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  • blackypanther9
    23.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    The End - Loki x Male!Reader

    Tell me if you want a second part ! WITH A HAPPY ENDING !

    WARNING!: War, Deaths, Sadness, angst, heartbreaking, GET YOUR TISSUES ! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!

    War stood at your door. You were in the army...well...you were forced in there, but still, you were in the army and had to go fight today on the front. Loki didn't want you to go. He was scared, that you will die. You two argued a lot, because of that. Your and Loki's daughter always cried in her room. She was 5 years old. The last argument even ended with you slapping Loki. Since then you didn't talk anymore. Soon you had to go, telling your daughter, that you will be fine. She and Loki hoped, that you were right. Even as you hurt Loki just yesterday, you pulled him into a tight hug.

    "If anything happens to me, do not cry and be sad, Loki. My Love.", you whispered to him.

    Loki's eyes widened in shock. Then you parted from him. Loki wants you to stay so bad.

    "M/n !", Loki yelled.

    You stopped and turned around. Loki had tears in his eyes.

    "Please....stay.", he begged.

    It hurt you so much, to see him like that, but you had to deny him again.

    "I can't, Loki. I wish I could, but I can't."

    "Why ?!", he cried out.

    "Because then I would be a traitor and they would kill us all. I have to, Love. We'll see one another soon again."

    And with that you left. Loki started to cry just then. He and your daughter went back inside the house and he ran to the phone, calling Thor. Thor picked up, after the second ring.

    "Loki !...What is the matter ?", he asked worried as he heard Loki sniff.

    "M/n ! He left and went into war !", Loki sobbed out.

    Thor's eyes widened in shock.

    "What ?!"

    "He couldn't stay or leave the army, for if he did, they would have killed us all, even him and our own daughter ! Now he is on the Battlefield and I fear that he will die !!", Loki cried out.

    "Shall I go too and watch out for him ? I can always save him and call you, telling you what happened. How about that ?", Thor asked calmly.

    Loki's eyes widened in surprise. He didn't see THAT coming. Then his eyes sparkled with happiness.

    "Yes please ! Could you do that for me ?", Loki asked with hope.

    "Of course I can. He is your husband and my brother - in - law."

    "Please look after him. And also be safe, please Thor.", Loki said worried.

    "I will, brother."

    And with that, Thor hung up. Loki too. He was a little more relieved now. Thor may have been a royal arse in the past, but now he is very caring.

    Days went by since that call...maybe even a week already. Thor always called Loki, telling every little detail of what happened and what you did. But what Thor didn't see, was that you wrote a letter to Loki. You were mortal, yes, but Loki gave you half of his magic, so you can call him at any way and time. With that you teleported the letter away, right into Loki's arms.

    "M/n wrote a letter !", Loki yelled.

    "Really ?! Read it out loud !", Thor said.

    " 'Dear Loki, I hope you and our sweet, little daughter are alright. I was now, every night, guarding our side and shot many enemies dead. I miss you both and I wish, I could return, but I am needed here. I hoped it was, just as they said, 3 days, because of my disease, but they lied, I guess. I can't get rid of this weird feeling, that it is a trap... Nothing I can't get out of though. I love you both, ~ M/n L/n' ", Loki read out happily, until the trap part.

     It was true. You had a disease. One that could not be cured and made you unable to work. Still they had forced you into the army, because of your skills. Loki knew about it, that was also why he was so worried. He got very worried and Thor knew that.

    "Loki, I will watch out as good and long as I can. I promise."

    Loki nodded.

    "Okay. I trust you.", Loki then said.

    With that they ended the call.

    3 more days went by and then the alarm rang, in the middle of the night. Thor heard it and panicked.

    "Brother ! I have to leave ! The alarm rang ! M/n and the rest got attacked !"

    "No...Save him !!! Go ! Please !", Loki begged.

