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    Marcus Moreno Whump Prompt

    Warning: The following prompt contain:








    Discretion is advised. But if you want to read it, it's up to you and I won't stop you. Don't worry, this prompt has hurt/comfort too.

    After he is kidnapped, tortured, seriously injured and battered by getting seriously beaten(Thankfully Marcus' spirit is mostly not broken and he has been fighting back as best as he can) for 6 days, Marcus is rescued. Then he is rushed to the hospital at the Heroics HQ, receives surgery he needs and is hospitalized, 5 days after the surgery, he regains consciousness with his beloved, precious daughter Missy(Who has been worried about her precious, beloved dad so much) by his side and he comforts and reassures her.

    For disclaimer, i don't own Marcus and Missy.

    The prompt and its concept © bat25wonder32super(me)

    P.S. I am sorry but my upcoming We Can Be Heroes one-shot fic is cancelled. So I wrote this prompt instead. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you understand.

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  • yourlocalsewerdragon
    18.06.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Watching Futaba's hurt face when he's on the genuine brink of tears makes me want to hurt something

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  • kajuda1
    18.06.2021 - 31 minutes ago


    The New War part 4

    Jaune Arc's All Out Attack

    Just outside of Shinrah district.

    Jaune and Ren had to start traveling by rooftops because of the miasma that is covering most of the streets due to this though Jaune is getting exhausted from all the Aura Jumping. It wouldn't be a problem if he wasn't caring Ren doing so.

    Jaune: Talking about me and junk food but your heavy asf.

    Ren: Jaune! I don't want to here anything about you being tired from carrying me across rooftops.

    Ren: You not only suggested this method, but aren't you the one that caught a speeding car with your body.

    Ren: That Torchwick guy escaped but you did something unbelievable.

    Jaune: I was in the hospital for a week for three cracked ribs. Not to mention it knocked me unconscious.

    Ren: Even more of a reason for you to not be bitching rn.

    Jaune: I think I like this Ren get used to me.

    The two took cover at the top of they're current building then observed the captured cop and EMS workers. They could hear a man who was obviously a squad leader sporting heavy armor and two large saw swords.

    Atlas Elite Oppressor: It's honorable seeing so many of you fighting to protect your kingdom. How come there are no soldier's only law enforcement?

    Atlas Elite: I'll tell you why, it's because Ozpin didn't think they where worth sending into the city. That they needed to protect the academy.

    Atlas Elite: So in other words your all expendable.

    Police officer: Shut your mouth you fucking Terrorist.

    Atlas Elite: Terrorist!? Lol where Atlas solider's.

    Alvin Marcus: Listen son in all my years alive Atlas would never do something like this. My name is police chief Alvin Marcus.

    Alvin: Ironwood would never order an attack against his home kingdom.

    Atlas Elite: Well you know what Alvin thank you for having the balls to speak up... Now... Die for it.

    And with a lift and a swing the man's head was taken off.

    Jaune was finally at his boiling point as he was about to make a split second decision till he felt Rena hand grab his own. Jaune turned and looked Ren in the eyes who had a face seriousness. There was a mutual understanding between the two but Jaune knew if someone else died then he would step in. They both continue to watch on.

    Atlas Elite: Well then... He's dead... So who's next?

    Atlas Elite: Let's see they're are 40 of you we'll start executing you guys in groups of 10.

    Atlas Elite: Okay men begin. Try not to have to much fun.

    It was just like that the men and women where gonna be shot and killed. Police officer's and EMS workers who most had families. Jaune couldn't take it anymore so he jumped into action.

    Ren: JAUNE!

    Jaune: Bastards landed and swung his blade at one of the soldiers and as like nothing the man flew back with a huge slash in his chest and his eyes lifeless. Jaune didn't take it into consideration but the man he just killed didn't have an aura. Which means that most of these guys will go down easily.

    (Jaune's mind)

    " Is it really a good thing that it's that easy. "

    "Ricky: Do what you have to Jaune, to protect the people around you and care about."

    The Atlas Elite was surprised to see the young man cut down one of his men so easily. It turned out that's all it took for the police officer's to fight back as now a big battle of attrition had began. So the Elite did the only thing he thought was right and that was to take out this young man. He could already tell that his target was a killer at heart. That Mistress would love for someone like this to join her ranks. No hesitation just calculated swings and focused blocking. He is block bullets and using his aura to defend himself from and oppressor troopers. Now there's a green one huh interesting

    Jaune had just took what felt like a hit from Cardin's mace to the side of the head but it was just a shotgun buckshot. He then stuck his blade into the guys knee rotating his wrist and and realizing something this felt odd killing these guys so easily. Whatever he needs to do he'll do it to protect these people. All of a sudden Jaune's senses struck him both physically and mentally as he was then sent five feet and bouncing off the side of a car.

    Ren: JAUNE!

    Jaune could hear Ren yelling out to him. He was fine he was able to lift his shield up to take the wide and aggressive swing he had very little time to react as he used his sword to slide and redirect a blade that was slashed vertically at him. Jaune then spun out of it and backhanded the attacker with his shield. The difference was that this tall bulky guy with duel wielding saw blades that are atleast half of Jaune's size. Jaune was at 6'3 so these swords where ridiculously big. Obviously this guy over compensating. Shit why did the commander have to be a tall and bulky hulk of a man, why couldn't he just of been cute like Ren.

