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  • IM WRITING !!! I promise ya’ll I am writing something currently It will be out soon!

    Psssttt…It’s volturi

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  • volturi sleep headcanons

    I headcanon that while vampires don’t need to sleep, they still retain the ability if they choose to use it.

    Some vampires can get heavily wounded and pass out/rest to recover. Others can be pushed into such emotional or physical stress that the exhaustion pushes them to sleep. And of course some just straight up enjoy sleeping for leisure.

    • Aro makes sleeping into and entire day of pampering. It usually consists bathing with calming oils and luxurious soaps, facial routines, and then later one of the others being forced to massage him. His actually sleeping is far less glamorous. Aro’s hair gets everywhere, he snores loudly, and his whole body is sprawled all over the bed. MASSIVE cuddler. He will cling to your sleeping body and refuse to let go.
    • Sulpicia will plan her sleeps weeks in advance, and is VERY adamant no one disturb her. She makes up her bed of too many blankets, pillows, and duvets. She puts a sign on her door as to not disturb her. She wears a fluffy purple eye mask, despite her room being underground with no windows. Her phone is set up on a stand with an organized playlist of all her sleepy tunes. Then proceeds to sleep for almost a week.

      • (anyone that wakes her will find its like waking a grumpy bear from hibernation and will learn to regret said choice in the future)
    • Caius is a light sleeper. it takes him forever to fall asleep, and usually has to be really coaxed into it by others when he’s clearly overworked himself. He tosses and turns the whole time. It’s not uncommon Caius with suffer night terrors and wake himself awake in a panic. (He lowkey enjoys sleeping with others around, for cuddles safety)
    • Marcus is a pro when it comes to sleeping. Marcus could literally be in the midst of an important conversation and in a second he’s entered a deep REM sleep. He’s so easy to get to fall asleep, as he enjoys it probably more than any other coven members. Shamelessly love to cuddle; person, pillow, a plush even. He is also a heavy sleeper, very hard to wake up, and when you do he’s usually very groggy. Also occasionally sleep talks.
    • Athenodora is the one that sleeps the least, and is also the hardest to fall asleep. She’s unbelievably stubborn, and occasionally has to be forced into bed by the others when she’s clearly exhausted. She is also an incredibly light sleeper, so even if you were to get her to bed, the slightest noise snaps her right out of it, and the process has to start over. (also sleeps absolutely ass-nude)
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    Word Count: 2,792 Jane x reader One Shot. Warnings: Jane is aged up. Slight language, Fluff

    Y/N attended a job interview at Castillo Volterra for the newly vacant Secretary post. Aro had insisted that Demetri sit on the interviews centuries ago so that he can pick up the tenor of the Secretaries. The three kings took it turns to interview the humans each time a new Secretary was required, so this is how Y/N found herself sitting across the table from Demetri and Marcus. “Y/N you will be working Monday to Thursday 09.00am to 16.00pm and Fridays 09.00am to 15.00pm with weekends off. The post comes with a generous salary” Marcus says looking at Y/N, who nods “You should know that the job comes with a few perks too. Firstly, the job comes with a nicely furnished room here in the castle. Secondly, the job comes with a Healthcare Plan paid for by us. Lastly, you will get 28 days holiday to use” Marcus adds smiling. “If you accept the position Y/N, you will start Monday” Demetri tells her with a smile “Thank you and I accept the job offer” Y/N replies smiling.

    Jane met the new Secretary Y/N a week after she started due to her and Felix being away on Volturi business. As soon as Jane saw Y/N she felt a ‘pull’ towards her, felt protective of the human sitting at the front desk and knew instantly that she was looking at her mate. ‘Beautiful’ she thought to herself a small smile playing on her lips. Jane decided not to tell anyone about her discovery including Alec, or not yet anyway as she wanted to get to know her a little first. One thing Jane noticed was that Y/N had not moved into the castle like her predecessors “How come you didn’t move into the castle?” Jane asked curiously “It-it’s complicated, Marcus understands and has said the offer is always open should things change” Y/N replied and Jane nodded but didn’t like the fact that her mate was not living in the castle where she could ensure her safety.

