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  • not me thinking: sUNA WOULD HATE FUCK YOU SO GREAT !!!

    just: he hates you, he does! why do you always call him out when he’s slacking off on practice? god, why did you have to be their manager? he hates you, glares at you, he usually doesn’t talk much but when it comes to you, he will keep making snarky comments! but you dont back down, you snap at him back! you hate him too! him and his pretty green eyes that always narrows at you, him and his snarky snarky remarks at you, him and the way his torso moves when—no wait, what? but then you guys finally had enough of each other !!! he thinks, you are so infuriating! and for what? so picture this: you’re fighting again, so much venom on each other’s words you dont even notice you’re both so close to each other already! oh but he says something that just does it. maybe it’s along the lines of, “you just cant admit that you’re actually a whore for me” the way your cheeks flushed and you press your thighs together doesn’t go unnoticed by him and YOU SLAP HIM!!! the next thing you know he’s kissing you so roughly, you can FEEL all his pent up frustration on you! he has you pinned inside the locker room, you can feel his cock straining against his volleyball shorts and it’s pressing to your thighs it makes you moan so loud. he’ll keep teasing you until he makes you admit how much you want him and his cock, HE! MAKES! YOU! BEG! FOR! IT! DEGRADES! YOU! when he’s fucking you so roughly he has his hand around your throat squeezing so nicely that your moans almost turn to squeaks and squeals, and hes like, “god, i fucking hate you” as he thrusts particularly hard and deep you that you start seeing stars and your eyes start to cross together, “i hate you more,” you manage to say, it’s only more of a whisper and a moan but he catches it, so he’s like, “yeah? you hate me huh? that’s pretty hard to believe,” he groans and squeezes on your throat, making you clench so deliciously tightly around him it almost makes him cum right there!!! say you hate me but you’re creaming around my cock, huh? you like being treated like this?—ah fuck—stop tightening around so much. fuck, you’re dripping,” he groans and he lets out a low chuckle, “how many times have you cum around my cock already?” he asks, so mocking, so condescending because he knows he’s proving you wrong, you dont hate him at all. you want to be defiant and glare at him but he’s really fucked you stupid at this point. he’s watching your fucked out state as he continues to thrust in you, “what? cant talk back anymore? been fucked too stupid you cant even think huh?” and he continues to mutter “hate you, hate you so much,” until he cums inside you and you’re both so spent, the locker room smells like sex and you can’t feel your legs, you’re limp against him and your throat is sore.


    #GRRR BARK BARK WOOF #suna rintaro x reader #suna rintarou #suna x reader #rintarou suna#suna imagines #[🦊] — violet thirsts #violet writes #.foxysuna #SUNA RINTAROU SIR #SIR SUNA #suna rintaro scenarios #[💌] — violet writes #suna smut #suna rintarou smut #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu smut
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  • [ say it back ! ]


    《 masterlist || next 》

    [ten: this u?]

    fun facts:

    ♡ after their conversation, y/n and suna just played videogames and took a nap together until the twins came.

    ♡ y/n stayed next to osamu the whole movie night. she was genuinely worried that samu thought she didnt value him as much as one of her bestfriends.

    ♡ osamu actually saw y/n’s message to suna. he didn’t need to see it to know, though, because the scale was different when it came to suna.

    ♡ during dinner, y/n gave samu all her share of onigri’s. suna and atsumu knew osamu was only joking around about y/n playing favorites, but they all found it amusing to see y/n try so hard.

    ♡ osamu actually doesn’t mind that y/n tends to be closer to atsumu. if anything, he’s thankful that y/n doesn’t put him on a pedestal for being “the better twin”

    taglist: open

    #suna rintaro smau #suna rintarou #suna rintaro x reader #suna x reader #haikyuu smau#[🍒]sayitback#violet writes #[🍒] — sayviolet
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    masterlist || next 》

    [nine: the first mistake]

    written portion word count: 700+ (i never proofread so for any errors, i apologize)

    you almost laugh at suna’s message as you made your way towards his door. ever the lazy-butt, suna rintarou.

    slipping your phone into the oversized hoodie you wore, you twisted the door knob of his apartment open and your eyes immediately search for him as you slip inside. he was sprawled out lazily on his couch, his green eyes flickering from his phone to your direction to see you come in. he doesn’t greet you—instead, he sticks out his tongue at you—teasing and playful as always, expecting you to make your way towards him as you always do.

    the way you moved to sit next to him was more calculated than the normal, he knew why, of course. it was the classic and ever consistent way that either of you did whenever you thought the other was about to or at the very least, ready to enter a serious relationship, walking on eggshells.

    you settle on the couch. next to him, yes—but a bit farther than usual.

    except, suna has always been straightforward with you, said it always as it is. that’s why you know you’re going to get called out if you don’t speak up now when he scrunches his face at you, fox-like eyes narrowing at your face. you didn’t even need him to say the words.

    you’re being ridiculous. come closer. spit it out.

