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  • It’s been a few weeks haha. Here’s a part two to the first part, which you can read here. Let me know what you think, cause it’s been a bit since I’ve written anything, honestly. Gotta say, I’m loving Keith haha he’s a lot of fun to write. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

    In other news, if anyone cares and ever reads these notes, I’ve really just been busy this summer. I spent about a week and a half sleeping, and I’m still trying to catch up on all the sleep I missed during classes, but I’ve also been attending a bunch of weddings. Like. So many weddings. And most of them are my husband’s family so one of us is always in the stupid party, and by the time they’re over I’m completely drained. Plus, work and family drama, as usual. Hate it but oh well I guess. Even now, I’m just dead tired and want to sleep, but I’ve got stuff I’ve been putting off and really need to work on haha. 


    The problem was, they had to be discreet. And Keith was anything but discreet. Take this morning, for example. It was the day just after Shiro and Keith had slipped into (no, Keith, we did not break in!) Lance’s apartment, and it was obvious that Lance had had a rough night of it. Now that they knew what they were looking for, it was obvious that Lance was having a hard time. He looked thinner than usual, and there were dark circles under his eyes, and he definitely seemed a lot more quiet and mellow than he usually was.

    “Hey, Lance!” Keith was offended when his greeting was met with nothing more than a suspicious glare, because seriously??? They were friends! It’s not like Keith was planning anything nefarious – he just wanted to say hi to his close friend (and maybe possibly hopefully boyfriend, please please please) and then enjoy some time with him! He absolutely did not deserve a glare for his efforts!

    “Um. Hey, Keith. Uh… what’s up?” Keith was pleased to see that Lance still offered him a bright grin, because that meant that they were still okay. Which meant this would be fine!

    “What did you eat for breakfast this morning?”

    Shiro face-palmed behind Keith, and Lance stiffened before forcing himself to relax. “W-what do you mean?”

    “I should think that would be a simple question, Lance, what did you eat?”

    “Ummm breakfast?” Lance laughed, the sound slightly higher than usual. “Was this a quiz? Did I pass?”

    Keith opened his mouth, intent on finding out just how much nutrients his boy had actually consumed, but Shiro’s hand landed heavily on his shoulder and cut him off. “We were just wondering if you would like to join us. For breakfast. Which we haven’t eaten yet. Because we were waiting for you!”

    Lance looked uncomfortable, shifting his weight from foot to foot and glancing all around them as he responded, “Actually, I’m okay. I’m not all that hungry.” Except, that was right when his stomach gurgled noisily, and Lance sighed and glared accusingly at his own midsection. Keith had to stifle a laugh because it wasn’t funny, goddammit!

    “Lance,” Shiro sighed, “just come do breakfast with us. It won’t kill you, and you have some time, okay? Just try to enjoy a couple of hours of your weekend.”

    Lance still looked like he wanted to refuse, but Shiro clapped him on the shoulders and steered him towards his car, while Keith excitedly bounced ahead to get the door for him. First he got to break into an apartment, and now he got to kidnap somebody? Not to mention all the extra time spent with the most beautiful boy he knew? It was literally a dream come true!

    Okay, actually? This was a nightmare.

    Lance was absolutely scarfing down his food, and while both Shiro and Keith were pleased to see he was being taken care of for once, that didn’t change the fact that he shouldn’t have been that hungry to begin with. He’d gone through more pancakes than Shiro, and that man ate like a tank! If it weren’t for the warning looks Shiro had been shooting him since they’d met Lance that morning, Keith would’ve dove right in with the questions about Lance’s living situation, but he figured that for now, he would just keep sliding Lance extra bits of food and wait patiently for Shiro to broach the subject.

    They were seated at a diner, one frequently visited by other college kids, though Shiro and Keith themselves hadn’t been there in a couple of years, since they’d realized they could actually save on money just making their own meals together, plus, Keith was generally a fan of staying in, and Shiro didn’t mind staying home with him. Definitely meant they could have more – ahem – fun together, so that was always a bonus in their eyes. Even more so if they could figure out how to get Lance to join them…

    “So. You had housework planned for the weekend, right, Lance? Any chance we could convince you to just… come spend the weekend with us instead?”

