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    07.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Doing these Pokemon/Big Hero 6 doodles and I'm stuck on what Pokemon to give Wasabi

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    07.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    one time someone on here asked me how i could enjoy twin peaks if i didn’t like horror and i’m still so confused by that

    #that's like asking someone how they can enjoy apple pie if they don't like wasabi
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  • chesschoco
    07.05.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #yes i made wasabie incredibly overpowered. wasabi syrup was a mythic unit in cookie wars so i'm going off of . that. yeah #dr wasabi cookie #timekeeper cookie#asks
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    06.05.2021 - 16 hours ago

    wanna SEE her... wanna HOLD her...

    #wasabi chat#rebecca black #it’s just fun pop but I love the song ‘girlfriend’ by Rebecca black #music
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    06.05.2021 - 21 hours ago

    I have a soft spot for Wasabi Izuno and I freely admit that 90% of my reasoning is because I am a cat person.

    #Boruto: Naruto Next Generation #Wasabi Izuno #and even though they don't really do much #it's still nice to have an all female team. #Since there was only ever one female per team in the original. #And that always bugged me.
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    06.05.2021 - 23 hours ago


    #big hero 6 the series #the bot fighter #hiro hamada#baymax#honey lemon #wasabi no ginger #fred frederickson iv #sanctuary guardian#meme#video
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    06.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    More Grishaverse, please!

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    05.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Taking It Too Far

    So I've watched Fan Friction episode and immediately I was struck by how wrong they approached the subject. Hiro was right to be upset, but the producers didn't give him the right reason. This story is an attempt to right the wrongs. That, and there are also other changes to the basic episode plot because 1) I didn't remember everything and didn't really have time nor mood to rewatch it, 2) I thought some things would be better if changed a bit.

    Anyway, I hope you like it and enjoy yourselves.

    AO3 link here

    ... and there, inside the lab, was Captain Cutie’s beautiful girlfriend, Karmi. The two locked eyes and-

    “Hey, Fred. What are you doing?” Hiro popped out from behind the man and looked at the other’s screen. He squinted his eyes, skimming through the words. “Is that-?”

    “A fanfiction about us? Sure is!” Fred cut in enthusiastically, grinning wildly. “And I gotta tell you, man, it’s amazing! The plot, the characters, the action, the characters!”

    Hiro rose one eyebrow, clearly not siding with the other’s enthusiasm. His gaze wandered back to the screen and he stopped dead.

    “Why am I called Captain Cutie? And why Karmi is my girlfriend? Who wrote this?!” He asked angrily. Him and Karmi? Never in a lifetime!

    “I don’t know, but they post as KHeartsQT.” Fred waved his hand dismissively, his focus solely on the story.

    Hiro hummed and moved the cursor to the author’s name and clicked on it, recoiling the moment a pop-up window showed a profile picture.

    There, on Fred’s computer screen, his greatest nemesis was staring back at him.


    “I can’t believe it!” Hiro burst into the main lab, stomping past Honey Lemon and almost bumping into confused Wasabi, who barely managed to jump away. Without a word of apologise, the young teen approached his working space and shoved his backpack onto the desk, sitting down heavily on the chair.

    “What’s up with him?” Go Go popped a balloon as she stated at the clearly upset boy.

    “Nothing. He just doesn’t like Karmi’s fan fiction.” Fred shrugged as he strolled inside and flopped onto his armchair. “Can’t really relate. It’s amazing! And did you see how she named me? Flame Jumper! Not as cool as Fredzilla, obviously, but points for awesomeness.”

    “Oh, I read it.” Honey Lemon chimmed in. “It’s really well-written. Although, I don’t know why my name is Tall Girl. I’m not that tall, aren’t I?”

    A series of weeeeell’s and ummmm’s echoed in the lab and the ginger-haired woman dropped her head down in response.

    “She called me Chop Chop.” Wasabi added. “I can see where it’s coming from, but it makes me sound like some character from the kid’s show, and not a proper superhero.”

    “Speed Queen.” Go Go spoke from her side of the lab, tinkering with some kind of miniature scooter. “Sounds cool.”

    “All of you have normal nicknames. But she called me Captain Cutie. And made herself my- ugh- girlfriend.” Hiro cringed as he spoke. “Who even gave her a right to write about us? I don’t remember giving my permission, do you?”

    “Calm down, Hiro. It’s just a story.”  Honey Lemon put a hand on his shoulder but he shook it off.