    “so,” you drawled out. you almost want to cower away from the conversation, ignore it, just see what happens instead of talking about it. you know you can’t, though. because he knows you too well, and hey, let’s not forget you actually asked him last night—albeit drunkenly, but you did.

    “you went on a date,” you manage to let out and you try your best to keep your emotions in check, if even on the surface. suna only raises an eyebrow at you and hums, this frustrates you a little bit. only because you know that he knows what you want to ask him and what you want him to tell to you about.

    so you scowl and glare at him, and he swears he almost laughs at you being like this. he disguises this by breaking out into a grin, you almost want to slap him for finding this amusing. almost.

    “if you come closer i’ll tell you,” he finally says. it sounds like a challenge and in some ways, it kind of is because he knows you’re hesitating right now.

    and he knows you’ll keep hesitating around him if you don’t talk about it right now.

    “why would i do th—rin! what the—!” you were going to protest. you were, but you don’t finish when he tugs you by your wrist and the next thing you know your body is flushed against his side like you’re cuddling him. you want to move your head to see his face but he locks you in place, his chin resting on top of your head, arms around your waist.

    “i didn’t ask her out, she asked me out,” he tells you.

    oh,” is all you can say. silence is what follows.

    “well, uh, how was it then?” you feel him shrug against you, then let out a thoughtful hum.

    “it was okay, i guess,” he answers.

    “are you going to keep dating?” the awkwardness was slowly dissipating and he answers without a single beat.

    “nah, don’t think so”

    he knows you’re fine when you finally relax against him, face buried into his chest, and an exhale that sounded too relieved that it made his heart slightly lurch against his ribcage.

    “but what about you?” he finally asks.

    “what do you mean?” you almost snapped your head upwards to meet his gaze, look at his face, but he doesn’t let you. his hand pressed against the back of your head, you whine in annoyance.

    “the guy you had lunch with?” he elaborates, he can feel you tense up and he doesn’t know how to feel about it.

    “it was just lunch…” exhale, “but uh…”

    you don’t finish your sentence when suddenly, he presses a kiss on your forehead and pull away completely, settling in his previous position right before he tugged at you.

    you don’t know this, he doesn’t know this either. but at that moment, the both of you contemplate the same thing.

    why are we telling each other this in this way?

    that’s why he pulled away. it started to become so hard to comprehend, we’re bestfriends, right? just bestfriends.

    why does it matter this much?

    you’re no mind reader, though. so you don’t know this. neither of you do.

    ⚠️ warning: SEXUAL THEMES! ANGST!

    fun facts:

    ♡ suna and y/n are mostly each other’s first everything.

    [seven] ♡ he wont admit it but suna’s actually scared of completely*(more on that later) ruining his and y/n’s friendship.

    ♡ it was y/n’s 18th birthday. y/n was already so sure of what she felt for suna, she has been for a while now. suna, he’s been so hyperaware of y/n lately. he’s not dumb, he considers he has feelings for y/n. love only burns brighter and hotter, so just before the day ended, their bodies are pressed against each other in his bedroom back home. sighs and moans are filling the room, echoing against the walls. it was the first time y/n said the three little words to him in a completely different way. it was also the first and the only time he said it back like that.*

    ♡ the morning after was painful—no, not because of that. both of you still under the sheets, bodies still pressed together, and his eyes staring right back you. if there was a word for it, it would be something like: tender. soft. warm. but the three words from last night were buried by the same thing the both of you said at the same time, “i don’t want to lose you.” if you look back now, maybe that was your first real mistake together. not the night before, but the decision after. that decision. but falling in love with your best friend was never as easy as they made it seem, made it sound, made it like.

    taglist: open!

