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    23.09.2021 - 4 days ago

    What if I kissed your thoughts away, what if you never had to worry again

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    19.09.2021 - 1 week ago

    Selfie in Minecraft.

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    07.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Wattane wip 🐏

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    30.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Sharing the crop for this piece bc I love how their faces turned out <3

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    26.08.2021 - 1 mont ago


    @octaane​​ asked:   ✿ :-)

    bold for things i could definitely see or want, 

    italics for things i could see or am unsure of

    striked out for things i don’t want or cannot see.

    FRIENDSHIP.     childhood friends  /  work buddies or coworkers  /  family friends  /  friends with benefits  /  smoking buddies  /  adventure buddies  /  fake friends  /  recently friends  /  party buddies  /  friendship of need  /  dying friendship  /  circumstantial friendship  /  partners in crime  /  old friendship  /  [ your muse ] is the good influence  /  [ your muse ] is the bad influence  /  [ my muse ] is the good influence  /  [ my muse ] is the bad influence  /  opposites attract  /  ride or die  /  frenemies  /  roommates or flatmates  /  penpals  /  exes to friends  /  enemies to friends  /  other .

    ROMANCE.     childhood sweethearts  /  [ your muse is mines ] childhood crush  /  [ my muse is yours ] childhood crush  /  exes  /  exes to lovers  /  forbidden lovers  /  highschool sweethearts  /  secret relationship  /  opposites attract  /  long distance  /  unrequited [ from your muses side ]  /  unrequited [ from my muses side ]  /  unrequited [ from both sides ]  /  skinny love  /  friends to lovers  /  enemies to lovers  /  spurious relationship  /  power couple  /  newly entered  /  soulmates [ metaphorical ]  /  soulmates  [ literal ]  /  awkward  /  turning toxic  /  toxic love  /  cheating [ on your muse ]  /  cheating [ with your muse ]  /  other .

    FAMILIAL.     siblings [ half ]  /  siblings [ step ]  /  [ my muse ] is an older sibling figure to your younger sibling figure  /  [ my muse ] is a younger sibling figure to your older sibling figure muse  /  [ my muse ] is a parental figure to yours  /  [ my muse ] is a child figure to your muse  /  guardian figure  /  legal guardian  /  adoptive child  /  foster child  /  [ your muse ] is taken under mines wing  /  [ my muse ] is taken under yours wing  /  other .

    ANTAGONISTIC.     dangerous to each other  /  dangerous to others  /  unpredictable  /  rivals  /  petty  /  developing into sexual or romantic tension  /  based off family matters  /  based of off circumstance  /  based of professional matters  /  based off misunderstanding or lies  /  conflict of ideology  /  betrayal  /  hero - villain dynamic  /  enemies  /  fight club  /  friends turned enemies  /  lovers turned enemies  /  exes turned enemies  /  other .

    #octaane #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ jumpstart your heart! ❪octane❫ #♡ ˙ * ✧ ━━ time to cut the power ❪asks❫ #(wattane my beloved...)
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    24.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Wattson bored without her daredevil boyfriend 💔

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    22.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Wattane wip 🔥

    #apex legends octane #wattson#apex legends#wattane#octane #octane x wattson
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    19.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    yes. i dont focus in class, i draw

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    07.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Just Take Me Home | oneshot

    SUMMARY: Wattson finally decides to break up with Crypto, and it doesn’t go as planned when Octane gets involved. RATING: 18+ SHIPS: Wattson and Octane TAGS: alcohol, violence, blood, mature themes, tbh if you like crypto don’t read this around 8.6k

    A chatter was taking over the paradise lounge; it was covering the sounds of music coming from the jukebox and smudging all of the conversations into one incoherent blabbering. There was a crowd of people mingling throughout the room and Octavio was uninterested in each of them – unable to find a care to pay attention to the happening around him as he simmered in his alcoholic buzz to distract from his own wandering mind.

    Octavio sat with his foot rhythmically tapping the floor, barely in the seat properly as he swished around the liquid in his almost empty glass. With an elbow on the bar to hold his glass and his other hand at his chin, he began fiddling with a loose strand on the bottom of his mask.

    “You need a refill?” Elliott asked him, lingering in front of him on the other side of the counter as he wiped down the bar surface as he waited for a reply.

    Octavio glanced over his shoulder, eyeing Natalie on the other side of the bar cozied into a booth with Tae Joon and talking in hushed voices. Octavio hadn’t been able to muster a reason for her to give him the time of day – after all, he missed his shot with her and someone else got there first. He tried hard not to think of that reality but it was hard to miss when it was right in front of his face. He grimaced to himself, turning back to Elliott and shoved the glass in his direction. “Rápidamente.”

    “Something up?” Elliott pried as he took the glass to fill it again, sliding it under the tap and pulling the lever as he eyed the speedster.

    “Nah.” he replied, half listening as he looked back over his shoulder one more time to see Tae Joon pressing a kiss to Natalie’s neck. Octavio felt his stomach fall at the sight, snapping back around and trying to mentally erase the image he wished he never saw. It felt wrong to him to want her so badly when she had no idea, when it was all he daydreamed about. He just couldn’t help wanting her – and when he couldn’t have her, he still tried his best to respect her decisions though it ate him alive to watch her be with someone else. He just waited, patiently, for the day she was open to the idea of someone new. “Hurry up with that drink, amigo.”

    “You say ‘no’ but the tone says ‘yes.’ Care to try again?”  

    “Don’t.” Octavio rolled his eyes, leaning up and over the counter to snatch the glass from him and tugging his mask down to take a few gulps.

    “I was just-” Elliott trailed off, his gaze looking past Octavio and towards the other side of the room with a furrow forming on his brow.  

    Octavio cocked an eyebrow up, chuckling lightly in unaware amusement as he scanned Elliott’s face. “Mira, now you seem like somethings up.”

    “I think there... is?”


    Elliott gestured with his head, nodding in the direction of his concerns and Octavio turned on his stool to look with a swivel.

    On the other side of the room, too far for him to hear, sat Natalie twiddling her fingers. She was looking down at the table while Tae Joon was leaning and talking into her ear, but she was curling away from him slightly.

    She opened her mouth to seemingly speak against whatever was said, but instantly closed it again and pressed her lips into a forced smile instead.  

    Octavio hadn’t a clue what was even being discussed but the look on her face was enough to make him want to involve himself. He’d seen too many of these encounters and sat idly by as Natalie would drift further from her friends and compromise parts of herself to please Tae Joon for the sake of face.

