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    The 5 Marriage Proposals of Clan Leader Vizsla

    AN: I apologize that I didn't get this out last week, but work has been sooooo stressful for me and it is driving me nuts and taking away all motivation. From here on forward I still plan to get one-shots or series parts posted on Wednesdays, but instead of trying to do THOT asks on both Tuesday and Thursday, its probably going to one or the other, most likely Thursdays, each week, and as always Sinful Sudays will always be on Sunday! As always love you guys!!!!!

    Pairing: Clan Leader!Paz Vizsla x Reader

    Words: 4.8k

    Summary: Having a Mandalorian clan settlement not far from your small village was never a problem, they were quiet, they scared away any potential threats, and they came to trade meat they had hunted for items they could not acquire themselves. But their leader seemed to have his heart set on making you his spouse...

    or 5 times Clan Leader Paz proposes to you and the 1 time you accept

    Warnings: none really, just fluff and pining, Paz not taking no for an answer, mentions of hunting animals, UNEDITED

    First Attempt.

    It was the first time you had met him. You had been helping your father run his tailoring booth at the market square in the village. The two of you didn’t set the booth up every day the market was open, having a shop on the other side of town made it so you didn’t have too, but you did set up and open the booth about twice a month so you could offer smaller, quicker services as well as sell more already premade clothes, anything from dresses to underthings to handkerchiefs with small embroidered designs. For the most part that is what you did, was the selling of the already made clothing as well as taking small mending orders that you could finish in five minutes or less, your father on the other hand mainly managed from behind the scenes, and talked with barter’s wanting to sell their fabrics, furs, leathers, or what not.

    The days that you set up the booth usually managed to collect a handful of customers but never a ton of them. Most would come and browse through your items, ask questions, and then leave empty handed. You didn’t mind, for you you liked the change of scenery from just sitting in the shop all day every day. You didn’t mind the fact that there were always other people to talk to during these days, you didn’t mind talking to your father but he was only your father and sometimes just hearing the town gossip from the elderly women in the neighboring stalls was nice.

    Today was like any other market day. You and your father went out and grabbed your usual spot early so you would have time to set up the awning and the tables and racks before laying out clothing. Nothing was new or special about the day, it passed slowly and you walked over for tea at lunchtime with the other women and just sat and listened to the gossip. It was halfway through your first cup of tea that you had heard and saw many of the other women rushing to get up and giggling excitedly as they all rushed back to their booths. As the Syn sisters walked past you you heard the eldest say, “Gosh I hope the mandalorian’s clan leader is with them this time. I would leave my husband in a heartbeat to be with that man.”

    It was then that it finally clicked with you that today, of all days, the group of mandalorian hunters were coming in to make trades and buy things for the rest of their people. Some how, in the past you had always managed to miss the warriors. You would say your father did it on purpose, but it is not like the mandalorians let you all know when they were going to be showing up, they just always appeared out of pretty much thin air and leave just as quickly. You knew from your stock at the shop that your father dealt with them in some way, shape, or form because of the nice stock of furs and fleeces your would have replenished at least every other month. All you knew was that this was going to be the first time you would see their kind in person, and not just from rumors and stories that you had heard about through out your life.

    After it had dawned on you, you had also gotten up with a giddy nervousness and walked back over to your stall. At your stall you had made yourself busy by tidying up the clothing items and making sure things looked nice as you watched the group of four enter the square and start at one of the farmers’ stalls. From the looks of it, it was pretty easy to tell who was incharge among the group. He was taller than the other, so much taller, towering over even Farmer Jani who was six foot some inches himself. The leader also had an impressive aura about him that just oozed power and control, a demeanor that all but dared you to speak out of turn or try and rip off him or his people. The last real defining feature of the man you assumed to be the leader was his armorered helmet, while the other three’s were plain maybe only having paint on theirs’, his was decorated two sets of horns, the lower pair were thicker and curved around the bottom of his helmet and started roughly behind where you would expect his ears to be, the other set were smaller and less thick and sprouted from the sides of his temples curving straight up before tampering out in a slight curve near the points almost in a bull like fashion.

    You had not realized that you had been staring until his helm slowly turned towards you, and you were almost certain that the two of you had made eye contact purely from the chill that traveled down your spine when his head had frozen. While holding your gaze, you saw him tilt his head, followed by his closest associate, a man in complete silver armor, to glance over as well and you could only assume the two were exchanging words. Then he mandalorian in the horned helmet turned completely to you and started walking your way, making your mouth go dry. The only thoughts running through your head was, “did I offend him” and “oh maker please don’t let him do anything bad”.

    When his hulking figure stopped in front of you, your panicking mind would only let a singular thought through as you stared up at him, “Kriff, he’s even bigger up close”. Taking a deep breath you smiled up at him, still worried you’d upset him and you meekly asked, “H-hello, is there something I can help you with, sir? Some mending or new clothing perhaps?”

    He replied with a grunt, looking around the stall, as if just noticing where he was at, before he gently reached for your left hand, grabbing it and bringing it to the center of his chest and saying, in a voice that was unfairly attractive, “Marry me.”

    It took you a whole minute to process what he said, and your face immediately dropped, staring at the horned mandalorian, you shockingly said, “Excuse me?”

    Attempt two.

    The second time that the man, who you now knew for sure to be the mandalorian clan’s leader, Paz Vizsla, tried to propose to you was in a different situation, but at the same place. Your father had fallen ill for the past week and you had been forced to go to the market by yourself while he slept so that you could grab some medicines as well as replenish your food supply that was starting to get very low. You hadn’t wanted to go, waiting until you absolutely had to go. After your strange encounter with the mandalorian clan leader that ended with him declaring, to everyone in the market, that he was going to get you to say yes to his proposal even if it took him his entire lifetime, well you had understandably been avoiding anywhere and everywhere he may be.

    It had been about a month since Leader Vizsla’s first proposal and since that time, you have had your father do most of your shopping as well as staying back at the shop on the days he wanted to set up the booth at the market. He knew and understood your reasoning behind avoiding the market, but he also had been joking with you that have a mandalorian son wouldn’t be so bad, that he would be a better spouse than many of the boys in the village. You couldn’t exactly disagree with him on either point, but you just couldn’t except the proposal with it being the first time you both had met, and neither of you knowing a thing about the other. It just didn’t feel right at all.

    Today though, you had shown up at the market, trying to come at the latest possible second hoping that if the mandalorians had come that day, they would have already gotten their things and left. The downside was you were forced to pick through the picked over vegtables, fruits, and meats that the others had not wanted throughout the day. You wouldn’t complain though, because at least at this time of day the evening breeze was blowing and the startings of an orange sky from the setting sun gave everything a beautiful glow.

    You had talked with many of the women you were friends with, catching up on all of the news that you had missed in your absence. Many of them saying that they missed you coming to the market, and to your relief no one brought up the events of your last market visit. Though it did seem like each and everyone of the booths you had gone too had the owners shooting glances over your shoulder, but each time you checked there was nothing or no one there. It didn’t change the fact that you also were feeling like someone was watching you, but you tried to just chalk that up to it being one of the villagers in the market, there was always someone watching someone as they walked around the booths.

    It was as you were picking out your meat cuts to take home, that you felt someone come up behind you. Thinking it was just another customer, you moved to the side slightly to allow them to look as well without being in the way. You had been talking to the butcher when the person had walked up, and he had excused himself for a second before coming back with a large cut of fresh meat and added to the few items you had already picked out.

    “Um, Simon, as lovely as that looks, I cannot afford that cut. Plus I am sure there is someone else here in town that could use that more,” you said with a kind, but confused smile. He acted like he was going to reply, but then the other person at the booth spoke up and you froze as you heard the deep familiar rumbling voice.

    “No, mesh’la, that is for you. I caught and cut the animal myself. I wanted to bring you a gift.”

    You turned your head to look up at him, realizing he was standing directly next to you. You had to close you eyes and take a deep breath. The gesture was definitely not one you were expecting, and honestly it was hard to argue you didn’t want it when your resources were so lacking at the moment, but a the same time you feared that if you accepted such a gift, than he would use that to twist you into making you marry him. Your doubts must have been crystal clear on your face, because he then said, “The gift is just that, a gift, mesh’la. Though I had hoped that it would show you that I could provide for you and our family. You would want for nothing if you married me.”

    ‘Clan Leader Vizsla, I cannot accept such a gift when I have nothing to give you in return…”

    “I ask nothing of you in return, if not your agreement of marriage, but I will not force you hand. I will be persistent and ask you everytime I see you though because I do know that you are the one I want by my side,” then he turned to Simon and nodded before pulling out the credits for the meat there, passing it to Simon as you tried to protest again. Then he turned to you as he slipped the meats into your basket and said, “So?”

    “Leader Vizsla, please. We don’t even know eachother, I can’t marry you.”

    Attempt Three.

    The cold had crept into your small village, leaves turning from greens to oranges, reads, yellows, and purples, by the time you saw him next. This time you had given up on avoiding the market, especially after learning that Clan Leader Vizsla had been showing up before the sun rose with his other warriors and staying until the market closed by himself having sent the others ahead of him, and just staying and waiting for you to make and appearance. For some reason after you had been told that you had flushed and had to bite your cheek so to try and force down the smile that ept trying to pop up on your face. You still did not know much about the man, but you did know that his actions had proven that he was serious in his pursuit of your hand.

