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  • bucksmotel
    05.08.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #tw vomit mention #thanos be gone
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  • kiran
    05.08.2021 - 4 hours ago

    mutuals who if they blocked me I would scream and throw up:

    #🍓.txt #vomit mention
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  • lokislittlesigyn
    05.08.2021 - 7 hours ago

    //tw vomit mention

    Me: I’m gonna be so good, I’m gonna take the sleepy medicine early and get a shower and cuddle in bed, I’m so Sleepy, can’t wait to Sleep and wake up at a good time-

    Me, later: proceeds to lie awake for a Solid Hour unable to sleep despite being tired, then get hit with a wave of nausea for Another solid hour, dry heaving and shaking in front of the toilet because it’s so taxing on my body

    *deep breath*


    #it didn’t even feel like I was awake after a while #like I was in some other body and it was moving of it’s own accord #At a certain point I stopped getting back in bed proper #And just lied on top of the covers #Wishing I could just…. Throw something up and be done #But my body Refuses to let anything up easily #It absolutely Refuses #And there was hardly anything there anyway #Sigh #tw vomit mention #personal
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  • vomitpinata
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    One of my dumb Spotify playlists. It fucking rules. Check it out, if you're so inclined. Cheers!

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  • ceciliablossoms
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago
    #500+ followers event #genshin impact x reader #gi x reader #genshin impact #genshin x reader #genshin beidou#beidou #beidou x reader #gi beidou#mine#anon#drabble #tw mentions of vomit
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  • peepawphilza
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    the way some non-mcyt fans on this site act is... absurd. theyll say "dream is manipulating his audience" and then in the next sentence say that all dsmp fans should die a bloody death and..... okay ignoring how wrong all of that is, how do you treat actual victims of manipulation? no srsly im concerned bc if u respond to a real life person being a victim of emotional abuse with unbridled rage and threats of violence, please never come into contact with a victim of emotional abuse. ever. holy fuck

    #tw abuse mention #tw abuse ment #im kinda word-vomiting here but u get the point right #discourse#he speaks
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  • fuck-customers
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • 27thfirefly
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    im what they call a “stupid motherfucker“

    #kris.txt #went out to run #ran too fast on the last bit #threw up#<3#vomit mention #i keep expecting more from myself physically #because ive trained up to a decent level of fitness a few times #but then i dont run for weeks and weeks #and forget that im not as fit anymore #no object permanence
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  • jeff-tha-killa
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    i think my coworker has an ed and i don’t know how to bring it up to her without seeming rude

    #i just wanna be like hey i get it if you ever need to talk i’m here #ive never seen her eat and we always have break together #also she had to go home twice bc she threw up ha #ed tw#vomit mention
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  • just-antithings
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • your-dear-rosetail-anon
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    just a size ref for The Grain and a fellow mistake of god,the Lump, plus that guy and a angry Buddy. Uhh close-ups and rambles under the cut? i didnt proof read for any grammatical mistakes so pardon lawl

    The Grain-you know it,you love it. Its nothing special,really,just a mini boss that gets in your way,when Buddy stumbles upon it, its got Lizberts hat on it,teasing that it may have her inside,which prevents Buddy from shooting at it,and than tries to crawl in,only for The Grain to get soggy and fall apart.yeah im retconning the oat milk acid thing,the acid idea was cool but i want it to seem like Lizbert was trapped in there-she wasnt ,however theres still milk..its actually blood the island filtered into actual milk! disgusting!

    The Lump- is a group of snax fused together after the rescue team began throwing explosives and flammable stuff down there, and many many snax fused together. This particular specimen uses a Mama Mewon base , but im unsure why its got those scythe hands. Anywho,theres many lump variants containing bases from snax bosses all over Snaxburg,not fun . We dont know why blood is everywhere on the island,but i think The Lump has something to do with it

    -This guy- We dont know hes name,but Buddy came across him several times,and in one of those encounters,Buddy found out this guy has something to do with all this,so faer ,injured,allergic,hungry,angry,and barfing , attacked him,and bit hes tail off,and tried to indulge in more cannibalism,but this guy got away,leaving Buddy with no regrets,and a greater thirst for justice and revenge,but a gutting realization that they arent all there in the head anymore,but therapy will be handed out AFTER Snaktooth is left burning and deserted,for good this time

    more rambles abt unseen Snaxquel thingies:

    -All the grumps,except for Buddy,wear masks over their faces to prevent snax from getting in there

    -yes Buddy forces themself to eat a few snax or a snaktooth patch of grass to use faer barf as a long-range attack,its gross and effective,but bad for them

