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    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    hi have this meme i made a few weeks ago with zero context

    #star wars#yoda#palpatine#gollum #gollum x palpatine #no i will not tag lotr this is gollum from star wars #vore mention #(the context is a fanfic i wrote u can find it if u dig thru my blog enough)
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    07.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    preds that consume fatally a lot but they have that one prey they will never harm,,,,

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    07.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i cant get over me going heheh this persons z/erhys art is really good! and following them. and i did for a while! they weren’t a r/hack shipper, that was back when i still really liked romantic z/erhys and not queer platonic (i didnt realize they were word of god a/roace until semi recently. not gonna overly judge romantic z/erhys shippers since even g/earbox retconned it but yeah me personally? only plantic or queer platonic shit for them now), and then i found their main blog and they said something that kind of seemed a/phobic towards z/er0 and also m/aya? so i kept looking and then i found a post that said they’re into hard vore but since theyre as/exual its more of an aesthetic thing? and also they drew z/er0 eating a person once. well, the aftermath of them eating a person? i guess????????

    #theyre the person who made the master list of all the evidence that z/er0 was nonbinary too #cant have shit in this fandom #vore mention#cannibalism mention
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    07.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    New Owner

    The BB fanfic group is going to take a break, and it’ll be on hold too. And this blog will also be changed as well. So if anyone doesn’t like vore and g/t

    Best to unfollow if you don’t like to see vore. Cause this blog has a new owner now! Cousin of the BB fanfic, cousin of HH fanfic and also a third creator (we both share on the same ao3 account, including this one too before she gave it to me for real real) I’m mostly the creator of “Nice to Eat You” and the other vore and g/t story on the account. Be prepared to witness my favorite soft vore on here. And be prepared for rules too. And be sure to follow the rules because I have to tell my lovely cousin and her friends who previously owned this blog to block several fucking entitled people who seems to not to get a hint that people need space and need to realize just because people follow you or respond to you, doesn’t mean your best friends forever, brother or sister over certain things you both like.

    My cousin may be significantly older than me, has the biggest heart and never want to say no, doesn’t want to hurt peoples feelings, or block people except porn bots, still, there’s no way in hell I will have to witness her mostly interact with toxic people who have gone too far for and her friend’s mental health. Her friends noticed a little early and my cousin have to suffer with it too late talking to someone who wouldn’t stop spamming on other accounts and being entitle brat and leave people only. Including my top hated ones, cyber/stalking, public shaming, intimidation, emotional blackmail, love bombing, and narcissist. Not to mention with name callings and other insults behind peoples back. Especially people with disabilities and saying that on DMS or on other stuffs. Don’t try to say “I didn’t know” or “How should I have know” you don’t. You just treat people with fucking respect, even when you don’t know them. Even when you have a similar disability, that still doesn’t mean you can wave around the card thinking you can get away with it or a sign you found someone who has the same disability as you and you become attached to them like mosquito and expect you know they’re childhood life or you were meant to be together, you can be toxic as well without looking in the mirror at once. Your talking to a complete stranger for fuck sake! I still had to make sure my cousin and her friends looked up videos and pages of red flags and stuff they should avoid and also reblogged important messages to their blogs.

    Now then, onto the rules that’ll connect to this blog and also the ask box too.

    1.     No NSFW

    2.     No Spam

    3.     No Requests (This isn’t a writing or art request blog, find another one)

    4.     No RP/Role-Playing. This ain’t a RP blog (they’re annoying)

    5.     No going to my DMS for no ridiculous reason, including for RP or asking about my life)

    6.     Feel free to ask me some questions like vore stuff (But if it’s about my personal life or being another porn bot, that’ll lead to either me blocking you or ignoring your questions. That still also includes the RP)

    7.     You are also feel free to ask my oc’s some questions, but that doesn’t mean that doesn’t relate to the rest of the rules here)

    8.     No spamming

    9.     I'll allow suggestions that's only related for my Oc’s and that's related to g/t. (That still also means no NSFW, or lemon suggestions)

    10.     Respect me, and I’ll respect you.

    Now, if anyone tries to annoy me to much, you’ll be blocked. I’m tired of people complaining over the littlest things on everything and being blocked.

     Oh yeah, another thing. If anyone tries to pretend to be my cousin or one of her friends, this old blog or their oc’s characters because it’s a BB fanfic, that’s a dick move. If you guys sees something strange on anything on any website and know that’s not them because my cousin and her friends agree to stay away from tumblr, twitter, etc, and if someone is using their Oc’s or account names, or try to make it into a reader one cause my cousin friend literarily quick her fanfic story on one of the old drama shows I can’t remember about with her Oc, someone ask if they can take a plot and make it into a reader ones, she said no and they did it anyway. Real classy move and how people couldn’t take a simple no and made it her Oc into a reader, either from here, ao3, and the (old) new DeviantArt, either tell me or go ahead to report them, except fan arts. Two or three out the rest of her friends enjoys fanarts sometimes,  cause they discussed in a future once they find a break, they’ll put their fun back on they’re Bloody Bunny fanfic. So that means story they made is going to be on hold. How long, no idea. Probably years and years.

    #g/t#giant/tiny#new owner#new blogger#soft vore#v0re#g/t vore #my huge rant #word stalking mention #word cyberstalking mention
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    07.12.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #mcyt gt#mcyt g/t #giant!dream #tiny!sapnap #giants and humans #vore mention#extreme cuddling#asmoluniversefan#answered asks#my stuff #giant!dream manhunt au
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    07.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Hey does Jonesy sipping from the smoothie he made out of Peely way back in like Season 9 count as vore?

    #plankton speaks because why not #vore mention#fortnite #god what am i doing with my life #does fortnite vore exist? #i mean i hope not but you can find anything on the internet these days #wait let me look something up #GOD FUCKING DAMN IT
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    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I posted 8,411 times in 2021

    890 posts created (11%)

    7521 posts reblogged (89%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 8.5 posts.

    I added 1,844 tags in 2021

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    (took this off because it was a old rant)

    My Top Posts in 2021


    Naga Tommy goes into a nesting faze where he is just unhappy without something in his brood pouch so Ranboo and Tubbo help him.

    (and if you want to include Ghostbur in there as well, that's cool with me)

    Sorry this took so long Blue found this at the bottom of my ask box. Hope you enjoy. Its super soft and fluffy.

    This ended up a lot longer then I was planning but this is un edited

    (Warnings: safe vore) ———————————————————————

    Tommy was slithering through the forest. He felt so uncomfortable. He tried sleeping it off, but he couldn’t even do that! He huffed frustrated. He knew what was wrong, he needed something in his brood pouch. He didn’t have anything, or anyone to swallow though.

    He was thinking about just trying to eat a bunch of rocks when he heard laughter. He followed the sound to a small lake. He smiled seeing the laughter belonged to his two friends, Tubbo and Ranboo. His first thought was that he could swallow them to help calm his instincts, but they would never let him do that. It was to embarrassing to explain anyway. At lest they would serve as a good distraction, right?

    “Tubbo! Ranboo!” He called out slithering over to the small hybrids.

    “Big man!” Tuboo smiled wide as he saw the giant red naga come over to them.

    Ranboo smiled seeing his friend. “Hi, how have you been?” He hadn’t seen the naga in a few days.

    “Good as always.” He laid down on his stomach in front of his friends. He caught their smell and had to resist the instinct to pick them up and tuck them away. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea….

    “I’ve been beating Ranboo at cards!” Tubbo said proudly showing Tommy the card game they set up.

    “You cheat.” Ranboo replied.

    “I don’t!” Tubbo said quickly.

    Tommy laughed at their bickering. “You definitely cheat Tubbo.”

    “Hey! You’re supposed to be on my side!” He glared at Tommy.

    He was having fun, or he had been. He set and talk with Ranboo and Tubbo for awhile but now all he could think about was putting them safely tucked away inside his brooding pouch. They had noticed his sudden silence when he felt a small hand on his cheek.

