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    Old days Sidestep, Cyrus struggles to understand Marshal Charge, who doesn't seem to quite "fit" the role of his previous handlers.

    Fallen hero spoilers, and characters getting to know more about each other. No action scenes this time, and Anathema shows up!


    “Mierda… how many of those can you eat?” “I cah stoh webewer i waht” you reply, half of your mask pulled up, and mouth only half empty of fries. An emptiness that soon gets filled with a generous bite of your hamburger. “I reawy lik tis!”

    “I noticed.” he smiles before turning to the passing waitress as she approaches the corner booth of the diner you’re both sitting in. “Another order of fries for us and the check please”

    Normally, you would have chosen to meet at some dark alley, out of sight, but the comfortable seating and good food are certainly starting to change your views on that matter.

    It doesn’t hurt that this is the most meat you had on a meal before. That was always reserved for the combat models.

    “Thanks,” you say, before taking a sip of your soda, to wash it all down. The liquid is outrageously sweet beyond any sane measure, and you can’t possibly have enough of it.

    It’s not hard to follow the place’s history. There’s a small wall with trophies and medals from years past when the original owners wanted a baseball-themed bar to gather the crowd and watch the game. The place somehow survived the big one, and unlike most places, they carried the old name, “L.A. Sluggers” into a new age, one in which capes became the mainstream sport. They moved with the times and turned the place into an unofficial hub for the many heroes and fans. It worked, and you can sense at least seven in and out of their masks right now.

    The bar installed measures to prevent getting overheard in the VIP, not that you trust them as much as your dark alleys, but this is Charge's ship at the end of the day.

    Not yours.

    The walls are riddled with framed pictures of different heroes, and the screens are showing the latest news, sightings, and videos, while the big, central one runs the scoreboard. You almost jumped out of your seat, when you saw your own chosen name “Sidestep” included at the very bottom of the list.

    Only seven points for now. Not many witnesses to your battle with Psychopathor, and the gangs you got into fights with were relatively unknown.

    Sparrow has 143 points, which means you have a ways to go if you want to prove your worth.

    “It’s like you haven’t eaten in weeks,” Charge says, breaking you out of your thoughts, still smiling as he watches you eat.

    You shrug at the remark because he’s exaggerating, it’s been barely a day and a half.

    “I just haven’t had hamburgers in a while”

    Or ever.

    “Say… do you have another jacket?”

    “I like this one.”

    “I know you like it, it’s just that…”

    “I can get another one if you want,” you say looking at him, trying to understand his problem.

    “No that’s…” he shakes his head “Your jacket’s fine” he surrenders.

    It happened again. You can’t read your mind and keep giving the wrong answers, and he keeps noticing, even if he laughs it off. Makes you want to apologize but that would only bring in more questions your way.

    “Hey what would you think about meeting here more often? Like lunch every day?”

    “Fine by me” you reply. “I can give you more updates that way”

    “Yeah… updates,” he says looking away as you take another bite.

    Patrolling the streets with him has been different from your previous work. You helped stop several robberies already, but you can see he’s mostly testing you with easy investigation tasks, and you’re more than willing to show what you can do. You’ve been learning a lot about the background of the many villains and heroes of Los Diablos. Your first task was to find some information about a man that’s supposedly the second in command for a villain called “Pyroblast” or “Lord Ember”. Charge gave general directions to the places he frequents, and you started from there.

    You’ve been hard at work finishing a small dossier on Ember, every day after patrolling.

    It took a while to find his henchmen, but once you did, you wasted no time to steal his phone and write all the contacts, drawing connections from his mind as you kept following from afar. You returned that phone, but you still had to steal a couple more to get enough information to compile the whole pyramid of their power structure. You think you got most of it, along with the people he buys and sells from, and their many hideouts and contacts. You only wish you had a few more days to polish the details.

    But you can’t delay this now. It’s the end of the first week, and he’ll undoubtedly be expecting some form of results. You need to show him you were the right choice. Producing the notebook he gave you, you pass it over to him before munching on some more fries.

    “I’ve got what you asked for, Marshal.”

    “Already? Nice job” he says, tearing his gaze away from one of the screens showing his fight against Blackout Rider and Darknight, to look at the notebook.

    “Wait, what’s all of this? You were just supposed to get his license plates” he asks, confused as he reads the first page.

    “Yes… but that was just the start, right?”

    Charge goes silent as he flips another page, and another… his eyes growing wide.

    “I mean, you obviously needed more than just his plates'' you add as he stays silent, going through it all.

    “… how did you even get all of this?” he finally asks, looking back at you.

    Confused. Not good.

    “Investigating? Asking questions? Staying low profile?” You don’t add reading minds to the list. “I’m good at it.”

    You can’t help feeling weirded out. Why isn’t he pleased?

    You are an infiltration model, this is what you do!

    A very expensive infiltration model. You don’t know what budget the Marshal handles, but you suspect you would be far too expensive for him to afford. Not that many companies can pay for something like you.