    Then it was a saving grace as A helicopter with Vale soldiers showed up and began to fire upon the enemy this made the guy end his attacks on Jaune and begin to fall back but Jaune wasn't having it as he chased him leaving Ren behind.

    Jaune: Oh No You Don't Ass Hole Get Back Here!

    One of the retreating soldiers was about to fire on Jaune till Ren pulled the trigger on one of his pistols and blew the guys brains out. Ren was not as shocked as he should of been. He wasn't about to let Jaune get killed so he chased after him as Vale military forces moved in.

    Jaune had cornered the man. Then aimed his sword at the man.

    Jaune: You'll pay for what you've done. Killing all of those innocent people.

    Atlas Elite: Laughing... You got fight in ya kid.

    The two stood there reading to see who would swing first. But neither one had to wait as the man rushed at Jaune only for Jaune to smirk as his chest glowed bright blue over his heart and without any warning Jaune sheathe his blade and went to punch the ground with his left hand all of the energy he had built up. This new attack Jaune was saving for whenever him and Yang spared again let alone it be Pyrrha.

    Jaune: BAHAMET..FURY

    With a mighty roar and loud kaboom that sent out a bright blue blaze that can be seen from Beacon Tower. This stunned Ozpin and Glynda who knew who that could of been. Especially since a news chopper caught the attack live. For the world too see, so teams RWBY, CFVY, Nora and Pyrrha saw it.

    Ruby: Well guess we know who that would of been for if we had Combat class on yesterday.

    All Jokes aside the chopper was waiting for the dust to clear. When it finally did Jaune was now Shirtless and sporting a big gash on his right arm it looks like the guy broke his Aura. Something that everyone at Beacon knew was next to impossible because Jaune is undefeated when it came to combat class. If one doesn't count the draw between him and Pyrrha. The two fought it out until they both fell from exhaustion. But what was about happen now was not a spar where it's fight till your at your max. No this fight was of a higher stake, Jaune's life was on the line.

    The man got up and used his blade's to support himself.

    The Butcher: Your... One pain in the ass you know that?

    The Butcher: They call me The Butcher. That's my name now what's yours?

    Jaune stayed quiet for a second because he was honestly still shocked that some one took the full brunt of his shock wave ground smash.

    Jaune: Jaune Arc... No relation

    The Butcher: A Arc huh? You truly are special.

    Without a second passing The Butcher rushed in and Jaune eyes tightened as his vision focused and his mindset locked in. This battle will result in one of them dying. Jaune was able to deflect the The Butcher's swing but his wild style was new to Jaune so he wasn't expecting the second blade to come out of no where and slash his right arm and knocking his blade away leaving another gash if torn flesh and on the underside of Jaune's arm. This was bad he wouldn't be able to put a lot of power behind any punches on this arm. But that was okay Jaune knew what he would have to resort to Jaune then burst forward. Eyes lacking fear but a resolve he slide in grabbing The Butcher by his waist and just like that Ursa in class Jaune German suplexed him, again rolling into it and lifting the man again but this time keeping a two arm bear hug and slammed the guy on his shoulders sideways. Again Jaune rolled into it and lifted the man up and with his feet planted and with raw strength and pure adrenaline running through him Jaune threw the disarmed Butcher into the side of a building where he collided and bounced off of. Jaune was gassed after that display by no means was Butcher a light weight at 8feet tall and weight what felt like a ton it was hard to do what Jaune did. He may have caught a car at top speed but he hadn't been through hell before it. It just happened when he was at full strength.

    Jaune felt the hands of someone familiar to him grab him. Ren had grab Jaune and gave him a shot of Adrenaline Ren looked like shit like he had got caught in Jaune's explosion.

    Jaune: Dame Ren I'm sorry-

    Ren had shut him up with a painful shot of adrenaline to the to the leg.

    Jaune: Ow... Sorry .

    Ren: You will be if we make it out of this.

    Ren: I don't have any aura and my weapons are destroyed thanks to you. But that guy needs to go down.

    Jaune: You thinking what I'm thinking then😁.

    Ren blushing of embarrassment: Shut up

    Jaune: Aww yeah Martial Arc's time.

    Ren: ugh

    The two ran in at the butcher who had recovered and was not ready to fight a juiced up Jaune and what looks like the ninja from earlier. But what surprised The Butcher more was the Ninja had just vanished and Jaune Arc looked to be throwing something invisible. It didn't click until he felt what was a foot to his jaw and a right hook to his rib cage one so powerful he felt his ribs crunch and shatter with it this dropped him to one knew then a barrage of calculated punches from the ninja and bone breaking bashes from Jaune. When the barrage ceased The Butcher was dumb founded the one eye he could see out off. He saw that Jaune was now casting a bright blue flaming aura and with one touch he turned the emerald ninja next to him glowing a bright green flaming aura as well.

    The two locked eyes with The Butcher who was now expressing great fear.

    Ren: When did you learn how to do this?

    Jaune: I'll tell you later.

    The two then lead in like a dance of blue and green as they both went in for punches kicks and one of Jaune's kicked sending The Butcher skyward. Ren Jumped into Jaune's hands and launched forward to meet The Butcher he super kicked him and without any warning Ren felt a burst of power as he flew forward looking back in slow motion to see Jaune winking at him and his chest burning bright blue. That's when Ren realized that Jaune had found a way not only to convert kinetic energy into aura, but he can transfer it to other's. Ren flew forward grabbing The Butcher and throwing him down towards Jaune who had jumped towards The Butcher who was beaten and bloody.

