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  • bellamer
    17.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    One Piece where everything is the same but Kid and Killer accidentally switched lipstick in a hurry right before they were separated in Wano

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  • ximwrx
    16.01.2022 - 5 days ago
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  • dekkenminus
    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    Yamato in episode 1006.
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  • dekkenminus
    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago
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  • sashi-ya
    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Kin'emon ~ Ep. 1006 ~ Wano Kuni Arc

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  • sashi-ya
    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Yamato ~ Ep. 1006 ~ Wano Kuni Arc

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  • dodgedriftdietrying
    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    I might write the backstory to their jewelry at some point but take this for now. Any and all feedback is welcome and encouraged, I want to learn.

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  • mingot-studios
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    me coming into chapter 1037 like;

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  • mingot-studios
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    just when i thought wano couldnt get any crazier 1037 happens

    #one piece#op 1037#wtf oda #also give luffy the coat back #it looked so badass #op chapter 1037 #one piece 1037 #monkey d. luffy #kaido #one piece wano #wano kingdom#wano country #land of wano #op wano#wano kuni#wano arc #should i tag as spoilers? #because im not actually revealing anything
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  • danwhobrowses
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    One Piece Chapter 1037 - Initial Thoughts

    And we are back, hope y'all had a good new year

    Because now it's over and real life has kicked in! It's okay though, we still have One Piece and it's the first chapter of the year (unless you're just following Viz and then it's the second)

    King's down, Queen's down, and we're looking like we may check in with Luffy, but there's still a lot of moving pieces so let's see how this one goes

    Spoilers for the Chapter, Support the Official Release

    Everybody stop what you're doing and rejoice, Reiju's on the cover story! Baeju confirmed alive! I mean, Judge and Ichiji too but I don't really care about them

    We're back in the Fire Festival, but no Hitetsu or Toko, regular people sensing the party's almost over, some bitter, some just living in the glow of the paper mache Toki float

    Lanterns are coming out too, with messages written on them on what people desire, still very intrigued how this will come into play

    Back with Luffy and Kaido though, and Kaido is now getting boozed up

    Least he offered Luffy some, Zoro would be all over that, but it's not like we could celebrate him trying to turn Wano into a pirate hive by squashing the capital and forcing all survivors into slave labour...

    Well at least he's being a happy drunk right now, kinda acting like Luffy mixed with Saul

    Oda making sure we know that being drunk isn't gonna affect Kaido's threat level, he matrix dodged that Roc Gun

    And that was a meaty looking hit

    The dome is crumbling, and it's right underneath Big Mom, keep an eye on that it may come back - like I envision Luffy winning will be shown on the Performance Floor but what if the debris KO's Big Mom and it's just Luffy standing over 2 KO'd Yonko? Morgans might die from all the Big News

    Kaido's back to his dragon form now, but he's in his Sad Drunk phase, lamenting his inability to stop the castle falling apart...which is weird considering he's dropping it on the Capital knowing that it's loaded with explosives

    5 Years to rebuild? Kaido you need a Franky...and if that giant sword gets damaged I don't think you can replace it

    Luffy tries to attack, but he does his Dragon Twister, which Luffy parries away with his Haki (according to twitter people think this'd make Zoro fans mad because Luffy deflected something Zoro also deflected with his sword...people are silly sometimes)

    Well now we have Hybrid Crying Drunk, a form we have seen before

    He goes for the Thunder Bagua, but Luffy's been hit with it enough times to have it scouted

    Really well-times move to both dodge and land on the weapon, before giving Kaido la chancla!

    Kaido catches him with the tail though, leading to a badass panel of a Conqueror's Coated headbutt clash!

    A clash Kaido wins, his Haki has gotten stronger, I wonder if getting drunk improves Kaido's haki, since Haki is tied to emotions too maybe he should've drank spirits

    Angry drunk Kaido now, accusing Luffy of almost sobering him up. This is probably what we got in Bakura Town with the first Thunder Bagua

    Luffy dodges Kaido firin his lazar but his Roc Gatling is clashed with Kaido's Gundari: Meteor Shower, both sides taking hits in the end

    Luffy dodges the swing and gets a brutal kick to Kaido's gut to finish off this session, Kaido's taking damage but he's also still smiling in the face of damage, it's that unnerving tension that while damage is being done it doesn't feel like enough

    Now we're going all the way back to Marejois! Sounds like the Gorosei aren't happy with what went down at the Reverie, which tbf is a promising thing since they were about to target Vivi

    They are setting sights on Wano, which tbf they should've done years ago I mean I still feel robbed that Tashigi didn't get a part to play in the Land of Swords

    'Nico Robin must have been apprehended by now' - Aha boy are you fucking wrong

    Now they're talking about killing her? Boy if you think this was a war you have no idea what trying to kill Robin would do to you

    The WG ships en route to Wano are being intercepted though, by a 'big shadow'

    Wait a Devil Fruit!? You telling me this is a Devil Fruit's work?