    “Hey, why’d you get so quiet?” Ranboo asked. He knew something was wrong when Tommy was quiet.

    “N-nothing Ranboob.” He pulled away so he wasn’t so close to them. “I’m fine.” He smiled.

    Tommy knew he should leave before he couldn’t control himself anymore. But he couldn’t make himself leave his friends here, he needed them.

    “You sure?” Tubbo looked up at Tommy. His eyes where blown wide, you could barely see the color of Tommy’s eyes. He had been acting weird too.

    Tommy nodded. “Mmhmm…completely fine.” He shook his head trying to ride himself of his thoughts.

    “No, something isn’t right.” Tubbo was confused why Tommy wouldn’t say what was wrong.

    “I just- there is this thing I can’t tell you because it will scare you.” He tried explaining with as little detail as possible.

    Ranboo laughed. “There isn’t anything you can do to scare us Tommy.”

    Tubbo nodded agreeing. “Yeah! Just spit it out.”

    Tommy groaned flopping onto the ground. “You two aren’t going to give this up, are you?”

    “Nope!” Tubbo walked closer to Tommy noticing how he tensed up.

    “Fine, but please don’t be scared it isn’t a bad thing. Just- ” He sighed. “Let me explain it first.” He said being serious for once.

    Ranboo and Tubbo set down in front of him ready to listen.

    Tommy crossed his arms in front of him resting his chin on his arms. “Ok, umm so… nagas have more then one stomach. One for food and the other to safely keep things in. Most of the time it’s for parents to keep their young in. To keep them safe. But nagas all get the instinct to put something in their brooding pouch. And it gets super uncomfortable and you can’t think about anything else.” Tommy explained quickly not looking at his friends.

    “And do you have that instinct now?” Ranboo asked hesitantly after Tommy explained.

    Tommy nodded hiding his face from them both. He didn’t what see what their reaction was.

    Ranboo looked at Tubbo who was starring back at him. They both knew what Tommy was saying without actually saying it. Tommy wanted to eat them. Even if it was safe, it freaked them out a little.

    Tubbo sat thinking for a second before getting up and dragging Ranboo with him up to Tommy’s forcing the naga to look at them. It was obvious now why Tommy seemed so uncomfortable this whole time.

    “Tommy, are you saying you want to eat us?” He asked to get clarification.

    Tommy hesitated before looking up at them. “Y-yes, but its not in a bad way! I don’t want to hurt you guys! It’s just stupid instinct stuff.” He said quickly not wanting them to think that Tommy would ever hurt them.

    “Whoa! It’s ok. We don’t think you want to hurt us. You explained it well.” Tubbo rushed to say. “It’s just, not something you normally think would be safe.”

    Tommy nodded. “Yeah, I know it’s scary for you.” He learned the hard way that most other species didn’t have brooding pouches.

    “I don’t know about scary. Just a little weird.” Ranboo said putting a hand on Tommy’s arm.

    Tommy smiled softly at them. “I’m just glad you didn’t run away.”

    “No way! You’re our friend.” Tubbo grinned.

    Tommy was so relieved. He had been so sure if they knew they would run away and not come to see him again.

    “Now, how does this whole eating but not eating thing work?” Tubbo climbed up Tommy’s arm.

    “W-what?” Tommy asked confused. They wanted to know more?

    “Well I think I should know what I’m getting myself into here.” Tubbo said completely unbothered.

    “Wait, no. What do you mean getting yourself into?!” Tommy looked at Tubbo the in shock.

    “You’re going to eat me right?” Tubbo said.

    “No! Im not going to do that!” He set up in surprise.

    “Aw, why not?” Tubbo pouted a little.

    “Why not?! Because I- I just can’t do that?!”

    “Ok hold on.” Ranboo said seeing how freaked out Tommy was. “I think Tubbo is just trying to help.” He step up on Tommy’s arm next to Tubbo. “You’re uncomfortable right? We just want to help. And you said it was safe so there’s no real reason to worry.” He shrugged.

    Tommy blinked at them both clearly shocked. “You- you would do that for me?” He asked quietly.

    “Of course boss man. We want to help you!” Tubbo smiled happily cuddling Tommy’s nose.

    “I- you actually will let me eat you?” He was not sure what to think.

    “Yes that’s what we keep saying.” Ranboo chuckled.

    “O-oh….” Tommy tried to hide how touched he was that they trusted him this much. They saw right through him.

    “Are we doing this or not?” Tubbo said letting go of Tommy’s nose.

    “I guess so.” Tommy gently scooped up Ranboo and Tubbo.

    “Do we have to do anything?” Ranboo asked.

    “Not really, just try and stay still. That will make it easier.” He held them close to his face.

    They nodded sitting calmly on Tommy’s hand.

    Being as gentle as he could, Tommy placed them in his mouth. He curled his tongue around them making sure to keep they away from his teeth. He smiled softly humming as he rolled them around getting them covered in saliva to make the trip down easier.

    Tubbo was surprised just how gently Tommy was being. He giggled as Tommy licked at him and Ranboo. He felt around pushing at the tongue as it licked his face.

    Tommy was glad they didn’t seem scared. Tubbo was giggling even. He moved Ramboo to to the side pinning him in place. He tilted his head back and swallowed Tubbo.

    Ranboo gasped as he was gently squished with the tongue. He heard a loud gulp and he was pushed back to the middle of Tommy’s tongue. Tubbo was gone now. He laid back on Tommy’s tongue keeping himself calm. It was Tommy, Tommy would keep them safe. He knew it was safe but, his brain couldn’t help but panic a little.

    Tommy hummed happily feeling Tubbo slip into the brooding pouch. He felt better but Tubbo was much smaller then what he needed. He tilted his head back again and gently swallowed Ranboo. He felt him wiggle a bit before going still again.

    Tommy leaned back against curling his tail around himself. He felt so much better now. He no longer felt empty. Tommy placed a hand over where he could feel Ranboo and Tubbo.

    “You guys ok?” He asked. If this was to much he would let them out.

    “Yeah we’re ok!” Tubbo said hearing Tommy’s question. He had curled up getting comfortable in- what did Tommy call this again?

    Ranboo shivered slightly. He couldn’t see anything and he felt around for Tubbo. He smiled finding him curled up against Tommy. He laid down next to the shorter hybrid and snuggled up to him.

    “I’m glad you’re ok. I’ll let you out later.” He promised. He rubbed gently at Ranboo and Tubbo who he could feel were curled up together.

    “Do you feel better now?” Ranboo asked. He sighed softly at the rubs. Longer he was here more comfortable it was. As odd as that is.

    “A lot better. Thank you so much.” He hugged his middle. He soft weight of his two friends curled up in his brooding pouch made the empty feeling completely disappear. It felt nice having them so close and safe.

    “Of course Tommy.” Ranboo said. “How long will we be in here though?” There wasn’t anything to do in here.

    “Um, I’m not sure a little while. I want to sleep.” He couldn’t last night or the night before. It had been to uncomfortable.

    “Ok, if you want to rest a nap doesn’t sound so bad.” Ranboo smiled softly.

    “Ok. Sleep well.” Tommy said curling up to rest. He was so exhausted. He soon feel asleep.

    Tubbo smiled cuddling up to Ranboo. “Never thought we’d get eaten by Tommy.” He said keeping his voice quiet.

    “Me either. But it’s not so bad. A little gross but, it’s actually comfortable in here.” Ranboo said.

    “Yeah. Might have to do this more.” Tubbo mumbled closing his eyes. He warmth around them was making him sleepy.

    “Yeah, maybe.” Ramboo agreed. It was obviously safe and a great place to nap.

    They both soon fell asleep curled up in Tommy’s brooding pouch.

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    Reblog with how you think you’d get caught as a borrower.

    I’ll go first.

    I’d get caught because I’d be lonely and then risk my life trying to secretly hug the human. That or, I’d get caught trying to take a whole cookie for myself.

