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    Maybe she didn’t win the Emmy, but she WAS and still IS the moment

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    its the most wonderful time of the year.

    a christmas wandavision x reder fic

    coming soon <3

    #wanda maximov#vision#wandavision #wanda maximoff x reader #vision x reader #wandavision x reader #poly wandavision#x reader #x black reader #christmas fic#christmas aesthetic #hopefully i get this released by christmas break
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    Queens of Promise - Part 3

    Summary: Being a princess doesn’t make you immune to the assault off memories. Good or bad.

    A/N: It took me while longer but here we are. Another part for you to taste. Let me know your thoughts.

    Warnings: Mentions of death, angst and language. Let me know if there are others.

    "We were the victims of ourselves"

    The main road that linked Triskelion castle to Ultron Tower –Starksland’s household – was large and had a good amount of people and wanderers all year long. However, the small army responsible to escort the queen on her trip occupied most part of it.

    A mile long retinue was far bigger than usual, but in periods of war, this was a must. One could never know when an enemy strike team could appear out of nowhere and cause problems to the queen’s protectors.

    While the majority of Taharr’s army was resting, some were marching to Starksland, especially the Lords. Not being much fan of riding in a wagon yourself, you were riding northwest flanked by Lord Barton and Lord Wilson.

    “Rumors has that you were the one to tell the Queen that I went after Scarlet Knight that day on the battle, and not south to Triskelion.” You spoke towards Lord Wilson who was riding his horse by your right.

    “I wouldn’t be known as “the Falcon” if I didn’t have eyes everywhere, my princess. And I would be known as a dead man if I kept this from the Queen.” He flashed you his signature boyish smile and you laughed at his words.

    Of course he was loyal to the queen, he was the commander of Taharr’s army after all and built his ascension battle after battle, fighting side by side with Calanthe. “So, I sent you reinforcements, a whole unit led by Lord Barton as a gift for nothing?”

    “Not for nothing, princess. After Lord Barton arrived, we pushed Winter Soldier’s troops back and they were forced to retreat.” People said that Taharr finished the battle with a victory, but to your eyes there was only death and no victory at all.

    Victory will be when this madness is over and is for the best if this ends sooner than later. Specially if you had to deal with the Kree again.

    You shook these dark thoughts out of your head and smirked at Wilson. “So you won a battle with my reinforcements but you still had the nerve to snitch a Princess?” He was out of words for a second.

    And when you and Barton started to laugh, he joined. Visibly relieved that you weren’t mad at him and how could you? He was doing his job and abiding to the Queen’s orders, something that you should have done, but didn’t.

    However, you couldn’t bring yourself to regret following that lead and you remembered how surprised you were when Wanda’s beautiful face came into your sight. To say you were shocked was not enough.

    There were a lot of knights and Ladies that fought in fronts and wars, that was common even, but princesses usually are raised to fight in the diplomatic war rather than with a sword. You and your mother used to be the only exception. Now there were three.

    Granted, you haven’t met Princess Maximoff in a lot of occasions but in those few encounters you learned that she was intelligent and definitely had some fire running those veins. Still, you couldn’t discard the idea that she was rather superficial, or prissy. But now that changes everything.

    She was very skilled with a sword and that alone showed years of practice, indicating that she wasn’t the type of princess that you thought she was. Her eyes told you that much and now you knew why. You just didn’t know why you couldn’t stop thinking about those green orbs.

    In a private meeting, your mother asked you why you let them scape, knowing that having Princess Wanda as a hostage would, more than likely, force King Pietro to accept a surrender accord in order to get his sister back.

    You knew that imprisoning Wanda was the quickest way to stop the war, but something didn’t feel right. You just don’t know why. There was something about her that intrigued you more than you’d like to admit.

    Ever since Sokovia decided to march and trespass your borders, igniting the fire that broke out in the war, you felt as if something wasn’t right. As if there was a missing piece of this giant game between your borders and you couldn’t shake this feeling away.

    When confronted about their motives to invade your territory, the Maximoffs claimed it was retaliation for the attacks and heist of food in the villages of their kingdom. Attacks that were credited to Taharr, even though you had nothing to do with it.

    But they truly believed that you did. Even when Loki went to Wolfgang Castle – Sokovia’s household, as Taharr’s emissary and Queen Calanthe’s Spokesman, Pietro was unwavering in the negotiations and decided to keep his army’s advances.

    You wondered if the attacks were just an allegation or, maybe, they were a ploy or an excuse to force the borders of Taharr a little bit southern than it is nowadays. This way, they’d have most of the gold mines on their territory. But more importantly, they’d have almost half of Taharr’s farms.

    Taharr produced food throughout the year and never struggled with starvation. Furthermore, there were always a good amount of food to trade with neighboring kingdoms. Especially during winter. People sometimes mistake the gold of your coat of arms as referring to the mines on your territory when in fact they represented the corn. The food.

    This could be a good excuse to start a war, you thought. Although you didn’t know Pietro other than passing by, Wanda didn’t seem to be the type of person that could do such thing with her own people. To start a war based on a petty caprice.

    To kill, to let them starve, only to use it as a justification for more death and starvation while trying to defeat a long-term nemesis? You couldn’t conceive that a ruler would resort to such brutality to satisfy a whim. You wondered if you’d ever learn the truth about this story.

    Your thoughts come to a halt at the sound of bugles, and you look up to meet a flag of light blue and gold, signaling that you have arrived in Ultron, one of the most technological kingdoms in the continent.

    “Princess.” Lady Rambeau’s voice reaches your ear after the bugles stopped. “The Queen wishes to speak to you.” You were about to protest when she gave you a pointed look and added. “Now.”

    You groaned, turning back your horse and abandon the retinue, to wait for your mother’s wagon to reach the gates. “You know you are a terrible friend, right? And subject.” You spoke to Maria that was by your side, probably to make sure you’d comply with what you were told.

    “I am a good friend, actually. Have you lost count on how many times I saved your ass?” You laughed at her, she did in fact saved you more times than you can count. “And I am an amazing subject, just not to you. I serve the Queen of Taharr.”

    “Then when I become the Queen will you do exactly as I order you to?” She narrowed her eyes at you, feigning seriousness. “Are you planning some sort of treason, Princess?” You laughed once more and this time she joined you.

    “When and If you become Queen, I will abide to your orders, My Princess.” She spoke seriously this time.

    “Without questioning me? Just blindly take my orders and comply with every single one of them?” You held her gaze.

    “I will.” She bowed lightly and complemented. “But it seems that I have to babysit you until then.” You flashed her a genuinely smile and dropped to your feet to enter the carriage colored in Taharr’s colors, burgundy and gold.


    “The Kree?” Tony looked as if he’d seen a ghost. “In my harbor?” He dropped his hands to his hips. “How dare he?” If he was speaking about Emperor Ronan, The Accuser, or King Pietro, you didn’t know.