    Ren: Jaune please don't kill him.

    (Jaune's Mind)

    No worries Ren I refused to be the monster that this man is. I will put him in his fucking place though.

    Jaune: HAA!

    With a discharge of all the energy Jaune knocked The lights out of The Butcher. His head snapping back from the impact but not killing him but mainly knocking him out.

    Jaune landed and caught the Butcher to keep him from receiving anymore damage.

    Five minutes later

    Jaune came back sword in his sheathe, even though it took him a minute to find it. Ren was just standing there back towards Jaune. Jaune walked up and lightly pushed Ren's shoulder.

    Jaune: From what I see the military is rounding up the last remaining terrorist and Atlas only General Ironwood is talking with Ozpin that's why there are war ships up above.

    Ren: He shows up only now?

    Jaune: Yeah but atleast it's over right.

    Ren: Hey did you ever actually turn your scrolls distress signal?

    Jaune: Yeah about that... Hehe I dropped my scroll when I rushed in to stop those guys earlier. Hehe

    Ren: I want to punch you right now but I'm to weak to put any force behind it.

    Then something grabbed the two's attention

    Nora: Ren! Jaune!

    They both turned to see they're teams and Professor Ozpin and Glynda.

    But Jaune knew he was in trouble when he saw Yang and Ruby rushed him. Jaune knew he was about to receive the world's strongest hug and beating courtesy of Yang he has ever taken.

    (Jaune's mind)

    "I die today, this is how I die."

    End of part 4

    Character analysis

    The Butcher: age late thirties maybe early twenties.

    Classification: Classified

    Huntsman classification: Unknown possibly Vanguard giving his size, weapons, and fighting style

    Military experience: Ex Sargent first class.

    Semblance: None

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    Sauce: @nikochan.mame48

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    Protect yourselves: I will too.

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    just a heads up that i'm gonna stay off tumblr for a few days bc this transphobic anon shit is making me seethe with rage and making my anger/violence issues rear their ugly heads and i don't wanna accidentally hurt someone irl bc of misplaced rage !

    however anon(s) if you're reading this pls drop your location so i can find you and bash your skull in. for legal reasons this is a joke

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    #/th #get out of our inbox we told you before #no meanz no #-🤡#violence tw#tw violence
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    19 mass shootings in the last 7 days…

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    #[ divine violence and heavenly rage ] #vasili ft. isabella #isabella marino
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    Inquisitor: I will make this clear to you Blackwall. You will never be welcomed back here. You will never be as good as you strive to be. But I still care for you as much as I always did. And whether you believe me or not, I promise you, it is a great deal more than you think.

    #i woke up and chose violence #dragon age #incorrect dragon age quotes #dragon age inquistor #dragon age blackwall #thom rainier #shit my players say #dragon age inquisition #blackwall
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    In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

    - Mahatma Gandhi

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    I can't believe

    Another Black man dead, extrajudicially executed by police

    Protestor killed and cops in riot gear arrive first and block the ambulance

    It's so so exhausting

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    The first part is right here!

    Techno is laughing when he sees the house. The lights are on, and Niki’s cheeks are red with the cold; Ranboo’s slushing his way through, brushing off some of the snow Techno had thrown at him, while Phil raises his wing (the uninjured one) to shield them all.

    Techno stops, turning around and then says dramatically, “Syndicate, we’ve got our toughest mission here.” He says. “The first person to enter the house gets Harpocrates’ hot chocolate. The last person will end up without it, and you’ll be banned forever from the Syndicate.”

    “That’s a fucking lie.” Phil pipes up and Techno shushes him.

    “Ready,” Niki gets into a running stance, and Ranboo mimics her while Phil lets the wing fold back. Techno raises his own hand.

    “Set,” Phil’s expression doesn’t stray from the light. There’s something that Techno can’t quite read from this far out.



    “Mate,” Phil says late that night. Techno’s nursing a cup of coffee, staring at the note left behind. Niki and Ranboo are at the edge of the living room, hovering.

    Thanks for taking care of him

    Techno’s lip curls up. “They took him,” he says. “Quackity and Sam.”

    Phil sits down heavily in the seat across from Techno. “We knew they would try,” he reminds him. “We didn’t think it would be this late though.”

    There’s little droplets of blood on the carpet, and Niki examines it. “Dream put up a fight,” she said. Techno takes in the books that have fallen off the shelf, remembers how Steve was straining his leash (which should have been Number one on Techno’s radar). Looks at the broken chairs, and hums.

    “We know where he is.” Techno says.

    Phil huffs a sigh. “Break in again.” He says.

    Techno could almost laugh, but he doesn’t. “Harpocrates is part of us now. And I won’t leave him alone with that again.”


    Technoblade Whispers to You: are you okay

    You Whisper to Technoblade: I’m okay

    Technoblade whispers to you: we’re coming

    You whisper to Technoblade: you shouldn’t come Sam and Quackity ARENT playing techno

    And he squints. Dream doesn’t call the Warden by their name.


    Techno fights with half the server, eyes blazing and the Voices chanting in his ears. (He sees a glimpse of green on Sam’s waist, something with stickers, and Techno sees it light up with something as someone sends text after text.