    #suna rintaro smau #suna rintarou #suna rintaro x reader #suna x reader #haikyuu smau#[🍒]sayitback#violet writes#haikyuu#rintarou suna #[🍒] — sayviolet #[🍒] #haikyuu x reader #hq imagines#inarizaki
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    [ say it back ! ]

    suna rintarou x f!reader smau

    l/n y/n has been pining for her very best friend, suna rintarou, since high school. now they’re in college and nothing much has changed–that is, until she finally confesses to him after deal with her friends. will he say it back?


    tags: friends to lovers, possible love triangle (x miya atsumu), angst, fluff, college, maybe slowburn? mutual pining. one-sided pining. poor attempt at Humor. Drama. Romance.

    warnings: suggestive/sexual themes, cursing; possibly many written parts! may be ooc at times bc im dumb? RATED 17+ because SUNA RINTAROU SIR. chapters with ♧ are warnings.

    disclaimer: none of the materials in the creation of the profiles of this smau are mine. y/n’s pfp is just so there is one. i was too lazy to look for anime icons and found that picrew i made a few months ago. links per chapter except on the masterlist currently mostly do not work because im a busy bitch.

    status: on going

    started: September 17, 2020

    taglist: open! please send an ask or dm to be added


    [E N T E R]

    welcome to the system!


    [y/n’s hoes] [inarizaki hoes] [volleyboys sitter]

    level one:

    [one: so you agree?]

    [two: fav person]

    [three: u jealous bro?]

    [four: she WILL drop kick you]

    [five: how did you know i was sitting on it?]

    [six: date]

    [seven: pick you up?]

    [eight: a challenge]

    [nine: the first mistake] ♧

    [ten: this u?]

    [eleven: a miracle]

    [twelve: summoning circle]

    [thirteen: yesterday’s stream?]

    [fourteen: elusive redamancy]

    [fifteen: ]

    spoilers: (now found in chapter fourteen: elusive redamancy)

    [take his hand]

    [you, rin]

    #suna x reader #suna rintaro x reader #suna rintaro smau #haikyuu smau#violet writes#[🍒]sayitback#[🍒]taglist#suna rintarou#haikyuu #[🍒] — sayviolet #[🍒] #haikyuu x reader #miya atsumu x reader #atsumu x reader #atsumu smau
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  • a/n: part 2 of the previous post because lazy as i am, i am also very thirsty for suna content and what better way to take advantage of my inability to sleep when it’s already past 3am, right?

    part 1 extra

    match: suna rintarou x f!reader

    tags(?): pinning? friends to lovers(?) fluff(?)


    much to your surprise, suna leads you back to your building. well, yours and his building.

    his hand that clasped yours from the cafe all the way now, in the elevator where you stood and waited til it reached his floor, provided so much warmth.

    still, you wonder, why is suna rintarou taking me to his place after i heavily failed a confession?

    “c'mere and sit on my lap,” is the first thing he says to you after you enter his apartment and walked to the couch.

    you wear your emotions clear as day, so when you gape at him, eyes wide as saucers as you stood in front of him, his hand still clasped with yours, he only tugs you lightly with a roll of his eyes.

    “c'mon, princess,” he continues, watching you carefully. he wonders a little, you tell him on a daily basis that you love him, you sit on his lap to cuddle during movie nights with the miya twins even when he protests, you’ve teasingly flirted with him without an ounce of hesitation all these years.

    why are you acting so bashful all of a sudden?

    so he sighs again, really, you’re the only one he’d work this much for. he spells it out for you, “you said it made you feel safe, right? you can tell me here, even hide your face all you want.”

    there’s a sparkle in your eyes right then, and a smile tugs on the corners of your lips that you can barely hold back.

    because that was suna rintarou right there, the one you knew and the best friend you’ve had for years. the one who always knew when and how to use even the most minuscule things he knew about you.

    so you give in. nevermind that you’ve embarrassed yourself to him after finding out that this whole time, he’s watched all of kenma’s gameplay videos, even the ones with you as kenma’s guest where you somehow manage to bring up suna no matter how only very slightly related an information in the game is to him.

    most importantly, nevermind that you won a game against kenma kozume himself just to finally decide that it’s time for you to confess to suna rintarou—this time where you make sure he knows you’re serious and you aren’t just teasing him with i love you’s or that you’re only saying it as a friend.

    sure, suna always knew you weren’t just playing around. that no matter how lighthearted or half-assed you’ve said it before, you meant it.

    but when you’ve teased him all this time, thrown around the three little words a little too many times, you’ve convinced yourself that maybe he just doesn’t take you seriously anymore on the matter.

    you bury your face into suna’s chest, hearing the rhythmic ba-dump ba-dump of his beating heart, and you think it skips every random moments, but maybe you’re just imagining things. you sat on his lap and he holds you like he always does.

    you think you’ve ran out of oxygen when you finally say it.

