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  • gildedmuse
    23.10.2021 - 1 minute ago

    Here, have some random ZoLaw genderswap.

    "That's really cute, Zoro-ya," Law teases, leaning in closer.

    Poor Zoro. She hates Robin. Absolutely despises her. She's the one who put hee in the costume after all. To impress her "boyfriend" ('her sensei," Zoro insist, but since stupid Hawkeye tracked her down at that convention, just to give her the sword he'd won at the last match everyone of her friends insisted they were dating .... It may have had to do with Zoro giving in and letting him kiss her then and there. Only because he kissed so good though!) Who Zoro is sure won't be at this cheap party on this cheap night with these cheap booze. Though at least there are at least plenty of booze, despite their cheapness.

    Plenty of boys, too, cheap as they were. More than a dime a dozen as far as Zoro could tell, only dimes were actually worth collecting. These boys not so much.

    Then there was HER.

    Zoro wants to brush her off, just another one of the boys only this one has boobs that's all. Another distraction Zoro doesn't want or need, just a warm body standing between her and the counter with the sake.

    She's not sure why she wasn't doing just that.

    "It's not," Zoro protests, mostly because she feels she should protest being called cute. Maybe because it makes her stomach drop in strange ways?

    But then so did the smile the tall girl gives her in her in reply, moving in to crowd Zoro just that tiny bit more. Zoro could muscle her out of the way. Shed done it with guys twice her size. "Sure it is."

    She should really push past this girl so she could get back to her friends, so she could stand their pretending not to be waiting for Mihawk. "No it's... I'm serious."

    "I know," this northern girl days giving a little laugh, turning in a way that nearly pins Zoro to the wall. She's all soft to and it makes Zoro..... Cross her legs. "I think it's cute."

    #random writing ahoy! #no I had no reason for this #deal with this modeen au genderswap randomness #its on your dash I cant take it back now #one piece#roronoa zoro #trafalgar d. water law #trafalgar law#dracule mihawk #zoro x law #zolaw #mihawk x zoro #mizo#genderswap #basically them but hot ladies #oh and#modern au #one piece fanfiction #my writings#amusing musings
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  • colorfulaesthetix
    23.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Milada Vigerova

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  • linguenuvolose
    23.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    bought a new eyeliner and today I put it on but it was uneven and idk I wasn't feeling it so I tried to take it off but that bitch... wouldn't move. literally rubbed my eyes with makeup remover on a wash towel and it finally got off after like... a minute or so and now my eyes are not happy

    #I scrome #like ok fine it doesn't budge with water... but eye makeup remover? #ok sure I bought it like 3 years ago maybe that plays a part but still? #snicksnack
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  • mxjimonerobbie
    23.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Listen to wine and kettle .m4a by MxTheyHe on #SoundCloud


    Hot drink or wine let me know

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  • digitalvice
    23.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re in a less than ideal environment, but saying something would be like a huuuuge bother and nothing much can be done without causing an ordeal for everyone, but you wonder what if literally anyone else was in this situation, would they say/do something?? Would people listen? Why can’t I?? I’m still not going to though.

    #so my friends family has a beach house we’re staying at #everyone here is super thoughtful #they’re all couples except my demi romantic basically aromantic ass #so they all get cute normal rooms #of course this place is freezing it’s late October by the coast and this house is ancient been in the family generations #but I get put in this weird basement room with water on the floor #that’s fine I think I can deal #it’s so hot in here my phone keeps shutting down and won’t take a charge #all my other electronics are similar #I’m pretty heat resistant and like to suffer so personally I’m oldish #just worried I may sweat with no access to a shower for the weekend and couldn’t bring many clothes along #idk if I can sleep really and we’re doing things tomorrow and probably like all day and night again #it’s 2 decrees celcius out and when I have the door open there’s no cool breeze or anything it’s like it’s shut #I tried to leave it open but a new came in and kept flying near my face trying to land on me so… #aaaanyway #I’m clearly not going to wake everyone up and like sleep in one of their rooms like…what that would be so I convince them & annoying right? #what should I doooooo #what would happen if it was one of them???? #would it be fixed??? how?? would they wake someone up like what do normal people do???? #also I’d like to clarify this is in the middle of nowhere and we’re all vaccinated #there’s just a few of us and we figured since we are all either unemployed or working from home we could see each other finally #but I kind of wish I stayed home with my cat lol I’m not good in social situations anyways ugh
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  • tatedevros
    23.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #sciences#microbiology#food #dried food process #frozen foods#canned foods#images#agriculture#ice#water #i hate water #upskillutd #get started tutorials post
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  • bellbroshvac
    23.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    How to Install and Repair Water Home Filtration System?