    “Well, maybe I don’t appreciate being put in a story that’s clearly fake and totally unrealistic?!” He snatched his backpack and stomped towards the door. “I’m going to work in my lab. Away from that nonsense.”

    With these words, he stormed out, his angry footsteps and muttering audible until he turned the corridor.

    “Wow. Talk about negative energy.” Wasabi commented, as they stared at the door.


    In the coming days, Hiro’s mood only got worse. Everyone on the campus seemed to enjoy Karmi’s story, some even starting to ship Karmiutie, as they began to call the imagined pairing between Karmi and Captain Cutie. Hiro couldn’t even take a step without someone saying something about the story or the ship, or, which happened more often than he would like it, mentioning both.

    Karmi seemed to love the attention. Other students called to her on the corridor, expressing their enjoyment of her story and some even daring to ask whether she and Captain Cutie really were a couple. Hiro didn’t stay to hear the girl’s response, stomping away angrily, to the confusion of the students.

    With everything going on, he was unfocused and started failing classes he usually had no trouble with. Professor Granville seemed to be both upset and concerned about this change. He couldn’t tell her what bothered him, however, so he made an excuse about not feeling well lately. He wasn’t sure she believed him.

    To make things worse, his upset state started to affect his superhero work as well. He kept making mistakes leading to the whole team getting into trouble and only barely managing to catch criminals they encountered. This only led to his mood worsening.

    The young teen was walking down the hallway, trying to tune out the conversations revolving around the newest chapter of the fan fiction, when he suddenly collided with someone and they both landed in the floor, stunned by the hit.

    “Hey, watch where you’re going!” He heard an annoyingly familiar voice and he looked up to see Karmi picking herself up from the floor, snatching her phone from where it slid off during the crash.

    “I was. Which you would notice if you wasn’t gaping at your phone, producing those abominations of yours all the time.” Hiro seethed, picking himself up from the floor.

    “Excuse you!” Karmi huffed in response. “What’s your problem?!”

    “Oh, I don’t know?” Hiro replied, anger seeping into his voice. “Maybe that you write about real people and forcing them into fake relationships to release your crazy fantasies? Or maybe that you give stupid names which don’t fit the characters at all?”

    “For your information, everybody loves my story. I even have some faithful fans that comment on every chapter, like Fredelicious24.” Karmi replied defensively. “And since nobody knows what their real names are, I’m allowed to use whatever I want.”

    “I’m sure Captain Cutie is thrilled to be called that.” Hiro rebounded, rolling his eyes at the nickname.

    “Maybe he is!” the girl shouted back. “What do you know, anyway?”

    “Ugh, forget it!” The dark-haired teen shoved his arms apart and stomped away, trying to ignore the whispering from the students who watched the encounter.

    It was around lunch time, when his friends found him, sitting alone in the cafeteria, poking his food with an upset expression.

    “Hiro, what’s wrong? We heard about your argument with Karmi.” Honey Lemon started, as they all took their seats.

    “Yeah, so? Are you also going to tell me what a jerk I am? I heard it at least twenty times by now.” He huffed, impaling one of the fries onto the fork and biting on it angrily.

    “We just want to help.” Wasabi replied, eyeing as the teen gathered several more fries and stuffed them all into his mouth, munching aggressively.

    “But we can’t, until you tell us what’s going on.” Go Go added.

    Just then, several students passed by, the pieces of their conversation about Karmi’s story and the Karmiutie ship reaching their eyes. Hiro grunted and picked up his tray, pushing the chair away.

    “I’m going to eat in my lab.” He said and walked away.

    “That is highly insanitary!” Wasabi called after him.

    Honey Lemon looked thoughtful, as she stared at the retreating back of the young teen, and gazed at the group of students, who had now taken over one of the tables nearby.

    “Of course! Why didn’t I notice that before?” He exclaimed triumphantly. The others looked at her questioningly. “Come on, we have to talk to him!” she gathered her stuff and rushed off, others staring in the direction she went.

    “So... Do we follow or...?” Wasabi asked. Right then, Fred’s phone buzzed and he gasped.

    “The creepy knife-lady escaped from prison!” He exclaimed. They shared a look.

    “Guess we’ll talk to Hiro after that.” Go Go commented, as they left the cafeteria.


    To say the action went well would be a major understatement. Not only did Momakase escape, but she also cut through Go Go’s disks, left Honey Lemon and Fred stuck in the goo, Baymax lost one of his leg thrusters and rocket fist, and Wasabi’s blades needed a serious repair.

