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    Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Credit if using

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    Thank you so much for 200 followers. I feel lucky and blessed. But, I do have some news. For the foreseeable future, I will not be writing anymore.

    Here’s my masterlist for those who still want to see any of my past works.

    #yelena x reader #natasha x reader #wanda x reader #yelena belova x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #wanda maximoff x reader
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    Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Credit if using

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    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Peter: You want to see a butterfly?

    Pietro: Yes.

    Wanda: NO-

    Peter: [throws the butter across the table]

    Pietro, wiping away tears: So majestic.

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    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Pairing: WandaNat x Reader

    Summary: Wanda and Nat attempted making Reader breakfast and almost burn down the kitchen.

    You groaned as you were awoken from your beauty sleep with a obnoxiously loud beeping noise.

    You covered your ears with your pillow but that didn’t seem to drown the beeping out so you decided you’d get one of your girlfriends to stop it.

    You reached out to where Wanda would normally lay, “Baby, beeping noise, please.” You mumbled tiredly but all tiredness was thrown away when you couldn’t feel Wanda.

    You opened your eyes and turned around, expecting to see your other girlfriend, Natasha, next to you reading her book. Though she wasn’t.

    Normally the girls would wake you up or leave a note before they left so you jumped out of bed and started searching for a note on your bedside table. 

    There was no note.

    You started to panic from the loud beeping and your girlfriends missing. You fumbled for your phone and went to call them both before seeing both their phones on the nightstand. They never left without their phone

    You quickly threw on one of Natasha’s shirts and Wanda’s long pants before exiting the room. You immediately made your way to where ever the sound was coming from so you could turn it off and think. Turns out the sound was coming from the kitchen. You could hear pans clashing together and whispering yelling voices, “How do we turn it off?” The voice whispered, “How am I meant-”

    “I swear to god, whoever woke me up is going to face the wrath of Y/n!” You yelled, realising some idiot turned the fire alarm on.

    You stepped into the kitchen and almost laughed at who turned on the fire alarm. 

    “Oh, hey.” Wanda bit her lip nervously as you raised a brow at the smoking pan on top of the stove.

    You laughed  at your girlfriends nervous faces as you walked closer, “What- what are you guys doing?” You chuckled. Wanda’s and Natasha’s faces were filled with relief when they realised you weren’t angry with them.

    “Cooking you breakfast?” Natasha pointed to the burnt eggs on the stove. You laughed again, causing Wanda and Nat to pout. You smiled and pulled them both into a hug, “Thank you, but maybe just leave the cooking up to me, yeah?” 

    Both girls laughed and kissed your neck, “Okay, good. Cooking is too much effort.” Natasha stepped back and started pulling out plates to set the table.

    Wanda smiled and pecked you on the lips before grabbing forks, “Eggs and bacon?” You asked them. Both nodded at you with a smile.

    Next time you’ll make sure to wake up earlier to make breakfast

    #wanda x reader #wanda maximoff #wanda maximoff x you #wanda maximoff imagines #wandanat x reader #wandanat fluff#wandanat#black widow #natasha romanoff fluff #scarlet witch x reader #natasha romanoff x y/n #natasha romanoff x reader
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  • wintervvitch
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    send me some writing prompts or headcanons for winterwitch or scarletfrost. i need i asdfghjkl. like literally. or y'all can send me some fanfic recommendations whether it's on here or on ao3. i don't care tbh

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  • sokovian-fortune-teller
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Pt. 4 / 8

    first Halloween as husband and wife

    Gomez and Morticia - The Addams Family

    That year at the Halloween party they arrived sensationally late, all because they were ready but before leaving Wanda, dropped in the part, said "mon cher mari, êtes-vous prêt à partir?" (sentence she had jokingly learned by heart) and in response Vision had yelled "Tish! You spoke French!" and immediatly he was next to her and he had started kissing her arm from her hand going back up to her neck ... eh well, he just couldn't stop

    pt. 3

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    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #marvel#mcufam#natasha romanoff#wanda maximoff#black widow#wandanat#avengers #natasha x reader #wanda x reader #fanfiction #writers on tumblr #mcu fic#fanfic #wanda x natasha x reader
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  • y0udidntseethatc0ming
    25.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Fix This For Me

    pietro maximoff x fem reader

    warnings: angst if you squint

    summary: Pietro is dating reader's best friend. Whenever things go wrong between them he asks reader for help.

    "Hey" Pietro said as he approached your locker.