    Soon, King Tony and his advisor started to exchange ideas and thoughts with Queen Calanthe and her advisor, your brother. You knew you should stay and learn how to carry a diplomatic situation on times of war. However, you here bored and tired from the trip, even though you had the night to rest on one of the guest quarters.

    You walked away from the main chamber and let your feet to wander through Ultron Castle. You always find it amusing how they’d build their household with rounded towers and not as the usual castle square format. It was beautiful, regardless.

    Right outside the room you were at, there was a balcony that gave you a wide view of the room below. Now, its marble floor gleamed the same way it did when you were here for the first time. A smile creeped its way to your lips when a memory popped on your head regarding the day when King Tony Stark married Queen Pepper.

    You moved in sync with the woman in front of you. One, two steps forward, then one, two, three steps to your right. The guests formed a small crowd to enjoy the group that was in a circle performing the most famous and traditional dance in Noveria, your continent. The rhythm was contagious with its cords and drums.

    The stranger in front of you spun on her heels making her dress to float around her beautifully. Then she brought her hand close to yours. Right palm close to your right palm, but not touching, this way your right side was by her right side, no longer in front of each other. You moved in sync again, feet, hands and body moving in the perfect pace.

    Two fast and heavy beats signaled the moment of changing partners, the ones leading would wait for the next dancer while the ones being led would move forward and repeat the set with another companion. You held your hand out waiting for your new partner when you felt a hand softly slipping into yours and you smiled when you saw who that hand belonged to.

    Her perfect crimson dress hugged her curves on the right places while the round skirt floated around her when she moved. Somehow, she was even prettier than she was before the wedding started, how was this possible, though? Maybe witchcraft.

    Her eyes were hard, yet, beautiful and you couldn’t help but compare their greenness with the dark green forests on the southeast on Taharr, you wondered if her eyes hid the same mysteries said forest held. She kept her eyes set on yours and, slowly, you felt yourself being dragged into those orbs.

    One, two steps forward and Wanda moved swiftly with you, if possible, you moved as if you were one. A smirk graced her lips before she spoke. “Who would’ve thought that Taharr also learns dance and manners in addition to fighting.” There was some sort of glow in her eyes that you couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was.

    “Flatterer.” You breathed out and you could hear the gears turning on her head when she tried to understand if you spoke honestly or with sarcasm. One, two, three steps to the right and you used your hand on her waist to help her spun, eyes never straying away from each other.

    “Is sarcasm a common tongue on your kingdom, Princess?” You smiled at her; you didn’t miss how she stressed the word princess. “One could think that sarcasm is a trait that runs in the blood of those who were born in Novi Grad.” Her face morphed from amusement to anger, and you wondered if hatred also run in the blood of those who were born in the north, in Sokovia.

    “Don’t you get tired of being so full of yourself?” Her voice was low now that you were close again, hands close, but not touching. There was something about her words that, instead of lighting that fire inside your chest that seemed always to be ready to fight, made you want to hear it again. “What do you mean, Princess?” You spoke softly and she looked at you once more, trying to find traces of irony or sarcasm, this time, she found none.

    “You walk, you speak and even breath as if you have everything figured out, as if you were better than everybody else, as if you were always right.” She spun one more time and when she stepped right back in front of you, she continued. “Tell me, isn’t this a lonely place, to be right all the time?” Her eyes portrayed genuinely curiosity and none of the usual teasing.

    One, two steps forward in sync and your hand rested on her waist again. “We’re far from being right all the time, Maximoff. I am nothing but a very flawed being.” You spoke truly. Something in her voice, her eyes, compelled you to speak the truth, without mockery.

    “You certainly don’t act like you are.” She tilted her head delicately and, in that moment, she looked so adorable that your head spun a bit faster than it should. Yet, you felt an urge to explain further. “Enemies must see our strength. Flaws and weakness may encourage rebellion, we can’t afford that.” You licked your lips. “But this part you already know, since you are a ruler yourself.”

    You heard two fast and heavy beats and you took one step away from her, feet were heavy, as if they didn’t wanted to pull away from her at all. Another two fast and heavy beats signaled the end of the dance.

    Applause filled the room were once there was music, but your eyes kept locked on those forest green orbs that tried to pierce your soul. The bubble broke when another song started, and new pairs were forming close to where you were. Wanda turned and walked out of the room in a fast pace without looking at you, but you followed her.

    As soon as you reached the garden outside the doors, you felt the cold breeze touching your skin and you smiled at the stark contrast from the usual warmth in Triskelion. Few steps later and you were walking side by side with Wanda, silently enjoying the beautiful evening from Starksland. “Do you get lonely?” You spoke after a while and that made her head to snap at you, maybe she was trying to find the non-spoken words or hidden tones by looking at your eyes.

    She pondered how much she could or should tell you, after all, Taharr were always one step away from being an enemy and if what she heard about their troops on the battlefield were half the truth, they were relentless and ruthless. However, right in that moment, she couldn’t bring herself to see you as a foe, not when your eyes conveyed genuine curiosity.

    “Sometimes.” She spoke finally. “There aren’t many visitors in the North. And with these tensions between our realms, duty tends to take too much time.” You knew what she meant, and you related to that. Maybe on another realm, a princess could simply be pretty, learn how to sing and wait for a prince or a princess to get marry.

    However, in Novi Grad lands there was always work, there was always training, there was always learning war tactics and troop maneuvers. There was always the brink of the war to worry about.

    The borders between Taharr and Sokovia were always heated, always complicated and that forced both kingdoms to be continuously prepared for war. Even during peaceful times, you should be prepared for the next invasion. That’s the history of your feud.

    “Maybe we could change that?” She dismissed your words and your idea by snorting not so ladylike and you smiled at the act. “I’d never imagine that you’d believe in fairy tales, Lioness.” You tilted your head at her reply and let a small laugh to scape your lips.

    “I don’t. But one could dream of living in peace.” Your voice carried a childish dream, one that you learned in a very hard way that’d be unobtainable, there would always be war.

    “I just wish we could be the Great Realm of Novi Grad once more, instead of always sleeping with an open eye. It gets tiring.” Your voice was light, but maybe you overstepped on your acquaintance with Wanda, and maybe this conversation was proof enough that, in a moment, humors could change just like moods would. Just like Wanda’s mood changed right now.

    “Is all that you want right?” Her words were just as hard as her eyes. “The second we lay down our guards, your mother would slither your troops on OUR lands, you’d kill everyone in Sokovia and what a great deed would be to restore the Realm wouldn’t it?” Bewildered, you tried to search what you’d said wrong to make her that mad.

    “The Lionesses will touch our realm only over my dead body and let me tell you this, princess, I’m not easy to kill.” The venom dripping her words lingered while she retreated to the castle, leaving you stunned at how fast things changed, stunned at how gorgeous she looked with anger flaring around her as if in a halo.