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    Giant!naga!tommy + tiny!SBI

    Did you expect fluff? Sorry blue

    (Warning safe vore and swearing)


    Tommy stayed still as he watched the humans walk through his forest. He was hidden hight up in a large tree watching, waiting for the perfect moment to jump on them. Human didn’t normally come into his forest but it was a special treat when they did. He slipped down the tree being careful not to make any sound. He hid behind the tree ready to jump the second the humans where in his reach.

    Tommy scrunched up and pounced on the group managing to grab one of them as they all ran from him. He chuckled as the brunette human in his fist struggled to away. He watch as the other two turned to see one of their group had been caught. He could see them hesitate to try and help their friend or keep running. Tommy grinned showing off his sharp fangs.

    Phil looked up hopelessly as he watched Willbur get caught. The naga had gotten him and he didn’t have anyway to help him. He looked to Techno not sure of what to do. They hadn’t seen the naga before they got jumped. They didn’t have any weapons ether.

    Tommy kept an eye on the others as he turned his attention to the human he caught. “Well hello.” He hissed bringing the human up close to his face making sure the human saw his fangs.

    Willbur struggled to get out of the tight fist as he was brought up to the nagas face. He flinched see how close he was to the nagas mouth. “Put me down!” He yelled trying to pull his arms out from being pressed into his sides.

    “Hummm... sorry, no can do. You see I caught you so now you know what happens now.” He smirked.

    “No!” Willbur shouted. He looked down at the ground to see his family still down there. “Go! Run!” He told them hoping they’d listen.

    “They wouldn’t make it far even if they did run.” He told the struggling human. He squeezed a little more on the humans body making them yelp. He chuckled seeing the humans panic. “Better get this over with then.”

    Tommy opened his mouth tilting his hand back to dangle the human above his open maw. He licked his teeth as he slowly lowered the human into his mouth.

    Will fought as best he could but he couldn’t get away. He was dropped into the naga hot, wet mouth. “No! Fuck let me go!” He screamed trying to crawl out of the giant maw.

    Tommy curled his tongue around the human pulling him back away from his teeth as he climbed his mouth. He hummed happily at the salty taste coating him in a layer of saliva. He smirked watching the humans friends on the ground starring up at him in surprise. He tilted his head back and swallowed.

    Techno yelled as they watched Willbur get eaten by the naga. He tried running forward to get to the naga, but Phil held him back shaking his head.

    Tommy sighed as he felt the human fall into his stomach. One down. Two more to go. “Ok then. Who’s next?” He asked the remaining humans. He bent down lowering himself to the ground. He reached out grabbing the human before the could run. “What no more fight left after you saw your friend get eaten?” He laughed as he held the blond one over his face getting ready to eat them too.

    Phil panicked kicking his legs out as he was lifted above the nagas mouth. “W-wait! Stop!” He struggled. They naga most definitely didn’t stop as he was suddenly dropped to not the mouth. He cried out as the tongue curled around him soaking him. He tried to fight back but he was exhausted and knew he wasn’t getting out of this. Hi sighed defeated as he felt gravity shift and tight muscles swallowed him down.

    Tommy smiled looking at his last human. “Your turn.” He said happily. He plopped the last one into his mouth and sucked on him like candy. He definitely tasted like a candy. This one definitely tasted the best out of all of them. The last human quickly gave up fighting letting Tommy do what he pleased. He played with the human a little more before sending him down to be with his family.

    Tommy smiled softly rubbing his stomach. He was back at his nest curled up happily with a full stomach. “Thank you guys for letting me hunt you.” He said softly.

    Willbur rolled his eyes. He leaned up on Techno rubbing Tommy’s stomach walls knowing how much he liked that. “Yeah no problem.” He said. “It’s good exercise.” Techno added.

    Tommy laughed softly. “Maybe we can do this again then?” He asked. He enjoyed hunting. But it was surprisingly fun to hunts his family. And he got a nice snack out of it.

    “Sure kid.” Phil chuckled. “We can do this again.” It had been a little scary to the humans. But they knew they where safe the whole time. They where just playing along with Tommy’s big bad hunter act.

    Tommy smiled. “I’m going to get some rest then.” He yawned. “I’m tired.”

    “Your tired? You weren’t chased by a naga through the forest.” Willbur teased him. But he curled up getting comfortable to take his own nap.

    Tommy hummed not responding to Will. He curled up in his nest wrapping his tail around himself. He rested his hands over his stomach. He was glad to have his family close to him.

    (Ha! You thought it was angsty?)

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    So a ask I had just disappeared or I accidentally deleted it. Put hopefully I got this close enough to the original ask- I think it was naga Sapnap and Karl. With duck hybrid Quackity with noms. Sorry I really don’t know what happened to the original ask. But hope you enjoy this.

    (Warnings: safe vore, mouth play, accidentally vore, accidentally fear play, talk of digestion nothing happens everyones ok)



    “Are you sure about this?” Karl asked the small hybrid in his hands.

    “Yep! I’m sure.” Quackity nodded excited.

    Karl looked nervously at Sapnap. Quackity had brought this up a few times now. And every time the nagas said it was a bad idea, but Quackity was stubborn and didn’t give up till Karl caved in. Puppy dog eyes might have been used.

    Sapnap shrugged. “I don’t know, he seems fine with it. Just be careful.” Sapnap told Karl. He wasn’t quite sure why Quackity wanted to see the inside of their mouths, but the duck hybrid practically begged them.

    Karl sighed looking back at his tiny boyfriend. “I really just don’t want to hurt you.” He said softly running a finger down Quackity’s back, petting his wings.

    “I know.” He said leaning into Karl’s touch. “But I know you won’t hurt me, I trust you.” He smiled looking up at the naga.

    Karl felt his heart swell with love hearing that Quackity trusted him this much. “Ok, but if you want out please tell me.” He said bringing Quackity closer.

    “Got it.” Quackity nodded. He was glad he finally got one of them to agree to this.

    Karl softly kissed Quackity’s middle and hesitantly opened his mouth.

    Quackity gasped as the mouth in front of him slowly opened up. He stepped closer feeling the warm breath wash over him. He placed a hand on the forked tongue crawling in. He grinned looking around Karl’s mouth. He felt around looking at the sharp teeth that surrounded him. But he held no fear as he reached out to touch on the the fangs.

    Karl froze feeling Quackity crawl into his mouth. He looked at Sapnap as he held his jaws open for Quackity. Sapnap was watching carefully not sure what to think of the situation. He was pretty sure his boyfriend was crazy for wanting to experience this.

    Karl was careful not to move, or more like he was to nervous to move. He felt Quackity touch one of his fangs and he panicked worried he’d cut himself. He wrapped his tongue around him pulling him away from the tooth. He quickly unwrapped his tongue from around Quackity worried he had done something wrong.

    Quackity gasped as the tongue he had been sitting on wrapped around him. He didn’t struggle though. He chuckled as Karl very quietly let him go. He patted the roof of the mouth. “I’m ok.” He reassured him. “I won’t touch the fangs.” He said realizing what Karl was worried over. He felt a soft breeze wash over him as Karl sighed. He laid in his back across Karl’s tongue. He reached up to feel the odd texture of the roof of the mouth. “Hey, Karl can you close your mouth? I want to see what it’s like.”

    Karl sighed relieved he hadn’t scared Quackity. He relaxed a little, till Quackity asked him to close his mouth. He looked worriedly at Sapnap.

    Sapnap shrugged. He could see Quackity laying on Karl’s tongue in his mouth. It- it was definitely strange to see. “It should be fine...?” Sapnap said. “He’s asking for it pretty much.”

    Karl was still worried about hurting Quackity, but he did close his mouth slowly.

    Quackity grinned as he saw the light fade as Karl closed his mouth. He rolled over on his stomach he stretched out his wing. They hadn’t even gotten wet, they where still soft and fluffy. He hugged Karl’s tongue just relaxing in be being so close to his boyfriend.

