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    #stealth asks #im so happy people are enjoying it EEEEEE #shop girl fic #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff
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    no one hmu just finished wandavision

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    Wanda Maximoff and Peter Maximoff

    #aesthetic icons#marvel icons#wanda maximoff#peter maximoff #wanda and pietro #multiverse twins#maximoff twins #peter maximoff icons #wanda maximoff icons #elizabeth olsen#evan peters#marvel#marvel mcu#wandavision #x men: apocalypse #peter maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff x reader
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    Why is this so hilarious and the most exciting thing that has happened in football in a while?

    #wanda nara#mauro icardi #i am SCREAMING
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    Paring: Wanda x Reader

    Summary: Reader gets hurt on a mission and doesn’t tell anybody. 

    Warnings: Slight angst, blood (let me know if i need to add anymore)

    You would always get hurt on missions. Didn’t matter what the mission was but you always ended up with some new bruise or wound. You then started to realise you weren’t going on missions as often as you use to.

    The obvious reason why you weren’t being put on missions was because of how many times you’d get hurt and the team must of gotten sick of it.

    Though after 2 weeks of no missions you were finally placed on one.

    You, Steve, Bucky and Wanda were on the mission together. It wasn’t a big mission, you only needed to collect some data from one of the computers at a HYDRA base so you didn’t need two super soldiers and Wanda to come along but it was probably just for your safety.

    “Alright, guys. Follow the plan and we’ll be out of there quickly.” Steve said as everyone walked out of the Quinjet.

    Wanda walked next to you, “If anything happens to you, I’ll be right there.” You shook your head, frustrated that Wanda was basically implying she was only here to protect you. You sighed and checked that your knives and guns were in the correct places, “Yep.”

    As you went closer to the HYDRA base, Wanda and you parted to go to your assigned places.

    You entered the base from an air vent and started to crawl through, “Everybody good?” Wanda asked. You held back a frustrated groan, not even two minutes and Wanda was already checking in, did she have to be so paranoid? Bucky and Steve answered her with a simple yes, “Y/n?” You could hear the slight panic in her voice when you didn’t answer after Steve and Bucky. You switched your microphone on and rolled your eyes, “I’m fine.” You grumbled.

    When you were at the computer room’s vent you noticed two guards standing there. You slowly reached for a knife that was resting at your left thigh and opened the vent. You jumped down to the closest guard and immediately swiped him under his feet, he landed on his back and you hit him on the head with the end of your knife, knocking him out. The other guard tried shooting you but you threw your knife at his leg, causing him to collapse to the ground.

    You smiled at yourself and moved towards one of the computers. You dug around in your pocket and grabbed the USB stick out. You stuck it into the computer and started searching for the file you needed.

    “I got the sandwiches, boys!” The door swung open and you turned around and met face to face with another guard. You fumbled for another knife from your right thigh but couldn’t get it out fast enough. The guard raised his knife and threw it at you, it hit you in the stomach.

    You grabbed a gun from your boot and shot the guard twice in each leg before you fell to the ground.

    You let out a painful groan and you tightly held your stomach. You went to ask for help into coms but you knew you wouldn’t be let on another mission for at least a month.

    Your body shook as you lifted yourself up from the ground. You quickly continued searching the files from the HYDRA computer and started downloading them onto the USB stick. You felt tears start falling from your eyes as the pain increased. Being stabbed with a knife wasn’t the best feeling and you weren’t going to be able to treat it until you were alone. You were just lucky that the guard had a weak throw and it wasn’t that deep, but you still would bleed a bit if you took the knife out. So you planned on keeping it in until you started to head back to the Quinjet.

    A couple of minutes later the download was complete.

    You grabbed the USB stick out and started heading towards the vents again, you were going to have to take the knife out to crawl through. You stumbled over to the guard and ripped enough of his shirt off to wrap around your stomach. You let out a shaky breath as you wrapped your hands around the handle of the knife. You yanked it out and you bit your lip hard enough to draw blood to avoid screaming out in pain. You wrapped the ripped shirt around you tightly and then you went and got another piece because you didn’t want to bleed through your shirt. “I’ve got the files downloaded. Heading back to the Quinjet.” You had to practice saying that five times before you could say it without sounding like you’ve been stabbed.

    “Good job, Y/n.” Steve said.

