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  • stepdavii
    07.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Fanart for the fic I'm writing on Ao3 called Sword-Like Spirit, Guqin-Like Soul 😁

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    07.12.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    summary: Wei Ying begins to fall, and Lan Zhan sees each of his mistakes laid before him. Time is an agonizing crawl as Lan Zhan grabs, fruitlessly, at the hem of Wei Ying’s sleeve. The fabric slips through his blood-slicked fingers. He scrambles to his feet, Wei Ying’s name tearing from his throat, eyes burning with exhaustion, misery, a grief that is already all-encompassing. Lan Zhan breathes once, twice.

    Then, he jumps.

    fandom: the untamed

    relationship(s): wangxian, lan sizhui & wei wuxian, lan sizhui & lan wangji

    tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Fix-It, kind of, Wangxian Dads, taking some liberties/playing in the space re: timeline etc, Angst with a Happy Ending, Established Relationship, some power play but no noncon, women get to live!!, wei wuxian calls lan wangji a lot of pet names!!, wangxian's family just keeps growing whenever they turn their backs!!

    CHAPTER 14

    Wei Ying bounces on the balls of his feet for a moment, hands flexing at his sides. “I know you dislike hugs. But-“
    “Yes, fine.”
    She has been gathered up and squeezed before she can quite finish the sentence, her arms coming up to hold him back before she can remember to be irritable. She smiles, her face pressing into Wei Ying’s shaking shoulder, and Lan Zhan’s heart feels warm to witness it. Wei Ying does not let her go for at least a minute or two, but he does finally pull back, wiping wet cheeks with the heels of both of his palms and a heavy, shuddering breath.
    “Agreed,” Wen Qing laughs, not much better off as she dries her own eyes. “How are you?”
    “I’m well,” Wei Ying says with a helpless smile, looking her over. “I…there are so many things I want to say.”
    “As do I. We needn’t say them all at once.”

    continue here

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  • the-stairs-of-koi-tower
    07.12.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    You know what this fic needs? Hurt/comfort. Also a wild ex appearing to bring the love interest into a new light. 

    #KT Fic#SWM#The Untamed#Wangxian #Love it when we meet the ex of the stoic/cold one #It gives us soooooo much information but asks so many questions at the same time
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  • preludianstaves
    07.12.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Rated: Teen

    Pairing: Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian

    Chapters: 1/?

    Word Count: 1159

    Summary: The betrothal letter comes in the Springtime with a Lan escort, changing how events happen in Wei Wuxian's life.

    AKA Wangxian meets early before the Cloud Recesses lectures and slowly starts moderately sooner, some things change and others stay moderately the same. Plus WWX flourishing under the tutelage of the Lans when there isn't prickly Heir or his equally prickly mother lurking around that needs near constant appeasement and a truth serum is involved somewhere in the course of things.

    Content Tags: AU - Arranged Marriage, AU - Canon Divergence, Getting to Know Each Other, Getting Together, Period Typical Attitudes, Period Typical Homophobia, Supportive Lan Wangji, Supportive Lan Xichen, Supportive Lan Qiren, Inventor Wei Wuxian, Implied/Referenced Abuse, Golden Core Reveal, Love Confessions, Truth Serum, Not Jiang Clan Friendly

    *Other tags may be added as needed depending on the path the story takes

    #wangxian #mo dao zu shi #lan wangji#wei wuxian#mdzs#mdzs fanfiction #my writing: fanfiction #au: truths laid bare for all
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    07.12.2021 - 46 minutes ago
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  • stiltonbasket
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #wangxian#the untamed #mo dao zu shi #wuxian versus world: bakery style #my fic#fic preview
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  • ohohsomething
    07.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I got to participate in the MXTX Big Bang and do a bunch of art for the amazing fic In The Shape Of The Dead by toasterness which is so so so good please go read!!


    #mo dao zu shi #mdzs#wangxian #mdzs fic rec #in the shape of the dead #destiny 2 au #but no prior knowledge needed!! #my art #seriously go read
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  • untamed-wolfenm
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Grootmas Meets The Untamed, 2021 Edition

    2020 Edition <- See info about the ornaments (such as what I made and what I bought) there. This year, I added keychains of Suibian, Bichen, and Chenqing (all bought), as well as put Nightstalker M in the A-Yuan cosplay that I made for her (though I bought the wig); added the (full-size) Chenqing I made (although I bought the tassel); added the "wine gourd" I made; and added some bunnies (all bought; the official MDZS bunnies were a gift from a friend). This isn't going to all fit in one post, so I'll have to reblog with the rest of the pics ....

    See the reblog for more.

