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    Petition to release #bullshit M/V by #GDRAGON officially @yg_ent_official 🙂
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    170714(15) ACT Ⅲ,M.O.T.T.E in San Jose 🇺🇸

    @seungriseyo ☆

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  • Credit : @ nw56927
    In Tokyo - Japan
    #VipJapan #New #Bigbang (em Tokyo - Japan 東京)

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  • SHOWがされるようになりました。
    Credit: @ akiaki_s_s in Tokyo - Japan 🇯🇵 #Bigbang #VipJapan #New #Kpop (em Tokyo - Japan 東京)

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    大阪🇯🇵 nagai stadium #Anation 皆んな 久しぶりに会って嬉しかったありがとう! #Vipjapan

    すんちゃん💓動画ありがとう〜〜♪ *\(^o^)/*💖🐼🙌🙌🙌


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  • 😢😢😢 💕💕💕 babiessssss!!!! 😘😘😘 By @seungriseyo “大阪🇯🇵 nagai stadium #Anation 皆んな 久しぶりに会って嬉しかったありがとう! #Vipjapan” via @PhotoRepost_app

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  • 150822 Repost @seungriseyo IG.
    大阪🇯🇵 nagai stadium #Anation 皆んな 久しぶりに会って嬉しかったありがとう! #Vipjapan

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    you 達をずっと見ていたい‼︎


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  • #bigbang #빅뱅 #fantasticbaby #japandometour20142015 #gdragon #top #sol #taeyang #taesung #vi #seungri #권지용 #동영배 #최승현 #강대성 #이승현 #vipjapan #탑 #태양 @xxxibgdrgn @seungriseyo @__youngbae__ @fromyg

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  • Went to the fan meeting at Yokohama Arena today. Well, it was lots of fun and I arrived at home loving them even more. But I want to make a small complaint. Not about the boys, but about VIPs that attended the event.

    The seats were divided in four areas, each would represent one of the members. Daesung picked the place where I was. My bias is Seungri, but that doesn’t mean I won’t root for Daesung. I imagined that everyone would think the same. After screaming a bit in the beginning, girls around me were all calling GD, didn’t raise their light sticks and were not interested at all in Daesung. Come on!!!! Doesn’t matter who your bias is, it’s a game, let’s enjoy and scream for him.

    The same shit happened when he talked about his arena tour and new album, just some people clapping hands. I don’t feel comfortable with this. Why do people ignore/underestimate him so much?!! He’s amazing! His voice is great, he’s so sweet, has a wonderful energy, and he’s BIGBANG too. Show some respect! Support him too.

    Angry gaijin VIP

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  • Daesung’s Japan Tour 2014 dates are out. I won’t be in Japan to see him… (つД`)ノ

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  • Have a tough meeting with my advisor tomorrow. Wonder if he’ll let me graduate!!

    Well, let’s forget about this and concentrate on the fact that my birthday, and Bigbang’s fan meeting in Yokohama are next week.

    I’ll try to survive this week keeping this in my mind.

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    At Kyocera Dome, Osaka
    Sunday, January 13, 2013 | 2:00 (doors) / 4:00 - 7:00 | ¥9500

    I looked up earlier setlists from when they were in Japan and adjusted it to what I remember, but forgive me for any inaccuracies. The concert ended up being 3 hours long and I’m writing this 2 days later.

    Big Bang music videos were playing on the 2 onstage screens before the concert started. Lights dimmed and they played Fantastic Baby, audience singing along, before Big Bang came onstage.

    • HANDS UP
    • HOW GEE
    • KNOCK OUT (GD&TOP) - Opened with T.O.P beatboxing
    • HIGH HIGH (GD&TOP) - LOVED the dancing along with the audience at the hahaha/say lalalala parts
    • STRONG BABY (V.I) - the laser guns and all lol
    • WHAT CAN I DO (V.I)
    • Gara Gara GO!!
    • NUMBER 1
    • CAFE
    • BAD BOY - Before this started, Taeyang said one of his favorite songs is next
    • BLUE - BB went offstage and some reason like the whole audience knew this song was next. Everyone turns off their penlights and takes out blue glowsticks. I found out later they were also selling these somewhere outside but didn’t see them or know about this for that matter.
    • WEDDING DRESS (SOL) - Ripped his shirt off at the end.
    • WINGS (D-LITE)
    • Haru Haru
    • BAD BOY
    • LIES
    • Koe wo Kikasete was either towards the end or in the encore, but prob the encore now that I think about it now?

    — ENCORE —
    Audience sang MY HEAVEN before they came out again. They did A LOT of songs at the encore, sorry if I don’t remember them all.

    • MY HEAVEN - They had the audience sing the last chorus
    • FANTASTIC BABY - First time were on those moving stage things. GD threw a parka and his jacket into the audience and Daesung also threw his jacket. A fan threw a panda into the one Seungri was in (but Taeyang threw all the stuff back into the audience; I think there’s a rule like other concerts in Japan that you can’t throw gifts to them, they have to go in the gift box outside).
    • FANTASTIC BABY - Yes, AGAIN! A comedian came out that the audience knew because they cheered, but idk who it was (wasn’t Sugi-chan). He kept embarrassing GD, even sitting on him at one point, haha. He sang a part of Fantastic Baby and talked about how great BB is, and they said, “We bet the only song you know is Fantastic Baby!”
    • HIGH HIGH (Everyone)
    • BLUE

    Announcements in the last MC and Final Notes:

    • GD and Daesung talking about their solo tours
    • GD slightly messed up his Japanese (GDは来てよ instead of GDは来るよ) so Seungri corrected him and they started saying it over and over again and Seungri made him say the last word “kuru~” all cutesy.
    • Taeyang talked about his solo album and to look forward to it. So MAYBE this means this year since this was following Daesung’s and GD’s announcements regarding their solo activities this year? Taeyang kept repeating, “buy it.” GD SAID IT IS ヤバイ. AAH.
    • During one of the farewells (lost track because they kept tricking us and saying “this is the last song!” especially Taeyang you troll, saying “this is last! no more!” 最後!もう終わりだ!終わり!), T.O.P said “I don’t want to go home.” (帰りたくない) and turned around to fake cry. Everyone else was like, you’re not crying, where are your tears. On the last farewell, he made hearts at the camera.
    • Throughout the concert there was chanting with them of “O-SAKA SAKA” like BOOM SHAKA LAKA.

    Probably the most fun concert I’ve been to so far, ugh, they are the real thing and I love them so much more now ❤ We were 7th row in the stands, thank you VIPJapan membership, you paid off! I ended up spending 160,00yen on goods LOL NO REGRETS though I was sad they sold out of parkas. My favorite parts are still the MC portions, they are such big lovable dorks. And they spoiled us at the encore! I’m a proud and happy VIP♥

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