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  • 😍😜 🏆V Drawing For The First Time Amazing video for me 😍😜👇👇👇

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  • Another dark forest lad. He has big paws.

    #silverhawk#warrior cats#warriors#wc #the dark forest #place of no stars #every cat challenge tag
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  • yikes!

    kind of a redraw thing to loosen up of this panel from ginga nagareboshi gin

    #su au#steven universe#warrior cats #ginga nagareboshi gin #wc au #wc!spinel #eye trauma#blood #the red judge #yea i made her n then immediately proceeded to stab her in the eye w her own weapon #anyways #wasnt rly tryna emulate the style #just kinda wanted to loosen up for the karelian art challenge lol #also the text roughly translates to uhh #kill them! kill them all! #which... doesnt make sense for her character but ya kno #none of this is rly canon anyway uhjhjn
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  • AU where everything is the same except Leafpool’s successful in convincing Squirrelflight to name Hollyleaf Crowkit instead. But in retaliation, Squirrelflight decides the other 2 kits have to be named after other cats she went on the journey with, so Brambleclaw and the rest of Thunderclan don’t become suspicious. So the boys end up being named Tawnykit and Featherkit. Their warrior names would then be something like Crowflight, Tawnyblaze, and Featherstripe

    #warrior cats#wcs #power of three #power of three au #po3 name change au
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  • Very pretty name yes 10/10

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  • image

    doing the warriors quarantine challenge,

    day 1: fave tom

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  • Are those my people or are they barbarians all?
    I need a shoulder to talk to about it,
    Swing the hammer, the fragments 
    A skull exploding on you, on all you,
    and showers on the infant’s bed

    (spring, sun, winter, dread - I don’t want to get older)

    #extremely self indulgent oc time baby #warrior cats #warrior cats oc #mine #artists on tumblr #oc : larchbreeze
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  • In Poland we are like 60 books behind and it kinda triggers me that we’re gonna get TBC in like idk 2022 or smt but its actaully understandable since it was translated like really late

    #warrior cats#wc#erin hunter#warriors #From the main series we are on Dark Water
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  • image

    Exists for Graystripe and Leopardstar’s characters

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  • Something that bothers me to the ends of the earth is that I have such a fucking vivid memory of reading a short story from the pov of a WindClan queen who was abducted by the twolegs in the destruction of the old forest and the gave her a SA TNR and I can’t find the source.

    Is she just an OC I dreamt up or some shit? Her mate was disgusted when he realised their kits were gone and left her and she retired or something and GOD WHO ARE YOU, MYSTERY QUEEN.

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  • did u guys know… that breezepelt… is best boy

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  • Sand’s Sacrifice

    Chapter 2

    If anyone had told Sand at the time that after a few moons from meeting him she’d be in love with that silver tabby tom, she would have laughed in their face. Her? In love? The very notion had never appealed to her. She had always imagined herself as living free and alone on the streets, dodging two-legs and hostile cats in her efforts to survive to see each new day. But the feeling had snuck up on her.

    Talon, she discovered, was very charming, funny, sweet but also strong and adventurous. He was a traveling loner; he had traveled for as long as he could remember, he had told her. After their first meeting where he had saved her life, they agreed to meet every day so they could eat in peace, without any rogues sneaking up on either of them. That had led to her showing him the area around town, telling him about the best places to hunt, what dangers to watch for, and how to even steal from two-legs if needed. What surprised Sand was that he didn’t treat her like some other toms had; he didn’t disregard her advice and tips, but was grateful for them and followed them. The respect he had shown for her had earned him her friendship from then on.

    Eventually over the next few moons their meetings evolved from eating together to actually hunting together. Then just going on walks together. Then she showed him her cozy den in the two-leg garden, which led to friendly visits at her home. The visits grew longer and longer, until he was spending the night with her when it got late. After that it became normal for them to curl around each other, especially as the moons were growing colder.

    Sand couldn’t deny it, she knew her feelings were growing for him day by day. But she feared sharing them; after all, perhaps he felt they were just really close friends? And sure, he was a bit of a flirt but he flirted with practically any cat he came across, even just to tease. It was probably just a crush she had, she’d get over it. For now, she just had to squash down her internal dilemma.

    That didn’t last long.

    One chilly night, as they cuddled together for warmth and were talking, it seemed Talon had something on his mind. She didn’t know what it could be though. It was strange; usually he seemed so confident and sure of himself, now he seemed almost….shy?

    “So…..” Talon faded off from speaking. His eyes had a nervous look to them.

    “Yes?” Sand replied.

    “…….Stars, I’m bad at this.” He muttered.

    “You? Talon, the most charming and smooth cat I’ve met, is having trouble with his words?” Sand couldn’t help but purr at the thought.

    “Oh, be quiet. Even the smoothest tom has a couple of bumps.” Talon’s eyes sparked playfully in the moonlight. She could see affection reflected in his eyes; she wondered if he could see the same from her.

    “And I love you for it.” She mewed, then gasped. She nearly slapped her own tail over her mouth at her statement. Had she really just said that!? ‘Oh mouse dung, what does he think of me now!?’ Could she just bury herself!?

