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  • shavonlira421
    08.12.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    He's gonna fuck is wife 😈 aka agent stone

    #sonic the hedgehog #silver the hedgehog #sonic #shadow the hedgehog #silver the hedgehog fanart #amy the hedgehog #voltron#amy rose#movie sonic#movie shadow #sonic the hedgehog movie #sonic movie 2 #sonic movie#sonic comics#agent stone#dr robotnik#dr eggman#eggman
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  • lances-laser-noise
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    All I want for Christmas is mullet

    #vld #voltron legendary defender #keith kogane#vld keith
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  • kosmo-mckogane
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • greenkatie
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I really love Disney princesses, and a few days ago i found plance au based on beauty and the beast and i really like it 😭😭 i need to find more plance au based on disney like that but i don't know where to find it :')

    #plance#pidge gunderson#lance mcclain #voltron legendary defender
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  • r1ot-ghoul
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The Q in the LGBTQ acronym stands for quiznack

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  • cowboy-keith
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Princess Allura - Practice for a bigger drawing of her

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  • fuckthisshitimin
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Keith: I need dating advice.

    Pidge: And you came to me?

    Keith: No, I thought you'd know where Hunk would be.

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  • yeeiguess
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Babe… okay

    #good to know I’m a voltron content creator #bnha too #THE ANYWAY TAG THO #The long tag is from a fanfic #kiribakudeku which I usually never read #from The seven (not so) Deadly Sins #by The_busy_bee on ao3 #Tumblr wrapped #4449 posts babe are you okay #no my mental health is plumbeling and tumblr is my only escape
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  • kxties
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I’m still sad that we never got a beach episode

    Like, can you imagine? The paladins just having together? Sharing some bonding moments together? Allura, Romelle, and Coran learning everything the others know about beach time (especially from Lance, obviously)? Afterwards, all of them relaxing together around a campfire? Cuddled up together?

    Yeah, that would’ve been nice

    #voltron #voltron legendary defender #vld#klance#adashi#romellura#hunay #blah blah katie #yeah a beach episode definitely would’ve been nice #maybe even a date could happen? 👀
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  • crowning-art
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I posted 244 times in 2021

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    My Top Posts in 2021


    Ichihime Week: Day 3 *Family* (tree!)


    219 notes • Posted 2021-07-16 01:15:01 GMT


    They knew I was a tide and I wait for no one. But he knew I was a tide and I’d always return.

    236 notes • Posted 2021-06-17 22:55:29 GMT


    Klance Horimiya AU in honor of one my fave mangas getting animated!

    Story: Lance is the perfect guy at school. He has many friends, earns perfect grades, and is adored by the teachers. But as soon as he leaves school, he reveals a different version of himself. He wears comfortable but ugly clothes, haggles at the supermarket for discounts, and runs after his nieces and nephews like an exasperated mom. Keith on the other hand is a quiet kid at school who nobody seems to notice. He wears obnoxious glasses, doesn’t get the best grades, and has his hair kept very messily. But he’s also hiding another version of himself. One day, Lance’s nephew gets hurt and Keith takes him home, and that’s when Lance discovers the new version of Keith, who is covered in tattoos and piercings, and is actually a pretty cool, but dorky guy.  Anyways, queue lots of shenanigans where they form a friendship and make sure to protect each other’s secret lifestyles, and fall in love along the way. Ya, the end.

    Plz watch Horimiya, it’s so cute and funny

    243 notes • Posted 2021-01-17 00:15:57 GMT


    Ichihime week 2021: Day 2 *Lovers*

    281 notes • Posted 2021-07-10 23:58:32 GMT


    My piece for the @destinedzine ft. Klance as soulmates!

    Story is that Klance live in a world where soulmates share one half of a tattoo. They are both college students and Keith is not excited to meet his soulmate cuz everyone leaves in his life (no they don’t, Keith) and his soulmate would leave too. That’s why he kept his hidden under his hair. He meets Lance and the obvious tattoo on his hand feels familiar but he can’t place why (cuz he can’t put 2+2 together, smh Keith). Anyways, stuff happens. Eventually one day, Lance helps Keith with his hair and Keith kind of forgets about hiding the tattoo (cuz he’s a disaster) and they both discover their tattoos form a heart (and it wasn’t the other half of a lion like Lance thought lol). And ya, happy end. 

