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  • clickireland
    28.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    One of my favourite things to photograph is a forest waterfall, especially at this time of year. . . #waterfall #countyantrim #forest #autumn #autumnleaves (at Northern Ireland) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVkAzT2om07/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • 1000knives
    28.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Morning shift at work is so fun in autumn/winter, I’ve turned off the ceiling lights, put in a disco light and faerie lights, and put on classical music 😌

    #a good morning #tho it rained like a waterfall and I’m drenched but it’s alright I’ve got grieg
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  • echoing-sounds
    28.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I should make a list of top 10 video game locations that I would like to live in forever

    #there's a bunch #really it all boils down to ethereal mystical nature-y looking places #ponc'tan... ballonlea... waterfall..... minish woods..... yeah #i guess waterfall is the only place that's not a forest #it's special#// #echo shouts to the void
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  • kalypr
    28.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Getting this one under the wire for #WaterfallWednesday. Managed to get a hike on the Shades Of Death trail Saturday before the rain got too bad. Here's Stametz Dam, probably the most photographed spot in the park. . #stametzdam #ShadesOfDeath #HickoryRunStatePark #waterfall #waterfalls  #chasingwaterfalls  #nepa #Pennsylvania #hikepa #nature #naturephotography #landscapes #landscapephotography #PAStateParks #explorePA #exploringPA #instafalls #PAoutdoors #PAnature #canonphotography #waterfallphotography #teampawild #longexposure #longexpo_addiction #longexposure_shots #getoutandhike #getoutside #scenicPA #naturalPennsylvania (at Hickory Run State Park) https://www.instagram.com/p/CVjusOyLWbS/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • star-siiign
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Another Cumberland Falls shot that I took with my dad’s ancient flip phone this time. I actually kind of like it.

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  • kbmvbox
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    b.i. - 해변 (illa illa): song + mv analysis.

    I. Analyzing the Song's Name

    this song has two names: "illa illa" and "해변," which means beach in korean. is b.i. trying to prove that "life's a beach" and he's "playing in the sand?" is he bragging about his major comeback, or is he using illness as a metaphor for his post-scandal grief?

    II. Evaluating the Lyrics

    important lines (lyric translation on genius)

    "... at the end of my sleeves is a beach / 'cause i wiped out the water flowing on both cheeks"

    "... at the end of my eyes is a beach / 'cause of the warm bubbles that pervade"

    "i'm lost alone on a lonely island / emotional anemia, war in my head"

    "to put my feet in the waves of memories / it's cold enough to freeze my heart"

    "i'm swept away again by the waves that sway around my eyes"

    "thanks to you who taught me how to cry and disappeared / there's no day for the thick fog in my pupil to lift"

    "... you who hugged me so deeply is no longer here / i rub my eyes with my sleeves and hate it because it's not a dream"

    "my mood is low the way it is after the storm"

    "longingness is what i do best / depression is the most comfortable home for me / the corners of my broken heart will be sharp / i will be the one stabbed again anyway"

    "awkward goodbye and emptiness / it's a familiar scene"

    "stargazing by the rolling waves / i won't shed new tears"

    "though i know it will crumble / i'll probably build a sandcastle again"

    "illa illa" sounds like a breakup song and a song about a lost loved one at the same time. then again, breakups can cause people to grieve.

    III. Notable Symbols in the Video

    the ocean represents power, strength, mystery, hope, endlessness, calmness, and truth. back in 2019, b.i. left ikon because he allegedly tried buying weed and lsd three years earlier. drugs other than tobacco are illegal in south korea, so imagine how many people dropped him without hesitation over there. but before releasing "illa illa," he's shown up to several charity events [including, but not limited to 1, 2], probably in hopes of a) winning the public's heart again, and b) bringing back the strength in himself.

    the tuxedo usually represents ceremony. but without a tie, sneakers instead of dress shoes, and the whole thing being soaking wet, it represents condemnation instead. think of south korea as being a boat that threw him overboard, leaving him to swim towards the "lonely island."

    the sand represents "comfort, time, and money." sand castles are mentioned towards the end of the song, and those represent all the luxury in the world. plain old sand means the opposite.

    the roads = life's journey. b.i. isn't driving at the beginning of the video, meaning that his journey was much harder at first.

    the traffic light: it's red, so that represents blockage. there's plenty of obstacles stopping b.i. from reaching his full potential.