    Across the table from her sat Renee, who was visibly pissed off and holding her tongue and the complexity of it all intrigued Octavio more. With everything Elliott had said, was it true maybe the relationship was finally headed for its final hour? He couldn’t help but be hopeful for that, after all, he was determined to prove to her he was the better option like he wanted to months earlier.

    He had watched the two on the cusp of an argument more than once, and now he had saw Tae Joon treating her with disdain and turning around to pretend he had not moments prior once again. To say the least, without listing the world of mistakes, Octavio just didn't like the guy and it was getting harder to hide that fact for the sake of the games.

    Tae Joon stood from the booth, brushing his coat down and flipping out his wallet to drop some cash onto the table for the bill. He seemed to be in a hurry but Natalie still sat in the booth, looking across the table at Renee with an apologetic look.  

    Octavio scrunched his nose, tapping his foot against the metal of the chair and a repetitive clanging came with it. He wondered if she would stay behind – would he be able to finally find a free moment to speak to her without Tae Joon around to talk over him?

    He looked back at Elliott, who was now buffing a spot into the bar counter from constant wiping and eyed him in partial confusion. “What do you know that you aren’t saying?”

    “Ugh, fine, I promised I wouldn’t tell but... Renee said they’ve been fighting, er, well he’s been stern with her lately.” Elliott whispered under his breath, leaning over the counter to keep his words from finding any other ears besides Octavio. “I guess Nat stayed over at her place last night and he was not cool with it. She wouldn't tell me anything else though, I tried.”

    “Why didn’t anybody fucking tell me?” Octavio spat back, a rage under his breath as he turned back to look at Natalie, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of her at the table now. He hated how closed off and quiet she had become lately; he knew it was the pressure of trying to hold the world on her shoulders for the grown men in her life when she never should've been subjected to it in the first place. He hated having to watch her like that and now this was proof he was right when he assumed she deserved far better.  

    “I…just…did? Why am I in trouble?” Elliott replied, confused with the sudden anger being directed at him.

    Octavio rolled his eyes, his hand clenching his shorts fabric as he sat watching whatever this was unfold before him. Did he have a cause to put himself into the conversation or was he out of line? He didn’t want to offend or upset Natalie, that was the only concern, but he still couldn’t stand being silent towards it when she seemed so out of sorts. He had all of the reasons to step in, to say something... but he couldn’t, not when he respected her and didn’t want to make a scene surrounding it in public for her sake.

    He took his drink, pulling his mask back up onto his face and tried to be as casual as possible while moving across the bar floor. He slunk into the booth beside where Natalie sat, sitting himself down with Anita and Ramya to listen in on the conversation to determine just how rocky the entire thing seemed.

    If he could help in anyway, he would find it.

    Tae Joon ran his hand through his hair, shoving his wallet back into his pocket and offered his hand to Natalie; which wasn’t reciprocated. He dropped his hand to the table and formed a fist to lean on, lowering towards her with a shake of his head. “Come on, let’s go home.” he said with a pout, yet somewhat sternly.

    “I am not finished with my drink yet, though, and Renee and I were going to-”  

    “Nat, I said let’s go. I have stuff to do.” Tae Joon grumbled back as he cut her off, pulling open his phone and sighing heavily. “I’m going to miss my deadline for this coding job. Haven’t we hung here long enough?”

    “Why can’t I just meet you back at your apartment?”  

    “Would you just come on; don’t you think it’s late enough when we’ve both got work tomorrow? Besides, you know I don’t like staying in one place for too long.”  

    Natalie sighed, picking up her cup to take another sip and Tae Joon aggravatingly sighed again. They made eye contact with one another and he gave her a look of impatience. She cleared her throat as she set her cup down instead of taking another drink. “Right. My apologies, I must’ve mistaken the time...”

    Renee huffed out, sitting up more in her seat and threw an arm up in desperation at her friend as she stood to leave.

    She didn’t want to go but she couldn’t ever figure out how to end something she never wished she started without hurting someone’s feelings. Perhaps she was only hurting herself by trying to stay.

    Looking to her friend and around the room, she spotted Octavio and held her breath.

    Her brain was moving at high speeds, it racing in circles around all of the choices she could take and what one was the best decision. Natalie closed her eyes tightly, swallowing her fear in her throat and tapped her finger against the table as she stood beside it. In her mind, she pictured a happier version of herself and at her side was not Tae Joon. It hadn’t been him for a long time. Perhaps there was a time where she convinced herself everything would work out in the long run, but she didn’t want to wait for that someday for her life to improve; not when she knew of someone who treated her far better simply because he wanted too.  

    When she opened her eyes again, letting out a shaky breath, she locked eyes with Octavio. He was so close to her that she could reach out and grab him but somehow, he felt acres away. She felt so secluded nowadays though everyone thought she was happy with her ‘closeknit’ boyfriend. She didn’t want to fall back into another sad night of falling asleep in bed alongside someone she was beginning to detest. She would rather love someone who didn’t want her than be with Tae Joon any longer; though she was hopeful Octavio wanted her too.

    Natalie hummed lightly under her breath, trying to search for her words to save herself from falling back into the routine and life she came here with and looked from Octavio to Tae Joon. She straightened her posture before speaking, shaking her head.

    “I- actually, I do not want to go home with you.” she said, slowly but adamantly.

    Tae Joon, paused but then laughed and smacked his own chest lightly. “Is this another one of your jokes?”

    She looked around and darted her gaze to Renee for support, finding her friend waving her on in encouragement. If Natalie was certain about anybody disliking her relationship with Tae Joon, right after herself, it was Renee; whom had been one of her biggest pushers to end this once and for all. The courage was only found when all of the moving parts fell into place tonight and she couldn’t harbor a fix, or wanted one. “I do not want to be with you anymore...”

    Tae Joon’s laughter faded into nothing, looking over at Renee and then at Natalie with a more frustrated look.  “Let’s go talk somewhere private about this.”

    “Non. Non, I don’t want to go anywhere with you, Crypto.” she stammered out, trying to be forceful in her words but it only angered him more as she became more distant.  

    “You can’t be serious.” he scoffed, moving towards her and wrapping her up in his arms to try to bring her back towards his affections.

    She squirmed in his grasp, trying to pry his arms off of her body to free herself. “Let go.”

    “Nat, just talk to-” he began, gripping tighter and pressing his lips to her shoulder blade rather than releasing his hold on her when she requested.  

    Octavio wanted to intervene now for his own peace of mind, but he knew Natalie was far more than capable of handling herself. He just hated seeing her being treated with such a disrespect that a bubbling rage had already settled within him because of it.

    “I said let me go!” she demanded, pushing Tae Joon more forcefully this time and causing him to stumble a few steps back. She harbored her breath, pulling her arms in and crossing them over her chest in a defensive manner. She took a step away from him as he took one towards her, causing him to groan in frustration again.

