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  • king-thatonetssblog
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Logan: How did none of you hear what I was saying?

    Virgil: I've been spaced out for like the past two and a half hours.

    Patton: My brain started playing Campfire Song Song and I couldn't focus on both of you.

    Remus: I got distracted by how hot you looked halfway through and stopped listening.

    Thomas: I could hardly understand what you were saying.

    Janus: Ignoring you was a conscious choice on my part.

    Roman: Mine too

    #sanders sides#thomas sanders#ts logan#ts remus#ts roman#ts janus#ts patton #inspired by snowe-zolynn-rogers #ts virgil #somewhat intrulogical but its just remus being remus
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  • eggslovemetoo
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Virgil: Literally nobody cares

    Logan: I hate that you’re right

    #sanders sides #sanders sides incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes sanders sides #ts virgil#ts logan#source: flamingo
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  • 13tinylights
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Here are the sprites I used for Fragmented Sides.

    Theses technically aren't all of them but these are actually free to use with credit. I plan on making more things for them like battlers and character images and those will be open to use as well.

    Hope y'all have fun. Let me know if you create anything with these.

    Program: Rpg Maker Character Hub

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  • lovelivingmydreams
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Okay so... in jamming with history Roman has a nice outfit too and they are hanging out together so I decided to show you the birthday date outfits together.

    @moonlightshow00 @naturallyunstablegamer @alias290 @meowthefluffy @frida0043 @angelic-cali @selenechris @theblackveilinreverse

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  • soysaucevictim
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    [TSS] Fic/Art Masterlist

    I suppose it’s due time I made one of these...

    Mind the tags/descriptions/ratings!

    Gym Rat AU

    Human / Slice of Life. The Sides workout at the same gym, with different histories and motivations to hit the mat. (Lots of platonic DLAMPR stuff to be expected here!)

    [ Ao3 Series | Tumblr Tag ]


    Cherry Cola (Teen) -  [ Ao3 | Tumblr ] -  Roman is forced to face his own limits, during one particularly reckless day at the gym. Roman-centric.

    Taste The Heat (Mature) - [ Ao3 | Tumblr ] Remus has many reasons he enjoys doing exercise. It’s healthy. It’s distracting… let’s just say, there’s “self care” and then there’s self care. Remus-centric.

    The Wheels Keep Spinning Around (Teen) -   [ Ao3 | Tumblr ] - Remus is incorrigible, but Virgil doesn’t mind. Tree poses or spinning kicks, stress relief is stress relief. Virgil-centric.

    “aching, shaking, breaking (like humans do)“ (Teen) -  [ Ao3 | Tumblr ] - Remus thinks Hypnos has abandoned him for good (metaphorically speaking), Patton is there to help. Patton-centric.

    “more than ever, hour (work is never over)“ (Teen) - [ Ao3 | Tumblr ] - Logan goes for a run, and hits a snag when Roman seems to have found himself in trouble. Again. Logan-centric. (Happens ~1 year before “Cherry Cola”, to be clear.)

    “I started thinking about human nature...“ (Teen) - [ Ao3 | Tumblr ] - Janus thinks Remus started off on entirely the wrong right foot with him. This is how they became best friends since. Janus-centric. (Prequel fic, taking place in high school!)

    iZ AU

    Body horror heavy. Further Details TBD.





    Begotten AU

    Cosmic horror heavy. Further Details TBD. (Inspired by “Beast: The Primordial”.)





    Promethean AU

    Body horror heavy. The Sides are constructs made from pieces of the dead, of whom either hold no souls or mere fragments thereof. (Inspired by “Promethean: The Created”, which was spun off of Shelley’s “Frankenstein”.)


    Full Photoset - Mind the following descriptions...

    Roman - Galateid/Muse. (He looks like a mannequin.)

    Logan - Osiran/Nepri. (Gore, missing leg.)

    Remus - Frankenstein/Wretched. (Look like Frankenstein’s Monster. Potential eye strain from lightning/fire elements.)

    Virgil - Tammuz/Golem. (Crystal growth, cracks on skin, parts “melting”.)

    Janus - Hollow/Skeleton. (Bones visible, emaciated in appearance, lots of blood.)

    Patton - Galateid/Muse. (Looks like a Ken doll. [Candy/Pastel] gore, he’s been stabbed and guts are visible.)

