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  • Um…sort of bad news?

    I stumbled upon a box of Xbox games while cleaning and promptly got the brilliant idea to play Dragon Age this morning…and am still kind of invested? So I didn’t spend any time writing at all. And might not for a day or two while I ride out this latest hyperfixation.

    On the upside, I may come out of this with a Batman/Dragon Age fusion fic?

    So yay?


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  • I won’t be posting an update tonight as I kind of became a bit hyper fixated on outlining an original story of mine. If I get it out of my system today, I’ll probably update tomorrow. If not, most likely the next update of anything will be on Monday.

    Either Philtatos or Pieces of April, depending on which one I feel is more ready for posting. 

    Have a good weekend, everyone! Wash your hands, take an online course, go for a walk if the weather is nice and your country’s law’s permit!

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  • I got tagged by #violetsmoak and I got no idea if I’m doing this right but I’ll try:

    Copy/paste and bold your fic preferences because why not, gotta choose one (near impossible, but go with your first gut instinct), and tag someone because, again, why not.

    slow burn or love at first sight

    fake dating or secret dating

    enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers

    oh no there’s only one bed or long-distance with correspondence

    hurt/comfort or amnesia

    fantasy au or modern au

    mutual pining or domestic bliss

    smut or fluff

    canon compliant or fix-it fic

    alternate universe or future fic

    one-shot or multi-chapter

    kid fic or roadtrip fic

    reincarnation or character death

    arranged marriage or accidental marriage

    high school romance or middle aged romance

    time travel or isolated together

    neighbours or roommates

    sci-fi au or magic au

    bodyswap or genderbend

    angst or crack

    apocalyptic or mundane

    And I’ll tag Unnus Anuus.  They don’t know me from Adam but they did mess around with a fanfic generator so why not? 

    That and I’m still trying to figure out this Tumblr thing so if Imma mess up it may as well be somewhere where my screw up will be drowned in all the other comments.  😄

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  • AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/21099044/chapters/50202530

    Summary: On the anniversary of his death, Jason’s second life takes an abrupt new turn and he’s faced with a challenge that neither Batman nor the All-Caste prepared him for.

    Rating: PG-13 (rating may change later)

    Warning(s): Past Jason/Isabel, kidfic, minor canon character death (pretty sure you can guess who, not either of our boys!), I’ll add more warnings/tags as I think of them. 

    Canon-Compliance: Takes place in between the two RHATO series, so after Roy and Kori and before Artemis and Bizarro. 

    First Chapter


    Somehow, Drake maneuvers through the city without getting a single red light and without going over the speed limit. It wouldn’t surprise Jason if he’s jerry-rigged some sort of portable device to alter traffic routes, but he doesn’t bother to find out.

    Instead, he finds himself hoping he’s gotten all this wrong—that it’s another attack, someone using Isabel to get to him, like what the Joker did—

    And then he hates himself for thinking that, because the Joker is always the worst-case scenario, and as thrown as Jason is by his growing paranoia, nothing warrants dealing with that lunatic.

    So, he stews in silence, choking down two disgusting energy drinks as fast as he can to try to shake free of his alcoholic buzz. To his credit, Drake doesn’t ask him any questions the whole time, though, from the way his eyes keep cutting to him, he wants to. It’s more restraint than Jason would get from the other Bats, he thinks.

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  • AO3 Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/21099044/chapters/50202530

     Summary: On the anniversary of his death, Jason’s second life takes an abrupt new turn and he’s faced with a challenge that neither Batman nor the All-Caste prepared him for.

    Rating: PG-13 (rating may change later)

    Warning(s): Past Jason/Isabel, kidfic, minor canon character death (pretty sure you can guess who), I’ll add more warnings/tags as I think of them.

    Canon-Compliance: Takes place in between the two RHATO series, so after Roy and Kori and before Artemis and Bizarro. Jason and Isabel Ardila 

    Author’s Note: Exactly what it says on the can. I’ve had this idea kicking around my head for a while, getting in the way of finishing the next chapter of Philtatos and I figured if I started jotting down the basics of it, I could stop thinking about it. 


    Despite the carefully cultivated exterior of a hardened criminal, Jason Todd is remarkably straight edge.

    After what happened to his mother, drugs were never going to be a thing; he stopped smoking long before a lunatic clown beat him to death; and though his preferred hangouts tend to be bars, that’s more to keep an eye out for trouble than for slinging back shots.

    There are exceptions, of course.

    Coping with any kind of murder that involves kids. The days immediately following another one of Joker’s breakouts and inevitable mind games. Some of the worse fights with Bruce. And certain anniversaries.

    Days like today, when all he is boils down to traumatic flashbacks of metal caving in his lungs and high-pitched laughter, and mounting fear turned to begging for the end. Circular thoughts and ‘what-ifs’ that he ignores or pushes to the back of his mind every other day of the year are stronger now, now occupy his mind with the stubbornness of a cancer.

    Today’s a day for hard whiskey and keep it coming until he can’t see straight, for everything to melt away behind a fog of false levity until he wakes up again and he can forget for another year.

    He’s nearing that point when his phone rings.

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  • My laptop has been doing crazy things, so I decided to back up all of my files to dropbox, restore the laptop to factory settings, and then just access my files as i need them. 

    Went to check the dropbox, and they’re all still there (or else I would not be typing this because I would be dead from brain overloaded on anger and frustration), but. every. file. is. in. the. wrong. place.

    So if anyone’s wondering why I haven’t updated of late, it’s because I’m tracking down all my wayward files and outlines for my fics. 

    JFC I’m a moron.

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  • welp, took all day, but i finished going over all the existing chapters for major errors. Anything else that’s still there I’ll deal with when I finish the fic, I just needed to get rid of the really glaring stuff, it was bothering me…

    I also added a bunch of content. Each chapter has new scenes/descriptions/dialogue. Mostly it’s nothing that affects the storyline, although I think chapter 6 I added something that will be revisted again later. I’ll obviously put a note when I post the next chapter (don’t know if that will be tomorrow, as I’m roadtripping all day) so everyone knows to go back and read. But if you guys are bored, feel free to check out what I added. 

    <3 violet

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  • Hey guys!

    So, things are starting to calm a bit (it helps that I left on vacation this morning and get a few days to myself to chill), so I’ll do my best to get back in the swing of things this week. 

    I haven’t been completely idle. Though I haven’t really been in the mood to churn out new chapters, I have gone over the existing parts of Tabula Rasa just for editing purposes and ended up adding new scenes and content. I haven’t re-posted anything yet, but when I do put Chapter 7 up later this week, be sure to go back to the beginning of the story and see what’s been added.

    (I mean, it’s not integral if you don’t, there’s nothing that changes the plot that you know so far, but I’ll be adding more family interactions. Because I couldn’t help myself, I love BatFam interactions so much ^_^)

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  • So I’m having a hard few days. Living situation and family stuff. Making it hard to get in the writing headspace so I might not get a chance to update for a day or so. I’ll do my best to get back to it ASAP tho

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