    Water filtration is a crucial way to make your family always healthy. Especially water is dedicated for cleaning represents a crucial way to make your family always healthy. Especially water is dedicated for cleaning purposes daily. It is a real part of your family's wellness. There are plenty f companies in America that can make your water filtration come to life. However, you need to rely on the service of a credible company. You are going to ensure that the flirting of your water will be done by a professional right away. Visit : https://bellbroshvac.blogspot.com/2021/10/how-to-install-and-repair-water-home.html

    #Water Home Filtration System
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  • happyheidi
    23.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    take yourself on an adventure ♡


    #ohh I love stuff like this! #makes me excited! like I’m actually going on an adventure! #maybe I should #cottagecore#flea market#books#bookblr#clocks#coffee #light academia aesthetic #light academia#classic academia#photography#warmcore#typewriter#vintage clock#water#city living#paintings
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  • just-shower-thoughts
    23.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    It's strange that we feel the need to kill animals for population control but never consider that for ourselves.

    #thoughts from the shower #water based introspection #wet on main #showery contemplation
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  • just-shower-thoughts
    23.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    No matter how big a number is it will always be closer to zero than infinity.

    #thoughts from the shower #water based introspection #wet on main #showery contemplation
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  • just-shower-thoughts
    23.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Every corporation that asks you to donate to charity could very easily solve the problem themselves.

    #thoughts from the shower #water based introspection #wet on main #showery contemplation
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  • banarjeesherie
    23.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Factors To Consider For Replacing Your Water Heater


    Water Heaters: Give your attention to one of the most essential appliances in your house, learn about factors to consider for replacing your Water Heater only @ Crompton

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  • inkykeiji
    23.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago
    #u better be drinking ur water too!!! #have a fabulous weekend sweetpea <33 #and stay safe!!! #i hope you're doing well <33333 sending you all the love n health n happiness in the world!!! #clari gets mail
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  • winshare
    23.10.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    IGBT Liquid Cooling Technology

    IGBT power semiconductor modules are the core components of current power electronic devices, and the accumulation of heat will seriously affect the safety, reliability and performance of the devices. The heat dissipation problem is becoming more and more prominent, and the requirements for module cooling are also increasing.

    Under normal circumstances, the current flowing through the IGBT module is relatively large and the switching frequency is relatively high, which causes the loss of the IGBT module device to be relatively large, making the temperature of the device too high, and the poor heat dissipation of the IGBT module will cause damage and affect the operation of the whole machine. The cause of IGBT overheating may be poor driving waveform or excessive current or high switching frequency, or poor heat dissipation.

    Especially when the power of the equipment is very high (megavolt-ampere level), conditions such as air duct design, air pressure provision and noise index will be very difficult to implement. The traditional forced air cooling technology can no longer meet the heat dissipation of the equipment. Requirements, cold plate has a stronger heat dissipation capacity, and is more suitable for use in the heat dissipation system of high-power IGBT power semiconductor devices. At present, water-cooled heat dissipation technology is gradually being widely used. With the advancement and continuous improvement of water-cooling heat dissipation technology, today's water-cooling heat dissipation is safer and more durable, and the cost is also reduced. Although there are some inconveniences in installation and maintenance, from a long-term perspective, water cooling technology is worth putting into use.

    #cold plate #Liquid Cold Plate #water cold plate
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  • harpianews
    23.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Climate change is disrupting natural cycles in dry Lake Tahoe

    Climate change is disrupting natural cycles in dry Lake Tahoe

    Drought caused by climate change has eroded Lake Tahoe below its natural rim and halted flow in the Truckee River, a historically cyclical phenomenon occurring sooner and more frequently than previously thought – the famous alpine There are growing fears about what may be in store for the lake. Scientists are concerned that the increasing frequency of low water extremes could be the new normal.…

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    #california#California news #california water scarcity #Climate change #climate change issue #current#harpianews#Indian Express #Indian Express News #insufficiency of water #Lake Tahoe#latest#news#tahoe city#today&039;s News#world#world news
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  • wizardmarriage
    23.10.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    thinking about rivals that continually throw themselves into conflict with each other as a manifestation of self-destruction that they recognize and are attracted to in each other, seeking fulfillment of unhappy impulses that they feel they cannot express even to beloved comrades.