    Alec began to notice that Jane was spending time with Y/N on reception when she wasn’t on duty which both confused and intrigued him as Jane wasn’t a huge fan of humans, neither of them were due to their past. He followed her one afternoon and watched as his sister helped Y/N by filing reports whilst Y/N dealt with some emails; talking and laughing as they worked together. Alec smirked to himself realizing that his sister had met her mate in Y/N and decided he wouldn’t let her know that he had figured it out and would wait until she was ready to tell him.

    Jane followed Y/N from the castle one Friday afternoon and was surprised when she saw where Y/N had gone ‘Bumblebee’s Nursery’ and saw a little girl who resembled Y/N run up to her mate “Y/N” “Y/S/N” and they hugged before leaving hand in hand. Jane followed behind them and watched as they entered a shop; Jane followed them in making sure she ‘bumped’ into them as she was curious about the little girl.

    “Y/N?” Jane asked as she entered the shampoo and bubble bath aisle “Jane. Wh-what are you doing here?” Y/N asked trying to hide her surprise “I needed to get a few things” Jane replied picking up shampoo and conditioner and smiling at her “Who’s this little one?” Jane asked smiling and looking down at the little girl “This is Y/S/N my little sister, Y/S/N this is Jane. She’s a friend and I work with her” Y/N replied looking between her sister and Jane as she introduced the two of them.

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  • lmk please I kinda wanna but need the support 

    #twilight #twilight x reader #wolf pack x reader #wolf pack#quileute #quileute x reader #volturi #volturi x reader
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    You knocked on the door. “Come in.”
    You heard your immediate response.
    You entered the room to find Caius standing whilst seemingly looking for something in the very heavy book his eyes were glued to. 
    “Hey, are you busy?” 
    “Cara mia, you know that is a ridiculous question, but I believe what you want to know is if I have a moment to spare for you. As to which I have one minute before i must go to the throne room. Is something the matter?” Caius asked not tearing his eyes from the book. 
    “Oh no, everything is fine! I just found something and thought you’d like to know about it.” You answered.
    This made Caius look at you. “Does it have anything to do with Felix? He has been oddly quiet and that’s never a good sign.”
    You giggled. “No, i promise it’s not about Felix and its nothing that will torment you.” 
    “Might I convince you to come with me to the throne room then, my dear?” Caius responded. 
    “I’ll meet you there, I better go get it. I just wanted to make sure i wasn’t bothering you.” 
    “Very well.”
    You hurried out the room, returning to your shared room to grab your phone. You arrived in the throne room to find all three leaders on their thrones. 

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    Originally posted by fanfic-fanfic-everywhere

    Not in a million years did you think that the next time you saw Alec again would be to protect Renesmee- Bella’s daughter- from him. Not that you could do much protecting considering you were human. It was decided it was too risky to change you before the Volturi arrived, especially now that Renesmee was around. You sucked in a deep breath, your heart racing as the Volturi finally arrived and you caught a glimpse of who you missed and needed the most. 

    You couldn’t keep your eyes off of him.
    You wanted to run to him but you couldn’t. He was in the same place as you for the first time in months and yet somehow he felt further away than he had even been. Each of you on opposing sides and you couldn’t even speak to him. 

    No one knew about your relationship with Alec. It wasn’t even an official one. The two of you knew you shared feelings and that was all. It couldn’t go any further. It had to stay that way.
    You were certain Edward knew by now since you couldn’t stop thinking about Alec. A side glance told you Edward most certainly did know and was not pleased. However you couldn’t care- not in that moment.

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  • I really want to know what work of mine that everyone favors. So, I ask you dear reader: what is my favorite work of yours? Why?

    I’m trying to improve my writing and see what everyone likes and why. 

    Maybe I also need some validation as a writer. 

    Do tell, please :) 

    I love you all thank youuuuuuuuuuu 

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    Being hunted by Alec, you imagined would have went many ways, such as no running because he used his gift and now you have face-planted the ground.
    Or he’d corner you with his sister, Demetri and Felix.
    Perhaps he’d get Felix or Demetri to do the running for him. 

