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  • access-ark
    07.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    *Slaps Galeforce* Proud of my abomination

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  • allthings-edits
    07.05.2021 - 31 minutes ago
    #my edits #no discourse in the replies #age gap tw #bnha#mha#shouto todoroki #manfred von karma #crossover ship#ship moodboard #ferris wheel tw
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  • access-ark
    07.05.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    So in the last group support of the Forging Bond, Edelgard points out that she senses a familiar power within the Morgans. This could be the dragon blood flowing inside her, which fortifies my theory that Edelgard as Hegemon Husk is going through dragon degeneration

    Edit: Fixed a mistake

    #Fire Emblem #Fire Emblem Heroes #Edelgard #Edelgard von Hresvelg #Morgan #jp 3h did make it clear that the transformation is messing edelgard's mind due to her archaic speech
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  • souldrawsworld
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Tfw you lose to a child again

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  • isolationstreet
    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #Tanz der Vampire #Graf von Krolock #Steve Barton #he was so funny #this video lives right next to the video where drewlock tries to eat the candy with the wrapper still on it
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  • everyoneislgbtpride-edits
    07.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Claude von Riegan from Fire Emblem Three Houses is bi!!

    #claude von riegan #fe#fire emblem #fire emblem 3 houses #fire emblem three houses #fe 3h#bi#bisexual#mlm#request
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  • mysticdragon3md3
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Maybe I just have FE3H on the brain, but when I see Intelligent Systems is going to participate in Good Smile's figure gallery event that's usually attached to WonFes...I have to hope Nendoroids for Claude and Dimitri get announced at the end of this month. ;u;?

    Good Smile Company just announced they're going ahead with their summer WHL4U33, independent of Wonfes2021Summer. I'm not even sure if WonFes is still happening. Makuhari Messe Event Hall has it scheduled for 7/24/2021, but that could always get cancelled. Just like some previous WonFes events during the pandemic.

    #figure collecting #figures wishlist #wishlist#fe3h#WHL4U#WHL4U33#wonfes2021summer #claude von riegan #dimitri alexandre blaiddyd #intelligent systems #good smile company #theories#speculation#announcements
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  • inkribbon796
    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Like a House of Cards Ch. 9: Magic and Might

    Summary: The heroes and villains learn more about the troubling future.

    Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

    Dark was coming to, slowly, with a pounding headache. A headache that was made worse because two people were literally screaming directly over him.

    Wilford and Brody had gotten into a bit of a disagreement. Brody had gotten upset that Dark was just lying on a cold table and had gone looking for a pillow or some kind of cushion. But Wilford used the Void to grab what he wanted before Brody could take two steps to leave the room. That caused a light argument about how Wilford wouldn’t have done anything if Brody hadn’t spoken up. Which Wil immediately argued that was not the case. And that led to the louder argument that had woken Dark in the first place.

    “Mhmmm!” Dark complained, his aura not quite strong enough to lash out at them without worsening his migraine. He was a little dazed as the memories of before he’d been hit hadn’t come back yet.

    “Great, yeh fookin’ woke ‘im up,”[1] Brody complained.

    “I woke him up?” Wil argued heatedly. “The absolute nerve!”

    Nestor had his head in his hands, “Fuck, I forgot that they do this when we put them together.”

    “Wil?” Dark called out, his aura naturally tugging Wil closer.

    Wilford instantly turned to go and tend to Dark, Brody looked away and sighed in defeat, taking a seat close by. “Yes, my Darkling?”

    Dark grabbed Wilford and pulled him close, Wil realized he was shaking. Brody looked over, noticed the shaking and gripped his knees as he forced himself to sit there.

    “My sweet licorice,” Wil frowned as he didn’t try to escape or wriggle free from the Entity. “What’s wrong?”

    “You almost died,” Dark told Wil, who looked very confused.

    “My Darkling, death is—” Wil chuckled, running a hand through Dark’s hair.

    Dark grabbed his hand, “No, Wil, that blast would have killed you. I barely survived. You don’t have enough aura to survive an attack like that.”

    Wilford thought on that, “Well even if I did die, I would haunt you. Here let me—”

    Wil tried to pull away, but Dark held him in a vice grip. Panic flooded the Entity’s mind.