    the alleyway = seeking and transformation. drug addicts (or otherwise, people planning to use drugs in general) seek release from the world. meanwhile, those sobering up seek a greater purpose, or even forgiveness.

    the stairs = also life's journey. but since b.i.'s going up, the journey's taking a positive turn.

    the cardboard boxes: for either carrying things for daily activities, recording what happens, or a "physical movement... from one place to another." especially since b.i.'s a celebrity, people watch his every move. they probably have file boxes full of his schedules and social media posts. but now, news about the drug scandal are taking their place.

    the apples represent knowledge, death, and luxury. once you decide to become famous, you must sacrifice most of your privacy. the death of a normal life (and in some cases, even your whole life) if you will.

    the storm represents chaos, negativity, trauma, difficulty, weakness, depression, and change. b.i.'s life definitely turned upside down when the drug scandal surfaced. lots of people felt betrayed at what he did, and in turn, he became depressed because of all the loneliness that occurred right after.

    the piano = all the unpleasant news.

    the bars: peep the 1:57 mark of the music video. they look like the ones used in prisons.

    the fog represents uncertainty, mystery, confusion, and dreams. hearing bad news will first put you in the denial stage, where everything feels like a bad dream.

    the grass represents "growth and expansion." you can always break bad habits.

    the bridge represents passage and transitions. b.i. is moving from one chapter of his life to another. he's also seen with his hand out the window, feeling the breeze. this only means one thing: the burden has been lifted.

    the fallen leaves = the end of a chapter, shedding off the old skin.

    the earphones = freedom. you're essentially blocking everything out except whatever you're listening to. the song's most likely a bop, and you don't care how you sound while singing it.

    the couch represents "family happiness." the other people in the music video don't seem to be b.i.'s blood relatives, but the same concept can be applied to chosen family.

    the tunnel = a birth canal of sorts. in the past, he'd probably go through it with the other ikon members, but it's not like that anymore. notice how he calls it a "familiar wound" and "farewell."

    the fireworks represent "happiness, celebration, and news of wealth." no, that wealth doesn't always mean money.

    the truck = freedom, but in a different way. when kpop group members get caught in controversy, they take the whole group down with them. but now that b.i.'s a solo artist, he can relax a bit, because if he ever went down again, he'll only take himself.

    the chair can represent the reflection period after a controversy, or a hiatus. whatever the situation may be, idols are given (or should be given) enough time to rest.

    the rabbit mascot is wishing b.i. good luck on his new beginnings, and even leading him there.

    IV. Listening to the Beat

    at first listen, the happy instrumental masks the bittersweet lyrics. although the beach reminds other people of happiness, it reminds b.i. of the scandal. that's why he runs away from the sand so quickly.

    V. Putting Everything Together

    "illa illa" likens ocean waves to the stages of grief. first, the "warm bubbles" and the "waves swaying around [his] eyes" were to be avoided. this can either represent the denial stage, or the part where you're too embarrassed to admit your loss. as the song progresses, the waves turn into happy tears and lessons to learn from. the waves may have drenched b.i.'s entire outfit, but it can't stay wet forever.

    check out the music video below:

    #b.i. #kim hanbin#kpop #kpop music video #music video analysis #illa illa#waterfall#Youtube
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  • natasyafilippovna
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    human body is a joke

    #dont bleed for 24 hrs; assume my period is over; dont go get more pads; wake up to blood waterfall👍 #lime.txt
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  • jackhalllee
    28.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • anothertimeinmy-life
    27.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Went on a road trip to Cape Breton last weekend, it was so beautiful to see all the leaves and the breathtaking scenery. Got to explore a few waterfalls that I had on my bucket list. Here's a photo of me infront of Egypt Falls.

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  • bernadettekazmarski
    27.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Perspective Makes All the Difference

    I chose an angle that brought the sunlight down into the water, gave the curving ledge a dramatic sweep and the water itself that angel hair softness that I envisioned, and the humble little waterfall in the woods an exotic appearance.

    The perspective makes all the difference. I got it! I went back to the waterfall I’d photographed on a Sunday when overcast cloud cover beat me to it. This afternoon there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and what a difference the sunshine made. I’ll have a few others too. It’s such a lovely spot. I love the full photo of the waterfall with the woods behind and all, below, but I was visualizing other…

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  • mshilleaart
    27.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Went on an adventure today 🧭

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  • tsumtsumplush
    27.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Visiting Witch’s Hole Waterfall after Rainfall https://dlvr.it/SBQkcc

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