    "Hey" you smiled

    You and Pietro had been best friends since childhood but much to your annoyance you were only best friends.

    "You look so beautiful today did you change your hair or something?"

    You stared at his face, unamused, ignoring the flip your heart just did. You knew Pietro like the back of your hand and you knew that he wanted something.

    "What'd you do this time?"

    "I don't know, Maddy won't talk to me"

    Ah, Maddy. Your best friend who Pietro had been dating for over a year.

    "When was the last time you were with her ?"

    "Right before I went out for coffee with you and Wanda"

    "Did you ask her if she wanted to come?"


    "There you go."


    "If you are going out with your girlfriend's best friends, regardless of whether you've known them since birth or not, always invite her. She probably won't say yes but give her the option or she'll get pissed. Like she is now." you explained as if you were talking to a toddler.

    Pietro still wore a confused expression but he shrugged it off with an "okay I'll bear that in mind."


    As you went to sit down at your usual table in the cafeteria, you saw Pietro with his arm around Maddy. You felt the same rush of jealousy that you felt everytime you saw them together.

    "Jealousy is an ugly emotion and I don't even like him" you told yourself, as you sat next to Wanda who gave you a "yeah sure" look.

    "get out of my head" you whispered aggressively.

    You turned to Pietro and Maddy

    "fancy seeing you here"

    "I was just leaving. I just came to tell my gorgeous girlfriend that I love her" Pietro said whilst going in for a kiss.

    You and Wanda immediately started making gagging sounds.

    "When did you become so cheesy?" you tease as he walks away.

    Maddy turned to you and Wanda as soon as he was out of earshot.

    "You guys know Piet really well right?"

    Her use of the nickname you created made your blood boil.

    "Unfortunately, yes" Wanda replied

    "Don't you think he's been acting a little strange recently?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "I don't know. I feel like there's something he's just not telling me"

    "Maybe he's cheating on you"

    Wanda nudged you harshly and you realised that you'd said that out loud.

    "Do you really think so?" Maddy said, looking at you like she was about to cry.

    Your eyes widened "No! No it was a joke Pietro would never do that"


    You had just gotten into the bath when you heard your doorbell ring. You ignored it hoping whoever it was would give up and go home but after 10 rings you knew you'd have to go down. You put on a bath robe and rushed down the stairs.

    "Alright calm down im coming!" you screamed at the relentlessly ringing doorbell.

    You opened the door to see Pietro standing there impatiently. If you had blinked you would've missed the way his eyes subtly trailed down to your boobs.

    "You've got to help me" he blurted out.

    You let him in and closed the door behind him.

    "Can it wait? because I've had the most stressful week and I really don't have time for your-"

    "She broke up with me."

    Your eyes widened as you tried not to show how happy you were.


    "She said she doesn't trust me around you. She thinks we're in love."

    "Pfft. That's crazy"



    The silence is deafening. You stare into his piercing blue eyes. You can feel yourself gravitating towards him.

    "Anyway she asked me to pick between you two. And obviously I couldn't just stop hanging out with you. We've known each other since forever. Then she broke up with me."


    "Yeah... You've got to talk to her, tell her that it's all in her head"

    The frustration came rushing in. How could you've thought you stood a chance.

    "Is it?"

    "Is it what?"

    "All in her head"

    "What do you mean"

    "Nevermind" you scoffed turning away from him

    "Y/N can you fix this for me or not."

    “Fine, I’ll clean your mess once again, I’ll do it, but not because we are friends, because I am fucking in love with you!”


    You laid your head in your hands finally letting the tears, that had been building up, silently roll down your face.

    "Y/N look at me"

    His voice was notably lower than before.

    You looked up at him.

    "I love you too."

    You crashed your lips against his.

    All the pent up rage, all the love that had built up over the last year of wasted time was let out in one perfect kiss.

    #pietro maximoff x you #pietro maximoff x y/n #pietro maximoff fluff #maximoff twins #pietro maximoff x reader #pietro maximoff#wanda maximoff#wanda marvel#wanda mcu#pietro marvel #pietro x y/n #pietro x you #wanda and pietro
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    In this house, we call her mama

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    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Nothing compares.