    Lance inhaled his food too quickly at that, forcing himself to stop and take some time to then clear his airways and sip some water. Shiro looked apologetic, while Keith kept a close eye on Lance to ensure he was okay.

    “Why the hell would you say that?” Lance demanded when he could. His voice was a hoarse rasp that made Keith wince to hear it.

    “Why wouldn’t we?” Shiro countered.

    “You can’t just get my hopes up like that, man, you’ll end up breaking my heart.” Lance returned to his most recent stack of waffles, eyes troubled.

    Keith pounced on that and said, “So, if you thought we meant it, would you agree?”

    “Are you kidding?” Lance asked, “Anything that gets me out of housework would be a godsend. Plus, you’re both a huge help when studying, and Shiro’s a fantastic cook. It would literally be like a win-win-win. For me, anyway, I’m not sure what you two would get out of it. And therefore, you must be joking,” Lance said, his voice trailing off. And, there, that! It was the stupid matter-of-fact way that Lance seemed to just accept that no one would want that with him that made Keith’s blood boil.

    Shiro, though, was calm when he said, “Honestly sounds like it’s a problem for us, if it’s a problem for anyone. But trust me when I say that we would love nothing better than for you to come over to our apartment and ensure you’re actually getting decent sleep and food.”          

    He and Keith watched anxiously to see what Lance would say. Keith’s brain was already racing to think of alternate ways to ensure Lance was all right. Only about 43% of them involved breaking a law, which he definitely considered a win, because that meant there was a greater chance of Shiro helping him!

    “Why do you assume I won’t do those things on my own?” Lance asked.

    Shit. He caught onto that way quicker than they hoped he would.

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    Apenas deixando registrado o casalzinho Zeith que estou desenhando ainda, eu adoro um shipp raro

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    Stars From Me 

    Chapter 1: Keith

    Summary: Shiro is just looking to escape the ever-expanding Galra empire and maybe his memories, too. If that means wrangling giant space lizards for a living, so be it. He definitely doesn’t intend to adopt a lost teen.
    Or four.

    AKA: Five times Shiro gives someone a second chance and one time they join together to prove he deserves one, too.

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    #shiro#keith#voltron#vld#voltron au #low key fix it #this time with found family and excessive bonding #space dad shiro #no lions#vld fic #space old west au #mckinlily writes: vld fic
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  • here i will ramble extensively about my klance-centric voltron AU (of which this is a scene):

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    Everyone say thank you to my sister,she helped with the background for the first pic

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    vital additions to the vld sailor moon au

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  • concept: klance au where lance takes his niece and nephew to build a bear and keith is the employee that stuffs the toys

    lance is smitten with the grumpy employee who has sparkly eyes and keith just wants to go home and maybe get the tall Latino’s number 

    cue awkward flirting that ends when lances niece and nephew ask lance very loudly why he keeps staring at the worker 

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    Emperor Lotor, the emperor of hotness!!😏😎 And you know the galra empire. He will lead his people into a new era of peace and show his people a new way of living and gain power and respect throughout the universe. By making allies through friendship and trust rather than fear.

    Turn your enemies to allies through fear and they will be your sword. Turn them to your allies through friendship and they will be your sword and sheld.

    I just feel like Lotor would have been a great leader if he has gotten the chance.😊

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  • Is this still yoga?

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  • First only posted this on my twitter, but I figured I’d throw it up here too yo

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  • Everyone, I must request that you participate in @hogwarts9 ’s Voltron AU, lest you want Bigfoot to come in your room and attack.

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  • look. LOOK. i know that voltron is stupid and we hate it but lets be honest: everything up until season 3 was pretty good and had lots of potential !!

    today i was rewatching voltron and a thought struck me: what if, instead of shiro being cloned, he was chipped and turned to the side of the galra?

    so here it is, i did not blink since i thought of this

    (warning, i have not seen voltron in a while and this is just knowledge i have stored in my moss brain and stuff i know from rewatching the first season)