    The memory broke when a voice called out your name. “Your presence is requested on the meeting.” You straightened to your full height and walked towards the room once again, mildly aware that you shouldn’t have left in first place.

    The instant you stepped into the chamber, you were bombarded with King Tony’s inquiry. “What can you tell us about Agatha Harkness?” Suddenly, the room went cold and you felt like the air was taken from your lungs for you knew that woman all too well.

    “She’s a sorcerer.” Your voice was oddly small, foreign even to your ears. Cleaning your throat, you continued. “She’s a Witch, actually. And works with the Kree. She’s beyond dangerous.” You crossed your arms on your chest. “Why?”

    A wave of dread circled your body by remembering the last time you were face to face with the Witch. Somehow, she knew how to play with minds, and you don’t even know how you made it out alive.

    “Now that you mentioned Kree activity on my harbors, I remember some of my scouts found one soldier or two wondering south in the continent, alleging they were searching something that Harkness had asked them to.” The war with the Kree was a wound far too fresh in everybody’s mind and that was evident in Tony’s tone, wary and not the jovial as usual.

    Using a hand to massage an incoming headache, you spoke without facing the others attending the meeting, the same people as before. “When she captured me and my unit, she kept talking about some stones, powerful stones that would make her the most powerful witch in the world.”

    Flashes from the time you were kept prisoner flooded your mind and you felt shivers covering your body and you could swear you heard screams of your past soldiers, perishing by her hands applying tortures.

    “According to her knowledge, these stones can give the owner special powers or knowledge. She believed she’d become a goddess or something.” You closed your eyes and tried to fight back the ghosts that threatened to escape the trapdoor which you kept them locked away, for your sanity’s sake.

    Your mother knew a lot of what had happened to you when you were imprisoned, but she saw how bad this subject still affected you. Loki held an empty expression on his face, however, he was shaking with hatred on the inside, for he knew every single detail from the nightmare you were reliving by talking about Harkness. He knew every dark part of that experience and he sworn to his gods that he’d kill Agatha whenever he had the chance.

    Tony and Jarvis, on the other hand, knew that you and your unit were captured by the enemies during war but only heard about the tales and songs of your bravery and resilience, no need to say that those tales didn’t cover the truth. And seeing your reaction to the subject, they realized this fact quickly.

    “Your highness, do you know if she had found any?” Jarvis calm demeanor brought you some sort of ease, even though the answer to that question was grimmer than anything. You nodded and when you raised your eyes, they were empty. “She had the Mind stone by then.” You licked your lips, then a smile devoid of any humor contorted your mouth. “And let me tell you this, it is not pretty.”

    To be honest, you didn’t know if that stone indeed had the power to play with minds as she claimed, after all, weeks of torture and starvation can make a person very willing to do as they’re told. However, you can’t deny that you always felt uneasy when she played with it close to your eyes.

    Though, it was easier to blame on the shiny stone for the vicious things you did, than to believe that you had in you the nerve to comply with that cruelty without being forced by a mystical stone.

    “Does she still have it?” Tony questioned, visibly troubled by your somber words and expression. He always saw you as the laugh of the party, always with a smile on your face and ready to throw a joke, seeing you this bothered was unsettling and terrifying altogether.

    Your eyes were few shades darker than usual. “No.” The worst moment as Commander, in your opinion, is when you must sacrifice your men to accomplish a task and to get rid of that stone, required more than willpower, required a heart much colder than you had at the time. “It is buried in the bottom of the Red Sea.”

    “And before you ask, it is very unlikely that someone can find it.” The memory of the day you condemned an entire crew of good sailors to the death sent shivers down your spine. “It’s among the wrecked of my old ship and no one knows where I sank it.”

    A true captain should go down with their ship and you were ready to sink with Mercury, however, Maria and First Mate Stakar dissuaded you and he took your place on the ship’s command, but Taharr couldn’t afford to lose its princess, especially with Queen Calanthe wounded.

    The war was close to its end back then, but your duty to the world was to get rid of the Mind Stone, no matter how many lives were lost while doing so. Or so you keep saying to you so you could sleep at night.

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    Like, I can *live* with all the things the MCU messed up, I can move on and just say it’s not that good. But it’s incredibly annoying how it twists the general opinion of the characters.

    Loki is apparently everyone’s favorite sad boy who dates an alternate version of himself.

    Scarlet Witch is a character who’s been Romani and Jewish for years, her parents were holocaust survivors for crying out loud, but now people only think of her as the white washed character who joined a nazi organization.

    Clint is a deaf character with serious attachment issues but now he’s just Mr. family man.

    Spider-Man is, well, Spider-Man. But now he’s Iron Man Jr, and has a awesome high tech suit instead of Peter taking the weekends to sew its holes together.

    The Hulk is a meme now and not a suicidal man with DID.

    I’m just… really worried about what their portrayal of Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight might do to the characters.

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    Sad. This took way longer than what the results look like.

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    ~Natasha is trapped~ part 3

    Pairing:Natasha Romanoff x reader

    Warnings:a little bit angst

    Summary:Natasha and you were almost married, but Natasha felt she wasn't ready for that kind of life so you broke up. A year later you are called to investigate an FBI case in which you find out that Natasha is trapped in the hex that Wanda created, so you decide to go help her. Idea given by

    AN:Remember that it is an alternate story, so Natasha does not die trying to get the gem and times pass differently from the movies, there is more time difference between end game and Wanda vision. That's it, happy reading!


    Part 1 Part 2


    Request are open

    From the moment Natasha left you, you had tried to forget her, to forget the love you had for her and to forget all the plans that you had made together. You did not hold a grudge against Natasha, you understood that she was not prepared for that kind of life and you are grateful that she told you before the marriage took place, it saved you from seeing that the marriage failed due to doubts and fears. But that didn't stop it from hurting. Waking up and not having her by your side hurt, not seeing her often hurt, waking up in an empty bed hurt, seeing the engagement ring box hurt, even getting on with your life hurt. And while things hadn't ended badly and you could still be friends, things were no longer the same, it's very difficult to just be friends with someone you knew every inch of their body and who, at one point, had occupied most of your heart, so the two moved as far away from each other as possible.

    You thought you wouldn't see Natasha anymore in your life, but when Jimmy, your friend, called you saying that the redhead was in danger, no matter what had happened between you, you decided to go and help her without hesitation. Usually you were a very good FBI agent following all the rules, but when you arrived at the place, you did not hesitate to ignore all the orders of your superiors in order to know if she was okay, you even risked your life entering the hex just to find the redhead.