    “Stop acting like a child. Everyone is watching right now.”  

    She turned to ignore him, but the look on her face was proof she was crumbling, her eyes welling up as she grabbed her purse from the booth and put the strap over her shoulder.  

    If this was a watered-down version of her daily life, Octavio was furious with himself he hadn’t done something sooner. Ramya, whom was beside him, elbowed him roughly in the side, nodding at the situation unfolding and mouthed for him to ‘do something already.’

    “I’m leaving.” Natalie said plainly towards Renee, trying to inform her friend before she took off, but she hadn’t a plan of how to get home from here without her original ride. She would have to walk to the bus stop and make do, either way she had to leave before he became any worse than he was already being. Her concerns were correct in that he would find a way to weasel back in and make her feel guilty to let him stay, no matter what she did right or wrong, he always did find a way. It was why she couldn’t muster the courage to break it off until today; perhaps knowing she was surrounded by friends who cared was the one final piece that helped her take that leap away from him finally. Perhaps it was the fact that she hadn’t even been able to lie to herself anymore that she loved him at all – or had ever.

    If she did love him, it was lust for something he could never provide and it was a brief happenstance she viewed as a mistake now. She hadn’t been happy with him in months. If she was truthful with herself, she wished she had been able to walk away sooner but even now she feared she wasn’t free to be with who her heart had been craving.

    “Finally.” Tae Joon sighed, moving to grab for her hand again which only caused her to back up more to make space between them.  

    “No. Without you!”

    Octavio stood from his booth, unable to keep quiet and out of the conversation any longer as he noticed every little thing happening.

    He placed himself in between Natalie and Tae Joon, looking directly into her watery blue eyes with a growing concern. He wanted to let out his anger on the person causing her to feel this way – but chose to prioritize her over anything else.

    Though he kept his fondness for her to himself. After all, they were still good friends, and he chose to stand by her side even though she was giving a less than worthy person her heart. He had tried to sway her at first but when she first spoke of how happy she had been he couldn’t take it away; though if he had known it was a lie, things would’ve been different for the two far sooner.

    He hated waiting around but he would always be willing to wait for her.  

    He always knew when something was wrong lately. He would always show up and wonder if she needed any type of help. She always smiled at him and said no thank you but secretly wished each time that she had begged for him to whisk her away to anywhere but here.

    “Need a ride, Watts?” Octavio asked, patting his pocket for his keys and trying to search her eyes for an answer. He was hopeful this time she would say yes, her eyes always did but she never spoke it out loud.

    “She doesn’t need a ride.” Tae Joon replied for her, aggravated to find someone else trying to pop into the conversation that he was trying to derail – let along Octavio being that person.

    “Hah, that’s funny. I don’t think I asked you, compadre.” Octavio snapped back over his shoulder before turning his focus back to Natalie, who seemed to be more of a shell of a person now that everything was spiraling apart but seeming grateful to see him stepping in for her lack of gumption.

    She smiled weakly at Octavio, an ease of relaxation coming over her once she realized she wasn’t as alone as it seemed. She saw the annoyed expression on Tae Joon’s face behind him, but she didn’t care. She wanted to go – she wanted to leave with Octavio if he was willing to take her.

    Tae Joon placed a hand on the speedster's shoulder, pulling him backwards and out of the way to get closer to Natalie again.

    A small stumble along with an astonished chuckle came from Octavio in reply, regaining his footing and stretching his neck from side to side.  

    “Don’t get involved, this doesn’t concern you, anyway.” Tae Joon glared him down as he walked over, hissing his words through his teeth. He was taken aback, however, to find Natalie sliding her footing away from him to stand behind Octavio instead.

    “S'il vous plaît, Tavi.” Natalie whispered, placing her hand on his back and finally confirming his hopes. That was all he needed.

    Tae Joon reached forward around Octavio to take ahold of Natalie’s arm again, desperate to get her away from the crowd in the bar and talk to her privately in order to reign this all back in so it went back to normal. He could feel her slipping for a while now and this seemed like the final snapping point, he couldn’t talk his way out of this one. The tips of his fingers barely grazed her skin when Octavio’s grasp clamped down on his arm, stopping him from reaching forward any further.  

    “I could do this all day.” he sneered at the hacker, shoving his arm away and back to the man's side. He felt the gentle palm of Natalie behind him on his back, his stiff posture loosening slightly under her touch though his anger resided within him.  

    “Natalie, are you just going to hide behind him and refuse to talk this out with me like adults? Don’t do this, please. I love you.” Tae Joon begged; his tone was now more sorrowful rather than frustrated as he put on a pitiful face for Natalie’s sake – but she wasn’t buying the façade anymore that he was trying to mask over the problems.

    She had a rage that had sat within her unsaid for weeks once she uncovered the truth of what she meant to Tae Joon. A few concerns from a friend with voices from the void – you'd think those trying to utilize her rather than respect her would take that into account. It took far too long to find this strength when it always resided within her, but she wasn’t losing steam now.

    “No. You don’t. You loved the database connections you found with me and my position in the Syndicate. You put me in the middle of everything without my knowledge, you put me in danger, but I’m smarter than I look and I found out, Crypto.” she snapped back, letting out a shaking exhale as tears fell onto her cheeks from pent up fears and anger. “You used me! I have been trying to do this for weeks and while this is not quite what I intended for how this is playing out... I’m done.”

    “You are such a fucking bitc-” Tae Joon barely finished his sentence; his words cut short by a leather glove covered fist meeting the center of his face followed by a loud crack which sent him backwards in a disoriented state.  

    Octavio followed him though as the man stumbled, grabbing him by the collar of the shirt and pulling his arm back to ready another punch if needed. He rocked on his heels, his arm jittering with pent up energy and glared down at him.  

    A growl left his lips as he had shoved him against one of the booths, pining his forearm against Tae Joon’s neck. “Say it again, I dare you.”  

    Tae Joon coughed out from lack of oxygen, a newly bloody nose formed on his face, and narrowed his eyes at Octavio before shoving him backwards and attempting to throw a punch.  

    It didn’t get very far, however, with the fist only getting about halfway before Octavio stopped it in his palm and chuckled menacingly at the man. “Oi, hijo de puta, is that all you got? You gotta be quicker than that.”

    “Isn’t this predictable, you trying to play hero for her again.” Tae Joon said, ripping his arm from the grasp of the speedster and looking past him at Natalie who wasn’t getting involved – instead she was standing beside a booth with Renee’s arm wrapped around her and Ajay was rubbing her back to console her. It only pissed him off more to it occurring, it just meant his loss was imminent.