    “i’m so very painfully in love with you, rin.”

    #suna x reader #suna rintarou #suna rintaro smau #suna rintaro x reader #haikyuu imagines #haikyuu x reader #violet writes
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  • RE: jaytimweek 2020

    I swear I’m not dead. I just happened to stumble onto a really amazing original novel idea and I’ve been desperately scrambling to get all of it down while I still have the inspiration for it, which has cut into editing and posting my jaytimweek stuff, as well as the internet prompts I was working on.

    I have at least a first chapter of something finished which I’ll post on the appropriate day (I think it’s Day5) but all the rest has to wait until my current run of inspiration for my novel goes away and I can pay the right attention to getting it out. So bad news you likely won’t see it til later this month, sorry :(

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  • I have gotten them all and am working on them :D. Just, some of the asks ended up sprouting ideas that required a bit more planning than just 1000 words ^_^

    #also to whoever sent me the soulmate one #is there a specific consequence for not finding one's soulmate? #or do you just want me to make one up? #violet writes
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  • Six Sentence Sunday

    Preview for the detective fic I’m writing for JayTim week:



    “So, who’s the unlucky bastard you’re pairing me with today?”

    “Rayner’s leave is up,” Artemis replies without even checking her computer.

    “Hell no.”

    “Oh, I’m sorry, am I giving you the impression you have a choice?”

    “Unless you want me back on suspension, you’re not putting me with that asshole.”

    “Well, Jason, unfortunately, you have this tendency to either piss off or sleep with whoever gets assigned to you, so at least if you’re working with someone that pisses you off, I’m less likely to need to fill out the paperwork to reassign them afterward.”

    #six sentence sunday #violet writes#jaytim#jason todd #artemis of bana mighdall #detective au #bet you can guess how this is going to turn out #:D:D:D
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  • young & beautiful pt. 4

    • bachelor!jaehyun x reader (ft. Jeno)
    • angst, smut
    • 4.5k words
    • warning: adultery. (in no way do i condone this action, it was simply implied to support the plot of this story.)
    • plot: after Gatsby died, Jung Jaehyun took his place in throwing the most extravagant parties. You were just a mere partygoer, until he laid eyes on you.
    • from violet: buckle up. some sad shit’s about to go down.

    pt 1, pt 2, pt 3, pt 4

    After the whole fiasco with Jaehyun in your dressing room, you were called to standby for the show was about to start. Jaehyun left your dressing room without a word. You weren’t sure if he stayed to watch, but you weren’t expecting him to. As soon as the show ended, you quickly made your way back to your dressing room, wanting nothing more but to go home to your fiancé and rest. 

    Entering the room, you noticed a beautiful arrangement of flowers on your table. It had a variety of colorful, fresh flowers. There was a card tucked in that said,

    Beautiful as always, my darling. We didn’t quite clear up everything we wanted to talk about, I would be delighted if you would meet me at the Manor tomorrow at 8. See you then.

     xx Jae 

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  • officially missing you (m)

    • domestic!mark x reader
    • fluff, borderline smut? lol
    • warning: sexual tension as thicc as mark’s booty. not proofread.
    • plot: mark just couldn’t stand being away from you. ( loosely based on that one time he sang ‘Officially Missing You’ by Tamia on NCT 127′s relay cam. )
    • from violet: hey tbh it might take me a while to put up young & beautiful part 4 bc i’m having a bit of a writer’s block, so here’s a quick mark scenario to make up for it lmaooo 

    Originally posted by pizzsuh

    Mark didn’t know what came over him, but he knew he just had to see you. It had been two weeks since you last saw each other. You were swamped with schoolwork, exams, and your jobs, leading to frequent fights and disagreements. He didn’t want to end your relationship, he just thinks that you both needed space from each other for a while, which you both agreed upon. Tonight, however, Mark has had enough of being away from you. 