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    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    “i have what i want, and no one will ever take it from me again.”
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    Wanda Maximoff (MCU) - Credit if using

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  • gojosimpehe
    25.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    What Your Favorite Marvel Show Says About You :)

    featuring only the marvel series that i like/my opinions. I recently just like remembered how much i love marvel so yea :D


    -you are 13 years old or under


    -your phone background was probably "What is grief if not love persevering" at some point


    I love this show don't get me wrong. The costumes and set and acting was amazing. BUT I will never rewatch it. The hype is what made it so good. And the hype is now gone so I don't think it would be as good. Not to mention I will never forgive the Ralph Bohner thing :(


    -gosh kiss my lips already

    -you are an og marvel fan

    -unhealthy attachment to bucky????

    This one was the least hyped of the new marvel series BUT IT WAS MY FAVORITE. THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT??? THE HUMOR???? MADRIPOOR???? ZEMO???? all of it????? literally. I also talk a lot (probably too much) about the shift in the actual content of marvel movies. It went from more of a niche nerd thing to mainstream pop culture. I would say that guardians of the galaxy sorta started it. But if you look at movies like the first iron man, there is comedy but more subtle. Certainly not for everyone. The newer ones are funnier and attract a larger crowd. I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS for real I am not saying it is bad. HOWEVER I think that this series reflected the older style (it was very similar to captain america winter soldier) so it just felt nostalgic and new at the same time. sorry for the rant :)


    -part of Loki's army

    -probably funny idek why


    -would die for gator loki (who wouldn't)

    -you watch thor ragnarok too much

    This was a great show. I loved Loki's character development in this and he really got all of the attention and depth he deserves. HOWEVER I did not like the Loki/Sylvie dynamic. It gave me the willies for some reason. But maybe im just jealous



    -are cool and different

    -sarcastic humor

    -great like 80s fashion i feel

    -wonderful taste

    -viewed coulson as a father figure

    I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH but only the first three seasons. After that it went downhill and I stopped watching. I had the HUGEST crush on ward and when he was hydra i took it like a literal breakup. 12 year old me was so dramatic. BUT SEASON 2 IS MY FAVORITE BECAUSE OF lance hunter brb i need to see if there are any fanfics

    haha maybe should write for marvel too hmmmm

    bruh I just need to write in general but I am so busy

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    #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff x you #wanda maximoff x y/n #wanda maximoff fic #wanda maximoff imagine #wanda maximoff blurb #wanda maximoff fluff #wanda maximoff#marvel fic#marvel blurb#marvel fluff #taja's requested fics #writing hours
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    25.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Dangerous woman

    Summary: Love couldn't be forced. People couldn't control other people to love them. But what if you had the power to do so?

    Words: 979

    Natasha knew she shouldn't have fallen for that. She knew it was a tramp. She knew she should never listen to what Wanda had to say. But it was Y/n. It didn't matter what she knew or what her instincts told her. She wouldn't risk Y/n for anything or anyone in the world.

    So she suited up and hide more weapons in her suit that she would actually carry on a day-to-day basis. She took the quinjet and went to the place Wanda was hiding.

    She never thought love could twist someone so much. She knew Wanda had lost a lot of people, and Nat understood. Y/n and Natasha had been there for Wanda since the moment she lost Pietro. And they both knew that losing Vision had been a final step in Wanda's life to lose herself.

    But Natasha had never imagined that losing Vision would make her like that. Kidnapping people? Wanda had said it was an accident. And they believed her. Twist reality? Pretty sure that was a bigger accident. Open a branch in the multi-universe? Natasha was extremely sure Wanda had done that fully consciously.

    But she could pass that. She would've always helped Wanda. Even if it was to hide from the government. If Wanda had asked, Natasha and Y/n would have helped her to get her life together.

    But she couldn't forgive Wanda for taking Y/n. She had a beautiful personality, and Y/n was gorgeous. People had a tendency to fall for her, and Wanda was no exception. Natasha had accidentally heard her talk about it to Pietro's grave when she was visiting Clint.

    Since that moment Natasha had been more paranoid when Wanda would be alone with Y/n. She was hers, and no one could take her from her. Y/n was everything to Natasha. This is why Clint had to make sure Natasha was happy. He had a happy life with Laura and he knew the kids were gonna be safe.

    Natasha still hadn't forgiven herself for that. But she was thankful to Clint for giving her the opportunity to live her life with Y/n. And she wasn't going to let Wanda take her.

    She arrived at the cabin after flying at a very dangerous speed, even for the air. She didn't lose time going out of the jet and almost breaking the door with her foot.

    "Give her back" She demanded. Wanda raised her eyebrow and put her teacup away. "Where are your models, Láska (Love)". "Wanda, I'm not joking. Give me Y/n back".