    “Me? Predictable? That’s as likely as you being a decent human being.” he retorted, “You don’t deserve her kindness, pinche pendejo.”

    Tae Joon lurched forward, tackling Octavio backwards into a table and sending liquor glasses off the table and shattering around the floor. “You say that like you believe you deserve it! What? Has she been sleeping with you or something, is that why she’s got this crazy idea she could replace me?”

    “Stop it!” Natalie cried out in reply, the group of three girls jumping back as the glass flew and the table collapsed from the weight of the two men tossing punches back and forth. A few members of the bar crowd shouted, leaping away from the crash as well and an eruption of yelling came from the few people beginning to circle around them. “Someone is going to get hurt!”

    “It doesn’t matter what she's been doing, she could replace you with anybody. She could have anybody she fucking wanted; she’s gorgeous and kind, unlike you.” Octavio yelled in the tussle, unable to keep himself from holding back all of his unsaid words now, slamming his knee into the other man's stomach and wrestling around to pin him to the ground again. “Where’s that give you the right to treat her like property and get her to stop talking to all her friends? Huh? I barely see her anymore because you never let her out of your sight. Easier to convince her to stay if you get her alone, no?”

    “You don’t know me; you don’t know anything.” Tae Joon argued back, trying to hurry to cover his tracks but a thick crowd had already formed around them in a circle to chant on the fight – which Octavio was clearly winning. He wasn’t even able to stand as Octavio refused to let him up from the floor, but he kicked up and shoved the weight off of him long enough get a pocketknife from his pants.

    In a scrambled movement, he lunged at Octavio with a knife holstered in his hand.

    “Hey! No Weapons!” Elliott yelled, hopping over the counter in one fluid movement and rushing to try and break through the crowd to separate the two of them as it escalated too far and he spotted the shining metal through the crowd.

    Natalie spotted the knife too, her eyes widening in a panic and ducking down lower to snake her way through the circled crowd and break into the center in a rushed worry. She darted in, falling to her palms and hurrying to her feet to try and stop the altercation from going any further. She couldn’t just stand by like Renee and Ajay were trying to get her to do, she had to stop this before Octavio got hurt.

    Tae Joon was above Octavio now, having caught him with a smidge of luck, and had the knife pressed to his neck to keep him from getting away – but his efforts were soon stalled as he spotted Natalie in the center of the crowd with them. At first, he thought she had rushed to his aid, that she had come to her senses. It didn’t take long to notice her intense concern was being directed at Octavio, though. It only reiterated he had lost far long ago before tonight, and he pressed down harder with the knife in a shaky agitation.  

    She was stood alongside the edge, a few strangers holding her back from getting any closer out of concern, but she wanted to stop this and stop the panic it was causing. She tried yanking her arms from the people around her, unable to break free for the time being, but she didn’t even have to call out for him. When she spotted Octavio, he was already looking at her.

    His mask had been torn from his face and his goggles shattered like the first time she saved his life in the arena, and he had a smile on his face. He seemed to be on the odd end of the fight right now – but his smile said that he knew he had won more than one thing. He winced in pain from the knife, its imprint forming in his skin, and a small trail of blood leaving one side.  

    He grabbed at the handle and pushed it away from himself with force. It didn’t give him enough distance though, if anything it gave Tae Joon a better leverage to come back with a strike to the side with the knife again.  

    A burning sensation coming from Octavio’s skin pulled him back to his senses, it kicking him into a higher gear and making him able to regain his strength over the other man.

    With a jump in order to stand and find his balance, Octavio shoved Tae Joon onto his back and kicked him twice in the head with his metal foot and a laugh resonating after in success. He wasn’t done with taking his anger out for all the things Tae Joon did to hurt her, but he intended on ending it now.

    The other man groaned in pain, his hands reaching for his head as he rolled onto his side and a stranger from the crowd leaned down to check if he was alright.

    On the other side of the circle, Octavio reached for his own skin to press onto the slit wound at his side, the warm blood seeping into his pants. He used his other hand to wipe at his face, finding his goggles and mask both missing but didn’t have the time to find them now. He stumbled back slightly but shook it off, scanning the crowd for where he last saw Natalie. She came into his current fuzzy vision, her wispy blonde hair standing out and the sound of her voice yelling his name lingered like sweet perfume in the air to him.

    He didn’t even care about himself right now, not when he was looking directly at Natalie and she seemed so concerned.  

    Had he stepped out of line?  

    Natalie finally broke free of the crowd's grasp, rushing to Octavio and cupped his face in her hands instantly. He had cuts along his lip and it was only the surface of what seemed wrong. He cracked his signature cheeky grin at her, smitten with her worry in his health and her immediate care for him, though he was still riding high from the fight's rush.  

    “Why did you- you really didn’t- mon amour, please tell me you’re okay.” she rambled out quickly, dropping her hands to his shoulders from his cheeks.

    “Still need that lift home?” he asked with a chuckle, followed by a wince of pain as he glanced down at his side and removed his hand once to see the damage.

    She followed his eyes to his side, a faint yelp leaving her lips once she became aware of the wound on his body. Her eyes widened, her hand immediately moving to press on his side for him for pressure and whimpered softly. “No, no, no, no. That’s a lot of blood, Tavi.”

    “Nah, I’m fine. Don’t be so worried...” he replied, reaching his hand out to rub her arm gently. “Are you okay?”

    “Elliott!” Natalie screamed out over the loudness of the crowd, never taking her eyes off of Octavio who was swaying on his feet and she was worried he would pass out on her in his state. “Ajay!”

    She took a deep breath, trying to shake off her fears as she looked to him.  

    “I think you're in shock. Maybe sit down?” she insisted, taking her jacket off in a panic and tying it around his side to add more pressure to the wound.

    She felt like her life had flashed before her eyes when she saw the sharp blade, she often spotted Tae Joon sharpening it, but to think it had pierced his skin was unthinkable to her. She couldn't picture her life without the amusement and loving care that came from her relationship with Octavio, and now he was hurt from defending her. It all seemed so twisted when none of it would have occurred in the first place if she listened to her heart to begin with and chose him. She couldn’t handle a world without Octavio... and she couldn’t fathom one without herself loving him. How had she been so oblivious to what was right there, and how had she stayed with someone so cruel so for long?

    She looked over at Tae Joon on the ground momentarily, but didn’t feel sorrow like she assumed she would, if anything she pitied him for the ruthless person he was and would never stop being. She felt a twinge of sadness for herself for putting up with it for so long. She looked back to Octavio as she kept a hand on his arm, steadying him. “I cannot believe I dated that. I trusted... and he could’ve killed you tonight if he tried. I don’t even want to think about losing you.”

