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    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Rhodey being protective of you would include :

    (Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)

    -Him always keeping an eye on you during missions and swooping right in to help you whenever you need him, teasing you for your clumsiness during briefings just to remind you that he’s got your back

    -Him often butting in during briefings to insist that you don’t need to put yourself in the front that way, wanting to keep you out of danger or simply volunteering to be your partner not trusting the others to protect you

    -Him easily scaring anyone off that seems to be bothering you, gladly standing before them and reminding them that you’re with him, playing up his tough act and even exaggerating just to ease you and make you laugh

    -Him texting you just to check if everything’s alright whenever you’re out with some friends or simply as he’d come back home and you aren’t there, simply wanting to make sure you’re safe and catching onto any tells if you’re in danger

    -Him having the reflex to just pull you out of harms way, just having to flirt with you a bit to keep things lighthearted

    -Him having a habit of making sure you don’t get too wasted or simply checking your drinks to make sure that no one tries to poison you or roofie you

    -Him not letting any of the other Avengers make fun of you, always quick to say something back at them to get them embarrassed

    -Him always preparing you extra and secret weapons for you to take with you for the mission, insisting that you need them and making it a point that he won’t let you go on without all of it

    -Him trusting Tony enough to keep watch on you as well if he isn’t there to help you out, keeping tabs with his friend when he can constantly worried about you

    -Him being constantly teased by the other Avengers about being so protective, only for him to point out playfully that they’re all just jealous that he only pays attention to you

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    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    spicy beast machines memes for all your needs <3

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    24.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    more proper padawan au!! because who else would teach leia

    #man I’ve been a drawing machine let’s goooo #star wars #proper padawan au #leia organa#ahsoka tano#tcw #the clone wars #my art
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  • roomy-ghosted
    24.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    you know what? Fuck you.

    * Lalna clones your Tubbo _ AND Tommyinnit*

    they were made in a lab TOGETHER.

    #tubbo#lividcoffee#yogscast duncan#dream smp#yogscast #im very much into this idea #Tubbo's hair is naturally blonde and he remembers his time in the lab so he tries to stay as far away from his heritage #Tommy was a test subject Clone of Duncan used for testing dangerous equipment. #The better he did #the more small gifts he was given in his containment like a record player and such #that's why Tommy's so attached to music discs; they were his only time of peace in the lab #Tubbo was Tommy's cellmate who worked in the science departments #he tested certain potions and tablets and such #And it strengthened his immune system BIG TIME #I'm talking war machine; immune to poison immune system #could eat mouldy food and not bat an eye #Fuck I wanna actually write lab boys now #that would be awesome #and I can write the yogs too :D #hmgnmfnhfghnm brainrot time;;;
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  • tea-mew96
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Concept art Beast Machines Megatron, my beloved…

    #look at how amazing the dragon queen looks #beast machines#beast wars#megatron#concept art #tea.txt
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  • danskjavlarna
    23.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    From The Film Daily, 1943.

    The buzz: vintage bees, some honeys, some killers.

    Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy

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  • messedupfan
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I'm With You (Female Reader) Chapter 2

    Summary: Y/n makes plans for her future and experiences some confusing feelings.

    A/N: I think the reason I'm terrible with summaries is because that's how all of my stories start out. I try to summarize the idea to work on later but then get stuck writing. Of course I always go back and add details. Anway, enjoy!

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    The Stark Expo raised a lot of attention again, luckily Y/n had graduated and didn’t have many reasons to leave the house. She laughed as she watched her uncle tell off the government that wanted to take his suits on television as she was filling out forms that were important for her future. She had been accepted to many schools, MIT and Caltech being two of them, but Y/n had other plans. She felt better about her plans when Tony announced that for the time being he was handing over his company to Pepper. Y/n was so happy for her, no one deserved it more.

    That’s when things started to get complicated in Y/n’s mind. A certain redhead entered the home gym while Happy was giving Y/n and Tony a boxing lesson. She had never been so attracted to a person before. Of course her uncle already had his eyes on the woman, but she couldn’t blame him. It was hard for her not to stare. Up until now, Y/n hadn’t paid much attention to her sexuality and Natalie Rushman certainly woke something up in her she had no idea was there. It only got worse when she took Happy down in a single move. Y/n was impressed and wanted to ask Natalie for her number if only to learn some moves from her. Not for any other reason. At all. But she couldn’t get a word out if she tried.

