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    via vinnie’s insta story
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    hiya so i took a huge break but i write for vinnie hacker and a few others and i rlly wanna make some friends so pls be friends with me!! <3

    here’s the link to my main story!

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    hera did not agree to this

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    ʙᴏᴅʏ ꜱʜᴀᴍᴇᴅ


    Body shaming
    Triggering vocabulary (slurs)

    idea: I saw this Tik Tok of a girl saying a flight attendant calling her slur words bc of her outfit even though it was a modest outfit

    Y/n's POV:

    I'm currently at the airport, waiting for them to call my flight. I'm in New York City since I was visiting my family and friends from home and now after 2 months, I'm finally going back to LA, where I live. I'm mostly excited to see Vinnie since we haven't been talking considering our busy schedules. 'Flight 652 from NYC to LA is now boarding, please start to head to Gate C' I hear being announced on the speakers. I begin to walk to the gate and check my ticket in. The flight is around 6 hours so I just plan on sleeping the whole time. As I'm sitting down, I feel someone staring. I look back and see the older flight attendant staring at me, disgust written all over her face.

    I just wave a little and smile then look back in front of me, trying not to think too much of it. After everyone got seated, that same flight attended tapped me on my shoulder. I looked at her, taking out my air pods. "yes ma'am?" I say politely

    "I will not allow this disgusting attire to be seen on this flight. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to change into a more modest outfit. It's just so disappointing to see this generation of girls all turn into these whores and sluts." She says shaking her head towards me as she gives me a nasty expression.

    "Excuse me? I mean no disrespect ma'am but who the hell do you think you are talking to like this? Last time I checked, no airline has a dress code. All you need to be wearing is shoes and clothes. And what does it look like I'm wearing? Oh that's rights, shoes and clothes." I rudely respond

    "Don't make me kick you off of this flight. I will gladly do it. You get a pass this time, but next time, don't come on my airline and decide to dress like a slut"

    "There won't be a next time ass hole" I mumble as she walks away from me

    I then look around me and notice everyone staring at me and I quickly get embarrassed and my face is probably the same color as a tomato. I use my hoodie hood and put it over my hair, trying to cover my face. I didn't even realize it but I was crying from how furious I was and my mascara was smearing from my eyes. Luckily I'm sitting alone so I just try to forget, but it's hard when people keep staring.

    If you were wondering, all I was wearing is a hoodie with nike pro shorts, and slides. I swear I saw a girl around my age wearing a more revealing outfit than me and I don't see her getting body shamed and harassed by a flight attendant on this plane.

    I finally fall asleep after an hour and then about 5 1/2 hours later, I got woken up by a nice elderly lady letting me know it's time to get off the plane. As I'm leaving, that same rude flight attendant is at the exit, smiling and thanking people for riding on their airline. Once I get up to her, I stop for a moment and just stare. "You bitch" I tell her then leave, still upset from earlier. I decided to text Vinnie where I was so he can come and get me. I only had 1 suitcase and a carry on so it wasn't a lot to carry.

    I then see Vinnie and run up to him. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I guess I was so upset still I started to cry and Vinnie noticed. "I missed you so much baby" I tell him kissing him, tears still spilling out of my eyes. "I missed you too baby, but whats wrong? Did something happen?" He worriedly asks

    "Its ok babe. I'm fine, really" I reply. "No y/n its not ok, what happened?" He asks again

    "Can I just tell you in the car? I don't feel comfortable here" "Of course you can, here let me take your bags" he politely tells me smiling, taking my stuff from me

    Time skip to the car, on the way to the house ~

    "Wanna talk about what happened?" He asks me

    "Yea umm, so basically what had happened was-" I start but stop, trying not to cry. Her words just hurt me so much and affected me to the point where I wanted to believe her

    "There was this really rude flight attendant. She basically harassed and body shamed me, in front of everyone while the plane was dead silent. I felt so stupid an- and people just wouldn't s-st-stop star-ring at m-e and it re-ally h-urt" I stutter from crying

    "Omg baby, I'm so sorry that happened. You didn't deserve that at all. If you don't mind, what did she say?" He tells me, hurt in his eyes

    "She um, she basically said, and I remember her exact words. 'I will not allow this disgusting attire to be seen on this flight. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to change into a more modest outfit. It's just so disappointing to see this generation of girls all turn into these whores and sluts' " I tell Vinnie, still crying. He looked so sad, but angry at the same time He put his hand on my thigh, trying to calm me down. "Listen, do not believe anything she said. None of that was right of her to tell you, ok? She's wrong and just some uneducated lady who has clearly nothing better to do with her life. She deserves to be fired from her job and never allowed to be on a flight again. Honestly what the fuck is wrong with her?" Vinnie explains to me

    "I know none of it is true and your right but it was just so hard to not believe her when every single person, and I mean everyone was staring at me, as if I DID SOMETHING WRONG? Like I did nothing wrong but it felt like it. Oh and after she said that and I responded, she then said 'Don't make me kick you off of this flight. I will gladly do it. You get a pass this time, but next time, don't come on my airline and decide to dress like a slut' then walked away. God I was just so fucking embarrassed" I then sniffle, finally done crying

    "I am so, so fucking sorry you had to go through that. I really wish I was there with you, so you wouldn't be alone and so I can put that lady in her fucking place. God I hate people like her, they act as if what they're doing is ok"

    "Vin, its ok. And don't apologize for something that you couldn't control. I'm just glad that it's over. I am never flying on that airline again" I say looking out the window


    This chapter is kind of a sensitive topic to talk about, so I hope I didn't offend anyone or make this chapter too triggering. It's sad to say a girl actually went through this, a flight attendant calling her a slut from her outfit. She literally had on shorts and a jacket with a tank top underneath. All of her private areas were covered modestly, so she didn't deserve to go through that. No one does, and I'm so sorry if you ever have been body shamed.