    “You think I would’ve lost? I was just getting started, hermosa.” Octavio muttered, brushing a strand of hair from her cheek.

    Natalie paused to purse her lips into a half smile, looking up at him and sighing. “No, of course not. We just haven’t been able to talk in a few days, for reasons I’m sure I don’t have to explain, and I’ve been meaning to tell you-”

    “What is it?” Elliott yelled out, finally breaking through the crowd an into the center and spotting Natalie and Octavio first before he saw Tae Joon on the ground. He wasn’t sure who was in worse shape – but it seemed that while Octavio was bleeding all over his bar floor he was still walking and talking coherently, unlike Tae Joon.

    Elliott hurried over to Octavio, placing a hand on Natalies back to rub it once in apology as he looked to Octavio. “First things first, are you alright?”

    “It’s not that bad, I’ve had worse.” Octavio said, looking back and forth from his wound to the two standing with him.  

    “You need to lay down, man, just go upstairs. I’ll handle... the old man.” he replied, gesturing behind him to Tae Joon who was still wallowing in pain on the ground.

    “Let’s get you to Ajay, she's got D.O.C.” Natalie said, nodding in agreement and wiping the blood onto her pants from her hands and moved to guide him to the edge of the crowd.

    From the other side, a whine and a yell came out. Tae Joon propped himself up on one elbow, his head still in his hands as he glared at the two of them together already. “Nat! Are you really that heartless you’d leave me here like this?”  

    She ignored him, ushering Octavio out of the crowd and towards the booths where she had stood with Ajay and Renee, as Tae Joon was left still yelling for her to return.

    Elliott stayed in the bars main room to designate people in certain directions; he was just trying to clear out the bar in order to handle the broken pieces of his establishment.

    Natalie, Renee, and Ajay all took Octavio into the back of the bar to an unlocked door, trailing up a dark and musty stairwell to the apartment that was a wreck from Elliott and Ramya’s living conditions.

    It was clean and private enough to get away from any more of the fight progressing, which it seemed like both were far from done trying to rip the other apart even though one was severely injured.

    The three women quickly took over the kitchen counters for medical supplies and forced Octavio to lay up on the couch to relax as D.O.C was hooked up to him. They pried his shirt from him, him unwillingly, wrapping his torso in a bandage and left him to rest after Ajay patched him up; though she was sure he would be gone in ten minutes once he was healed up enough to move.

                    -     -

    It had only been about twenty minutes since they came upstairs, and he was laying on the couch spinning his butterfly knife in his hands as he watched Natalie walking around the apartment. Ajay had come over to poke at him a few times, but he swatted her off like a gnat and tried not to get impatient just sitting around. He only stayed because he knew Natalie would be a wreck if he took off after all of this, he didn't want to do that to her despite hating laying around.

    Elliott came upstairs to confirm that Tae Joon had left, saying he had taken off for medical attention and giving up when Natalie wouldn’t come back downstairs.

    He dropped off the broken goggles and mask he found downstairs, and he an Renee left to finish cleaning up from the fight, mainly because he begged her for the assistance with all the glass.

    Ajay was shuffling around in the kitchen, cleaning up slightly as she was becoming annoyed with the mess. She eventually took off downstairs to find something more durable to scrub the counters down with and grab something to drink to dull her senses from the events of the night.

    Once the door snapped shut, Natalie grabbed another icepack from the freezer and shuffled over to Octavio on the couch to take her turn watching over him.

    He scooted over, making room for her on the cushion beside him, and she sat down with a small smile.

    “You’re forming a black eye.” she said, dabbing the ice packet to the side of his brow and looking down at him. “Thank you.”

    “Worth it.” he muttered under his breath, gently tapping underneath his eye to feel for the pain of the bruise, to which received a giggle from Natalie. He smiled faintly at her laughter, shaking his head at her. “Ahh, Watts. Don’t thank me, alright? It’s enough for me he finally got what was coming for him for treating you like shit.”

    She shook her head again and looked down sheepishly, pulling the ice back and resting her hands in her lap. “You noticed?”

    “Noticed? It drove me crazy, chica. Surprised you didn’t notice how pissed I always was. You deserve so much better than that guy.”

    “You've said that a lot. It was a lot more complicated than that, though.”

    “Si. Si. I know.” he nodded, pausing before reaching for her arm cautiously. “Are you okay, Natalie?”

    She shrugged her shoulders, patting the ice against his brow again and brushing her other hand along his neck where the imprint of the knife resided. “I believe I should be asking you that question, shouldn’t I?”

    “Earlier, you said you had something to tell me?” he asked her, watching her intently as shivers sent down his spine from her touch. He felt weak for the first time tonight, lifting his hand to meet hers and offering it to hold.  

    She hesitated, but wrapped her hand with his and let out a sigh. “You talk so much about worth, happiness, striving for the end goal... and I believe I know what I deserve finally. I just do not know how appropriate this is off of what just happened.”

    “Define appropriate?”

    “You may be one of the reasons I couldn’t stay with him any longer.” she admitted quietly, trailing her fingers up his arm and finding cuts and bruises from the fight blending with his tattoo. She dropped her gaze to his side, happy to see a pure white bandage still wrapped around him.  

    It was impossible to look away from her as she inspected his body and tried to care for him, her words lingering in the air tempting him forward. She dabbed the ice on his brow again before placing it back in her lap, looking into his eyes with a concern. She took his hand in hers again, running a thumb over his bloody knuckles gently. She sucked in air, pursing her lips together. “Why did you do this to yourself? For me?”

    “He couldn’t just call you that.” he replied, looking at her while she fiddling with his hand. He took his free hand, pushing her bangs out of her eyes and tilted her chin to look at him instead of the wounds on his hands. His held his breath slightly, her gaze meeting his and locking there. “How am I a reason?”

    “I think I may want you quite terribly, Octavio.” she spoke quietly, her gaze lost in his hazel eyes.

    “You’re just saying that because I beat up your ex less than an hour ago.”

    “Non. I’m not.” she began, breaking away and looking away from him with a furrowed brow. “I wanted to leave him for a long while now. Renee has been trying to convince me to just pack up and go, I just... I felt like I could help him be a better person. I felt obligated to stay... to try. I don’t think he ever wanted to try for me like I did him, though. I realized how little I cared for him like that... realized that I missed you... when he told me I couldn’t see you, I was furious.”

    “He did what?” he grumbled, but it received no reply as she continued speaking.  