    Canon / Adjacent

    [Will add on request! Especially given I have 14 pages worth of posts for this fandom as it is... some tenuously related to tag. Take care there, since I do make horror art!]

    #spilled musing#pixel spill#sanders sides#roman sanders#remus sanders#virgil sanders#patton sanders#janus sanders #(this is under construction) #(esp in regard to the iZ & Begotten AU - i want to wait until i have the fics out there)
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  • shapa-likes-art
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    (Do not repost)

    [ID: A digital drawing of Virgil. He has pale skin, dyed purple hair, and green eyes, he is wearing ripped jeans, a mesh neckline shirt, multiple piercings, and a choker.
    He is sitting with his legs spread, his hand in the space between as if he were leaning forward. He has a grin on his face that seems condecending and mischievously, his other hand covering his mouth.
    Everything seems to be shrouded in darkness, a bright yellow-orange light the only thing illuminating him from below. /End ID]

    @anxious-chaos-art @justmeandmygayships here y'all go haha

    The only thing I particularly like about it are the hands lol

    (Click for better quality!)

    If you like it, reblog it!

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  • not-exactly-laborious
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I thought it would be a cute idea to draw canon Virgil with doll Virgil from my Guilty Tears au,,, idk why,, I stared at that doll for way too long while editing

    #sanders sides #sanders sides fanart #tss#virgil sanders #virgil sanders fanart #ts virgil #guilty tears au #tsgt
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  • purplestarrystars
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    TW: food, food poisoning, and cursing

    Roman: I feel like if Virgil was a Disney princess he would be the one to eat a poisonous apple because he doesn’t pay attention to food labels and just eats things! Even if they aren’t his!!!

    Virgil: Jokes on you Romano, I’m allergic to apples so any apples are poisonous apples to me so *flips him off and walks out of the kitchen backwards*

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  • gayandtiredoffical
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Virgil: Janus, my old arch enemy. Roman: ... I thought I was your arch enemy? Virgil: I have a life outside of you, Roman.

    #source: quote generator #ts roman#ts virgil#ts deciet#sanders sides #sanders sides incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes
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  • sleepyvirgilprompts
    26.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The Sides and Thomas are having a discussion, but Virgil seems unusually eager to leave. He ends up sinking out earlier than everyone else. Afterwards, someone goes to check on him and when they knock on his door, there’s no response. They find this concerning and ask if everything’s okay. When they still get no response, they open the door to find Virgil sound asleep, apparently exhausted.

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  • caramel-apple-pancakes
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Happy Coincidences


    the open curtains and windows was what woke Remy up, the chirp of birds and the sound of an elephant next to zem scared them off the bed with a startled shout, hitting the hard wood with a pained groan, there was a shuffle of noise when a tiny elephant about the size of a maincoon cat runs to zem with a soft and concerned rumble, Remy rubbed zeir shoulder which zey landed on when falling off zeir bed.

    “i'm ok Mocha, i know you didn't mean to scare me” zey pet the small elephants head and close zeir eyes in bliss, “i should get up i guess” remy says not really eager to start the day, “i’ll be back soon, ok Mocha?” zey go into zeir drawers and get out some clothes to wear then go into the bathroom, once zeir out, zey have on makeup and are completely dressed in a black denim jeans and a white T shirt with a black hoodie. Mocha was standing a few feet away from the doorway, zey smiled warmly at the maincoon size elephant “does this look alright hun? it’s zey today”

    The elephant dashes over to Remy excited, with a rumble noise in support, zey kneel down to pick up the elephant and walk her down the stairs like everyday and before putting Mocha down after giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

    Zey made a coffee looking out the front window above the street. Looking at the time zey had an hour before the shop opened for business as usual, “we’ll go get some of the flowers from the green houses out back then you can water them while I work on opening alright?” the lil elephant has a look of reluctance at the statement of them being separated for longer than 15 minutes at a time away from her companion, “look darling, i know you don't like us being away for longer than it takes for me to get changed but, while your outside you can be your full size.. not the size of a large house cat. I don't like you being tiny for so long Mocha, we’ll go for a walk later when the shops close too, maybe if someone would like a job I'm going to advertise for that but we don't have anyone but us right now.” Remy looks at the elephant who does a sort of huff stomping her tiny foot.