    I'm so sorry to that girl, and anyone who experienced something like this. Now idk if what she said was true but I find it hard to believe she would lie about something like this. And I'm not surprised that this is true bc I've seen some ignorant ass people before, just like this.

    Stay safe my luvs <33 i love you all very much

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    18.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    It feels right part 2 ~VH

    warnings: just a lot of smut, cheating, praising, oral (male and fem), breeding kink, idk what else but enjoy

    part 1

    The next day you walk into the office. You couldn't get distracted today. You had a bunch of meetings and you needed to focus today. You were looking down at your phone while walking towards your office. Vinnie saw you and stood up taking his hat off fixing his hair, “Good morning y/n.” he grabbed his notepad and pen as you walked into your office, “you have a meeting today at 10am and then another at 1:30pm. Then you have those clients from Santa Monica coming today at 4pm to look at some designs.” you sat down in your chair still looking at your phone and nodding.

    “Push my lunch break back to 3pm and send in Kelsey and Rachel.” you shooed him off and he nodded.

    “Anything for you y/n.” he smirked and walked out of the office. You shook you head smirking.

    You were at your 10am meeting in the conference room filled with boring men and women talking about fabric designs. You asked Vinnie to sit in on the meeting so he could take note and you could just listen. During the meeting, you felt a hand on your thigh, you looked down and then up at Vinnie and he started rubbing small circles on your outer thigh with his thumb. You leaned in and whispered to him, “What are you doing?”

    He smirked and whispered back in your ear, “Nothing, just trying to make this meeting a little more exciting.” he kissed your ear as you blushed and pulled away looking back over at the men at the head of the table talking. Vinnie still had his hand on your thigh rubbing it. After a few minutes, his hand started to move up your leg. You bit your lip and squeezed your legs together and pushed his hand off your leg. He smirked and put his hand back on your leg and started rubbing up and down your leg slowly, getting dangerously close to your panties. You started to feel yourself getting wet as you shifted in your chair to get more comfortable. He leaned in and whispered in your ear, “You look so hot in this skirt, i just want to rip it off of you and take you in front of everyone right now.” you held back a moan as you covered your mouth biting your lip. “Let me feel how wet you are y/n, please.” he whispered as he hand went higher on your leg and he rubbed two fingers against your folds as you weren't wearing any panties, his fingers getting soaked by how turned on you were just by his words alone. Your leg started to shake, your body was aching to be touched by him. “Let me please you y/n, i wanna make you feel good.” he whispered. You sighed in relief when the meeting was finally over. You pushed his hand away from you and got up fixing your skirt and you almost ran out of the room. You walked quickly to your office and walked in shutting the door behind you and leaned back against it sighing.

    “What is he doing to me?” you ran your hand through your hair and sighed walking over to your desk and you turned quickly when you heard the door open. You sighed in relief when you saw it was your husband Chet. he walked in with a bunch of roses and chocolate. “Hey, what are you doing here?” you frowned a little as you sat at your desk and logged into your computer.

    “Nothing, just wanted to surprise you at work. I know you've been stressing out a lot lately so i wanted to do something nice for you.” he smiled walking over to you and putting the roses and chocolate on your side table and he turned your chair to the side and you looked at him.

    “Okay great thanks, can i get back to work please?” you looked at him annoyed.

    “Whats wrong? Is it something i did? Should i have not gotten the flowers? I’m sorry y/n.” he sighed rubbing his neck.

    You sighed and ran your hand through your hair and stood up, “No Chet, i love the flowers thank you. I just have a lot on my mind right now and im just stressed out.” he wrapped his arms around your waist and you wrapped your arms around his neck. He leaned in and kisses you and you kissed him back, but it didn't feel like how Vinnie kissed you. You didn't feel any emotion of spark. He tried to deepen the kiss but you pulled away from he could. You sent him a reassuring smiled and rubbed his chest, “I’m sorry, im not in the mood right now. I really need to get back to work.” there was a faint knock at the door and you turned towards it, pulling away from Chet, “Come in.” you fixed your skirt. Vinnie walked in and looked at the two of you and frowned a bit as he eyes Chet up and down then looks at you.

    “Sorry to interrupt, but James from H&M is on line 1 for you.” he stood at the doorway leaning against the door frame.

    You cleared your throat as you feel the tension between the two men as they both gave each other daggers, “Thank you Vinnie. I’ll take the call. Um..Chet this is my new assistant Vinnie, the one ive been telling you about. Vinnie, this is my husband, Chet.” they both just nodded heads at each other and you turned to Chet kissing his cheek, “I’ll see you at home later for dinner. I’ll bring home pasta.” He looked at you and kissed your cheek and nodded. He walked towards the door and walked back Vinnie as they still were making eye contact. As Chet left, Vinnie turned back towards you. You sat down in your chair and grabbed the phone picking it up and talking to James who was on hold. You shooed him out of the room and he nodded shutting the door and walking back over to his desk.

    “He is a fucking fruit cake, Jett. You should have seen him, he was wearing a fucking sweater vest. Looked like a fucking idiot.” Vinnie sighed as he sat in his car for his break, while Jett sat in the passenger seat of his car. Jett met Vinnie at his job because he just wanted someone to talk too and Jett was bored.

    “Well, what are you going to do? She’s married Vin, she already told you it was wrong and you guys shouldnt do it. What more do you want from her? You want her to beg for you?” Jett shook his head looking out his window.

    Something clicked in Vinnie’s head and he snapped his fingers, “Thats it! Instead of me looking desperate, i need to make you beg for it. Make her come onto me instead of the other way around. See, this is why you are my best friend Jett.”

