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  • Today for my psychology course I took a Thematic Apperception Test to learn more about my personality. Participants are shown an ambiguous image and asked to create a story to accompany the image. I may have taken my response a bit further than necessary, or just down a very different road because my scores were very different from the scores of my peers!

    Anyways, I’m actually kind of pleased with how this turned out. I don’t have a title for it, but I’ve also attached the image it was based off of below. Enjoy.



    Loretta Diolio continued her incredibly important work moving specimens of microscopic fungi from one test tube to another. It didn’t matter that Jane, her accomplished and trusting partner, had an urgent and stern tone to her voice. What mattered was that the samples continued moving, the progress of their study continued moving, and Loretta’s mind continued moving.

    “Loretta.” Jane called again, this time with a bit more urgency and a sharp note to the third syllable.

    Supposing that there wasn’t a more efficient way to continue ignoring her, Loretta replied with an indifferent “Hmm?”

    “Are we going to address….” Jane trailed off.

    “I’m not certain. Are we going to address whatever it is you failed to finish your statement with? I’m not sure if we will address it. Especially not if you can’t bring yourself to articulate your thoughts.”

    Color jumped into Jane’s cheeks with her partner’s critical response.

    “There’s no need to snap.” The brunette mumbled as she made herself busy with the manila folder tucked under her arm.

    “Then perhaps figure out what it is you wish to discuss, THEN approach me with a subject.” Loretta’s hand trembled slightly with the sudden influx of emotion, adding slight turbulence to the voyage several million spores embarked upon to make it to their new home.

    “Are you this cruel to Henry?”

    This lunge began the intricate battle. Loretta finished depositing a spore sample in its intended new residence, then placed the pipette tactfully upon the lab table.

    “Do you truly believe you have a right to examine my relationship with Henry?” Loretta flexed her hand, examining the trustworthy extension of herself and purposefully ignoring Jane’s longing stare.

    “Only in one… distinct area.”

    “And what would that area be?”

    “Love.” Jane whispered earnestly.

    Loretta froze. That single word caught her off guard. She, Loretta Diolio, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, a dominating lioness in the field of academic microbiology, and (as some would call her) a heartless bitch, froze in the middle of the perfectly clean laboratory as if she were a fawn in front of a semi-truck.

    “W-what about love?” Her mouth was dry. As dry as a million cotton balls left roasting in the Gobi desert.

    “If you love him.” Jane’s lips hardly moved. It was as if they parted for air and simply let out a loose string of syllables and vowels for pleasure. Not communication.

    Loretta’s pulse was incessant.

    “No.” The word fell from her lips like lead.

    “No I don’t.”

    Something tugged at the corner of Jane’s lip. It was fast, and almost imperceptible, but it was there. A nymph perhaps. A nymph, fermenting mischief in a time of great sadness.

    “Do you love me?”


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  • Happy Evil Author Day! 

    Here’s a WIP I’ve been considering for a while for a one-shot (I know, shock! A non chapter fic from me? Will wonders never cease!) but haven’t really been giving a good amount of attention to because I’ve been focused on finishing Philtatos and the other fics I already have posted. 

    Pairing: JayTim

    Rating: M for language, sexual themes (not nsfw tho)

    Summary: Years from now, they’ll make up a story about how it really happened. After all, how do a series of autocorrect fails lead to a relationship?


    T: Wanna bang?

    Jason stares at his phone for a full ten seconds trying to connect the words to the contact name.

    Logically he knows Tim probably meant ‘hang’, since they have been doing that more often lately. Something about brunch and commiserating over Alfred’s waffles established a tenuous friendship that’s continued in the form of intel sharing and the occasional team-up on cases when they both happen to be in Gotham at the same time.

    The relationship is about at the level of shooting each other the occasional meme or gif via text, and ‘hey, let’s grab a chili dog but you’re paying, Mr. Moneybags’. Even if Jason were inclined toward trying to get into his replacement’s pants—which, he’s not thank you very much even if he recognizes as a completely objective equal-opportunity appreciator of the human body that Tim Drake grew up hot—he also knows that Tim Drake is depressingly straight.

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  • Repent

    I repent.

