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  • IndeedUSA , How to post US jobs for Free #indeedusa #usjobs

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  • everyone @ harry’s hoodie: nO


    #sidemen#w2s#harry lewis#wroetoshaw #i love his fashion sense #no srly can some hook me up?!
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  • both my bf and my mom had 2 cut me off today becuase i wa talking too much lmao i feel so gross

    #esp cuz like...im on THAT cycle #i almost cried immediately both times #i know i cant help it but #im just trying to help. my mom was trying to find my W2 #and my bfs package was late so i tried calling and seeing and they were busy so im just *lays down*
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  • I decided to send canon Viri out with H2-W2. This is the droid companion that randomly drops in the Nathema flashpoint (I’ve never done anything but story, and that’s where she acquired it!). 

    It’s actually a really good companion. At influence level 20 it had no problem keeping up. Added bonus: one of its healing abilities includes these rainbow spheres. 

    And as per the lore, this seems to be made with Medriaas tech, which is fascinating. 

    H2-W2: The Hunter Seeker
    Salvaged and serviced by Alliance engineers, this probe droid uses ancient technology from Nathema’s original inhabitants. 

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  • they really did my baby harry dirty in the new vid nahhh

    #his jumper was cute af fuck yall #harry lewis#wroetoshaw#w2s#sidemen#sdmn
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  • Harry’s pink jumper got done dirty 😂

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  • image

    I’m so in love with Harry🥺look at his smile uwu❣️

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  • i’m so WHIPPED for harry and his smile jeez

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  • Awww Harry’s lil face when Freezy and Gib were describing him and his body in the new Freezy vid 

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  • best quote out of the latest more sidemen vidoe; don’t talk bad about iggy azalea!

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  • high

    Harry Lewis (wroetoshaw) X Reader.

    not requested, i was listening to CALM again and my fav song high inspired me to write something a little different. im extremely unsure if im happy with how this turned out, but if I don’t post it now i never will. i am SCARED

    in no way is this written to glamourise drug use, or it isn’t an accurate description of harry either.

    a little bit angsty? idk

    word count; 1.7k

    warnings; drug use.


    i hope you think of me high

    You sat on the balcony of your apartment, overlooking the illuminated skyline of London, reminiscing of the times Harry sat beside you.

    The joint you lit was burning slowly between your fingers, the effects hit you instantly as your breathing slowed and your eyes began to close. The smoke made pretty patterns in front of you, staring as the gentle breeze moved the grey mist in such a capitaviting manner.

    The last time you had seen Harry was on this very balcony, after he came to collect his belongings from your house which held all of your memories together. Harry kept the keys for a few weeks after the breakup, so when he texted you that he was coming to pick up what he had left, you told him to let himself in. You made the effort to fold his remaining clothes and belongings into a box to minimise the time near each other, and sat on the same balcony with a blunt in your right hand as Pink Floyd played lightly through your phone.

    He stepped out onto the space where you sat, meaning to grab the decor ashtray which was kept on the glass table beside you. The resin piece had daisies enclosed inside it - your favourite flower. He bought it so that when he was smoking alone, he could always have a little piece of you with him.

    You turned your head to look up at him. His blue green pupils were rimmed with red and shimmered under the morning sunlight, a time when you were used to being asleep in his arms. But, Instead of lifting the ashtray like he had planned to, he sunk into his usual space on the seat beside you.

    “This is for you.” Harry said, handing you a small leather notebook. You recognised it, Harry often spent hours with it but you never remembered to ask what it contained. You assumed it was maybe video ideas, or designs a new merch line. You accepted gracefully, and without a word or making any eye-contact.

    “I’ll miss this.” He mumbled, looking into the early morning sky as you passed him the joint in your hand, inhaling the smoke, “I’ll miss us.”

    A bittersweet smile made its way to your face as you remembered the last time you had seen your ex. The bright lights of the city could keep you out here for hours, and it did so. You spent almost every night like this after the breakup, and every night your head pondered to think if Harry was doing the same.

    i hope you think of me highly

    You never held onto the anger over the breakup. Maybe it was your constant state of being under the influence, or maybe it was the love you held in your heart for Harry, but the hurt never affected your true feelings for the boy.

    The relationship slowly declined after a few months. The only thing you and Harry learned to do together was get high, so when you had to spend time together sober, both of you became more introverted and grew irritable with each other. It became so commonplace that when it wasn’t there, that original charm of the relationship wasn’t either and the love slowly fizzled out.

    The sober fights you had became repetitive, and never got resolved. It took months upon months to realise that it was deteriorating the connection you had as it became so easy to light up and distract from the issues. The very thing that brought you so close together was able to tear you straight back apart, and the grip the substance had on the both of you, was quite frankly terrifying.