    Karl smiled softly as he felt Quackity hug his tongue. Maybe this wasn’t quite as bad as he thought. He was just keeping him close. It wasn’t like he was eating him or anything. Sapnap slithered closer to Karl the both getting more comfortable in the situation. And everything was fine, till Sapnap fell.

    Sapnap smiled softly. He trusted Quackity to not do anything to stupid and he just seemed to be using this as another very odd way to cuddle. He went over to get closer to Karl so he could cuddle Karl while he had their little duck. But his and Karl’s tails here twisted together and he slipped up and tripped over Karl’s tail and fell on him.

    He reached to try and grabbed Sapnap from falling on him. Karl gasped as he couldn’t keep the both of them up and they fell backwards with Sapnap on top of him. Something fell into the back of his throat keeping him from breathing and he instinctively swallowed it. Just as he did, did he realize what he had swallowed. “Sapnap!” He yelled.

    Sapnap huffed sitting up. “I’m fine. Sorry, sorry.” He said getting up from Karl. He looked down to see Karl’s panicked face. “Oh whoa, what wrong?!” He asked.

    “I- I it’s Quackity, I.... I swallowed...” he couldn’t finish his sentence. He lay frozen in his panic not sure what to do.

    “Oh shit!” Sapnap cursed. “Did you- where did you swallow him to? Can get him to your storage?!” He said pulling Karl up trying to get him out of his panic.

    Karl shook his head as he set up. He closed his eyes trying to feel where Quackity was. He sighed relieved that he could feel his light weight in his storage stomach. “I- yes. He’s in the right one.” He said softly hands over where Quackity was.

    Sapnap rested his forehead on Karl’s. At lest Karl’s instincts knew where to put Quackity. But Quackity had to be panicking right now, they had to get him out.

    Quackity was confused as he set in complete darkness. He had just been chilling in Karl’s mouth when suddenly he was thrown back into the throat and swallowed. He couldn’t move as he was pushed down. He had fallen into this small space soon after. He could stretch his arms out and touch ether side of where he was. Of course his first thought was that this was Karl’s stomach. But he’d seen both nagas eat before, no way was their stomachs this small. That and he hadn’t felt any pain from acids. Which was good, but he didn’t know why he had been swallowed.

    Sapnap cupped Karl’s face in his hands. “Can you try to talk to him? Tell him he’s ok?” He said softly. He wasn’t sure if Quackity could hear them talking.

    “I- I can try.” Karl sighed shakily. He looked down at where his hands rested. “Q-Quackity?” He said loudly. Even if he did hear him, how did he explain this was an accident?

    Quackity jumped a little hearing Karl speak. It sounded louder this close. “Yeah?” He replied. He pressed a hand against the wet wall next to him. “Uh, what happened?” He asked.

    Karl could hear Quackity! Quackity could hear him! He heard his question and winced. “Ummmm... Sapnap fell on me and- and I accidentally swallowed you.” He said voice getting softer at the end. “But! You’re ok in there I promise. It’s not a stomach not a real one.” He quickly said.

    Sapnap watched as Karl tried to explain what happened. He couldn’t hear what Quackity was saying. He didn’t like not knowing what was happening with Quackity.

    Oh, so that where he was. But he was more working about how panicked Karl sounded and how fast his heart was going. “Whao! Hey, I know it’s ok. I kinda already figured that out.” He said moving from his spot to lean against the silky wall.

    Karl paused. Why wasn’t Quackity freaking out more? He had just been eaten! He should be more worried! “But- how did you know?” He asked.

    Quackity shrugged. “This is way to small to be your stomach, and I’m not turning to mush. So there’s that.” He needed to get Karl to calm down. “And like I said, I know you would never hurt me. I trust you.”

    “I just ate you! How do you still trust me?!” Karl yelled. He was focused on the funny feeling of Quackity shifting around to notice Sapnap’s confused and worried face he was giving him.

    “Because I do!” Quackity yelled back. He stood up then slipped falling back down. “You didn’t even mean to swallow me. So deep down, your instincts knew I wasn’t good so you put me here.”

    “B-but-“ Karl started before getting cut off. “What’s going on?!” Sapnap demanded getting frustrated only hearing half of the conversation.

    Karl looked at Sapnap. “He’s not freaking out. Like at all. He says he trust me still..”

    “Well, that’s a good thing.” Sapnap said hesitantly. “Right?”

    “Hey! You talking to Sapnap?” Quackity asked shoving at the slick wall next to him.

    “Don’t do that!” Karl said flushing pink. “And yes, I’m talking to Sapnap about how crazy you are.”

    Sapnap was confused. But all this could be going a lot worse. He took Karl’s hands away from his stomach. “I want to listen.” He said pressing his ear to where Karl’s hands had been. “Quackity? You hear me?”

    Quackity gasped then jumped up to where he could hear Sapnap’s voice. “Yes! I can hear you! Can you hear me?”

    “Yeah I can! Now we can all talk.” He smiled. He glanced up at Karl chuckling at his red face.

    Karl set stunned as Sapnap pressed his face to his torso to hear their boyfriend. His whole face was red from the closeness.

    “Well that’s perfect. Now I can stay here longer.” He said pressing his hand against where he could feel Sapnap slightly pushing on him.

    “What?! Why would you stay longer?” Karl asked worried the whole experience had made Quackity lose his sanity.

    “Well first of, it’s very comfortable and warm. And I’m close to you. I mean I much closer could I get to the man I love them this?” He smiled rubbing the space around him.

    Karl couldn’t get a word out, he stuttered over his words a flush creeping up his neck. Sapnap laughed at Karl’s reaction. “Awww, he’s bright red now.” He told Quackity.

    Quackity laughed happily hearing this. “Oh? Is he really?” He smirked giving Karl more belly rubs.

    Karl covered his face as he felt Quackity rubbing his storage stomach. It felt so nice, and he couldn’t figure out why it did. He began to softly purr against his own will.

    “Awww, glad you’re enjoying this too.” Quackity teased hearing Karl start to purr. He could feel the soft vibrations all around him.

    Sapnap smirked up at Karl as he started to purr too. He was more relieved then anything that Quackity was ok and didn’t hate them for this. Well, he seemed a little more then ok with all this. Which they could talk about later. For now he wanted to enjoy cuddling with his boyfriends.

    The two nagas curled up around the other making sure Sapnap could keep his head on Karl’s torso to hear Quackity. Though none of them where saying much any more. Other then a small teasing comment from Quackity once and a while. They where tired from the scare from earlier and where all just happy to be with each other. And if Quackity was making a plan on how to get Sapnap to eat him while the two nagas where sleeping, only he needed to know that.

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    Heres my Techno cosplay. No one irl has any idea who this is so this is the only place where people might appreciate this…..

    I’ve been working on getting all the stuff for a while but now I have the whole thing and I’m really happy with it!!

    1085 notes • Posted 2021-07-02 22:34:31 GMT

    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

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    Wrote this to help get my writing juices flowing so I can catch up on asks. I love writing nagas, especially naga Dream.


    Meal Time

    Warnings for vore mention + fear of being eaten, mistreated tiny (naga Dream is treated like a pet and isn’t taken good care of.)

    Word Count: 2,750


    The second George is dropped into the tank he freezes, staring at the bundle of coils with wide eyes. The human who'd dropped him in just chuckles, tapping the glass once before leaving.

    Fuck, that's a SNAKE.

    When there's no movement from it, George slowly steps back, glancing around as he tries to figure out how to escape. None of the fake plants in here are tall enough for him to climb and the lid looks to be securely latched on, but maybe there's-

    The coils shift and George scrambles back, ducking inside the fake rock cave because that's the only hiding spot. It's big enough that the snake will probably be able to follow him, but. . .maybe it won't notice him. Maybe it'll go back to sleep and he can try to figure out how to escape.

    Luck isn't on his side, though. The snake continues to move, letting out a quiet hiss as it wakes up, and George flattens himself against the cave wall and hopes that because he can't see it, it won't be able to see him.