    I repent, after strides forward

    Praises dropped delicately into the void, and

    Rewards streaming forth from

    Skinner’s stagnant box.

    I repent.

    I repent to Christ,

    Odin, Vishnu, Baphomet,

    Anyone who cares to hear my

    Whimpered orisons at the

    Rush of cold air and realization.

    I repent.

    I repent with the sight of blood,

    A flood of pleasure mingled with lust,

    And any numbing agent just powerful enough

    To drive my guilt away.

    I repent.

    I repent by grasping the cat ‘o nine

    And flinging it, desperately

    Across my frame with the hope that

    Stinging sorrow will drown and deafen any voice

    of truth.

    I repent.

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  • “i’m sorry… i’m really sorry.”

    • mafia!jeno x reader
    • angst
    • based off of jeno’s adlib in best friend lmao that shit hURT (u can hear it at 0:28)

    6 missed calls from jeno 🐱

    1 new voicemail from jeno  🐱

    “H-hello? Y/N? Can you hear me? Baby, I’m so so sorry you had to see that. You have to believe me, he was coming after you, I had to do it. I… I had to, baby, I couldn’t let him hurt you.

    You have to listen to me, y/n, you have to run away. Go to the train station at 11 tonight, Doyoung-hyung will take you with him. D-don’t come back for me, please, you have to leave me. I’ll finish this.”

    Gunshots could be heard from the distance from Jeno’s end of the line. He cursed under his breath. He was running out of time.

    “I’m sorry… I’m really sorry. Everything I did was for you and your safety. Keep me in your heart forever, baby. I’ll never forget you. I love y-”

    Another gunshot.

    And the line went dead.

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  • up to you (renjun ver.)

    • a scenario for each 00 members’ line in Up to You
    • fluff
    • plot: Renjun was down for you wanting to take your relationship further,

    난 네게 맞춰 갈게 걱정할 것 없어 

    I will keep up with your step, so nothing to worry about. 

    You absolutely loved going on dates with Renjun. Wherever you went, he always made it much more enjoyable with his bubbly presence. Your relationship was quite fresh, and there were times you both would still get quite shy around each other, but one thing was for sure, you both liked each other very very much.

    Today, Renjun took you to an arboretum. You enjoyed looking around the beautiful scenery and just spending time with Renjun overall. It was calming to walk around nature, hand in Renjun’s. You didn’t even talk much than you usually would, since you both wanted to enjoy the serenity of the place. You both got each other little gifts to remember this day, like matching keyrings from the gift shop.

    The arboretum had high towers to overlook the view, connecting those towers was a bridge. From afar, the bridge looked weird because there were a lot of things hanging on it, which wasn’t quite decipherable from your place. As you got closer, you noticed there were locks on the bridge. Those were love locks. The sign beside the bridge said that visitors may purchase locks and can hang it on the bridge. You turned to Renjun as an idea popped into your head.

    “Injun, look! It’s a love lock bridge. Let’s get one.” You said eagerly. Renjun didn’t miss how your eyes twinkled with excitement, but he couldn’t help but think, were you both in that stage yet?

    “A-are you sure?” He stuttered. Renjun liked you, he really did, but he didn’t want things to move so fast that you both weren’t ready.

    “Yeah… Do you not want one?” You trailed off, clearly sensing his uneasy tone. You frowned, not expecting his reaction. “Because we can forget abou—“

    “N-no, I do! Listen, whatever you want, I’m down to doI’ll do anything as long as it’s with you, okay? You have nothing to worry about.” Renjun said as he cupped your face and caressed your cheek gently. He was quick to comfort you, scared that you might get the wrong idea.  You smiled at his words and nodded, separating from him momentarily to buy a lock for the both of you. You came back with a red lock and marker in hand, waving at him with a big smile. He chuckled and took it from you to write down your names, ruffling the top of your head. You didn’t miss him muttering a quick “You’re so cute.” under his breath.

    Renjun soon scribbled down your initials on the lock as you leaned on his shoulder to watch him. He showed you the lock as he finished,

    “(your initials) ❤︎ RJ”

    You both went to an open spot on the bridge to hang the lock. Renjun took a picture of you two with the lock, and hung it for you soon after. You smiled widely at him, happy to take your relationship further. You quickly pecked his cheek, giggling at his flustered reaction.