    With the weather getting cold, your father, now fully recovered from the illness he had struggled with, had decided he did not want to sit in the cold and risk getting sick again so the two of you stayed in the shop. Your father had run upstairs to your small home for something when you heard two people enter the back door, as you were mending a dress. Gently setting everything down you made your way to the back of the store, coming face to face with the Clan Leader once more, as well as the silver mandalorian from the first time you had met him. You could see Leader Vizsla perk up, straightening his back and almost trying to show off his size and power the second you walked in. The action almost made you laugh, almost. The man beside him gave off a sigh, before saying, “Your father is he here?”

    “He is. He just ran upstairs, may I help you with something,” you answered the mandalorian as you watched his leader almost look fidgety with you there, or maybe it is because you were talking to the other mandalorian and not him.

    The silver mandalorian nodded in reply, and said, “We have brought in the furs of our hunts, in trade for some new, warmer clothes for the children of the clan.”

    You smiled and replied saying, “Of course! May I see what you have brought in?”

    As the silver man turned to grab the furs, you watched as the clan leader turned quicker and set them on the table next to you, and said, “Here, mesh’la.”

    You only smiled kindly at him, as you took your time looking over the furs, only really stopping once to run your fingers through a beautiful and softer ginger colored fur, which caused Leader Vizsla to step closer and say, “Beautiful, isn’t it? It came from a smaller beast we had been tracking for weeks. Her beauty reminded me of you, especially with how she fought.”

    This time you couldn’t help but to laugh at his attempt at flirting, before you said, “Of course, nothing is more romantic than telling the person you want to marry that you thought about them as you killed a creature.”

    Behind you you heard a barking laugh come from the silver mandalorian who had been looking through clothes and listening to your conversation. Without turning around or stopping his task, he said, “I like this one, vod. This one I can see keeping you in check.”

    Said mandalorian just slumped slightly in embarrassment, before he turned to you and said, “I guess now would not result in a yes to my proposal either?”

    You only shook your head, immediately sobering up and pushing your fingers though the soft fur again, brushing against his finger accidentally, before saying, “You are a good man, I can tell, but it just doesn’t feel right for me to accept your offer. I am sorry.”

    Attempt Four.

    Not as much time had passed since you had last seen the mandalorians in your shop since you had been asked for the third time to marry their leader. In fact it had only been about a week when he showed up at your shop again, with a small bunch of fall flowers and a bag on his side. After getting over the initial shock of seeing him there right at closing and so soon after the incident with the furs, you took the flowers with a smile and a quick thank you, as that familiar heat started rising in your face once again.

    “I wanted to ask if you would like to have dinner with me, mesh’la.”


    The man nodded, and after a second of thought, you allowed your gut to overrule your head, and you agreed. After telling your father and leaving the flowers in some water you walked back to where he stood patiently and asked, “And where exactly are we having this dinner?”

    He only tilted his head down to look at you, and you got the feeling that he was just smirking at you before he held his hand out and only replied, “It is a surprise, mesh’la.”

    Cautiously, you laid your hand in his own before, which as soon as it was in his grasp he lifted it to his chest right above his heart, before lacing your fingers with his own larger ones and leading you away from the shop. During your walk to where ever you were going you both were silent for the most part until he lead you to a smaller building on the outskirts iof the village. On the outside the building didn’t look like much at all, but the second you walked in you found that your armorered companion most likely decorated the place for this dinner. There was a nice fire going in the fireplace against one wall keeping the place warm and casting the singular room in a soft orange glow. Next to the fire stood a small table, short enough that you both could sit comfortably of the furs laid out on th ground as you ate. On the table sat a couple of candles for more light, as well as plates and utensils. The remaining open space was filled with more of the flowers that he had brought to you, there petals scattered around and in the light they look even more soft and delicate.

    The mandalorian lead you inside and helped you down onto one of the sides of the table, before settling next you you and pulling off the bag he had been carrying.

    “I did not know what your favorite foods were, mesh’la, so I just made a bunch of traditional mandalorian foods so you could try a little of everything. If that is okay with you?”

    “That, actually sounds amazing, Leader Vizsla, but your helmet? I thought your people couldn’t remove it in front of others,” as soon as the words left your mouth, he tilted his head down, before replying, “Please, mesh’la, call me Paz, and… there is a loophole. We are not to show our faces to anyone but our spouses or children, so that just means you cannot look at my face. I had thought…”

    “Thought what, Cla-... Paz,” he looked up at you when you said his name, it felt heavy and sweet in your mouth and you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking that you could get used to saying his name. Softly, Paz raised his hand and brushed his knuckles against your cheek, before lowering his voice and saying, “Mesh’la, I thought that I may blindfold you and feed you, if you were okay with that of course. I would be satisfied just to sit here and watch you enjoy the foods that I have brought.”

    Your silent for a moment as you think about his offer. You trusted him, he had never given you a reason not to, and you fully believed he was a good man, that he would not harm you in anyway. So with your heart thundering in your chest, you nodded and watched as he pulled out a smooth cloth and placed it softly over your eyes and carefully tying it there. When he finished, you could only see the the outline of his shape being lit by the fire through your blindfold. Shortly after he had the cloth secured, you heard a slight hiss and watched as his outline lost the bulky horns, then he whispered, his voice now clear and soft, but some how even deeper than with the helmet, “Okay, mesh’la, what would you like to start with? I brought all kinds of flavors and dishes…”

    Dinner progressed with Paz tentatively feeding you a bite of one dish, explaining anything and everything about it. Some dishes he talked about the significance of it in their culture, other dishes he would talk about a memory he had that was linked to the dish, or even just giving you a bite and waiting for your reaction before saying that it was one of his favorites to eat and make. By the time the food was eaten and you were fuller than you could ever remember being in your life. You were content and happy and warm, and a feeling of something else was starting to creep into your heart, something that made you want to just smile constantly, something that made you feel warm and fuzzy with every word Paz said.

    Once he finished a story about Din, the silver mandalorian and his brother, the two of you sat in content silence for a second before Paz leaned forward, placing his forehead against your own, and said, “Mesh’la, this was nice, I am glad you agreed to this….but I must ask again, because each day without you next to me hurts, love, mesh’la, please, marry me…”

    You looked down at your lap with a sigh, and started playing with your fingers. Taking a deep breath and said, “Paz, you know that I can’t… it just-”

    “Doens’t feel right. I know mesh’la, but you know I had to ask.”

    Attempt Five.

    Since your dinner with Paz, you haven’t been able to get off your mind. His voice, or image always floating at the edges of your mind. Months passed and you hadn’t seen nor heard from him or the other mandalorians since that night. You told yourself you weren’t worried, that you were just curious, but it was always half hearted, and never fully convincing. Your father even picked up on your change. Noticing you whip around everytime someone walked into the store only to slump over, he watched as you walked around the market, always looking around for some thing or someone even while chatting with others.

    Then your father started getting sick again, and instead of getting better his health just continuously kept slipping further and further away from you. One evening as you were helping him he his dinner he said, “My darling girl, why do you never say yes to the mandalorian? It is obvious you have feelings for him, and I just want you to be happy. I want you to be with some one who will keep you safe, that will never leaving you wanting for anything, and he can do that for you.”

    “Dad please, I...I don’t know what I feel for Paz. He is a great man, and I know he would take care of me, I just. I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right…”

    Your father other nodded and then told you he was tired, smiling you kissed his forehead and wished him a goodnight, walking over to the kitchen to clean up dinner.

    Your father’s condition stayed much the smae for a couple of weeks, until one evening after you closed up the shop and walked upstairs to check on him before making dinner. At a glance it looked like he was peacefully asleep on his, back, but something nagged at you to go in and check on him and you are both happy and sad that you did. Just brushing your fingers along his cheek and seeing the color gone from his face let you know that he was gone. Biting your lip, you walked downstairs crying and commed the doctor asking him to come over. In the time while you were waiting, you had sat down in your sewing chair and started crying. You sat there for you didn’t know how long watching ass the doctor came and confirmed what you already knew. You turned your head as the doctor took him away from the house with a singular, “I am sorry for your loss.”

    You stayed down in the shop for hours, just crying and watching the sun disappear from the sky. Time passed and flowed with you unaware, only able to watch out the window of the shop emotionless and mourning.

    It was only when you felt a hand on your shoulder, that you moved, and even then it was only a slow tilt of your head upwards, where you found the now safe and familiar horned helmet looking down towards you. You only sighed and shook your head, having run out of tears either minutes or hours ago. You heard Paz faintly whisper your name, but you didn’t acknowledge him only staring out the window. Paz then moved, so that he was kneeling in front of you and grabbed your face.