    All had crossed your mind but what actually happened was completely unexpected. You abruptly turned away from him and sprinted inhumanly fast. Who knew if Alec actually took a running start before he jumped high into the air. 

    In a matter of seconds, you had hit the forest floor with a heavy weight on you. “What the hell!?” You shrieked as you were rolled over.
    Alec pinned your wrists on either side of your head. Barely a second later, you could no longer feel your hands. That was when you completely panicked. “Easy, I’ve got you.” Alec said, easily able to deal with any resistance you threw at him. Alec always seemed to overpower you in one way or the other and it got old a long time ago.
    “As always!” You snapped, trying to wriggle him off but finding your body was barely able to move.
    “You’d be saving yourself a lot of bother if you just relaxed.” Alec said smoothly. “No!” You shouted.
    “Give in, I’m not going to leave you alone. I would never.” Alec rolled his eyes. “Get off!” You continued to struggle.
    “You deserve better and if this is the only way I can get you to listen to me then this is how it shall be.”
    “Not this again!” You groaned. “I’m not joining the Volturi! My family are the Cullen’s!”
    “We know that isn’t entirely true.” Alec said. “We know that your struggling with their lifestyle.”
    “Why are you doing this!?” You shot back. “Don’t you think I know you’re only being nice to me because Aro wants me to join!? Can’t you spare me the torture of you pretending you care!?”
    Alec looked surprisingly taken aback. “Torture? I’m not torturing you. This isn’t even my style of torture. Why would I?”
    You weren’t entirely sure how to respond to that, so you didn’t. Alec continued after a moment of silence. “I was told you were insecure but if you honestly think I’m trying to torture you then that’s just sad." 

    You stiffened momentarily before losing feeling in your arms entirely.
    "You never answered my question.” You said quickly, turning the topic away from you. “You act like you care but only with me. Why? Do you think I’m so weak I’d fall for it?”
    Alec tilted his head. “That’s because I do care.”
    “Don’t lie.” You mumbled through gritted teeth.
    “You were always kind to me, (Y/N). I consider you a friend.” You shook your head. “If I must be honest with you…I care for you more than a friend should.” Your eyes widened. “Don’t…don’t say that. You don’t mean it." 

    Despite your words, Alec continued. "How could I not care for you so deeply?”, Alec cracked a smile. “You’re beautiful.”
     "Don’t!“ You said loudly but unable to yell.
    Suddenly you couldn’t move your limbs at all. Alec leaned down propping his face up with one hand, the other he used to balance.
    "That really scares you, doesn’t it?” Alec said quietly. “It frightens you that I care. Deep down, you know I’m not lying and that’s why it scares you.” You shook your head unconvinced, trying to avoid his gaze.
    “No one taught you to love yourself. It seems no one even told you how special you are…I can fix that.” He said gently.
    “I’m a Cullen.” You finally said as Alec pinned your hands again, this time a little more feeling returning but no where near enough to be of use. “You’re supposed to hate me.”
    “I don’t hate you. I love you.” He said quietly. You let out a breath. “I’ll give you time, let you think about what I’ve told you. All I ask is that you behave.”
    “Is that why you came here? To tell me that?” You whispered.
    “Of course.” He answered smoothly. “You’re very important to me and I am finding it very difficult to continue being your friend, knowing that I certainly don’t think of you as I should think of a friend.” Alec planted a kiss to your forehead. “I mean it. I know how your coven gets- behave, (Y/N). We’ll speak again soon.”

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    You had found Alec in a difficult position, the sun was coming up and he couldn’t go anywhere without being seen in the sun. That left him no choice but to roam the deepest parts of the forest until nightfall and then go to Cullen territory. However, you caught a glimpse of him going into the forest and pulled over. 