    “You’re much cuter, Injun.”

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  • I was tagged by the wonder @coralblast, so thank you for tagging me!

    This is a little blurb from Heroes and Harbingers [formerly called Man Marked]. I don’t know where I’m going with the plot, or what the plot really even is, but I’m just having fun experimenting with stuff.


    “Alex…” Miguel started, but his voice drifted away into nothing.

    “You can head back inside. I just need another second.” Miguel hesitated, before slowly moving his hand from Alex’s shoulder, and going inside with a great amount of reluctance.

    Uh, I guess I’ll tag  @waterfallwritings,  @drabbleitout,  @milkyway-writes, and anyone else who wants to do this.

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  • I’m writing this on mobile and in a Panera, so sorry for any weird format stuff. Or not, cause I’m finishing this on my computer at home.

    So, this is the superhero WIP I mentioned. The title is probably going to get changed eventually, and this idea is still pretty lose, but bare with me.

    “Man Marked” is the story of the heroes and villains of a large, metropolitan city (currently unnamed). Currently, it’s a found family story with a bit of coming of age in there.

    The basic plot is that the heroes, as they tend to do, fight the villains, who aren’t as villainous as they appeared to be, just fighting against a system that forces those with superpowers to either work for the big bad (probably some sort of corporation or something.) Over the course of the story, the heroes and villains learn that the other isn’t really that bad and end up working together to fight the real threat.

    None of the character have names yet, but I’ll list some of them below:

    “Morph”: Main hero of the city, perspective character. Only, like, 14-16, but basically works for the BBEG full time. Forced to be taught by a tutors because going to actual school could lead to someone finding out his secret identity. Really lonely and really tired basically all the time. Loves his fellow heroes though, would literally give his life for them. Powers: Can fuse with objects, and once living things that have know perished (wings from a dead animal, a cut off branch, etc.). Can also probably fuse with livings things, but no one is sure what would happen and how that would work, so they haven’t tried it. Also pretty strong, and has a bit of a healing factor.

    “Android”: Baby of the villain team, technically only about 3 years old. The doctor who made her is dead, but she doesn’t know, and the villains haven’t had the heart to tell her yet. Very sweet, but will absolutely beat you up if the mission requires it. Doesn’t really understand death since she’s basically immortal, as her memory can just be placed into a new body if her current one is damaged beyond repair. Powers: Laser eyes, very strong, made of metal, has a laser canon thing in both of her arms, can also just use regular guns.

    “Hivemind”: Kind of villain team dad. Loves animals, has a german shepherd, python, and also keeps pigeons. Drinks coffee like his life depends on it. Loves his boyfriend very much thank you. Powers: Can control animals with his mind. This also works on humans, but it takes more effort. The more intelligent the animals is, the more difficult it is, especially when controlling multiple creatures at once. Can also fight fist to fist, but usually stays at the base because he isn’t really suited for front line fighting.

    “Cobra”: Actually wasn’t born with powers, got fused with a cobra in a freak accident. Found by “Hivemind” and taken in. Acts all cool, but is easily startled and scared. HATES spiders, would kill all of them if he could. Powers: Has thermal vision, can spit poison, has scales on his body that can act as some armor. Enhanced strength.

    “Doe”: Very, VERY mysterious. Always wears a spooky white dear mask with big old horns. Also has a big black cloak that covers her whole body, but at the base, she wears regular black clothes, but still has the mask. Doesn’t speak a lot, no one really knows why, might just be to keep up the mysterious vibe. Also team mom though, and will destroy anyone who messes with her family. Powers: Can teleport, though it’s limited and takes effort, especially with longer distances and/or with other people. Able to control shadows and solidify them to use in combat. Also has a spear and bow, which are surprisingly effective in combat. 

    I also have some other ideas for characters, but I’m not very sure about them yet. I really needed to get this out there for, so thank you for reading my rambling!

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  • Alright, so, besides one character, at most, these guys are side characters. I still adore them, and I want to make a comic for them, but I can’t draw that well haha. Hope you all enjoy~

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  • Fun fact:

    I had a mental breakdown so naturally I bought a Russian Putin Doll. It’s currently sitting on my bookshelf.