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  • rachellelie
    07.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Made them for my friend 💕

    ...I don't even go here 🙈

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  • drowningbydegrees-fanworks
    07.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    In This Life or Any Other - Chapter 2

    FIC RATING: E WORD COUNT: 9,468 (total) RELATIONSHIPS: Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian WARNINGS: Graphic Depictions of Violence TAGS: Eventual Happy Ending, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Physical hurt/comfort too actually, Falling In Love, Family (found and otherwise), Alternate Universe - Fantasy, Canon-Typical Violence, Slow Burn, Mutual Pining, Trauma, Politics, Intrigue, BAMF Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, WWX's persistent inability to stay out of trouble, So not all that different from canon, Angst and Humor, After all this is WWX, Menacing your crush as a love language, Because again this is WWX, Magic but closer to the D&D variety than the MDZS variety, Politics also closer to the D&D variety than the MDZS variety, In which Wei Ying is Definitely Not a Mage, definitely not even a little bit, Torture (of a magical nature)

    SUMMARY: When his reconnaissance mission makes it clear that the Qishan army is marching on Cloud Recesses, Wei Wuxian knows they don't stand a chance on their own. He reports in requesting military support, but instead of the backup he hoped for, all Wei Wuxian gets is an order to return home. He doesn't actually know anyone from Gusu, really, but they're still people. With destruction inevitable and every kingdom turning a blind eye, Wei Wuxian makes a choice. The only choice, as far as he's concerned. If no help is coming, Wei Wuxian will just have to save them himself.
    Content Warning: There is a torture scene in this chapter. If that is potentially upsetting subject matter, the chapter notes on AO3 give a beginning and end point to skip that scene as well as a quick recap of the important plot points.

    Read on AO3 or on Tumblr below

    There are things about this mission that Wei Wuxian will concede are not going exactly precisely to plan. A number of things if he’s being candid. They’re missteps he could drown in if he lets himself think too much about them.

    So Wei Wuxian doesn’t. It would change nothing, and there are things to be proud of.

    This disguise, for instance? Inspired. Wei Wuxian is too… everything, probably, for any self respecting Gusu mage to ever think he’s one of theirs, but by the time any of the Qishan soldiers actually look at him beyond his white robes, they already believe his presence was their doing. Wei Wuxian had worried very briefly that his accent might give him away. He’d spent the first few days with an excuse at the ready, but if anyone even notices, it’s only in the apathetic way they might use a tattoo or a scar to tell their prisoners apart.

    But, the victory isn’t that he’s fooled them, so much as what it’s allowed him to do with the charade. While they’ve given up their pretence of treating Lan Zhan and the others as anything but prisoners in the last few weeks, Wei Wuxian fashions himself a weapon from their cruelty. He taunts. He complains. He sings at the top of his lungs until even poor Lan Zhan looks ready to smother him with a pillow, drawing their ire so expertly that the Qishan soldiers rarely look at the the rest of their captives. Time they spend on him is truly wasted. After all, he couldn’t break even if he wanted to, and if they’re focused on him, they’re not interrogating their actual hostages.

    It’s not a comfortable ploy by any means, but it serves his purposes. Besides, it’s not as if he’s coming away empty handed. ‘Where is Lan Xichen hiding?’ all but confirms his hope that his message got to them in time. ‘You’ll talk if you ever want to see Cloud Recesses again’ makes it safe to assume that they have no idea who Wei Wuxian actually is. And the bloody lip Wei Wuxian is currently sporting is the most delightful confession of all, suggesting he’s right about a thought he’s been gleefully holding onto since the moment they met.

    Wen Chao is a terrible mage.

    “Ah, Wen Chao,” Wei Wuxian goads, not for the first time. Probably not even for the twentieth time. Hopefully for the last. He makes a show of jangling the chain thata is yanking his arms over his head. “I’m not even a moving target. Is that really the best you’ve got?”

    He stifles the urge to laugh at the way Wen Chao’s expression screws up in fury, but it’s a very near thing. Wen Chao mutters furiously, something Wei Wuxian is certain isn’t a spell, but he does hold his hands out. Initially, nothing happens. At least not to Wei Wuxian. There’s a faint tremble underfoot, uneven and weak, like a series of limping steps, but whatever spell Wen Chao was going for wasn’t ‘mildly inconvenient earthquake’ judging by the shouting that follows.

    This time, Wei Wuxian doesn’t bother holding back his laughter. “There are more efficient ways to move furniture.”

    “You.” Wen Chao shouts, all the warning there is before he wraps his open palms around Wei Wuxian’s throat. Too late, Wei Wuxian realizes that magic setting its anchor down in the depths of his lungs is no spell at all. This is something far, far worse. The only life force a mage can draw from is their own. It’s not an ethical consideration, something Qishan could have devised a way around, but a law of magic as immutable as gravity. And yet, whatever Wen Chao is doing siphons his life away like his body is a sieve.

    Wei Wuxian loses track of what happens after that. His life plays out in reverse, too fast to hang onto any particular memory. He is younger and younger, and it could be days or seconds that Wei Wuxian is dragged through memories until he skids to a halt. He stares up at a dark ceiling from the bed he’s tucked into in the first home he’s ever known.

    “Will it work?” his father asks, somewhere beyond what the vision shows him. Wei Wuxian does not remember this night, he doesn’t think. Not in the light of day, at any rate.

    “It has to.” Perhaps he remembers this night after all. Not a moment of it is familiar, but Wei Wuxian knows how his mother is going to finish that sentiment before her shaky voice finishes. “It’s the only thing I can do.”