    Thor hung up and then quickly flew off, back to you and your team. You and the others already shot and killed. It was a mess. The worst was, Thor couldn't find you anywhere !! He panicked. Then he finally found you ! You were fighting against 3 men and 2 children. A boy and a girl. They had bombs on their bodies, ready to blow up. Thor was shocked. You killed the 3 men, but as you grabbed your gun and pointed it at the kids, you froze. You saw their sheer fear in their eyes. They weren't here willingly. You killed everything and everyone, but innocent children. You couldn't, so you lowered your weapon and crouched down, not even once breaking eye contact with them.

    "Listen to me, please. Put the bombs down. I bet you got forced into this, right ?"

    They looked at you, scared, and nodded.

    "Put them down. I promise that I will not hurt and kill you. I also got forced into this. I have a family at home and they threatened to kill them, if I do not join them. We are the same."

    The kids quickly pulled the bombs off and carefully put them on the ground. You opened your arms for them and they ran, crying, inside them. You calmed them down and hugged them tightly.

    "Where are your parents ?", you asked.

    "D-dead.", they answered.

    Thor was beyond shocked.

    "Who forced you into this ?"

    "Our uncle. He hated us since day one.", the boy answered.

    Now Thor looked flabbergasted.

    "Hey... like I said, I have a family. A very lovely one. So, why don't I take you with me back home ? How's that idea ?"

    They both smiled and nodded at that.

    "Yes please, Sir !"

    You nodded.

    "Alright. Do you see this tent there ?"

    You pointed to your tent. They nodded.

    "Go there and hide. Do not come out, until I arrive. Got it ?"

    They nodded again.

    "Good. Go !"

    With that they ran there. You got back to work and shot every single enemy dead. Soon the attack was over and everyone, who survived, got back to bed. You went inside your tent and looked around.

    "Come out now. It's over.", you said softly.

    The kids came out and looked at you with big eyes of awe.

    "You are the husband of Loki Laufeyson, God of Mischief.", the little boy said.

    You chuckled as you saw the picture of Loki and yourself in the girl's hand.

    "That I am. We also already have a daughter.", you answered softly.

    "Do you think, they will like us ?", the girl asked.

    "Of course they will. More excitement in the house. It will be fun. You all 3 can play catch, hide and seek and so much more all day ! It'll be fine."

    They smiled, like Thor. He was right then leaving, to call and calm Loki. As suddenly...

    BANG !!!

    Thor flinched and flew quickly back to your tent. As he looked inside the tent, he was filled with horror and anger. The kids screamed and on the ground, bleeding out, were you. The bullet hit your stomach. Thor threw his hammer and killed the attacker. He stormed to you, but you both knew, that you will not make it anymore.

    "T-tell L-oki th-that I'-m s-orry...", you stuttered out.

    Thor put your head in his lap and stayed with you.

    "Br-ing th-em t-to h-him...I-I l-love h-him...", you choked out as blood came out of your mouth.

    You didn't want to end like this. You let a tear escape and then you stopped breathing. You died.

    Thor took the kids and your lifeless body and then flew off, to Loki's house. As he arrived he knocked and Loki stormed to the door. As he opened it, he cried only one word.

    "NOOOOOO !!!!"

    Because your lifeless body was the very first thing he saw, as he opened the door.

    "I am so sorry, Loki. I-I thought it was safe and I wanted to go and report to you and then I heard a shot. It was too late for him. I-I am so sorry !", Thor sobbed out.

    "He wanted me to tell you that he is sorry and he loves you."

    Then Thor turned around and pointed at the two children.

    "He wanted me to bring them to you. M/n saved them and wanted to adopt them."

    Loki just looked at your lifeless body, but heard every word.

    "M/n...you IDIOT !!! WHY ?! WHY DID YOU LET THIS HAPPEN ?! YOU PROMISED !! Y-you pr-promised to return to m-me alive....WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN ?!", Loki sobbed out.

    He fell to his knees and cried even harder. Thor brought your dead body into the basement and then returned to Loki, hugging him. The 2 kids did the same. Soon your and Loki's daughter also came and hugged her Mommy. They all cried that day. The funeral will be soon. Very soon. In your and Loki's garden. Your favorite place...

