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  • Check out our twenty fourth preview by @espressopidge !! Stay tuned for our final preview tomorrow!

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  • Voltron as Among Us: Crew Edition

    I'ma tell y'all how I see voltron as a crew members! Name’s and colors too :^}

    1. Shiro : Black or Purple (seriously it depends on his mood)

    2. Hunk : Yellow

    3. Lance : Blue or Cyan (the boy can’t make up his mind so these are the two he picks, Cyan is mainly the back up. Sometimes he’ll be annoying and steal Red from Keith though)

    4. Keith : Red (Unless lance steals it then he gets stuck with a color he doesn’t want like Brown)

    5. Pidge : Green mainly, but sometimes Lime

    6. Allura : Pink mainly, white is back up (Mainly likes those colors, but will pick Cyan for a back up back up and Lance just lets her)

    7. Coran : Orange


    1. Shiro tends to do his tasks pretty quickly, and end up getting a lot of the tasks people can see you do. Also tends to lead a lot of the group discussions on who it is, isn’t right half the time when guessing the imposter. Always takes Keith’s side. If there’s an argument in chat Shiro tries to be the peace maker but fails and ends up just being the dad™; Good at clearing astroids, dies with connecting wires (because he sucks it so badly). Does tasks as ghost.

    2. Hunk is very nice and peaceful, never worries when someone is following him because he likes to be with someone at all times anyway. “Safety in numbers” is his motto. Is the ACTUAL peace maker in chat, but tends to believe Lance anyway bc he trusts his best friend. Always dies downloading files. Good at repairing the drill and cafeteria tasks, bad at any downloading tasks (he gets nervous and ends too soon or dies while doing it). Prefers to be ghost while doing tasks because it’s peaceful.

    3. Lance is pretty lazy while doing tasks, he tends to run around or follow someone (mainly keith because keith is suspicious, or allura because it’s allura). Shiro and Allura have to keep calling “emergency” meetings to tell Lance to do his tasks. Is probably the first person to get killed. Always yells in chat as a ghost about who did it and to avenge him. Still barely does tasks as a ghost. Gets kicked a lot. Always blaming someone in chat (and is usually right) if not the first killed. Always catches someone using vents. Best at vending machine, clear astroids, calibrate distributer. Horrible at the memory code task.

    4. Keith would do his tasks, get lost a lot so he’s constantly having to open and close his map which annoys the hell out of him, but still does it anyway because the arrows never work for him. He also ends up being in the wrong place a lot and Lance jumps to conclusions and ends up getting unfairly voted out, so out of spite doesn’t do his tasks as a ghost just because they voted him out when it wasn’t him. Is very accusatory and defensive in chat discussions. Best at navigation tasks, worst at card tasks an pin/number tasks, also fixing weather node (and unlock manifolds but only because he taps the numbers too fast it messes up)

    5. Pidge is really great at electrical, pin, admin, and memory based tasks. Sucks at the tasks you have to wait for because it isn’t interactive and they go afk for too long, ends up probably dying. Camps by the security cameras once they finish tasks. Never says anything in the dang chat. Will catch murderer but doesn’t call them out but ends up being voted out eventually. Doesn’t have to do tasks as ghost because they already got them done before they died.

    6. Allura is definitely one of those people who calls emergency meetings 24/7 for no good reason. Always following people to make sure they’re doing tasks or if they’re the imposter. Very big on rushing people. Makes sure others do their tasks more than she actually does her own. Incredibly bossy in chat and always exposes people for everything. If you blink at her she suspects you. Always trying to stay away from Lance though. Reports bodies a lot but mainly to start another meeting because she 99.9% already used up her emergency meeting. Best at admin and chat course tasks. Worst at any tasks that aren’t those. Gets frustrated easily. Continues to do tasks as a ghost most of the time, unless she decides to rage quit.

    7. Amazing at any and all tasks. Very helpful and tends to just watch the chat unfold while he calmly votes for the person everyone is saying is it. Tends to assist Allura a lot too though and has to explain her how to do some tasks (out of game). Still does tasks while a ghost. Is so invested in tasks the imposter could kill someone next to him and he wouldn’t notice. Wanders around when done with tasks. End up fixing the sabotaging issues before the rest of them can get there. Always at the right place at the right time.

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  • in which lance is a horrible future boyfriend </3

    klance moments: 9/?

    #klance#voltron#vld gif#voltron edit#keith kogane#lance mcclain#keith voltron#vld keith#*klance moments #☆.post #IF YOU SAW ME POST AND DELETE AND REPOST THIS TWICE BEFORE MIND UR BUSINESS
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  • ‘‘We did it. We are a good team.’’

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    Pidge: I-


    Pidge: Lance?