    Hiro was trying to help, but the conversation with Karmi was still fresh in his mind and he couldn’t properly focus on the fight. It was pathetic, even he had to agree.

    He angrily took of his helmet and shoved it towards the wall. It hit the divider with a metallic clang and fell to the floor, leaving a small dent in where it met with the structure.

    “Your body language indicated extreme anger.” Baymax spoke from behind. Hiro huffed.

    “Oh yeah? How did you figure that one out?” He asked, sitting on his chair with arms crossed.

    “You are making a face expression known as frown.” Baymax said. “Your body is tense and you are-“

    “I was being sarcastic, Baymax.” Hiro interrupted. Baymax blinked.

    “I am not programmed to recognise sarcasm.” The robot replied and Hiro groaned.

    “Hiro? You there?” Honey Lemon called out and the whole gang entered his garage, suits off.

    “Just peachy.” The young teen answered, starting to take off Baymax’s armour.

    “Don’t worry, dude. We’ll get the crazy knife-lady next time.” Fred patted his friend’s shoulder comfortingly. Hiro glared at him and the man slowly backed away.

    “We’re worried about you, Hiro.” Honey Lemon spoke again, her eyes matching her words. “Is it about Karmi’s story?”

    “What? Noooo.” Hiro waved his hand nonchalantly. Everyone stared at him, unimpressed.

    “It’s totally about the story.” Go Go said.

    “Definitely.” Wasabi agreed.

    Hiro sighed and turned away, hugging his arm.

    “I don’t want to talk about it.” He mumbled.

    “Your body language indicates discomfort.” Baymax spoke.

    “Hiro... You are clearly upset about it.” Honey Lemon said. “And I think I know why.”

    “Y-you do?” Hiro asked, but backed down really quick. “I-I mean, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Yeah, Honey Lemon, why would he be upset with it! The story is epic!” Fred joined in, unaware of Hiro’s frown deepening as the male kept on talking. “The plot is amazing, there are so many cliffhangers and, of course, the cherry on top being Karmiutie, of which, by the way, I am the president of the fanclub and-“

    He was interrupted by the slam of the door and he blinked, only now noticing they were left alone in the garage, Hiro nowhere to be seen.

    “Way to go, dumbass.” Go Go commented as she popped a balloon.

    “What did I do?” Fred blinked. There was a collective slap as everyone else facepalmed.

    Honey Lemon put on a determined face and followed the way the teen went. The others followed, saying their greetings to Aunt Cass on their way past, making a beeline towards the back and up to the living area. Hiro was, unsurprisingly, sitting by his desk, tapping furiously at his laptop.

    “Hiro?” The ginger-haired woman softly spoke up. The said teen huffed in response.

    “I though I made it clear I don’t want to talk about it.” He said angrily.

    “She’s not letting this one go, so you might as well stop being stubborn.” Go Go crossed her arms and leaned over the doorframe, clearly making sure his only escape route is blocked.

    “Hiro, please.” Honey Lemon kneeled down to find herself at his eye level. “We just want to help.”

    “There is nothing any of us can do to help.” The teenager mumbled, looking away. “Besides, it’s nothing.”

    “It’s not nothing. And you have every right to be upset.” The woman replied softly.

    Hiro pointedly looked back at his laptop, attempting to ignore them. The redhead didn’t back out, however.

    “We were all so caught up in how good Karmi’s story is that we failed to notice how upsetting it is for you. After all, it’s your hero persona she chose to pair herself with.” Honey Lemon spoke up. The tapping of the keyboard stopped, but the teen didn’t turn around yet. “And, knowing the characters are real, people started to assume the relationship is real, too. And that’s wrong. What Karmi is doing is wrong. You can’t just- what’s the word they use for saying two characters are in a romantic relationship...?”

    “Ship.” Helpfully suggested Fred.

    “Yes, thanks, Freddie.” Honey Lemon smiled thankfully and turned back to Hiro. “You can’t just ship two real people. It’s wrong. It shouldn’t be acceptable.”

    “And yet I seem to be the only one who has problem with that.” The teen mumbled, his back still to his friends.

    “I think it’s because the story is about our superhero personas.” Fred interjected and everyone, even Hiro, looked at him in confusion. “I mean, superheroes themselves feel like fictional characters. And, even though everyone knows we are real, it’s still hard to distinguish that if we’re also the characters in a work of fiction, which, by definition, means it’s not real. It creates somewhat a paradox and people just don’t completely realise the fiction part actually refers only to the story itself and not the characters.”