    “If you kill him, you won’t get any answers,” someone says, out there in the real world, interrupting the safety of his childhood bedroom. All at once, reality rushes back in to meet Wei Wuxian. The world is shaking in earnest, and Wen Chao jerks his hands back as if he’s been singed. At the door, two guards are crumpled on their knees, gasping for breath. Wei Wuxian can’t begin to make heads or tails of any of it.

    “Fine.” Normally, Wei Wuxian would revel in Wen Chao having to make any sort of concession. Normally, when he isn’t barely upright. Normally, when he isn’t at the mercy of a terribly timed magical mystery. Now, the world crawls down Wei Wuxian’s spine where sweat sticks his robes to his skin. “Wen Zhuliu. Compulsion.”

    Well, shit. Wen Zhuliu is already approaching him when Wei Wuxian realizes it was a grave tactical error to think Wen Chao’s lack of skill might spare him. Compulsion is... not a little spell, differently awful from whatever Wen Chao just did to him. It’s been rejected by the world at large precisely for the cruelty of it, for the torture it inflicts in pursuit of its ends. It won’t drain his life away, but if he doesn’t stop it - and he can’t possibly - Wei Wuxian will be forced to choose between answering what is asked or being torn apart from within.

    Aching and tired already, Wei Wuxian isn’t above using even this grim, unavoidable fate to his advantage. The truth will be pulled from him no matter how he tries to resist, but Wei Wuxian has been dancing around semantics his entire life. He resigns himself to this being a very, very uncomfortable experience, focuses on bending his answers into the most advantageous version of the truth, and prays to whoever watches over wayward souls like his that it’s enough.

    He’s never seen this spell in action, banned as it is in every kingdom. Wei Wuxian knows the horror with which mages (and everyone else) are warned away from it though. It yanks the truth from a person like claws tearing the heart from their chest, and resistance only compounds the feeling. So Wei Wuxian knows, in theory, what to brace himself for as Wen Zhuliu whispers the words.

    Theory isn’t nearly enough.

    Like lightning striking a long dead forest, a fire tears through him. The impact is so abrupt that Wei Wuxian’s knees give out, only the chains he’s suspended from keeping him from falling to the ground. It burns hotter with each passing second, like a branding iron held against his skin. This is the effectiveness of it, a relentless spiral of agony with truth the only relief. Wei Wuxian knows even he can’t hope to get around it. This is the utter cruelty of the spell as well because there is no release but honesty… and no one has asked a question.

    He may as well have swallowed hot coals, the way it burns. Wei Wuxian struggles helplessly in the restraints, jaw clenched shut so as not to bite his own tongue. The sensation is so all consuming, Wei Wuxian hardly notices Wen Chao grasping his jaw until his head is yanked sharply upward. “Where. Is. He?”

    It could be over. He could answer and let the agony slip back out like the tide. Wei Wuxian only has one shot at this though, and he clings to that knowledge to resist giving in too quickly. If he were really one of the mages of Cloud Recesses he’d resist, and too many lives depend on him getting this right.

    “No.” Wei Wuxian gasps, already struggling to breathe through the agony. “I won’t.”

    “Tell me.” Wen Chao demands. “Or you’ll die here.”

    As if he doesn’t mean for them to all die here anyway. Wei Wuxian counts off the seconds. Maybe. Five pass, maybe ten, before the spell wrenches a wretched wail from him. He can only hope they’re confident enough in their hold on him now that this carefully constructed answer will suffice.

    “I don’t know.” True.

    “He went into hiding.” Also true.

    “He might be in Yi City.” And there’s the gamble. Technically, it’s true that Lan Xichen could be there. It’s as true as any other location Wei Wuxian might have said, but it’s not the kind of truth Wen Chao is looking for.

    The spell seems sympathetic to Wei Wuxian’s definition of honesty, at least. The searing pain begins to ebb, receding to a more bearable ache. It’s still miserable, but at least he can breathe again.

    If Wen Chao suspects the truth has been twisted, he hides it well. Given it’s Wen Chao, Wei Wuxian is pretty positive that means he hasn’t figured it out. But that doesn’t keep him from pressing for more. “Why would he go there?”

    “Magic goes wrong there,” Wei Ying murmurs between ragged breaths. “What better place to hide?”

    For once in Wei Wuxian’s life, his luck holds out, by some measure of the word. The spell fades, leaving only a painful echo and a bone-deep exhaustion. Wei Wuxian sags where he’s standing, grimacing at the cuffs pulling his wrists above his head. And then, without fear or urgency keeping him aware, the room slides out of focus entirely.


    The world caves in around Wei Wuxian, and he's so, so small at the center of all the rubble. It’s all gossamer and glass, too delicate even as he stands at the epicenter. All that he touches tears or shatters, until he stands amidst nothing but broken things.

    And there is nothing more broken than him. He holds out his hands, tiny and plump with baby fat, but does not find so much as a scratch on them. There is only him. Him and the broken things and strange haze that bleeds out, crawling into every crack in the rubble that surrounds him, before settling abruptly, as if succumbing to gravity in one fell swoop.

    Wei Wuxian squints, seeking out the sky, but the air is choked with dust so thick that whatever lies beyond this mess he’s made might as well not exist at all. And he did make this mess. He doesn’t remember, but the echo is there, a calamity that swept through him until his small body could not contain the damage.