    “Mesh’la, please. I know you are hurting, I came to see you and I saw them take him away. Please, let me take you away, come with me to the clan, where I can take care of you…”

    And for some reason, even though his words were only meant with the best of intentions, but they just made you angry. Now was not the time for this little game you both had been playing, now was not the time for him to be sweeping in here and trying to play the doting lover. Pulling away from him, you stood up and walked away from him with a pained expression, wanting to get away from him, but his reflexes being too quick to fully getaway. By the time you had reached the other side of the room, he was already right next to you, and you just turned and pushed against his chest, trying to punch at him but he kept catching your fists, trying to tell you to stop so you wouldn’t hurt yourself.

    “Go. A. Way. Paz,” you turn away from him and wrapped your arms around yourself, “PLease just leave, I… I can’t do this right now,” then you walked upstairs, leaving him there and locking the door behind you.

    Last Attempt.

    It had been a month. A month since you buried your father and a month since you had seen Paz and your heart ached. You missed your father, the person you were closest within this galaxy, but you also missed Paz and felt guilty for the way you had reacted. He had only been trying to help you, he wanted to take care of you in your time of grief and mourning. And you had just tried to hurt him, you pushed him away and now, you hadn’t seen or heard from him. You knew that the mandalorians, including him, had been visiting the market, Din had come by a couple of times to trade furs for clothes and mendings. You always wanted to ask about Paz, but you never felt brave enough. Always thinking that you have finally just managed to push him away for good, and just as you were starting to allow yourself to feel things for him.

    Days passed and you found yourself feeling lonelier and lonelier. Some days you couldn’t pull yourself from bed long enough to even open the shop, and your market trips all but stopped, not being able to handle the pitying looks that were shot your way. But you still needed food, so trips were necessary, but now you went first thing in the mornings. The mornings always empty and you had the place to yourself besides the booth owners. You chatted and shopped and tried to seem happy, but it always seemed like there was a deep underlying sadness you couldn’t shake.

    Then, one morning, as you were standing by the butcher’s booth, you felt someone come up behind you and much like the first time you watched Simon pull out a nice piece of fresh meat, and you heard the voice you had been aching behind you say, “Mesh’la I hope you won’t fight me this time. You look tired and like you haven’t been eating. I am sorry for what i did and said during our last meeting but I miss you.”

    You turn to look at him with a soft smile and sad eyes right as he says, “I will only ask you one last time, meshla, will you please stand by my side and let me give you everything in my power, let me make you happy?”

    “Paz...I,” and you saw him slump, before you reached up and cupped the cheek of his helmet, “Paz, I am sorry for how I overreact. Maker I have missed you, how my heart has been broken without you...Yes, Paz, yes.”

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    (Thank you all for reading! I hoped you enjoyed the story and all LIKES and/or REBLOGS are super appreciated! Love you guys!)

    Also I am planning on making a google form so I can make up some taglists so keep an eye out for that!!

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    Tatooine Girl

    Chapter 2 of An Angel in Beskar

    Part 1

    Pairing: Din Djarin x Fem!Reader x Paz Vizsla

    Summary: You learn the names of the Mandalorians who you’re now traveling around the galaxy with, though one of them is more stubborn about opening up to you.

    Word Count: 6,500

    Rating: M for violence and sexual themes.

    Warnings: Mentions of blood, violence, injuries, dry humping and unresolved sexual tension. Basically Din is touch-starved the entire time while Paz can’t stop flirting lol.

    Space is far more beautiful than you could have ever imagined.

    And utterly boring, as well.

    The ship isn’t horribly small, but there’s only so many places you can go without bumping into one of the intimidating Mandos. The silver one is a bounty hunter, you learn one night when you find the blue Mandalorian in the cockpit, navigating the ship while his companion got some much needed rest.

    The hunter seems to keep himself guarded for the exact reason the blue Mandalorian gave you days ago—that they’re not used to being around others that don’t want to kill them—and you can only surmise that it must be worse for a bounty hunter in the Outer Rim. He's probably so used to sleeping with one eye open that it's simply instinct for him at this point.

    Eight rotations pass when the blue warrior tells you his name.

    Paz Vizsla.

    Short, sweet, and simple.

    It surprises you that someone who conceals their identity from the galaxy would trust you enough with his name, but he sounds proud as he tells you of his heritage and how he comes from a long lineage of powerful leaders and warriors. He speaks with such confidence and honor that it utterly captivates you and you listen to his stories with wide eyes as you sip on lukewarm bone broth. His exciting stories help pass the time on the cold ship and he seems all too happy to tell you about the places he’s visited whenever he remembers that you’ve been surrounded by sand your entire life.

    He speaks of planets covered in blue, salty water and other planets blanketed with lush green foliage and even though you could never fathom such places, he describes it with such intense detail that you picture it so easily in your mind.

    That’s how the bounty hunter finds the two of you in the cockpit once he wakes up from his slumber. You’re leaning against the pilot’s chair as Paz peers up at you through his t-shaped visor while starlight reflects off of the shiny black glass, his fingers splayed along the center of your back as he speaks in his usual gruff voice. You nearly skitter back to the chair you usually sit in when the three of you are in the cockpit, but before you can, the hunter sinks down onto it with a lazy sigh.

    Though you and the silver Mandalorian are still hesitant around one another, it’s now easier to relax in each other’s presence and you see it in the way he leans back into the chair, his knees spread as he lets his head slump backwards in the slightest. The poor Mando seems perpetually exhausted, typically only running on a couple hours of sleep at a time before he takes over with piloting the Razor Crest despite there being an autopilot feature. You wonder if he’s like you, where memories of the past make it too difficult to sleep at night and he simply resigns to forgoing a healthy sleep cycle.

    His visor lingers on you as he quietly speaks, “Don’t listen to half of the stories he tells you; he likes to exaggerate more often than not.”

    Even though he’s speaking in his usual tone, you realize he’s making a teasing comment as Paz scoffs at him and tosses him an offensive gesture over his blue pauldron, though it instantly drops the moment he hears you giggling. You cover your mouth with the back of your hand in an attempt to hide your smile from both of them, Paz’s shoulders relaxing as you rest your elbow on the headrest of the chair and turn back to the stars that pass the ship in a beautiful dance.

    “Even if the stories may be fiction, I still enjoy hearing them, nonetheless.”

    “Yeah,” Paz scoffs at the hunter with what sounds like amusement, “Someone’s gotta keep her entertained while we’re in hyperspace and you’re clearly not doing a good job at it.”

    The hunter simply scoffs with a shake of his helmet before relaxing further against the co-pilot chair, somehow seeming more comfortable in the cockpit than you imagine he would be in his own private quarters. An intense warmth blooms along the span of your cheeks as Paz’s palm slides lower until his fingers are wrapped around your hip, guiding you closer until the side of his scuffed up helm is pressed against your ribs.

    You’re suddenly all too aware of the fact that you’re clad in only shorts and an oversized tunic that the heavy-infantry warrior had given you as a makeshift sleepshirt upon realizing that you had fled your village without any clothes or belongings. You’ve come to find that Paz is definitely the more physical one out of the two, his fingers always brushing along your waist or sometimes the bounty hunter’s elbow and you figure it’s just a part of his personality.

    You wonder if he knows that you seek comfort in his calming touches and that’s why he never hesitates with you.

    You can feel the hunter’s visor burning a hole into your back as Paz lets out a content sigh, the cold leather covering his fingertips drifting down your thigh, just underneath the hem of his tunic. If you thought your cheeks were warm before, it feels as though your whole face has been burned by the Tatooine suns as you eventually rest your palm on his pauldron. 

    A comfortable silence blankets the cockpit as you continue to watch the stars with the two Mandalorians and it's only when you grow tired that you reluctantly pull away from Paz before turning to the hunter, "I'm going to go get some rest. Do you know when we're landing?"

    "Not too sure," Is all he says with a tired sigh as you approach him, though he continues when he notices the curiosity pulling at your features, "One of us will let you know."

    You nod slowly as he gazes up at you, the burnt orange tips of his leather gloves slightly curling against the worn armrests of the co-pilot's chair, "Thank you.”

    You offer him a hesitant smile before making your way out of the cockpit, exhaustion hitting you hard despite your day having pretty much only consisted of helping Paz polish his armor and weapons and sitting in the cockpit while watching the stars. A sigh escapes you as you plop down onto your little cot, curling up into as much of a tiny ball as you possibly can on your side and tugging the scratchy blanket that the hunter had given you tightly around your body.

    It’s just another part of traveling with the two Mandos you have to get used to—how cold space is—and you hope that wherever it is the three of you are going to that it’s at least a little warm. 

    Despite how mundane and boring your life had been on Tatooine, you can’t help but to feel homesick, longing to see a binary sunset with your siblings just one more time. A tear slips down your cheek as you force the feeling away before letting your eyelids slip shut and falling into a deep slumber where all that surrounds you is fire and pained screams.

    Hours later, old leather wraps around your ankle and startles you awake with a tiny gasp, your eyes instantly landing on the hunter’s silver helmet. “Sorry,” He sounds slightly softer than usual, his visor tilted to the side as he leans down a little bit and reaches for your cheek, immediately causing you to freeze.

    “You were crying in your sleep?” He almost sounds confused as the cold leather covering his fingertips graze along your cheekbone and you realize it’s the first time he’s willingly reached out for you. He stares down at his fingertips when he pulls away, your tears glistening in the dim lighting of the ship before he’s brushing his hand against his cuisse.