    “I could not wrap my head around why it made me so mad for him to try to keep me from you, and then tonight seeing you defend me and put yourself in harms’ way. You said so many kind things... I think everything makes a lot more sense. I know I have been avoiding what was right there out of fear of losing everything.”

    “Chica, what are you-” he stammered, unsure of if he was truthfully hearing everything correctly. Did he have a concussion or was she reciprocating his feelings?

    “I want to be with you, Octavio. Is that okay?” she asked him hesitantly.  

    Octavio sat up in his spot on the couch, not having to hear another word once the phrase left her lips. He reached forward to wrap his arms around her waist and lifted her onto his lap in a swift movement. He slipped a hand up to her hair, drawing the two of them together and crashed his lips onto hers.

    She melted into his grasp, her hands drifting over his bare chest and placing slow lingering kisses back onto his lips. It felt so much more in sync than it ever had before, a fever she couldn’t control and wouldn’t want to.  

    He moved slowly with her, his hands roaming her body from her hair to her waist, and tried to take in every inch of the exquisite blonde before him. If this was a dream, he didn’t want to wake – he couldn’t contain his growing need for her when he had subdued it so long.  

    She maneuvered around on his lap, perching herself straddled on top of him instead, and placed both of her hands on his cheeks to deepen the kiss between the two. His tongue was exploring hers as his fingertips trailed underneath her shirt and pulled on the hem at the bottom.  

    She obliged to his inaudible request, helping him lift her shirt off over her head as she pulled back from the kiss with a heaving breath. He tossed the shirt behind his head, his hands instantly finding her bare skin and leaning up to place trailing kisses along her chest and stomach.  

    She brought her hands to his chin, bringing his face back to meet hers and grazing her lips over his with a giggle escaping her.

    Octavio looked up into her eyes, sliding his hand up her side and caressing her bare skin. “This isn't too quick for you, Princesa?”

    She shook her head, placing a small kiss onto his lips and then proceeded to trail more down his neck as she mumbled her words into his skin. “I’ve been thinking about this more than you would think. It is more so long overdue.”

    He bit down on his cheek as her lips touched his skin, closing his eyes as the shudders floated over his body because of it. Her touch alone would be able to turn him on to her, but her words of admiration were all it took to shove it over the edge of no return. He slid his hand to her back as he crashed his lips into hers again, unhooking her bra with his thumb and index finger and let the clasp come undone.  

    She glanced down at him longingly as she sat up on her knees, carefully prying her bra from her body and letting it fall off of her in order to toss it off to the side. She was far more nervous than she was letting herself off to seem to be, unwilling to slow her momentum now that she was barreling headfirst towards something she thought would only be a fantasy.  

    He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, admiring every piece of her that she was revealing to him. Her scar wrapped along her cheek and down her face to her shoulder blade, drawing him down to the base of the marks and beckoning him to leave more. He hesitantly reached for her, cupping one of her breasts in his hand and the other hand keeping at the small of her back to hold her closely. He placed a kiss along the top of her breast, biting down gently and looking up at her to see if she was okay with any of this as he did so.

    He was met with relief as she let out a small moan, wrapping her hands back up in his hair and pulling him closer to her to kiss again – desperate to keep him near her. Her tongue slid over his bottom lip and over the puffed portion that had a cut on it from one of the punches, before slipping back into his mouth and begging for more from him.

    Octavio couldn’t keep his hands off of her soft skin, and neither could Natalie to his. She moved her fingers to his toned waistline as they kissed, fumbling with the button and zipper on his pants and slowly got him out of his shorts to expose his boxers and toned thighs.

    Her hands traced the muscles on his chest and arms, softly moving over the wound on his side, and taking in each part of him as she went. Each scar and bruise, new and old, and tried to savor the taste of him while it lasted like she had been lost in a drought and this was her first rainstorm in years.

    He watched her carefully as she placed small pecks onto his skin, her moving to his lower abdomen and him hitching a breath in his throat from it. He couldn’t lay idle while she patiently adorned his body in faint lipstick stains, though he could watch her like this in awe all day.

    Instead, he sat upright more in the couch and took more dominance over her. They toppled to be opposites on the couch with him now mounting her partially and slid his hand underneath the fabric of her pants.  

    He groaned to himself, pleased and more aroused at the wet sensation that greeted him and he collided his lips to her neck to leave behind his own type of love mark. “You’re so fucking sexy...” he mumbled into her skin, biting down gently and sucking to leave marks along her bare skin, leaving traces of himself behind.

    “Je te veux, Octy.” she moaned in reply, tilting her head back slightly. She looked back down at him as he teased her over her underwear and peered up at her with a playful, yet yearning, grin.  

    Natalie gently pushed him back again, taking her place on top of him and cupped his face to passionately kiss him again. He reached forward, grabbing at her waist and unzipped her jeans impatiently, pulling them off of her body with a growing desire while they tried to keep themselves connected like their lives depended on it.

    The two were ripping at what little remaining clothes they had left on, surrounded by the partial darkness of the room and the two pressed together until everything but themselves faded away into nonexistence; despite having people just downstairs. Neither cared, neither would be able to stop now if anyone tried – both had waited so long for this moment to come to a pinnacle that it was impossible to walk away.

    She leaned down to place a kiss onto his shoulder blade, his hand settling on the inner of her thigh and stroking side to side.  

    He tugged her closer with his one hand, moving his other along her thigh and teasingly starting to play with her beneath the thin fabric. His first touch caused her to gasp quietly, her nails digging into his skin instinctively and rushing to press her lips to his again.  

    He drove his tongue into her mouth, both of them refusing to pull away as he toyed with her in-between the thighs and caused faint moans to rumble against his lips.

    A raspier noise in an exhale came out in reply from him, unable to hold it back as her sounds only drove him further over the edge.  

    Natalie grasped at his risen erection and stroked it gently a few times. He clutched his hand to her ass as she mounted him and lowered herself onto him, his eyes locked to her face as she moaned out loudly once she fully took him into herself.

    He couldn’t help but smile selfishly, bringing his one hand to cup her cheek and the other at her hip to guide her movements while she found a rhythm as she eased herself in riding him. He was watching her in amazement, though he was always thinking that of her, but now something about her was so effortlessly stunning he felt honored to be bestowed this part of her at all. Her figure fit into his hands like a perfect match; his calloused and bruised hands gently caressing her soft skin, and he tossed his head back with a pleased groan.

    She slowed slightly, which only drove him up the wall when he was starved for this to continue. She grazed her fingertips over his partially healed wound, thanks to D.O.C, and pressed a gentle kiss to his neck. “Are you alright, mon amour?”