    “No! I can’t let you be attacked by something like that,” Dark ordered. “You can’t—”

    Dark’s voice became choked and Wil leaned in to gently kiss his forehead.

    “I’m not going anywhere my dear, I promise,” Wil smiled and Dark seemed to calm down a bit now that Wilford wasn’t pulling away again.

    After a bit, Dark pulled himself up, and noticed everyone still in the room. He groaned and protectively curled his own aura around himself. He didn’t have enough aura at the moment to spare to make some sort of display of power. Which made him uneasy. Wil and his children were safe but who even knew how long he’d been out for. He had an image to uphold and he was wasting it sleeping on a desk of all things.

    As the Entity’s thoughts were thinking of something that would help him look like he wasn’t about to fall apart, he felt aura tap towards his own and his cracked and battered soul was so eager for more aura to take that he grabbed it without thinking and felt like it was massaging the inside of his scalp. The feeling made Dark feel better almost immediately.

    Dark’s migraine blissfully began to fade and he recognized the almost tangy sweet of Wil’s aura creeping towards his own. Dark thought it was weird but he was desperate for aura and trying not to show it maybe he could—

    Wil’s aura aggressively shoved the first aura — Brody’s — off of Dark. The headache flared back into his senses and left Dark a little whiplashed.

    “The hell was that? He was fookin’[2] calmin’[3] down!” Brody spat at Wilford.

    Dark looked around the room in confusion before he saw Anti. The individual he initially assumed was the cause of the argument. But Anti wasn’t coming over and Wil and Brody were on either side of him. The glitch wasn’t even looking their way, he was just hovering over Henrik. The German doctor was with Iplier still tending to the Host’s and the Dealer’s eyes.

    Nestor got in to pull Brody away before it got violent and Wil stood next to Dark who was soon distracted by Illinois and King who were trying to catch Dark up on what everyone had discussed while he was unconscious.

    Ethan and Silver were going through the huge file of pictures and videos.

    The former sidekick paused on a group shot of Dark sitting in his warehouse office with J.J, Brody, Nestor, and someone who looked a lot like Henrik just in suspenders and without his lab coat.

    “Hey, I thought you guys said Henrik was dead?” Ethan asked.

    “Henrik’s not in that picture, it’s—” Nestor told him, but looked at it again before doing a double take and snatching the screen back. “Oh shit! It is.”

    Brody looked up, when Nestor walked over, “Hey Chase, this is Heinz’s last picture.”

    “Huh,” Brody leaned to look at the screen. “This was the fourth right? Not the last time I saw him in the front, but definitely the last picture.”

    “What happened ta[4] him?” Anti hissed. Now that Glitch Logan had been physically taken away from him he was far calmer, but he hovered protectively around Henrik.

    “Well,” Brody began. “When the hunters were burnin’ Brighton down an’ I was runnin’ around trying ta help stop it, yah were tryin’ ta protect Kay an’ his kid from some ‘a the hunters. The fight almost killed yeh an’ Henrik agreed ta let yah hitch a ride until yeh got better. But yeh never left an’ after ten years yeh both became the Mortician.”[5]

    Anti just stared at him in alarm.

    “Same thing happened to Nate and Mare, it was just more traumatic for them,” Nestor told Anti, before immediately changing the subject back to the Mortician. “Morty’s alright, comes into town every Thursday to shoot the shit and show off his knife collection he got from you. I think Henrik might still be in there but it’s been ages since I could tell the difference. I think Dark can but I don’t ask him about what Mortician does and I have enough to do every day. Which is a shame.”

    Anti came over and looked at the screen, uncertainty and a bit of unease in his eyes. There were some pictures of this . . . Anti didn’t know whether to call him a new demon or not. He had Henrik’s face and something in Anti’s long dead soul twisted a bit. He didn’t like the idea of Henrik with some other demon, even if it was some other version of himself.

    Henrik, who was finished cleaning up the Dealer’s eyes walked over, “May I see?”

    “No!” Anti tried to surge over to destroy the drive and the tablet it was in before Henrik could see it.

    “Anti, don’t be fookin’[2] difficult, just let him see it,” Brody shouted at him. “If Brighton’s not burnin’ then Mort’s got no reason ta e’en exist.”[6]

    “Anti!” Henrik, starting to shout at him in a mix of German and English as he stomped over and took the screen away to look at it.