    END ? Part 2 with happy ending ?


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  • pratchettquotes
    23.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    "'And yet we say this. Here, in this cave at the end of the world, peace is made between dwarf and troll, and we will march beyond the hand of Death together. For the enemy is not Troll, nor is it Dwarf, but it is the baleful, the malign, the cowardly, the vessels of hatred, those who do a bad thing and call it good. Those we fought today, but the willful fool is eternal and will say--'"

    "This is just a trick!" Ardent shouted.

    "'--say this is a trick,'" Bashfullsson continued, "'and so we implore: come to the caves under the valley, where you will find us sharing a peace that cannot be braken.'"

    Terry Pratchett, Thud!

    #bashfull bashfullsson#ardent #thud! #discworld#terry pratchett#dwarves#trolls#racism#war#peace#enemies#good#history#morality#last words #those who do a bad thing and call it good #come to the caves under the valley
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  • imjulia-andilikecats
    23.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Maven, everytime he's around Mare in King's Cage and War Storm

    #red queen#glass sword#king's cage#war storm#mare barrow#maven calore#old meme#random#mareven #Oh just me posting about Mare and Maven's weird ass relationship
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  • thechaoticfanartist
    23.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I made a Darth Maul playlist

    #star wars #star wars the clone wars #playlist #star wars playlist #darth maul#maul#maul playlist #darth maul playlist #Spotify
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  • wantonwhale
    23.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Fictober ’21 B5 Pentadrabble

    Prompt: #23 - “This time, do what I say”

    Fandom: Babylon 5

    Characters: Marcus Cole/Lennier

    Title: “One sleeps, the other watches”

    Words: 500

    Notes: Suggestive themes

    It was 3 AM.

    Marcus had been rather hoping a good romp would be a match for his wartime insomnia, but no such luck.

    If anything, it’d had the complete opposite effect.

    He busied himself with tracing the faint blue shapes inlaid in Lennier’s skin, beginning with the lines at his neck and moving toward the thick bands that followed the curve of his shoulder blades. Marcus’s fingers traveled down Lennier’s spine where the blue narrowed back into thin tendrils once more. His hand was just large enough to span the four lines that cupped Lennier’s ass with his fingertips.

    A quiet-yet-firm voice interrupted him. “Do not watch me sleep.”

    “You're not sleeping,” Marcus pointed out reasonably.

    “I am not sleeping because you are watching me,” Lennier said tightly.  

    “And why can't I watch you?” Marcus asked through an incredulous laugh. “Oh, sure. I'll just stare at that lovely arrangement of empty vases on that shelf over there all Mimbari have in their quarters for some reason. It's so much more diverting than the gorgeous naked man in the bed beside me.”

    Lennier was silent for a few moments. Marcus thought he’d finally gone back to sleep before he said, “Because that is not what we are. We never will be.”

    “Characteristically cryptic,” Marcus muttered, but he closed his eyes obligingly and continued to trace the blue lines, ghosting his fingers along Lennier’s ribs now.

    He didn’t need to see to know where they were.

    When Lennier stiffened ever-so-slightly beneath his touch, Marcus said reasonably, “I'm not watching you. I'm touching you. Or is that not allowed either?”

    Marcus knew he was still managing to accurately trace his memory of Lennier’s skin when he heard a quiet but decidedly shaky exhale.

    Lennier relaxed beneath his hand and answered, “I suppose that is fine.”

    “And I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that for a Minbari, eyes are more intimate than fingers,” Marcus said, cocking an amused eyebrow. “You know,” he began in a conspiratorial whisper, “there is a little shop with a red beaded curtain that sells some very nice blindfolds. It's called Ambrosia. I should pick one up. You been?”

    “Perhaps you could pick up a gag as well,” Lennier suggested.

    Marcus brightened at that and opened his eyes. “You have been!”