    Somewhere, a child is wailing, high and helpless. It’s terror maybe, or grief. Only when Wei Wuxian closes his mouth does he realize the sound was him.


    The palace slowly comes back into focus, spinning so violently Wei Wuxian has to close his eyes against it. He’s not sure whether he prefers this to whatever nightmare his unconscious mind invented for him, but at least he’s a grownup here. He’ll take twenty-two over whatever that was any day.

    “Take him back,” Wen Chao orders, and Wei Wuxian is so glad his hair fell out of its tie two days ago because the tangled locks hide the smirk he can’t quite rein in. Even the pain he’s in doesn’t quell his delight that things are going as intended. That it wasn’t for nothing makes the price well worth it. Wei Wuxian leans into his misery, sniffling as they drag him back to his cell so that all they see is a broken prisoner and no one notices him watching the soldiers readying themselves to leave.

    It’s gone wrong at every turn, but at least it won’t be long before he can make good on his promised rescue. And by the time Wen Chao realizes he’s been sent on a fool’s errand? Well, they’ll be long gone.


    Lan Wangji is a creature of order and routine, left to his own devices. He’s comfortable with the sameness of it, appreciates it even. But his current… roommate so often manages to be an aberration, and the fact that Wei Wuxian being dragged off is now consistently punctuated by Lan Wangji waiting anxiously for him to return is decidedly not comfortable at all. He’s never hated a routine more in his life.

    Listening to Wei Wuxian’s pained whimpers in the hallway is even less so. And though normally seeing Wei Wuxian shoved back into the room eases the discomfort he’s beginning to get used to a tiny bit, this time it just replaces one worry for another. Where normally Wei Wuxian bounces back almost immediately, bruised and banged up, but in good spirits, this time he doesn’t move at all. He stays right where he has fallen, breathing harshly through his nose.

    “Wei Wuxian.” Lan Wangji comes closer without really thinking about it, watching the steady rise and fall of Wei Wuxian’s chest. Blood dribbles alarmingly from his nose and ears. Or it did. It looks to be mostly dry now. “Are you-”

    “Okay?” Wei Wuxian finishes. He cracks one eye open, and fixes Lan Wangji with a sweet, lopsided smile. “Of course I’m okay. Sweet of you to worry about me.”

    Lan Wangji sighs through his nose. He’s really not sure why he bothers if Wei Wuxian is just going to treat his concern like a joke. He’s so busy fuming to himself he doesn’t realize Wei Wuxian is reaching out until a set of cuffs bump against his knee and fingers clumsily curl in the fabric of his robe. “Don’t. You don’t have anything to worry about. It’s not as bad as it looks. I’m fine.”

    Wei Wuxian is many things. He’s overwhelming, and endearing by turns. He’s aggravating in one breath and terribly clever in the next. He’s shameless and irreverent and… and kind. What he is not, however, is ‘fine’. He’s bloodier and more disheveled than when he left, and when he shifts from where he’s lying on the floor, he grimaces.

    “Sorry. See? Totally fine.” Wei Wuxian abruptly rolls over to push himself upright. Before Lan Wangji can decide whether his concern was unnecessary after all, Wei Wuxian sucks in a sharp breath and lists forward. Only the fact that Lan Wangji puts himself in Wei Wuxian’s path keeps him from landing face first on the floor.

    “Fine,” Lan Wanji echoes with all the sarcasm he can muster. It’s surprisingly little given Wei Wuxian is much too close and seems perfectly content to press his forehead against Lan Wangji’s shoulder indefinitely. Or at least until Lan Wanji huffs and maneuvers him upright again.

    He doesn’t touch strangers (not a stranger, Wei Wuxian would insist). Lan Wangji isn’t sure what to make of the sense of loss as Wei Wuxian leans against the wall instead.

    “Mostly fine,” Wei Wuxian amends with a smile. “Nothing that won’t heal.”

    It shouldn’t feel any particular way to hear Wei Wuxian being so cavalier about his own wellbeing, and yet, there is something. It’s there on the tip of his tongue, but words have never been Lan Wangji’s strong suit and he can’t seem to coax the thought into a recognizable shape. Not that Wei Wuxian gives him a great deal of space to do so. “So, how do you feel about getting out of here?”

    Wei Wuxian’s ego is a familiar thing, how quick he is to acknowledge the things he’s good at. It’s a bit boastful, and it would be off-putting if Wei Wuxian were any less charming, but it’s honest. This is arrogant, even for him, to sit here in the room they’re both trapped in, looking very much like a slight breeze would blow him over, and say such a thing. Lan Wangji glowers at him. “What?”

    Wei Wuxian’s nose crinkles as he huffs out a laugh. He clumsily shakes his cuffed wrists until something metal clinks quietly against the stone floor. A hairpin, Lan Wangji realizes when he turns his head to look. The silver pin is topped with a small lotus blossom carved from lavender jade, lovely and utterly incongruent with their surroundings. “Where did you get that?”

