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  • WARHEAD, CH 11, PG16

    WARHEAD, Adam, characters, copyright 2013-2020 Katrina E Kunstmann

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    This is England-(2006)

    #This is England #skinheads#Combo#Warhead
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    • Celeste: Are you a top or a bottom?
    • Olek: I'm a threat
    • Makena, from across the room, through a mouthful of food: He's a bottom
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  • WARHEAD, CH 11, PG13

      WARHEAD, Adam, characters, copyright 2013-2020 Katrina E Kunstmann

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  • Look at the size of this lad!

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    I need a new banner, so I’m redrawin a screenshot I took of my son in action

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  • its time for warhead again

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  • Ryuichi Sakamoto ‎– side A: Warhead, side B: Lexington Queen (1980)

     『Lexington Queen』のテンポを速めて作られたのが『Warhead』
    ちなみに UK のアイランドから出た 12 インチだと表記は『RIUICHI SAKAMOTO』だったw  
    当時、UK ではヴァージンのものもこの表記だった。
    『B-2 UNIT』からこの表記でしたね。

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  • The Last Of Us Au

    Synopsis: Due to circumstances, Ellie Phimister and Yashida Yukio are suddenly tasked with transferring (Y/N) (L/N) to the Fireflies in hope of a cure for the fungal plague.


    • Ellie, Yukio, and (Y/N) were born within the time period (perhaps a few years) of the apocalypse. However, (Y/N)’s mother was infected sometime before (Y/N) was born.
    • Your father was able to find sanctuary with the Fireflies for both yours and his safety. It was a good few years before your father died, his dying wish to a friend (who’s the leader) was for you to be safe. His friend, Marley sent you to a military school, making sure to keep tabs on you.
    • The only thing you have left of your parents is a cassette player and a few of their mixed tapes. Batteries are scarce, so you only listens to them when you’re overwhelmed to calm yourself down.
    • Ellie eventually end up under the care of Piotr. Under his guidance, she learned how to survive the world they were born in.
    • Yukio was saved by Yashida Ichirō, who adopted her as his granddaughter. The two live outside the quarantine city that Ellie and Piotr resides in, the pair meeting up from time to time.

    (20 years since the apocalypse started)


