was a bad idea.

    there were about 3 cars driving there. you were in vinnie’s, who was driving. jake was in the front while you were squished in the back with jett. plus, the heat didn’t make anything better.

    vinnie was trying to be optimistic about this whole trip and everything, but he officially lost it when his car broke down for the 4th time.

    “i can’t fucking do this anymore!” vinnie ran a hand through his hair. the car was pulled over to the side of an empty highway, and he cussed as he kicked some rocks on the ground.

    “jett, switch with me.“ “dude, are you okay?” jett confusingly got out of the car. “i’m fine, thanks,” vinnie huffed, taking his shirt off before he sat down in the seat next to you, panting.

    “you good, vincent?” you asked with a chuckle, trying to lighten the tension, but vinnie just shot you a ‘not right now’ glare, and you rolled your eyes.

    “it’s gonna get better, v, i promise,” you tried to reassure him as the car started up again, this time jett driving. “guys, how much longer till we’re there?” “about.. 35 minutes,” jett spoke as he switched the gears.

    “so fucking tired,” vinnie groaned, scooching himself closer to you then leaned his head onto your shoulder. you quickly nudged it off, the feeling of his sweaty body making you cringe.

    vinnie furrowed his brows at you, confused. “sweaty,” you gagged, and he rolled his eyes, putting his head back down on your shoulder.

    “vinnie, stop. you’re sweaty as hell.” you pushed him away again, and vinnie was fed up.

    “it’s not the end of the fucking world, y/n!” he shouted, catching you— everyone in the car off guard. you gave vinnie a ‘seriously’ look and scoffed, “jett, stop the car.” “why—“ “just stop it.”

    jett pulled over to the side, allowing you to get out, and you swapped spots with jake, sitting in the front seat now.

    vinnie started to calm down a bit and kissed his teeth before he spoke, “look, y/n, i’m so—“ “save it,” you cut him off as you plugged your phone into aux and turned the volume all the way up, drowning out any other noise in the background.

    “fucking, finally!” you sighed of relief as jett put the car in park, and everyone practically jumped out of the car. you stretched your arms and thanked jake when he dropped your 2 bags next to you.

    you sighed, standing in front of the tall beach house when you felt someone’s presence behind you. “we’re still sharing a room, by the way,” vinnie mumbled lowly in your ear before quickly passing by you and went straight into the beach house.

    you rolled your eyes as you picked up your bags and walked in, noticing that everyone was already there, meaning you guys were the last ones to arrive.

    “hey, mia!” you saw her standing in the kitchen. she smiled and waved when she saw you. “hey, babe! how was the ride?” “it was… interesting,” you forced a chuckle, and she laughed along with you. “which room am i staying in, again?”

    “last door on the right…” you whispered to yourself as you made your way to the room.

    sighing, you opened the door and quickly shut your eyes when you saw a clear view of vinnie, who had just pulled his swim shorts up. he cussed when he turned around and saw you.

    “how long have you been standing there for?” vinnie nervously asked as he faced you. you just scrunched your face, putting your bags down and looked for a certain black bikini in your bag and found it.

    “one bed, seriously?” you scoffed as you headed towards the bathroom to change. vinnie shrugged and rolled his eyes, leaving the room.

    “ah! jack, put me down!” you squealed as jack had thrown you over his shoulder, in an attempt to get you into the ocean.

    “jack, i swear on your mother, if you don’t put me—”“alright, alright,” he laughed, letting you go gently on the sand. you glared at him, but it didn’t take you too long to burst into laughter yourself.

    you got up from the sand, brushing it off of your thighs and turned your body around slightly to get a view of your ass, brushing the sand off of it also.

    when you turned back, you noticed vinnie staring daggers at you. his jaw was clenched as his arms held him up on the edge of the balcony railing. when your gazes met, vinnie immediately looked away.

    “what’s up with him?” jack asked, referring to vinnie. “don’t know.” you shrugged. the two of you decided to go back inside, and perfect timing since the takeout finally arrived.

    “pizza?” “what can i say?” thomas shrugged with a laugh. you chuckled as alex opened one of the pizza boxes, and everyone dug in.

    “so, y/n, did you try out the hot tub yet?” kouvr asked you, and you shook your head as you looked out at the large hot tub on the balcony.

    “hopefully tomorrow,” you said casually.

    you, kouvr, and mia talked some more before you finally decided to get some food, and grabbed a plate and a slice.