    “I... I didn’t know,” You whisper as you avoid his visor, staring at his cuirass instead, “I’m sorry.”

    “Why are you apologizing?”

    “I just wasn’t sure if I accidentally woke up you or Paz—is that why you woke me? I can try to be more quiet if—”

    “No,” He quickly cuts you off, shifting on his feet with a soft sigh and you’re surprised when he lifts his hand again to awkwardly rest his palm on your shoulder, “I wanted to let you know that we landed.”

    Immediately, you perk up and sit up so fast that you nearly hit your head on the framing around the entrance of the tiny alcove that your cot is located in, though he’s quick to stop you with a gentle hand on your shoulder. “Easy,” He sounds amused and you swear you see his shiny pauldrons shake with restrained chuckles, “Paz is scouting the area to make sure everything is clear and I’m going to check out things in the city, look for some work.”

    “Can I come with you?”

    The hunter instantly freezes and tenses as you gently capture his silver gauntlet between your palms to keep him in place, his visor staring down at you while you peer up at him excitement etched all over your features. “P-Please?” You implore as he hesitates for several tense moments, his posture relaxing when you continue, “Wouldn’t you want to explore a foreign place if you spent your entire life on a planet like Tatooine?”

    He sighs and after spending quite a bit of time with Paz and him on the Razor Crest, you’ve managed to distinguish all of the different noises and sighs that slip past their thick helmets. For such secretive warriors, they somehow seem far more exposed than how you feel and as you peer up at him with wide, hopeful eyes, you hope that he caves in.

    “Fine,” He grunts and you immediately pull yourself out of the little alcove to tug on your boots, nearly falling sideways in your excitement, “Just stay close, okay?”

    “Of course!” You quickly respond as he easily steadies you while you finish tying up your boots, keeping on Paz’s tunic when you realize your dress is still too damp to wear after you washed it the previous day, though the thicker fabric fits you just like a dress as well. With a newfound excitement, you trail behind the bounty hunter as he leads you off of the ship that you’ve lived on for the past seven or eight rotations.

    A loud gasp instantly escapes you upon seeing more green foliage than you have ever seen in your life and you don’t even notice Paz freezing in the distance as you crouch down to run your palm along the itchy tips of the blades of grass. The lovely melody of birds chirping from their homes in the surrounding trees instantly has your eyes burning with tears as the hunter approaches Paz to quietly speak with him, most likely informing the heavy-infantry warrior that you’re going to be gone for the day.

    You tune out their hushed conversation, a smile stretched along your lips as you take in all of the green scenery surrounding you and even how fresh everything smells.

    It’s overwhelming.

    It’s overwhelming but seeing this much green and hearing so many beautiful creatures singing their songs…

    It’s unlike anything you could have ever imagined.

    Your older siblings and even your parents have told you so many stories of planets surrounding Tatooine and sights you could only fathom in the sweetest, wildest dreams and you can’t stop yourself from wandering further into the peaceful clearing. It’s a terrible idea and you know that one of the Mandalorians is probably going to grow upset with you, but all sense of regret escapes you as you approach the clearest, bluest pond you’ve ever witnessed in your entire life.

    You’re on your knees, fingertips trailing along the surface of the small body of water when Paz and the hunter find you. “Are you ready to go?” The hunter asks as you quickly stand up to peer at him, though you nod fervently with a large smile.

    Your eyes are wide with curiosity as the two of you make your way through the beautiful forest, taking in all of the new sights, sounds, and smells that surround you and the bounty hunter who trails closely behind you as you scan your surroundings with excitement.

    "Definitely more to see here than on Tatooine," Your unlikely companion muses as you listen to frogs croak in the distance.

    "Definitely," You breathe out quietly, still in awe as you process everything, turning to face the hunter and admiring the way the scenery reflects off of his silver armor with a brilliant gleam, his visor tilting to the side as your smile grows. 

    "I wished my family could have seen it too," There's a bittersweet tone laced in your voice that he immediately seems to pick up on, a gentle hum slipping through his helmet as your smile slowly disappears. He doesn't say anything at first, simply resting his palm on your shoulder as his fingertips gently press against your collarbone. Immediately, you freeze and turn to peer up at him with wide eyes, shocked that he's willingly reached out to you so much today when he typically keeps to himself, though you find the touch just as comforting as all the times Paz cups your cheek.

    "They are with the stars, watching down on you," He says with great tenderness, only furthering your surprise, "That is what Paz always says when we remember those we have lost—when the pain and memories leave you feeling empty."

    You lower your gaze to his silver cuirass, "Did… Did you lose your family too?"

    He stares down at you for several tense moments, his thumb moving to graze along the pulse on the side of your neck and you remember just days ago when Paz had done the same thing upon finding you clinging to life. 

    "We should go," He says with a sigh, urging you to continue forward as he kindly presses his hand to the center of your back, "We don't have a lot of time left before the sun goes down."

    It’s only about a forty minute walk to the bustling city and you gasp at how tall and strange all the buildings look, Din’s fingers still pressed gently against your back as you take everything in. It’s not until the two of you make it to a plaza lined with several shops and stalls that you speed up a little more, Din’s visor scanning the area for any threats as you slow down in front of a store displaying all sorts of beautiful garments.

    “Do you…” You finally peer at the bounty hunter with wide eyes as he freezes behind you, his fingertips flexing along your spine when he quietly continues, “Do you see anything you like?”

    You immediately slow down until you’re walking by his side and his visor lowers to meet your gentle gaze as you wrap your fingers around the crook of his elbow, gazing up at his shiny helm with admiration. “I don’t have any credits,” You quietly remind the bounty hunter as he lets you hold onto the only part of his arm that isn’t covered with that shiny Beskar, his visor tilting as he peers down at you.

    “We got a good amount from our last job and you… you don’t really have anything,” He quietly reminds you, his helmet lowering even more as he seems to remember that you have no clothes other than your one scrappy dress, your white scarf, and Paz’s tunic.

    “I’m sure we’ll make it by even if we get you some new clothes and other supplies,” The hunter says as he leads you into the shop, simply offering the shop owner a single nod when he greets the two of you, a strange look on his face when he realizes there’s a Mandalorian in his shop.

    It doesn’t feel too good as the hunter pays for two dresses that catches your eye, as well as a pair of thick, warm leggings and a luxurious cape lined with fur that he insists will come in handy on colder planets. Even when the older merchant is folding the garments and packing them up, you notice the way his eyes flicker between you and the silver hunter, a sort of judgmental look on his wrinkled features.

    Something about the awkward interaction rubs you the wrong way and claws at your mind as the two of you slowly make your way through the bustling city to look for other supplies for yourself. You manage to bite your tongue for the entire day, deciding it best not to mention it to the bounty hunter, though you're certain he noticed it as well. 

    He grows more relaxed around you, you notice as he keeps his palm glued to  the small of your back while he browses for ship parts and supplies for him and Paz

    Though he's not much of a talker—not in the slightest—you don't mind it and actually enjoy the silence that surrounds the two of you.

    “Why did that merchant from that one shop give us both dirty looks?” You finally ask later when the two of you make your way out of the city, the hunter's visor lowering to gaze at you, "When you paid for my clothes, it looked like he was judging us."

    The Mandalorian surprises you when he rests his palm between your shoulder blades, sounding as calm and stoic as ever as he speaks, “There’s a lot of brothels in the city. Maybe he thought I was one of your clients and that I was just trying to repay you for doing a really good job. Doesn’t help that the shirt Paz gave you looks like one of mine.”

    Your face instantly grows warm at his insinuating words and nothing else is said between the two of you as the Razor Crest eventually appears in the distance. Paz is sorting through several crates near the bottom of the ramp as he greets both of you with a sharp nod of his scuffed up helmet. Your face still feels hot from embarrassment and anger, not sure if the bounty hunter was simply messing around with your head.

    "How did you like the city?" Paz's visor all but burns a hole between your eyes as he peers at you, immediately disregarding the heavy crate he had been carrying in his arms and choosing to lean against it with a tired sigh.

    "It was beautiful!" You exclaim with a massive grin, the blue warrior chuckling as you rest a palm on his scuffed up pauldron, though he immediately notices the way your smile falters as you continue to think of what the bounty hunter had said.

    The heavy-infantry warrior's shoulders instantly slump as you hastily make your way past them and onto the Razor Crest with a frustrated sigh. The two Mandalorians linger outside of the ship as you neatly fold the new articles of clothing that the hunter had bought for you and immediately, you freeze as you retrieve the impossibly soft fabric, holding it close to your chest. You had never owned anything so luxurious before, the marketplace in your own village only ever having thin scraps of fabric that would easily fall apart if washed the wrong way.

    You sink to your knees in front of your cot and pull out the little crate Paz had given you earlier to store your belongings in, not even noticing the blue warrior making his way onto the old, rickety ship. A large hand curls around your shoulder, immediately startling you and pulling you from your thoughts as you crane your neck to look at the blue warrior.