    “So glad i could help.” Jett rolled his eyes, knowing his friend was going to get himself into some trouble.

    For the next couple of days, Vinnie stopped touching you so much. The small touches on your hips when he would walk by you, turned into him just waiting until you moved. When he would sit with you at meetings, he would put his hand on your thigh, turned into him actually paying attention to them. You started to get frustrated with him that you started to purposefully wear very revealing clothes, to see if he would touch you even the slightly, but he wouldn't break. You needed his hands on you, you craved his touch. You needed it desperately. Today was the day that you and all of your designers were going to a party for H&M new releases from the ideas you have given them. You invited Chet to come with you as your plus one, but he was working late and couldn't make it. So this was the perfect opportunity to invite Vinnie to go with you as your date. You all met at the office and was going to take a party bus to the event. You walked out of your office and everyone looked at you and gasped. You looked up at everyone and smiled, “Okay are we ready?” Vinnie couldn't stopped looking at you. You looked amazing. Everyone walked out and you walked over to Vinnie smiling, “Ready? Thanks again for being my date, Chet couldn't make it because of work.”

    “My pleasure.” he smiled and wraps his arm around your waist putting his hand on your hip and you both walked out. You melted into his touch and bit your lip as his hand rested on your hip, but you needed more, no, you wanted more. When you stepped into the party bus, you sat in the back and Vinnie sat next to you. Everyone started drinking and music started playing. Vinnie sat back and wrapped his arm around the back on your seat, “You look gorgeous tonight, i wish i could take you home with me.” he whispered in your ear.

    “Get enough drinks in me and maybe you can.” you smirked at him as he shook his head sitting back.

    After you guys got the party, everyone went to do their own things. You and Vinnie sat down at a table. You had a few drinks while Vinnie had one and then drank water. A slow song came on and you go up grabbing his hand pulling him up, “Come on, we have to at least dance to one song.” Vinnie groaned as you pulled him to the middle of the dance floor. ‘Pillowtalk’ by Zayn played as you wrapped your arms around his neck and he put his hands on your hips. You both started to sway to the music. You avoided eye contact with him as he pulled you closer to him, your bodies moving sync with each other. He moved his hands to your lower back as the music kept playing.

    He leaned down towards your ear and whispered, “You look breathtaking tonight.”

    (play pillowtalk by zayn while reading this part)

    You stumbled back into Vinnie’s room. Your lips attached to his as you both are fighting for dominance. He shut the door behind him as he pushed you up against it. He pulled away and started kissing your neck. You grabbed his hair and pulled him back up to you, kissing him roughly, biting his lip as he opened his mouth for you. You slid your tongue into his mouth as you played with his. You unbuttoned the rest of his shirt and pushed it off of him. He reached behind your and unzipped your dress and pushed it off of your shoulders as it slid down your body. You pushed him towards his bed stepping out of your dress, still not breaking the kiss, as he sat down on the bed. You got on top of his lap and pulled away from him. You looked down and unbuckled his belt and you got down on your knees on the floor in front of him pulling down his pants and boxers. His hard cock springing out and hitting his lower stomach, precum leaking out of his tip. He kicked off his pants and boxers as he spread his legs so you could sit perfectly between them. He sat back on his elbows as he watched you through hooded eyes. You leaned up and stroked his cock slowly licking his tip, tasting the precum. He moaned and threw his head back. You smirked, loving how you made him moan. You took his length in your mouth and slowly started bobbing your head. “Fuck yes y/n. Suck my fucking cock.” he moaned as you started to go fast, taking in more of his cock. You stroked what you couldn't fit in your mouth as you gagged on his tip. “Let me fuck your mouth baby.” he reached down with one hand while leaning on his other elbow and made a makeshift ponytail with your hair, holding your head up as he started to thrust up into your mouth making you gag more, tear run down your face ruining your mascara. “God, i love your mouth, fits so perfectly around my cock.” he looked down at you and almost came right then. Your hair was a mess in his hand, your face a bright pink, your lips wrapped around his cock, tear running down your face, smearing your mascara down with them. He pulled you off with a pop, a strain of salvia connecting your bottom lip to his tip. You were breathing heavily trying to regain your breath. He pulled you up and pushed you onto the bed and got on top of you. He kissed your neck and down your chest. He unclasped your bra pulling it off of you and he sucked on each of your nipples then kissed his way down your stomach.

    “Vin, please.” you moaned as you watched him go down your body. He grabbed your panties with his teeth and pulled them down your legs and then threw them on the floor. He spread your legs wide and kissed your thighs towards where you needed him the most. His hot breathe against your core, made you whine and buck your hips, “Vinnie! Please! Do something!” he smirked and ran two fingers through your folds collecting your wetness. You moaned throwing your head back gripping the sheets on the sides of you.

    “Who makes you this wet baby?” he smirked as his tongue slightly glazes your clit.

    You whined bucking your hips towards him, “You, Vinnie, only you.”

    “Beg for it.” he smirked as he blew lightly on your clit. You breathed heavily, your legs shaking.

    “Vinnie please! Please, i need you! Touch me, fuck me! Anything!” you moaned loudly as you felt his tongue start to lick your clit. “Yes! Yes!” he was eating your pussy like his life depended on it. The way his tongue was moving against your clit was like it was made for it. You've never felt this much pleasure before. Chet could never make you feel this good. Yeah he ate you out before, but not like this. You reached down and grabbed his hair pulling him closer to you as he sucked on your clit. He slid two fingers into you as his other hand held your hips down on the bed. “Oh my god! Im so close Vinnie!!” you moaned loudly as he thrusted his fingers and then curled them up to hit your spot. “Im cumming!” you let out a high pitched moan, arching your back as you came on his tongue and fingers. You pulled away slightly, but Vinnie pulled you back to help you ride out your high. You breathed heavily as he pulled away and pulled his fingers out. He went up your body and slid his two fingers into your mouth as you sucked on them tasting yourself. He pulled them out with a pop and put one hand by your head to hold himself up while the other reached down and grabbed his cock teasing your entrance.