    It's a pet. Maybe it's not a good hunter, maybe it doesn't know how to track my scent.

    There's a quiet hum and then a voice mumbles a sleepy-sounding "what the fuck?" George's breath catches in his throat.

    Is there someone else trapped in here too? But that doesn't make sense, they sound like they just woke up, what-

    "That's definitely not a mouse," the voice mutters, sounding a bit more alert. George shudders when he hears scales brushing against the fake plants. "That- okay. Can you come out? So we can talk?"

    George's curiosity gets the better of him and he hesitantly pokes his head out, stiffening when his eyes lock with the snake's. Except it's not a snake, it- he doesn't know what they are. Some blend between person and snake and he feels pinned under their gaze the second he makes eye contact.

    They still look like they're probably big enough to eat him and he's already regretting revealing himself.

    "Great," the snake hisses when they get a good look at him, slowly lowering themself so that they're no longer rearing up. "That's great, you've gotta be fucking kidding me. You're not a mouse."

    "Um." George swallows, fighting the urge to duck back into hiding because he doesn't want to lose sight of them. Also, it's really hard to look away from their eyes. 

    He's not sure what to do. They seem upset but he isn't sure if that's a good or a bad thing. . .does it mean they won't eat him since he's not a mouse? Or were they just hoping for a mouse since that might be a slightly more filling meal than George would be?

    ". . .yeah, not a mouse," George eventually stammers. "And you're not a snake. Seems our first assumptions were both wrong."

    The snake sighs, coils bunching up. George prepares to leap back before realizing that they seem to be trying to appear smaller, not preparing to pounce. "I wish you were a mouse."

    George wrinkles his nose. "Okay, thanks I guess."

    "What? It's true." The snake gestures to their coils. "I'm willing to bet you're wishing I wasn't a snake."

    "Well, okay. . ." George clears his throat. "At- like, at first. But now I don't?"

    He can't help the way his voice trails off in a questions because he does wish that this guy wasn't a snake, wasn't a predator big enough to eat him. But, well. . .maybe that doesn't have to matter? They haven't attacked him so many them being part snake or whatever won't affect anything.

    Hopefully. They did wish that he was a mouse, after all, which means they're probably hungry. And that's definitely not a good thing.

    He's obviously not going to say any of this, of course, so he just stands and stares at the snake while they stare back at him.

    "Is it just you?" The snake asks. "Or did he capture a bunch of you guys to feed me? Please tell me it's just you, I- fuck. He'd better go back to feeding me animals."

    George quickly nods. "I, uh, it was just me. As far as I know, at least. So when he next feeds you, you'll get a yummy mouse or something and you won't have to worry about being hungry."

    The snake stares at him for a long time. George shifts his weight, a bit uncomfortable with how intently they're watching him.

    "I fucking hope so," they eventually hiss, turning away almost reluctantly. "But even then. . .that's a week of waiting. Fuck."

    They lash out, smacking a fake plant with their hand before turning and slithering over to the other side of the tank. George ducks back out of sight at the first sign of movement before hesitantly peering out again, watching them as they curl up.

    Now that he's looking, they seem pretty skinny. It's a bit hard to tell with the snake part of their body, but when looking at their back their spine is scarily visible underneath their skin. And yet they still didn't eat him.

    Wow, okay, that's. . .definitely a surprise. I'm certainly not going to complain though.

    George waits in the fake cave for several minutes, just in case the snake-person is just trying to get him to lower his guard. They seem to be breathing slowly, though, going still after they bundle up their coils to mostly hide their torso. 

    No wonder I thought they were a regular snake at first; they protect all their bare skin with their scaled coils while they sleep.

    Once George thinks it's safe, he slowly steps out into the open, constantly glancing over at the snake as he starts to explore the tank.

    It's not tiny but the snake's bundled coils take up nearly a quarter of the tank, so it's still much smaller than George is comfortable with. The rock cave takes up a whole other section but there's room for George to squeeze behind it, which might be a good hiding spot during an emergency as long as the snake isn't strong enough to move the cave.

    The snake's lying under some kind of human light; George thinks it's red, and when he moves a bit closer he feels a weak heat coming from it. He wishes he could lie underneath it since the rest of the tank's a bit chilly but there's no way he's getting any closer to the snake.

    There's what looks like a small water container in one corner of the tank near the snake's tail, made out of fake rocks and too shallow for George to do any kind of proper bathing in it if he ever felt like trying. The ground underneath his feet is made of shredded wood, too little to be able to burrow underneath, and the fake plants all look too thin to climb.

    He's definitely not going to be able to reach the mesh lid of the tank unless he manages to figure out how to climb the plants, unless. . .well, the snake looks like they're tall enough to reach. Why haven't they reared up and pushed the lid off by now, is there some kind of lock? George doesn't remember hearing one when he was dropped in here but he was a bit preoccupied by his approaching death so he might've missed it.

    How am I supposed to get out?

    He can't- the snake said a week. Does that mean they won't be given a mouse for a whole week? How often are snakes supposed to eat, are they going to lose control and attack him? And even if they don't, he's going to starve if he can't get out. He can't live off of raw mice once a week, and that's assuming the snake would be willing to share their only food with him.

    Surely the snake would be willing to cooperate with him to escape, right? They don't seem happy in here, there's no way they wouldn't work with him. Even if they're hungry enough to consider eating him. . .he might be their only chance of escape. There's no way they'd throw that away.

    George eyes the snake, trying to decide if it's worth the risk of waking them up to try talking with them. He eventually decides not to because pissing them off would definitely not help things, so instead he tries to see if he can make some kind of weapon. He's not sure if he plans to use it against the snake or the human, but it would be nice to have.

    . . .what will the human do to him if they figure out the snake didn't eat him? Would they let him g- unlikely, very unlikely. If they realize he survived, they'll probably have some other horrible fate in store. They might decide to keep him as a pet or maybe they'll try feeding him to a different predator.

    George got lucky with this one, he knows he has. He doesn't know how long it'll last, though; eventually the snake will get hungry enough to eat him. 

    They're a predator, they need to eat. It's just a fact of life. That doesn't mean George is just gonna sit around and let it happen, though.

    He has no luck finding any weapons. There are a few splinters mixed in with the shredded wood ground but there's no way they'd do any damage to a human, let alone get through this snake's scales. There aren't any hiding spots where the snake wouldn't eventually be able to reach him, either.

    If they attack him, he's screwed. There's no getting away or defending himself.

    George lets out a shaky breath, eyeing the water dish. He wants to get a drink and the best time would be while the snake's asleep, but he's nervous about getting close to them in order to do that. He would have to walk around them and he'd easily be within reach.

    I should do it now, while they're still asleep. If I wait any longer, I might not have a chance.

    He creeps over, watching the snake the whole time. Their coils are all bundled up to the point that they almost look like a ball, their chest and arms and head buried in the center of those coils. Based on how thick those coils are, they're definitely big enough to eat him.

    The scariest part is stepping over the end of their tail; he practically leaps over it to avoid touching it, wincing when he lands and rustles the shredded wood, but the snake just lets out a breath and adjusts their coils slightly before going still again.

    Okay, okay, they're asleep. 

    The water dish is shallow and in the corner of the tank; George is forced to crouch with his back to the snake in order to drink. He scoops up a handful of water, glancing over his shoulder every few seconds to make sure the snake hasn't budged, and takes a long sip.

    It doesn't taste good, but he wasn't expecting it to. He's just glad it isn't dirty.

    This is the first drink he's had all day and he drinks several more handfuls, wanting to keep his stomach full to stave off the eventual hunger pangs. He's used to going a day or two without eating so he'll be fine for a bit, but it's always best to stay ahead. Plus, he doesn't know when he'll next be able to drink.

    How much do snakes sleep? Are they nocturnal? Is this snake just going to wait until night to ambush and eat him?