    “I thought it might come in handy.” Wei Wuxian gestures oddly until Lan Wangji can see the outline of a pocket sewn into the sleeve of his robe. Leaning in like he’s sharing a secret, Wei Wuxian murmurs, “Never be so reliant on magic that you forget the other tools at your disposal.”

    Lan Wangji has gotten used to Wei Wuxian reciting rules from home, whether to keep up his ruse or just to tease. This isn’t from Gusu, though. It’s the first tenant of magic and Wei Wuxian has no reason to know it that comes to mind. One more inexplicable thing about him, Lan Wangji supposes.

    “You’ve had that this whole time?” Lan Wangji asks as he realizes. He wants to be irritated that they’re still here if they’ve had a way out, but… but so far Wei Wuxian has turned out to have a reason for every odd thing he’s done. Judging by his current state, the wait has cost Wei Wuxian dearly, so Lan Wangji suspects that must be true now too. Probably. It’s honestly hard to tell when it’s Wei Wuxian’s wellbeing on the line.

    “We only have one shot at this,” Wei Wuxian points out, not unkindly. For a moment, all his usual theatrics bleed away, leaving something warm and quiet in their wake. “Sorry to make you wait. I had to get it right.”

    The more time Lan Wangji spends with Wei Wuxian, the less he feels he knows. He must be staring because a soft huff of laughter pulls Lan Wangji back to the present, punctuated by the sly, upward curve of Wei Wuxian’s mouth. To Lan Wangji’s relief, Wei Wuxian doesn’t comment on it though, just crooking his fingers in invitation. “Do you want those off or not?”

    “You can’t pick a magical lock in the manner you can a regular one,” Lan Wangji points out as Wei Wuxian tugs his bound wrists a little closer.

    “That would be quite the task,” Wei Wuxian replies, not quite an agreement. “If that was what we were doing.”

    We. As if this were a collaborative project. Before Lan Wangji can ask for clarification, Wei Wuxian’s fingertips brush across the underside of his wrist. It’s not that there’s anything specifically indecent about it. Least of all in this context. It’s just that no one touches Lan Wangji and he does nothing to invite it. The world is… less overwhelming at arm’s length, but Wei Wuxian is crowded into his space, the tip of his tongue poking out between his lips as he searches for something. The contact can’t be intentional, but Lan Wangji’s nerve endings have not gotten this message. The delicate scrape of nail across his wrist licks its way down his spine like a wildfire, and his breath catches faintly before he can stifle it.

    “It’s not the cuffs or themselves that make the difference. Or the lock,” Wei Wuxian murmurs like he hasn’t even noticed, his fingers sliding along the cuff. He makes a small, satisfied sound when he finds whatever he’s looking for, and awkwardly maneuvers his own hands to wedge the hairpin into something until he can pry the metal around Lan Wangji’s wrist apart. It’s barely given at all before something loosens, power flooding in like a stormy ocean sweeping in towards solid ground. He gasps in surprise, relief maybe, Lan Wangji’s gaze dragging right back to Wei Wuxian’s mischievous smile. “No one ever seems to get that you don’t have to pick the lock, because it’s not the lock stopping you. It’s the circuit. All it takes is the tiniest disconnect.”

    After so much deprivation, he’d be grateful for anything, but magic floods back in like a breaking dam. Lan Wangji sucks in a breath as it courses through him, like blood returning to a limb that’s fallen asleep. It buzzes under his skin, as familiar as his own heartbeat. For the first time in too long, it comes when he calls it, a faint, guttering light. To his surprise, though the cuffs are still locked, they require almost no effort at all to remove now that the enchantment is inert. Well, almost no effort. It’s draining in a way it hasn’t been as long as he can remember.

    “Showoff,” Wei Wuxian teases, holding his wrists out to Lan Wangji. “Do you mind?”

    He makes quick work of it now that he’s seen the trick. The seam of the cuffs isn’t so hard to find, and where he’d have had to think, to struggle maybe, with disenchanting the lock, the hairpin slides into the crack with ease. With the circuit broken, however slightly, the hum of power in the cuffs dies to nothing. Lan Wangji ignores how the magic shakes like a rope holding too much weight to break the lock on them too, quietly watching the cuffs fall away from Wei Wuxian’s wrists.

    “You have a plan,” Lan Wangji says, watching Wei Wuxian rub his newly exposed wrists. It’s not a question because surely there must be a plan for him to have chosen now.

    Wei Wuxian snorts, which isn’t reassuring at all. “My plan was to get you out of those cuffs so I knew what I had to work with.”

    That’s… sensible, really, to account for variables. Comparatively speaking. It’s not entirely helpful though, since Lan Wangji doesn’t know exactly what waits for them out there. He holds out the hairpin to Wei Wuxian, mostly just to have something to do with his hands, and does not think about the way Wei Wuxian’s crescent moon smile seems to fend off the weariness that has settled over him for a moment.

    “Come here,” Wei Wuxian murmurs, but does not wait for Lan Wangji to comply. He shuffles closer, reaching unexpectedly for Lan Wangji. It’s… not like any interaction they’ve had, too close even before contact is made, but Wei Wuxian brought an eerie sort of frailty back into the room with him that gives Lan Wangji pause. Before he can decide whether to duck away, Wei Wuxian makes a soft, pleased sound as something scrapes lightly against Lan Wangji’s scalp.