    And Techno smiles.

    Of course they’d take his communicator. Techno twirls the pickaxe, showing off, before going back to fighting Puffy.


    Niki runs. She’s got ten minutes and counting before the entire prison shuts down and they’re forced to retreat.

    She opens all the doors, and the prison protests. It’s not meant to keep everything open, it’s always meant to shut but Niki doesn’t care.

    She’ll burn the place to ground. Anyone in the Syndicate could end up here, not just Dream now. She tosses water breathing and fire Resistance on herself, saves the healing potion for Dream.

    And she comes to the cell’s door, lava gone and sees Dream curled up in the corner of his tiny cell. Sees Quackity watching her with dark eyes in front, and Niki readies her weapon.

    “I’m taking him home,” she says.

    “He’s staying here.” Quackity says, almost lazily

    Her foot crunches something, and she risks a look down.

    Oh. The bracelet she’d given Dream. She looks up, and Quackity shrugs.

    And she pulls out her bow, and shoots him.


    Niki drags Dream out, holding onto her side and a life gone. Ranboo’s lost one, and Techno was on the verge of losing his, and he made Phil retreat.

    They end up retreating quicker than they’d started this fight, and Techno tosses them all cloaks. Niki and Techno mount a horse Ranboo and Phil mount another and Dream’s left to get Carl. He’s the fastest, and can get Dream home the quickest.

    Plus, they’ll be expecting Techno on Carl. And they wouldn’t expect Dream to be able to ride a horse (where they’re half right, but Carl let’s Dream thread his fingers into his mane and lets Dream whisper something into his ears.

    Techno swears he sees Dream’s eyes glow greener and Carl snorts. They all pull up the cloak’s hoodies and split off.

    (Techno will hear Sam’s scream of anger for months, and feel giddy for it. His team have broken in and out of the prison, twice.)


    Carl is the last horse to arrive, and Dream slides off. Techno watches as he shields himself of, and looks up with a blank expression.

    Techno notes how tightly he’s holding onto the feather Phil gave him. It’s bent, and the chain Is looking worse for wear. Almost like he was too close to something hot enough.

    Phil gently takes the feather from Dream’s hand, tried to smooth it out and Dream opens his mouth to say something before falling silent. Techno just as quickly unclasps his cape to wrap it around Dream’s shoulder.

    He flinchs underneath Techno’s move, and He thinks Niki and Ranboo look at each other from behind him. Techno just puts the cape on, and says, quietly “I’m sorry.”

    There’s a hand on his arm and Dream doesn’t let go before his hand falling to cradle Techno’s. Dream swallows, and Techno is reminded of months ago when Dream barely spoke a word, wouldn’t even leave the house in fear of them tracking him down; the one who didn’t talk to Ranboo for weeks until he’d come knocking at the door, angry and wanting answers.

    He remembers the struggle of getting Dream to eat something, to drink water. How Dream had stayed underneath the bed he was supposed to be sleeping in for days. Techno remembers the struggle of waking up in the middle of the night to Dream’s scream and sitting at the edge of the bed for countless hours.

    Dream is walking toward home, and Techno can’t help but think that they’ve just been set back.


    Niki ends up dragging them all into the living room blankets and pillows in her arms as she makes a little fort. Ranboo and Phil help her while Dream and Techno watch.

    “You don’t have to,” Techno tells him. Dream shrugs and Techno hums. Ranboo ends up sandwiched between Niki and Techno who has Dream next to Phil.

    They watch movies, and two dogs end up inside the house, curling in front of Dream with flicking tails and sad eyes. Dream pets them, and Techno watches as Dream stops short of kissing them on their head.

    Ranboo says his goodbyes quietly, antsy to get home and get to Michael. Techno grumbles a soft “be careful” and Ranboo takes a breath and nods.


    Dream has nightmares that night, pleas and tears pouring out of him. Techno switches with Phil, and manages to lay a hand on Dream’s arm, and tries to fall asleep again. (Dream doesn’t wake up, but he does calm down.)

    He feels Niki move to the other side, and he opens his eyes a crack to see her link her pinkie with Dream’s. Phil just leans closer, and Dream has one more nightmare that night before it falls silent.


    Dream manages to untangle himself from the cuddle pile he’s been put in early that morning, and Techno knows where he is. The room that’s been deemed his, and underneath the bed. Dream doesn’t move when Techno comes in, but Techno just sits on the floor and takes it back.

    “So, me and Phil go back a long way remember? And did I ever tell you about how Phil’s wings almost got us into massive trouble?”

    #dreamwastaken#Technoblade#niki nihachu#Ranboo#philza#rain’s writing #they’re rivals your honor #c!dream positive #dream smp#:)) #they saved him guys!! #he’s going to be okay! #:DD #tw: implied/referenced violence #queue’d and ready to go
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    @aquaxerus​ asked: ‘  want  some?  ’ ➠ meme ! | accepting.

    any   offer   from   such   an   intriguing   individual   took   him   by   surprise.   there   was   the   faintest   trace   of   mystery   about   the   other,   setting   aside   the   rather   public   knowledge   of   his   affiliation.   as   a   god   who   was   so   very   fond   of   not   getting   involved   in   the   grand   schemes   of   the   archons,   amdusias   had   no   intention   of   letting   himself   be   known   freely   to   the   likes   of   the   harbingers--   but   he   was   a   curious   being   by   nature,   and   so   he   canted   his   head,   tapped   his   chin   and   hummed.   ❝   depends.   what're   you   offering,   hot-shot   ?   ❞