    He chuckled faintly, closing his eyes as her lips moved over his skin and sent electric tingles through him. A quiet moan left him, nodding his head partially. “Dios, how could I not be? You feel so good, hermosa. Por favor, no te detengas.”  

    She coiled her arms around him, sighing in pleasure as she continued the rise and fall of her movements, slipping closer to him and burying her face in the crook of his neck to keep quiet as he became impatient with her cautious demeanor towards him.

    The speed got quicker as he took more control, sitting up more and pressing his chest against hers to thrust himself deeper into her and sending out louder sounds of pleasure from Natalie. She bit down into his shoulder to quiet herself, her fingernails digging into his back and grinded her hips against his.

    He slid his hand over her milky skin, cupping her breast in his hand and continuing to bounce her on his length with a rapid succession. It felt false that this was all happening and he was devouring every second of it, pushing harder the longer they were going; bodies sweaty in the heat of the badly insulated apartment and pressed together so tightly without room for air.  

    Her hair was beginning to stick to her face, never losing her rhythm as she found his lips to kiss again. “Tavi, I’m...” she began, her voicing trailing off in higher pitched moan as her legs began to quiver. He took ahold of her by the ass and hip to keep her upright, her finding his gaze and cupping his face in her hand.

    She pulled him in by the chin, placing a passionate kiss to his lips with a moan escaping him too as he felt himself coming to his climax. He gripped down on her skin to pull her in closer as he finished inside of her, a heavy exhale leaving his body alongside a melodic unison of both of their sounds of pleasure as they both reached that point together. He pulled himself out of her, running his fingers up her sides as they took labored breaths and she nestled herself into his embrace still straddled above him.

    Octavio was stroking her bare skin softly and chuckled in his momentary exhaustion, glancing down at her as she looked to him with a tired smile. The twinkling of her eyes had returned from the last time he saw her, a real smile now on her face and the once shattered version of her he had come accustomed to had vanished to bring back the glowing person he had fallen for months prior. He was addicted and he wanted more, he craved her in every sense of the form. He wanted to keep this version of her around – he wanted to keep her around. “Care to go again, conejita?”

    She blushed feverishly, dropping her head into the crook of his neck and he tightly wrapped his arms around her to pull her closer into a loving embrace. His touch was a healing sensation, one that brought her to a home within another person – she never felt this connected with anyone before, and if she thought she loved him before this she was surely lost in him now.  

    She trailed her lips to his ear, whispering under her breath for him with a demand that even she wasn’t prepared to take no as an answer to. “Absolument. Take me home, mon amour.”  

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    all it takes is a single spark

    Chapter Eleven (previous chapter)(coming soon!)|(start over) SUMMARY: A group of the Legends attend a Flyer Liars show together, Octavio and Natalie included. RATING: T SHIPS: Wattson and Octane TAGS: alcohol, smoking, food mention, anxiety, fluff, angst, slow burn around 14.9k words

    A quiet lull was sitting over Natalie’s suite, the television on pause with a recap match playing and the sound of rain hitting against the window. Always a welcome pleasure by Natalie to see a calming rain, but it deterred some of the crowd from the event that day and made for a more relaxed schedule.

    It hadn’t been longer than three days since they rescued Ajay from the parking lot, with her being drunk and forgetful the next morning. She offered an apology for the state they found her in and extended a new invite to her last show her group was having while they were still on the planet.  

    It seemed the Flyer Liars drew in a fairly large crowd on the underground circuit; they sold out twice and decided to offer a third show, which sold out just as fast as the first two. It was only a few hours until doors opened for the event, Ajay already having vanished from the hotel to prep the venue along-side the technicians.  

    It was late into the evening and curfew had set in for the night. All of the legends had returned to a suite for the night, safety precautions set in place for the event, though Octavio rarely followed that rule. Tonight, more than he would be breaking rules and skipping out for once. He had returned from a run earlier and was in the shower in Natalie’s suite to change for the show, only one among the many in the group preparing for tonight right now.

    It was a bit of a complicated task to get a group of legends from the hotel to the event unnoticed, but Tae Joon offered his services to monitor the grounds and keep the entire thing under wraps. He had to stay back at the hotel to do so, but figured it was a better alternative than no one getting to go alongside Ajay. He would see another show some other time.  

    Only a handful of people agreed right away to sneaking out of the hotel this late, and a few more came to an agreement after some convincing. Truly, it only took a bit of explaining just how coveted and well the event had done for everyone to want to tag along. Everyone was eager to see Ajay in her element on stage, they all got brief tastes in matches when she would drum in downtime with her shock sticks.

    Last Octavio knew, there was around ten people planning on attending. He was just glad that Natalie had said yes and was a part of that group, even more so that she seemed enthused about going in the first place.

    He felt eager to redo what he should have done during Elliott’s party. How he should have been at her side all night and showing her who he was, getting to know her. Plus, he hadn’t been to a show in ages. In fact, he couldn’t remember the last time he went to one it seemed it had been that long.

    Needless to say, he was filled with eager anticipation waiting for the time to roll around to go. An escape from mundane tasks with Natalie; what more could he want out of something?  

    He propped the bathroom door open, one towel wrapped around his waist and the other draped around his neck. Sticking out of his mouth was a toothbrush, which hung further down as he opened his mouth to speak. He grabbed the toothbrush at the last second, scanning the room to find her laying on the bed with her notebook and pen.

    He grinned to himself, leaning onto the doorframe more to get a better look at her. He took in her frame, delicately curled up on the bed and her curves begging him to wrap her up.

    She hadn’t even looked up as she was too focused on her work. She was laying around in a t-shirt and shorts, with his hoodie on and the hood itself thrown over her head. She had a pen stuck behind her ear and another in her hand, but he wasn’t sure what was being used or not.

    “Aye, Princesa, will you hand me my bag?” he asked, gesturing towards the black backpack laying on the floor beside her dresser.  

    She hesitated in looking up, her hand still scribbling as she tried to listen to him. Once she finished writing, she looked upwards and compressed her lips together in apology. “Hmm? Oh! Of course.”

    He chuckled as she got up from the bed, sliding her notes aside before standing and scurried to the bag to grab it. She picked it up from the straps, holding both evenly so nothing would fall out because the zipper was open and handed it to him at the door.

    Her eyes trailed over his wet skin; the towel draped at his defined hips that fell into a V and beckoned her to wonder what was underneath. She snapped her gaze back towards the ground away from him when she caught herself staring too long, her cheeks flushing a deep red despite it being a secretive thought for only herself to hear.

    “Gracias.” he took the bag, unaware of her wandering eyes, disappearing back into the bathroom to finish changing and brushing his teeth; leaving the door slightly cracked open as he did.  