    Everyone stared dumbfoundedly at the millionaire, who blinked and starred back.

    “What?” He asked.

    “We just didn’t expect you to say something so... thoughtful.” Wasabi finally said, the others nodding in agreement.

    “Hey, I can act smart too, you know?” Fred argued and then promptly took out an unwrapped candy from his pocket, have it a testing lick, shrugged and put it in his mouth. Everyone shuddered.

    “Aaaand the usual Fred is back.” Go Go commented while Wasabi tried to not puke.

    “Even if what he said is true, it’s not like I can just go and tell her to stop.” Hiro picked up the conversation to take their minds of Fred and the candy. “What should I even say? Hey, Karmi, you know this story you write? You should stop because I don’t like you shipping yourself with this guy, whose name is definitely not Captain Cutie. Cool? Cool.”

    Fred snorted but Go Go quickly elbowed him in the ribs to stop. Hiro groaned and hid his head between his arms. Honey Lemon approached the teen and put her hand on his shoulder.

    “Maybe not as Hiro you, but if you explained it as your superhero you?” She suggested, smiling encouragingly.

    “I am not going to change into my armour just so I can talk to Karmi.” He replied sternly and sighed. “I just- gonna have to live with it... somehow...”

    “If you have a problem with something or someone, you should speak up, genius.” Go Go said.

    “Talking is the key to the healthy communication.” Baymax agreed.

    “Ugh, fine.” Hiro said. “I’ll talk to her. If I see her on a patrol or something.”

    “Hiro-“ Honey Lemon started to say but the robot cut her in.

    “I’ve found a disturbing information in the local news. Playing it now.”

    The screen on his chest turned on and a reporter appeared, speaking about some message being sent to their station this afternoon. The view changed, and they saw Momakase, grinning at the camera.

    “Welcome, Big Hero 6.” She said, looking far too happy about something. “I advise you to come to the Akuma Island. And make haste, unless you want something bad happen to someone’s girlfriend.”

    She smirked and stepped aside to show a chair. And on this chair, tied up and sputtering curses, was-

    “Karmi!” Everyone, sans Hiro gasped.

    “She’s not my girlfriend!” Hiro shouted.


    “Okay, we go in, take Momakase down, free Karmi and get out of here.” Hiro said as Baymax flew them towards the remote island. “Baymax, as soon as you are in range, scan the place for both Karmi and Momakase.”

    The robot didn’t reply, but the teenager knew he acknowledged the order and will get to it whenever it’s possible.

    “Oh, this gives the perfect opportunity for you to talk to Karmi about you-know-what.” Fred piped up from where he was held by the scruff of his costume in Baymax’s right hand.

    “I’d rather focus on the current problem first.” Hiro mumbled back.

    “I’m just saying.” The millionaire shrugged, but, luckily, dropped the subject.

    Several minutes later, they were creeping the abandoned hallways of old Krei Enterprises facility, Baymax leading them in the direction he sensed Karmi from. Momakase, surprisingly, didn’t turn up on the scan.

    “Karmi is inside.” Baymax said, stopping in front of the metal door.

    Hiro nodded and looked to Wasabi and Honey Lemon, pointing his head towards the door. The woman tapped the keys on her purse and produced a green-coloured ball. She plastered it to the frame and pulled on one side, the goo expanding to create something like a line. Each one of them, except for Wasabi, caught the goo-line and held strong, while the said man cut through metal around where the goo was stuck. When the cut was finished, they pulled the piece out, managing to not hit it on anything, hence making their entrance silent.

    Baymax put the cut-out metal aside and they climbed through the opening one by one. In the middle of the room, under a single spotlight, stood a chair. And on this chair, quite unsurprisingly, Hiro had to say, was Karmi, tied and gagged.

    As soon as the teen noticed the heroes, she started to squirm and let out muffled noises, trying desperately to communicate with them. Hiro secretly turned on his voice-modulating device, motioning for the rest of the team to do the same, before approaching the captured girl. It was in situations like this, he was glad he once decided to equip their armours with both face-covering visors and voice modulators. It lowered the chance of being recognised if they had to be around people who knew them personally.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll get you out in no time.” He reassured Karmi and reached for her gag. As soon as it was off, Karmi gasped and screamed.