    #megarez text #bolts up in bed at 2 am to drink water and think about messy and violent catharsis
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  • dansnaturepictures
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Eleven more key birds in my time birdwatching so far 

    Over the last seven weekends on Twitter I have done some tweets with photos I’ve taken of key birds I’ve seen since I began birdwatching and said a little bit about why I like them, a connection I have to them or just anything that sprang to mind to celebrate them. What this is all in aid of is the fact that I consider between September 2006 and April 2007 the months where my interest in birds began. From getting the sticker bird of birds (I was interested in Geography especially flags and capital cities as a kid and when I’d finished all the flag sticker books we could find my Mum got me a bird one) where it had a place to record your sightings of the species seen to visiting Titchfield Haven our first nature reserve as an RSPB Wildlife Explorers (youth group) member this is where the seeds were sown of an interest that has dominated my life, leading me into an interest in photography as well as butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies, moths, other insects, mammals, flowers, fungi and more. So with it being fifteen years since this period of time I felt like doing something. It was hard to get it down to just fifteen species to include, so thought I would support it with this post. Like the tweets this is a mixture of common and rare species and are all ones that had some kind of big influence on my birdwatching. So below is the list roughly in order of when first I saw them, and there is a picture I took of each bird in this photoset. The pieces of writing below correspond to the order of the photo so bird 1 is Turnstone and picture 1 is Turnstone, bird 2 of Great Spotted Woodpecker, picture 2 of Great Spotted Woodpecker and so on. 


    When I first saw one: 7th April 2007 at Hill Head 

    Photo in this set: Taken 5th September 2020 at Pennington 

    Before that Titchfield Haven visit we had a look at Hill Head harbour where the reserve is, calling in on the way back from Lee-on-Solent an area we went a lot to walk and things in my childhood that day as we saw signs for a bird reserve with my fledgling interest a positively fateful moment for me discovering the haven and we saw a bunch of Turnstones by the harbour. I recognised them as waders which I studied from bird books early on and was thrilled to know I’d seen one and work out what they were when home one of the first moments of recording a species that I’d seen which was the key thing that got me birding. A well marked bird that has always evoked fond memories when I see it on the coast. 

    Great Spotted Woodpecker 

    When I first saw one: At Blashford Lakes on 9th February 2008

    Photo in this set: At Blashford Lakes on 13th June 2013

    With a handful of Hampshire reserves, as well as Lakeside and some Dorset locations in our catologue of places to birdwatch with both me and my Mum well into it in 2008 we began visiting Blashford as it was suggested by my former Primary School teacher who is a birdwatcher and it was a revelation with how much we saw there and key it was to my interest. Great Spotted Woodpecker with me longing to see a woodpecker was a new bird for us in our first visit and it felt amazing seeing it in the woodland hide. Over the years we’ve been so lucky to see this iconic and stunning bird so many times and its been one of my favourite birds for so long. 


    When I first saw one: 12th December 2010 at Sainsburys at Lordshill in Southampton 

    Photo in this set: Taken at Asda at Totton, Hampshire on 5th January 2019

    Another iconic species which I am proud to have seen on five different occasions and really sticks in my mind as one that was in the sticker book which I wanted to see, maybe one of the last species I saw and recorded in it from it as it was a small selection of species and this is one of the rarest and most spectacular birds we have for me. It was one of my favourite ever first sightings over a decade ago and seeing them at an array of places from my home town to the Moray coast in Scotland has been an honour. In the south every winter we always ask the same question, will Waxwings turn up at supermarket car parks where they frequent and the like this year? Which always brings great interest for birders and passers by getting together and communicating I find.

    Sedge Warbler 

    When I first saw one: Neither location nor date are recorded on my life list so before I did it via a spreadsheet and dated the sightings it seems, was probably when I was doing a more traditional tick list in a brilliant book my former teacher gave me.