    “I want one,” Y/n overheard her uncle mutter to Pepper. I want one too, Y/n thought to herself. She never thought she would be into girls, her first kiss was with a guy. Granted, the guy was dared to convince her to kiss him, and it was middle school so it took a lot less effort than it would now. But was that enough to turn her gay? Was that how it worked? Get your heartbroken and humiliated by some idiot of the opposite sex and suddenly all you’re attracted to is the same-sex?

    But if that were the case, wouldn’t everyone be gay?

    Y/n left the room with the excuse that she was tired and needed a shower before she went crazy with the running thoughts. After her shower, and the much needed belting out of music that played during, she found the subject still nagging at her brain. She gave in and opened a private browser. This led to a rabbit hole of signs of being gay articles to quizzes with unclear results. She got frustrated after some time and figured that would be enough for the subject to leave her alone for the time being. It was.

    On the night of Y/n’s eighteenth birthday, after the party guests had left, she announced that she wanted to enlist in the Air Force. Pepper was about to congratulate the girl until Tony laughed and told Y/n that there was no way it was happening. This caused heated arguments and a lot of tension between Tony and Y/n. One argument got so bad she was grounded and uninvited from the trip to Monaco.

    During which she met with Rhodey to discuss the steps to becoming an Air Force enlistee. He offered her other options but she didn’t want to be a career airman like him. She didn’t want the military to become her whole life. She just wanted the training and the confidence in herself that if something like the Obadiah thing or worse were to happen then she would be prepared and not sidelined for safety. He understood but when she told him that her uncle wasn’t on board he didn’t feel comfortable helping her pursue this any further. She respected his decision but felt very disappointed. Yet she was still determined and she told him that she would join with or without his help. He made it clear that he would make it very difficult for her out of respect to his best friend's wishes.

    In reaction to his words she did the most childish thing she had ever done in her life and stormed off to her room. Door slam included. Maybe she wasn't fit for the military after all.

    The incident in Monaco only made her will stronger and point even more valid. When Tony returned home she wanted to hug him because she was glad that he was still alive to celebrate his birthday. But she was so pissed that he refused to see things her way. If only she knew how he was seeing it.

    The slowly dying Tony Stark wanted to send the girl he raised to his alma mater in hopes that one day she would run his company with Pepper Potts. Then one day, take it over completely. She was his legacy. It was in his recently readvised will that the majority of everything in his name was left to his adoptive daughter, Y/n Stark. He was dying and had to be sure he didn’t leave the world without making sure the people he loved would be taken care of once he was gone. Or at least he thought he was dying.

    Thanks to being locked up by S.H.I.E.L.D. in the house he nearly destroyed, he was able to find a solution to his problem. During that time, Y/n went behind Tony’s back again, feeling that age old I’m an adult now authority that often comes with turning eighteen. She went to Rhodey again and asked him to introduce her to a recruiter. This time he was more than willing to help, especially after the fight that led to him stealing one of the suits. It was obvious that his friend wasn’t in the right mindset to be making decisions on behalf of his adopted daughter. And because Pepper didn’t feel comfortable leaving Y/n with her former boss, she invited the girl to live with her for the time being. That’s when Y/n got to connect with Natalie. She was still nervous around the women but was able to mask it nicely.

    Natalie had become Pepper’s assistant and was around Pepper’s home a lot. There wasn’t time to pull her away from what they were working on. Which made Y/n want to be around the office more because she knew for certain that was where Natalie would be. There, Y/n always found a way to distract Natalie and though she allowed it, the agent didn’t like how quickly the girl was able to divert her attention. But Y/n had learned from the best on how to be charming towards a beautiful woman. It was difficult to turn her away.

    “You know, I’m older than you,” Natalie says, not looking up from the work she was doing.

    “So? Can’t we still be friends? Pepper is much older than me and we’re friends.” Y/n does her best to hide her nervousness. She knows that she wasn’t being charming to befriend Natalie. But she wanted to keep lying to herself. The truth was still terrifying to face.