    The brightness of the sun made you wake up uncomfortably, you sighed seeing that you were in your bed, everything had been a very rare dream, Wanda had not hijacked a city, and you would not save Natasha as a knight in shiny armor getting together again as in a romantic story. While what you had dreamed of was a bit ugly, at least you had seen Nat again, which made remind you that in real life she was far away from you and she was no longer your fiancée. With a growl you tried to get out of bed but you failed feeling a weight on your waist, when you looked down you found an arm that held you in place, carefully you turned finding Natasha smiling half asleep

    "Good morning my beautiful Wife" she smiled and you looked at her with love forgetting everything you were thinking. Nothing had been a dream, this was very real and you were inside of the hex, but you were already under the magic and control of Wanda and you couldn't think about anything else besides having your WIFE by your side

    "Good morning my love" You answered with a big smile on your face while Natasha caressed your cheek with love, you took advantage of the sweet caresses and kissed the palm of her hand making her smile more. Carefully Natasha gave a few soft palms on your legs

    "let's go, we have to work" the redhead whispered kissing your forehead and getting up, you looked at her confused

    "work?" you stretched out your arms taking away the sleepiness that was left in your body

    "yes my love, I will go to the police station and you to the hospital ..." she laughed softly seeing you "don't tell me that age is affecting you and you are forgetting things" whispered the redhead and laughed more when she saw that you rolled your eyes "let's take a bath together" she whispered and disappeared behind the bathroom door, excitedly you followed your wife taking off your clothes along the way. When you entered the bathtub you sat in front of her resting your back on her chest while the redhead gave you small caresses in your arms and kissed your shoulders, being with her felt so good. After a long and relaxing bath, each dressed in your uniforms. You couldn't help the silly smile that reached your lips when you saw Nat wearing the wedding ring on her necklace. In your works neither of you had allowed to wear rings, you for hospital protocol and her for safety, but the redhead always managed to use that ring that meant so much to the two of you, since you proposed to her she always used the ring that way... Lost in your thoughts your face became serious, you remembered the day you had proposed but not the wedding or the wedding night, from the proposal onwards some things were a blurred memory and that made you feel sick. Natasha seeing your seriousness worried and grabbed your cheeks making you see her, she smiled softly

    "Are you okay sweetie?" Natasha stroked your cheek with concern

    "I don't remember our wedding..." you whispered sadly and she looked confused but a few seconds later she smiled

    "don't worry about it, sometimes I forget a lot of things... Like where I left my wallet" Natasha searched around and grabbed the wallet that was inside a vase and laughter was heard, confused you looked at her but she just smiled taking your hands "What if when we return from work, we go on a date and I tell you everything about what I remember about the wedding?" You nodded and just like that, the worry left your body, you couldn't even remember what worried you, you could only be happy to have your wife there with you. After breakfast each went to work. When the night arrived Natasha came home with a big smile, and after the two of you got ready, you went to a luxurious restaurant that Natasha chose.

    "You look especially beautiful today" Natasha stroked your hand on the table with a very tender smile

    "You don't stay behind, you look like a ballet dancer with how delicate you look" you smiled but Natasha's gaze was lost on nothingness

    "Ballet..." She whispered and you looked at her with sadness, when she noticed, she smiled like nothing happened "What are we celebrating this special night my love?" she asked

    "You were going to tell me about our wedding..." You whispered ans she nodded

    "Right! Our wedding" Natasha tried to remember but couldn't do it, when you were about to talk she interrupted you "Look, it's Wanda, Vision and their children" You followed Natasha's gaze and watched as they sat at a table in the restaurant. Wanda... You had to remember something about her... And Vision... Vision was... "Would you want to have children?... I want that" she whispered and you looked at her, The question had taken you by surprise and made you forget what you were thinking

    "Me...I... Yes!...I want that too" You replied without hesitation and she smiled more. What followed from the date was perfect and then the two went home having a night of love and passion.

    A couple more days passed and Halloween arrived, Natasha decided to dress as an FBI agent and you as a doctor

    "Hello Doc" Natasha smiled when she saw you coming down from the stairs

    "Hello agent Romanoff" you said and you both laughed walking outside the house. When you started walking around the neighborhood you saw Wanda with her children and a men, a men that you had seen before but didn't remember where, you heard that she called him Pietro and almost everything fell into place, but not quite

    "Pietro is dead... And that's a... a... witness... " You whispered and Nat looked at you

    "What did you said love?" she asked, but when you were about to respond a dizziness took over your whole body and you felt bad, very bad, Natasha quickly grabbed your body stabilizing you, but you croung next to a tree and vomited everything that you had eaten before

    "Is everything okay?"  You looked up and saw Herb with crossed arms, he was the neighborhood security that night "you won't be consuming alcohol on a night like this where there are so many children outside, right?" he whispered looking at you and Natasha helped you get up carefully

    "Of course not Herb, it's my wife and our baby who makes a fuss" you looked at Natasha confused,  but you had more confusion when your wife rested her hand on your bulging belly that a couple of hours ago wasn't there

    "Sorry ladies, with the costumes I did not recognize you, have a good night doctor and officer... And future child"  Herb said before leaving. You were very confused seeing your belly but Natasha hugged you affectionately dragging you out of your concerns and worries

    "I can't wait to have our gorgeous baby in our arms" she said with the biggest and greatest smile in her face and you hugged her just as happy.

    Then next thing you knew is that you woke up in your bed with a perfect breakfast, your beautiful wife and your even bigger belly. Natasha and you had breakfast together and then went to buy clothes for the baby, but when you were in the store, a great commotion formed outside, when you looked through the window you could see that Wanda was fighting with another woman, suddenly your mind was freed, you could remember everything, and you could see that Natasha's mind was free too, the redhead saw you with concern and the only thing she could do was hug you

    "what are you doing here?" she asked looking at you worriedly and put her hands on your bulging belly

    "I came for you, I wanted to help you and stop your suffering from Wanda... And I came to make Wanda come to her mind so she stopped this, but it didn't work..." You answered but your voice was cut off as Wanda choked you all for everything that was going on outside. When the witch released you, Natasha immediately grabbed your body preventing you from collapsing on the ground

    "We have to go, now!" she said running outside the shop

    "But we have to help Wanda!" you said worried

    "I said now!" she took a car and saw how the barriers of the hex were opening "Let's go" She helped you get in the car and started driving with speed

    "But what about Wanda?" You asked nervously

    "there are two witches and two androids, I'm not going to risk you two to help Wanda, she is powerful enough to do this, our help is not going to do much difference and I'm not going to risk you and the baby" said the redhead nervously

    "Natasha stop..." you pleaded before she starts slowly stopping

    "why, what happen?" she asked worriedly

    "this baby is Wanda's magic ... if we go out... The baby will no longer exist" you whispered and she looked at you sadly but kept driving "what are you doing? We're going to loose him" you said scared

    "if we stay here, none of us will survive and I'll loose you two" Natasha continued to drive until she left the limit behind and you felt your baby disappear, leaving the pain aside seeing that you no longer had your baby, the two wanted to enter again when you saw the army entering the place, but the barrier closed again. Jimmy, who was outside, hugged you and helped you go to an ambulance along with Nat.