    Keith: OR WHAT

    Lance: TIME OUT- yea whats up Pidge? Do you need anything?

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  • We’re looking for a Shipping Mod as well as a Beta Mod to complete our team. Due to the strong positive response we’ve received on the interest check, we decided to open applications this Friday, September 25!

    Here’s a brief summary of the positions we’re looking to fill:

    • Shipper - receives, organizes, weighs, and sends out zine supplies. Should be able to ensure that all bundles have secure packaging to reduce the risk of missing or damaged items. Familiarity with spread sheets and inventory tracking are a plus.
    • Beta - Works directly with writers to help promote creativity and ensure flow and word count meet the expectations of the zine. Must be able to give constructive feedback upon request. Should also have a good grasp of grammar and the English language

    More details to come – we’re looking forward to your applications!

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  • Caught in a moment with you, and darling, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.

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  • smart & cool guys covering their bases (っ˘ω˘ς )

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  • My Secret Terrius/Code Name Terrius AU

    Where Lance sees Keith/Agent Yorak again for the first time after he (redacted)

    aka AU where secret agent Yorak/Keith, who’s been searching for the group behind his father’s death and mother’s disappearance years ago, gets roped into being a babysitter for Lance’s niece and nephew, after his brother and sister-in-law get involved in an accident that end up having ties to the people who Keith is after.

    (screencap trace/draw over) 

    #Raiyakun!! art #klance#vld lance#vld keith #HFKDSJHFKDS I promise I'll write out a better rambling of this AU after I rest a bit 。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。 #but I'm just kJFHKDJFk it's finally done
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  • I’m not sure if this Voltron movie thing is real or if they’re just kidding with us, but I’ve already cried so there’s is not too much else to do.

    Anyways if they do it, idk if I would like it to be an after s8 movie or an adventure at the beggining (yk with Keith in Red, Lance in Blue and Shiro in Black). But maybe an after s8 would be better, letting Lance heal, Keith conffesing (and Klance being canon, please, I’d love to finally scream KICK again), McClain and Holt family, Shiro having a normal life with Curtis (allthought he’s captain of the Atlas,[ and I wish it was with Adam :’( ] ) and (I don’t think this is posible, but is good to dream) Allura coming back and ruling New Altea, with Coran and Romelle by her side.

    Voltron family in one last adventure together.

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  • Don’t hmu I just realized the ATLA parallel to Keith isn’t Zuko it’s Mai

    #knife throwing babies #they both are bad at expressing themselves too #ajdjjwjdkejd#atla #avatar the last airbender #zuko#mai#atla zuko#atla mai#vld keith#vld #voltron legendary defender #keith kogane
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  • image

    Or sooner if you read this after September 20, 2020.

    Are you all prepared for an exciting week! We are already hearing from people who are working on their submissions, and the level of excitement is beginning to build!

    ALL CONTENT IS WELCOME! Any and all content, whether they are Fan Art, Fan Fic, Music Videos*, Cosplay, etc. are accepted. Just be sure to tag it as #Kacxa Week 2020 or to the attention of @kacxaweek2020 so we can reblog your post on Tumblr.

    Reminder#1: Sharing the Love - Kacxa Week 2020 on Multiple Platforms.

    DeviantArt: Because we want the content creators to get as much well-deserved credit for their hard work as possible, we are actively seeking to expand the footprint of Kacxa Week 2020 to multiple platforms. To support that goal, our good friend @hunterguyveriv is helping us spread the love by setting up a Kacxa Week 2020 group on DeviantArt. The link to the group is posted below. Please check it out!


    KACXA Discord: We also plan on posting links to the creators works on the KACXA Discord.

    Reminder #2: Have Fun!

    This is our time to enjoy the work of our amazing content creators. Some may be novice artists/writers/music video creators and are taking a huge gamble in posting their works. We are very excited to have them and welcome them with open arms!

    Content creators, we are here to support you and share the love!

    We’ve been pretty quiet with the updates lately, but with less than 2 weeks to go reminders and updates will be coming more frequently.

    LET’S GET PUMPED PEOPLE! October 4 will be here before you know it!

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  • Keith Wallpaper

    Used: anime screencaps, Burst royalty free photos, and PicsArt (editing and stickers). Please give credit if used elsewhere. 

    #voltron legendary defender #wallpaper#vld#vld wallpaper#vld keith#keith#keith wallpaper #voltron legendary defender wallpaper #voltron legendary defender keith #voltron#voltron wallpaper#voltron keith
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  • image

    Been obsessed with that song “Antisocial Love Song” by Alex Frew & A is for Arrows~ 🤩🎶

    So who better to play this song on his playlist ~

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    Long time no Keith~! And I’m starting to feel spooky myself…

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    Speedran an illustration of Slvx0’s Witch Keith DTIYS on IG.

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