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    #cate blanchett#gerard way#grimes#harry styles #tagging to incite violence <3 #.txt
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    On Heron’s Wings

    The throne room is in chaos. 

    Andrias resembles a monster out of a nightmare more than he ever did a king, writhing and vast, and their meager forces can barely avoid the slash of his flaming sword only to get buffeted by the sweep of his tail. Sasha doesn’t know if Andrias was holding back before, when Grime had him at his mercy with Barrel’s Warhammer poised at his temple. Maybe they’d taken him by surprise, launching their invasion without warning as they had. 

    None of it matters now. 

    Anne, glowing and crackling with blue magic like a character from an anime Marcy roped them into watching and Sasha secretly enjoyed, is weakened and bruised now. Whatever that was, whatever piece of this dangerous, magical land chose Anne as its host, it’s gone now and Sasha has to fight, she has to make sure Anne and her family and Marcy can get away, that they can survive this mess that is partly her own making. 

    If only she’d given Anne any reason to trust her. 

    A burst of iridescent light behind her, familiar because she still sees it in her nightmares sometimes, and Sasha risks a glance over her shoulder as Yunan buries her dumb Wolverine blades into the back of Andrias’ hand in an attempt to make him drop his sword. 

    And there’s Marcy, kneeling in front of the flickering, growing portal. 

    The Plantars are helping Anne to her feet and Sasha bellows across the expanse, “Me and Grime will hold him. Just go!”

    She can do this. She can be the strong one for her friends, like she always has. It’s been her responsibility since they were five, unused to standing up for themselves, and Sasha tripped over her own feet and bruised her forehead until it bled in order to protect them. Sasha will stay, she’ll fight and bleed again because Anne is too powerful for Andrias to let her live and Marcy is too trusting, too easily manipulated by him. 

    Besides, it’s not like their world has much to offer her anymore. A big empty house, cold criticism and restraining hands on her shoulders. High school, homework and trying not to miss the bus. Going back to all that is little more than a joke now that she’s pummeled 50-foot herons with her bare hands, led armies, killed monsters. She’ll miss drinking boba at the mall, DDR with Anne and D&D with Marcy. She’ll miss sleepovers. 

    She’ll miss her last chance to apologize, for real this time. 

    Andrias roars, shaking the walls and the floor beneath them, reverberating in her chest like a second heartbeat. He’s cottoned onto Marcy’s plan. 

    Sasha lunges at him with her dual blades (thank you, Grime) but he’s single minded now. His sword sweeps toward her in a devastating arc and she barely has time to dodge the blow that would’ve split her in two. She hits the floor and rolls out of the way of his massive fist that leaves cracks in the granite where she’d lain. Then Grime is there, crippling Andrias with a blow to the ankle, but the Leviathan is unstoppable. 

    With a furious backhand he sends Grime flying, and Sasha doesn’t even get to see where he lands before Andrias’ tail catches her across the middle. It feels like she imagines getting hit by a truck might, knocking the air of her lungs and the swords out of her hands before she collides into a pillar with enough force to make black spots dance across her vision. 

    “The box!” Andrias’ cries, and his voice sounds far away despite the depth of his baritone. The ground shakes beneath his pounding footsteps and Sasha raises herself onto her hands and knees, the world spinning around her as she gropes for her swords. 

    Anne is saying something, telling Marcy to hurry, and what could be taking them so long? Go through the portal, girls, who cares where you end up! Anywhere is better than here. 

    Andrias must be there, he must’ve reached them by now, but Sasha can’t hear any fighting. She can’t hear anything, the throne room going eerily silent save for the crackle of the portal, the buzz of Andrias’ blade. 

    Sasha raises her head, briefly blinded by the portal’s brilliance. Andrias is there, looming, but he’s standing still, his arms extended. She peers around his bulk and sees Marcy, a stark shadow against the colors radiating from the portal, and she’s hanging off the end of Andrias’...hanging off of…

    Anne screams. 

    Andrias pulls his sword back  from where he’d buried it between Marcy’s shoulder blades and Marcy crumples. Sasha fixates on Marcy’s gloved hand, splayed out over her head, as the music box tumbles out of her nonexistent grip. Marcy doesn’t move again. 