    A few days later

    You were sitting on the stretcher with your hands on your flat abdomen, maybe all that had been a lie, but your baby and how he moved felt very real

    "Hey Doc..." Natasha whispered barely smiling at you

    "Today I'm the patient" you answered barley audible. The redhead seeing that you had your hands caressing your abdomen put her hands on yours helping you calm the sadness you had. You looked into her eyes and could see that she was also affected by what had happened, but none of you knew what to say. "Are you clear to go home?" you asked her and she nodded

    "You?" she asked and you nodded sadly "Yes, but I don't want to be home alone, so I'll be here maybe for the night" Natasha squised your hands harder

    "I can go with you if you want to... So you are not alone..."  you looked at her with confusion

    "I don't know if that is a good idea... But thanks..." You barley smiled and she nodded

    "If you need anything call me" she kissed your forehead and leave you alone.

    After two months of mental recovery, you were working again at the FBI, everything was normal until you got a text message with only a direction, and it was signed by Wanda. After grabbing your gun, you took your car and went to the direction of the message. When you arrived the place you saw a hut in the middle of the mountains, with Wanda and Nat sitting outside drinking hot chocolate

    "Hey Doc" Nat said smiling and you nodded looking at her

    "Hi Nat, hi Wanda..." You said

    "Hey..." Wanda whispered a little bit embarrassed "Look I called you her to apologize, I can't go to the city because they'll arrest me so I send that message to meet you both here...I know I've hurt you and I'm so so sorry... I didn't knew what I was doing at first... I'm sorry for causing you so much pain" she said sincerely and you nodded

    "Don't worry about it... I'm good now, you don't have to worry about what you did to me" you whispered, you knew that Wanda wasn't a bad person, she did it out of love and pain, she missed vision and her family too much. Besides she ended everything even if that hurt her, she did the best that she could.

    "Do you want hot chocolate?" Natasha offered and you nodded, it was so cool there that you needed something to help with that. When Natasha got up from the ground, her necklace launched forward and you saw the engagement ring that you had given her hanging from the necklace. When she went inside you sat down next to Wanda

    "Can I ask you something?" you asked and Wanda nodded "Why Nat and I were wives  there? and why she keeps wearing the ring that you gave her in the reality of the Hex?... Aren't you supposed to have returned everything to normal? Even the clothes and props?" You asked and Wanda looked at you confused

    "Look, I didn't knew what I was doing at first, but unconsciously I left all the people who loved each other together... If they were a couple, they were still couples, if they were a family they were still together... And you two love each other... So you were left as wives, I faked a lot of things, but I didn't fake the feelings that you two had... And the ring thing I have no idea, the only ring I made was the one you used and disappeared when the hex wall fell" Wanda answered simply and you looked at her surprised by what she said, she could read minds and said that the two of them still loved each other, it was not only on your part the love that was there. "Why don't you go and ask her about the ring?" confused you nodded and went inside the house where Nat was making your hot chocolate

    "Nat" you whispered and she looked at you

    "Yes Doc?" She passed you your cup of chocolate and you took it with a smile rolling your eyes by the nickname she always used with you "There's something in the way you roll your eyes, takes me back to a better time" she whispered with a sad smile

    "Nat... Why are you still using our ring?" You asked barely audible and she smiled sadly "I've never stop using it... Look... I ruined everything, I was afraid of being a bad wife, a bad mother, a bad companion for you and our children... I didn't have the best role models or the best childhood and I was afraid of being a bad woman to you and I didn't want you to be miserable by my side... That's why I let you go... But I never stop loving you, not a little... But I was so scared to disappoint you and ruin your dreams" she whispered avoiding your gaze

    "Natty..." You sighed and hugged her "You would have been an excellent wife and mother, I have no doubt about it... Also look at how good wife you were in the hex, that wasn't Wanda's control, that was all of you" you whispered squeezing her against your body

    "I'm really sorry, believe me, I've never stop loving you... Those day's with you made me realize how stupid I was letting you go because of my fears... I waste a perfect opportunity to have a perfect life with you" she whispered hidden in your neck

    "I haven't stopped loving you either Natasha... And I'm here to give you another chance if you want to" you whispered barely audible and felt how she attached to your body even more

    "I want that...This time I'll make it count" she said without letting you go.



    Request are open

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    Remember these guys?

    So I’ve introduced the Original 6 Avengers as babysitters, Yelena and Loki being Natasha and Thor’s younger sibling respectively. (I drew Loki as a lil kid one time and yeah, I regret that.)

    These are all the kids! Clint takes care of Pietro and Wanda, Steve babysits Sam and Bucky and Tony takes care of the new boy, Peter! (Now he has no excuse to not take care of a kid.) 

    Do not repost or edit this artwork as your own :)

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  • richbernatovech
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    The Scarlet Witch in her glory at the end of WandaVision finally gave us an MCU costume that had her original look and feel. I had to draw this version and only the amazingly talented colors by Ihor Loboda could do her justice!

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  • growup-thatbeautiful
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago
    #wanda maximoff#wanda marvel#wanda maximov #wanda x you #wanda x y/n #wanda x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda maximoff x you #wanda maximoff x y/n #wanda#wandavision#wanda mcu#wanda fic#wanda fanfic #wanda maximoff fanfic #wanda maximoff fic #wanda maximoff fanfiction #wanda maximoff angst #wanda maximoff fluff #kinda?
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    Must’ve Been The Wind

    Summary: Natasha hears crying coming from the room above hers. Natasha knows exactly who lives up there, and goes to see what’s wrong. Turns out it was “just the wind.”

    Wanda x Natasha sad fluff kinda?

    Warnings: depression, self harm, let me know if I missed anything else.

    Based on the song “Must’ve been the wind” by Alec Benjamin


    Natasha had just gotten back to the compound at around 4am. On her way up the stairs, she grabbed a bottle of vodka from the kitchen. Her bones were aching from the movements she had done on her mission. All she wanted to do was get drunk and go to bed.

    Natasha goes to her room and gets into the shower. Once she gets out, she puts on sleeping clothes and gets into her bed, making sure to turn off her lights. As she goes to turn on the tv while simultaneously taking a swig out of the bottle, she hears a muffled sob and a gasp coming from above her.

    She sits in confusion for a second, maybe her sleep deprivation is getting to her. As she goes again to take a sip of the vodka, she hears it again.

    Furrowing her brows she gets up from her bed. She knows exactly who’s room is right above hers. Wanda’s.

    Wanda is a new recruit to the avengers. She had just lost her brother a couple weeks ago, it’s expected for her to have rough nights, Natasha thought to herself.