    Remy raised zeir eyebrows at the stubbornness of Mocha, “ok how about this, i go inside for half n hour without you.. then you can come inside to check on me every time you get panicked about me being in danger, or you can call out to me and i'll wave to you from my window” Remy pours zeir coffee into a mug, a gift from a friend which was large enough to be both obnoxious and perfect for long shifts downstairs. It also fit the shop's aesthetic pretty well too.

    Mocha didn't look at Remy for a moment seeming to process what zey had offered before rubbing against remys leg in agreement, zey laugh softly at Mocha, “thank you for worrying my dear coffee bean but I am going to be fine, the police and ambulance patrol this street often, you've heard them before” they make a noise and look at Remy with a look that Remy could only describe as unconditional love.

    Zey pick Mocha up and hugs her, Mocha’s trunk trying to hug Remy back “I love you too, but they aren't in our lives anymore, i don't want them near us and the court has given us a restraining order remember those five months of court? It all led to that”

    “We’re fine.”


    Emile doesn't set an alarm oh no- why would he need an alarm when he has a meerkat that wakes him at 6:30 on the dot because they detected danger under the bed… again.

    He doesn’t need an alarm so when he hears the shuffling noise of Timone near the bedside cabinet he readied himself, and as the the phone turned to 6:30am, Timmone lets out a anxious shout and then a shriek because he instantly got picked up and cuddled tightly close to Emiles chest “good moring, what happened to hakuna matata?” Emile asks, kissing the obviously shaken meerkat on his tiny forehead, he makes a chriplike sound similar to a bird and Emile lets them go.

    Emile sits up stretching his back and Timone paps around on the comforter getting comfortable while Emile gets ready and dressed, they were going downstairs with Timone up in front checking for possible intruders around corners and in the towel cupboard- yeah he's being over cautious again.

    Emile and Timone go to the kitchen where he opens a jar and takes out an insect, Timone instantly smells it and scampers over standing on his hind legs, a look of him just begging for the bug. Emile gave it to him and within moments there was nothing left. He pets the cautious meerkat “you need to calm down mister, I locked the door before we went to bed and this place has alarms for burglars, were safe” Timone chirps at Emile climbing up his arm and to perch himself comfortably on Emile's shoulder, Emile sighs making himself a tea and breakfast still with Timone on his shoulders,

    It wasn't like it was a strange thing to happen, there used to be a time when Timone would stay in his sweater vest with his head poking out from the v-neck , that was when Emile wasnt the most confident with himself but he had been working on that!

    He looked at his schedule for this week Timone peering at it too they squeak out something and Emile frowns into his coffee, “your right we haven't heard from Patton in the past week, remind me to call him when I get into the office, and maybe Logans available to catch up for lunch today you haven't seen Bo in a while, maybe that’s why you’re getting over cautious”

    Timone remained silent which confused Emile. Normally he's really talkative, “let's hope he's willing to have lunch somewhere” Emile mutters under his breath.

    Previous Next Chapter Master Post

    #happy coincidences#logan sanders#patton sanders#virgil sanders#remus sanders#roman sanders#sanders sides#soulmateau#apple writes#remy sleep#Emile picani #remys gender fluid or what i like to say gender liquid #Mocha is a bean and no one can say otherwise
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  • brandstifter-sys
    26.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    You can tear tall buff Virgil from my cold dead hands. Give me a looming shadow who is built for fight and flight, who can shut almost anyone up with a single glare. Then give me that same shadow acting like a metaphorical blanket who gives the best hugs and mental health advice.

    I need surprisingly soft tough buff emo in my life. And dammit all if I don't write him that way (trans or cis, doesn't matter)

    #sanders sides#virgil sanders #I haven't slept in 84 years
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  • rainingmoonshadows
    26.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Calladito te ves más Bonito


    Content: Patton angst, open ending.
    Warnings: Suicide mention, firearms mention, poisoning mention, suffocation mention, hallucination mention.
    Author's note: Vent fic. Feel free to add your own ending in a reblog. The title is a usually misoginistic saying that means "You look prettier when you shut up." and in spanish actually sounds a lot "nicer" and passive aggresive than in english.
    Summary: Instead of talking and taking the risk of saying the wrong thing, Patton distracts himself with some "random" google searchs.

    Patton stares at his phone, googling something. Everyone is talking around him. He heard some pretty good joke openers in the conversation but never dares to say a punchline. He doesn't know If It will come out all wrong and twisted. Ruin the mood. So he just shuts up. He reminds himself of how he feels when Remus says upsetting things and rubs them on his face, and the need to open his stupid betraying mouth goes away.