    #aquaxerus #ask. #hello~~ #'want some?' is it violence? is it a snack? either way he is interest
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    in which it takes a kidnapping for steph and damian to get along (somewhat)

    #THE FIC IS FINALLY HERE #IVE BEEN WORKING ON IT FOR FOREVER #steph and dami bond :) #its very nice #with a side of violence of course #stephanie brown#damian wayne#spoiler#robin#batgirl#dc comics#batman#ghost writes#batfam#batfamily #the others make cameo appearances #this is mostly about steph and dami
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  • korra-the-red-lion
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    Unnatural Affairs. Chapter 5: Killer Moves, Dude.


    I sighed deeply through my nose as I handed in my test. I legit have no idea how I did on it. Religion in Pop Culture was a fun class, but some of the material was challenging. I mumbled my thanks to the prof and hefted my bag over my shoulder as I headed out.

    It’s been nearly 3 weeks since the shower incident. No other freaky shit had happened, so I guess it was just a hideously stupid prank. Our guess was it was one of the other teams just playing a prank on us, or the women’s soccer team. We were the only ones who would have been in the locker room at that time.

    Still, the whispers and the strange looks were starting to get on my nerves. I normally would argue that I was an easy-going kind of person, but this kind of attention had made my mood sour as of late.

    “Why the scowl, Lyn-Lyn?”

    I glanced over when Loryn bumped hips, finding a little smile on her face.

    “Just finished writing a test and heard yet another ‘bet they’re gonna lose the banner again’ whispers,” I said, rolling my eyes. “I swear, these people are making me want to commit bloody murder.”

    “Aw, don’t let them get to you,” said Loryn, wrapping her arms around mine, “they ain’t worth it.”

    “I know, I know. It’s just hard, you know?”

    Loryn nodded. “Yup, totes. But seriously, Lyn, I have a good feeling about this year. I feel like barring any extreme accidents, we’re gonna kick Turner’s ass this year and win that banner.”

    I finally cracked a real smile. “Loryn, you know you’re awesome, right?”

    “I mean, obviously. That’s why everyone loves me,” she said with a cheeky grin.

    I snorted, the tension finally leaving my body. I said goodbye to Loryn, who was heading to her next class as I headed to the pool to teach swim lessons.

    Loryn was one of those people who just knew how to get under my skin, in a good way. We were frosh together, and ended up in the same res. When we both showed up for the rookie week, we had a good laugh about the coincidence and because fast friends. Loryn came from a family of four girls, which according to her meant she was ‘a-mazing at dealing with conflict’ and it was hard to bring her mood down. She was planning on going to school after this to become a middle school teacher, which I thought was awesome. I was lucky to have a good friend in her, because my first year here was… well, let’s just say I was going through some stuff.

    I pulled off my shirt as I walked into the AC, waving to Hassan, who was working at the desk today. He was a really sweet guy on the Badminton team, and admittedly I used to have a huge crush on, so every now and then I liked to tease him when I went by.

    He grinned as he waved back, and I snickered as I bounded down the stairs to head into the locker room. I could hear all the kids chatting and messing around in there as I punched in the password to the swim team’s locker room. Those sounds always brightened my mood, and by the time I was done changing, my mood was pretty much back to the usual Lyn Hart standard.

    I stepped onto the pool, laughing as a couple of the kids immediately ran to my side. Hunter, Joy, Kevin and Morgan loved me and always raced over to tell me about their days or whatever else crossed their minds. I sat down on the pool edge as they all spoke over each other to be heard, and eventually I had to settle them down so I could start the lesson.

    I hopped into the pool and demonstrated the skills they needed to learn for this week’s lesson. I always loved getting in with them and showing them how to do it right. Too often do I see the other instructors standing on the pool deck, not really engaging in teaching. I get it, it’s not for everyone, but sometimes it’s not about you, it’s about the kids. Some of these kids…swim practice is their escape, they need this. If you aren’t there to be supportive, then why are you here in the first place?

    The lesson went by so fast, and it was time for our practice. I said goodbye to the little guys and quickly threw on my cap and goggles. Time to get this underway.



    I looked up from my laptop bleary eyed. Kerry pulled out a chair and sat down next to me. “Yeah? Wassup?”

    She sighed as she leaned back, pulling her leg up on the seat. “I know this is going to sound so utterly stupid, but I’m nervous about the meet this weekend. I just haven’t been in a great head space recently, and with all the drama surrounding us and Gunner, I guess I’m just feeling overwhelmed.”

    “Hey,” I said, reaching over and taking her hand in mine, “that is not stupid at all. Don’t ever think how you feel is stupid, got it?”

    Kerry gave a lopsided smile. “Thanks, Lyn.”

    I smiled in return. “Always. Now, did you tell Emma about how you felt? Or Andrew?”

    “No,” she shook her head. “I will, yeah. Just…I wanted to talk to someone else about it first. It’s one of those things where you know that once you talk to someone is like ‘oh, why’d you take so long to say something?’ but still take your time.”

    “I totally get that. I tend to keep things all bottled up until it just explodes out, you know? Loryn is the only one who knows how to get it out of me. Remember at the Halloween Bash last year when I finally lost my shit and decked Frankie across the chin?” I shook my head in shame.