    “Wait condom?” he looked up at you and you shook your head.

    “No, im on birth control, i wanna feel you.” you moaned.

    He smirked at you, “You dirty girl.” he spread your legs wider and slowly slid into you and groaned, “Fuck your so tight.” you grabbed onto his back gasping at his size. Chet wasn't as big as Vinnie, so taking Vinnie for the first time as his length, you needed a moment. He stopped when he saw your discomfort.

    “Holy shit you are so big.” you relaxed and nodded, “You can move now.”

    “Baby im not even halfway in yet.” he smirked at you. You looked down and saw he really wasn't. You laid back down and nodded for him to go. He slowly pushed in until he was fully inside of you. You closed your eyes and bit you lip.

    “Fuck! Move please!” you finally got used to his size. He started to thrust into you slowly as first, so you could get more used to his size, then he started to thrust into you fast. You clawed up and down his back moaning loudly. “Fuck! You are so deep Vinnie! More! Faster!”

    “You are such a slut for my cock aren't you?!” he smirked and thrusted into you faster, your boobs bouncing with his movements. “I bet your husband doesnt fuck you like i do! Whos better, me or your fruit cake of a husband?!” you pushed him onto the bed so you were on top of him, he was still inside you. You put your hands on his chest and started bouncing your hips on his cock fast moaning loudly.

    “God you talk too much! Just shut up and fuck me!” you bounced your hips faster throwing your head back. He slapped your ass hard, twice.

    “Answer my question then!” he grabbed your hips, stopping you from moving. You looked at him and whined, “Who fucks you better, me or your husband?” he smirked.

    “You, Vinnie! Now can you just fuck me, please?!” you moaned loudly as Vinnie bent his legs planting his feet on bed as you leaned forward getting close to his face as he started thrusting up into you fast and hard. “OH my god!!” your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you reached down putting your hand on his lower stomach trying to slow him down, “Jesus Vinnie, slow down!” he growled and continued thrusting up into you faster and faster. “Fuck Vinnie!! Oh my god!! Slow down!!” he huffed in frustration and pulled out of you as you looked at him. You were both breathing heavily. You looked up at him but before you could say anything, he pushed you onto the bed and flipped you over so you are on your knees and he pushed you down on the bed making your back arch. He stood behind you grabbing your hips and slamming his cock back into you as you moaned loudly. “Yes! Yes!” he thrusted into you hard and fast. You pushed your hips back against him meeting up with his thrusts as you looked back at him. “Vinnie! Please fuck me like the slut i am! Fuck me until i forget my husbands name!” you smirked as reached back and he grabbed your hand pinning it to your back. He put his foot up on the bed to get a better angle and started thrusting into you as fast as he can. You moaned loudly throwing your head back as he hit your spot with each thrust. “Right there! Right fucking there!!”

    “Say my name baby! Let everyone know who is fucking you this good!” he grabbed your other hand and pinned it down on your back with your other hand. He grabbed your hair with his other hand and pulled you back against his chest. “Let everyone know how good im fucking you!”

    “God Vinnie! You are so good to me! Im so close!” you moaned his name loudly as he let go of your hands and reached down rubbing your clit fast thrusting into you harder. “Vinnie! Vinnie! Im gonna cum! Please let me cum!” you felt his thrusts getting sloppier as his orgasm was getting closer, “Cum inside me Vin! Fuck a baby in me please!”

    He groaned, “Fuck! Im gonna fucking cum inside my tight pussy! Your pussy is mine now! Fuck!” he pushed into you deep as he came inside of you coating your wall with his hot cum as you came around him moaning his name. You fell onto the bed breathing heavily as he thrusted into you slowly, fucking his cum into you then pulled out. He looked down at his cum dripping out of you. He got up and put boxers on walking to the bathroom that was connected to his room for a towel to clean you up. He walked back and cleaned your legs then threw it in dirty laundry. He grabbed a shirt from his draw and helped you put it on. You lifted you and put you under the covers as he got under with you. You cuddled him closing your eyes. He cuddled back and rubbed your back. “Goodnight y/n.”

    a/n: part 3...? chet finds out she cheated...?;)

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    if i don’t get a round of applause for part 2 or a standing ovation…

    i’m calling corporate! IM GONNA DO IT! 

    i will put in a complaint!

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    our baby...<3
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    should i post a little preview of part 2 lol i know you guys love it when i post them! lol

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    i miss June❤️‍🩹

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    should i post part 2 of its feels right? 😬😬

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    It feels right part 1 ~VH

    warnings: make out session, massage, a little fluff, mention of cheating

    part 2

    Here you are, a manager of a fashion office, where you have a set of designers and artists who create styles and looks and present them to larger companies like H&M or Aeropostale. They first present you with their ideas, you agree and send them to go and make the clothing or disagree with them and have them change things. All was going well until your assistant quit on you because she found out she was pregnant and needed to stay home with her family. You put out an ad for hiring an assistant. You needed someone that was outside of the company so they would have a biased answer to your questions. When only one person applied for it, you hired them without even meeting them at first. Vinnie. When you met him on his first day, you couldn't keep your eyes off of him. You would stare at him from your desk through the doors as he sat at his desk working. All the girls in the office would try to flirt with him, but you told him that one of the rules was, no work relationships. He would deny all the girls that would come up to him and flirt with him. As much as you wanted to run your hands through his hair, there was a big problem. You were married. You couldn't cheat on your husband, no way. You had been married to Chet for 4 years, you couldn't just throw it all away for someone you found attractive. Vinnie has been working for you now for about 5 months and the sexual tension you felt towards him was getting to much for you. You needed him and you needed him now. The way he would smile at you, or the way he would grab your hip as he would pass by you in your office to not bump into you, or the way stands behind you and puts his hand on your shoulder while you read your emails to him. You wanted, no, you needed his hands on you, touching you everywhere. One night, you were staying late to finish up a couple of the designs that was sent in from your designers. You heard your door open and a slight knock. You looked up from your desk and smiled at the handsome boy in your door way.