    He was all alone in his dorm, his roommate Yuta left hours ago to party. Mark was invited, but turned it down, opting to be left alone to play with his guitar. He was strumming whatever song came to mind, mindlessly humming along. He then started strumming along to Officially Missing You by Tamia, instantly remembering you. 

    Well I wish that you would call me right now, 

    So that I could get through to you somehow 

    But I guess it’s safe to say baby safe to say 

    That I’m officially missing you

    Mark suddenly stopped playing his guitar, gulping down the lump that had formed in his throat. His chest felt tight, making it hard for him to breathe. Without giving much thought to his actions, Mark set down his guitar on his bed, put on the first pair of sneakers he found and left, still clad in his sweats and hoodie. 

    You were having a bubble bath in your bathroom when Mark got to your place. He was confused at first when he didn’t find you in the living room and your bedroom, but he realized you might have been in the bathroom. 

    But the water isn’t running though? Mark thought. He still approached the bathroom door, slowly opening it to reveal you in the tub. Your eyes were closed as you had your headphones on, listening to some relaxing music. You had lit lavender-scented candles which helped you relax. You snapped your eyes open as you felt another presence, head turning to the door where Mark stood.

    “Hi.” He whispered, not wanting to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere. He visibly gulped as you stared at each other, with Mark trying his best to ignore the fact that you were naked under all the suds covering your body. 

    “Hey.” You whispered back, giving him a small smile. “Care to join?” 

    Mark was taken aback at your offer, but still nodded at you, uttering a small “yeah, sure” under his breath. You closed your eyes again and leaned your head against the wall as you waited for Mark to join you. He quietly stripped down to nothing, slightly conscious as you both had never seen each other naked… until today. 

    As you opened your eyes, you couldn’t help but take in his naked figure, heart beating faster than normal. You removed your headphones, placing it near your laptop which was on top of your closed toilet. You then let the soft music play from your laptop speaker as you moved slightly forward to make some room for him. Mark soon joined you in the bath tub, careful to not making the water overflow. He sat down in the warm water behind you, his hand coming up to your stomach to urge you to lean against him. You both sighed out in relaxation as you leaned your head back against his shoulder as his hands found yours underwater. 

    “Missed you.” You whispered against his ear as he hummed in response, kissing the side of your head. “Me too, baby.”

    You both sat there for a while, just basking in each other’s presence. You tried to ignore the sexual tension floating in the air, but Mark couldn’t. He started planting kisses on your exposed shoulder, breathing in your scent. He softly bit on your skin and then softly sucked on the area, leaving a faint mark. You let out a small moan at the sensation, your hands leaving his to grasp his thighs. With his head still on your neck, you felt his hands slowly rubbing circles on your thigh, slowly nearing your sensitive area. 

    You felt Mark’s cock slowly started to harden against your back as he turned your head to make you look at him, lips interlocking with yours as his hand started cupping your front. You gripped his arm, urging him to do more. His hand started rubbing your clit, his middle finger slightly dipping into your cunt. Your lips never left his, both of you obviously missing each other’s presence. When you both pulled away your heavy-lidded eyes met Mark’s gaze, his hand still teasing your front. As the tension in the air became too much for the both of you, Mark stared at you with nothing full of love as you did the same. 

    And on that night, you both showed how much you missed each other, not letting each other go. 

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  • hi everyone, it’s violet! as you may know, part 4 MIGHT be the last part of this short series. i’m still on the process of writing it, but i would love to hear what you think of the previous parts, as well as how you want this story to end. i think it would help me write this story better :) as always, we are all open for feedback, requests, and suggestions!

    thank you for showing love to young & beautiful, see you til then!

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  • A bit late, but better late than never, right?

    Shard had never been to the room before, but he had heard of it. The symbol in the center, carefully and perfectly carved, was where he had hatched. Of course, he didn’t remember it, not like he would want to, but he had been told it was wonderful.

     A likely story.

     One of them pulled sharply on the chain around his neck, lurching him into the center of the sigil.

     All the chains were tied down against things in a way where Shard could barely move from his exact spot. He didn’t even try to struggle anymore. There was no point in even trying anymore.

     Of course, his supposed father loomed in front of him, always, always having his face behind that damned cloak like the coward he was. He didn’t even bother to look at him, forever hiding.

     And then, it began.