    Fuck, I'm not going to be able to sleep, am I. They might just be waiting for me to lower my guard.

    George doesn't know if he'd be harder to swallow than a mouse, but that could definitely be a part of the snake's reasoning for waiting to kill him. Although. . .surely they wouldn't have much trouble crushing him in their coils. Maybe they were being genuine about not wanting to eat him, or at least not being desperate enough to eat him yet.

    George sighs, wiping his hands dry on his shirt before standing up. He'll probably try and hide behind the fake rock cave, because-

    The snake's coils have relaxed slightly and George can see one narrowed yellow eye watching him.

    He scrambles back, yelping when his back hits the glass wall of the tank and he realizes he's still within striking distance. The snake huffs and starts to uncoil and George sprints for the cave, half-expecting for fangs to sink into his spine.

    He reaches the cave and flattens himself against the back wall, breath catching in his throat when he realizes that he's just cornered himself. He should've gone behind, not inside, but he was just thinking about getting away as quickly as possible.

    George shudders when he hears the snake slither closer, watching the entrance with wide eyes as he waits to see what they're going to do. Will they reach in to grab him, or will they use their coils to crush him?

    They don't do either. He can hear their scales sliding against the fake stone before they speak. "Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you."

    "I'm sure," George mutters, refusing to let his guard down. "Then why'd you follow me?"

    He jerks back when the snake's face comes into view; they squint at him, tongue flicking out before they put their elbows on the ground and rest their chin on their hands.

    "Because I'd like to talk. I'd sure you wanna get out of here just as badly as I do, right?" The snake asks. George slowly nods. "Well, I can reach the latch for the top of the cage but I can't open it. You might be able to, though."

    George frowns, wary. ". . .how come you can't open it?"

    The snake reaches into the cave; George hisses out a startled curse, jerking back, and they go still. "Your hands are smaller than mine, you can probably fit more than just your fingers through the mesh roof. I can stick my fingers through but can't get the latch. I could lift you up to open it."

    "That's. . .actually a really good idea," George eventually says, squinting at their hands. He can see where some of the skin is raw, presumably from them forcing their fingers through the mesh to try and get at the latch. "And then what?"

    The snake furrows their brows. "What?"

    "I mean, how do I know you'll let me go?" George asks. "Instead of just using me as an edible lockpick?"

    The snake wheezes, eyes squeezing shut for a moment. "An edible- okay, no, I wouldn't eat you. Why would I? A full belly would just slow down my escape and I'd rather just wait until I'm out and catch a mouse or lizard. I don't eat prey that can talk."

    George nods. "Okay. I guess let's do it, then?"

    "Wha- no, we can't right now," the snake blurts out. "We have to wait until the human's gone. If they catch us doing it, they'll replace the lock with a better one. We only have one chance, we can't screw this up."

    "Will they leave in the morning?" George asks.

    The snake shrugs. "They don't leave every day. We'll have to wait and see."

    Which. . .okay, that's annoying. But at least now George knows that the snake has a reason to keep him alive, so they probably won't eat him. Hopefully.

    "Okay." The snake doesn't make any moves to leave and George frowns. ". . .go back to your hot rock."

    "I'm Dream," the snake says, completely ignoring him. George thinks about throwing a handful of shredded wood at them. "What's your name?"

    It won't do any harm to tell them, I guess.

    "George. Now go away and let me sleep," he grumbles, The snake wheezes again before turning around and leaving, curling up on their rock underneath the light.

    George closes his eyes and slows down his breathing. He has no plans to sleep but he wants to see if the snake is actually going to keep their word.

    Nothing. Several minutes pass and George opens his eyes again.

    The snake seems to be asleep, curled up on the rock. George watches them, his blinks slowly getting heavier and heavier, and without meaning to he drifts off and falls asleep too.


    I might write more for this au and if I do, there’ll probably be two or three more chapters. There will be vore in later chapters if I do write them.

    Now I’m off to go work on asks! I just wanted to share something since I’ve been pretty inactive recently.

    #g/t#mcyt gt#mcyt g/t #giant!dream #tiny!george #giant naga #naga giant!dream #naga!dream #vore mention#my stuff#my writing #meal time au
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    #Kai#my oc #there are secret others #or ones I just make up on the spot for when I want to #I disappoint many by not being interested in size stuff #GT/Micro and the like #I am more interested in the belly #So...I'll say I'm a shower not a grower #Yes I made that as a joke #show off that belly #don't grow tall #ha #made myself laugh #vore mention#belly kink
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    Demonic chains part 2

    Notes: Da Da Da! Part 2 of how the fuck do demons work featuring a confused Tommy. Sorry for the lack of stories lately, I promise I’ve been working on things I’ve just been very unmotivated to write. But we got like several new aus in the works idjwijiiwja

    Warnings: Mentions of death, implied vore? Demons and stuff. (Mostly just fluff though if I’m honest)

    Words: 3.5K+ 

    Previous Part

    The blinding light of the window woke him up slightly, he was in a plane of being in and out of consciousness, he turned his head in favour of getting away from the sun, only for it to dawn on him that the spot was much less comfortable than his previous position.

    It was him against the sun, should he face it in favour of comfort? Or face the inevitable and stay in bed and sleep in a slightly less comfortable position? Or get up entirely? That was the thought that caused his brain to process, causing him to wake up slightly.

    He groaned and turned his head as he attempted to go back to sleep, but as the minutes passed, a realisation hit him. Every time he moved, there was a slight weight in the bed with him. Someone was in the fucking bed with him.

    But who could it be? None other than Ranboo, the demon that had somehow managed to convince him to form a contract and maybe even befriend was lying in the bed beside him. But the weight wasn’t entirely beside him, more so at the bottom of the be.

    He questioned it because wasn’t Ranboo the same height as him? How the fuck was he at the bottom of the bed on a single? He wanted answers. So, he sat up in a huff as he looked down at the sight before him.

    The demon was curled up like a cat, surely breaking some form of anatomy as he managed to barely fit onto the bed comfortably. Surprisingly, he didn’t take up much of the blanket. His tail wagged in a back-and-forth motion, happily. Jesus, this fucking bitch was like a cat, wasn’t he?

    A small mumble of “Bitch.”, escaped his throat as he stared down angrily at the demon. He barely knew the guy and he felt comfortable just to sleep in his bed? A plan formed in his head, the demon was sleeping comfortably, meaning he was left vulnerable.

    Meaning that he could be scared…

    He carefully moved from under the bedsheets, creeping ever so closer towards the demon. A smirk emerged on his features as he held back a giggle. He leaned over the demon, ready for a quick dodge if need be.

    He shoved at the demon as hard as he could and yelled at the top of his lungs, “GET OFF MY BED, BITCH!”. A massive yelp escaped the demon as he jumped, he almost hit the ceiling as he landed on the ground with a thud.

    Tommy was practically bawling his eyes out on the bed, laughing hysterically. While the demon was rubbing his head to soothe his now aching skull. “W-what was that for?”, the demon asked with utter confusion.

    Tommy attempted to hold off, his laughter “I- I can’t”. The demon stood up and shook off any dirt that had been caught on his suit, attempting to ruffle out any wrinkles along with it. Huffing out in frustration as he glared at Tommy, not in a malicious way though.

    Then a plan made its way into Ranboo’s head, and with a smirk, he approached the teenager. Tommy continued his fit of laughter, completely defenceless as Ranboo could attack him at any moment. And so, Ranboo moved quickly, wrapping his arms around Tommy as he picked up onto his shoulder.

    Tommy’s laughter halted as he was held a baby by the demon. He struggled in the grasp in an attempt to escape as he yelled out profanities, only for Ranboo to laugh as he brought the two of them out the room and into the still renovating kitchen.

    The boys' struggles and punches on his shoulders had no aid to help him as he tried to escape, his struggle seized as he slumped against the demon’s shoulder. It only made the demon giggle, as he placed Tommy on the floor, gesturing for him to sit down at the table.