    Kerry chuckled. “I have to admit though, Frankie deserved it. He was being such a dick.”

    I smirked, thinking back to that night. Frankie probably did deserve it but resorting to physical violence was something I should avoid in the future.

    All of a sudden, Matt popped out of nowhere. It was like he was using his twin sense to find Kerry. Honestly, it was cute. Kerry seemed to be the more sensitive of the two on the surface, but in reality, it was Matt. He was constantly checking in on Kerry and would seriously drop anything to make sure she was okay. Kerry and Gunner were in an on again off again relationship for the past 6 months, and clearly his drug incident was bothering her a lot more than she was letting on. Matt walked over and plopped down on the table.

    “Did I miss anything important?”

    “I was admitting to my undying love to your sister, and we’re running away together after the swim meet tomorrow to move to Calgary,” I said seriously. Kerry nodded solemnly beside me.

    Matt rolled his eyes and stuck his tongue out. “How are y’all feeling about it, anyhow?”

    I shrugged. “I mean, the first meet of the season. Feeling a little nervous, but otherwise same as always.”

    “Ah, the Stonewall Lyn is coming back out to play, huh?”

    “I hate it when you call me that,” I said with a whine, slumping onto the table. “It’s not like I’m impenetrable.”

    “No, that much is obvious,” said Kerry with a smirk. Matt burst into laughter as my ears got hot. I reached over and squeezed Kerry’s arm, causing her to jokingly squeal in pain.

    Someone yelled at us to shut up, and we all quieted down guiltily. Sometimes I forget that you still had to be quiet in the library. Matt slipped off the table and pulled out his own laptop, and the three of us decided to do our homework together.


    My head burst through the water as I took a breath. I could barely hear them all shouting at me to go faster, that I was only close behind Sophie LeBlanc from Turner University. We both hit the wall and I pushed off, kicking hard. I could see in the corner of my eye that we were neck and neck for the final 25 meters. Sophie was faster than me, but I had more endurance. The 200 Fly was where I shined. My hands smacked against the wall and I immediately looked up to check the clock. A huge grin broke out on my face when I saw the number 1 next to my name. Sophie smiled at me and I reached over the lane rope to give her a hug.

    “Good swim,” I huffed out.

    “You too,” she breathed heavily.

    I pulled myself out and shakily walked over to where the team was waiting, clapping me on the back. Maddie handed me my towel and I listened to Coach Jacob point out some things I did well and things I could work on, nodded when I needed to. He clapped me on the shoulder and sent me to the warm down pool.

    I hopped in and swam a couple of laps lazily, to get that lactic acid moving out of my system. I stopped at the wall and watched Kerry swim her 50 Breast, cheering as she hit the wall for a turn. Despite her initial nerves, she was on fire this meet.

    I swam back to the other end of the warm down pool and jumped out. I quickly threw on my swim parka and sweatpants, not wanting to get cold. The relay was the last event, and I needed to be ready to swim the Fly sprint. I walked over to where Emma, Maddie, and Tammy were, getting each other pumped up.

    Emma huddled us together and closed her eyes. “Alright, you psycho bitches, we’re going to kill this relay. We’re not going to let Turner or Francois step all over us this year. You girls are seriously some of the best people I’ve ever had the joy of swimming with. Wolves on 3. 1, 2, 3!”

    We all shouted “WOLVES” and hurried over to the starting block. Maddie chucked all her stuff into the box behind the timer’s chairs and waited for the whistle blow before hopping into the water. A jolt of nervous energy shot through my system as the buzzer went off, and so did the swimmers. I tossed all my stuff off too and slapped my arms and legs as part of my good luck ritual. I spared a glance over at Sophie, who gave me a cheeky smile before getting settled herself.

    Maddie was fast approaching the wall, and Tammy was raring to go. She dove in the second Maddie’s fingertip brushed the wall, her form as beautiful as always. I shouted with the others as loudly as I could, before getting onto the block myself. Tammy was slicing through the water, looking as awesome as she did. I know she was exhausted from her 50 Breast swim from earlier, but it didn’t show at all as she kept pace with the others. Tammy’s hands slammed into the wall and I dove in, kicking as hard as I possibly could and fell into a mad rhythm, trying to keep pace with Sophie and Megan from Francois University. My lungs were screaming for air by the time I hit the wall for my turn, and I took a quick breath. My body was already in agony from my earlier swims, but I had to push through that for them. I hit the wall hard and Emma dove in. Maddie helped me out as I struggled to catch my breath. Emma was already halfway down the pool when I got out, trying my best to cheer for her despite my lack of oxygen. Kim Hawks from Turner was one of the best freestyle sprinters in the province, and while Emma was good, she wasn’t as good as Kim. I just hoped that we did enough to stay in the race.

    Emma slammed her hand against the wall, and we all looked at the timer on the wall, holding our breaths. Turner popped up in the number 1 spot, unfortunately. But Mount Seamus showed up in the number 2 spot right after and we cheered. Maybe it wasn’t first, but yeah, beating Francois felt pretty damn good. We helped Emma out of the pool and held each other for a minute. I could feel the pride oozing off of us, and that was amazing. The points all mattered in the end, but right now, we did good.