    “did you guys get any french fries?” you looked around the table but couldn’t find them. “gotcha,” alex spoke, pointing at vinnie, who was sitting on a stool around the bar area… the container of fries in his hands.

    you sighed as you approached your boy best friend and realized that you guys sadly didn’t even hang out today, for some reason.

    “gimme some.” you playfully reached your plate out to him, but vinnie completely ignored your presence and continued to watch the movie that was playing.

    why the fuck is he ignoring me?

    “v, are you okay?” you quietly asked as you put your plate down on the counter and gently placed a hand on his knee. “look, i’m sorry for what happened in the car earlier, but you can’t ignore me forever,” you said clearly, but he stayed quiet.

    “dude, you invited me to this shit. talk to me, vinnie, for fucks sake we’re sharing a freaking bed tonight!” you slightly raised your voice, and it felt like a miracle occurred when he finally turned to look at you.

    though all he did was shrug. “my bad,” vinnie mumbled, putting the container of fries down and moved your hand off of his knee. “vinnie—” you tried, but he got up and walked away.

    it was usually easier for you to fall asleep, but tonight wasn’t it, and vinnie’s constant tossing and turning in bed really wasn’t helping. “shit,” you whispered to yourself as you checked the time to see it was 2:47 AM. you sighed as you laid on your back.

    thankfully, vinnie stopped turning around, and he was finally comfortable laying down on his back, just like you.

    “i can’t sleep,” vinnie suddenly let out a low breath, and you simply scoffed, not knowing what to say since you didn’t want to risk vinnie being mad and ignoring you again.

    silence quickly fell over the room again. you felt yourself finally dozing off when vinnie had to speak again.

    “i’m sorry,” he mumbled, turning his body to face yours, and you took a breath before slowly turning on your side to face him.

    “it’s okay.” you gave him a gentle smile, and admired him and how his features looked so godly in the moonlight.

    “you tired now?” he asked. “well, i was… but you woke me up.” you kissed your teeth, but noticed vinnie grin. he abruptly got out of bed and ran to the bathroom, coming out with his swimsuit on and tossed you yours.

    “put it on, we’re going swimming.”

    “this isn’t swimming,” you laughed as vinnie helped you into the hot tub, beaming smiles on both of your faces. “shut up, it’s the same thing,” he lightly chuckled as you bit your lip, and you dipped your body into the water.

    “feels nice, right?” vinnie raised his brows. you sighed and mumbled a ‘mm-hm’ as you moved around in the water a little bit.

    “turn the jets on,” you whispered, nodding your head forward. “can’t, y/n. the noise will wake everyone up,” vinnie whispered back, and you could see him quickly swipe his tongue over his bottom lip.

    “c’mon, they won’t even hear it,” you insisted, a pleading look on your face. vinnie rolled his eyes as he reached out of the hot tub and pressed a button, the jets immediately starting up.

    “c’mere,” vinnie suddenly mumbled and gestured for you to come closer to him. you giggled, making your way towards him, and out of nowhere, he pulled you onto his lap.

    “is this okay?” he said lowly in your ear as you relaxed and rested your back on his chest. you nodded as vinnie carefully placed his hands on your waist.

    “i like night swims,” you teased as you leaned your head back on his chest. vinnie chuckled and began to draw circles on your upper thigh gently.

    you got yourself comfier on his lap and sighed from the feeling of the jets and warm water. everything was so soothing, but the tension between you and vinnie seemed more different than usual.

    after a few minutes, you could feel vinnie’s breath on your neck and his grip on your waist tighten. you tugged at your bottom lip, trying to relax again— but the feeling of your bodies pressed together and the way his hands were placed on your waist, you couldn’t help but slightly move on top of him and a low groan fell from his lips.

    you didn’t acknowledge it, but vinnie’s grip on your waist loosened… instead, his fingers started to lightly play with the strings of your bikini bottom. you bit your lip again, trying to hold back any sounds that could accidentally slip out.

    vinnie’s fingers lightly treaded over your skin and would ‘accidentally’ make contact with your area. you squirmed on top of his lap, causing him to let go of the strings and hold you on him again.

    suddenly, you felt something pressing up against under you, and it didn’t take you long to figure out what it was. his bulge was pressing hard against you, and you couldn’t help but whimper when he started to lightly tug on your bikini bottoms again.