    You climbed back through the vents and you let out a small sob each time you put too much pressure on your wound. Finally, you got out and stood up slowly with a shaky breath. You leaned on the wall before you believed you had enough strength to walk over to the Quinjet.

    After a couple of minutes you pushed yourself off the wall and walked slowly, but not slowly enough to look in pain. Bucky was already back at the Quinjet when you got there, “Hey, Bucky.” You smile as you sat down. Bucky frowned at you but then smiled, “No new battle scars?” You grinned, “None this time.” That was a complete lie but it’s okay to lie sometimes.

    Steve and Wanda arrived back at the Quinjet 10 minutes after you.

    Wanda gave you a massive smile and hugged you tightly. You had to hold back a scream as she pressed up against the wound. Wanda sat down next to you, “You didn’t get hurt?” She asked. You shook your head, not knowing if you could form any words, the pain was starting to increase again. Wanda kissed your lips softly and pushed your baby hairs behind your ear, “I’m proud of you, baby.” You will admit, her telling you she was proud of you for not getting hurt felt like she was your mother and you were her reckless teenager. Even though you felt this way and you didn’t show it in your face.

    Wanda kissed you one last time got up and started talking to Bucky about the mission.

    You let out a shaky sigh and wiped away any tears that were forming. You only had to sit in this pain for another 2 hours.

    Soon enough the Quinjet was landing back at the compound. Everybody grabbed their stuff and walked to the compound.

    Wanda and you walked next to each other, “What movie are we watching tonight?” Wanda asked.

    Dammit. You forgot all about movie night.

    You weren’t going to going to be alone for at least another couple hours and by then the wound would be already infected. You contemplated telling Wanda about the wound but she’d probably tell the team not to put you on any missions until the wound heals, and no way was that happening.

    “I’m actually pretty exhausted. Could we maybe watch tomorrow night?” You didn’t exactly lie here, you were mentally and physically exhausted from trying not to scream and cry and having to deal with the pain.

    Wanda frowned at you but nodded. You never missed movie night, even when you were in the hospital from a bullet wound in the chest, you watched ‘The Grinch’ with Wanda. Wanda thought it was strange you were going to miss it cause you were exhausted but didn’t question you.

    Wanda and you walked back to your shared room and you immediately said you were going to take a shower.

    You closed the bathroom door and locked it. Slowly you lifted your shirt and the fabric off your body and gasped softly at the wound, it was horrifying. The wound was turning a grayish colour and the blood looked blackish. You reached under the sink and pulled out a first aid kit. You’ll be honest, you had no idea how to do this but you were just going to wing it.

    You turned the shower on and sat on the counter. You cleaned the wound with a wet cloth and tried stitching your stomach back together, though not knowing what you’re doing you accidentally stabbed your wound. You let out a loud sob before you could muffle it from your girlfriend in the other room.

    “Y/n? Y/n, are you okay?” Wanda’s voice was full of panic and fear.

    You let out a small sob before replying in a shaky voice, “I’m- I’m fine.”

    You could almost feel Wanda shake her head, “Y/n, open the door.”

    “Baby, I-I just slipped in the shower. I’m o-okay.” You felt tears trickle down your cheek as you turned to face the door.

    “Y/n..” She warned

    You tried to stand up so you could crack the door open a little bit to show Wanda you’re okay, but your knees buckled underneath you. You caught yourself on the counter before you fell completely to the ground, though that didn’t stop the pain from the wound spread all over your body. You collapsed to the ground and curled into a tight ball and started sobbing, you felt the blood from your wound go all over your pant legs.

    “Y/n, I’m coming in. Stand back from the door.” You covered your head with arms and Wanda unlocked the door with her magic.

    Wanda gasped as she saw the first aid kit out and a bunch of things covered in your blood. Wanda ran over to you and pulled your hands away from your head and pushed your legs down so she could get a good look at the wound. Your eyes filled with tears as you watched Wanda’s face fill with worry, “Why didn’t you tell me, baby?” She looked at you with a sad smile. You shrugged but immediately regretted it as your wound started to hurt more, “I always get hurt on missions and I know you and the team are sick of having to deal with me after missions.” You sniffled as Wanda wiped a tear that escaped from your eyes, “No, we aren’t. We don’t mind having to deal with your wounds, it just shows how much you try on missions.” You shake your head, “Then why wasn’t on any missions for two weeks?” Wanda sighed and looked away from you, “I- I didn’t want you to go on any missions because I was scared I would lose you.”