    “I’m not a fucking child.”, mumbled the grumpy morning teenager, leaning his head against his arms on the table. The sight over reminded Ranboo of a pouty child, “You sure do behave as if you were one though.”.

    Tommy’s eyes widened in rage as he stared at the demon, who was staring back at him with a shit-eating grin… He let out a huff but did not attempt to stand up against the demon, since he was in fact a demon. That would most likely be hell, pun intended.

    The demon seemed to notice the behaviour change but didn’t question it. He only made his way into the kitchen, searching through the cabinets and fridge in order to find food. “Uhm- It appears you don’t have much food in these cabinets. Perhaps a shopping trip is in order?”.

    Tommy only nodded; he hadn’t really had the chance to go shopping yet. He was actually planning it yesterday but then the whole demon situation came up. The demon continued to search for food, finally finding some bread and butter, not only that but some ham in the fridge to make a fresh ham sandwich.

    As he prepped the small meal, Ranboo hummed a small song. It sounded like an oddly familiar song, one he had heard before. It soothed the awkward silence between the two, offering a bright and welcoming atmosphere to the rundown apartment.

    “That sounds familiar…”, he mumbled. But the demon’s ears twitched and turned to look at Tommy with a smile. “Really? I hadn’t thought you’d recognise it; it’s called Vibrant Eyes. The tune has been a common lullaby for children since when I was- Never mind.”.

    The demon seemed distraught at what he was about to mention, but it seemed like a sensitive subject, so he hadn’t dared bring it back up. Instead, he changed topics. “Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure some kid would sing it now and again.”.

    Ranboo seemed to catch interest in that topic as his ears perked back up, “Oh? A child? Were they a friend or something?”, “No. Just a kid I shared a room with back at the home. He’d sing it to the younger kids to help them fall asleep.”.

    Ranboo hummed, “And how did you end up in the foster home? If you don’t mind me asking?”. Tommy simply turned his face with a scowl, not responding. Ranboo seemed to pick up that fact and didn’t bother to question it further. Perhaps it was ignorant to ask them the subject so soon.

    He had only known them for a short amount of time after all. He quickly finished the sandwich and laid it on the table for Tommy to eat. He stared at it for a moment, contemplating before asking him, “Aren’t you going to eat?”.

    “Oh, Demons don’t really require human food to eat. It can sustain our hunger for a short while but I’m not hungry. I ate not too long before you summoned me”. That answered some questions Tommy had, he simply nodded and ate the sandwich.

    Ranboo sat beside him, watching him eat every bite intensely. He tried to ignore it but the stare from the demon couldn’t help but bring the feeling as if something were judging him for every sin he had ever committed like he was the guiltiest man alive.

    He shook it off as his nerves acted up, he quickly gobbled it up and glared at the demon when he had finished it, only to see one of the friendliest smiles he had ever seen. It had no ill intent, it was genuine, a rare sight to see.

    He turned his head, “You said we have to go shopping?”. The demon snapped out whatever trance he was in and jumped slightly, before replying. “Right! Let’s head out then, shall we?”. The demon stood up and made his way to the front door.

    But the thing is, that wasn’t the point he was trying to bring up. He was trying to bring up the fact that Ranboo looked like a demon, wouldn’t others see him? He stood there completely confused as he stared at Ranboo.

    Ranboo turned back to Tommy with the same confusion, wondering why he wasn’t being followed. “Is everything alright?”. “I- How are you supposed to go out looking like that?”, Ranboo continued to stare at Tommy confused before realising what he meant.

    “Whoops, I almost forgot I would need a disguise”. The demon pinched his nose in frustration, “One moment”. He whispered slight incoherent words again before he was once again silhouetted black as his form changed.

    In front of him was now a more humanoid looking individual with brown hair, slightly pointy ears and the same eyes, only now more human-like. If Tommy looked close enough, he swore he could see some pointy fangs on the demon.

    But, if Tommy didn’t know Ranboo was a demon, he’d say it was a pretty good surprise although slight demon traits were still visible. “How about this?”, the demon asked. But one thing caught Tommy’s attention about the disguise, he was still wearing the suit.

    Tommy simply pointed at his clothes, and with a snap of Ranboo’s fingers, he was in a nice tightly knit white sweater. “Apologises, anyways how about we get going now?”. He offered his hand to Tommy, but he didn’t take it, instead, he pushed past the demon and lead the way.

    As they exited the apartment building, Ranboo seemed to be in awe of the view. Basking in the sunlight with a smile on his features as he took in the industrial looks of the city. It didn’t look too bad with the plant life, but it wasn’t all that taken care of like the more popular and richer parts of the city.

    Ranboo seemed happy nonetheless and quickened his pace to catch up with Tommy, watching as pigeons and crows flew by to pick up whatever crumbs they could that were left on the ground, it was peaceful, and Tommy liked that fact.

    They wandered through the city streets, eventually making it to a way more populated place of the city as multiple shops lined the streets. They were now out shopping, instead of entering one of the smaller shops, they entered the main big one on the corner which would be much easier to get food from.

    As they entered, Ranboo was appalled at the sight of the shop, it was brustling with people trying to get their daily food, but Ranboo wasn’t staring at the people. He was staring at the moment of food laid out on each and every shelf that seemed to go off for miles on end.

    “Wow, I’ve never seen so much food in one place”, he mumbled under his breath. Which only gained a laugh from Tommy as he picked up a basket and began to wander through the maze of the shop.

    Through the journey of the market, Ranboo would continuously bring different foods to Tommy’s attention. And he seemed most interested in M&Ms once Tommy explained what they were to him. So, a packet of M&Ms laid in the basket along with several other food items, including the spaghetti.

    For some reason, Ranboo really wanted the spaghetti…

    They made their way to the checkout, the cashier scanning every item. Before announcing the total, “That’ll be £67.74, please”. Okay, that was way over his budget. His eyes widened with panic, “Is there a-“ before the cashier could continue though, Ranboo pulled out some money from seemingly nowhere.

    “There’s no problem, ma’am. Here you go!”. Ranboo smiled as he picked up the groceries, a startled Tommy following behind him. “How did you?-“, the only response he got was a wink from the demon, seemingly hinting at something. Maybe it was the deal?

    As they finally exited the shop, Tommy was exhausted from having to deal with a very energetic demon. Ranboo continued his bright energy as he continued to lead the way for the two, despite having no idea where to go.

    “How about something to eat? Surely you’re hungry.”. Right, food. He was honestly hungry; he wasn’t sure the last time he had a proper meal. Tommy nodded in response as Ranboo began to scan the area.

    “Anywhere to eat in particular. I see a place called M-C-Donalds?”, “It’s pronounced Mac-Donalds, and sure we can go there.”. The two then entered the building, ordering a takeaway meal as the two ordered some burgers. Ranboo ended up paying for the meal again.

    The two then sat outside on a bench next to each other, Ranboo happily digging into his burger as if he had never eaten such a thing before, it made Tommy question. “Have you never had a burger before?”.

    Ranboo looked to Tommy and finished his bite, “Demons rarely eat humanoid foods, I haven’t eaten many human foods from this period. It’s a definite improvement from when I was-“, he cut himself off again. This time though Tommy picked up on the topic, “From when you were alive?”.

    “Yeah- I prefer not to get into the topics of my death. Though, sometimes I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be alive again. Demons aren’t exactly the same from when they were alive”. Tommy simply responded with a hum and allowed Ranboo to continue to ramble.

    “Ever since I became a demon, the first thing I could only really do as a weak demon was form as many contracts as possible. That was the case until someone took me in, my brother.”, “Who is your brother?”.

    Ranboo seemed to perk up at that question, “Oh, you’re interested in my family? Well, I guess I could tell you so you can get to know me some more. His name is Dream, I’ve practically known him for about a century now. He’s nice, I think you’d like him.”.

    Ranboo smiled, so did Tommy in return. Ranboo seemed more human than he actually was, in fact; dare he admit it, they were practically bonding. He surprisingly got along with this demon really well.