    The unexpected touch turns out not to be Wei Wuxian’s fingers, but the hair pin tucked deftly into Lan Wangji’s hair. He finds himself taken aback by the unexpected act of intimacy, peculiar even for Wei Wuxian, leaving a question teetering on Lan Wangji’s lips. It refuses to fall, to tumble out into the space between them, but Wei Wuxian must read it in his expression anyway.

    “For if ever I’m not around and you… are in a bind.” Wei Wuxian laughs at his own joke, a sudden sharp burst that lifts some of the misery of this place. Lan Wangji is surprised to find he misses it when Wei Wuxian quiets, expression smoothing into something more serious. “Once you get everyone out, it should be a pretty straight shot. There’s a hallway just around the corner, and about halfway down there’s another hallway to the left. Follow that. It’ll lead you to the tunnels.”

    “What about you? Aren’t you coming?” Lan Wangji presses as Wei Wuxian hobbles to his feet.

    “Me? I’m the distraction. I told Wen Chao where Lan Xichen was, and he was so eager to follow the lead he took half the soldiers here with him. If the rest of them are busy trying to find me…” Wei Wuxian is still talking, but Lan Wangji is stuck for a moment on his brother’s name.

    “You did what?” He’ll be angry at himself later for even momentarily entertaining the idea that Wei Wuxian could have been a traitor or an idiot despite proving himself in blood and bruises, but at first emotion clouds everything else. He’ll regret, afterwards, the way he snarls, cornering Wei Wuxian.

    The worst of it is how Wei Wuxian doesn’t even complain. Despite the state he’s in and the unfair assumptions, he unflinchingly allows Lan Wangji to back him against the wall. “I made something up, and since they thought the spell they used would make it impossible for me to lie to them… Well, anyway, I told them Yi City and off they went.”

    For a second the whole world grinds to a halt. He has a horrifying suspicion of what that spell might be. It would certainly explain the blood. Lan Wangji doesn’t know whether to be more horrified by the spell being used or by the way Wei Wuxian waves it off, as if torture is no more than an inconvenience. There’s no point in asking Wei Wuxian if he’s alright in the moment, or even how he pulled that off, so Lan Wangji secrets away his concern for later. “Where is he actually?”

    Lan Wangji realizes the moment he’s said it that that’s a foolish question, but Wei Wuxian doesn’t so much as tease him about it. “No idea. Probably anywhere but there, being a mage and all that. I just picked it because they wouldn’t be able to portal there to check my story.”

    “How did you-” Lan Wangji’s question is cut off by Wei Wuxian’s palm abruptly clapping over his mouth. The world must have upended entirely if Wei Wuxian is the one telling him to stop talking.

    “I know that you’re worried about Gusu, and you don’t like jumping in without all the facts, but if we’re doing this I have to go now. I’ll find you,” Wei Wuxian whispers urgently. It’s all Lan Wangji can do to incline his head in a terse nod before Wei Wuxian slips out the door, remarkably graceful for the state he’s in.

    Gusu? He’s worried about his brother. Before Lan Wangji can think further on it, an alarm sounds in the distance.


    The plan goes perfectly at first. Wei Wuxian is, by nature, a creature who demands the attention of those around him. It’s practically instinct to do so now, to make enough of a spectacle of himself that the guards look nowhere else. It helps, probably, that he has spent so much of his time here nursing the guards’ dislike for him with playful insults and a joviality he wields as deftly as any weapon. He’s too bright, too much. Lan Zhan and the others may as well be shadows.

    As he dashes down the hall, stubbornly ignoring the painful shock of each footfall through his body, Wei Wuxian reaches into his sleeve for the stack of arrays he keeps tucked there. They’re small spells, the only kind Nie Huiseng could enchant for him, the only kind an array can even manage, but he’s made do with worse and Wei Wuxian is nothing if not resourceful. A scroll meant to conjure drinking water becomes a falling hazard splashed across the stone floor. A cantrip creating illusions becomes a wall to slow the Qishan soldiers’ pursuit. An array meant to send messages conjures up the sound of his voice, taunting them from a far away hallway.

    He’s at the far end of the castle when he decides he’s probably bought Lan Zhan enough time and begins to circle back. It is there that his luck runs out. One wrong turn leaves the soldiers nearly right on top of him as Wei Wuxian sprints down an unfamiliar hallway. He tries to create a barrier to duck out of sight, but there’s only a dead end in front of him and there are footsteps right behind him before he can act.

    “There’s nowhere left to run,” one of the soldiers says at his back. Already, Wei Wuxian can hear the crackle of energy, an unmistakable threat. No peaceful way out of this, then.

    Only one of them looks to be a mage, which is something going for Wei Wuxian. It’s not enough. He’s good with a sword, better than good even, but six against one still makes for difficult odds.

    As Wei Wuxian turns to face the soldiers, he clasps his hands at his back to mask the way they tremble and to hide the array that should conjure up a weapon. Should, being the operative word because he’s never actually tried it and this would be a hell of a place to realize something isn’t quite right with it. His voice, at least, does not betray him. It’s smooth, pleasant even, despite the way he’s shaking apart inside. “Who said anything about running?”