    “If somezing[7] involves me, zen[8] I deserve to know!” Henrik shouted at Anti.

    Henrik studied the picture for a bit, curious and a little nervous about this future version of himself.

    After a minute of seeing his own body moving in a way that was similar and alien all at the same time, he handed it back to Nestor as the group went through the videos. Chase saw some of the pictures taken of his future self talking to Dark in the mob boss’s office. Himself in a vest and button-up and what was obviously a real gun on his belt.

    Everything about the photographic evidence making him uncomfortable.

    As most of the heroes and villains were still in the meeting room they’d been originally brought to, Logan went down to the ground floor parking lot. His glitchy counterpart had to move there to help build whatever device he’d been working on. The Googles and Bing were helping him to assemble the machine parts that were being constructed and printed.

    Roman hovered right next to him, apprehensive about if the glitch would attack or not. Janus was with him and the other Sides were hanging back within earshot.

    “Are you able to talk and work at the same time?” Logan asked the computer.

    The image glitched and the young demon was on the monitor, as if he was simply being recorded in another room. “Such is the wonder of automation. We have much to discuss.”

    “We do,” Logan agreed, feeling nervous but tried his best to hide it. “You spoke of a Collider earlier. What is that?”

    Schematics popped up on the screen for Logan to see and scroll through. It was some advanced laser or turbine.

    “I have been working on this for the past three resets, when it became clear we and the Dealer had different end goals,” Glitch Logan announced. “It is a fusion of magic and technology powerful enough to cut through dimensional rifts.”

    “What would be the purpose of such a device?” Logan asked, “you are from the future.”

    The computer showed images of the generator that Logan’s drive and three Sides’ lockets had been in. “After our last resulting failure, I decided it was time to ensure the Core Sides’ survival so that was why I constructed my generator. Which, I had plans to use Anti as a power source. He was older than I am and 99% likely to survive with little more than some scraps against his soul. After a month or two he would have been fine.”

    “Why were we in that generator?” Logan demanded.

    “Well, after I would reclaim Anti,” Glitch Logan began, as if his answer would be oblivious, “I planned on using the excess energy to finish cracking the souls of every single Side. If that wasn’t enough to turn all of us into instant demons, nothing would.”

    “You heinous monster!” Roman shouted. “More proof you are not who you say you are!”

    “I would merely be finishing what Wilford’s soul splitter started,” Glitch Logan announced gleefully. “It is far easier to kill all of you as you now stand. I am trying to keep all of us alive. I do not care if I am liked or thanked for what I have done. My actions so far have led to not only your survival so far, but made Dark suspicious and guarded enough to save Wil.”

    “So the mages and hunters you murdered were worth nothing but power to you!” Logan roared.

    “Yes,” Glitch Logan admitted with no hesitation. “Their magic would have fueled the generator to ensure a successful merge, but now that Wilford is still alive the Host has agreed to use our Anomaly to fuel the generator instead. Meaning that Anti’s involvement will be completely unnecessary. I have already handed over the magical amulets I used to store their magic to the Host, Dark can keep them, he needs them more than I do at the moment.”

    “Glad to know that sentient life will not be used for your personal gain,” Logan spat. Anti was his enemy, but he did not deserve to be turned into a living battery. None of the mages or hunters deserved to be turned into batteries.

    “You have lost nothing, you would be prepared to roil in your own grief if I were not here!” Glitch Logan spat. “Roman and Virgil will not die, and Patton will not be hunted like an animal. I have saved them.”

    Logan didn’t have an easy rebuttal.

    “Maybe you have, but this is our future now,” Janus proclaimed, nudging himself protectively in front of Logan. “We will make of it what we will.”

    The glitch demon chuckled, his screen version pushing up his glasses, “I suppose you will. I’d be more concerned if I wasn’t sure they were still in capable hands.”

    Because it was a screen, it was unclear if Glitch Logan was looking at anyone in particular, but Logan felt it. As if he was being specially targeted.

    “Why decide on the generator now, and not earlier?” Logan tried to move the conversation, Janus looking at him out of the corner of his eye.