    “We could, but something tells me that you don’t want us to be just friends,” Natalie’s voice is low and flirtatious. Y/n starts to wonder if she wants the same things.

    “Is that because the feeling is mutual?” Y/n challenges, leaning over Natalie’s desk.

    The woman’s gaze flickers from Y/n’s eyes to her lips and she fears that the feelings she is having are real. What would it be like to kiss someone for herself? No. She was on a mission and she had to focus. “I have work to do,” she pushes her seat back to give her room to breathe and walks away to go discuss things with Pepper. Y/n swallows dryly and decides that maybe it’s time for her to go home.

    “Great, I lost all of the kids in the divorce!” Tony said while visiting Pepper. Natalie, Happy, and Y/n all happened to walk into the room simultaneously. Everyone chose to ignore him and Y/n was still so upset with him that she retreated to the waiting vehicle. Not without catching a glimpse of his rare apologetic eyes. She didn’t want to be fighting him, but this is probably what he needed. To lose everything that he was acting like he already lost.

    Then everything went wrong at the Start Expo. Y/n wanted to help but didn’t have a suit. The most she could do was help get the people out of harm's way. Which at the end of the day was probably the best thing she could’ve done. Instead of just sitting around moping about how she couldn’t fight the enemy.

    When they returned to the wrecked home she told her uncle that she forgave him. They hugged and reconciled and he thought he had won the argument. He thought that she would be attending MIT in the fall. And that the detail that he was dying gave him a pass for his behaviour but she hadn’t known about it. It never came up on the way home, she kept gushing over the new couple and they never brought up the other subject. So a few weeks later when it was time for her to leave for basic training she walked down the stairs in a uniform carrying a full duffle bag. Tony was shocked to say the least.

    He had just defeated Ivan Vanko, made things right with Pepper and Rhodey, is looking at a long and healthy future, and was hoping to be more involved in Y/n’s life. Then suddenly, there she was, ready to head off into the military.

    After what he had experienced in Afghanistan and from becoming Iron Man, he didn’t want that for her. He was so afraid of Y/n losing who she was in all of what comes with enlisting in a branch of the U.S. military. He felt a little betrayed that she had chosen that path for herself. Chosen to expose herself to those horrors when she didn’t have to. He still hadn’t realized that she was doing it for him. He didn’t know how helpless she felt those months that he was missing. Or when Obadiah had broken into their house and immobilized her. And again when Ivan had attacked at the race track and she was watching from the comfort of the bedroom he provided her. Finally, the night at the expo when the only help Tony had was Rhodey. She wanted to be able to fight alongside them. But she couldn’t. All of those years of kickboxing simply weren’t enough. This was something she had to do.

    Seeing her standing at the front door dressed like that, Tony sighed and poured himself a drink. He knew there was no turning back for her so he just had to accept it and support her decision. “I’m going to miss you kid,” he places his glass on the damaged bar after taking a quick drink and walks over to give her a proper hug goodbye. “You have a job waiting for you when your contract is up. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even make you a suit.”

    Y/n’s face lights up, “You mean it?”

    “Of course, I love you, Y/n. I’m very proud of you.” He pulls her in for a tight hug and Y/n squeezes him just as tight as her eyes begin to tear up. “Do you have a ride to the airport or can I take you?”

    “Rhodey is actually on his way to––”

    Tony pulls away, “Jarvis, call Rhodey and tell him that he doesn’t need to pick up Y/n.”

    “Right away sir.” Tony grabs a set of keys and Y/n’s duffle bag and she follows him to the car. She hadn’t known what she expected but it surprisingly wasn’t this. Though, she should’ve known that at the end of the day he was always going to respect her enough to make her own decisions.