    • au where shiro goes evil bc of what happens @ end of season one instead of the clone thing bc 1) haggar rly could not have made thousands of shiros after bumping into team voltron like what twice? its hella improbable and 2) just… weird
    • so instead they insert a chip in him that helps them spy and control him just like kuron (the clone) did minus the unlikely storytelling
    • eventually after the convo with sendak when he was in the pod trying to temp shirp, he does have thoughts about helping zarkon
    • (“im already infiltrated with the arm, i could just speed up the process by leaving now. save the team the trouble of investing in a leader that’s doomed to fail from the strart.”)
    • shiro ends up leaving team voltron in season 2 after zarkon goes crazy w the black lion n stuff
    • ^^ this adds to Keith’s reasoning of joining the Blade of Marmora (shiro is his main stability and one of the main reasons he even stuck around with team voltron, so with shiro gone and keith questioning his place as the leader and paladin of the black lion, he decides the BoM is just.. what’s best for him) 
    • obviously lance isn’t happy with this (“you just told me that i’m a valuable member, now you don’t think YOU are? what logic is that?”)
    • ofc keith goes anyways
    • lance becomes paladin of the black lion
    • allura takes on the red lion
    • who has blue lion? …idk this isn’t that thought out (maybe matt after pidge finds her family) (which will happen earlier in the plot since we can forget about the miniplot of black no longer responding to shiro)
    • enter lotor only this time he has a sidekick and what omg its shiro wow
    • shiro has that bigger version of his arm that was once offered to him
    • he’s stronger and scary, but his eyes aren’t the same, he has the strength of a galra but lacks the passion 
    • in the fight between lotor and zarkon, (and after, of course lots of self doubt and questioning) shiro comes between them and convinces lotor NOT to kill zarkon
    • then zarkon kills lotor
    • everyones like oh shit bc surely someone who’s life was just spared wouldn’t kill the person who seems to have the most power
    • but he did. bc he’s zarkon. and he’s fckn crazy.
    • shiro doesn’t go back to team voltron bc its too much too easily
    • instead he takes the place of lotor in the group of gals 
    • he convinces them all to rebel against the galra
    • eventually they teach him all about quintessence and all the shit lotor had planned that they can’t do anymore
    • (lotor wasn’t harvesting alteans in this universe bc what the heck even was that subplot that had little to no relevance to the main storyline?
    • instead he was trying to find a way to technologically bring back alteans (kinda like how allure’s dad was originally preserved in s1)
    • i know nothing about How Stuff Works and i dont remember much about quintessence n shit but the basic idea is that when tying in some of a persons artifacts with technology stuff and some quintessence then boom. a weird route from astral projection land to the team is created and ppl can come back or smth idfk
    • but lotor was never able to get the comet so shiro decides he and the gals will get that comet and try to bring back as many alteans as they can
    • ^ all this while infiltrating as many galra fleets as possible + saving planets under galra empire
    • they personally visit every planet that lotor was in charge of and release them from galra control
    • they are able to bring back an altean (its romelle) and she talks abt her friend who lives on the balmera and they go to the balmera and its revealed that it was shay’s great grandmother so romelle asks where shay is and shay’s family is like with team voltron of course
    • so
    • they take her
    • obviously team voltron, the BoM and the Rebels r very hesitant to make contact but they decide to try it out
    • keith refuses to meet, instead he’s on the team that stands guard
    • reunions !! 
    • romelle and shay hit it off and hunk makes a dinner much like roselle’s past (allura and coran also hang out and they all vibe)
    • lance talks to shiro abt everything to do with keith and shiro is like dude do u??? like him?
    • and lance is like what? no ofc not—oh shit.
    • and keith ✨overhears ✨
    • pidge matt and shiro catch up n shit
    • meanwhile keith is like Hey Lance Uhhhhhh What The Fuck
    • they end up being like hey since we’re all here and we hate zarkon what if we make a plan to end the galra’s reign Right Now
    • so they do
    • and y’all.. it’s hella baller plan
    • except something is going wrong and in the middle of an attack zarkon is able to get the upper hand 
    • due to haggar’s magic and lance’s mental and emotional instability, zarkon is able to get in his head
    • everyone is trying to talk him down but they’re all under a lot of pressure
    • allura is also conflicted bc she wanted to be black lion bc she wanted to rub it in to zarkon’s face that she was stronger than he and that she could beat him at his own game
