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  • Check out our third preview by Chbina and @ebhenah !

    Stay tuned over the next few weeks for more previews!!

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    • Leo Valdez as Blue Paladin

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  • Out of all the paladins, Pidge is the one to come out first. It takes them a little while to start the process of questioning. Pidge never really noticed that they didn’t feel like a girl when they were younger because they just didn’t care, and then at the garrison they where too busy looking for their family to notice that being a boy felt the same was as being a girl- not bad exactly, but not quite right either. And then when Pidge told the others they where “a girl” it wasn’t that big of a deal either. They didn’t treat Pidge any differently, and being a girl felt the same way it always had.

    Pidge didn’t really notice until on a planet they stopped the planet’s people thought Pidge was a guy, and their teammates corrected said people. It felt wrong- both on the sense that it was completely unnecessary and that it felt like it was a secret they hadn’t consented to being let out. Not to mention the secret wasn’t even completely true. It’s not like on other planets, where Pidge was gendered a girl, that it was a problem. But now that Pidge was thinking about it, they realized it had been off too.

    Pidge is most of all curious and scientific minded. They had to look through all the different theories, weigh all the different options, test them all out, until only the truth was left. And that’s how they went about their gender. They knew that being a girl wasn’t bad- but it wasn’t quite right. They knew that being a boy wasn’t bad- but it wasn’t quite right either. Once, when there was a diplomatic mission that caused them to split up, Pidge asked Hunk that if this planet’s people gendered them female, to correct them and say Pidge was a boy.

    “Yeah, sure thing!” Hunk said, then followed up with,“Wait uh- do you want me to call you a boy like, otherwise? And who to? I mean dude you’re trans right?”

    Pidge shrugged,“I don’t actually know if I’m trans yet.” They shifted their glasses, eyes gleaming, grinning,“This will be like an expirement.”

    Hunk smiled back, and on with the mission they went.

    The aliens they came across did gender Pidge as a girl, and Hunk did “correct” them, and it felt just like Pidge thought it would. It was as startling as a feeling as it had been before, but it was pretty much the same. Wrong.

    So that’s what Pidge knew as a truth. They weren’t a girl, but they weren’t a boy either. Now the problem was finding words for it. Pidge knew what trans meant, their older brother, Matt, was trans. (Pidge wondered why they hadn’t figured out they weren’t cis earlier.) It generally meant being the opposite gender of one’s gender assigned at birth. Pidge was afab, so if they were trans, they would be a boy- which wasn’t true. But another definition was that trans meant being a gender other than one’s gender assigned at birth. In Pidge’s case, they could be trans if they were a boy, or they could be trans if they weren’t a girl. The latter fit, so Pidge was trans. It was comforting, knowing that.

    Pidge also remembers seeing other words, like nonbinary and genderqueer. Nonbinary meant being outside of the binary of male and female, and genderqueer meant something similar, like queering gender. And both of those fit Pidge too. They liked genderqueer, the idea of taking gender and just kinda messing with it and making it their own thing.

    So that’s what Pidge was. Trans, genderqueer. Pidge also knew trans folk tended to change their names and pronouns. Pidge realized they had kinda done that already, only going by Pidge and never the name their parents gave her. Pidge knew what a deadname was to- and thinking of that old name, and using it again, made them really uncomfortable- not quite right- so Pidge guessed they had that too. Pidge didn’t mind she/her pronouns, she liked them even, but they liked they/them better.

    So, after figuring all this out, while eating lunch, Pidge started

    “You know how I said I wasn’t a boy and was actually a girl? Well, that’s not true either. I’m genderqueer, not really a boy, not really a girl. I’m kinda just me.”

    “What pronouns do you use?” Keith asked, which kinda suprised Pidge that he would be the one to do so, but it still made them smile.

    “They/them and she/her. I prefer they/them though.”

    “Do you want us to call you anything other than Pidge?” That question was from Shiro.