    You stare at Wanda, “You kept me off missions?” Wanda bit her lip and looked back at you, “I was scared.” You shook your head, “No, No. You made me think the team hated me. I wouldn’t be sitting here on the bathroom floor in tears if you didn’t do that!” You were upset with Wanda, it wasn’t fair for her to do something like that. As an Avenger it was your job to put other's life before yours. Wanda’s eyes glistered with tears as she looked back at you, “I know. I’m so sorry.” You tried standing up so you could look less vulnerable but Wanda grabbed your shoulders and forced you back down, “Don’t. Let me get fix it first, please.” You would have put up a fight but the pain was becoming really bad. Wanda started to tend the wound as she spoke, “I was scared to lose you because when I lost Pietro, I felt like my whole life had fallen apart. I don’t know what I would do if you died. I would feel so lost and confused.” You didn’t say anything, she took that as a hint to keep talking, “I didn’t mean to hurt you or make you upset. I’m really sorry.” You winced as Wanda finished stitching the wound, “Sorry.” She mumbled.

    Wanda sat back on her heels and looked at you, waiting for a response. You wiped the remaining tears off your cheeks, “Wanda, I promise I won’t leave this earth before you.” You moved forward and kiss her softly, ignoring the pain that shot up your stomach.

    Wanda nodded and tears fell down her cheek, “Thank you.”

    You smiled at her, “I’ll take a shower than we can watch a movie?”

    Wanda nodded and helped you up, “I’ll go grab the blankets and snacks.”

    #wanda x reader #wanda maximoff #wanda maximoff x you #wanda maximoff imagines #wanda x you #wanda maximoff imagine #scarlet witch x reader #scarlet witch#mcu imagine#fluff#fluff mar
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    Y/n: How do these new robes look?

    Wanda: Beautiful! I wish I could pull that off

    Y/n: Go ahead.

    Wanda: What?

    Y/n: What?

    #wanda maximoff #wanda maximoff x y/n #incorrect marvel quotes #MCU #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff fluff #wanda maximoff imagine #wanda x reader
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    #source: wolfpupy#wanda maximoff#scarlet witch#mcu#marvel #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect wanda maximoff #incorrect wandavision quotes #incorrect wandavision
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    Wanda: Sometimes to get a new perspective on life, all you need to do is hold a town hostage and create a sitcom starring you and your dead toaster.

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    Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Credit if using

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    Why are marvel women just so.. 👩‍🍳🤌💋

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    Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Credit if using

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    Out of all the characters in MCU, Wanda is the one best suited to the horror genre. I don't mean the turn-up-violence-to-eleven action-horror where she is the hero, blasting through eldritch beings from outer space (the only type of creature qualified to challenge her), but I mean Her as the font of all the terror.  

    We've already seen her twist people's minds on themselves and build realities made of their own nightmares in a way that would make Freddie Krueger cut his own eyes out with envy. We've already seen her trap people in her own twisted play therapy room, dolls hung upon her strings.

    You can see it in her gaze. Her face doesn't twist with anger. Her brow is smooth, her eyes don't squint. She is blank, she doesn't look at you. Not even through you. Before she unleashes her power she is already staring through the mist where you once stood. Maybe she doesn't even fully see the threats. Maybe all she sees is her inner torment in which you are accidentally coincidentally caught up through the vagaries of time and space. Whatever she sees, she can reflect and release it, amplified within her broken psyche to infect your mind and force you to reach into your own mouth, claw through your own throat and pull your own spine out through the tear.

    And she still won't even see you.

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    Prudential Akhirnya Mau Cover Biaya Pengobatan Anak Wanda Hamidah

    Prudential Akhirnya Mau Cover Biaya Pengobatan Anak Wanda Hamidah

    Suara.com – Artis Wanda Hamidah mengungkap bahwa perusahaan Prudential akhirnya menyetujui buat menanggung biaya pengobatan sang anak yang atlet basket. Dalam unggahan di Instagram Story pada Sabtu (16/10/2021), Wanda Hamidah membagikan tanggapan layar pesan dari Prudential. Di situ tertulis bahwa perusahaan asuransi itu bersedia mengcover rawat inap anaknya. “Alhamdulillah, Allah Maha Besar,…

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    Cuddles and fever

    WandaNat x reader

    Prompt: when the reader has a fever, her girls take care of her

    There's one thing you hate more than anything else: the sound of your alarm clock in the morning.