    The portal closes, but Sasha’s barely aware of the way the throne room is plunged into the pale glow of dusk. 

    She stares at Marcy’s back and her world burns red-hot. Groping blindly, she wraps a shaking hand around the pommel of her rose gold sword and roars, wordless and raging. Scalding tears blur her vision but Andrias’ broad back is clear to her, the exact place where she’ll bury her own sword, silence him once and for all. 

    An arm strong as an iron band wraps around her middle in the instant before she launches herself forward. 

    Sasha lashes out on instinct, imagining one of Andrias’ robotic goons, her legs thrashing and sword arm out of range. Her leatherbound elbow strikes a rough hide and her attacker grunts. 

    “Lieutenant!” Some of the ringing in her ears lessens and the voice behind her, rough and desperate, can’t belong to any of the robots, any of the guards. “Sasha!” 

    She gasps, whirling around as much as his grip will allow. 

    Grime has seen better days. They were already battered when they were brought to the throne room with bound hands, his scarred eye blackened with bruising, his cape torn from his shoulders. Now his squat, sharp face is lined with exhaustion, grief and rage and Sasha can’t imagine she looks any better. 

    She struggles against his grip, unable to understand why he’s restraining her. “What—Grime! Let me go, I’m going to—I need to—I need to save Marcy!” 

    He growls, and something hitches in his breathing. A broken rib, a small, terrified corner of her mind supplies. More than one, knowing Grime. 

    “Stand down,” he barks, his arm around her unwavering. “We’re outmatched, you know as well as I. We need to regroup with the rest of our forces outside the city before we’re thrown into a cell to rot.” Or worse, goes unsaid. 

    “NO!” Her elbow catches Grime in the gut and he hisses in pain. Guilt flares, sickly and scorching, up along the line of her spine, catching in the back of her throat. “I won’t—I can’t leave her! I can’t leave her again!”

    Marcy is a still, dark shape by Andrias’ foot, he could crush her so easily, like he intended to do to Polly, to Anne, to Sasha. She’s already failed Marcy by staying away for so long, letting her fall under the Leviathan’s sway. 

    “Sasha.” When she looks back at Grime, he’s not her captain. His expression is pained, brow furrowed, and he’s her friend, giver of swords with heron cross-guards to honor her first battle victory, binge-watcher of Suspicion Island, baker of hornet infested cake. He didn’t let her fall from Toad Tower and he won’t let her fall now. 

    “There’s nothing you can do for her. We must honor her sacrifice by surviving.” 

    Sasha chokes, barely feeling the tears coursing down her face. For the first time since she landed in Amphibia and was thrown in a cell, she feels exactly her age.

    “Grime, I can’t—”

     Andrias turns to them, his face illuminated in a wash of gold as he raises his sword. 

    Grime scoops her up before she can protest again. “Oh yes you can!” 

    Andrias advances with growing speed, a growl building in his throat, and Grime leaps out of the nearest shattered window. They fall less than a dozen feet, landing hard on an ornate balcony below. Grime loses his grip on her and they tumble a few feet apart, more bruised than before but alive. It’s the most they can hope for at this point.  

    Sasha pushes herself up but she shakes, unable to stand. She hears Grime rise laboriously to his feet and limp over to her. “We must keep moving.”

    “I know,” she bites out, head bowed and hiding the worst of her weakness. 

    Grime’s hand lands on her shoulder, claws clicking against her pauldron, heavy with exhaustion. “We’ve lost the battle, Lieutenant. Nothing more,” he rumbles. “We will return in force, make the Leviathan pay, and take the capital for ourselves.” 

    Her hands ball into fists, creaking painfully against the leather of her gloves. “I’m going to kill him,” she vows, the rage burning deep in her chest threatening to consume her entire being in its conflagration.  

    Grime chuckles, a painful sounding rasp. “You’ll be needing this, then.”

    Sasha looks up and held in his outstretched hand is her first, beloved rose gold sword. Tears bead her eyes, for an entirely different reason now. 