    -Filbo and Floofty are the closest the island has to medics,and its bad

    -Filbuddy real

    -the grumps that make the rescue team are : Buddy(hunter/gatherer for the group,also permitted to go deep in the island,because of their immunity/allergy to snax),Wambus(unofficial leader and farmer) ,Filbo(healer and Buds bf),Floofty (engineer and medic of sorts) ,Snorpy (also a engineer) , Chandlo(hes rlly good at building? builder?), Cromdo (dumbass who goes out with Buddy/hes kid to do some shootin') aannd Cloud Fizzlebutt (father of Floof and Snorp,engineer aswell,plus a semi medic)

    -the group communicates with the rest via radio, and theres a dramatic scene from the grumps of the other side hearing the camp get ravagged by Daddy Lump legs,and than it dramatically cuts out,and Gramble is now traumatized (again)

    -yes there will be a happy ending

    -sorry that the Snaxquels so gross and violent lol,im gonna see a therapist soon tho

    #Bugsnax#snaxquel#buddy longyfluffibottoms#the lump#the grain#this guy #thiiss guyy ahahahaaaaa *rubs chin* #cw blood#cw injury#cw gross #cw vomit mention #cw swearing#i think #didnt proof read #art#ocs#violence #death murder!!!!! kill!!! #cw eyes
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  • amityblightmarryme
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    day 6(?) of posting my to-do list to keep myself on track

    tuesday, august 2, 2021

    wake up 8:30-9:00



    have breakfast, drink coffee (sorry beloved besties who told me to quit caffeine; the answer is that i cannot), and drink water.


    clean room

    get ready for work, do makeup, get dressed, gather stuff. (bring bank card to cash paycheck do NOT forget)

    go to work

    go to bank

    pick up groceries for dinner

    come home, change, snack, do dishes, clean kitchen

    go for run

    cook dinner (i found this bomb ass recipe for vegan chicken nuggets)

    put away laundry

    catch up on fanfic writing

    order photos from Walmart website

    bedtime routine, bed at 10 pm

    #keep reading #time for the work week fellas #girl help how do i put a thing on my posts #it keeps deleting it everytime i try #silly little life #to dos#tw food #tw vomit mention
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  • skoib
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    eyyy im using my school laptop so i can actually put a cut wahooo

    i feel sick from anxiety bc like. i have an online class tomorrow but also im hella grounded right so i have to use the family laptop but my dad has decided that hes going to be checking my browser history and be "monitoring" what i do which normally wouldnt be a problem bc all i use that laptop for is flight rising and these classes right. but im grounded and not supposed to use goddamn anything and yesterday? earlier today? i had let temptation get the better of me and i used the laptop to feed my shart rising dragons bc i didnt want to lose my well fed bonus. but like i didnt clear my history afterwards & idk if my dad has checked the history since then or when he's next going to check so im worried that if i remove it he'll know but if i dont he's definitely going to find out and like.im fucked either way?? and if he isnt at home tomorrow then thats going to basically confirm my suspicions that my parents have spyware installed in our shit which is something ive thought has been a thing for a few years now???????? bc my dad had called me a nickname that literally only like two of my online friends ever called me, which had been based from my user at that time? which was highly suspicious and only made me distrust my parents further but obviously not enough to think ahead. anyways i thikn if im still awake in 2 hours when i Know my parents will be asleep im gonna see if i can quickly delete that bit from the laptops history without waking anyone up bc my dad normally gets up super early & if he checks the history when he gets up im literally fucked ive been feeling sick the past couple days from isolation or whatever & if i get called out for submitting to temptation or whatever then im definitely going to be without human contact for. way longer. i miss my friends so much its genuinely unbelievable

    i feel sick to my stomach and also in my throat, i literally feel like im going to throw up, i almost did earlier. its only been like. 3 days since i spoke to my friends, but i feel so isolated that its felt . longer ig idk