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    😨 Social Hazard 😨

    •Part One•


    You go with Bella and Alice to Volterra, and your social anxiety shows its ugly face when you’re in the elevator with the others. What happens when you unexpectedly find comfort and reassurance in one of the Guards? Is it love, or merely the means to an inevitable end…?

    angst; fluff; language; mention of violence; TRIGGER WARNING: anxiety/nervous tics

    ♡ Taglist: @gremlinfuck @ssa-holmes @alecvolturiswifeforever @wallwriterstuff @captain-yeet @raindancer2004 @primswan @maxnificent @felixs-main-ho



    You follow behind Alice, the two of you in a hurry. You secretly wish you had stayed behind in Forks, but Bella was like family to you, and you couldn’t just let her run off to Volterra on her own. Although if you had it your way, she would’ve stayed in Forks, with you. You now despised Edward because of what he did to her, leaving her like that.

    Bella had spiraled into a depression, and because of your worry for her, your own anxiety and tics had gradually gotten worse. A sudden nervous twitch of your mouth now, reminds you of all of it, and you grit your teeth as you hurry to catch up with Alice. The two of you stop in front of a set of heavy-looking doors, one of which the tiny pixie-like vampire easily opens. Your breath trembles as you follow her inside, your nerves on edge. Here we go…

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    #felix volturi x reader #felix volturi#demetri volturi#jane volturi#volturi guard#volturi#alice cullen #bella and edward #twilight#twilight saga#twilight renaissance#alec volturi#volturi coven#social hazard#part one#tw anxiety#tw tics #hoo boy that cliffy though #hopefully you guys liked this one #sorry if it was triggering to any of you ♡ #also Felix kicking Edward's ass is just... *chef's kiss*
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  • maybe send some more requests in so I have something to do during winter break?? Give me some new ones. Wolf pack? Yes please. Volturi? Why the hell not? Literally PLEASE anyone that isn’t the same two characters I get on the daily. I have like 10+ lined up for jasper. Please someone new 😭

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  • Warnings: A bit of swearing, some mild angst and mentions of insecurity. 

    Words: 2728

    Summary: Felix is very touchy about his age, so how is the reader going to show him it really doesn’t matter to them?

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    #twilight#twilight fanfiction#volturi#felix volturi #felix volturi x reader #alec volturi #yes i really do headcanon that Felix can't read #Demetri beats the hell out of anyone who teases him for it
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  • Songs from my aro twin oc playlist

    1. Remember When (Push Rewind) - Chris Wallace
    2. Stone Cold - Demi Lovato
    3. Out Of The Woods - Taylor Swift
    4. Long Live - Taylor Swift
    5. The Story Of Us - Taylor Swift
    6. wish you were gay - Billie Eilish
    7. The Night We Met - Lord Huron
    8. The Love Club - Lorde
    9. You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
    10. bellyache - Billie Eilish
    11. Six Feet Under - Billie Eilish
    12. when the party’s over - Billie Eilish
    13. One Last Time - Ariana Grande
    14. Happier - Marshmello, Bastille
    15. Happy Now - Zedd, Elley Duhé
    16. Bad Blood - Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar
    17. See you Again - Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth
    18. Prayer in C - Lilly Wood and the Prick
    19. Cups - Anna Kendrick
    20. Paris - The Chainsmokers
    21. Dynasty - MIIA
    22. Wonderland - Taylor Swift
    23. Lottery - Tova
    24. All Too Well - Taylor Swift
    25. Bad Blood - Bastille
    26. Not Today - Twenty One Pilots
    27. Don’t Forget - Demi Lovato
    28. Goodbye, For Now - Gabbie Hanna
    29. Satisfied - Renée Elise Goldsberry
    30. Good Times - All Time Low
    31. I Almost Do - Taylor Swift
    32. The One That Got Away - Katy Perry
    33. I Don’t Miss You at All - FINNEAS
    34. No Time To Die - Billie Eilish
    35. More - Halsey
    36. Drive - Halsey
    37. I Lost a Friend - FINNEAS
    38. Heather - Conan Gray
    39. Dancing With Your Ghost - Sasha Sloan
    #volturi#twilight renaissance #aro twin oc #look under the aro twin oc tag to find my lost character profile post to understand what I’m talking about #egg’s playlists
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