    Oda come onnnnn, we've waited multiple weeks for this then you throw another break, not cool!

    Well this is a wild chapter

    The added focus on the Fire Lanterns makes me feel like they are going to play a role, maybe ghosts, maybe Momo can use the lanterns like Fire Clouds, something's gonna go down there.

    Luffy and Kaido are still popping off, I expect that's all we'll see for now until we've wrapped up some more things but it is promising that Luffy is getting hits in and being acknowledged by Kaido, but given how Luffy isn't using any Gear Fourth it's clear that he still thinks Kaido has plenty in the tank. At least we got some variety with Kaido being drunk, tying back to pre-Wano appearances.

    But then you go drop a bomb like that!? I mean I was wondering if Zunesha was gonna make an appearance since Momo stuck around on Zou while Luffy was in WCI but what does this mean!? What is Zunesha exactly? Was it Momo who awakened it by giving it an order? Will it be able to help Momo with Onigashima?

    The last part I doubt because it's at sea but it may be warding off the WG, do have to wonder though if the BM Pirates will get involved, given how they've been knocked down to the sea thrice now

    We'll have to wait...and wait, but Oda keeps throwing us curveballs that make this arc (at this point I feel like we should call it a saga) even more jam packed! 2022 is gonna be another wild year for One Piece.

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  • byjessicalotufo
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    One Piece Wano AU

    I feel like if Tashigi was undercover in Wano, she would be a shrine maiden. (Shigure may or may not be hidden in the broom 😏)

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  • mugiwara-lucy
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    With all the other fights against the Flying Six and King and Queen done, I reckon the Luffy and Kaido stuff will be done by 1050 whether it ends with Kaido’s defeat, him (hopefully not!) getting killed, him getting imprisoned, him leaving (the option I’m the MOST open too) or whatever happens.

    #one piece #monkey d luffy #kaido #wano country arc #because other arcs need love too and we can’t stay in Act 3 forever 😂😅
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  • firefangs
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago


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  • wr900
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago
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  • sashi-ya
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    ~ 🌸 Cherry Blossoms Over Wano Event 🌸 ~

    NSFW ~ Yamato x GN! Reader ~ At Wano Beach ~

    tw: gn! reader, afab. He/him pronouns for Yamato. No descriptions for reader. Oral. Praising. Romance. Kinda public.

    wc: 1.1K

    Like this event? masterlist 🌸~

    Dear anon! Here I bring you this fic with the lovely Yamato! I hope you enjoy and thank u so much for requesting! Have a wonderful day! 💖🌸~

    The request was:

    Anonymous asked: For your event may I ask for nsfw Wano Beach with yamato and a non-binary (they/them) afab reader! for kinks may I have cunninglings and praise pretty please?✨✨ thank you so much!

    He pulls from your hand, excitedly. The ground soon changes from grass to sand, and the sound of waves announcing you are closer to the sea.

    "Yams, wait! What if your dad's guards see us?" You ask him, worried because this is for sure something you shouldn't be doing.

    "They won't! Come on!" The white haired oni, smiles and laughs, so happy to be free holding your hand. And you can't help but smile. His happiness is your happiness.

    You finally get to the shore, the waves, and the summer breeze play with his white hair, which flows beautifully.

    "Ahh freedom! this is what it feels to be free, right?" He asks, contemplating the horizon wanting to go even further. I can't wait to see all the things that Oden saw. I want to contemplate the dawn and I want to contemplate the dust. I want to be bathed by the moon shine while I run through other lands…"

    He speaks of freedom as if it were the best feeling in the world. And he was right, yet not for you, though because the best thing in life was to be near him, loving him, hugging him, kissing him, and dying for him even.

    "Yams; come here" you pull from him, because even if Wano borders may never fall, you won't put them in between your love.

    You hug him, placing a sweet kiss over his shoulder. "You know how much I love you, Young Master?" You ask, whispering in his ear.

    "Don't tell me Young Master, (Name)!" He playfully scolds you.