    “can i?” he suddenly mumbled in your ear, and you nodded your head slowly as his fingers crept their way to the inner side of your bottoms.

    “s-shit,” you whimpered as his index finger swiftly ran up your slit, and you couldn’t help but rock your hips gently on him again.

    vinnie lowly chuckled, “i can’t tell if you’re actually wet or if it’s just the water.” “mm, v.” you threw your head back on his shoulder, softly laughing with him. his finger continued to play with your wetness… when your eyes made contact, he stopped.

    you suddenly gasped and shut your eyes when you felt vinnie’s finger push into you, and you moaned when he started to move it back and forth.

    “shh, stay quiet for me, love,” he huskily whispered into your ear and lightly bit your lobe as his finger moved steadily in you. “f-fuck, vin.”

    the pace increased, and you couldn’t help but let out low whimpers as his finger now moved swiftly in your pussy.

    your hand gripped his thigh for support as he added another finger in you. “please, v-vinnie,” you moaned his name quietly as he started to suck feverishly on your neck.

    you immediately grabbed onto the back of his neck with your other hand for support as you felt your body become unsteady on his lap. the feeling of his bulge pressing against you was very much still there.

    “sh-it, i’m s-so close, v.” you stifled out a moan as vinnie’s fingers moved at just the right speed, giving the perfect amount of pressure, and your eyes rolled back as you felt your high overcome you.

    “finish on my fingers, baby, c’mon. just like the good little slut you are,” he grunted, and you couldn’t help but moan loudly and gasp when you felt yourself release. “f-uck, yes!”

    you panted and tried to regain some composure as you came down from your high. vinnie pulled his fingers out and admired your wetness on his digits when it finally hit you what just fucking happened.

    slowly turning around to face vinnie, both of you were speechless. your eyes were locked, before his eyes quickly flashed down to your lips. you didn’t waste a second before closing the space in between and smashed your lips together.

    vinnie’s hand went straight to your neck, and guided you to straddle his lap. your fronts pressed together, and you whimpered, wrapping your arms around his neck as his other hand cupped your ass and stroked it eagerly.

    your fingers tugged at his damp curls lightly as your hips rocked against each other. the feeling was intense yet euphoric, at the same time.

    vinnie’s groans had set you off the hook, and you desperately wanted to hear them again, causing you to palm him. you got what you wanted. he pulled back from the kiss, his eyes were shut and one more groan left his lips before he spoke.

    “ride me.” “i-in the hot tub?” “I’ll help you.”

    you pressed your lips together and nodded your head. vinnie grinned as you lifted your hips slightly, allowing him to move his shorts to his knees and you watched intently as his cock sprung up, his tip leaking with precum. how tf is that supposed to fit?

    vinnie then untied your bottoms strings, making them fall off completely. you scoffed as vinnie tossed them at the patio door and raised your brows as he swiftly licked his lips and shrugged.

    your thighs were placed on either side of his while vinnie’s hands were now placed on your waist. your eyes were locked as you hovered over him, both of your privates exposed. his grip on your waist tightened, and you held in a breath before sinking down onto his hard.

    “shit.” “oh fuck.” your mouths both formed into ‘o’s as you slowly sank down on him completely. you squirmed, adjusting yourself to his size, causing vinnie to let out a throaty moan then bite his tongue.

    whimpers left your lips as you settled onto vinnie’s cock. getting used to the feel of his dick stretching you out, moving up and down a couple times before finally feeling comfortable. all pain had turned into pleasure.

    vinnie started off by slowly rolling your hips on his, causing you to bury your face into his shoulder, soft moans leaving your lips.

    “r-right there, oh-oh fuck,” you moaned into the crook of his neck as he started to thrust upwards in you.

    “do i fuck you good, love? is this how you like it?” he grunted into your ear as you bite down onto his shoulder, trying not to let out a glass shattering moan that would surely wake up every beach house, on the coast.

    “you have no fucking clue how long i’ve been waiting to fuck this pretty pussy, baby. so-so fucking tight,” he grunted again, making it even harder for you to stay quiet. “o-oh.”

    “let me see you, love,” vinnie murmured as he stroked your ass, and you slowly lifted your head off of his shoulder, but your eyes were shut tight.

    vinnie suddenly squeezed your ass, wanting you to look at him. your gazes met, and you opened your mouth to say something but nothing audible would come out.

    “let me hear you,” he whispered, and you nodded your head as he thrusted hardly up into you. your eyes rolled back and a pornographic moan left your lips, causing his cock to throb in you.