    “Nah, Pidge is my name.”

    And besides from some confusion from Lance, that was pretty much it.

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  • Grief.

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  • If voltron was more realistic pidge would’ve had more angsty “nobody understands me” monologues

    like sry she’s 14 being angsty is like… a requirement

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  • United States full merch bundles are now on the way! International ones will be going out sometime this week as well.

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    Bois chillin

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    collegeboy lonce

    do not repost to other websites!

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  • Klance recs bc I hate myself :)


    Lighthouse in the Storm (22,954 words); Lance and Keith end up spending the night together after getting stuck on an alien planet


    all’s well that ends well to end up with you (27,457 words); Keith’s jacket gets ruined by acid rain so lance gives him his


    Touch Me More (3,893 words); Keith gets bit by a bug that makes him crave constant physical affection


    i wanna be your last first kiss (8,224 words); Keith and lance make an arrangement where they kiss sometimes but just as friends


    The Space Must Be Getting To Him (8,029 words); they start cuddling platonically to try and stave off homesickness


    The Fine Art Of Communication (series); more or less follows canon but klance was a couple before they left earth in the blue lion


    The Future Freaks Me Out (series); starts with forming a friendship and ends up with fake marriage, baby acquisition, and maybe real marriage


    Simple Comforts (5,405 words); lance practices braiding Keith’s hair


    Touch (2,502 words); Keith is touch starved and lance is affectionate


    all you have to do is knock (5,186 words); lance makes it his mission to get close to Keith - first emotionally, then physically

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  • To me Lance will always have the dog energy in the relationship and Keith has the cat one Even so, Lance would absolutely still act like a cat sometimes

    Posted on Instagram, September 17th, 2020

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    Haven’t drawn klance in a long time,, but I needed to practice drawing smooches so we’re bringing back them boys 💙❤️

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  • Voltron fanfiction idea for anyone to use!!

    Keith is a famous singer and songwriter and he goes on tour in Lance’s town

    Lance is a nerd who really need to study for college.

    Lance doesn’t listen to Keith’s music but pidge does so when she hears that Keith is coming to town to perform a concert she makes lance go with her.

    At the consert while Keith is singing he spots a boy in the cround who instead of singing and dancing like everyone else he is reading a book on astrophysics with headphones in.

    Keith from then on really wants to meet him.

    Please use this to write into a book, would love to see it written and for people to enjoy! Thank!! 😜✌

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  • For @yourockthebeatofmyheart a little Shallura diplomacy I might put into one of my more ambitious fics down the line

    The meeting place was a large atrium made out of sticks and dry grass, woven together and decorated with colored glass and creeping vines of flowering plants, with an almost renaissance-level of artistry. Never once had any of the worlds the castle of lions had visited stopped surprising Shiro since he became the Black Paladin.

    “Just let me do the talking,” Allura said, “I was born for this.”

    “So I should just stand behind you and look pretty?” Shiro asked.


    Shiro smiled.

    “So, you admit I’m pretty.”

    The color of Allura’s cheek markings darkened considerably.

    “I mean, you are attractive, but that’s not why I brought you. You’re not window dressing, I trust you with my life. I trust all paladins with my life, but you’re the one I would–I mean, compared to Lance, you’re a dream come true at diplomatic meetings. But I don’t dream about you, or other paladins. I do, but not–”

    Her words were tumbling out a mile a minute. It was cute in a rom-com sort of way. But it was probably best not to rile her up too much before an important meeting like this one.

    “Allura,” he said, using the voice he saved for when Hunk was having a panic attack. Against his better judgement, he took her hand and made soothing circles on the back of it with his thumb.

    “You’ll do great. You always do.”

    Allura hazarded a smile and Shiro felt that he’d be lucky if she ever directed a smile like that his way just cause.

    “I’m really nervous, aren’t I?” She said.

    “Compared with how I’d handle something like this, I’d be quaking in my boots.”