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    #Supernova#supernova book#violet galaxies#Violet writes#My writing#writing#wrtiblr #tw body horror #tw cult #oop hope those are the write trigger warnings
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  • Finished a segment for Supernova that I’m proud of. If you guys want, I can post it in the morning

    #Supernova#supernova book#violet galaxies#violet writes#writblr #wow I’m actually using tags for once are you guys proud
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  • Today for my psychology course I took a Thematic Apperception Test to learn more about my personality. Participants are shown an ambiguous image and asked to create a story to accompany the image. I may have taken my response a bit further than necessary, or just down a very different road because my scores were very different from the scores of my peers!

    Anyways, I’m actually kind of pleased with how this turned out. I don’t have a title for it, but I’ve also attached the image it was based off of below. Enjoy.



    Loretta Diolio continued her incredibly important work moving specimens of microscopic fungi from one test tube to another. It didn’t matter that Jane, her accomplished and trusting partner, had an urgent and stern tone to her voice. What mattered was that the samples continued moving, the progress of their study continued moving, and Loretta’s mind continued moving.

    “Loretta.” Jane called again, this time with a bit more urgency and a sharp note to the third syllable.

    Supposing that there wasn’t a more efficient way to continue ignoring her, Loretta replied with an indifferent “Hmm?”

    “Are we going to address….” Jane trailed off.

    “I’m not certain. Are we going to address whatever it is you failed to finish your statement with? I’m not sure if we will address it. Especially not if you can’t bring yourself to articulate your thoughts.”

    Color jumped into Jane’s cheeks with her partner’s critical response.

    “There’s no need to snap.” The brunette mumbled as she made herself busy with the manila folder tucked under her arm.

    “Then perhaps figure out what it is you wish to discuss, THEN approach me with a subject.” Loretta’s hand trembled slightly with the sudden influx of emotion, adding slight turbulence to the voyage several million spores embarked upon to make it to their new home.

    “Are you this cruel to Henry?”

    This lunge began the intricate battle. Loretta finished depositing a spore sample in its intended new residence, then placed the pipette tactfully upon the lab table.

    “Do you truly believe you have a right to examine my relationship with Henry?” Loretta flexed her hand, examining the trustworthy extension of herself and purposefully ignoring Jane’s longing stare.

    “Only in one… distinct area.”

    “And what would that area be?”

    “Love.” Jane whispered earnestly.

    Loretta froze. That single word caught her off guard. She, Loretta Diolio, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, a dominating lioness in the field of academic microbiology, and (as some would call her) a heartless bitch, froze in the middle of the perfectly clean laboratory as if she were a fawn in front of a semi-truck.

    “W-what about love?” Her mouth was dry. As dry as a million cotton balls left roasting in the Gobi desert.

    “If you love him.” Jane’s lips hardly moved. It was as if they parted for air and simply let out a loose string of syllables and vowels for pleasure. Not communication.

    Loretta’s pulse was incessant.

    “No.” The word fell from her lips like lead.

    “No I don’t.”

    Something tugged at the corner of Jane’s lip. It was fast, and almost imperceptible, but it was there. A nymph perhaps. A nymph, fermenting mischief in a time of great sadness.

    “Do you love me?”


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  • There’s one more ask left in my inbox, and the mini fic for it will be posted either today or tomorrow! Lots of fluff with this one :]

    #I've already got a few ideas for it #This'll be a lot of fun to write! #symphony speaks#team violet#f/o things
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  • #asks#twdg clementine#twdg louis#twdg violet#twdg clouis#twdg violentine#twdg nuke #huh i must be feeling better #because i just wrote all this shit #hope it actually makes sense #turns out i got shit to say #moral of the story; don't be a dick #and don't write smut about clem #or the ericson crew #but don't be a dick to those who do because that doesn't make you any better #i don't know man there's no 'right' answer #other than ignore that shit #but some of y'all can't do that apparently #sigh #ok too many tags #i'll go now #hope that helped anon
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  • this is not actually the third part, but the second part rewritten to take the other route (aka, Tony forgets her afterwards)

    part 1! part 2!

    Warnings: N/A
    Wordcount: 1,831

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    #violet parr#tony rydinger#viony#incredibles 2 #this part is dedicated to drew for leaving nice comments on the other two parts <3 #who knew getting validation would motivate you to post more amirite #my fics#my writing
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  • Fun fact:

    I had a mental breakdown so naturally I bought a Russian Putin Doll. It’s currently sitting on my bookshelf.

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