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  • Hey, so I wrote a connverse song last month, and since i dont have any instruments and i can’t sing- i can’t really finish it, but i thought it was cute so i decided to post the lyrics anyways:

    You’re The Music of My Life


    You are the music of my life

    You make my heart amplify 

    Every minute by your side

    I feel so happy I could fly

    My heart would simply bloom

    If I was blessed enough to be your groom


    You are the music of my life

    You’ve heartened me to risk the fight

    I would climb to the sky

    Before I ever say goodbye

    My heart would light up the night

    If one day you asked me to be your wife


    Steven & Connie together: 

    You are the music of my life

    Your laugh is the best song I could write

    There’s nowhere I’d rather be

    There’s no greater fantasy

    Than being with you eternally 

    I don’t really write music so I know this isn’t really my thing, I just thought it sounded cute and I didn’t want it getting lost in my sketchbook. (and the title of the song was actually based from a connverse dream i had the night before i wrote it)!!

    #violet speaks#violet writes#steven universe#connverse#songs #idk what to call this #you're the music of my life
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  •   So, one of my headcanons somehow turned into another fic, i think the idea is really sweet, sorry if i executed it poorly, or if its not written well. i wrote it by impulse and it was almost 3am by the time it was finished.


    Connie lives in a castle, and is obligated to attend every ball that the kingdom holds. despite being a princess, shes quite shy and is never noticed. Connie has been stuck living in the castle for her entire life, and has never made a single friend or any one to notice her by result. now, every ball just reminds her of her emptiness, and is too stuck and anxious to meet anyone. this would be the first ball that is held after her 16th birthday. ~

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    #i havent made a fic in a long time #violet writes#steven universe#connverse#connverse fics#au #maybe connie will ask steven to be her knight afterwards #im not sure if this is good or not- but im posting it anyways
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  • okay, i said i would write something today for the anniversary, and it’s not the most epic, super-special anniversary fic ever, but here you go.

    (and of course it’s jirard/violet what else do i write)


    In the dark silence of his dorm room, Jirard’s voice was barely a whisper. They had been watching a movie earlier but the computer had long since gone into sleep mode, taking away the only light source in the room.


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    #asagao academy#asagao jirard #asagao academy oc #otp: flowers grow out of my grave #violet writes #happy asagaoiversary jirard i love you
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  • Jirard and Violet sat on the couch, his arm wrapped around her shoulders, hot cocoa in her hands, watching the TV. All the other Normal Boots members were gathered around them. Hana sat next to PBG. Mai sat next to Jared. They all watched as the ball came down.

    “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

    Jirard brought Violet’s face to his, pressing a kiss to her lips. They kissed for a long time, and when she opened her eyes again, the first thing she saw that year was his face smiling back at her.

    She had never been happier.

    #asagao academy #asagao academy oc #asagao jirard #otp: flowers grow out of my grave #violet writes
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  • #asagao academy #asagao academy oc #asagao jirard #otp: flowers grow out of my grave #violet writes
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    • Ship: Serenadeshipping | Serena/Yuzu
    • Universe: Arc V
    • Rating: G
    • Word Count: 623‬
    • Tags: Canon Divergent, Post Canon, Fluff

       She dripped with sweetness.

       Dulcet tones clung to the very aura in which she projected. She had candy coloured hair and the sweetest smile. All around her, a floral scent floated and Serena couldn’t help but be enamoured with every bit of Yuzu. She was wonderful. Marvellous.

       But Serena wasn’t sweet. 

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    #femslash february#serenadeshipping #yugioh arc v #arc v #arc v fanfic #yugioh #serena (arc v) #celina (arc v) #yuzu hiiragi#hiiragi yuzu#zuzu boyle#writing tag #clover and violets #clover and violets 2020
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  • i’m writing a second part to this robin fic i wrote a little while ago and i’m so excited and my heart is so softttttttt writing this 🥺

    #olive might be my fave oc yet aside from violet #and i cannot stop listening to cosmic love while writing this lol hope yall like SOFT FEELINS !!!!!!
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