    #vent#personal #the shittiest part is that like. usually my parents ground me for the stupidest reasons & they know its dumb & unground me quickly? #this time its totally called for. and when its actually reasonable it lasts so long. like literally months long. #if we fucking lived in town maybe it wouldnt be so unbearable but . no. #which is maybe part of why ive always hated summer bc when i was younger i had no contact with my friends during summer #but also summer is super hot and shitty i want my cool weather back #vomit mention
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  • sidquin
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    open starter  for  @phxstarters​

       sid finds sworn enemy in a bar,  circa ten pm,  cornered in a bathroom.   she lounges pretty and thin under a young woman’s nose,  and she’s gone the next second.  snorted.  &.  as for the woman---  did i mention how young she is?  too young to be here.  well,  she straightens up,  donning satisfied smirk,  and as for the sound that leaves her mouth?   it’s familiar.  as familiar as the snort,  as this scene.      someone far away yet beside her sounds annoyance at the woman who is sid,  stood frozen in the doorway,  easy to skirt past.   this is fine.  her thoughts,  right now,  are memories:   and they are censored.  nobody is allowed to see them.   just know that they hold sid hostage for a good ten seconds too long,  before she finds her footing again--- returns to the party,  remembers how to breathe.    breathing is good  &.  there’s not enough air in here;  does no-one else think so?  jesus christ.    she abandons the bathroom,  the queue,  anyone she came with in search of the emergency exit.  this is not an emergency though.  this is fine.   so desperate to reach it,  she slams into about a million shoulders;  broad and dainty,  she doesn’t discriminate.  of course,  she’s the cause of a few spilled drinks,  she feels them soak through her shoes.  apologies?   no.  “ fucking move, “   until sid’s in the alleyway outside.  the chill is nice,  so is the large gulps of air,   palms flat on the wall,  eyes closed.  this is what absolute, skilled concentration looks like.
    #phxstart #this is so long i vomit #ESTABLISHING THATS WHY #drug mention // #drug use mention // #assume connections if u want !! go crazy go stupid !!
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  • spikedspiegel
    03.08.2021 - 2 days ago


    #literally have not been able to handle eating so my tummy been making sounds and my mouth all dry #I need to eat but I feel it’s all gonna come back up #the stress and anxiety really ruined my eating patterns #ed mention#vomit mention
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  • pinkfriarielli
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    two weeks far from home and when i came back my mom told me (in order)

    - "oh my god you're eating like you haven't eaten in two weeks!": half true cause i've let my milanese friend cook and she made small portions and without spice nor condiments

    - "are you taller? also you look thinner? have you lost some kilos??": half true for the same reason i've explained up here istg a full week of salad without salt totally killed me even tho on the second week i've eaten out almost every day and with bigass portions my stomach could no longer support all of that

    #food mention#irlfriarielli #istg one year ago i used to vomit half of my meals but that week i risked it again for different reason......... #tw ed in the tags
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  • celestialenbyy
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    TW// vomiting suggestion?

    Holy fucking shit the smell of like actual lemons makes me want to throw up, like, my parents got stuff from the chip shop I live near and we get like a lemon slice for the fish, my mum never uses the lemons so my grandad has 2 because he gets fish as well. The fucking lemon smell that comes from it makes me want to fucking be sick man I feel so fucking awful when I smell it to the point I rush to eat my food so I can fucking leave the table man god damn it I fucking hate it

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  • oboreaublog
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago

    OBORE AU - phobias

     In the game, SOMETHING takes on various forms based on Sunny’s phobias. Similarly, the OBORE AU has SOMETHING manifest into forms based on Aubrey’s phobias as well.

    cw for vomiting, scopophobia-ish, mentions of corpses, thalassophobia, and death emetophobia - fear of vomiting In Aubrey’s HEADSPACE, the thing leading all the way up to the Otherworld is a massive rollercoaster/rocket type thing. Emetophobia gets in the way of this, as Aubrey/Obore is scared of the potential for throwing up on the ride.  In the real world, or FARAWAY, Aubrey has to confront her fear when she gets sick at home. SOMETHING takes the form of a huge, dark and swirling void. nyctophobia - fear of the dark In HEADSPACE, the obstacle is a dark cave that Aubrey is scared of. In the real world, Aubrey has to confront SOMETHING IN THE DARK at night. SOMETHING takes the form of eyes opening in the dark at random all over the shadowy room. necrophobia - fear of corpses The obstacle in HEADSPACE that Aubrey/Obore is unable to pass because of her phobia is a Halloween-themed graveyard type world with things like skeletons and zombies. In the real world, Aubrey has to confront her fear by visiting the graveyard where Sunny and Basil are buried. SOMETHING manifests in the form of a shadowy, distorted, two headed mermaid thing with two eyes, one red and the other blue.

    thalassophobia - fear of water In HEADSPACE, the obstacle is the same as Sunny’s, the Last Resort. In the real world, Aubrey has to confront her thalassophobia when Kim is pushed into the lake by Kel during an argument and Aubrey has to help her.

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  • friendly-lies
    02.08.2021 - 3 days ago
    #🍼 shumai papa? #vomit mention tw
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