    "Is everything okay?" You question as he sits on your cot, looking impossibly huge on the tiny cot and you nearly giggle when it creaks under his weight. He doesn't say anything for several moments and you fear you've done something wrong as he simply keeps his hand on your shoulder, his fingertips twitching against the side of your neck.

    "I know you're upset about what happened—about the way that guy looked at you," Paz sighs and you shamefully lower your gaze to look at your new belongings, wondering what must have been running through that judgmental merchant's head when Din bought those clothes for you. 

    "People are going to look at you and be curious when you're walking around with a Mandalorian," He gently informs you as he taps a crooked index finger against the bottom of your chin to get you to look at his visor, "Some of the places we travel to aren't always the nicest and are filled with scummy people who will assume all sorts of things about us. You learn to ignore it after a while, all the stares and people just gawking at you.”

    You sigh as his hand moves to the crook of your elbow, easily helping you onto the cot so you can sit next to him instead, "Maybe if I wore armor like you or the hunter, people would not be so quick to judge."

    "Trust me," He chuckles and you finally smile at the sound, "They would definitely still be quick to judge. Being covered in Beskar definitely is not an inconspicuous look. People either fear you or want to fight."

    You grow warm as he lightly captures your hand with his, seeming thoughtful as a leather thumb brushes along your knuckles, "Perhaps people were staring because they were jealous of the bounty hunter."

    Your eyes widen as you gaze at his visor, "Jealous? Of what?"

    "They probably wished they were with a beautiful woman like you. I know I would be if I were in their shoes." 

    He sounds slightly amused as you tuck a lock of hair behind the shell of your warm ear with your free hand, gazing down at the way he easily flips your hand over to explore your palm. 

    "I… I don't think he likes me very much—the hunter," You quietly admit, instantly causing his thumb to freeze on your pinky finger, "I'm pretty sure he just brought me along with him today out of pity. Not to mention he probably didn't find any work because I was there."

    "Trust me, he doesn't do anything out of pity," Paz shakes his dull blue helmet as he continues his exploration, sounding fond as he speaks of the shiny Mandalorian who constantly seems annoyed with you, "He's just an awkward bastard is all—you get used to it after a while. If anything, he probably likes you since he brought you along and bought you some new clothes. Asshole never buys anything for me."

    "That's because you never ask," A gentle rasp interrupts your conversation with Paz and you instantly turn to face the hunter with a sweltering heat lingering in your cheeks, "Besides, your shit takes up most of the space on the Crest."

    You giggle at the way the two bicker with one another, Paz's fingers still wrapped around yours as he speaks, "You mean all the ration packs that I make you buy because I know you'll starve us to death if I don't remind you? You should be thanking me, di'kut."

    "I'll thank you when you stop calling me an idiot all the time."

    "And I'll stop calling you an idiot when you stop being one," Paz sounds smug as the silver Mando shakes his helm with what looks like defeat, your giggles growing louder, "Don't take it too harshly, Djarin. It's a term of endearment."

    There's a hint of fondness in Paz's filtered voice that immediately has warmth blooming in your chest, still uncertain whether the two are partners or not, though something about the way they act around one another makes you think they care for one another more than they let on. It's a sort of relationship where you can tell the two know and trust each other enough to the point where they can playfully insult one another and know there's no bitterness or hatred in their words.

    "Is that your name?" You shyly ask as the hunter sinks down on the cot on your other side, Paz eventually letting go of your hand, "Djarin?"

    He gazes past you to regard his blue companion and immediately, you regret asking when Paz speaks in a foreign language. "Gar liser tenn laam at kaysh," He says it quietly and you swear you hear a hint of sadness in his gruff voice as the hunter slumps in the slightest, "Ogir cuyir shi kar'taylir darasuum bal aaray o'r kaysh kar'ta—Ni liser aalar bic."

    "Gar liser ganar bic an," The hunter sighs as you move to stand up, fearing that you're intruding on their conversation, though Paz gently grabs your hand before you can leave the two alone, "Te kyr'yc kebi Ni linibar o'r oyay cuyir shol'shya shuk'la runi at hiibir baatir be."

    Paz doesn't respond to whatever it is his companion said and instead lets go of your hand, your gaze lingering on the two of them for several seconds as you hesitate to speak again, well aware of the intense shift in the atmosphere. 

    "I… I'm going to go get some fresh air," You tell the men in a meek whisper, nervously glancing at the silver hunter who still appears placid as he lazily rests his clasped hands on his stomach, "S-Sorry if I overstepped my boundaries."

    He doesn't speak to you for the rest of the night and when you wake up the next morning, your back stiff after sleeping on the unyielding cot for so long, the hunter is already gone for the day, dashing any of your hopes for another day in the nearby city. It's probably for the best, you think to yourself as you change into one of the dresses he bought for you—the fabric soft and thick—and you admire the slight swish in the skirt as you seek out Paz.

    You're surprised to find that he's not wearing any of his armor with the obvious exception of his scuffed up helm, his back to you as he calmly sifts through crates of supplies in the hull of the ship. You can see the way the muscles in his shoulders and back shift as he pushes a large metal crate until it’s pressed against the wall before strapping it in and your cheeks grow warm at the sight.

    "Good morning," You quietly greet the warrior, watching as he immediately turns to face you when you approach him and he quickly straightens his posture as his visor scans your new outfit.

    "Good morning, little one," He gives you a single nod and you suddenly feel awkward around him without all of the Beskar in the way, "I like your dress. Looks very pretty on you."

    The compliment instantly has you feeling warmer as he rubs a thumb along the material covering your bicep, perhaps checking the quality of the garment, despite him still wearing his gloves. "Thank you," You beam as a noise of approval escapes him before he's going back to sorting through supplies, seeming pleasantly surprised as you offer to help and sit next to him. 

    "What do you do with all of these supplies?" You quietly ask the warrior, shifting on your knees as you pack away several packages of freeze-dried fruit into a box that's simply labeled with 'food', “There’s an awful lot here for just two Mandalorians.”

    "Most of it goes to our tribe," He answers as he tosses a piece of scrap metal into another crate that you think must be his discard pile, "A lot of the metal can be smelted down into temporary armor for the foundlings before they grow to their full size and obtain an actual set of Beskar."

    "That's sweet," You murmur more to yourself than the warrior, though he immediately lets out a questioning hum, "It's nice that the children can wear armor like you do, even if it's not Beskar. It probably makes them feel all strong and big, just like a real Mandalorian."

    Paz chuckles and nods his agreement, his visor lingers on your features before the two of you fall into an easy routine of sorting through all of the supplies, the warrior focusing on the scraps of metal while you store foods away in their proper containers. The conversation is kept short today, much to your surprise since Paz is typically asking you all sorts of questions about yourself, and you briefly wonder if his silence has to do with whatever it was he and the hunter spoke of yesterday in their mother tongue.

    You don't even realize your zoning out as you stare down at a package filled with bantha jerky, your mind wandering as you think of what the two could have possibly said to one another.

    Whatever it was, it has the silver Mando avoiding you like the plague.

    "If you stare at it any longer, you're going to burn a hole right through the plastic," Paz chuckles as he gently grabs your chin, finally snapping you out of your thoughts as he forces you to look at his visor. "What has you so distracted, little one?" Cold leather glides along just underneath your bottom lip before his fingers move up to your cheek and the shell of your ear and you hope he doesn't notice the way you shiver.

    "Did I offend Mando yesterday when I asked him about his name?"

    His posture straightens again as he hesitates, his hand eventually falling from your face so he can rest it on his cuisse instead. "No, you didn't offend him," He gently answers as you stare up at him, "He's just… He's more stubborn when it comes to trusting others.”

    You lower your gaze to your own hands again, Paz sighing softly as you think hard about his words, “But I’m not... I’m not a threat. I don’t know how to fight like you guys do.”

    Paz suddenly chuckles and quickly stops when you give him a lighthearted glare in response, though he shakes his helmet and stands up, offering you his hand. As soon as your palm slips against his leather one, he easily pulls you to your feet and leads you through the back of the ship, pulling you in a little closer as you force yourself to not look at the several slabs of carbonite.

    The warrior leads you off of the ship, pressing a button on his vambrace before the ramp of the ship lifting off the ground, leaving no ways into the ship just in case there’s any unwanted visitors. He leads you to the same spot you had discovered the previous morning—that little meadow with a medium-sized pond in the middle of it—and you perk up as you spot the little body of blue water.

    The heavy-infantry warrior sinks onto a big rock as you stand in front of him, his hands easily holding both of yours, “It is hard to explain why he is colder without giving away certain things that have happened in his past. He’s spent so much of his time in solitude and just got used to being closed off all the time.”

    You think hard about his words as you climb onto the rock next to him, his arm instantly winding around your shoulders as he holds you close to his side, “But... But he’s not that way with you.”

    “I’ve known him for a really long time,” Paz informs you with a deep sigh, his thumb tracing random shapes along your shoulder as he speaks, “I only started traveling with him maybe a cycle ago and it took several months for him to get used to dealing with me. I’m actually surprised he’s trying to make an effort with you when he’s only known you for a few rotations.”