    “Hi y/n, did you want me to stay with you? I mean i don't mind it, i feel like you shouldnt be walking out of office by yourself this late at night.” he smiled at you.

    “Uh..sure you can stay if you want. I’m almost done, like maybe another 10 minutes if you want to stay.” you smiled.

    “Yeah i don't mind. Do you mind if i sit in here?” he shut the door behind him.

    “Yeah take a seat.” you went back to drawing on the designs. Vinnie sat down on the chair in front of you desk. He was admiring your looks. You had on a grey top that showed off your breasts very well. You loved this shirt because of how much it hugged your figure. He stared at your exposed chest and bit his lip. He shifted uncomfortable in his chair as he started to grow hard thinking about your tits in his face. He tried to look away but he couldn't, he found you very attractive and sexy and seeing you in that shirt was doing something to him. he knew you were married, but sometimes he had dreams about you, naked underneath him, begging him to fuck you. he had to keep those emotions inside. he started to notice how uncomfortable you were getting in your chair.

    “Do you want a massage? you look like your are strained.” he got up from his seat as you nodded.

    “Yeah sure.” you moved your neck to relieve some of the pressure and stress. he walked up behind you and you stood up from your chair as he sat down and you sat down on the chair between his legs and relaxed as he rubbed your shoulders. you moaned at the sudden pressure getting released from your shoulders. you closed your eyes and moaned as his hands went further down your back massaging it. you leaned forward to give him more room and tilted your head to the side exposing your neck. he saw you do this and he leaned down and slowly started kissing your neck to your shoulder. you moaned throwing your head back exposing more of your neck to him. this was wrong, you knew it was wrong, but it felt so right. “Vinnie…Vin, we can’t do this..” he reached around and grabbed your tiddies and massaged them slowly, kissing your neck more.

    “Yes we can, i’m just trying to help you relax.” he whispered against your neck.

    “I know but my husband, i can’t do that to him.” you moaned when he touched your tits. the way his hands felt on you, his lips touching your neck, his crotch pressing against your ass. it was all so good, so inviting, but wrong. you couldn’t do it. you couldn’t go through with it. “Please stop Vinnie, we can’t.” you sighed and got up from the seat opening your eyes and turning around looking at him. he sat down in the chair, his face a light pink, his eyes full of lust, his cock rock hard in his pants. you just couldn’t do it, you can’t do it to your husband. “I-Im sorry Vinnie but i can’t cheat on my husband. i can’t.” Vinnie stood up and nodded fixing his pants to not show his boner.

    “It’s fine, im sorry for pushing myself onto you.” he looked down putting his hands in his pockets.

    “No, you didn’t Vinnie, it’s okay.” you sent him a reassuring smile, you lifted his chin up and leaned in to kiss his cheek, he turned his head to see what you were doing and your lips connected. you felt a shark between you two. he kissed your back as you both started to kiss each other. you were hesitant at first , but the way his lips felt on yours was so intoxicating, you needed it. he pulled away first and rested his forehead against yours as you both looked into each others eyes. you sent him a smile and pulled away from him blushing, “I’ll see you tomorrow Vin.”

    he nodded taking the hint and walked to the door, “i’ll see you tomorrow y/n.”

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    i have an imagine going out today….idk if y’all are going to like it….

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    𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐞 ~ 𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞 𝐡𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐫

    smut / fluff
    agh i loved vinnie’s outfits in NY, but yk he’s hot in general so its okay

    Let’s get one thing straight, you were a hardcore simp for Vinnie Hacker. You didn’t care who knew, or what people said, the boy caught your eyes in ways no one could. But let’s go back to when it all started, shall we?


    that’s literally how your friendship with him blossomed into a romance. you don’t remember every specific detail due to the intoxication you were facing at the time, but you do have an idea of what it was like. 

    and it was insanely euphoric. but you weren’t surprised at all. he was vinnie fucking hacker. it felt like a dream come true to be the lucky girl under him, and you weren’t embarrassed about the fact that you were also a begging mess that night. the sex was amazing, he was amazing. 

    week after week, night after night, you two continued sharing those moments together- vinnie completely dominating the life out of you, or sometimes it was reversed, and you were the one controlling him, making him feel so good. 

    but you were only friends- strictly no strings attached. he knew how hard it was for him to commit. it was much easier to have you around when you were one of those girls who’s life was not publicised on social media. you were like his little secret, and he sure as hell loved it. 

    there was this one time in particular when he asked you to come over to ‘release some stress’, you quickly agreed wanting to see him in that state- the state where you were the only girl making him forget all his issues. just the two of you together. 

    your legs were straddled on either of his thighs, his hands resting slightly under the hem of your skirt. his lips were pressed roughly against yours as you two made out like your lives depended on it. vinnie felt oddly safe in your embrace, and he’d being feeling that way for quite some time now. 

    but he never said anything because it might risk keeping you in his life for as long as possible. he couldn’t loose you. he needed you- emotionally and physically.