    • but the negativity and instability feeds into zarkon’s power and makes him and haggar stronger as they pull in voltron to finally take over the team and regain their status as the most powerful alien race
    • hunk realizes this and is like okay can y’all stop being negative? its clearly affecting them in a good way and it makes us an easier target
    • and pidge is like im literally a child pls i don’t wanna die i just got my family back it can’t end like this
    • shiro realizes what’s going on and he goes to save them
    • he uses all his energy, pulling in the positive memories (everything: first learning about space, becoming a teacher, meeting adam, meeting keith, first making team voltron, his friends and family–all of it) to push back zarkon and haggar’s powers and battle once more in the astral realm 
    • in defeating zarkon, shiro loses his life
    • afterwards keith enters the ship in a hurry and is like where the fuck is shiro where’s my brother what did you do what happened
    • and team voltron is like hey man.. we are so so sorry
    • and keith cries because the last thing he ever said to shiro was mean
    • lance feels like its all his fault since he was supposed to be a good leader
    • they talk about separately while hunk pidge and allura discuss
    • krolia is like keith we, ur family, are here for u
    • and axca is there and shes like um?? hey?? sry for trying to kill u bro
    • and he’s like i absolutely do not wanna talk i just lost my closest friend
    • they talk about it later
    • axca tells keith abt shiro finishing lotor’s work and abt bringing people back and well.. 
    • they use the methods to help keith visit shiro in the astral realm
    • shiro is like oh uh hey i was just having a drink w adam we r happy
    • and keith is like shiro u fuckhead why would u sacrifice urself
    • shiro sighs bc cmon keith you KNOW why “remember what i always said? we can’t focus on what went wrong..”
    • “we’ve got to figure out how to make it right” keith finishes
    • keith breaks tf down crying and screams apologizing
    • “i love u shiro. ur a like a big brother to me.”
    • and shiro is like yeah i know and ilyt but hey. everyone’s safe and happy. im safe and happy. & you deserve to be too. you don’t need me anymore.
    • so the galra rule is over and everyone goes to their respected planets
    • romelle and the other alteans as well as some galra babes hang in earth
    • romelle and shay r in an apartment together and have a garden
    • allura realizes she may not have been the strongest leader for voltron, and  couldn’t stop zarkon on her own but that physical strength doesn’t define her as a whole
    • her heart is strong enough to care for everyone, so thats what she does
    • allura starts running an inn for alteans filled with painted sceneries like altea in case anyone ever needs a reminder of home
    • when lance reunites with his family its a real tearjerker
    • rachel finally gets her jacket back and veronica is like So.. Axca 👀
    • the McClain’s host a huge party for everyone and it’s filled with lots of hugs and loud music and even tho lance was way too tired, he danced all night
    • he wouldn’t trade his family for the world—genetic and chosen
    • when hunk reunites with his parents they don’t let him out the house for hours, he tells them all about his new best friend shay as well as hundreds of his favorites stories from space
    • they are so, so proud of him
    • hunk spends the next days playing minecraft and animal crossing with pidge, giving their brains a rest from being on hyperdrive for 3 yrs straight
    • when pidge gets home she finally gets grounded by her mom, only being allowed to leave the house to see her old teammates
    • (same for matt and her dad)
    • (her mother cries so hard when they opened the door to the home)
    • the holt family holds movie nights filled with popcorn, cuddles, and tears
    • keith moves in with the holt family, and finally accepts that he has a home as well as a family
    • he often goes on trips with the BoM but mostly just stays on earth
    • after a Team Voltron sleepover in the altea inn keith and lance decide to get an apartment together and live their lives in love and in peace
    • everyone gets together once a year in celebration of shiro and the sacrifice he made for them
    • they use the ship to visit Astral Shiro and once they even met adam
    • everyone laughs and catches up and just… live their lives
    • everyone is happy

    pls ignore any and all errors lmao

    again, just a thought !! maybe i’ll write a fic abt it idk for sure but yeah

    feel free to add anything <3

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    haikyuu x vld bc I love both shows sm :’)

    #SHIAS LOOKING AT IT NOW I CANNOT STAND THE HANDS POST CANCELLED #i might do some other screencap redraws for this au #include some coran allura and shiro in it #possibly some romelle 👁👄👁 #and if i have time ill make a galra team #voltron#voltron au#vld#vld au#keith#keith kogane#lance#lance mcclain#pidge#pidge holt#hunk#hunk garret #voltron legendary defender #fanart#vld fanart#voltron fanart #haikyuu!! #haikyuu fanart #haikyuu x vld #haikyuu x voltron
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