    “more,” he grunted sternly, thrusting upwards again, and you immediately grabbed onto his shoulders for support. “mmf, vin— r-right there.”

    you started to lightly bounce, but vinnie was still in full control. his large hands still gripped your hips steadily and rocked you back ‘n forth. profanities and low moans leaving his plump lips, every few seconds.

    he was so caught up in the pleasure he was feeling, vinnie didn’t even realize that his control was slipping from his grasp, and that gave you the opportunity to bounce yourself at your own pace.

    “fucking slut thinks she’s the boss now, hm?” vinnie grunted, frustrated that he couldn’t take back his control and gritted his teeth as you continued to bounce on him. you felt weak for a second, slowing down a bit but got back into it right away.

    “pathetic, little bitch,” he scoffed. all you could do was whimper as your hands grabbed his shoulders harder, your bouncing actions never faltering.

    “riding me like—“ “just shut up and let me make you feel good,” you whined, cutting him off and quickly pecked his lips a few times. still going up and down on his dick.

    vinnie moved all your hair onto one shoulder before gently placing his hands on your hips again, willingly putting you in charge now.

    the sound of the bubbling water and jets muffled the echoes of your clapping skin and made your moans seem barely audible, as the pace of your bouncing on him started to pick up even more.

    “you’re such a whore for me, you know?” vinnie grunted with a grin on his face. “and what about it?” you whimpered. “i fucking love it,” vinnie replied with a smirk, squeezing your hips, and you bit your lip.

    vinnie instantly moaned when you clenched around him, his moans making you want to return the favour of pleasure even more. you switched your rhythm to grind on him now, rocking your hips against his swiftly, and his grip on your waist tightened as he felt his high getting nearer.

    “holy fuck, y/n,” he groaned as you titled your head, sucking on his neck and grunts wouldn’t stop leaving his lips.

    “cum in me, vin,” you whimpered in his ear and started to roll your hips with more force. his grip on your waist tightened even more, and you purposely moaned in his ear as his cock hit foreign places, deep inside of you.

    “baby, i’m so fucking close,” vinnie grunted loudly as his hips began to stutter. “just like that, y-yeah— fucking hell— y/n!” he moaned loudly as his cock started to twitch, and he released up inside of you, painting your walls white.

    the bouncing came to a stop, and the both of you were left in the bubbling hot tub, panting and rushing with adrenaline. your hands had to hold onto his sturdy shoulders to keep you up.

    a few seconds later, you started to laugh and a smirk crept up on your face, vinnie mirrored it before pulling your face back to his and pressed your lips together.

    you went back to the state of tugging his curls as you made out, tongues dancing together, and moans sending vibrations throughout your entire bodies— when all of a sudden, the upstairs lights turned on. you could hear multiple voices, and immediately pulled away from vinnie’s plump lips.

    vinnie cussed, and you were still straddling his lap as you turned to see the awake beach house. just your luck, the hot tub timer finished and the jets slowly came to a stop. “no way this is happening.”

    “we’re screwed.” vinnie ran a hand through his hair, and you looked down to see a clearer view of your bodies still attached in the water.

    “vinnie!” you whisper-yelled sternly, nudging his chest and told him to look down. “y/n, what— shit,” he whistled as he looked down at your connected bodies. his eyes quickly flashed to the door where he threw your bikini bottom. you laughed and shook your head when he looked back at you with a guilty apologetic look.

    vinnie was trying to think of a solution to cover— but the only thing he could come up with was to grab your ass with his full hands and relied on you to cover him, as his dick stayed limp inside of you.

    at that moment, you both looked up and watched as people started to make their way onto the upstairs balcony. a few cussed when they saw the position you two were in but some just laughed their asses off.

    “oh shit!” “is that y/n and vinnie?” “fucking nasty!” “they’re so cute!” “in the hot tub, rlly?” “me next!”

    “what the fuck did you do guys do!?” thomas yelled, from the upstairs balcony, and everyone laughed.

    you stuttered, not knowing what to tell them. yeah, so basically… casual night swim turned into my best friend fingering me and then i rode him in a mother fucking hot tub at 3am, the usual, you know!

    thankfully, vinnie came to the rescue.

    “just making my girl feel good,” he teasingly yelled with a chuckle, smirking as he turned your chin to face him and suddenly brought your lips to his.

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