    327 notes • Posted 2021-01-08 00:52:26 GMT

    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #Very Interesting #i think this really gives a good insight into my ships lol #Tgcf taking over the tags (aka me getting over voltron finally moving on) #Except voltron is STILL my number one post #so can I truly ever be over them? #ichihime taking over a huge place in my heart the same it did the first time 10 years ago T-T #Kaeya and Diluc! New ship...but are they really a new ship? #Aka them being a mirror to klance #Sighhhh I’m not truly over voltron #But I guess it’s ok #i still love them #but now I have space for new ships to welcome! #Looks like hualian and Kaeluc/luckae are staying for the long run! #Excited for next years now too #LOL I’m def posting more on Tumblr just to see my reviews lol #And to go back and see these lil notes #ok I’m done #no I’m not #WHY IS THAT MY MOST TOP POST? #SMH I DREW BETTER STUFF AND THAT GOT THE MOST LOVE? #sigh that always happens #Ok now I’m done #hehehehe #Year in review
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  • frxstguardian
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

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    #yes voltron is in my top 10 in the year of our lord 2021 deal with it #also wow i like NEVER make original posts i'm so boring #go girl give us nothing! #my posts #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review
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  • paladudesquotes
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    On Keith's first day of being leader...

    Coran: We need a plan of attack!

    Keith: I have a plan. Attack.

    #source: avengers#voltron #voltron incorrect quotes #vld #voltron legendary defender #vld coran#vld keith
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  • fureliselost
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    vld rewatch s2e8

    - BOM dam let's go, I can't speed up the ep because my sister is using netflix and I have to use the netflix app, rip me

    - the formula for the garrison trio's interactions so far is:

    pidge: science science

    Hunk: food

    Lance: girls, and eventual smart observation that is dismissed


    - klance shots yay

    - dam, chill keef

    - keith is just, pretending shiro's request never happened, and i'm living for it -- we literally have an entire expression decicated to this in brasil

    - keith: shiro, you know me, I promise you I didn't steal it | shiro: *remembering how keith stole his car within 30 secs of knowing him*

    - *whispers* hot head

    - did't antok die later?


    - dam, the animation is so good

    - ok, what hologram shiro is saying is true tho -- by choosing to obsess over answers, keith isolated himself, not only now, but after shiro was captured by the galra, he chooses to be alone all the time -- which is why having lance as a second in command in s3 is so important to his character arc, because keith would always isolate himself and, in the end, shiro had to reach out, but in s3 he was the one who had to reach out.

    - omg, this was so sad, he way he looked back and told his dad goodbye and THAT WAS NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN

    - this... this was basically the bird scene from victorious but with actual fighting

    ep 9

    - hunk is always the butt of the joke, I no likey

    - Lance is so excitedddddddddd he's so presh

    - Lance kinda deserved being kissed by the rat

    - why is he shocked that keith made a joke, he's made jookes before

    - friendly reminder that the paladin suits can withstand acid

    - no klance shots i'm sad

    ep 10

    - lance is the sharpshooter

    - man, lance is so hyper all the time, i love him, he doesn't deserve to be ignored

    - the yupper

    - i love slavvvvvvvvv

    - awwwww no, lance, mi amor, no, stop, you're the sharpshooter, that's your thing, leave it at that

    - i love shiro blowing up, like, he can keep his calm around a bunch of teenagers but all it takes is a super supersticious dude and that takes him out

    - slav the scarf

    - i like that slav doesn't berate lance or anything, he just goes "ok, i see what the confusion was for you" because it was a totally justified mistake

    - YES SLAV

    - sharpshooter!

    ep 11

    - that annoying robeast

    - not, thace,t he chip

    - C A L L L A N C E S H A R P S H O O T E R , P I D G E

    - thace no

    - i love i love slav

    - man, red must be super pissed, like "ugh, the half-human keeps going into danger so i have to save him"

    - finally, a k+lance interaction

    - wow, subtle, allura

    - btw, my cat (maahes) just said hi to y'all


    #vld rewatch#vld#voltron #voltron legendary defender #eli rants
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  • requirings
    08.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    im on mobile idk how to do the tumblr year in review

    #my most popular artwork of all time on tumblr is from a blog i moved from #it was a 2 page voltron weed joke comic back in 2015 w like 15k notes #the more popular a fandon is #the easier it is to get attention #which u know. IS OBVIOUS. #tbdeleted #hi im kinda sick and dont have impulse control
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  • littlesilentrebel
    08.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    hc: keith gets constant voice cracks

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