    “Ah,” Grime says, shuffling from foot to foot. “I, uh, didn’t have time to grab the new sword I got you. I hope that’s—whoa!”

    Sasha doesn’t let him finish, using what’s left of her strength to tackle the old, grody toad, her best friend, her fa—captain. 

    “Ow,” he says, pretending to be annoyed, but he embraces her just as tightly. 

    Sasha turns her tearstained face up toward the castle, at the evil they now know lurks within. She got Anne to safety. That was the important thing. When they returned, it would be with an army at her back and Marcy’s name on her lips as she severed the Leviathan’s head from his shoulders. 

    For Marcy. 

    #ant writes#amphibia fic #canon typical violence #but a little extra since this is sasha and grime we're talking about #regicide is discussed #sasha's pov#character death #but not really that's just what sasha thinks #sasha waybright#captain grime #true colors spoilers #true colors#amphibia#amphibia spoilers #I don't think sasha has a good home life #let her stay with her killer toad dad
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    “B-E-H-A-V-E arrest us

    Italiana mobster looking so precious, uh

    B-E-H-A-V-E never more

    You gave up being good when you declared a state of war,”

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    10.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    made this based on grimes' song Violence, and used pictures as reference from the music video

    I have a whole goddamn AU written down for this, i thought about it so much, and i'm planning making scenes from it in comics

    damn boi that’s a thicc a$$ boi O_O

    if you are interested in the AU I’ll share what i have so far below  

    So it would be kind of a Kingdom AU, but in a different world, like a different planet Haven’t thought about how the world works and stuff yet but... whatever :D

    Dream’s kingdom is like a big warrior nation and they rule a very big part of a continent on this planet, they’ve built their kingdom for a thousand of years and their whole culture is rooted in fighting and war This doesn’t neccesarily make them bloodthisrty killers, they rather like fair fights but there are different views on killing your opponent...

    A person chooses their partner (mostly for their whole life) based on their fighting and hunting skills, and their social status Equality is very important in these partnerships/marriages or whatever, their culture is also lgbtq+ friendly but these also matter from regions of the country and expectations can differ from family to family

    Dream would be the next heir of the throne (i think their society would have a few bigger clans and there would be one dinasty ruling over them) and after his parents pass away he is kinda bound to find a partner to rule with him, and Rulers are sometimes expected to marry someone from another country’s dynasty, and that’s what Dream’s parents wanted in order to strengthen alliances with other kingdoms

    So Dream -still grieving the death of his parents, and not entirely liking the way he is supposed to rule the Kingdom- is not in the mood to choose someone to marry just to form an alliance, but he still invites heirs and rulers from other countries to contest for his hand- with dancey dance with a weapon (thats where the pic comes in) which is kind of a ritual in their culture, and reasons why they want the alliance

    George isn’t a ruler yet but in line to be one after his parents- in a country centered around the plants and nature of the planet (which is similar to planet Olkarion from V0ltr0n) so like, kinda magic but it’s like... plant tech? It’s weird but whatever They’re a small kingdom but they have much potential because they know the ways of nature and are able to control it in a way not many other people can

    George’s parents make him go as a suitor. So he walks in, introduces himself curtly and the ritual song begins to play and like he’s beginning his dance, he walks up to the throne Dream is sitting on (who is kinda bored after at least 20-30 suitors showing off) and because he’s a strubborn ho, he says “ what if i wasn’t the only one contesting for someone’s hand, but you would do something to make you worthy in my eyes too”

    And Dream immediately perks up at that and bc i don’t want to spoil the comic i’m not going to say what happens in detail but they marry and form an alliance ofc :DD at first they’re just friends tho but have a lot of synergy and i imagine it being very slowburn but still epic power couple and with tons of angst and hurt-comfort 

    If i had the skills to write this as a fanfic i would but meh

    if you made it this far and read my midnight brainstotrming then i love you 

    #dreamnotfound#dnf#dnf art #all i ever draw is dnf #dreamwastaken#georgenotfound #george is thicc af on this god forgive me #i like grimes songs #listen to violence my dudes
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    Grimes & i_o - Violence