    You opted for indica strains. The full body europhia you felt as the drug made its way through your system was like no other. The amplified feelings changed your relationship with physical intimacy, every single touch to your sensitive skin felt like an electrical shock shooting through your body and you revelled in the feeling of it. Even the most gentle touched caused full body vibrations.

    The euphoria that came with it didn’t come unaccompanied however. That feeling of physical intimacy could only ever be achieved with the help of the drug, and although you didn’t notice the problem as you didn’t find yourself sober often enough, it meant that it was hard for you and Harry to share those moments without the help of something that was only supposed to be a little bit of fun.

    Harry was a sativa kind of man instead. Creativity was the main reason, but you never noticed how effective it was. It’s easy to let things slip your mind, so that day when he finally gave you the leather notebook he spent countless hours sketching in, your heart broke itself into two and never seemed to fix itself.

    The pages were full of carefully sketched pictures of you, in your natural position beside him. The drawings entailed the love shared between you. The way he made your eyes light up even through the grey toned of pencil showed you in the most beautiful way anything ever had. He signed Harry Lewis x at the bottom of every page, like a real artist would.

    It wasn’t long before your tears had ruined the artwork, the lead smudged across the page from the moisture of the droplets on the paper. The pure love he held for you was so easily demonstrated through the book you held in your hand, and it took you this long to realise that it was only ever you that he needed.

    The abuse of the substance didn’t come consequence free for Harry, either. When he didn’t have it in his system, the creativity and work ethic he had faltered and he had no motivation to pursue his youtube channel like he used to, much to the disappointment of his colleagues, friends, and fans.

    You smiled whenever you saw his name pop up online or when you heard kids walking past, discussing the latest sidemen video. Every happy memory you held together acted like a dam for the miserable moments, and although you were kidding yourself and everyone else, you refused to admit the bad moments that happened.

    When you walked alongside the Thames alone, it was as if he was right there beside you as the feeling of his larger hands holding onto yours was permanently burnt into the soft skin of your palms.

    When you listened to the radio, every song reminded you of him and the happy nights spent together. Every melancholy love song somehow related to your situation but, you never let the feelings cloud your memories of him.

    when you’re with someone else

    The usual form of distraction that you used didn’t manage to tear your mind away from Harry, so another alternative had to be found.

    Strangers had found their way to Harry’s side of the bed frequently the weeks following the breakup. In a desperate bid to distract yourself from the heartache of not having him beside you, a temporary replacement of the intimacy you shared helped ease the pain momentarily.

    Although the whole point was to get Harry off of your mind, the sour taste left in your mouth afterwards only reminded you of the emptiness you felt without him besides you.

    When you spotted Harry sitting at a table with an unknown woman in the bar you frequented often as a couple, it was quite a shock to the system to see his approach to healing was similar to yours.

    The usual blue sparkle in his eyes was nowhere to be seen, instead his eyes were bloodshot and heavy as he looked unamused with the conversation he was partly involved in.

    You sat across the man that had taken Harry’s spot for the time being, attempting to pay attention to him but your eyes stayed fixated on the boy across the bar.

    Harry’s restlessness was always something that had annoyed you, but when his eyes began to scan around the bar as he tried to drown out his date, you had never been more thankful for it as you desperately waited for him to glance in your direction.

    And that’s when his eyes finally met yours again. The teal pupils burned straight into your (E/C) ones as the rest of the room had started to blur and it was only you two left.

    The confused boy quickly excused himself from the table he was at, profusely apologising to his date before he beelined towards the smokers garden outside. Seeing him leave the room again ached the same as it did as he left your apartment for the last time and you couldn’t get the thought out of your head.

    “I, uh - I have to go, I’m sorry.” You spluttered to the man across from you, slapping thirty pounds on the wooden table in front of you to cover the small bill before you chased after that boy you hadn’t seen in so long.

    His messy brunette hair looked the same as it always did, as his head was hanging over the neck of the seat he was on, a large cloud of smoke emerging from his soft pink lips.

    As much as your heart was longing for you to walk over to Harry, for you to try and reconcile the love you shared, your sober brain instructed your feet to keep walking.

    And so you did.

    You walked away from the bar and away from Harry who didn’t notice you walk past, your feet instead carried you along the Thames on your way home.

    You hastily grabbed the small bag of Marijuana that you kept in your hand-bag, and tossed it into the vast body of murky water which glistened below you.

    Maybe you and Harry would meet again, and maybe you would learn to love each other as people again, but that was never going to happen unless you both learned to love yourself without the help of that substance which brought you guys together and also tore you apart.

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