    You tuck your bottom lip between your teeth, your curiosity getting the best of you, though you don’t wish to overstep your boundaries like you did the previous day with the hunter. Paz’s visor remains glued to your face as you process everything, seeming as patient and placid as ever as he waits for you to speak.

    “Are you two... together?”

    “It’s a strange relationship that not many others would understand,” Paz says with a soft chuckle and you’re surprised at how open and honest he’s being with you as he finally tears his gaze away from you to take in the lovely meadow, “At first it was only about physical intimacy and then at some point it turned into something more. He still pisses me off most of the time and I’m tempted to stab him at least once every day, but I’m fond of that idiot.”

    You smile, though it quickly fades as you stare down at your hands that are awkwardly clasped together on your lap and Paz seems to instantly notice your sudden silence. He gently cups your chin and forces you to look at him, though you suddenly feel nervous as you think of how much the warrior has flirted with you since you started traveling with him and the hunter.

    “I do not want to ruin things between you and him,” You quietly explain when he asks you what’s wrong, “And I do not want to get hurt because you led me on or something—I know you keep flirting with me with all of the little touches and compliments.”

    Paz surprises you with a loud laugh, his helmet shaking as he speaks, “You have a lot to learn about us, little one. Mandalorians are raised different from the kind of people you grew up around—we just like whoever we like and that’s enough for us. The bounty hunter and I are... Infatuated with you.”

    Your eyes widen as he pulls his hand away from your face and shock floods you as he removes his glove, revealing dark skin that seems surprisingly smooth with the exception of calloused knuckles. He wastes no time in cupping your cheek and it’s been so long since you’ve felt skin-on-skin contact that it nearly has you falling apart at the seams. His palm is warm against your cool skin and a knowing hum passes through his helmet when he watches the way your eyelids slip shut.

    “You have a lot more in common with us than you believe,” He muses, almost sounding intrigued by you, as though you’re some sort of enigma to him. Your heart thrums wildly as you try to avoid his beskar gaze, though he’s having none of it as he tilts your head back a little.

    “You’re such a soft little thing,” He murmurs upon feeling your skin for the first time and you’re grateful that he doesn’t point out the warmth in your cheeks, “You make him nervous, you know?”

    “The hunter?” You question quietly as his thumb grazes along your bottom lip.

    Paz instantly chuckles, sliding off the rock so he can wedge himself between your knees instead. His visor tilts to the side as he observes you closely, gently tracing every mark and scar he discovers on your skin and even though your heart is beating wildly and ferociously, you find that you enjoy his bare touch.

    Perhaps way more than you should.

    “He would never admit it out loud, but yes,” He answers, his fingers trailing down past your jaw until he’s cupping the side of your neck, “He loses all train of thought every time he’s around you—I can see it in the way he acts. He’s more tense than usual, like he’s afraid of slipping up and saying the wrong thing in front of you. I’m not going to lie, it’s been kind of fun to watch him squirm so much since you’ve joined the crew.”

    A sweltering heat spreads throughout your cheeks, “I... I didn’t even notice. I just figured he wanted nothing to do with me.”

    Paz shakes his deep blue helm with an exasperated sigh, his hand falling from your neck so he can give your bare knee a firm and reassuring squeeze.

    “How did I manage to end up with two of the most oblivious people in the galaxy?”

    You finally smile at the feigned exasperation in his deep voice, still feeling warm and light-headed as his fingers gently rub your thigh. While you’re still confused about the bounty hunter and why he acts so strangely towards you, Paz’s words comfort you and makes you realize he’s just far more complex than most people you’ve met—both Mandalorians are.

    Three days pass without the presence of the bounty hunter.

    Paz tries to search for him on the third afternoon, possessing no such luck as he storms back onto the Razor Crest with what you perceive as a combination of anger and worry.

    Dark clouds hang high in the sky and it only adds to the somber mood, knowing that a storm is approaching as you listen to an exhausted Paz shuck off his armor so he can attempt to get some rest for the first time in days.

    You feel too restless to sleep, and despite not knowing your surroundings all that well, you make your way off the ship and to the little meadow, admiring the soft drizzle of water droplets that fall from the dreary sky. It quickly turns into something more intense, but you find that you enjoy the heavy downpour after having gone your whole life without feeling the strange sensation.

    You very quickly lose track of time, not even noticing footsteps approaching your from behind.

    “What the hell are you doing out here?”

    You gasp at the sound of a gentle, familiar rasp just inches away from your ear and quickly turn around to gaze at the silver hunter with wide eyes.

    Fat drops of rainwater pelt against his Beskar and you suddenly feel nervous as he steps even closer to you, your nose nearly grazing his cuirass. Now knowing what Paz had mentioned before, you suddenly feel more nervous around him as his visor remains glued to your face.

    Your eyes widen as you lower your gaze, instantly noticing the way he has a hand pressed to his side and panic floods you instantly, “A-Are you hurt?!”

    He sighs and rests a hand on your shoulder as he guides you back to the Razor Crest with a slight limp to his typically confident gait, “Answer my question first—why are you out here? It’s pouring and you don’t know what kind of animals are native to this planet.”

    “I...” He lets you guide his arm completely around your shoulders to help support some of his weight against you as you struggle to form a reasonable explanation, “I couldn’t sleep and wanted to feel the rain on my skin since it never rained on Tatooine.”

    The hunter grunts in response, always a man of very little words, and you grow quiet as you help him back to the Razor Crest, peering up at the night sky even though there’s no stars to look at, the weather too gloomy to even be able to look at the moon. You think about what he had told you just a few rotations ago about your family watching you from the stars and you bite your lip as a strange, unfamiliar feeling swells in the pit of your belly. 

    After what feels like an hour, you and the hunter finally make it back to the ship, the slight downpour now a full on thunderstorm that only has you trembling more violently as the boisterous booms seem to shake the entire ground. Fear floods you even more as he slumps against the wall near your cot with a pained grunt, sliding down to his rear with a frustrated noise.

    “Where’s your medkit?” You quietly ask the hunter as you kneel down next to him, helping him remove his armor, just as you’ve seen Paz do several times in the last few days, “Paz is asleep, but I don’t mind helping.”

    “Go wake him up.”

    Your jaw clenches and anger suddenly fills you at how nonchalant the hunter sounds as he peels away his cuirass and lets it drop to the floor with a loud clatter. 

    “He has spent the last three rotations pretending like he wasn’t worried sick over you since apparently you didn’t even have five seconds to contact him over the commlink to tell him you’re not dead!” You finally snap at the hunter, hating that there’s still tears lingering in your eyes after thinking of your family earlier and he instantly tilts his helmet to the side as he peers at you, “I’m not going to wake him up, so just tell me where the medkit is before I drag you back out into that thunderstorm and let the lightning hit your damn armor until you’re really hurting.”

    There’s a small bout of silence between the two of you, rainwater still dripping from you and onto the hunter, though he must be more drenched than you are, what with all the layers and padding he wears.

    “Refresher—top shelf behind the mirror,” Is all the hunter says and you finally stand up to retrieve it, that anger still lingering in your heart as you make your way back to him. He’s managed to shed most of his armor and you immediately hesitate when you realize his torso is bare, several layers of blood-stained fabric now discarded on the floor next to him as you muster up the courage to lower yourself on your knees by his side.

    Briefly, your eyes flicker down to his blood-stained hands that are resting on his thighs and you’re surprised to find that he’s wearing several rings on each hand. Some of them are engraved with symbols that you don’t recognize and you think it must be the language that he and Paz often speak in when they don’t want you to know what they’re talking about.

    You had been flustered days ago upon seeing Paz without his Beskar, but now you feel as though you’re going to combust into flames as you carefully dab a cotton ball that’s doused with rubbing alcohol against a deep gash on his right hip. He’s tense and you can imagine it’s not easy for him to be exposing this much skin to someone he barely knows, so you speak quietly in an attempt to distract him.

    “I’m guessing the job didn’t go too well?”

    “Got five thousand credits for three heads,” He surprisingly answers you as he leans his helmet against the wall, “Could have gone worse, I guess.”

    “Could have gone better.”

    You let it slip out before you can stop yourself and you half-expect him to get annoyed, though he speaks in his usual rasp, “Got the credits. That’s all that matters.”

    “Do... Do you always get this injured when you hunt?” You quietly ask him as you grab the cauterizer with a wince, remembering when your own father had to use a similar device on you when you were younger and bandits had managed to injure you. His visor is focused on your features as you notice all of the scars littered along his chest and abdomen and your heart hurts when you realize that the wound you’re patching up is only another addition to his collection.

    “Not always,” He grunts as you press the cauterizer to the worst of the wound, “The Beskar usually protects me, but I was outnumbered and one of the guys managed to get a knife to my side.”

    “You should be more careful,” You gently admonish the hunter and he simply sighs in response, most likely used to getting chewed out by Paz as well and you hope that the blue warrior gives him an earful in the morning. “You have scars of your own? You’re good at this,” The Mandalorian quietly asks when he notices the way your eyes linger on a thick keloid scar near his belly button before you go back to cauterizing the fresh wound. 