    A number of things happen in quick succession after that. The mage fires off a spell likely meant to incapacitate him, and the hallway shines like sunlight across shattered glass as he dodges the impact. Wei Wuxian blindly activates the array and… nothing happens. The soldiers advance, weapons raised. Wei Wuxian tries to duck away, but there’s nowhere to go and nothing to fight back with, so he braces himself for an attack he can’t avoid. If he can just survive it long enough to disarm one of them, it might be enough.

    Except, then someone screams. Someone that isn’t him. Wei Wuxian looks up just in time to see the Qishan soldiers thrown violently against the wall like a line of paper dolls. The commotion clears his view of the hallway, empty except for a single figure perhaps twenty feet away. Energy from the spell ruffles their hair and robe, the residue of it glowing on their pale skin as if they’re some sort of avenging spirit.

    “Lan Zhan? You’re supposed to be- Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian’s question is interrupted by Lan Zhan swaying precariously on his feet. He barely reaches Lan Zhan in time for the mage to fall into Wei Wuxian’s arms instead of onto the floor.

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  • akanie0
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago


    I’m so grateful for mdzs and the untamed. I was in a dark place, feeling depressed for quite a long time, it felt like like life was only getting harder as the years past. 2018, 2019, 2020...maybe cause it was such a dark time I don’t remember what exactly happened, though I cried a lot in 2020. Discovering this story in 2020 was the best thing that ever happened to me. I may still go through moments, be a sad mess, carry trauma from the past but they helped me through hard times and made me happier. In a way they saved me by bringing me happiness, comfort, and other feelings. Through them, I fell in love with danmei and discovered more stories that touched my heart… Wangxian will always be special. Hualian’s love is really beautiful, it makes me want to cry. Danmei makes me feel like a hopeless romantic sometimes. I love mxtx author and I hope she is doing well. The love her stories convey are so meaningful and deep, they show love in the most beautiful way. Deep affections, longing, precious love that is rare in real life. The relationship dynamics, their background and the past, their personality and character traits of her characters are all so in depth and interesting. I’m so thankful for mxtx, and many other authors I have discovered along the way. I feel lucky to be able to know these stories. I’m grateful to the danmei authors and danmei stories they create that fill my heart that once felt empty.

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  • stellarflex
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    We are in this wangxian shit forever .....

    #wang yibo#xiao zhan#wei wuxian#the untamed#lan wangji#sean xiao#cdrama#cql#wangxian#mdzs #the founder of diabolism #the grandmaster of demonic cultivation #yizhan #the untamed facts
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  • soursoppi
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    one didi’s pest is another didi’s precious

    #Lan Wangji#Wei Wuxian#Jiang Cheng#Wangxian#MDZS #Mo Dao Zu Shi #more of the #JC grows up under the Lans AU
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  • korpikorppi
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ECHOES - During their second moonlight duel, did they remember the first?

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  • wangxianficrecs
    06.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Propagate Understanding by draechaeli

    Propagate Understanding

    by draechaeli

    E, 176k, wangxian

    Summary: A-Yuan was birthed by Wei WuXian, A-Yuan called Lan WangJi ‘Father’, A-Yuan had Lan WangJi’s nose! Was it the time that Wei WuXian took his forehead ribbon at the Wen Discussion Conference Archery Competition?—he’d have to ask Brother.
    As a physician, Wen Qing has to suffer fools constantly; if Lan WangJi is determined to be Wei WuXian’s baby daddy, she wasn’t going to stop him, especially if it could save them all. And if it leads to some misunderstandings on the topic of marriage and propagation—well, it is not Wen Qing’s fault if Lan WangJi became the world’s best and worst matchmaker, making sure that children everywhere had parents.
    My comments: Goodness, this story was a ride: so much happened. Canon takes a hard right when wwx tells lwj that he birthed a-yuan. Since there's NO sex education in Gusu, apparently, lwj just rolls with it, assuming that the forehead ribbon-touching must have impregnated wwx. *Obviously two males can have babies, because the rabbit horde started with two males!* Anyhoo, there's tons of plot wrapped around this running gag of "if you hand a child to someone, they're the ones that birthed them and now you're both fathers, congrats". Lwj wants more kids, so he's very open to just... plucking up orphans. He goes rescuing Wens, almost like a rogue cultivator, because wwx has opened his eyes to a whole new world.
    Unfortunately, about halfway through, wwx dies as per canon (mostly), and we'll go through the 13 years with lwj, his 3 children, jc and HIS daughter, jin ling and his living family, and mo xuanyu (who has an arc).
    (I was actually in the crossdressing tag when i found this story, and when wwx comes back, he does, completely casually, often dress as a woman, to conceal his identity (there are rumors that Cangse Sanren has come back). Mxy sometimes wears dresses just because he likes them. Everyone's chill about it, it's not really a plot point.)
    After wwx comes back, canon is followed a bit more closely, but with many more kids running around. And Nie Mingjue. And an alive Wen Ning (that's a running gag, too, that everyone calls him dead, but he's not).
    I really enjoyed this, and the last few chapters are a hoot.
    Author has lived in China for the past 8 years, and has extensive notes on language, culture and word choices, from an outsider's point of view, which were really interesting, y'all should be sure to read them.
    Excerpt: "What is this Lan Zhan? Are you giving me another child?" asked Wei WuXian.
    Lan WangJi lifted Lan PiPi away from his body and turned him towards Wei WuXian and the boy latched on to the slighter man, arms around Wei WuXian's neck and legs around his waist. Wei WuXian's hands came up under the child to hold him up. "Mn."
    "Oof, this one is so big, you made me very pregnant this time Lan Zhan," laughed Wei WuXian.
    Before Lan WangJi could respond Wen Qing marched over, "No! I will not allow you to do this."
    Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi both looked at the Wen Matriarch startled. "Qing-jie what do you mean? What won't you allow?"
    "He cannot keep giving you children, we draw the line at two children out of wedlock, HanGuang-Jun you must take responsibility, you cannot keep getting children on our patriarch without wedding him properly,"