    “It’s a trap!”

    At this precise moment, purple-coloured bars rose from the floor and circled around the heroes and Karmi. They all whirled around, shocked by their sudden appearance.

    “Like stealing a candy from a kid.” A familiar voice said from the shadows, and Momakase strolled into viee, a smirk on her lips.

    “You think you can keep us in here?” Hiro asked and nodded at Wasabi.

    Before going in, they decided they were not going to use their names around Karmi, since figuring out new nicknames would take too long, and Hiro was not going to use their fanfiction names, for obvious reasons. So they agreed on silent communication instead, which, so far, worked perfectly well.

    Wasabi approached the bars and slashed at them with a cocky grin, but just as fast he jumped back with a pained yelp, when the bars zapped him.

    “What in the world?!” He squeaked, rubbing at his arm.

    “Did you really think I would use regular cage, knowing of your abilities?” Momakase laughed, strolling slowly along the bars. “You’re not getting out of this one.”

    “Oh really?” Honey Lemon challenged and quickly produced a pink-coloured chem-ball from her purse. She let it drop to the floor and quickly side-stepped, as it bounced off the bars and hit the chair, acid eating through the wood.

    “I told you it’s not a regular cage.” Momakase smirked and looked extremely pleased with herself. “This one was created by our mutual acquaintance specifically to hold you lot in place.”

    “Mutual- what are you talking about?!” Hiro asked angrily.

    “I believe he goes by the name Obake.” The woman replied and watched the heroes faces morph into horror as they recognised the name. “Well, anyway, it was nice to chat and all that, but I have to go. As for you...” She produced a small device from her pocket and pushed the button, the lights in the room suddenly turning red and the alarm ringing. “Have fun getting out of here before this whole place blows up.” She waved her hand at them and ran away, leaving them to their doom.

    “Ohmigosh-! This place is going to blow up! We’re stuck in a impenetrable cage in a building that’s going to blow up any second now and-“ Wasabi spoke in a high voice, his eyes wide and breath hitching.

    “Calm down.” Hiro said. “We’re getting out of here in no time.”

    “How?!” Wasabi squeaked. “You saw what happened. My blades don’t work, and neither does the acid!”

    “We just need more strength, that’s all.” The teen replied calmly and turned to Baymax. “Initiate Overdrive Mode.” He ordered.

    At those words the robot started to change. Pieces of armour hid, others extended. A moment later, a completely unrecognisable Baymax, sans his colours, stood in front of the group.

    “That’s... I wrote about it!” Karmi breathed out, astonished. “You read my story?!”

    “Can we talk about it after we escape?” Hiro suggested, and Go Go noticed how he shuddered slightly at Karmi’s exclamation. “The sword, please.”

    Baymax reached his had to his back and produced a heavy-looking blade. He took a swing and sliced right though the bars, Hiro grinning at the performance.

    “Good job. Turn it off before it drains all of your power.” He said and Baymax swiftly came back to his original look. “Now everyone hop on and hold on tight. We don’t know how much time we have and I’d rather not risk running back the way we came from.”

    One rocket fist later, they shot out of the roof. And not a moment too soon, as the facility blew up just as they managed to get to the safe distance. Baymax flew them back to the city and they all jumped off to the ground.

    “Um... Thank you... For saving me.” Karmi mumbled, blushing as she took a glance at Hiro. The teen was painfully reminded she had a crush on his superhero persona.

    “That’s what we do.” He replied, looking away. Honey Lemon came closer and gently nudged his shoulder, an encouraging smile on her lips. He sighed and turned towards Karmi. “Actually, there is something I want to tell you. It’s... it’s about your story.”

    “My- YOU READ IT?!” The girl squealed, her eyes almost turning star-shaped.

    “Of course, it’s amazing and-“ Fred was painfully elbowed in the stomach by Go Go before he could say anything more.

    “I... How do I..?” Hiro scratched the back of his neck as he searched for words. “I read some of it, and you’re really talented but- I don’t really feel comfortable with it, you know?”

    “I don’t understand...” Karmi cocked her head to the side in confusion. “Why?”

    “It’s because of how you portray us. Portray me.” The teen elaborated. “I’m not- we’re not a pair, Karmi. I know it is a work of fiction and it’s not real, but writing that you are my girlfriend, having all those people read it... It’s not right.”