    He’s not even being charged by the SD, and he wants to use you just to get license plates?!

    “Sides, I know you were active for about two or three months before I met you, but that was just neighborhood-level… You’ve been getting close to some really dangerous mobsters here, this is dangerous, you can’t just go around spying on the heavyweights on your own, and…” he freezes as he flips to the final page.

    Oh shit… did he find something wrong in your work?

    If he did...

    “Is this his current address??!?!” “Yes?” you say, tentatively

    He goes silent once more.

    This isn’t going the way you thought. Why Is he getting weird about you doing your job?

    No handler would have expected anything less, you just followed regular operational guidelines.

    It’s impossible to know what he’s thinking right now. Maybe you made a mistake-

    Maybe It was a test to see if you would follow orders to the letter and you failed.



    There’s no telepathic alarm, no signs or forewarning of any kind.

    He just lifts his entire left arm, taking you entirely by surprise, lowering it in one fast motion, directly at you.

    You close your eyes instinctively, as he…


    … gives you a hearty slap on the back?

    The back.

    Not the face.

    You breathe again as you notice the difference.

    “Cabrón…!! We’re going to have a chat about what you do… but this… I could kiss you right now. Do you know how long we’ve been tracking this asshole?!”

    “T-thank you?l,” you say, feeling smaller by the second as the arm just stays there, too strong, keeping you close to him.

    “Hey, guys” a young individual stands by your booth, someone who approached while you were distracted. About your stature, chubby figure, and a ranger’s suit.

    “Just in time! Sidestep, this is Anathema, another member of the team. Anathema, Sidestep”

    “Huh. So you are the new guy,” he says, taking a brief look at you.

    “Honored to meet you, sir”

    “I prefer them or they, so you can leave the ‘sir’ out”, they say, sitting next to you in the booth.

    “Sorry!” you say quickly, reminding your manners. “I’m just a he. Or a him”

    “Eh, it’s ok. Are you going to finish those fries?”

    “No, you can have them,” you say immediately surrendering them because you are outnumbered. Trapped.

    “Great. I like you more already” they snort, pulling the fries closer and taking a bite.

    No escape unless you go under the table, and that would be odd. Charge’s arm is still there. But maybe if you pull a distraction, you can...

    But Charge mercilessly squeezes you closer to him, as he speaks to Anathema.

    “Themmie, you HAVE to see what he just did!”, Charge says, handing Anathema your notes.

    “Wassat…?,” they say, studying it for a few moments, before smiling widely at you two and speaking in a lower tone. “Is this Ember’s address? Are you kidding me?”

    “My sidekick did that!” Charge laughs pointing you out rather enthusiastically.

    You try to act confident as if having a human bragging about you in public was something you were used to. Just in case, you lower your mask to hide the blushing.

    Nothing to see here.

    Anathema groans. “Stop calling him sidekick, his name is Sidestep”

    “Well I just started,” you say quickly. “I’m just helping out”

    “I know, but kissing the man’s ass isn’t mandatory. His ego could explode and take us all out with him” “I’ll try to keep that from happening,” you say, giving Charge a glance.

    “Hey I’m just joking here, give me a break.”

    “Yeah, funny man” Anathema shakes their head, before focusing their attention back on you. “Good job on finding the flaming asshole! If Charge keeps calling you a sidekick you let me know.” They chuckle.

    “Thanks,” you reply, trying to keep your voice up. “I’ll keep that in mind”

    “We’ll have to confirm this… Sentinel can get us some good sights of that storehouse, and we strike when the time is right” Charge goes back to your notebook.

    “Agreed. I’ll go tell Steel to be on the ready “ Anathema adds, standing up, looking at you one last time before saying words you hadn’t ever heard before “Welcome to the team!”

    They wave, walking off, and the check finally comes, Charge paying it up.

    A small fortune.

    Hurts to watch the dollars changing hands…

    Gives your meal a whole new flavor.

    “Same time here, tomorrow, ok?”

    “Of course Marshal..uh… where and when do I meet you for the strike on Ember’s base?” you ask.

    “Ah… about that… hate to say it but you don’t have a proper suit. This will be too dangerous for you to come.”


    “Yeah… It’s best if you stick to the other parts of the job, you know. Until you get more experience.”

    “I can do the job,” you say, trying not to sound too confrontational.

    “Eh, I know you can, but this will be a mess… this guy always puts everything on fire… I can’t have you coming with us on this one, sorry.”

    “Ah… alright. Understood… I guess I’ll go back to investigating Overlord and Sparrow then” you reply, trying not to sound too disappointed.

    “Overlord huh? Alright, but be careful. The guy’s a telepath that steals sidekicks and I’ve only had you for a week” he grins.

    “He won’t get me,” you say, knowingly.