    “That was because I was so close last time,” Glitch Logan proclaimed. “The Host forced a reset, I didn’t know that he could do that without J.J but apparently the Anomaly is more powerful than I could have imagined if it granted him the ability to do so.”

    “Why did he reset you, if things were going so well?” Logan asked.

    “Hmmm,” the Glitch hummed. “Uncertain, but Chase went into the dome, it shrank into a smaller one and after five seconds we were standing at the same spot we always do when we are thrown back. Chase was crying and immediately he and I got into a fight with the Host. It was some nonsense about a doll and that the Host didn’t want to discuss him. All I know about this “doll” is that it had something to do with Dark. I can infer that Dark had some reaction and whatever the Anomaly made in that dome, it scared the Host.”

    “Scared him, how?” Virgil asked, he’d been listening in and came over.

    “Uncertain, but the results speak for themselves,” Glitch Logan smiled as a camera detached on a long cord to look at Virgil. “Come out from hiding, my sweet nightmare?”

    “Get away from him,” Roman nudged himself in front of Virgil, drawing his sword.

    Glitch Logan was smiling, “So full of life, I’m glad something is finally going right. Now if you all will excuse me, I have to ensure my future.”

    Then his video turned off and the construction on the machine sped up.


    Accessibility Translations

    1. Great, you fucking woke him up

    2. fucking

    3. calming

    4. to

    5. When the hunters were burning Brighton down and I was running around trying to help stop it, you were trying to protect Kay and his kid from some of the hunters. The fight almost killed you and Henrik agreed to let you hitch a ride until you got better. But you never left and after ten years you both became the Mortician.

    6. If Brighton’s not burnin’ then Mort’s got no reason ta e’en exist.

    7. something

    8. then

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    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Oh God...

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    07.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    HAPPY RESIDENT EVIL 8 LAUNCH DAY .. THEY’RE COSPLAYING!! do urself a favor and go watch a playthrough today

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    #Hop Rider Yeast King Wheat Pale Ale von der @eichbaum.bier hoprider hopriderbeer yeastkin
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    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Youjo Senki <3... I'd have that Tanya nendoroid too if it wasn't so damn expensive, same with the figures.

    #youjo senki #saga of tanya the evil #tanya von degurechaff #viktoria serebryakov #sticker from manysketchbooks on etsy
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    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    1852 Carl von Blaas - Leonie Countess Lanckorońska, née Countess Potocka, with her son Carl

    (Österreichische Galerie Belvedere)

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    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Antichrist (2009):

    “A grieving couple retreat to their cabin in the woods, hoping to repair their broken hearts and troubled marriage, but nature takes its course and things go from bad to worse. “

    PERSONAL RATING: 6 / 10.

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    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
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    07.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Franmaya week day 7: Freedom!🔓

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    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    location: regal sierra casino time: past midnight status: closed for @maximilian-vonbrandt​

    It wasn’t in his usual repertoire of locations within Oceanside, but the Regal Sierra Casino was where he would find Max, and secretly, he hoped that the encounter would mean a few more answers to some questions that had surfaced. The mystery of the man was intriguing, and without there being many mysteries left (not in his line of work), Wolf found it almost impossible not to try to find the answers. Well aware that there was a darker side of the town that he had made his home in, he wasn’t entirely sure if pulling at the thread that was Max von Brandt was a wise move, but his curiosity had gotten the better of him.

    The noise, however, was not what he liked. The intermittent cheering, the sound of jingles and bells as people won, it was what he avoided for most of his life, but as if through a haze, he noticed the person he was after, making his way over. “Max,” he called, a grin on his face, under the guise of having caught him as he was passing through the foyer. 

    #interaction: maximilian von brandt #maximilian vonbrandt
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    07.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Von der Leyen at The State of the Union: Italy was right about COVID intervention

    Von der Leyen at The State of the Union: Italy was right about COVID intervention

    FLORENCE, ITALY – European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Thursday that Italy was right to call for the European Union to take action in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic in her speech at the State of the Union conference of the European University Institute. The lesson of the coronavirus pandemic, von der Leyen said, “is that of Don Lorenzo Milani in Barbiana: I care. He…

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    #Lutherstadt Wittenberg   Blick in den großen Gemeinschaftsgarten und die Stellplätze von der Terrasse Lutherstadtwittenberg.bln24.de  Berlin
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