    “Yes,” You quietly answer when you realize he must be trying to distract himself from the painful electricity crackling against his skin, “Those bandits on Tatooine... they had been torturing our village for a long time. Even when I was a little girl, I remember how scared my parents were before we would go to bed every night. That zabrak that you have on carbonite...”

    You swallow the lump in your throat and try to shake away all of the horrific memories, ignoring the hunter’s visor as he burns holes into your skull.

    “Nevermind. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

    Nothing is said between the two of you for several moments as you continue to patch up the injured hunter, memories of your family and cruel bandits lingering in your mind. You sink down completely on your bottom as you work slowly, not wanting to cause the hunter any excess pain as you listen to his little grunts and groans.

    Your eyes finally flicker up to the hunter’s visor as you finish up with cauterizing his wound, dreading whatever it is he’s about to say as he gazes at you, “Was he one of the ones that hurt you and your family?”

    You don’t respond as tears fill your eyes, though you somehow manage to not let any of them fall as you avoid his unforgiving gaze and dig through the sad excuse for a medkit instead. Eventually, you come across a half-used tube of numbing cream and the soft groan that escapes him when you gently rub your fingers around the cauterized wound instantly catches you off guard.

    “Am I hurting you?”

    “No,” He huffs out a soft noise, shaking his silver helmet with what almost feels like exasperation, “I’m used to Paz’s clumsy, rough hands and those usually hurt more. Your hands are just... nevermind.”

    Your cheeks grow hot again, the hunter almost appearing flustered as well and you have to ignore the bulge that’s tenting the thick material of his pants, realizing why he’s acting so peculiar. As soon as you’re done, he shocks you even more by gently cupping your cheek, his rings cold and wet against your skin, “You’re shaking. Is it me you’re scared of, or the thunder?”

    “The thunder. It’s so loud, like blasterfire or explosions,” You answer him and as if you called upon it itself, another boisterous boom shakes the metal ship and your heart frantically thrums as the hunter’s fingers slide to your nape before giving a firm squeeze. He’s trying to comfort you, you realize as he pulls you in a little closer until you can feel the heat radiating from his chest, and while you appreciate it, you immediately remember what Paz had told you days ago.

    “Careful,” You quietly whisper as he guides you closer until your forehead is pressed against his Beskar-clad one, “The last thing you need in your life is another broken soul, apparently.”

    You can tell he’s surprised that Paz actually told you what the two had talked about and another sigh escapes him as you rest your hands on his shoulders, the soft muscles there lightly flexing at the soft touch. Another boom of thunder has you leaning down further so you can fully wrap your arms around his neck and he tenses in the slightest as you gently hug him, shaking as the thunder rattles the ship.

    You’re not sure why you seek comfort in someone you perceive to be so cold—someone who doesn’t even trust you—but your eyelids slip shut as his arms slide around your waist to hold you closer.

    “I should not have said that about you,” He admits and you think it’s the closest you’re going to get to an apology, though you’ll take whatever you can get from him at this point and you shift until your cheek is resting on his shoulder. You squeeze your eyes shut and tense up with a small whimper as the thunder grows louder and you don’t even realize how badly you’re shaking until Mando softly shushes you, his hand slipping under your shirt before his palm is resting on the center of your back.

    If he feels the bumpy scar splashed along your skin here and there, he doesn’t say anything about it, much to your gratitude.

    “I don’t like it either—the thunder,” He quietly admits as your shaking eases up in the slightest, “Reminds me of the past too.”

    You wonder if he’s seeking comfort in you as well and a gasp escapes you when his other hand moves to the back of your thigh as he guides you closer until you’re straddling his hips. Immediately, you worry that you’re going to hurt his wound, though when you voice your concerns he simply holds onto you a little tighter and lets out a relaxed sigh.

    “I’m still mad at you,” Your actions betray your words as you melt against him and for the first time, you actually hear a quiet chuckle from the hunter.

    “I’ll make sure to use the commlink the next time I’m working,” He promises as you finally lift your head from his shoulder, still straddling his hips as you peer at the hunter and watch a few drops of water trickle down his smooth helmet. Your breath hitches when his hand on your back slides up higher until his bare fingertips graze along the thin strap wrapped around your chest.


    “Sorry,” He grunts, shifting in a way that has him groaning and your heart feels as though it’s about to leap out of your chest, “Been a while since I’ve had someone as... soft as you on me. Just... fuck, just stay still for a minute.”

    You relax a little more against him, remembering how Paz had said something so similar about you being soft the other day in the meadow. The blue warrior’s hands had been so firm and confident as he touched you, a stark contrast to the way the hunter uses a lighter touch and hesitates a little more. When he peels his hand away from the slope of your spine, you gently grab his hand to inspect the metal rings wrapped around several of his fingers and you’re somewhat surprised that he simply lets you.

    It’s not until you notice that the ring on his thumb is engraved with unrecognizable symbols that you speak up, “Is this the language you and Paz were speaking the other day?”

    “It is,” He murmurs when your eyes meet the upper half of his visor, “It means to endure, despite all odds.”

    You ponder his words for several seconds before he’s pulling away from you to rest his palms on your thighs, his helmet nearly bumping against your temple as his visor lowers. He keeps his gaze on his hands as he slips his fingers past the hem of Paz’s shirt that you’ve all but stolen from him and no longer are you shivering from the cold, but anticipation.

    "W-Won’t Paz be upset that you’re touching me like this?” You shyly ask the hunter, “I... I know the two of you are together.”

    He chuckles again, showing more emotion in the last five minutes than you’ve seen from him in the last ten days, “I would not be doing this and Paz wouldn’t be flirting with you so much if we thought it might upset each other. Are you... Are you uncomfortable right now?”

    “No, I’m just not used to being touched, but I... I like it.”

    He hums before tightly grabbing your rear and yanking you closer until your clothed heat is pressed against his hard arousal, your cheek digging against the side of his helmet as you gasp. You can hear him panting underneath his helmet, his chest shaking in the slightest as you curl your fingertips against his shoulders.

    It’s not until you fail to hold in a sneeze that the Mandalorian seems to snap out of his strange daze, straightening his back with a soft groan before fixing your shirt back in place.

    “You should get into some warm clothes before you catch a bad cold,” He suggests, sounding tense and restrained as you accidentally shift against his lap again when you move to stand up, “Although I’m sure it’s too late for that, Tatooine girl.”

    You roll your eyes with a small smile, holding your hand out to help him up and even though you’re certain he doesn’t need the help, his palm slides against yours. Even when he’s on his feet, you find it near impossible to let go of his warm hand, his thick fingers barely tightening around yours 


    Your brows pinch together, confusion immediately flooding you.

    “My name is Din Djarin,” He explains as he continues to gently hold your hand, keeping you in place, “You can say it when it’s just us and Paz, okay?”

    You instantly grin at the small display of trust and give his hand a firm squeeze, urging it upwards until you’re able to give his knuckles a tender kiss “Thank you.”

    “Yeah, just... go get some rest,” He huffs, suddenly seeming awkward as you continue to hold onto his hand, “We’re leaving this planet tomorrow and I can already tell that you’re going to be sick when you wake up.”

    Even though you wake up the next day with a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat, you don’t regret standing out in the pouring rain—especially when you see how caught off guard Paz is as he watches Din remove his glove before brushing his fingers along your forehead.

    “You two buddies now?” Paz asks with an amused snort when he notices the way Din lingers in almost a worried fashion, your shivering growing more intense upon feeling how nice his cold rings feel against your hot skin, “About time you stop being a stubborn asshole.”

    Din simply scoffs, pushing a button on his vambrace to close the ramp and secure the ship, “We’re leaving now. Think you can manage to make it up to the cockpit so you can buckle in?”

    “I... I think so, Din,” You sit up with a soft groan, a dull ache forming in the back of your head as you follow behind him, Paz’s hand pressed against your back for support. The moment you’re seated in your chair and buckled in, you’re out like a light once again.

    Despite not feeling well, a tender smile stretches along your lips when you feel Paz wrapping his and Din’s capes around your shoulders, the blue warrior speaking in a quiet voice once the three of you are all settled in.

    “What happened between the two of you that prompted you to give her your name?”

    “She yelled at me before patching me up last night,” Din sounds unusually amused, his voice all hazy to you in your exhaustion, “Got mad at me because I asked her to go wake you up. Guess she’s not just some meek little creature like I first thought.”

    Paz lets out with what sounds like a choked laugh, immediately making you smile as you shift into a more comfortable position on the chair, letting their filtered voices lull you further into that hazy darkness.

    “Told you she’s a fierce little thing,” Paz is still laughing a little as Din hums in response, as if agreeing, “Like a verd’ika.”

    You fall asleep with a smile on your face for the first time in years.

    Gar liser tenn laam at kaysh (You can open up to her)
    Ogir cuyir shi kar'taylir darasuum bal aaray o'r kaysh kar'ta—Ni liser aalar bic  (There is only love and pain in her heart, I can feel it)
    Gar liser ganar bic (You can have it)
    Te kyr'yc kebi Ni linibar o'r oyay cuyir shol'shya shuk'la runi at hiibir baatir be (the last thing I need in life is another broken soul to take care of)
    #din djarin x reader #paz vizsla x reader #din djarin x reader x paz vizsla #fanfiction #I know it's been a while since the last update #but school and finals got in the way lol #hope you guys enjoy though! #the mandalorian
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  • shanediomorrissey
    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Paz and Din playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii.