    Natasha’s only talked to the girl a couple of times. Those moments were only exchanged with simple questions and answers such as, “how are you?” “Good.” And “good morning.” “Morning.”

    She hears another sob coming from above and decides to go check on the girl.

    As she steps out of her room, she is met with cold air. It’s always cold in the compound.

    She goes up the stairs, and walks down the hall until she’s right in front of Wanda’s door.

    She knocks softly, not wanting to scare the younger girl. She waits a couple moments and finally hears shuffling and sniffling from the other side.

    When Wanda opens the door, she has an oversized sweater in and sweatpants. Her eyes are red along with her nose.

    “Oh, hi Natasha. What’s up?” Wanda asks, as if she hadn’t been crying a couple seconds before.

    “I just heard something’s coming from up here and water to see if you were okay.” Natasha responds, curious as to why Wanda was acting as if she was perfectly okay.

    “I didn’t hear anything. Maybe your ears are playing tricks on you. Thanks for caring though, that’s nice of you. I wish I could tell you about the noises you’ve been hearing but I didn’t heard thing. It must’ve been the wind.” Wanda shrugs and flashes a smile at Natasha.

    “Okay, well, I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.” Natasha returns a small smile and turns around to head back to her room.

    She hears a sigh coming from Wanda as she closes her door. “God, what is wrong with you. Get yourself together, they’re going to think you’re a freak.”you hear her whisper to herself, muffled from the door separating them.

    Natasha felt a tug at her heart. She knows how it feels to feel alone and unimportant. She wishes she could help her, but she’s not sure how.


    For the next couple night, Natasha doesn’t hear a thing. She thinks maybe Wanda’s actually okay and that it actually was the wind making noise that night.

    That is, until one morning during a weekly avengers breakfast tradition. Wanda sits to the right of Wanda. She’s wearing a sweater again, and a pair of leggings. She has bags under her eyes but wears a smile at every joke that is throws around the table.

    However, once every joke is over, her smile disappears in a blink of an eye as if it takes a shear amount of energy to do so.

    Wanda reaches in front of her for the orange juice, but as she does, Natasha catches her sleeves trail up a bit and is met with red lines scattered around Wanda’s wrist.

    Natasha feel her breath get caught in her throat for a second. Wanda pours her juice and continues her conversation with Steve.

    Natasha feels the same tug on her chest as she look down to her plate, reflecting on what she had just seen.

    She wants so desperately to help the brunette next to her, but as before, she doesn’t know how.


    It’s two nights later that Natasha hears glass shattering coming from Wanda’s room at 1 in the morning.

    She hurries to scramble out of her room, and up the stairs. She gets to Wanda’s room and and knocks a little urgently.


    Wanda opens the room and as before, her eyes are red along with her nose.

    “Hi.” She whispers.

    “Hey, is everything okay? I thought I heard something shatter from downstairs?” Natasha tried to peak her head into Wanda’s room but the brunette just steps out of her doorway and closes it, now standing right in front of Natasha.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about Nat, everything fine here. Thanks for caring though that’s nice of you. Wish I could tell you about the noise you’ve been hearing but I didn’t hear a thing.” Wanda nods, trying to reassure Natasha that things are okay.

    Natasha reaches out, and places a hand on Wanda’s shoulder.

    “Are you sure?”

    “Yes, I’m fine Natasha really. I don’t need anyones help, you don’t have to worry. You look tired though so, you can go back to your room and get some sleep.” Wanda sends a smile to Natasha. Her eyes are pleading her to go away.

    “Then what was the glass shattering that I heard?” Natasha asks, crossing her arms, questioning the girl in front of her.

    “I don’t know. It must’ve been the wind. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” Wanda turns around and heads back into her room.

    Natasha waits outside of her door for a couple of minutes. She rests her hand on the handle, ready to talk to the girl again, but when she hears a “Please, Natasha. Go, I’m okay,” she takes her hand off of the doorknob and heads back to her room.


    Natasha keeps an eye on the girl for the next couple of days. As she expects, Wanda acts like nothing ever happened. She smiles around everyone, but cries through out the night.

    On a Wednesday afternoon, everyone is out on either a mission, or running errands. Natasha is chilling in her room, cleaning out her closet.

    She though she was home alone, until she hears sobs coming from above her.

    She lets out a sigh, not bothering to go upstairs to talk to the small girl. Instead, she grabs her speaker, connects it to her phone and plays the song “lean on me.”

    Natasha hopes the girl knows she can lean on her. She wants Wanda to hear the words and know she’s going to be okay.

    She can hear Wanda’s sobs turn to sniffles.

    Natasha leaves her room and makes her way up the stairs. She walks to Wanda’s door, knowing the which knows she’s there. She sits toward it, resting her head against it. She lets out a sigh.

    She hear Wanda walk towards the door and sit against the door.

    “Promise I’m not playing tricks on you Wands. You’re always welcome in my room. You can stay with me for an hour or two, if you ever need a friend. But, until you’re ready to talk about the noise, I guess it must’ve just been the wind.” Natasha whispers, reassuring Wanda that she’s not alone.

    She hears Wanda sniffle, and get up. Natasha moves from the door and goes to stand up. Wanda opened the door and tackles Natasha in a bone crushing hug.

    Natasha hold the brunette, rubbing circles on her back. Wanda isn’t making noise, but Natasha can feel the hot tears nesting her neck.

    Natasha moves back until her back meets the wall. She then slides down and lets Wanda straddle her lap as she keeps her face in her neck.

    She moves her hand up to Wanda’s hair and runs her fingers through it.

    With her other hand, she grabs one of Wanda’s arms from around her neck, and rests it against her leg.

    She rolls up Wanda’s sleeve, and feels Wanda freeze on top of her. Feeling her tense up, Natasha rubs her back again.

    “Don’t worry, you’re okay. You’re going to be okay, Malyshka.” Natasha reassures her.

    As she examines her cuts, she notices some tiny pieces of glass sparkling on her arm. It explains the glass shattering.

    She takes note to have Bruce look at them later, but for now, she rolls Wanda’s sleeve back down, careful not to hurt her any more.

    She holds Wanda for hours, even when she knows the which has been sleeping since Natasha told her she was okay.

    She feels the familiar tug at her heart, but this time she knows how she can help the girl in her arms.

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    #pietro maximoff#quicksilver #marvel cinematic universe #pietro maximov#wanda maximoff#wandavision #age of ultron #mcu #mcu phase 4 #marvel#hawkeye series#hawkeye#kate bishop#clint barton #nathaniel pietro barton #mcu phase 3 #mcu phase four #wanda mcu#mcuedit#mcufam
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  • hotdoghotdiggidydog
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    Put your hand down Y/N

    Based on this post.

    Yelena: Raise your hand if you thought Natasha and Y/N were dating

    Yelena: Put your hand down Y/N


    You woke up to strong arms around your waist. As you open your eyes, you feel Natasha pull you back, further into her.