    “fuck baby,” he groaned, trying to keep up with the pace of the kiss but it seemed impossible with the way you were grinding down on him. he could feel you smirk into the kiss, wanting to touch you but honestly he didn’t know where to start. “mhm, wanna make you feel good, vin.” you whispered, rolling your hips with more speed when you felt his hard on. 

    he could’ve came from the bare sight of you getting off on him. your hands rested on his bare chest, your lips slightly swollen from all the kissing you had done as you applied pressure on the area he needed you most. he brought his hands up to your boobs, giving them a firm squeeze through your t-shirt. “take this off for me, yeah?” 

    you nodded, gripping the ends of the shirt before taking it off your body. vinnie’s hands immediately snuck around your back to unclasp your bra with ease, watching in awe as the straps dropped off your shoulders. 

    “fucking hell...” he breathed out, running his hands over your exposed chest. you giggled at his reaction, allowing your hands to roam his torso until you reached his jeans. he looked down at your actions while biting his bottom lip as you unbuckled his belt then getting off his lap to completely pull his pants off. 

    “you know, i’ve never seen you this needy before.” you mumbled, removing the rest of your clothes knowing that he was studying your every move. you were teasing, driving him out of his damn mind. “shut up, and come here.” he said as he reached his hands out for you. 

    he shut his eyes when you leaned down to his neck, sucking bruises before running your tongue over the marked up spot afterwards. vinnie gripped tightly onto your waist, struggling to keep his composure. he wanted more than some ‘fuck session’. 

    “can i tell you something?” he muttered, hearing you hum in response but you didn’t stop your heart aching gestures on his neck. “i wanna make love to you...show you how special you are to me, baby.” 

    you pulled back to kiss his lips softly, “okay, vin, but me first.” his breath hitching when you lowered your body to rest in between his legs. and ever since that night, you’ve been down bad for the blonde- utterly consumed by him in every way possible. 

    now the present day, you blushed as vinnie attempted to braid your hair, occasionally hearing his frustrated groans when he failed. he sat on the bed with you between his legs, and you sighed at the amount of time he spent on one silly braid. 

    “I thought you said that you knew how to braid hair.” you laughed, gasping as he purposely pulled your hair tighter. “i’m trying, but your discouragement is not making it any better.” he replied. 

    “maybe try another time, i’m tired now, v.” 

    “give me a few more minutes. you’d be surprised at my skills.” 

    “what skills?” you joked

    “you know what? i’m done with you.” he chuckled, pushing your body away. you playfully frowned, arms crossed across your chest causing your cleavage to show a bit. taking notice of his stare directly on your boobs, you mockingly gasped. “you’re such a horny person, vincent, i swear-” 

    he raised his hands in defence, “i have no idea what’re you’re talking about.” 

    “stop staring at my goodies. they’re reserved for someone else.”

    his eyebrows rose knowing that you were only joking with him, but he loved it nonetheless. “oh yeah?” 

    you smiled as he inched closer to your body, “mhm.” 

    “what’s his name?” 

    “it’s a secret. i’m not allowed to tell anyone.” 

    he frowned, “that’s basically code for ‘he also doesn’t exist’.” 

    “no, it’s code for ‘i don’t want anyone to know who he is’.” 

    a smirk tugged on your best friend’s lips, “why? embarrassed?” 

    “nope, just cautious.” 

    “shut up, i know you’re lying.” he grinned, pressing a soft kiss on your lips. you entangled your fingers in his hair, pulling him in closer to deepen the kiss. it was soft and gentle, passing your feelings along with it. 

    parting lips, he rested his forehead against yours. he was breathing slightly heavy, and you could’ve sworn that his eyes never left yours for a split second. he was admiring you. “tell me you know how much i love you.” he whispered. 

    your eyes widen from his words- an unfamiliar phrase to you, “vin- you’re serious?” 

    “i’m in love with you, y/n. so so in love with you.” 

    you kissed him again.

    he shook his head, “that’s not what i wanted you to do, sweetheart.” 

    “i know you love me, vin,” you ran your thumb over his cheek, “and...i love you too. so so much.” 

    he chuckled, bringing you into a feverish kiss, “yeah, you better.” 

    “i will disown you, vincent.” 

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    𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐡 𝐦𝐞  .𝐯.𝐡

    warnings : edited work, smut*, daddy kink, praising, oral fem receiving, choking, hair pulling, slapping, spanking, swearing, nipple play, amateur, lmk if I forgot anything

    vinnie hacker x fem reader

    notes for reader : lower case intended, I switch from first to second person regularly to get the full experience for you <3  2.9k words


    song to listen to if you wanna   .. I would recommend ..

    vinnie and I were sitting on his bed watching anime, he was leant against the headboard, and I was laying on my stomach with my feet up in the air, “put your fucking feet down I can't see the tv” vinnie said from behind me grabbing my ankles moving my feet onto his lap. I looked back a him and smiled, watching him rub my feet. 

    vinnie and I had been bestfriends for a couple months now, and he was the best freind you could had asked for. you were always together, and you became friends as soon as you met. and have been glued by the hip ever since. 