    'how much can one go without sleep'

    Patton has no reason to search that, except he is running off of 3 days of zero sleep.

    'More than 3 to 4 days of lack of sleep can lead to hallucinations.'


    He knows he could easily ask Logan, but something keeps Patton from driving the current conversation down that road. Or any conversation. He would just sleep a bit more tonight and wake up just fine.

    Well, If he could just stop having the random need to talk about his feelings would be nice. Recently he had become a little too attached to having people who listened to his problems apparently because now that he is willingly and knowingly trying to repress It feels like It's the double of work than It was before.

    Patton looks up, and looks at his friends. If he doesn't talk, they are safe from him.

    Roman and Virgil seem to be laughing together and punching each other jokingly, pushing each other off the couch and kicking their sock covered feet at each other.

    Logan, looking all mighty next to them, just silently glares at them while quickly putting his mug on the coffee table so It doesn't get kicked. Janus was just about to stop Remus from taking his pants off when Patton decided to redirect his gaze again to his phone.

    'most common suicide methods'

    He doesn't know exactly what made him put that on the search bar, but he knows It was a mistake when he accidentally presses the text speech option and his blood runs cold.

    "Firearms are the most common means of suicide in the United States, followed by suffocation and poisoning."

    The whole room goes quiet and stares at him while he presses his palm against the phone's speaker to muffle the noise but everyone stops what they are doing to process what happened.

    Patton fucked up.

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  • eggslovemetoo
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Roman, dramatically: I'm dying, Virgil.

    Virgil, not looking up from his phone: fun

    #sanders sides #sanders sides incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes sanders sides #ts virgil#ts roman #tw dying mention #source: me and my bro #for context I'm sick and a drama student and my brother is done with my shit #tw swearing#tw cursing
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  • cofe-doodles
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    yeah, no, i'm not making separate posts for this lol

    context? it's under the cut :)

    first pic: it's a weird au where v found a weird ass phone that like- goes to another dimension where he meets ro who is an alien prince and now he is some'hero' of their nation/kingdom since he had ascended from the magic box (i made a story of this but i accidentally deleted it cause i'm dumb)

    second pic: part of a dukexiety comic i didn't finish

    third pic: a prinxiety comic, the first page, that i didn't finish as well lol

    fourth pic: it's a six:the musical au where v is Katherine Howard and ro is Anna of Cleve's (tell me if i'm wrong with the spelling of names, i am heavily sleep deprived)

    and the rest is a little comic, an actorau

    so,, yeah :)

    #sandersides#virgil sanders#roman sanders#prinxiety#dukexiety mention#ts prinxiety#ts virgil#ts roman#short comic#concept ideas/art#thomas sanders#au ideas #tbh i wanna finish them all but my hand is iffy and my motivation is low lol #anyways #on oct 1 i will go byebye #its also my bday then so that'll be fun #so yeah #hope this is somewhat decent enough to get notes lol
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  • armameery
    26.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Don't remember if this has been talked about but like can all light sides turn into animals? Like we know all dark sides has some sort of tie to an animal (even if we don't know what exactly animal Virgil is tied to) but like Patton turned into a frog so can other light sides do something like that?

    Crack thought: unless Patton is actually a dark side and Virgil a light side and they just got switched somehow

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  • elvelocks
    26.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    was anyone going to tell me that mr thomas sanders blessed us with the masterpiece that is eboy virgil or was i just supposed to find out by myself

    also on twitter 💜
    #reblogs are highly appreciated #sanders sides #sanders sides art #thomas sanders #thomas sanders fanart #virgil sanders#ts virgil#ts sides #virgil sanders fanart #tss fanart#tss virgil #sanders sides fanart #artists on tumblr #tea attempts art
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  • 13tinylights
    26.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Sander Sides RPG

    I making an RPG for the series sandersides!! And the demo is currently out! 

    I’m really excited to share this with you guys and can’t wait to hear what you guys think of  it. 


    After POF Roman is at his lowest point since the split. And after he accidentally gets everyone trapped inside the imagination he has to work together with Remus to figure out a way to fix what he broke. Can he resist the tempations that lay in wait for him? What happens if he does?

    Play the demo here! 

    Needs to be played on PC


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  • m-ziliak
    26.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    This got a little popular on my instagram, so I'm posting it here too!

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