    "Can't do". "Why not?". "Cause she doesn't want to leave" Natasha was confused, but she didn't let the witch see that. "Natty!" She held her questions and turned around in time to hold her girl in her arms. She was relieved to have Y/n safe and sound around the protectiveness of her arms. "It was time for you to get her, baby".

    "Was it?". "Yeah" She nodded happily. "Wands made cupcakes" She smiled. "Did she?" Natasha raised her eyebrow. "Well, I'm sure they're delicious baby but it's time to go". "Go? Go where?". "Home" She tried to pull Y/n away but she resisted. "But we are home, Silly".

    "What?". "I told you" Wanda moved behind Y/n and hugged her shoulders. "She doesn't want to leave". Natasha moved her gaze from Y/n to Wanda a few times before she finally realized what was going on.

    She lowered her guard and slowly walked towards Wanda. She held the younger's girl in her hands, softly caressing her cheeks. "It's not real, Wanda. You know that". "Tasha -". "You know she doesn't love you that way. You know I don't love you that way". "You said you were going to be there for me" She whispered lowering her eyes. Natasha gently put her forehead against Wanda without stopping the movement of her fingers.

    "We are. But not this way, Wands. You can't force us to love you. You can't control us". "But I can" Natasha moved her head away from her immediately but Wanda for the first time was faster than Natasha. She lifted her hands and holding Natasha's face she left the magic flow through her fingers and inside Natasha's temples.

    She stood there, frozen in her place as Wanda moved away from her. "Is Natty okay, Baby?". "She will be" Wanda smiled at her and kissed her forehead. "And we'll finally be happy".

    Wanda didn't know how long the fake memories were going to be in their heads. At some point, she knew she would have to refresh the memories once more. Because she had done it once or twice with Agatha. But she was willing to do that to keep them with her.

    She was not going to feel alone anymore. She couldn't. Natasha smiled after a few seconds and hugged both girls, gently kissing Wanda in the lips before kissing Y/n's head.

    And as she hugged them the real Wanda inside of her couldn't help but feel guilty. She had let the Scarlet Witch take control of her life because she was too depressed to do anything. And when she least expected it, the witch had taken her body and her mind. Although there was a small part that she still had control of.

    She couldn't gain control back so easily. But for now, she was able to keep the Scarlet Witch in that cabin, where she couldn't harm anyone else. Wanda feared, however, that once she gain control back Natasha and Y/n would hate her guts. But they didn't deserve to be trapped, believing they loved someone they didn't.

    Not as Wanda wanted to anyways. But she knew she had to keep them there. The Scarlet Witch was dangerous on her own. And once the spell was broken Wanda knew everyone would see her as a Dangerous Woman, and she would truly and finally be alone.

    »──── « ❀ » ────«

    Author's note: How long do you guys like the stories? Cause the next one is easily 5 maybe 6 thousand words. And I need to know if I should cut it out leave it long.

    TAG LIST: @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @marvelwomen-simp @madamevirgo @temptationsbrew @mainly-rebloging-fics-i-like @yuhloversxx @chaekhan @diaryoflife @taschamonnii @simperingghoul @sweeet-likeeee-cinnamonn @coldmilkshakestudent @yreat @the-empty-chxld @thea13sworld @imadethisblogbecauseiamasimp @halobaby @m-zne237 @natashakink @liladoesfanfics @severepeanutartisanhands @wandanatstan @ymzki-haruki(Let me know if you want to be part of the tag list)

    #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff #wanda x reader #marvel #elizabeth olsen x reader #elizabeth olsen#marvel imagine #wanda maximoff x you #mcu #wanda maximoff imagine #scarlet witch imagine #scarlet witch#avengers imagine#natasha romanoff #natasha x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff x you #natasha romanoff imagine #black widow imagine #black widow#wandanat #wandanat x you #wandanat x reader #natalia romanova#scarletwidow #natasha x wanda #Scarlett johansson x reader
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    Wanda's Vision

    by Scarlet_M_Shade

    Wanda's mother taught her to wish upon a star, but will her wish ever come true?

    Words: 3074, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), WandaVision (TV), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types

    Rating: General Audiences

    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

    Categories: F/M

    Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Vision (Marvel), Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Pietro Maximoff, Wolfgang von Strucker, Ultron (Marvel), Thor (Marvel)

    Relationships: Wanda Maximoff/Vision

    from AO3 works tagged 'Wanda Maximoff/Vision' https://ift.tt/3GkC2Ji via IFTTT

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