    #indie #dancing and singing in the kitchen #violence#grimes#music
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    #violence#grimes #official press release
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    I // O-𝖜𝖊 𝖆𝖉𝖔𝖗𝖊 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖔𝖘 𝖇𝖊𝖈𝖆𝖚𝖘𝖊 𝖜𝖊 𝖑𝖔𝖛𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖕𝖗𝖔𝖉𝖚𝖈𝖊 𝖔𝖗𝖉𝖊𝖗

    #sorry 4 shitty graphic #rezz#dj rezz#i_o#grimes#miss anthropocene#violence remix#violence grimes #slowed + reverb #gotta wear nuraphones for the best experience #Youtube#audiophile
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    #this slaps so hard #i love grimes so much #music#audio#grimes#violence#miss anthropocene#Spotify
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    Evolution of Chelsea Wolfe (2010-2019)

    #chelsea wolfe #the grime and the glow #apocalypsis #pain is beauty #abyss#hiss spun #birth of violence #chelsea wolfe live #folk rock#doom#neo folk#dark folk
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    I’m like begging for it baby

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    You wanna make me bad and I like it like that


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         This life was not meant for anyone- especially not for a man like Arthur. The only reason for his survival was because this group of men lured him into traveling with them shortly after he killed his mother. He was in the aftermath of his grief and despite his own instinct to run away, they’ve talked him into traveling with them- that they’d provide him safety. Though it didn’t take them long to realize that Arthur was weak. His pathological laughter proved to be dangerous for them. He was dead weight, so they began to treat him as such: using  him as bait. And at first he didn’t realize this. He thought that he was being useful, that he was helping. And in a sick way, he was, but before long, the men began to torment him just as the people of Gotham did before things changed. They hurt him- they say awful things to him. He was like a beaten animal trembling under their thumb. He’s got no where to go and no where to run and they’ve got him pinned into the group. Thick bruises lined his body- he’s malnourished and bruised. Too weak to fight back and too hurt to try.

         They’ve made it down to somewhere along the outskirts of Atlanta. The air was thick with humidity and Arthur is miserable. Two men were rummaging through the remains of some tattered gas station and Arthur was standing outside under the close watch of the fourth man. His body is trembling as his gaze is locked down on the cracked asphalt beneath his feet as the man next to him began to taunt him loudly. Arthur’s hands were in his pocket, one cradling a gun the men were unaware of that he’s thought about using to take his own life with many times before. And he’s thinking about it now, his grip tightening on the gun as he begins to quickly withdraw it, with the intentions of pressing it under his own chin but his body reacts differently. He points it to the man’s head and pulls the trigger. He’s lost control just like he did the night in the subway. The man fell dead but Arthur shot him again and again until his gun clicked on a blank. He’s completely unaware of Rick’s presence nearby- who was close enough to hear the whole thing. The three men inside the store quickly stopped what they were doing and flooded outside. Arthur can’t hear what they are saying- a bunch of shouting mixed with loud ringing in his ears as he shifts to the side as they begin to draw guns of their own. Quickly, he moved behind a nearby vehicle in obvious distress.      He’s overstimulated and outnumbered. Overwhelmed. The air was filled by the sound of gunfire and bullets clanking against steel and he was sure that he would die here and he was desperately trying to place loose bullets from his jacket pocket into the chamber of his revolver but his hands were shaking so badly that he kept dropping them- he just needed one: he wanted to end himself before they could get the pleasure of ending him.


    #mercyprevaild #c :: rick grimes #tw gun violence #tw suicide #tw abuse mention
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    Baby, its violence

    But you can’t see what I see

    you can’t see what I see

    ‘Cause you, ha, ha, you feed off hurting me

    #violence#grimes#dance#electronic#dark #you wanna make me bad make me bad #beats#Spotify
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    quick doodle of my muse

    Grimes has inspired me from the second I laid eyes on her. She's such a genuine and beautiful creator. She leaks artistry.

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    #music#grimes#rezz #probably my fav version of violence #Spotify
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