    5 minutes later vinnie pushed your feet off his lap grabbing a pillow putting it on top of him, looking back wondering why he stopped rubbing your feet, his face was slightly red and he was now focused on the tv not daring to look at you. “what happened” i asked turning on my side looking at him, vinnie dismissed your questions with a shake of the head still not looking at you “vinnie what happened why are you being weird” I now sat up on the bed staring at the pillow over his lap, understanding now what he was trying to conceal “jesus christ vinnie, you get hard at the weirdest stuff” I said laying back down in the position I was in before “well it’s because your ass looks so good in those dumb pants” he reaches over slapping it, then leaning back into his spot 

    not even reacting to the slap, I turned the volume up on the tv. after the episode had finished I grabbed the remote playing the next episode “still wanna watch this?” not receiving an answer from vinnie I look back at him seeing his head thrown back on the head board his muscles tensing, eyes closed and clenched jaw. I muted the tv before trying to regain his attention “vinnie?” I put my hand on his thigh making his eyes shoot open looking at me “dont touch me” I smiled at him, sitting in front of him. he watched me move his legs apart sitting in-between them, I pulled the pillow chucking it away, vinnie reached for the pillow but was too slow, me already seeing his hard dick in his boxers ”y/n” I cut off the rest of his sentence, by hooking my fingers under the waistband of his shorts holding it there for a moment. he grabbed my wrist stopping me from pulling down his pants “vinnie if you dont want to just tell me” I said taking my hand away from his waistband, thinking he didn't want to. “no I do. its just that. I've- I don’t-” he paused looking at me in the eyes. “you alright?” I ask furrowing my eyebrows 

    “I dont know how” he says letting out a breath “don’t know how to what? have sex?” I ask kind of confused at what he was saying “no. y/n I dont know. I have only ever had sex with one person and it wasn’t good. I dont know how to” I put my hand on the side of his face “it’s ok vinnie” I giggle at him freaking out. I move back to where I was sitting before unmuting the tv “no no wait” he grabbed my arm pulling me back to where I was before “I want you to teach me” I widened eyes slightly, feeling a tingly sensation in my belly. “teach you how?” I ask fiddling with my hands. he stayed silent for a bit, making me look up at him “let me eat your pussy out” he said, making the air in my throat hitch at his blunt words “you could teach me, please let me” he grabbed my arms, just above the elbows, pulling me up towards him making me straddle his waist, as his hands grabbed at my butt, he bit his lip smiling looking to my lips, then grabbing my throat kissing me. a euphoric feeling sped down my body, landing in my spot when he hummed into the kiss. his grasp on my butt tightened as he smacked it, letting his body take control, no longer thinking about the fact he was about to fuck his best friend. as soon as his hand came down onto your ass a second time, a moan escaped your lips making vinnie pull back looking at you kinda shocked. 

    “what” I asked looking to his lips wanting to go in for another one “I didn't expect you to moan like that y/n, you sound so pretty” he says as the room started getting foggy with all the sexual tension surrounding the two of you, greater than the two of you expected it to be. I think deep down you both knew this was going to happen eventually. it was just a matter of time before he had you moaning his name. you hum in response to his comment grabbing onto the waistband of his short pulling at the drawstring to untie them. he looked down at your hand “no no no. you gotta teach me first” he says flipping you over so you were on the bottom “okay” you whisper as he grabs the hem of your sweatshirt looking at you “can I take this off pretty girl?” he asks, to which I nod making him pull the fabric from my body leaving me exposed to the cool air of the room “oh my” he gulped looking at the black lacey bra you were wearing. “do you like it daddy?” you ask making him look into your eyes his mouth dropping slightly at the name you just called him. he quickly nodded his head, as you reached around the back, unclipping your bra, but not pulling it off letting him do it since he wants to learn

    “go on, take it off me baby boy” you say running your hand through his hair. he reaches for the straps of you bra pulling it from your body, watching as your boobs spill out of it. he groans at the sight, immediately throwing the bra across the room, “ok what do I do” he asks. “um, suck on them, play with them you can also-” you were cut off when vinnie dipped his head down attaching his lips to the tops of your boobs kissing each one before attaching his lips to one of your nipples swirling his tongue around and around, you moaned quietly as he switched to the other, then trailing wet kisses up your body to your neck, sucking hickies into your delicate skin. 

    “oh fuck vinnie, your doing so good” you moan as he kisses down your stomach getting to the waistband of your pants, pulling them off along with your panties wasting no time. “alright do you know what your doing” you ask looking at him trying not to stumble over words at the sight of him staring at your pussy, smiling before locking eyes with you. he shook his head, no, in response to your question. he grabbed your thighs spreading them open so he could see all of you. not a place on your beautiful body he hadn't seen now. the last piece to his puzzle 

    “o- okay” I said finally stumbling over my words, making him smirk at me “shut up” I say making him blow air on to my pussy. I gasped slightly not knowing he knew to do that “what first” he asks “you- you gotta make me wet” I say, him chuckling after I said that “you already are pretty” he plunged his middle finger inside of me, making me grab the bed sheets beside me. he pulled it back out holding it up making me see how, I was actually really wet. he pulled himself from my legs leaning up putting his middle finger in my mouth “taste yourself” he said making sure I licked every part of my finger before pulling it from my mouth. he went back down to my pussy wrapping his arms around my thighs pulling me towards his face. pressing his tongue straight into me making me moan grabbing the sheets once again. I could feel a wet spot against my thigh as I looked at my spit on my thigh slightly from vinnies finger I sucked pressing against the spot. 

    “oh fuck vinnie” i moaned as he started eating me out fully. even though he said he didn't know what he was doing it certainly felt like it. god how you didn't realise til now how much your pussy craved his tongue, it felt so prefect against you, eating you out so well. he attacked your clit kissing it and sucking at it, making you reach for his hair “use your fingers baby” you just managed to get out, as he finally plunged two of his fingers into you, pulling them in and out at a fast pace, whilst fingering you he went back to your clit. feeling yourself about to cum. he felt his fingers slow down finding it harder to move them, you clenching around him throwing your head back letting go of his hair reaching behind you for the headboard 

    “oh im gonna cum, I gonna cum” I say quickly, as he moves his fingers in and out of be faster that before. he slaps my thigh making me whimper as he curls his fingers up inside me hitting my sweet spot. almost every boy you have ever been with has failed to hit it so perfectly. “oh im cumming daddy” I said through my somewhat gritted teeth

    vinnie looked up at you from where he was between your legs, the way your soft thighs hugged his head and shoulders so well, made him question why he waited so long to do this to you, he watched as you threw your head making making your eyes shut, giving him perfect view of the hickies he made just before, he smiled into you but is quickly snapped out of it at the familiar feeling of your fingers in his hair once again, making him even harder than he already was 