    Lennier glanced over his shoulder and smiled softly. The closest he ever came to a laugh, really. He rolled over onto his other side and, with the strength that was always a shock however many times Marcus experienced it, flipped their positions. He held Marcus against his chest with an arm wrapped firmly around his waist. “There are always battles tomorrow,” Lennier said. “You need to sleep.”

    “May as well,” Marcus lamented. “No real view to speak of. Can't even see the vases anymore now you’ve gone and flipped me over like a flarn cake.”

    “Valen’s name,” Lennier muttered under his breath.

    But he held Marcus tighter all the same.

    And once Marcus finally fell asleep, he watched.

    #fictober21#babylon 5 #Babylon 5 fanfiction #marcus cole#lennier#colennier#marcennier #idk what this ship name is #Fictober 21 prompt fill #smut adjacent #not star wars #Q
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    23.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    The Treaty of Westphalia

    The Treaty of Westphalia

    Dugin Directive By Alexander Dugin© The Radical Outlook All who have studied, let the most superficial way, International Relations know that the world order in which we still live humanity is called Westphalian. This expression has become commonplace, but it is still worth recalling – what exactly is the Treaty of Versailles, concluded on October 24, 1648.On this day, in Münster and Osnabrück,…

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  • yukhellno
    23.10.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    I stopped eating meat when I moved out and I only drink chocolate, soy or oat milk and now that I’m finally eating skyr my insides decide to tear themselves inside out from the protein

    #laura.txt #my intestines and I have been at war for 15 years
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  • obitine-week
    23.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    What amazing pieces by Megan Levens for AU!!

    Golden armoured Mandalorian Obi-Wan is amazing!

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    23.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago
    #burning issues#china india #india china relations #India China face off #deploy war head
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  • belle-keys
    23.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    hey Kuang don't be shy like give us the tpw prequel that takes place during the second war starring the trifecta

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  • metaphor-cheese
    23.10.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Ancient icelandic method of torture (not for the faint of heart)

    #/j#video #i think this voice actually counts as a hatecrime #like this is cause for war #iceland apology when #/hyp #real talk i hate him so much flckekkfkfkf why does he SOUND LIKE THAT
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    23.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
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  • dinbeskarbaby
    23.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Reasons why the Bad Batch can't handle money:

    [ under the cut ]


    ✨He sold his own brother to slavery, what can I say more-✨


    ✨This man exchanged all of his money into toothpicks, antidepressant and kawaii cat costumes✨


    ✨He turned the family bank account into negative for an addiction to popcorn...✨


    ✨I've never seen anyone negotiate as badly as Tech✨


    ✨Just spends all his credits for alcohol because he tries to forget his past, future and presence✨

    #the bad batch #star wars#crosshair#hunter#tech#wrecker#echo #clone force 99 #clones#clone shit#tbb #NOT MY GIFS #If one of the gifs are yours pls let me know so I can tag you <3
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    23.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    Creators To Get Wild Card Entry On Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 15 Show With A Twist

    Creators To Get Wild Card Entry On Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 15 Show With A Twist

    Three weeks have passed since the premiere of Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 15 show. This time the third of the show is Weekend Ka Vaar, in which the style of Salman Khan will be seen. Show host Salman Khan will be seen taking the House Members class. Apart from this, a bomb called Salman Khan Elimination will also explode on the contestants. Karan Kundrra, Umar Riaz, Shamita Shetty, Simba Nagpal,…

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    23.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

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  • catgriller
    23.10.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    Dad lets kids go to the store by themselves

    #catgriller art#ashoka tano#anakin skywalker #obi wan kenobi #clone wars ahsoka #clone wars anakin #clone wars obi wan #the clone wars #star wars fanart #ahsoka art#anakin art #obi wan art #clone wars fanart #obikin
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  • starwarsrebelsincorrectquotes
    23.10.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    Kanan: But why can't I enter your cabin, Sabine? What's in there?

    Sabine thinks of her squishmallow collection:

    Sabine: Drugs!

    #incorrect star wars rebels quotes #swr#kanan jarrus#sabine wren#source: tumblr
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