    canon divergence, family day in yiling, burial mounds, no sex education in gusu lan, lan wangji gets some weird ideas about how to acquire children, he's kind of a rogue cultivator for a bit while wwx holds the fort in the burial mounds, not everybody dies, adoption, except wei wuxian birthed them all, wen prisoner rescue, accidental baby acquisition, purposeful baby acquisition, marriage, yiling matriarch, dual cultivation, golden core reveal, family feels, 13 years, humor, plot, world building, mo xuanyu lives, casual crossdressing, yiling loves their matriarch, sex education, no sex ed in gusu lan, wen qing could educate them but doesn't bother, pov multiple, fix it of sorts, jiang yanli lives, jin zixuan lives, others do too, happy ending, @draechaeli​

    (You may wish to REBLOG as a signal boost for this author if you like – or think others might like – this story.)

    #Wangxian Fic Rec #The Untamed#wangxian#MDZS #accidental baby acquisition #family day in yiling #burial mounds#adoption#yiling matriarch#dual cultivation #golden core reveal #family feels#13 years#humor#world building #mo xuanyu lives #pov multiple #fix it of sorts #jiang yanli lives #jin zixuan lives #happy ending#Propagate Understanding#draechaeli #epic length fic >100k #nc17
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  • i-put-the-bi-in-suibian
    06.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Salvaged by Winglesss

    Rating: T       Chapters: 1/3

    Tags: Android!LWJ, scientist!WWX, Alternate Universe - Sci-fi

    Summary: Burial Mounds is just a poetic name, it doesn't change what this place is - a landfill. A pile of trash so big it takes up the better part of what used to be called Yiling. It's a dangerous place to live due to all the toxic waste. For the same reason, it’s the only safe place for Wei Wuxian and the Wens. Maybe this place is exactly where they belong - in society’s eyes, they are toxic refuse hoping to be salvaged. Wei Ying isn't really hoping for redemption, he did a lot of mistakes in the past - mistakes that had horrible consequences that are impossible to fix.

    When he finds a seriously damaged android, it gives him a new purpose. Maybe if he can fix him, he will feel less useless and damaged himself.

    Read on AO3

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  • pocketfulofrecs
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    Lan Wangji's Birthday is coming up next month and we have an amazing mini-bang event planned! WWX's Birthday event was a success! Let's work together to make this one a success too!

    So what are we going to do?

    Writers can participate by writing a fic that is at least 10,000 words long (you can write more if you want but it has to hit the 10k mark). Artists can pick one or more writers that they like and create art based on the fic. We will have betas, pinch-hitters, and a dedicated Discord server for this event.


    Sign-ups : 6th to 15th December

    Artist choosing their writers - 16th to 20th December

    First Check-in - 2nd to 10th Jan. (50% of the work should be complete.)

    Final check-in with authors and artists on the 15th of January (75% should be complete by this time)

    Posting date selection - 20th January.

    Posting period from 23rd January onwards.


    1. The fic and art should be LWJ-centric.

    2. We prefer novel canon and characterization. If you write or create art based on adaptions, please mention it and tag everything properly.

    3. We will not accept fics that will bash the two leads - Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian.

    4. The dedicated Discord server is a place to get support and not a place to discuss general fandom topics. Proper decorum should be maintained there.

    5. If you intend to drop out of the event, please inform us as soon as possible so we can make arrangements accordingly. We will not hold it against anyone.

    6. If you are unable to complete on time, you can choose a later posting date to get some more time. Please inform the mods in advance.

    7. We will only accept completed works for this event.

    8. The works will be added to an Ao3 collection as well.


    (If you have already joined the Discord, please mention it on the form)

    Writers Sign Up

    Artists Sign Up

    Support Sign Up


    People that asked to be tagged:

    @orion-flux , @elvenqueensandladyflowers, @ashayatreldai , @papriqua, @the-last-d-boy, @ladypfenix , @wrecklwj, @everdreamwithchocolate, @cordialcrowe, @xiao-shimei, @alliandra, @tobiyooo

    #lan wangji#mdzs#wangxian#mdzs events #lwj birthday serenade #hgj birthday serenade #mini bang #lwj mini bang
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