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  • so apparently if you don't open your legs for a guy you don’t love him

    -even though society says you should talk it slow.

    You’re dammed if you do, you’re dammed if you dont.

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  • TROPE-EDIT CHALLENGE ~~~~~> 60/?

    Virginity - HERMIONE x CHARLIE

    By the time Hermione Granger is 23, she still has her virginity. Pesky, antiqued concept, she’ll admit, but part of her wants to just get it over with. She hasn’t had a steady boyfriend since Viktor, ever since her kiss with Ron practically fizzled and dissolved into unbearable awkwardness. It’s not as though she’s not interested in the idea of sex or those sorts of things, she’s just been busy, as one becomes. 

    In the years after the war, Hermione struck up a most peculiar friendship with Ron’s oldest, most elusive brother, Charlie. What began as a professional inquiry about dragon and dragon blood for her research blossomed into something she can’t quite put her finger on. They’re not in love, she doesn’t think, but she feels differently about him than how she feels with anyone else. 

    She is determined to not retain her virginity by the age of 24, that much has been decided. She’d rather not lose it to a stranger she meets at a pub. If it’s as strange and uncomfortable as everyone claims the first time is, she’d rather it be with someone she trusts implicitly. 

    She hopes Charlie will agree. 

    See full list of tropes and AUs HERE!

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  • image

    dear diary,

    i’ve been chaste for 257 days and i don’t even want to touch it anymore. 🔐

    maybe i’ll just be a virgin forever. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    #me#chaste#chastity#virginity #locked in 2020 #my own personal quarantine #i wish tumblr would allow more chastity pictures #without flagging them #i don’t ever need to masturbate #💕
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  • Angie: When did you lose your virginity?

    Alice: …I haven’t yet…

    Apologies of bad quality but I love this scene endlessly

    #angelica porter kennard #alice pieszecki #alice and angelica #the l word generation q #the l word #lgbtqia#virginity#shitty quality#tibette #tina and bette #funny video#funny scene
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  • #bnha imagines#bnha headcanons #hawks x y/n #virginity #my hero academia #mha headcanons#bnha #my hero fanfic #bnha scenarios #hawks x you #my hero academia keigo takami #hawks x reader #losing virginity#first time
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  • Finding You Series - Masterlist

    Reader is a demisexual virgin woman in her late 20’s, but even though she has my dream job and the co-worker I included is based in one of my Uni professors, I tried to keep the description open enough for everyone to feel identified with her. This story includes smut and sexual content, so if you are under 18, or triggered by anything I described in the warnings, stop reading immediately.

    Warnings: Lots of fluff, sexy activities (on earlier chapters), inner monologue, thoughts, smut (on later chapters), mentions of bodily fluids, oral (female and male recieving), loss of virginity, cursing, humour.

    * Prologue

    * Chapter 1 ~ Meeting Mr. One

    * Chapter 2 ~ Sequels Are Sometimes Better

    * Chapter 3 ~ Staying the Night

    * Chapter 4 ~ In Good Company

    * Chapter 5 ~ I Think I Fancy You

    * Chapter 6 ~ Clash Of The Titans

    * Chapter 7 ~ Reasons

    * Chapter 8 ~ Of Cravings And Hot Stuff

    * Epilogue

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  • Even though Andersen elevated Riborg to a heavenly beauty with his poem “Two Brown Eyes,” Riborg Voigt was not, in some people’s view, especially beautiful. She was, however, extroverted and charming. And it was precisely the merry, intrepid, and good-natured side of Riborg’s character that Andersen fell for. In a letter to Ingemann from January 1831, he calls her “a witty, childish creature.”
    The sensual side of love between a man and a woman was completely alien to his nature, as is evident from his descriptions of Riborg Voigt in letters to B.S. Ingemann, Edvard Collin, and Signe Læssøe. Not once in his presentation of of his “sweetheart” from Faarbog -nor in his poetry or prose- does Riborg appear as a grown-up woman with a body; she is always depicted as an ethereal being or a child. Sexually mature women were not only alien to Andersen, they were also terrifying, and at times -whenever the conversation or his thoughts turned to prostitutes- disgusting and vile.
    In the early 1830s, Hans Christian Andersen’s preferred women, outside of poetry, were first and foremost those who either downplayed their sexuality or -because of age, social class, or physical infirmity-  pushed it into the background. [… T]hey were either much too young, much too old, already married, [etc]. 
    The boundaries were firm and clear. The “sisters” [as Andersen referred to female friends] formed Andersen’s order of nuns, which all his life remained one of his strongest safeguards against being seduced and losing his innocence. And the women loved him for his innocence. Not, as Charlotte Bournonville so delicately expresses it in her memoirs, because he was a primo amoroso or handsome in appearance. As the German harpist and pianist Cara Schumann once said without hesitation, the Danish fairy-tale writer was “the ugliest man imaginable”! And yet women, both young and old, thronged around him almost everywhere he went in the world. He possessed a type of magnetism that other men couldn’t help noticing.
    [Riborg Voigt and Louise Collin] were transformed by Andersen into “sisters” and admitted into his order of nuns, which thus cancelled their “dangerous” sexuality in relation to Brother Andersen. Like the general’s daughter who attends a masked ball in “The Porter’s Son,” the female bodies of Riborg and Louise become dissolved in hazy, angelic contours when Andersen describes them: “Psyche, in gauze and lace. She was like floating swan’s down, she had no need for wings, she wore them merely as an emblem of Psyche.”