    • Due to unfortunate event with a friend, both of you end up being infected. The two of you decided to turn together… Your friend turned before you did and (due to survivor guilt) you are still waiting for your turn.
    • Under Piotr’s supervision, Ellie is prepping for her first smuggling mission from the leader of the Fireflies, which so happened to be escorting you.
    • You didn’t make a first good impression, mostly to Ellie considering you almost knifed her if it wasn’t for Piotr stopping you. To be fair, you thought she was out to kill Marley, who was injured at the time.
    • While Marley is taking Piotr to the the supplies that are promised in exchange of smuggling you, Ellie is in charged of looking after you. To say the least, Ellie isn’t happy about it (Can you blame her? You did tried to stab her) and is suspicious about what make you special that needed to smuggled out of the quarantined city.
    • Later that night, Piotr returns with news that the deal was real, and that Marley is safe. The three slowly made their way out of the city. You’re excited to finally be outside. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by a couple of soldiers.
    • When one of them went to scan you, you surprise attack him before Ellie tackles him. Piotr attacked the other soldier, who was too distracted with Ellie.
    • The two was able to kill the soldiers while you are in shock about what just happened. Piotr went to investigate the scanner to find out that you were infected and told Ellie. Ellie is pissed off about the idea of Marley setting them up while Piotr try understand from your point of view.
    • You tried explaining how you’ve been bitten weeks ago while others who are bitten turns within two days. Ellie’s calling bullshit while Piotr is unsure. Before long, the three of you are on the run from the military.
    • In the end, the two escort you to the rendezvous with the Fireflies. However, it turns out the military got to them first and that Piotr was bitten during one of the fights with the infected. He convinced Ellie by comparing his and your bite mark that your immunity is the real deal.
    • Piotr told her to take you to some guy named Wade while he buys you two some time to escape. You were reluctant to leave him behind, but escaped with Ellie as he took down a few soldiers before being killed.
    • With Ellie in charge, the two of you travel to a town because she knows someone who could get her a vehicle.
    • Once in the town, the two of you meet up with Yukio. After an interesting introduction of her checking the two of you for bites (Granted, Yukio was skeptical about you being immune, but trusts Ellie) along with you nearly beating her before Ellie stops you, Yukio gives news to Ellie that Ichirō passed away sometime ago. Fortunately, he trained her in everything she needs to know, like how to work a car for example.
    • Yukio joins the two of you in the end after getting the parts needed to get a car working, mostly because her and Ellie have history together… making you feel like the third-wheel of the road trip.
    • To say the least, you and Ellie don’t get along. It’s a slow burn of becoming friends, but there’s time where you argue. Yukio, after getting to know her, is actually nice. She’s the mediator of the trio, the peacekeeper between you and Ellie.
    • You spend most of the trip either sleeping or reading some comic books you found. To say the least, you hate cliffhangers; so it is now your goal to find the rest of the series. Other times, you listen to some of you parents’ music to calm down after a heated argument with Ellie.
    • The drive was pretty much calm, besides the verbal fights between you and Ellie from time to time. At least until the three of you were ambushed by bandits when passing through a city.
    • The three of you are on the run from these bandits within the cities. Luckily, the three of you were able to lose them. Along the way, the three of you run into two survivors. Unfortunately, the bandits have the exits to the city guarded, making it impossible to escape. However, since said bandits are after you three, they’re scattered searching for you.
    • So, the plan the five of you made was to wait until night and use the darkness to your advantage to sneak pass the bandits.
    • The plan was somewhat a success, but the two survivors (who got separated) left the three of you behind in the process. Well, you could’ve gone with them, but chose to stay with Ellie and Yukio.
    • The three of you managed to escape the city and bandits successfully…. which involves jumping off a bridge that you initiated with Ellie and Yukio following you.
    • Yukio was able to get you to shore, but not Ellie. Luckily, one of the survivors you met returns (follow by the other) and jumps in the river to save Ellie.
    • An argument about the two abandoning them with Ellie almost shooting them, but after the two explain their reasoning (worries about the other safety), continued their journey together.
    • The five of you make it to a suburbs, saw a few feral dogs along the way, before encountering another group of bandits.
    • Your group was able to fend them off, but the gunshots attracted infected toward you. All of you were able to escape to a safe house and able to get some rest.
    • You thought everyone made it out safely. The following morning, one the the survivors was infected and turned over night. The other survivor killed him before killing themselves out of guilt.

    To be continued….

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  • **Disclaimer: BERRY BONES does not condone the nuking of witches. Do so at your own peril.**

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  • Ah yes, there’s nothing like a knight in shining armor… who smells like rotten eggs. :I

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  • WARHEAD, CH 11, PG09

    WARHEAD, Adam, characters, copyright 2013-2020 Katrina E Kunstmann

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    An often hilarious and always relevant memoir about one teen boy’s battle with brain cancer and his Starlight Children’s Foundation wish: to meet Mikhail Gorbachev in Russia and plead for nuclear disarmament and world peace.

    It’s 1986, and Jeff is an average fifteen-year-old: he thinks a lot about dating, he bounces around with his friends, and he’s trying his hardest to get a car. Conversely, the world around him feels crazy: the United States and the Soviet Union are at glaring odds, with their leaders in a standoff, and that awful word, “nuclear,” is on everyone’s mind. Then, boom–Jeff learns that he has brain cancer and it’s likely terminal. Well, that puts a damper on his summer plans and romantic prospects, doesn’t it?

    Jeff’s family rallies around him, but they are fiercely complicated–especially Jeff’s father, a man who can’t say “I love you” even during the worst of Jeff’s treatment. So when the Starlight Children’s Foundation offers to grant Jeff a wish, he makes one certain to earn his father’s respect: he asks to travel to Moscow and meet with Mikhail Gorbachev to discuss nuclear disarmament and ending the Cold War. Nothing like achieving world peace to impress a distant father, right? Jeff has always been one to aim high.

    Jeff’s story is dark, but it’s also funny, romantic, and surprising. As his life swings from incredibly ordinary to absolutely incredible, he grapples with the big questions of mortality, war, love, hope, and miracles.

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  • A little sneak peek of something I’m working on 👀 Trying video editing for the first time! (And done on my tablet because I have no PC or laptop but what I DO have is love for the X Men so!)

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