    "But you are… you are my master" you purr, passing your hands around his waist.

    Yamato, who is absolutely, stupidly, madly in love with you -just as you are with him- has little to none limits when you tease him and now he is pinning you against the warm sand of Wano Beach.

    He straddles his hips over you, holding your wrists, and smirking. You are his prey now, and you are pleased to be devoured by him.

    His lips land on yours, staying there for a couple of minutes. Tongues playing with each other in a dance of love and lust. Both moan softly into each other’s mouths, sometimes you even bite him; the warm wetness of your caves, so erotic and beautiful.

    Yamato rips your kimono open, amazed to see just a few gauzes are covering your chest and hips. He likes it when you do that, he told you several times the "savage look" looked better on you than those fancy clothes under the kimonos.

    "I love this, (Name)" he chimes, burying his nose into your upper part. "Plus, the smell of your skin…" he mumbles, as he travels up and down your anatomy, smelling the sweet scent of your body.

    You squirm; the simple touch of young master could produce that on you. And you remember the day, Black Maria, asked -forced- you to be a companion for Kaido's "stupid son". Truth is, they wanted you to be some kind of informant for them, to see if Yamato was still obsessed with freedom. And oh boy, he was. But the Tobi Roppo wouldn't have to know…

    Yamato gets to your hip bones, a place he thoroughly enjoys biting. Like a little puppy, -which he was- he bites your protruded bones. Staying there, enjoying the little indentation that forms in the middle of them, on the valley of your lower belly.

    "Do you know how perfect you are?" He asks, never losing that handsome beam off his face.

    You extent your hand and graze his cheek, a soft caress over his warm skin. "I must be at least a little to be with you, Young Master".

    Him, placing his chin on your belly, blinks a few times flashing his beautiful golden eyes to you, with a sparkle on them, so bright that it feels like watching towards the sun. "I love you, my perfect little you"

    His hands reach for the gauze covering your sex, the shackles around his wrists feel cold when they graze your spreading thighs, and you wish you could break them free once and for all.

    Yamato finds your wet entrance, dripping honey so ready for him to taste it. He kisses it before licking. One, two, three, four times. His lips get glossy from it, and he is pleased, he is delighted, he is bewitched by your taste, as he always does.

    "So wet…" he moans, forming strings up and down with your fluids and his fingers. "That's because of you, Yams" you whine.

    And he couldn't stop himself. Once his tongue got the first taste or your sex; he couldn't stop.

    He drinks from you, he devours you. His tongue -as always and since the very first time- trace perfect circles around the right places. Making you squirm, making you arch your back, your hell goes up and down his soft, muscular, perfect back as he goes on and on and on with eating you out.

    Your toes curl when he also sticks his fingers inside you, pressing from outside your lower belly just to make you burst. He knows perfectly how your bodies work, and how much you enjoy this.

    You brush your fingers through his long white, abundant hair, and even sometimes you grab him by his horns. "I… love… you ~" you exclaim in total rapture, as he fingers you violently but hitting the perfect spot, and his mouth sucking your clit on and on.

    Of course there is not much you could resist, and climax comes soon. "Come for me, my perfect little darling" Yamato praises you, muffled by your anatomy and almost a little panting.

    And there you go, arching your back, throwing your head back, while Yamato squeezes your chest, you come. Hard, wet, explosively. And he loves it, he receives your relief with a smile on his face. Yamato feels the happiest when you enjoy.

    He crawls next to you, the afternoon sun kissing your skin and the sound of the waves that have gone silence while you were focused on your breathing, accompany the aftermath of your climax.

    You place your forehead over his, recovering from the exhaustion of your last orgasm, because now all you wanna do is taste him and travel through his body with your lips.

    "Thank you, Young Master". "Thank you, (Name)... at least I found a reason to enjoy living here while waiting for him… for freedom"

    "Can I go with you when that happens?". "It wouldn't be called freedom if the person I love the most wasn't with me enjoying it, right?"

    "I love you so much, Yams… so, so much" ♡~

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  • afandomplaceforoctavius
    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    The saga continues

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  • mirenso
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Next batter up!!

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  • sashi-ya
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Roronoa Zoro ~ Ch. 1005 ~ Wano Kuni Arc.

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  • sashi-ya
    09.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Roronoa Zoro x Kuroashi no Sanji 💕 ~ Op 25 One Piece ~ Wano Kuni

    Thank u so much for this Toei sdkfjskdj

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