    “Alright then. See you tomorrow… And don’t do anything too reckless!” _________________________________________ If you want to read more: My Fanfiction: https://chaniters.tumblr.com/post/181692759294/my-fanfiction-for-fallen-hero DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fan fiction using characters and the setting of the Fallen Hero: Rebirth and upcoming Fallen Hero: Retribution games written by Malin Rydén. I do not claim ownership of any characters from the Fallen Hero wold. These stories are a work of my imagination, and I do not ascribe them to the official story canon. These works are intended for entertainment outside the official storyline owned by the author. I am not profiting financially from the creation of these stories, and thank the author for her wonderful game/s, without which these works would not exist.

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    Had a Christopher dream last night and I just love him so much 🥺

    Long story short, I snuck into so sort of Marvel stage show LOL 😆 and sat at the back, where it just so happens Chris sits to watch when he isn’t performing. Later, we were at a diner. Guess I must’ve been a VIP who got the dinner and show package, and we just had like the best conversation. He shared a story about an old timey Hollywood real estate agent who always used to sell the homes of a very famous Hollywood star (akin to Randolph Scott and Cary Grant). He says “Rumour is they used to live together too, it’s too bad they never got to be out together.”

    Of course my brain immediately SCREAMS just like you and Sebastian!!!! But of course I kept my cool and didn’t say anything 😅 which somehow feels like the most unrealistic part of this entire dream tbh. Because if I was eating diner food with Chris Evans, I’m pretty sure I’d actually die.

    He also gave me his pocket square, and even though it’s sadly not real, I’ll still cherish it forever.

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    College Gemini Locations

    A/N- These are all the loactions that may be featured in College Gemini, or may be refrenced in there, heres how I picture them and a little discription of them. Enjoy!

    Coney Island- The boys (Bucky and Steve) used to go there a lot when they were kids, and love to take their dates there, win them prizes, and all the cute stereotypical date stuff. They haven't been back since they've started college, and since Bucky started dating Dot. The Avengers have plans to go and hang at the beach when the sun sets after a full day of riding rides and playing games.

    Shield's- This is The Avengers go to club, they always have a good time partying there. They never encounter trouble and every one of the staff members loves them and Gemini, they always have their VIP reserved even if they don't show up. The staff always love to hang with them when they party.

    Hydra's- This club is not the Avengers' first choice, they always seem to get involved in stuff, people trying to start fights with them, trying to get them kicked out. The place is rumored for some nefarious things a lot of people getting arrested there. They tend to avoid Hydra's, they only really go if they have to when they want to party. (IE when Shield's is closed or rented out for events)

    Mel's- This is the Avengers hang-out spot outside of college, after clubbing and partying. They're always down to get some greasy burgers and milkshakes, especially after a night of dancing at Sheild's and need to soak up the alcohol they drank at the club. Good thing Mel's is open 24/7.

    Howard's- Tony Stark's family diner, named after his dad, it's run by his mom and dad, mostly by his mom when Howard is teaching at the college. It's right next to the college, if you can't find the Avengers on campus, they'll most likely be there in their back corner booth, shooting the shit and eating, or even studying in some cases. It's a great place to hang with friends, this is a place they always recommend when people ask. They make the best cheesy fries and milkshakes. Just don't sit in the Avenger's booth, momma Stark will get mad you're sitting there.

    Asteroid M's-  The Avengers' favorite place to go besides the bowling alley and the roller rink. They love the mini-competitions they have, who can get the highest score on Pac-man or some of the games. The best thing is it's right next to Mel's and the owners don't care if you bring take out from Mel's in there. Y/N / Gemini is saving her tickets to get the big prize of a brand new Nintendo 64. She vows she'll get it, and she will fight anyone of her friends and people to get it.

    Asgard's- Another place where the Avengers like to go, they love to put on their skates and go. It's where they can feel like they're flying, on and off drugs. Y/N sometimes goes but not when she has school work. Gemini loves to go and sometimes she partakes of the white powder they do sometimes. The place is trippy and so retro, especially on their 70's disco night. The place is owned by Professor Thor and Loki's family.

    The Garden Bowl- This is Y/N / Gemini's favorite bowling alley, it's on the other side of Asteroid M's, and the Avengers love to go there on some Friday nights when they turn off the lights and turn the neons on. Everything glows! Y/N likes this place because her aunt owns the place, her aunt is like her mother, plus her aunt is one of those cool aunts that lets you do everything. She, the aunt, lets the Avengers and Y/n smoke some green there and chill if they share with her. Y/N's aunt lets them shut down the place and bowl with no one there, as long as they want, and lets them drink there all they want.

    The Raft- The Avengers like to go here after a long week at college instead of going to Shield's they go to the drive-in movie. It's called the Raft because there are 4 movie screens, playing 4 different movies at once. The girls like to load up into Y/N's / Gemini's VW bug and meet the guys there, parking at the back of the lot in front of one screen, so they can smoke in peace. They lay out blankets and lay in the grass beside their cars and binge on pizza and beer that they brought into the lot, while they watch the two movies of the night. If the first movie they picked was followed by one they didn't like, they'd move to a screen that had a movie they did like or haven't seen before.

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