    She laughed at his words, a sound like bells to his ears. Companionable silence followed and Shiro wondered what anyone who found them like this, hands joined and smiling at each other, would think.

    “We should get to the meeting.” Shiro said. He didn’t want to, though. He wanted to stay like this. With her.

    “Yes,” Allura said, as if she’d just snapped out of a daydream, “the meeting.”

    Releasing each other’s hands, the two climbed the stairs into the atrium

    He was cognizant of how Allura’s hand grasped his as the Unget walks into view, smooth as water over stone.

    He (at least Shiro thinks it’s a he) had large eyes, eyes that almost took up the whole of his face, the color of tree sap, not the sulfurous yellow he’d come to associate with the Galra… and the witch. Feathers covered the Unget’s head as opposed to hair and an aquiline nose made him appear truly bird-like.

    His robes reminded Shiro of pictures he’d seen of feudal Japanese robes, only the Unget’s were brighter, green and red like a tropical bird’s plumage.

    The Unget smiles and Shiro felt like a field mouse in a hawk’s line of sight.

    “I wasn’t expecting you so soon,” he says, in a voice not to dissimilar from an oiled door henge.

    “Is there a place we can sit down?” Allura asked, “A more private place?”

    Shiro had to admit he agreed with the sentiment. No walls to speak of and just flammable sticks for cover? That was just asking for trouble.

    “Unget don’t enjoy enclosed spaces,” the representative said, “and I find conversing on one’s feet makes these tedious meetings go faster.”

    Was that a sneer in his voice? Shiro was almost sure it was.

    “We’re from the Voltron Alliance,” Allura said and he’s not for the first time impressed at how fast she finds her courage, “I am Princess Allura–”

    “Of Altea,” the Unget says, “I have heard. My humblest condolences.”

    The Unget bowed low at the waist.

    “And what is your name?” Allura asked.

    The Unget drew back up to his full height with a smile that looked positively wicked.

    “Our kind have no real names. I’m sure you wouldn’t have known that, considering the length of your slumber.”

    It was hard to tell if he was being sincere or condescending. Shiro had met the type before. Both in the Garrison and in family reunions with old timers too obsessed with the family name to let people live anything down.

    But better to have them than not, a logical part of his mind said.

    The Unget were proud and bound to honor, Coran had told him, and did not trust easily. They were good secret keepers, strealthy warriors, and They’d kept the Galra off their planet before and during the war. That was enough for Allura to think they could come in handy for the war effort. And if it was good enough for the Princess, it was good enough for him.

    “We are here to ask your help in defeating the Galra Empire.” Allura said, “you have kept the Galra off your homeworld for the last thousand cycles, if our information is to be believed.”

    “It is,” the Unget said, “but why should we bother to fight in your forever war?”

    “It will not be a forever war if we stand together against the Galra.” Allura said.

    “It’s one thing to say it, another to perform it,” the Unget said, inspecting a talon on his bony hand, “the Galra came to us long ago, wanting our weapons and skills to be assassins and spies for them.”

    He looked up with a wicked grin.

    “Their bones now feather our nests and bowers.”

    “Well, we are not the Galra and we don’t want your weapons. Only your help.”


    The Unget cocked his head to the side in a way that was unmistakably bird like.

    “You have a robot that scrapes the sky and you still need the help of a flock of birds. What would the Alteans say if they could see this meeting?”

    Shiro’s fist clenched. This guy was starting to grate on his nerves. The Princess had come before them unarmed, with the promise of peace, and all he’d done so far was make back handed remarks at their expense.

    “Look,” Shiro said, “you’re obviously very confident in your abilities, but we’re offering you help if you ever need it no strings attached. You either want it or you don’t.”