    So you, Natasha and Wanda had opted for morning kisses instead of the alarm clock. And hell, you do like those.

    It is the best good morning a person can receive; or at least, it would be, if you didn't have a fever and a terrible headache, probably due to a cold. Unfortunately, today you can neither stay in bed nor afford not to study. You have exams in a week and you can't waste a minute.

    The first kiss brings you back to the realm of the living, the second makes you wrinkle your nose and the third makes you open your eyes. A lazy smile puckers your lips and your gaze rests on your girlfriend.

    "Good morning," Natasha whispers to you and she gives you a smile before bending over and placing her lips on yours. She bites your lip and you can't hold back an amused smirk.

    Despite the fever, you enjoy this awakening.

    "Wanda where is she?" you whisper and sit up and you are forced to close your eyes for a few seconds and rest your head on Wanda's shoulder to make the room stop spinning.

    "Moya lyubov, are you okay?"

    Natasha strokes your hair, gently, while a worried frown from her appears on her face. You nod.

    "All right, just a little dizziness ... I'm fine"

    You raise your head and give her another kiss before standing up. A shiver runs down your spine as you leave the sweet warmth of your bed and pull yourself together, ready for another day of intensive study.

    "Are you sure you feel good?"

    You nod and give her another smile before you leave your room and head into the kitchen.

    Natasha gives a small sigh, of course she doesn't believe you, but she follows you anyway.

    Wanda has her back to you, has earphones in her ears and hums something in Russian while she fiddles with the stove.

    She approaches and surrounds her hips from behind her, kissing her neck and resting her head on her shoulder.

    Wanda takes off her earphones and lets go of the spatula, before turning around and kissing you with a smile.

    "Good morning detka, have you-"

    Wanda stops, she pulls you a few inches away and her head tilts dangerously to the side as she watches you.

    "Have you got a fever."

    How much you hate her being telepathic about her. Sometimes she sucks, really.

    "Um ... I don't know, that is, I probably could have it but-"

    Natasha pushes you to sit in the nearest chair before going to the bathroom and getting the thermometer.

    "She must be really tall if you've been dizzy before," her undisguised worry makes your heart sink.

    Look good, there is no need to be worried.

    After exactly seven minutes that Natasha has put that thing in her mouth, an annoying beep lets you know that you can take it off.

    Natasha takes it and when she watches the temperature, her eyes go wide.

    "103, she is very high y / n"

    You wrinkle your nose; you don't feel great - that's true - but you don't even feel like you have all that fever. Maybe it's because of your particular endurance of pain? Maybe yes.

    “Okay, Nat calls Fury and tell him we're not going to the compound today; you love instead go to bed, you absolutely must rest, but not before having taken a Tachipirina "

    "I have to study, I can't waste time and I hate medicines, you both know it"

    Nat hands you the Tachipirina and Wanda gives you a glass of water.

    And as soon as you swallow the contents of the glass, your body is lifted into the air by a red cloud and you sigh.

    "Oh come on, Wands"

    You are put on the bed and buried under a flood of blankets. Natasha leaves you a kiss before leaving the room to go get Fury while Wanda crawls into bed with you and hugs you.

    "I'll attack your fever like this" your eyes close, enjoying the warmth of the bed and your girlfriend's embrace.

    "I do not care. And now sleep detka, we will not leave you, we are here "

    When you wake up, who knows how many hours later, you are squeezed between Wanda and Natasha. They are both hugging you and are fast asleep.

    You slip - not with little effort - out of that death grip and your hand lands on the book of Analysis I on the desk.

    "If you come back here immediately and leave that book, I swear I'll burn it." Natasha murmurs, her eyes still closed as she stretches.

    You are doomed: one is a high-level Russian spy and the other is a telepath ... you weren't exactly a genius, no. But you love them and what you can do with them, the heart is not controlled after all.

    “Nat, love, I really need to study. I have an exam next week- "

    "If you don't come back here, I'll get up and drag you along with it"

    Natasha opens her eyes, raises her right eyebrow, and her gaze rests on you.

    You roll your eyes, leave the book and slip back into the bed between the Russian and Wanda.

    "Wise choice love," Wanda murmurs, before approaching you again and rests her nose against your neck.

    Natasha smiles and leaves you a kiss on the temple before her arms encircle your hips again and her body approaches yours.