    “The Armorer said it’s my turn to be Jango!”

    (You cannot convince me that Paz doesn’t treat Din like a little brother in the covert.)

    #if you ever played this game with siblings YOU KNOW #as you can see I played it a lot with my brothers #this game enables bullying #the way they first player is always default the better character #din and his hatred for droids #din djarin#the mandalorian#dio draws#mandalorian fanart #din djarin fanart #my art #lego Star Wars #lego Star Wars the complete saga #not to date myself with the wii but I loved it and this is still the best Star Wars game #the armorer is regretting buying it #paz vizsla #paz vizsla fanart
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    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Blossoming Love (Paz Vizsla x gn!Reader)

    You decided to give your love their first bouquet of flowers!

    Warnings: flower giving, established relationship, keldabe kiss, fluff, not beta read. 
    Word Count: 1369
    Pairing: Paz Vizsla x gn!Reader
    a/n: Hey y’all! Sorry for not posting for a while, but here is that Paz flowers fic finally!! I had a lot of fun writing this one shbfs I really need to get into writing more Paz 🥰


    The sound of your cheerful voice that day had stopped the large Mandalorian in his place almost instantly. He had been walking through some far off tunnels in the covert when you had called out to him. A cloud of mixed shock and confusion quickly overcoming him when he had first turned to lay his sights on you. He had been posted out there earlier to guard the area—though he had found himself relieved from the position not too long ago—and hadn’t been expecting to see you at all until later that evening.

    Honestly he was not used to seeing you all the way out here in the first place. As usually you had no reason to come out this far. Though he was especially not used to seeing you practically skipping towards him with a large bouquet of flowers cradled in your arms.  

    Paz had briefly found himself wondering if the flowers meant that someone had been attempting to court you right from under his nose. The thought of such a thing making his skin crawl and heart drop instantly. Although he had done his best to not show his growing jealousy over the flowers you had. After all, he hadn’t even known where they had come from yet, and it wasn’t as if he didn’t trust you. Quite the opposite actually. He trusted you more than anyone else he knew. So jumping to conclusions like that would do him no good.

    “Cyar’ika?” He had mumbled out as you had finally stood before him. His gaze never truly breaking from the flowers that you had still held close. “What are you doing here?”

    Paz had tilted his head more towards the flowers in your arms. His unspoken question about why you had them clear without him even having to voice it. The gesture from him had only made your grin widen though, and you held out the bundle to him. Almost as if you were presenting him with the most cherished of things.

    “I got these for you! And I wanted to give them to you right away!”

    It was safe to say that he hadn’t expected that sort of answer from you, as he had blinked at you in shock for a moment. His body becoming tense while he had found himself not completely believing what he had just heard you say. “They’re for… for me?”

    “Yes!” You had beamed at him and had allowed yourself to laugh gently at his still stunned self. The sound of your giggles being the brightest thing he had ever had the pleasure to listen to in that moment. “They’re for you Paz.”

    The Mandalorian had stared at them for another second before finally taking them into his hands. It was almost as if the lovely bouquet had managed to cast a trance over him. His mind still struggling to comprehend that you—his beloved cyar’ika—had gotten him flowers. Never in his life had he ever thought of receiving such a gift. It hadn’t ever crossed his mind and it had honestly just seemed like such an unlikely scenario for him. Yet here you were—handing him some of the most beautiful flowers that he had ever seen—like it was nothing.

    “Do you like them?” You had asked him. A clear sound of worry lacing itself within your question. “I can take them back if you don’t.”

    “Yes of course I like them!” He had said quickly. Too quickly really. His stomach knotting as a pool of warmth had blossomed inside of him at the suddenness of everything. “I’m just surprised! That's all. I’ve never gotten flowers before.”

    “Wait really?” Paz couldn’t help but notice the excitement he had heard in your voice as you had spoken again. The sound of it only causing for his own smile to spread wide across his cheeks. Though you’d never know thanks to the helmet which still separated him from you. “So I’m the first person to give you flowers then?”

    The large man had simply nodded at first. Although soon he had stepped forward to pull you into a tight hug. The close hold he held on you and the flowers allowing for him to rest his forehead against your own. “Thank you for the flowers mesh’la.”

    “You’re welcome.” Your voice had been quiet, as your body had melted against him within seconds of you both coming into contact with one another. “I’ll get you even more flowers later if you want.”

    Paz had chuckled at that, though he hadn’t said more, and he hadn’t moved to pull away from you anytime soon. Instead he had chosen to keep you tightly held within his embrace. His eyes soon slipping close, as he had relaxed into the feeling of having you so close and near to him. Sometimes he forgot how much he had missed you during the day until you were in his arms again like this. Moments like this one being only a reminder of that fact.

    This man was truly head over heels in love with you. There was no doubt about that.

    The two of you had ended up staying like that together in the darkened tunnel for a long time. Your foreheads remaining pressed together, as both of you had settled comfortably in one another's arms. Paz’s heart had been thundering loudly within his chest the whole time, and he had found himself wondering if yours was beating just as strongly as his own.

    Eventually you had to separate though, and soon he had pulled back to stare at you lovingly through the visor. You didn’t need to see his features to know that he was smiling at you. His posture, and the gentle squeeze you had felt from his hand resting on your hip, being enough proof of that.

    “I appreciate the flowers cyar’ika, but unfortunately I do need to get going.” He had said afterwards, a hint of sadness filtering in with his adoration. “Though after I’m done today I can come to your room?”

    His teasing suggestion had made you giggle, and you had given him one last hug before pulling yourself completely away from him again. “I’d love that Paz.”

    After that the two of you had said your farewells for the day, the large Mandalorian had watched as you had begun to leave. Your happy humming and cheerful steps making him chuckle at the sight of them. Though once you were finally out of his sight, he had continued his way to one of the common rooms in the area. Entering the space with the bouquet of flowers he had received still held tightly in his arms.

    Paz had ended up making his way over to where some other Mandalorian’s that he known well enough were gathered together. Settling himself among them rather quickly. All while being careful with the flowers you had given him not too long before.

    “Hey Vizsla.” One of them had greeted him with a nod and he had returned the greeting. “Planning on giving those to your cyare?”  

    The other Mandalorian had motioned to the flowers in his hands. Though Paz himself had shook his head. “No, actually my cyar’ika was the one to gift them to me. Just ran into them before coming here.”

    They had all stared at him in silence for a moment. Their own apparent shock becoming quickly obvious to the larger Mandalorian still holding the flowers. Though there seemed to be no ill intent behind their confused stares. They really had just seemed more surprised than anything else.

    “They… They got you flowers?”

    Paz had almost laughed at their shock, but he had made sure to keep his amusement to himself. He couldn’t blame them for their reactions of course. He’d figured anyone would be surprised to see someone of his type being given flowers. He certainly was at first of course. Instead he just smiled to himself again before nodding to them. His confirmation causing for a few of them mention how lucky he must be to have such a sweet and adoring partner like yourself. They were right of course.

    Paz Vizsla was truly blessed to have a cyar’ika as sweet as you.

    #paz vizsla x reader #paz vizsla#the mandalorian#paz #paz x reader #star wars #star wars fanfic #the mandalorian fanfic #A Blossoming Love Mini Series #my fics
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    #Paz Vizsla #shoot me sir put me out of my misery for you
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    #HELP I NEED TO WORK BUT ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS FRRRRREAKING PAZ VIZSLA #my brain has been turned to MANDO MODE #and i need it to come back down from that to reality please and thanks
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    ok we have made our satine selection we have made a bkk selection now. submit your vizsla ideas here

    rules: you gotta say which one and it has to be a flavor of hawk

    #tea time #although im claiming falcons for my specific vizsla mandosona #yea. we're at that point now
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  • tarrevizsla
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    ive been thinking about the hawk owl crow thing too much i wanna do the obligatory wing art now

    #i wanna. draw vizslas #also i want to draw kryzes for the first time in my life #tea time
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    #so there's this period of disillusionment that every vizsla goes through #and you have three options: death watch #bounty hunting or becoming a new mandalorian #and there's no good choices #houses your vizslas #clan vizsla#jester-mereel
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    #sick/injured fic #arranged marriage au #paz vizsla x reader #paz x reader
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    Gizi hunting along the shores of my own private Ganges, Maryland. Hasselblad, 65mm. Kodak Ektachrome 100. NIK Analogue Efex

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    I'm randomly writing a will miller fic at 1230 am on a Sunday. I have no idea what I'm doing. 😴

    #I don't even go here ?? #but I just had this idea #& also I love charlie hunnam #& & always somehow imagine him as paz vizsla ?? #will delete in the morning
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    vine animatic feat @lightsabercody's oc leota, baby tarre, and entirely too much *

    #my art#leota#tarre vizsla #made this in like a day i was inspired
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    #timber the vizsla #lovely mint's tag #ash answered
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    Timber dump

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    Mummy… what doin?

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