    For a moment, Allura’s expression was a mixture of annoyance and anxiety and Shiro worried that he might have cost them an alliance and more importantly lost Allura’s trust. The plummage on the Unget representative’s neck and head rose, like a cat’s hackles and Shiro couldn’t help but feel a fight or flight moment coming on. Allura’s hand found his, her thumb imitating the gesture he’d used to calm her outside and the tension drained from his shoulders like steam from a pressure cooker. If the representative noticed the gesture before Allura released his hand, he made no sign of it.

    “I fail to see anything enticing in your offer.” the Unget said.

    “Then what would entice you?” Allura asked.

    For a moment, the Unget said nothing, before finally another unnerving smile spread across his face.

    “A trial, maybe,” the Unget said, “your man here.”

    The Unget gestured out behind him where a tree, bigger than any Shiro had seen, towered in the distance.

    “In a race alongside one of ours. If he and our chosen can work together and make it from our Father Tree to here before the day after tomorrow’s sunset, then we will join your alliance.”

    “And if Shiro fails?” Allura asked.

    “Then you lose,” the Unget said, “nothing more, nothing less.”

    “Then I hope you’re ready to join the Voltron Alliance,” Allura said, turning to go, “because Shiro is the best pilot we have. And the finest paladin you will ever see.”

    The princess turned on her heel and walked away, but stopped before she reached the stairs. She turned around to face the departing Unget.

    “Barring none,” she added, before continuing down the steps.

    To say that the meeting hadn’t gone according to plan was an understatement. A race? Alongside another Unget? Shiro hoped whoever turned out to be his partner was less of a prick than the Unget they’d just met. Jogging to catch up to the princess, Shiro wondered what the other paladins would say to this agreement.

    “You think they’ll keep their word?” Shiro asked once he’d caught up to her. Allura nodded.

    “My mother once said to get an Unget to do anything, get them to promise or propose something. They wouldn’t back down if you cooked them in oil.”

    “Interesting thought,” Shiro said, biting back a laugh at the prickish Unget being lowered into a vat of eleven herbs and spices. But there was something else on his mind. Something that Allura had said.

    “Did you really mean all that?” he asked, “about me being the best pilot you have.”

    And the best paladin part, he couldn’t help but wonder.

    Allura smiled and he hoped she was smiling at him just cause.

    “Every word.” she said.

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  • y’all I’ve been learning Spanish on Duolingo every day for the past month because I keep reading Klance fanfiction and I’m tired of having to use Google translate to translate whenever lance speaks in Spanish. That is literally the only reason I was motivated to learn the language.  am I enjoying learning about Spanish for its own sake? Yes, but my main motivation was gay fanfiction and the way a fictional character made me see the beauty of the language.

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  • remember when klance was a thing and you couldn’t escape it no matter where you went? yeah.

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  • like honestly ignoring the fact that queerbaiting is just disrespectful to the lgbt community its also bad writing and a sign that you’re a shitty writer :/

    First of all in order to queerbait you need to admit that the writers chose to put elements that would allude to a relationship and then they just ruin that build up to be fucking homophobic!!!!!!! write a fucking good straight relationship then it’s not that fucking hard holy shit. to ruin past build up is just SHITTY WRITING

    Second of all lets be honest queerbaiting happens because they want to keep fans eating out of the hands before pushing them into the fire at the end,,,, if the only reason you have a large following is because of queerbaiting once again you have proven that YOU ARE A SHITTY WRITER THAT CAN’T MAKE GOOD CONTENT

    I am so sick and tired of having great potential relationships ruined because of queerbaiting, learn how to fucking write or else i’m pulling up and burning your house

    also I get not being allowed to show queer relationships because some networks are  f u c k e d  but i’d kinda prefer a vague ending over whatever the fucking some endings turn out to be

    #i am so tired why are ppl making money off this shit #yes this is about supernatural #but also other media #let me have a queer relationship AND STOP RUINING MY HOPES AND DREAMSSSSSSSSSSSS #fanfic writers honestly create world peace #if it wasn't for them i would have rioted already #kill queerbaiting writers #voltron#spn#Destiel#dean winchester#castiel
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