    "Sleep printsessa, you can always study tomorrow"

    Your eyes close with a sigh and you take both of their hands, enjoying their love.

    "I love you"

    "We too y / n"

    "You do not know how much"

    Thanks for reading. Sorry if I haven't been posting a lot lately but I'm not feeling my best (and not physically) ... but I will continue to write, don’t worry. Have a great day!

    @yellowvxbes (i tried with the fluff thing but I don’t know if it worked)

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    depression moment

    #just remembered how i’m weird and alone and will never live a life according to my values x #cosmo wanda i wish i never got tics and i acted out more in school and i stuck up for myself more #rose #anyways !
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    𓇗: Smut ☾: Dark ☼: Angst ❀: Fluff

    ༄.˚₊ WandaNat ₊˚.༄

    Ours For The Taking 𓇗 ☾

    #Wanda x reader #natasha x reader #mays stories #wandanat x reader #wanda x reader x natasha #wandanat
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    𓇗: Smut ☾: Dark ☼: Angst ❀: Fluff

    ༄.˚₊ Wanda Maximoff ₊˚.༄

    Praise 𓇗

    Mommy Knows Best ❀

    The Punishment 𓇗 ☾

    Shower Me With Your Love 𓇗❀

    Picture Perfect ❀𓇗

    #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda x reader #wanda maximoff #mommy wanda maximoff x little reader #mommy wanda! #wanda x y/n #wanda x you #mays stories #Wanda Maximoff masterlist
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    #ask#anon#request#wanda maximoff #wanda maximoff x reader
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    𝐈 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐤 𝐈 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐲𝐨𝐮 | Wanda Maximoff x Reader

    A/N: Alright people! It’s not usual with me but here’s a little fluff. Nothing too elaborated but still good I guess. Kinda written for this one anon who asked for Wanda to choose Reader for once. Hope you’ll like it. Good reading!

    Summary: You’ve been in love with Wanda your whole life but you never crossed the line and kept acting like a good best friend. Though, when Wanda realizes she’s in love with you, everything changes.

    Warnings: none

    Masterlist | Character Masterlist

    ✦ ✦ ✦

    Through the rain and thunderstorms, through the sun and the clouds, you entrusted your love to your best friend. You placed your soul on a golden tray and gave it to her. But you never asked for anything. You never expected her to give you her heart back. No, you never asked her to choose. And more precisely to choose you. Over time, you realized that the friendship you shared with her was too precious to risk. So, of course, you know your feelings and they are getting stronger every day, but that doesn't change anything. You will never ask her to choose. Why? Because you love her. And that all you want is her happiness. Even if it's to see her happy in other arms. Her happiness is enough for you. This is healthy love.

    Of course, Wanda has always considered you to be the most loyal person in her life. Through all the hardships she went through, you were always with her. You never let her down. You have always played your role wonderfully. You have always been her best friend. But time goes by and things move. Realities are mixed. And slowly, the way Wanda saw you started to change. No, you haven't stopped acting like her best friend. You continued to just be you and stick to that role. But something has changed. Wanda started to look at you differently. And what seemed trivial and normal to her became important and capital.

    All your little attentions towards her. All your looks. All your smiles. Wanda sees it all differently. Suddenly she wakes up and opens her eyes. And finally she sees you. No longer like her best friend. But like a woman. A beautiful and kind woman. A tender and funny woman. An attractive woman. And the emotions that run through her body when she sees you are quite different too. When you walk through her bedroom door in the morning, bringing her lunch as usual, her heart speeds up. And when she crosses you in the hallways and you smile tenderly at her, her cheeks are flushed with red. And so she feels shy and intimidated whenever you're around her. And when you take her hand to guide her to the park like every day, chills run through her spine. Your messages make her smile more than usual. And your voice bewitches her. But most disturbing for her is the jealousy she feels when a girl gets too close to you. There is no denying that she is in love.

    Wanda thought for a long time. She hesitated to tell you. She was afraid of destroying your beautiful friendship. But she has realized that she can't go on like this. Her feelings for you are too strong. So she took her courage in both hands and decided to talk to you. And for that, the party organized by Tony Stark would be ideal.

    The only little problem is Vision. He's madly in love with Wanda and he's definitely not determined to leave her alone. Much to Wanda's dismay. And as he talks to her and tries everything to charm her, Wanda's gaze stays on you. She sees you talking with people she doesn't know. She sees you laughing. And she feels jealous. She wonders why you don't look at her. Then she remembers your speech and sighs. She needs to get rid of Vision. Her choice is made.