    Talon’s eyes were wide and his mouth slightly hung open in suprise. Her fur fluffed up with embarrassment; was it always so hot in here!? She needed some air!

    “Excuse me.” Sand quickly untangled herself from him and stepped into the cool air outside.

    The sky was clear, stars twinkled in the night sky above. The moon was full, casting a beautiful light on the scenery around her. It was instantly calming. 'Much better’ she sighed, closing her eyes.

    Her peace lasted all but a few seconds. Because of course it did.

    She refused to open her eyes right away as he sat next to her. But eventually she could feel his gaze on her so strongly that it was hard to ignore. She might as well face the music. Brown eyes stared into green ones for several heartbeats before he spoke.

    “What you said right now…did you mean that?” He asked. It was very hard to read him at the moment. His eyes were unusually serious as he waited for her response.

    Sand shifted in place nervously, briefly kneading the soil beneath her paws before summoning her courage. “Yes.” She mewed. “I am in love with you…I think I have been for a while now. For some time you went from being my friend to something so much more to me.” She couldn’t help scanning his face once more to see his reaction.

    His eyes dropped the serious look and he began to purr quite loudly. She had never heard such a loud purr from him before. “I was hoping that you meant it.” He spoke softly, gazing deeply into her eyes. “I wouldn’t be able to say when it happened, but I’ve been in love with you for a quite a long while now too. I was trying to figure out a way to tell you tonight. Looks like you beat me to it.” He smirked playfully before intertwining his tail with hers.

    “I love you, Sand. You’re my best friend; you’re more beautiful than the golden sun. When I look into your eyes, I always see that spark that I love about you reflected in them. Everytime we’re apart I can’t think of hardly anything else other than seeing you again. If you’ll have me, I’d love to stay by your side, for always.” Talon mewed with such feeling Sand felt herself getting emotional before he ended. He waited patiently for her response as she tried to gather herself.

    “You showoff. You and your fancy words and your beautiful way of speaking! That is completely unfair, how do I even come close to that!?” Sand grumped playfully. He chuckled at her as she nuzzled under his chin. “I love you, you mouse brain. I don’t believe I will ever love anyone as much as I love you. If it weren’t for you I probably wouldn’t even be here right now. And you with your charm and humor and love, you’ve just worked your way into my heart. Who told you that was allowed?” She joked once more before turning serious. “I want you to be by my side too, for always, as long as we’re able. I don’t know if there’s anything for us after we’re gone but I want to be with you if there is.”

    His purrs continued as he nuzzled her. “If there is anything after, I will be with you as long as you want me.” He mewed quietly.

    They spent a few more heartbeats is silence before Sand asked, “Did we just become mates?”

    Talon snorted at her tone. “Yep! Crazy, huh?”

    Sand purred as she curled around him. She felt so giddy. “Ugh, what did you do to me? I’ve never been this sappy. I feel like I’m walking on a cloud and it’s weird.” She half-heartedly complained.

    Talon held up his head high in mock arrogance. “Well what do you expect? After all, you said it yourself, I am pretty charming.” His eyes had closed so he didn’t see her sneak attack as she tackled him. He let out a squeak as they tumbled to the ground. His fur ruffled a bit in embarrassment.

    “You didn’t hear anything!” He cried.

    “Whatever do you mean, my darling mate?” She blinked innocently. “Certainly not that charming noise you just made.” Sand pretended to swoon.

    He got a mischievous glint in his eyes and before she knew it he had rolled them around so she was the one pinned. “Well, well, well, I certainly caught something beautiful.” He crooned.

    “And I was caught by someone very handsome.” She purred right back.

    Something had come over the both of them. Sand knew it wasn’t just her; whatever it was took a hold on Talon as well. Personally Sand had never experienced it, but as it was happening it felt…natural. He let her up and they began winding around each other, which became full on nuzzles and grooming, which turned into something even greater. The night faded into a blur, but Sand would always remember it with fondness.

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    haha ball point pen makes nice noise on paper

    gift for @miistiie

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  • “if you stan mapleshade ur promoting the idea abusers can be excused if they have trauma”

    a) no.

    b) not everyone’s read crookedstar’s promise and/or goosefeather’s curse

    c) you realize people can stan her as a villain right. please tell me you realize that

    d) “stanning” doesn’t mean “excusing their actions”

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    pretty breed cat n old man who gets bullied by wild cats

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  • The Wolf Spirit, guide to the young who fell too soon. Here’s a new warrior cats oc who, surprisingly, isn’t a cat. I don’t have much to say about her since she’s new, other than that she probably was adopted into a clan. Also, her actions in life did affect how she would spend the afterlife. I named her Ravengaze.

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  • warriors quarantine challenge day 8: least favourite cat

    Rat man… “Yes, I’m the greatest clan cat, Smoke. No, I will not raise my child.“

    #warriors quarantine challenge #windclan#onestar#onewhisker#warrior cats #mari draws stuff #skipped right thru day 7 but will come back for it later
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  • (reposting because something messed up with the tags)

    I just realized I never posted this Hawkfrost design I did 2 months ago??? lmao here’s the twink. Design is free to use, reblogs are appreciated!

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