    “Oh...” The girl looked down, suddenly not able to meet his eye. “I didn’t mean to-“

    “I know.” He reassured. “I know you really want this to be true, but this is not the way. How would you feel if someone wrote a story about you and put you in a romantic relationship in said story? No matter if you like this person or not, it’s wrong to ship real life people.”

    “I- I’m sorry.” Karmi said, still looking away. “I guess I was so caught up with my own fantasy, I didn’t stop to think how would you feel about it.”

    “It’s alright.” Honey Lemon spoke up, smiling kindly. “You didn’t know.”

    “But I should have thought about it. And I didn’t.” Karmi admitted. “I.. I will delete it once I get home. I’m sorry I upset you.”

    “Thank you.” Hiro smiled thankfully at the girl. “And I meant it, you’re an amazing writer. Maybe you could still write about us, just no shipping this time.” He winked and Karmi blushed.

    “You... still want me to write about you? Even after...?” She asked, puzzled by the suggestion.

    “Between the two of us...” Hiro leaned closer and whispered to the girl’s ear. “I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our story.”

    Karmi blushed fiercely, mumbled something that sounded like “thankyouihavetogonowbye” and ran away, her cheeks red. The heroes looked at her retreating figure.

    “You didn’t mention the name.” Go Go pointed out as they started on their way back to Fred’s manor to leave their armours there.

    “I can live with Captain Cutie.” Hiro shrugged with a smile.


    That's it. I hope you liked it. Reblog if you did. I live for reblogs.

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    “Mercy was more frightening than murder, because it was harder.”
― Kristin Cashore, Graceling

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    "Chibi so tiny,

    chibi so cute.

    Chibi so shiny,

    chibi love you!”

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    Aquí hay cocina japonesa en estado puro @saisho_madrid Que no te la den con queso.. Este es el auténtico wasabi, llamada Wasabia Japonica, es una planta perenne que pertenece a la familia de la mostaza y del rábano picante. De este tronco de color verde, obtenemos la pasta de wasabi. lo que se come es el rizoma. Para elaborar la pasta de wasabi, se ralla el tronco con un oroshiki , rallador hecho con piel de tiburón en movimientos circulares. -- Here is Japanese cuisine in its purest form @saisho_madrid Don't give it to you with cheese. This is the real wasabi, called Wasabia Japonica, it is a perennial plant that belongs to the mustard and horseradish family. From this green trunk, we obtain the wasabi paste. what is eaten is the rhizome. To make the wasabi paste, the trunk is grated with an oroshiki, a grater made with shark skin in circular movements. -- #mismaridajes #pairings #japanesefood #sushi #wasabi #sushilover #maki #japo #madridmola #visitmadrid (en Saisho) https://www.instagram.com/p/COfZK77rJrh/?igshid=14erxm7vroco9

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    Cloud storage startup Wasabi nabs $112M, plans new datacenters - CTOvision

    Cloud storage startup Wasabi nabs $112M, plans new datacenters  CTOvision https://dlvr.it/Rz4VT7

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    GO GRANDMA!!!!

    #cookie run #dr wasabi cookie #BREAKING: area man found Insisting hes calm while very clearly stimming from excitement #ghost text#htdg art #yes i put this in black and white to attemt to campflauge the Big Fucking Coffee Stain #thats okay tho bc its just a sketch #many thoughts and feelings about dr wasabi. all of the thoughts and feelings are Positive i love her so fucking much
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    I Ditched Brán!

    From Friðrós: What a strait laced old tight-arse he is! But I managed to get him lost in A’Dracunas: it’s not hard to do— the signs even tell you how! I lit off across the border into a place called The Dark Awakening, which was not very dark at all, picked up some new clothes, and tried on a pain of wings for fun! Nothing more fun! How could anything be more fun than getting rid of your…

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    day 2 of the Lesbianism week 

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    WAIT WASABI COOKIE GOT A TRIAL?????? ohhh dont fuckin tempt me cookie run, i used to run a motherfuckin ask blog for wasabi cookie. DONT TEMPT ME....

    #exoticbutterstxt #I LOVE WASABI COOKIE shes just a science grandma of destruction #I LOVE HER
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    your mad scientist grandma looks gnc af

    #SHE GOT A BUFF AND A TRIAL AND IM. W WHWHEHEW YAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAYAYYA #also i strained a muscle in my hand drawing this #wasabi cookie#cookie run#art shit#eyestrain
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    cookie run super epics costumes 3/? ↑

    similar icons: 1 / 2

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