    In fact, he could feel a small spike of happiness that he could feel from his heart. It didn’t feel like him though, rather it felt like somebody else. He looked to Ranboo with a confused expression, only to get another smile from the demon as he stood up. “Isn’t it about time we head home?”.

    Ranboo once again offered his hand to Tommy, using his free one as the other carried like 4 bags of groceries. Was Ranboo that strong? Well, he didn’t wanna mess with that then. For some reason though, he felt obligated to take it. So, he did as Ranboo lead them back home that he managed to memorise.

    It was a nice moment, he felt comfortable as he held Ranboo’s hand. He didn’t feel the peering eyes of the public, only for his attention to be focused on Ranboo and his thoughts. Ranboo was in no doubt a strong ass demon, one that could kill him at any moment.

    Even the moment they met, Ranboo could’ve just taken his soul or crushed him with his giant claw but now, now he just looked like your average human. He had no intention of hurting Tommy, in fact, it seemed they had been friends this entire time.

    Perhaps he could open up to the demon?

    Tommy leaned against his TV, attempting to fit in the cables so he could set up his gaming console of the Nintendo Wii. It was an old console, but it still held plenty of entertainment value. He had plenty of second-hand games with it, along with many movies. So, he had plenty to do in his spare time.

    Ranboo entered the living room with two dishes, and it smelt delicious. He set one of the plates on the coffee table and dug into his own plate of spaghetti. He simply watched with amusement as Tommy continued to struggle to plug it in.

    Eventually, though, he managed and Ranboo seemed confused at the remote he used. Watching as he booted up Mario Kart. “What in the name of the afterlife is that?”, “Mario Kart, it’s a game”, he spoke in-between slurps of spaghetti.

    Ranboo looked at him dumbfounded and worried, “Don’t eat so quickly! You could-“, Tommy already finished the meal and picked up the remote again, “Lemme show you.”. He spoke as he set up the game.

    Ranboo observed as he played the game with intrigue, asking questions along the way such as “How does it work?” or “It’s all in that box called the TV?”. Eventually, Ranboo finished his own plate and Tommy offered him a controller, allowing Ranboo to join him at the game.

    They both played the game, Tommy laughing at Ranboo’s attempts at the game. He continued to crash into a wall and drive backwards, thinking rotating the controller would help as he continued to crash. He got last place.

    But his frustration stopped as he smiled at Tommy, seeing him happy. He was still wearing the white sweater from earlier; he seemed a lot more comfortable than his suit. It was a nice bonding experience.

    He smiled back at his friend and yawned and sprawled out on the couch, his legs catching Ranboo’s lap that didn’t allow him to move. Ranboo simply hummed as with a snap of his fingers, the plates disappeared, and the TV turned off. Saving them both the energy of getting up.

    Tommy didn’t bother questioning it at this point. He was a demon, magic, and such. Although he still had some questions that had yet to be answered. And Ranboo seemed to want to show him something.

    “Hey Tommy”, he got the boy’s attention. “Before you go to sleep, could I perhaps show you something?”. Tommy mumbled under his breath and sat up, “What is it?”. Ranboo then leaned in closer to Tommy, grasping one of his hands as the other laid on his chest.

    There, he could feel his heartbeat, not only that but a sort of pulsing from under Ranboo’s hand. It was different from his heartbeat. “Do you feel that?” Ranboo asked which then turned to a hum. The hand then gently tugged at his chest and pulled something out from it.

    It was bright as it emerged from his chest. He stared at it bewildered, what on earth was that?! Ranboo could only smile at Tommy’s expression and brought the thing he held to his chest, carefully cradling it with his arms.

    “This is your soul.”, Ranboo looked at it with a smile. Though something felt off, he began to feel even more tired suddenly as he slumped against Ranboo’s shoulder. Though, he could still listen to Ranboo.

    Ranboo laughed, “It appears you’re too tired to process your energy without your soul. Don’t worry, you’re fine. I’m your contractor, after all, your soul is safe in my hands.”. His other hand moved to bring Tommy closer to him, in an attempt to cuddle on the couch.

    “It’s a bright red, which often means ambition. You’re quite the determined human, aren’t you?”, the tone was gentle. And he returned his soul to his chest, “Goodnight, Tommy.”.

    Ranboo was warm as he snuggled against him, he wasn’t sure why, but he trusted the Demon. He could feel the demon curl his hair as he fell into sleep with a smile.

    He hadn’t returned as quickly as they had thought, usually, his contracts were a one-day deal and then he’d return home to them, it made him pouty when he hadn’t seen his husband in more than one day. After all, they were husbands. Although platonically for financial benefits.

    He slumped against their coach, the long tail with fur at the end wagged around in frustration. Tubbo was an animal hybrid much like his husband, although he had a more goat-like appearance, much like many others in his family chain.

    The demon had goat ears, horns and even legs like a goat. But he was still humanoid, showing he was much weaker in power compared to his husband. Although, what he lacked in power he made up for in strength.

    He adorned a simply green button-up, a small winter cape on the top. Although goat-like in appearance, he had a set of four horns and his hooves were much more shaped like fluffy claws. Not only that but his eyes were very much unique.

    They were shaped like nuclear symbols and if he were to be enraged or in danger, the symbols on his eyes would become a lot clearer. And right now, he was in a state of whether he should be worried about his husband.

    He decided on a spell that would allow eyes onto the human’s realm. He prepared the incantation and rune of the spell and whispered the name of who he wished to see. There the rune lit up, transforming into an eye-like shape before becoming a literal eye into the other world.

    There laid his husband on a couch, with a human laid beside him sleeping. The human had somewhat long hair that was pulled back into a small ponytail. He wore a red hoodie, along with a pair of shorts. His knees were covered in plasters and ruined shoes.

    Had his husband befriended a human? He rose an eyebrow. Well, this would certainly be interesting…

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    Grading criteria:
    How safe? Stomach quality? vibes????
    -/10 system
    Warning: fatal vore is mentioned in this one, skip Brachydios if that is a dni/trigger for you

    First group: Flagships part 2 [mh3-mh4]

    Lagiacrus: 2/10 cold and painful

    They aren't notorious for being very aggressive or very passive, so I wanna say you could come out fairly untouched (more on that in a moment

    Tummy however likely is pretty cold, like shivering cold if you're in there long enough

    A tight squeeze too- this is a leviathan all that swimming builds a strong core-

    you are gonna come out fairly damaged from the electricity coursing through its organs, however-

    I love the idea of the vibes but really it's just cold and painful

    Zinogre: 3/10 painful but spacious

    Very territorial and aggressive = your getting hurt pretty damn bad

    Lots of space to stretch out and relax

    At low charge inside is very warm and comfortable

    At higher charges, you can feel the electricity and it starts to smell a bit burn inside

    Mega painful but surprisingly comfy when they aren't charged

    Brachydios: 1/10 you literally die

    This is an angry walking nuclear reactor- I'd hate to say this is likely a fatal- you could die before even getting to the gullet

    Tummy is warm because of the slime mold saliva and quite comfy

    However that same slime is extremely explosive after attaching to a hunter, so unless you get out quick and use some deodorant- that's gonna be your last nap

    Gore Magala: 7/10 if you aren't infected then A+

    Know as a literally walking plague- however frenzy does effect hunters differently

    As long as you arent touching most of it's outsides then you can likely avoid the frenzy

    This thing is boarder line an elder dragon so I imagine the tummy a superb

    Big and spacious that will tighten up when ever it's being super active

    There is however the chance that this things saliva has frenzy in and in that case your likely gonna need some recovery time afterwords

    Seregios: 5/10 Ratha clone

    they are meant to be a rival to Rathalos and honestly, they're pretty similar

    you might get a little more scraped up than with Rathalos

    they are a fire element but they don't use any fire attack, so I'm gonna use that to justify super warm stomach!

    overall just Ratha

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