    Chapter 3

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    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Excerpt: WANNABE, chapter 8 (The Confrontation)

    excerpt from WANNABE, chapter eight, titled "the confrontation" (could also be titled "YES CIRCUIT BBY GET 'EM")

    let me know if you'd like to be added to a taglist or would like to be a beta reader~

    photo transcript:

    “Very good,” the Engineer said. His hair was soaked with rain already, his coat clinging to him. “I would much prefer it if tonight ended easily for us all.”
    “Where are you taking Mobo?” growled Claw.
    “To a New Union Airbase, of course. And you will go with him, one way or the other.”
    The Engineer laughed, which jarred Claw to his core. “Something Sharpeye said once, I’m sure. He sees the light now. Isn’t that right?”
    Sharpe’s face didn’t move. His eyes burned, burned with the same spite they had in Sapio City, still drilling into Claw as his finger stiffened around the trigger of the gun pointed at Mobo.
    Mobo held his face toward the ground. Rain bounced to the metal below from his golden head.
    “A man of few words, that Sharpeye,” said the Engineer. “He saved my life in the raid on Selarra. He’s hardly said a word to me since. Eventually, though, we will all become very good friends again.”
    Claw tensed. This man was the Engineer, but it was as if something had infected him. Before, he was merely severe. Now, he was cruel, or his words were coated that way, dipped in cruelty and dripping sweet.
    The Engineer gestured with the hand not holding the bag. “Come. If you don’t come willingly, we will make you come unwillingly. You might not like the modifications I’ve made to these soldiers’ rifles. By the looks of your armor, Claw, you’ve gotten a taste of it already. Sharpeye may have been more obedient than I gave him credit for.”
    Lug and Circuit widened their stances beside him. Claw stayed upright, tall, proud, the wind and rain and howling hounds only serving to fuel the enmity in his heart as he watched Sharpe’s grip tighten on Mobo’s shoulder.
    Claw’s hand inched toward his whip.
    But it was Circuit who stepped forward, raised his pistol, and said, “I’ll take my brother back now.”
    Circuit’s pistol bolt gashed into Sharpe’s neck. As Sharpe fell, the world exploded in a fury of rain and sound.
    #wannabe#me#wip excerpt #this is my favorite chapter :) #the war machines get into quite a screaming match after this one lads #writeblr
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    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    this tidbit on Jetstorms figure card(?) makes me giggle

    Since he has no legs and always floats a little (or a lot) off the ground, you need to keep holding him so he doesn't fall over

    in other words

    you need to hold him gently

    #beast machines#transformers #transformers beast machines #jetstorm #i'm just looking at beast wars figures... want one #i want Rattraps despite how . it looks #he's my nasty little man!
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    22.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Rattrap why are your wheels so small

    #beast machines#transformers#rattrap#beast wars #transformers beast machines #i just think they should be bigger??? why are they so small #this is on par with the time i realized Dinobot wasn't wearing a crop top
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    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    I’m feeling Sad so I decided to watch some of Scary Godmother because yknow. Feel Good Halloween Shit.

    Seeing the Mainframe Entertainment logo bodies me EVERY GODDAMN TIME.

    Edit: THEY USE THE SAME CREDIT TEXT AS BM TOO why do I keep forgetting this. Why.

    #yes THAT mainframe #beast machines#beast wars #lmao anyways rip
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    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago
    Reuben spends the first few weeks in the city on Peggy’s couch. Well, technically it wasn’t her couch as she’d bought it second hand at the flea market. The physical discomfort he felt mimicked his emotional discontent- he felt like he was intruding. The little apartment was already overstuffed with just Peggy, Hank and little Jude. Plus he had to get his own space for his art. “An actual studio”, he could hardly believe it.
    Hank told him about a building with a few rooms to rent. It was one of the only ones which’d rent to folks like him and as he walked up to the tall building bracketed by two railway tracks, he could see why. 
    Once he got inside, the rooms were somehow tinier than he’d imagined. A small kitchen, a small bathroom, a small table and a small bed. He felt like he was in the little dollhouses, Esther-Jo had loved to play with. But, there was enough space for his easel and he knew he’d soon be out of here.
    It’s been months and Reuben still wasn’t out of here. It was strange, as a child he’d been good at everything he’d ever tried but making it in the city was impossible, even for him. The money he’d saved up was rapidly running out and so he found himself a job at the local factory.
    It was grueling work, the men were given the work no white men would do and they hardly got breaks. Reuben, however, was finally able to make some friends in the city and hopefully some connections.
    #scatterfield legacy#gen2 #aww poor ruby #the american wish your heart makes #war starting soon so he probably won't get to be an artist #heheee #ts4 decades challenge #the shock i felt when i realised that was the cupcake machine lol
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    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    When you procrastinate so bad that a "I have one month to sew this entire dress/corset" project turns into "haha I have one week left and only the mockup is ready" panic

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    21.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Aerospace museums have such a clear tone distinction between the spacecrafts and airplanes. With one it's like "can you even imagine how big space is? Who knows if there is other life out here. Look at these incredible images a team in the 70s managed to capture from this telescope that has less RAM than a calculator" and the other is just WWII.