    Mondays after a swim meet were always the hardest. You were exhausted and spent the whole Sunday evening catching up on any work you were behind on. The only thing nice about them was morning practice was cancelled.

    I yawned my whole way through my Asia World History course, even though it was one of my favourite classes. It was just hard when you were as tired as I was. I was just lucky since I did the readings ahead of time, because I know my notes were total garbage today.

    Professor Gorgens told me I did an awesome job this weekend as I left class, and I gave him a warm smile. The guy was a bit of an egotistical jerk sometimes, but he did care about his students and made an effort to keep up with how the athletes were doing.

    The food hall was a little quieter today, as students were frantically studied for their first batch of tests or they were just getting sick of the food already, which does happen. I yawned as I grabbed a couple of the premade sandwiches and some of the less questionable fruits. I didn’t really feel like eating inside right now, so I lumbered outside.

    I sat down under the big tree, taking small bites out of my sandwich as I read through my textbook for my next class. It was just about October, and while it was starting to cool down, it was still nice enough out to enjoy the weather.

    It felt like I was starting to doze off when I heard someone say my name. I looked up groggily and saw Ally waving to me.

    “Oh, hey, Ally,” I said. “How have you been?”

    Her eyes flickered to the tree uneasily before looking back at me. “Oh, good! I just finished writing my first midterm and have another one tomorrow. So, just been a little busy. How about you?”

    I shrugged. “Good. Busy with swimming and school, so the usual.”

    I’m not sure what was going on with Ally, but she kept looking up at the branches with some obvious discomfort. I looked up as well, wondering if there was an animal or something, but I didn’t see anything out of the norm. I looked back to her, and when we made eye contact, she gave me a tight smile.

    “Is there…is there something wrong?” I asked hesitantly.

    Her smile tightened even more, and she shook her head. “Nope, nothing is wrong. Why would you think there’s something wrong?”

    Uh, okay. That was weird. I frowned and said, “Well, because you’re all wound up about something.”

    “Am I?”

    “You seem to be.”

    She made a popping sound with her mouth. “I see. Well…this is going to sound so strange, so don’t judge me please, but I don’t like the vibes from the tree.”

    I stared at her blankly before nodding. “Yeah, okay. That makes sense.”

    “It does?” She sounded genuinely surprised.

    “Yeah, totally.” I stood up, brushing my butt off and walking away from the tree. “According to the history of the school, this tree was planted on an old mass grave. It freaks a lot of people out because of that, but I always found it a nice spot to sit.”

    Ally’s face paled as she took in the tree entirely. I don’t think I totally understood what was bothering her, but I gently pushed her away until the colour returned to her face. Whatever it was about the tree bothered her, and I was going to respect that.

    “Does that bother you?” I asked as I continued to lead her away.

    Ally gave a slow nod. “I…it just makes me uncomfortable, that’s all. I didn’t realize that there were so many buried skeletons at this school.” She tried to look over at it one last time, but I placed my hand on her face and directed her attention to me instead.

    When our eyes connected, Ally made a strange face as her cheeks turned red. I know sometimes my stare can be pretty intense, according to the several people on the team who told me, so I dropped my hand and looked away slightly.

    “Sorry, I just didn’t think you should be looking at the tree if it was freaking you out that much, you know?” I said with a grin.

    “Oh, uh, yes!” Ally composed herself and nodded firmly. “Thank you for that. Sometimes I just get into my own head and it’s hard to get out of there.”

    “Anxiety can be a bitch,” I said with sympathy.

    “You don’t even know the half of it,” she said with a small chuckle.

    I walked with Ally to her next class, just wanting to make sure everything was all good before I headed to mine. Some nice-looking guy with a small scar on his eyebrow was waiting for her when we got there, and I waved goodbye to her as I walked down the steps. Ally seemed more adjusted to the student life than last time I spoke to her, which was good. I was glad that she was making friends and finding herself a nice routine to fall into.

    I was just about to dash to my class when I realized I left all my things under the tree when I made Ally leave. I ran over and gathered all my things quickly, sparing one last glace at the branches before leaving.

    Maybe it was the trick of my eye, but it did kind of look like there was a shadow. I blinked and looked again, only to see the clear sky through the branches. Huh.


    Practice was an easy affair today. Coach Jacob liked to give us one easy day after a meet, something we all appreciated. Plus, he started the day off with great news.

    “Gunner is allowed to compete again!” he announced before any of us got into the water.

    Several people cheered and Kerry gave him a small peck on the cheek. Gunner looked embarrassed but determined. He apologized to all of us for his behaviour this summer and that he was going to make it up to us.

    Jackie reached over and patted his shoulder. “Hey, it happens to the best of us, Gunner. My sister fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up needing rehab. The important thing is that you got clean.”

    Gunner brushed away tears and gave her a hug, which caused a huge group hug. I was happy for him, really. Sure, he made a mistake. But you’re supposed to be allowed to learn from those mistakes and grow from them. He was lucky to have such a good support system, because not everyone did. Coach Jacob rubbed his head and told everyone to get into the water and to stop being so sappy. A few of us laughed as we broke up the hug and did as we were told.

    It was about halfway through practice when Jackie hopped out of the pool to run to the bathroom. Normally Coach Jacob hated when we did that, but I think he was in a good mood today, so he let it slide. He read through the next set and we got to work.