    - Jens Andersen (Hans Christian Andersen: A New Life, pages 136, 139, 140, 141, 141-142)

    #sexuality #Hans Christian Andersen #celibacy#virginity
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  • Serious answers here. Not just ones that you feel are “woke” or “pc” or “what I should say.” I’m not going to judge you. I want to find out.

    Would you date someone in their forties or older who had little or no sexual experience? If they’d had a little experience, would you date them if they told you they were bad at sex, and knowing this meant that sex wouldn’t be very fun for you for a certain period of time (e.g. until they learned how to do it better)? Or maybe that they’d never be good at it? 

    Honest answers only. I’m not gonna lecture you if you say no to any or all of these questions. Your sexual needs are your sexual needs, period. 

    I’m just curious.

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  • “dont put your cold hands on me..”

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    Trashfirepoet • today after school


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  • She was often taken for granted

    although, granted, she did not offer much

    but she still thought she’d like to be noticed

    maybe thanked or admired or such.

    She’d been told she was not bad to look at

    (as long as one wasn’t looking too hard)

    when a man approached her in appraisal

    she was flattered and well off her guard.

    He pulled her far away from the party

    and was quick about what he had sought

    she was rather in pain and quite nervous

    later wondering if she should have fought.

    Without a thanks or a cordial handshake

    he immediately took his leave

    and she pondered at length, now deflowered

    if naivety was proper to grieve.

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  • No phallus has the power to change a woman’s erotic identity.

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  • Found at Value Village in Marysville, WA

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  • As I write Daemon Bound, I get a lot of questions about Betty and Jughead’s “virginity”, which I somewhat hesitated to answer.

    This post is in no way seeking to shame anyone or disagree with anyone’s definition of “virgin”.

    This is purely my view of it, and how I feel like I need to step away from the label, for however much I can.

    Virginity, by itself, is a patriarchal construct, associated for the most part with penetration, particularly for women. It later also came to mean a man’s experience of penetrating. Generally, it involves a penis, and the lack of one during any sexual act constitutes some kind of “technical” virginity.

    My problem with this construct, as you might begin to understand, is that this somewhat undermines the significance of sexual acts where a penis does not make an appearance. I don’t know what it is necessarily that bothers me. Even if some lesbians couldn’t care any less about the existence of a penis in their sexual lives, I feel that the term “virgin” and the loss of it implies that sexual fulfilment could only be obtained through penal penetration, which I simply think the farthest thing from the truth.

    I would prefer not to use the term “virgin” because I think an individual can be experienced, sexually, without having been penetrated or without penetrating anyone.

    So I suppose to answer the question, “Are Betty and Jughead virgins?” I would say: They have had sexual experiences. They are not innocent to desire, giving or accepting it. Betty has had sex, just not with a man. Jughead has performed sexual acts with other women, just that his bits had never touched another woman’s bits. If virginity means innocence, then they are not virgins, but I’ve found the term “virginity” lacking inclusion of certain sexual partnerships, and until the term has fully evolved, and its evolution fully accepted, I will refrain from using the term at the moment.

    That is just my take on it. Again, I don’t think anyone is obligated to think this opinion right. It’s just how I perceive it, and it doesn’t change my good opinion of anyone who still thinks of virginity a certain way. It doesn’t mean I will think less of you, your fics, or your own opinion of the matter.

    I still love you all and I humbly submit this philosophy to anyone who might listen.

    #virginity #just my opinion
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    #poetry#dexwritespoetry #i was frustrated with people in general #so i made this #virginity#symbolism#flowers#purity#poem
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