    I screamed as I came, the electrifying feeling smashed through your entire body feeling one of the best orgasms you had felt in a long time, not that it was that difficult considering you were the only one touching yourself for the past 6 months. he missed your pussy again making your legs shut around his head but he's quick to push them open, as your head is thrown to the side staring at him between you legs in the mirror. “oh vinnie” I say quietly feeling worn out. “was that okay” he asked already anticipating a good answer from your orgasm all over his face a second ago “mhmm” you nodded your head looking down at him as he smiled brightly up at you feeling proud of himself for giving you what you wanted. 

    he got back up, you noticing his shiny chin, glistening from your cum. “I wanna give you head” you say trying to sit up but he denys it pushing you back down wrapping his hands around your neck “no we can do that another time, I wanna fuck you” he says reigniting the tingles in your heat. he grabs his cock. picking you up and putting you on his lap, you smile down at him grabbing his chin kissing him slowly grinding onto him agonisingly slow. as you both pulled back the warmth in vinnie cheeks starting swelling as he realised he was about to fuck you. his eyes stared deep into your own as he opened his mouth to say something but is instead met with your hand grabbing his cock pumping him slowly. you let go of it reaching up to tie up your hair “ no. leave it out” he slapped his cock against your tummy watching it bounce back as his painfully hard dick started to ache “you ready” he asked making you nod. lifting yourself up he grabbed one of your hips with one hand and held his beautiful cock in the other head swiping it over you dripping centre collecting wetness from you before pushing it past your folds entering it deep. you gasped reaching for his chest as he was three quarters inside you already feeling full “okay vinnie I didn't expect you to be this big, dont go too fast” he nodded looking back down to his dick indulging into you. groaning at the sight of you wrapped around him, lowering yourself completely you moaned, rounding your hips onto his cock to get comfy 

    “okay” you said allowing him to grab you hips pulling you up so only the tip him was still inside before dropping you down onto of him making you both moan at the feeling. “oh god baby you feel so good wrapped around me” he grabbed at your ass again, it now being clear he loved that part of your body, moving you up and down on his throbbing cock. you start slowly taking control fucking yourself on his cock “that's it baby, fuck yourself on your cock, its all yours” he says making you speed up your movement. broken moans escape your slightly swollen red lips as you lean forwards to kiss him, him being so big he doesn't slip out of you as you do this. wet sounds start to create a fiery atmosphere, when the slick of your pussy drips down off his cock onto his lower stomach.

    slowly reaching out for him, as it becomes to much to hold yourself up all on your own you reach out for his shoulders. almost as if reading your mind he grabs your forearms pulling you into him, making your head cradle in his neck as he grabs your butt holding you still, you start to feel your eyes heavier as you are still tired from the last god given orgasm he had given you, still hung up on how well he managed to fuck you with his mouth. now thrusting his fuck up into yourself. “oh my god you’re so tight” he moans flipping you over onto your tummy yanking for a pillow on his bed placing it underneath your hips, he pulls them up giving him a prefect view of your round ass. he smacks one of your cheeks to avert your attention to the stinging sensation not ready as Vinnie pushes into you. pulling you from your haze, you scream feeling the new angle he has inside you, he hits your g spot every time he fucks into your sweet pussy. vinnie struggles to stay composed as he feeling your tightness pulsate around him, he thrusts into you slowing down but pushing deep and hard now making you rut forward every time he does, knocking every coherent thought you had swelling your mind, so far out of reach you would never regain them. you reach back with your hands trying to make him slow down slightly, but it only makes vinnnie grabs your hands intertwining your fingers with his own pining your hands against your perfectly arched back giving him complete control over your movements 

    starting to feel you orgasm approaching you throw yourself back against him moaning each time you do so. he reaches down to your wet bud catching it with two of his fingers as he rubs agonisingly slow circles into you, even quicker than you had expected you felt yourself cumming around his massive dick. vinnie took notice speeding up making you live out your high. ever so slowly losing the arch in your back

    he pushes down on your back making you arch for him again, and he taks both hands putting them on your waist pushing the centre of your back down creating the prefect angle for vinnie “oh baby im gonna cum” he says over top of your moans. “want me to come inside you, have yourself swollen with my cum pretty girl” too focused on the sex. he delivered a tight smack to your ass. making a broken shattered moan come from your mouth as you dug your nails into the sheets “yeah oh fuck yes vinnie cum in me” “yeah, who does this pussy belong to huh?” he asks grabbing your hair pulling you back into his chest as he drives into you a lot harder and faster, “you vinnie you, its all yours” he groans in your ear making me wrap my arms around behind me grabbing the back of his neck. he kissed my neck cumming inside me. gently putting me back down on the bed. pulling out 

    he smiles as he watches our cum pool together in my pussy, him slowly entering a finger pushing it deeper, pulling it out wiping it on my back as a sign he's done a good job. 

    “oh my god” I close my eyes. vinnie grabs a shirt from his cupboard putting it over my head then moving me up against the pillows making me nice and comfy, you smile at his opening your arms as he comes over to me smiling kissing my head getting ontop of me as he lays his head on my boobs. he hums at the new pillow je created for him which satisfies his heavy head “was it good” he asks closing his eyes “yeah, you’re so good to me, and sorry for calling you baby I was in the moment” I kissed his head of curly locks “I liked it coming from your mouth” he tries to sweet talk me making me laugh quietly smacking his arm. 

    “you’re so good to me vin”, I feel him smile against my skin “I love you” I love you too” 

    - L28

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