    It wasn’t until we were finished with the set that I noticed Jackie hadn’t returned. That was really strange. I think other people noticed too, because I saw some heads swiveling as they looked for her. Jackie’s lane partner Tammy said under her breath, “What’s taking her so long? Did her tampon get stuck or something?”

    I said I’d go see what was going on and pushed myself out of the pool. I padded lightly into the locker room and called out her name, only to get no response. I felt my heart speed up a little, as I felt a pit of concern growing in my stomach.

    I walked into where the bathrooms were and knocked on all the doors. Still nothing. Maybe she just had to race home for something? I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling, however. That wasn’t like Jackie at all. She always made sure to let people know where she was going, even if it was a sudden situation change.

    My heart was pounding loudly in my ears now as I called out again and still got nothing in return. I shuddered as I walked towards the locker room, feeling a sudden chill. I shakily punched in the combination and opened the door to where our lockers were located.

    I couldn’t help but shriek when I saw Jackie lying on the floor in a puddle of blood. She groaned as I grabbed a towel and shoved it against her stomach, where it looked like someone had cut her with something. She opened her eyes and tried to say something, but I shushed her.

    “Jackie, sweetie, don’t say anything right now,” I said, trying to keep the panic from my voice. “You need to lie very still, okay?”

    She gave the teeniest of nods as her eyes lost focus again. I heard someone running into the change room, most likely responding to the sound of my scream.

    I move the door with my foot so the worst of the scene is hidden from view. “Don’t come in!” I shouted.

    “Lyn, what’s going on?” That was Loryn.

    “Jackie’s been hurt, she needs medical attention ASAP.”

    I heard Loryn swear loudly. “Lyn, my phone is in there!”

    “Use the phone on the deck or upstairs!” My voice cracked with fear as the blood seeped through the towel. I grabbed another one and applied pressure on the wound, praying that it would slow down or stop. Jackie was looking very pale, and her breathing was shallow.

    I forced myself to look away for a second, knowing I was getting tunnel vision. The lockers were all open and the light overhead was out. There were huge gouges in the wall that looked like they were trying to spell something, but I was not in the right head space to even try and read it right now.

    The door opened and Coach Jacob stood in the doorway, taking the scene in. He went very pale and had to lean against the wall to keep himself upright.

    “I-is she…?”

    I shook my head. “Breathing, alive for now. She needs to get to the hospital, now.”

    He nodded shakily. “They’re on the way. Loryn…she called.”

    Thank God for Loryn. She was good a keeping calm under pressure. I looked down at Jackie and breathed a little easier when I saw that this towel hadn’t soaked through. I have no idea who did this to her, but they couldn’t have gotten too far. I felt like crying so bad right now, but the tears just wouldn’t come out. It was like my body knew what it needed to do right now, and crying was not it.

    I refused to leave Jackie’s side until the paramedic gently removed me from the scene to ask some questions. I answered them the best I could, but I honestly had no idea what happened. I thought it was a stab mark at first, but as I thought about it a little bit more, I couldn’t get the visual of claw marks out of my head.


    I sat on the hospital bed, my guts tied up into a nervous knot. I had to be brought in because I went into shock after I- well, after it. I checked my phone and paused when I saw that I missed a call from home. That was something unusual. Honestly? I didn’t feel like dealing with that right now, so I just swiped the notification off. If they couldn’t be bothered to leave a voice mail, then I can’t be bothered to call them back.

    There was a knock at the door. I looked over as Loryn, Kerry, and Matt poked their heads in. I smiled weakly as they shuffled into the room. I took Loryn’s hand into my own as she sat down on my bed. Matt pulled over another chair and him and Kerry sat down next to the bed.

    “Is…Jackie…?” I croaked, unable to get the words out.

    Loryn nodded slightly. “Jackie is okay. She needed some serious stiches and won’t be able to compete for the rest of the season. Jacob and Robin are with her while they wait for her parents to arrive.”

    I sighed in minor relief. “At least she’s okay. Um…did they find anyone?”

    “They claim that they found a guy wielding a knife,” said Matt. “But Lyn, I’m not too sure about that. Why would some random guy attack a student in the locker room?”

    That was my thought too. Also, I swear it was claw marks. They were straight across, not stabbed in. The thought of Jackie lying on the floor flashed in my mind and I had to squeeze my eyes shut as I waited out the wave of nausea. Loryn squeezed my hand as I struggled to control myself.

    “Did they give you anything?” she asked quietly.

    I shook my head slowly. “No, I refused.”

    “Why’d you refuse?”

    “I didn’t want to be drugged up if something happened to Jackie…”

    There was a tense silence in the room. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything else, so I directed my attention to the window. The ticking of the clock sounded incredibly loud as time passed by. The IV pump I was connected to chugged along as it pumped some fluids into my body. I could hear Kerry sniffling in her chair, unable to say the words she needed to hear. It was like my brain was shutting down, unable to process what had happened.

    Poor Jackie didn’t deserve this. Not that anyone did, but Jackie was such a sweet person. She would give you the shirt off her back if you asked and would then give you even more. This was a random attack, but why? The why was bouncing around, giving me a headache.

    I felt Loryn reach over and brush her thumb against my cheek. I looked at her confused as to why she did that, then I realized I was actually crying. I don’t cry often; it just wasn’t something I did. I began to tremble and completely lost it when the three of them gave me a tight hug.

    I cried and cried until I couldn’t anymore.

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