    #i love planes so much why are there only war machines in museums #aeroplanes talking
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    @geohund​​​​​​     //     ↣ ↣ unprompted ! ↢ ↢

       ➷    “  At this point in their relationship, he wouldn't be surprised the mere sound of his voice managed to instill a migraine in the poor head of the official, and therefore- "Kujou," he begins with a pointed drawl, smile almost giggly. "Tengu." It almost felt like conditioning.

    And while one day he'd surely get her to give in by being an inconvenience to her life, he had no issue engaging in other activities with her in the mean time. "Would you look at that ! Didn't think you'd be here. What, are you growing obsessed with me ? Are you following me ?" Surely not, but implying so was insulting on its own he assumes.  “

         oh she would never dream of giving the satisfaction, the outright confirmation of such a foolish spat of words . even so, that she would cut the tongue out of his foul mouth if he dared speak of conditioning aloud, it seems as though it is not far from the truth . just the grating sing - song of his words, the very tone of his voice seems to drive pain like a nail into her head, corner of lip curls back enough to offer a teasingly brief view of sharpened canine, the depth of her annoyance . “ curb your self importance, you brute . “ and it is so very rarely, almost entirely reserved when she trades words like blows with the oni, that she speaks so rashly and so swiftly without thought ( only truly here, where you know that your words are not taken to heart . an odd sort of faith in the banter that sails back and forth between you ) .

         “ the amount of trouble you cause makes it hard not to find somewhere you’ve shredded a path through . “ and it is not entirely without merit . there have certainly been a fair few postings on the inazuma city boards this very week alone . neither does it escape her awareness, that she treads so very near to so - claimed ‘ arataki gang turf ‘, or the boisterous shouting she swears ought to be heard miles out before one every comes face to face with itto’s damned mug . “ you know, “ and so quickly, masterful in tactics as she believes to have become, she draws the conversation by it’s horns to a different point . “ i heard you’ve been on a losing streak recently and came to see myself . “ and odder still, the way her annoyance shifts and the baring of fang turns to the ever - rare expression of confidence, eyes narrowed in almost taunting manner . “ maybe i ought to get a bug of my own, to really pound into that dense skull of yours how much you can’t beat me . “

    #|| 𝚏𝚕𝚊𝚋𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚞𝚖 -- 𝚒𝚌. #|| 𝚏𝚕𝚊𝚋𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚞𝚖 -- 𝚊𝚜𝚔. #me. on one hand: sara eats bugs in front of him to taunt him #me. on the other hand: she specifically trains an onikabuto #shows up to a bug fight with her fucking war machine of a beast
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  • dancing-coyote
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    It ABSOLUTELY FUCKING KILLS ME that in at least one continuity, the Vehicons have...

    ...actual hands.

    Clearly, they stole them from poor D.D.

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  • incorrectmarvelquote
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Tony: The cop came and said “you can’t park here, badge holders only”

    Tony: So I said...

    Rhodey: What did you say, Tony?

    Tony: I said “yes officer, I do have a bad shoulder” and I kept on walking

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  • tylerhunklin
    20.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    since no one can do their own damn research, this is the definition of a war crime from wikipedia, which took me exactly 4 seconds to find:

    please tell me where eddie being an army medic and pulling his team out of a burning helicopter fits into any of this i would genuinely LOVE to know

    #WORDS HAVE MEANINGS #rape tw#violence tw#eddie#9-1-1 #you can hate war and the military machine all you want #lord knows i do #but it’s the MACHINE not the individual #veterans get enough shit after they get messed up by that very machine
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