    Photo in this set: Taken on 21st August 2021 at Egleton, Rutland Water nature reserve 

    A bird thanks to ringing demonstrations at the Bird Fair which we go to every year when its on since 2008 and at Titchfield Haven I took to my heart becoming one of my favourites early last decade. A slick marked yellowish wonder which is a striking bird to listen to and see for me and one I hope to see most at reedbeds ever spring. 

    Common and Surf Scoter 

    When I first saw one: Common Scoter 11 November 2007 at Farlington Marshes and Surf Scoter 1st March 2015 at Stokes Bay

    Photo in this set: Taken 1st March 2015 at Stokes Bay, Hampshire

    Two for the price of one. The Common Scoter is a top drawer bird for me that I get so excited about when I see it. A personal connection is that it was my 100th species I believe back in late 2007 on our first ever visit to another of our favourtie reserves Farlington Marshes. And the Surf Scoter is one of the rarest birds I’ve ever seen especially for Hampshire only the fifth in the county ever I believe this one was one of my favourite ever twitches and it was with the Common Scoters that day two exotic and exceptional species. 

    Snow Bunting 

    When I first saw one: 13th November 2016 at Portsmouth

    Photo in this set: Taken 24th November 2018 at Hill Head

    One that my Mum and her partner saw quite a few years before me so I did really long to see. I was over the moon to see them twice in the 2016/17 winter and I had a decent run over a few years to see this adorable and charismatic species each winter as they surged to be one of the birds I am fondest of.

    Crested Tit

    When I first saw one: 18th January 2018 at Loch Garten

    Photo in this set: Taken at RSPB Loch Garden on 18th January 2018

    One of the poster birds of two of the greatest days of my life in the Cairngorms and Moray in Scotland for a Heatherlea ‘Birding Bites’ tour with two amazing guides where we saw so much and so well in the breathtaking snowy Scottish scenery a dream trip and perfect present for my 21st birthday which has had a monumental and ongoing impact on me. Seeing these fairytail birds flit around in the snow in the Caledonian pine forest getting such intimate views was simply one of the most astonishing moments of my time birdwatching and wildlife watching generally. 

    Red-necked Phalarope

    When I first saw one: 17th August 2018 at Rutland Water

    Photo in this set: Taken on 1st June 2019 at Pennington

    A 2018 life tick too right on cue for when we visited the 30th Bird Fair at Rutland Water in that amazing year for me always a remarkable moment if we can see really rare birds at that, I had rather put it in this list to represent a memory from 2019 too you could say my greatest birdwatching year as the year I saw the most species in the ones (2011 onwards) I kept year lists for a key part of my hobby starting to do that and the only year I reached 200 birds seen in as we saw it remarkably for a second year running at a favourite local reserve of ours and a favourite part of it Fishtail lagoon at Pennington in the Lymington-Keyhaven nature reserve. An exquisite and colourful in summer plumage bird which brings be feelings of the far away lands of the arctic where I hope to one day visit and alongside other phalaropes one of my most memorable birds to see.

    White Stork

    When I first saw one: 13th July 2019 at Knepp

    Photo in this set: Taken on 24th June 2020 at Knepp 

    The last few years for me I have been extremely excited by the inspiring reintroduction of this iconic birds at the extraordinary Knepp wildlands in Sussex which we have been so lucky to go to. It was been beyond fantastic to be in the company of this enormous clacking species and their chicks the first raised in over 400 years in the UK the past two years with lots reported locally as well so I hope in another fifteen years these birds will be something that is a bit more commonplace and that the environment will be better for it.

    Spotted Redshank

    When I first saw one: 14th September 2008 at Titchfield Haven national nature reserve 

    Photo in this set: Taken on 5th January 2021 

    In these lists I just had to include a bird that within our family I am good at identifying there is an interesting group of these which instantly gives me a greater affinity with them and this elegant and striking wader is one of the prominent members of this group. One I feel so lucky to have be able to see more and more the last few years especially at Lymington-Keyhaven one of the finest birds Hampshire has to offer for me. 

    I did this post for the ten year anniversary in 2016 exploring how I got into birdwatching and looking back:


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  • mleannegibson
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Unedited. The fall colors had not come in yet. Probably thia coming week but I have so many deadlines for college.

    The water was so incredibly clear.

    Look at that reflection!

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  • mleannegibson
    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Unedited. There was a Nikon filter attached to my camera. There was a battle of attrition with the sun to get silky water effect. It was an extremely bright day.

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