    “No, go back to sleep.” She tells you, putting her hand over your eyes.

    You turn around and look at her as she closes her eyes and tries to fall back asleep. You lift one of your hands and rest it on her cheek, softly rubbing it with your thumb.

    You take a moment to admire her beauty. Her freckles, the way her lips are swollen from just waking up. Her cheeks have a slight pink tint to them and her nose as well. Her eyelashes are long-

    “Stop staring at me.” Your thoughts are cut off by Natasha. She moves to hide her face into your chest.

    “Sorry, you’re just so perfect, I can’t help it.” You place a kiss on the top of her head.

    “Stoooopp.” Natasha gets shy and hides her face even further.

    You let out a chuckle and rub her back.

    “Cmon, let’s go downstairs for breakfast.” You nudge her, motioning for her to get up.

    “No, I’m still tired.” She pulls you back to your previous position.

    “We’ll, I’m not so you can either stay here or come out with me.” You say, getting up again.

    You hear her groan and see her get up and follow you downstairs. You both walk hand in hand to the kitchen. When you get there, you see everyone awake eating pancakes and waffles made the one and only Wanda Maximoff.

    “Morning! Sit and eat.” Wanda says, motioning to the table.

    You go to sit at an empty chair. Natasha just stands for a second, not wanting to go to the other open seat far from yours.

    So, she just takes a seat in your lap and serves herself to some pancakes. No one even bats an eye at her actions. You both were always this close.

    You place your left hand on one of her thighs and eat with your right. You run your hand along her thigh, knowing she found it soothing.

    There were multiple conversations happening at once. However, you and Natasha sat in comfortable silence as you both ate.

    Once you both were done, you clean up your mess and head over to the couch. Right after laying down, you feel a weight jump onto you.

    “Ow Nat, what have I told you about just jumping on me. If you want to cuddle, do it nicely.” You say playfully.

    “Sorry, I’m just still very tired.” She lays her head in the crook of your neck and you feel he breathing start to steady.

    You close your eyes as well and let sleep over take you.


    An hour later, you’re woken up by Natasha’s voice.

    “Move Lena. Your foot is touching mine and you know how I feel about feet.” She kicks Yelena’s foot away from hers.

    “Your girlfriend’s feet are literally touching yours right now.” She motions to your tangled up legs.

    “Shut up. She’s different, and she’s not my girlfriend.” You feel her lay on your chest again.

    You start to think. We’re not dating? I mean sure, you both don’t kiss or do anything sexual, but you hold hands, sit in laps, cuddle, sleep in the same bed almost every night. You both have even showered together before. You’ve been to the movies together and go for ice cream all the time. We’re those just friendly hang outs?

    “Hold on, you’re joking right?” Yelena scoffs.

    “I’m not joking, she’s not my girlfriend. Now shut up and let me sleep.”

    “Avengers!! Come here!” Yelena calls out. You finally choose to open up your eyes, tapping Nat motioning for her to sit up. She whines but gets up none the less.

    You hear a few groans and footsteps approach.

    “What?” Wanda asks.

    “Who here thinks Natasha and Y/N are dating?” You see everyone’s hands go up with confused expressions on their faces.

    “Y/N, put your hand down.” Yelena rolls her eyes. “Natasha says they’re not girlfriends.”

    “I mean to be fair, I haven’t asked her and she hasn’t asked me. So, we’re not.” You shrug.

    “You’re kidding right?” Tony asks, looking annoyed. “You both are blind and oblivious.”

    Natasha let’s put a yawn and lays her head in your lap. You look down at her and notice her eyes closed. You run your fingers through her hair, earning a content sigh from her.

    “Do you guys not see yourselves?!” Thor asks, pointing to the both of you.

    “Shut up. Let me sleep, We’ll deal with it later.” Natasha waves them off.

    They all let out annoyed mumbles as they walk back to their rooms.

    “Hey Nat?” You ask, still running her hands through her hair.


    “Do you not like me? Is that why we’re not dating?”

    Natasha sits up and looks at you with a confused look.

    “If course I like you. I love you actually. I just, didn’t know if you wanted a relationship or not.” She looks down and picks at her fingernails.

    You move her so that she’s straddling your thighs. You rest your hands on her waist and lift her chin she’d look into your eyes.

    “I wanted you in any way you’d have me. I actually thought we WERE dating, just taking things slow.”

    “I do want to date you. I want to be yours.” Nat says, cuddling up to your chest.

    “You’ve been mine for a long time baby.” You rub her back.

    “I love you.”

    “I love you too.”

    That was the moment you and Natasha share your fist sober kiss. Maybe communication wasn’t your guy’s most strong suit, but you loved each other and that’s all that mattered.

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  • assasinslover
    26.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Everything has changed

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff × Reader

    Summary: A lot has changed since Wanda started dating you. Even though she never said it but she was glad it was you who she get to spend her weekends with.

    Word count: 675

    Warning: nothing lol, just good ol' fluff with soft wan, if you consider it a warning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Translation: детка - baby

    Waking up on weekends was your new favourite thing to do, as you knew in whose arms you were gonna wake up and you were gonna enjoy every second of your vacation with the woman you loved the most.

    Wanda was mostly busy with the missions, even on weekends, never even took a single vacation. But that changed when you both started dating. Now she always spends her weekends, and the weekdays, whenever she gets breaks, with you.

    That surprised everyone in the compound. Not that you both were dating each other, 'finally' as Nat said when you told her that news, but how much you have changed her in a couple of months. Hell, they never even saw her smile, but now even the sight of you made her smile like an idiot.

    In her defence, a lot had happened before you guys started seeing each other. She lost everyone she ever loved, Peitro, her mom and dad. That's why she hid her feelings for you for so long. Even when you asked her out, she was hesitant. 

    Everything changed when you both started dating. It was one step at a time and even though she never said it but she was glad to have you by her side.To show her that the world can be beautiful again if you change the perspective of looking at things, to make her hold onto the memories as one can never die if they aren't forgotten.

    She loved you for that, for changing her, for having her back in her worst, for being patient with her and most importantly, for loving her. She can't imagine what living without you would be like and to be honest she neither wanted to find out nor wanted to live her one of the worst fear ever again.

    The realisation was enough for you to hold her tightly. Inhaling that familiar smell of cinnamon and orange, you sighed. A lot has changed in a couple of years.

    The new realisation, you were never really fond of cinnamon or it's smell until it was the only thing that made you relax a little more when she was the one wearing it.

    Wanda smiled when she felt you holding her tightly. She lowered her face to the crook of your neck, kissing you slowly. "Morning, sweetheart" she said between the kisses as she moved to your collarbone. Her raspy voice made your heart skip a beat.