    “What do you think of Vision?” you asked her sitting on your bed, a magazine in your hands.

    Wanda lifted her head from her book to look at you.


    “Vision,” you repeated, “What do you think of him?”

    Wanda shrugged, “I appreciate him i guess, he's nice.”

    You put your magazine down on your bed and fold your arms.



    “He's in love with you.”

    Wanda frowned, “You think so?”

    You laughed lightly, shaking your head in disbelief.

    “You never open your eyes on love, do you?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Nothing,” you sighed, “Don't play with him Wanda. He loves you.”

    “I never play.”

    If she had analyzed your words a little more that day, Wanda would have understood the true nature of your feelings. But she has always been oblivious to these things. Wanda believes in love but she never sees it where it is. However today it is different. Today she is well aware of her feelings for you. Unfortunately, she is also aware that to get to you she is going to have to push Vision aside.

    “Wanda?” Vision asks gently, “Am I disturbing you?”

    Wanda sighs, “No, my head is just elsewhere.”

    “I tell you you've been watching Y/n since the start of the evening. Should I be worried?”

    “Worried?” Wanda wonders.

    “Yes. If I have a new opponent to beat, I would like to know.”

    “Sorry?” Wanda asks exasperated, frowning, “Do you realize this isn't a competition? I am not a toy.”

    “It's not-”

    “Shut your mouth.”

    With that, Wanda puts down her glass and walks towards you. She slips through the crowd and makes up her mind to talk to you. No matter who gets in her way, today she will tell you her feelings. Because this little game has lasted long enough. Because she can no longer lose her confidence the moment you look at her. Because she only wants to be jealous if you are hers. She wants you to be hers.

    When Wanda walks up to you, you greet her with a big smile. But you quickly notice that she looks bothered.

    “Wanda? Everything is fine?”

    The brunette looks at you and her emerald eyes warm your heart. But you notice that she seems uneasy, almost worried. So you take her by the hand and pull her away from the crowd so you can talk calmly. You do not let go of her hand and you look at her tenderly. Then you start to stroke the back of her hand and it causes a shiver to run through Wanda’s whole body. She feels rocked by the movement of your thumb on her hand. She looks at her hand then she rests her gaze on you. You smile gently at her to encourage her to talk to you.

    “Y/n... I…”


    Wanda looks down and you tilt your head in astonishment. You've never seen her so insecure, so intimidated. It's surprising. You didn't know Wanda could lose her confidence like this.

    “Wanda look at me.”

    Your reassuring voice calms Wanda and she obeys you. She raises her head and looks at you. You can see in her beautiful green eyes that she has no confidence anymore. As if you scared her. As if you intimidated her to the point that she couldn't look at you without trembling. You didn't understand why she was like that.

    “Talk to me,” you asked softly.

    Wanda took a deep breath and you prepared to listen to her intently.

    “I think I love you Y/n,” Wanda finally admitted.

    You couldn't believe your ears. Did Wanda just tell you that she loved you? Impossible... Yet you heard correctly. For a second you froze and Wanda started to worry.


    Finally, a smile spread across your lips and your eyes sparkled with joy.

    “If you only knew how many times I have dreamed of hearing you say that!”

    Wanda looked at you with wide eyes, confused. Did you just tell her that you loved her too?

    “Wait… what?” Wanda wondered, “What do you mean?”

    “I mean I love you Wanda,” you replied, “But I don’t think I do, I know I do.”

    Without further hesitation, Wanda placed her hands on your cheeks and captured your lips in a deep kiss. It wasn't how you imagined your first kiss with Wanda, but you weren't going to complain. Kissing Wanda was the best feeling in the world. Her lips were soft and sweet, perfect. Wanda was perfect. When you had to break your kiss to breathe, Wanda stroked your cheek tenderly.

    “Wow…” you breathed, delighted.

    “Yeah,” Wanda chuckled, “Wow.”

    And that's how a mundane party turned into the best night of your life and Wanda's.

    Finally, if you had waited all your life thinking that your best friend would never feel the same as you did, you would have realized that miracles do sometimes happen. Because Wanda has made her choice. And she chose you. No, her heart chose you. And that’s great this way.

    ✦ ✦ ✦

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