    "Morning, детка." you gasped as she moved back to give your neck her attention, sucking your sweet spot, making you bite your lip to hold back a moan that longed to escape.

    "Mmm you stole my line детка"she said the last word quite playfully as she grabbed your hair, not enough to make you hurt but enough to tilt your head to look her in the eyes. 

    "Well you like it when I call you that" you smirked at her.

    "No complaints there" she smiled as her hand shifted to grab the back of your neck, pulling you closer till her lips were brushing against you.

    You grabbed the loose shirt of hers, slowly removing it before she held your chin to kiss you deeply. You shifted so you can be on top of her, never breaking an eye contact.

    Your hands now on her bare chest, drawing circles, shifting your gaze to watch how she held her breath intakes to calm herself "You deserve this break. You know that right?" you shifted to look into her eyes, waiting for the answer.

    "You would have killed me if I didn't oblige" her grin was replaced by a wince as you pinched her cheeks.

    "Idiot" you muttered as you bit her bottom lips before kissing her.

    "Only for you" she smirked as she easily flipped you so she could be on top of you. She then held both of your hands above your head as she got back to what she had started earlier.

    Yep, she definitely loved the weekends more than she ever told you.

    #wanda maximoff #wanda maximoff x reader #wanda x reader #wanda × y/n #wanda maximov #wanda maximoff fluff #s: my fic
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    WM: You Have Me


    a-force masterlist

    trigger warning: VIOLENCE

    Moya lyubov means “my love” in russian. 

    It was a normal family gathering until it wasn’t. 

    You had flown out to your home state to visit family you don’t see often, your parents weren’t even there, they’d be coming the next day. Your cousin, Hudson, had even come back from Russia, which was weird in itself. 

    He apparently fled with just the clothes on his back, he left everything behind. It was weird. 

    You didn’t trust him at all, he was off. You thought he was just socially awkward because he avoided you so much. Maybe because you were new to his life, you two had never even met. 

    You had SHIELD look into him, they couldn’t find anything sketchy, so you left town and your phone was silenced because you were with family. 

    Then the text tone that only goes off if it’s an emergency (thanks to tony’s programming) even if your phone is silenced. It was Wanda. 

    Call me. 

    You excused yourself and stepped outside on the patio, you didn’t miss the way Hudson looked at you. You shrugged it off, he probably didn’t know your ties to Stark anyway, the fact that he took care of you like his own. 

    “Hey, what’s going on?” 

    “Hey, where are you?” 

    “I’m at the Smiths, why?” “You need to get out of there. We got hits on Hudson, he’s a convicted rapist, and-” then it all became garbled. 

    “Wanda?” You asked. “Babe, I can’t hear you. It’s breaking up.” 

    You just sighed and hung up, she’d call back in a few minutes. You’d just be on your guard, you missed your family so much and Hudson couldn’t ruin that. But you would figure out how to get his victims justice. 

    Besides, you had your powers. You controlled electricity, but there was a way to kill your powers momentarily, and that was with an herb that couldn’t be found anywhere but Siberia.

    What could go wrong?

    Famous last words. 

    You walked inside to find Hudson standing there with a gun, pointing it at your family, who was all crowded in the corner. They were tied up with neon ropes that you didn’t recognize. 

    “Hudson…?” You asked sternly. 

    “This is your fault, you know.” He said. 


    “If you had just stayed away, stayed away with your stupid, sinful powers.” 

    “What? How-” “I work for Cassanda Gillespie, I know everything about you.” 

    Stark’s rival. An international arms dealer, infamous for targeting Inhumans. 

    Such as yourself. 

    You laughed. “You believe everything your boss tells you?” 

    “I believe what I see.” 

    “And what do you see?” You were genuinely curious. 

    His lip shriveled in disgust, “someone who doesn’t fit in here.” Ouch. 

    You tried to someone your powers, you were not able to school your confusion as you looked at your hands. 

    He laughed. “You should cover your drink more, you’d think as a woman you’d learn that.”

    “You sound like a fucking rapist.” You spat. “You wanna kill me? Fucking do it.” You said stepping closer. 

    “Come on, take out the problem.” You opened your arms out. “You like when your victims are powerless don’t you.” You cocked your head. “I’m waiting.” You said impatiently. 

    “You don’t have it in you.” You said. “You will rape people, but you won’t shoot me?”

    Silence. His family stared at him in shock. His own mother looked at him with contempt. 

    “That’s right, you’re not gonna do anything, because you are an incompetent, pathetic, useless scum of a human being.” 

    He looked away, that’s when you struck. 

    You had managed to grab a knife from the kitchen counter and threw it with precision that would have Natasha proud. His hand got stuck against the wall, you took it as your chance to run to your uncle's office, where you knew his gun was. Your uncle being a cop paid off in this moment. 

    You barricaded yourself into the room, then began trying the gun safe. Daughters birthday, granddaughter's birthday, anniversary, his badge number that sat on his desk.  

    It wasn’t working. Damnit. 

    The banging on the door started, you considered jumping out the window but with the drop it wouldn't be good. 

    You hid underneath the desk with a pair of scissors, after opening the window to appear as if you’d jumped out, hoping maybe he’d follow. 

    He didn’t. 

    He stopped in front of the window, so you were faced with his butt. So you stabbed. 

    You hit his thigh, he turned and grabbed you by the hair. You tried to fight him off but he dragged you back out to the living room for your family to witness your death.

    He punched you after throwing you into the glass coffee table, the glass shattering by the sheer force of the throw. Glass was stabbed in your back. He kept hitting you, his class ring cutting your face. 

    Then he grabbed the scissors you used and lifted it up to stab you. You caught his wrists and managed to keep it just from grazing your face.

    Then your beautiful girlfriend used her powers to throw him off of you. She kept hammering into him, he managed to escape; but that was only because she was so worried about you. 

    “Moya lyubov.” She said as she cradled your face. 

    “Untie them.” You said softly. “I don’t know what those ropes are, if it’s hurting them….” You said. Your energy is depleting. The herb in high dosages can knock you out. 

    She waved her hand and her power undid them easily. “Where is he?” You asked. 

    “Nat and Yelena got him down. Carol is getting the local police. We got here as soon as possible.” “He..he-” “Shhhh.” She smoothed your hair back, “He will go to jail for a long time and if he doesn’t….” her eyes glowed red. “He will pay.” 

    “For his victims.” You swallowed. 

    “Yes, moya lyubov.” She agreed as you closed your eyes. “Y/N?” 

    “I’m fine, he poisoned me. The solace flower.” 

    “It’ll fade soon.” She said. 

    “I’m also laying on glass.” 

    “I know, Tony said I can’t move you until paramedics get here just in case.” She said as if it physically pained her. “I’m sorry.” 

    “It’s okay.” You said. “I just want you.”

    “You have me.” She said, her lips against your forehead. 

    Yeah, she had you too. 

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