    “How was your shower?” she asked him, clearing her throat, crawling back onto the bed and falling back onto her side with her things in front of her. She propped herself up on her shoulder, tapping her pen on the paper and watched the door for him. She heard the sink run and then stop, and a bag zip and hit the floor before he answered her.

    “Oh, not bad. Took too long.” he laughed faintly. He pushed the door open all the way with his foot and exited the bathroom while drying his hair, a towel in one hand rubbing at his head. He dropped the towel onto the floor by the bathroom door, fixing his cropped tank top that was clinging to his still slightly damped chest as he walked over to her. He looked down at the notebook, seeing some sketches and getting a bit lost. “What you workin’ on?”

    “A few alters for some mechanics in the game!” she answered quickly, flipping the book closed and sliding her work towards the end of the bed. “Nothing special. Just nonsense that can wait, besides it’s no rush on the deadlines.”

    “Work can wait?” he teased.

    “Oui! Work can wait until another day. Besides, we have to get going soon for Ajay’s show.” she reminded, peering down at her phone to check the time. “Speaking of, I should get dressed.”

    He sat down on the edge of the bed as she stood up. She shuffled over to her clothing and crouched down beside her things. She began digging through her luggage trying to find a pair of distressed jeans, somewhere hidden in the bags she brought.

    He ran his hands through his still damp hair, shaking some water from it as he watched her searching.  

    She pulled out the jeans and her sneakers, carrying them on her arm in a stack. She hurried into the bathroom and closed the door behind her, leaving him alone to sit idly by waiting for her to return.

    Octavio patted at the pockets of his shorts, finding them empty. He huffed, looking around the room for his missing cigarettes and wallet and tried to spot them from where he sat. When he couldn’t find them right away, he stood and began wandering around.

    He started to search the room, looking underneath some books and clothes and eventually found his things on the kitchen counter. The last place he expected to find it was where it was. Neatly stacked side by side, they were clearly placed there by Natalie when she found them somewhere less accessible.

    He took the pack and wallet and shoved it into his front pocket, grinning to himself as he checked the door for Natalie. When the door didn’t open yet he turned his attention to his phone, quickly scrolling through his unread text messages to see if any seemed important to reply to but he barely read anything as he tapped through. Some seemed like they were professional in nature but he didn’t care, he couldn’t focus on that right now though when the only thoughts he could muster involved Natalie and himself with her.

    A door creaked open as he was scrolling, immediately taking his focus back to Natalie who appeared looking anxious. She brushed a few strands of hair from her eyes before readjusting the jacket that rested on her shoulders.  

    “Aye, chica, what’s up?” he asked her, putting his phone into his other front pocket and closing the space between them in the same beat.

    “I’m just second guessing if this is a good idea. I love Ajay and all, but I just don’t know how loud or busy it’ll be. What if we get spotted by press and they expose us in the next magazine? Are we even allowed to be in relationships with other Legends? I hadn’t considered that. Even worse, what if we get caught leaving? Do you think they’ll suspend us from the games?” she explained in a ramble, sorrowful as she crossed her arms over her chest. It was a lot to have running through her head at once and he was regretful she was so full of stress towards what was supposed to be a fun outing. He wondered what it was like inside of her head with how quickly and often she found reasons to alter course because of concerns laid in theory. Was it her past that made her hardened and easy to scare, or did she adapt to keep those around her happier by keeping herself in a bubble? Was she even scared or just overly aware of what could come to live in bliss?

    “Mira, hey, look at me.” he started, placing his finger under her chin and raising her face to look into his eyes. “I will not let anything happen to you. If shit gets to you, we can leave pronto. Photo and video, or whatever, is prohibited at Flyer shows unless it's the photographer they hired. Ajay promised there would be a decent pair of headphones waiting for you if you needed 'em to dull out the noise a little.”

    Natalie shifted on her feet, letting out her nervous breath and nodded slightly. She unfolded her arms, opening them up to him and slunk in for a hug. She found a comfort with him that she hadn’t had anywhere else, someone who was patient to listen to her concerns and dismantle each one in order to help her move forward. This truly was feeling more and more like a storybook romance she remembered hearing in her childhood. The princess gets the prince and they live happily ever after... was this hers? Was that life?

    He sighed slightly, a weak smile on his face as he brought her in for an embrace. He wrapped his arms around her waist tightly, giving her a small squeeze and placed a kiss on her cheek.  

    “You still wanna go?” he asked her, quietly.

    “I do. You love these kinds of things; I have to at least try. Besides, I want to support Ajay. She’s so happy with how well these shows did. She hasn’t performed in years before coming back here. The response has been so thrilling to see and it’s not even my band. I’m very proud of her! I have to try.” she said, pulling back from the hug and giving him a reassuring smile. “Besides you’ll be with me, how can I say no?”

    He grinned, bouncing in place on his feet slightly as he pulled away from her to check his phone again. “Glad you said that cause our ride’s gonna be outside in ten. We gotta go.”

    Octavio clicked his phone off, rushing towards his bag and squatted beside it. He fished out his mask and goggles, putting them on and then going back into the bag for more items. He hurriedly got a few rings and some earrings, kicking the bag back against the wall as he hopped to his feet.  

    He readjusted his mask as he approached the door to leave, fiddling with it under his fingers as he walked though he wasn’t paying much attention to the placement.

    Natalie giggled faintly from the door, watching him rush around the suite and gathering his things. She stood with a small bag at her side, a few tassels hanging off the side, the long strap resting on her shoulder.

    He looked at her and cocked his head to the side, slowing to a stop at the door where she stood. “Why’d you stop?”

    She brought her hands to his mask and readjusted it again for him, tucking the straps up as she fixed the crooked slant that he had given himself.  

    “Oh. Gracias.” he mumbled; lucky his mask hid the red tint on his cheeks. He peered down at her lips, biting down on his own. “Ready?”

    “Lead the way!” she said, fixing her hood to cover her head and tightening the strings, preparing for the stealthy exit to leave the hotel.

    He offered his hand to her and she took it with a wide smile, interlocking their fingers as she swiped the lights to her suite off.

    The two hurried out of the room together, taking the stairs down to the main lobby to avoid being spotted leaving the elevators. They had become good at traveling in stealth, what with detouring and avoiding fans to keep them from finding out about the blooming relationship between the two.

    It was quiet in the halls this late, most hotel recipients sound asleep in bed or resting in the room they were paying for, and the sound of feet travelled farther and faster. Plus, with cameras on every corner and less people to crowd the spaces it was easier to spot someone out of place. Luckily, they had Tae Joon intercepting camera signals to guide the way with ease. It benefitted having everyone work as unit to pull off something of the sort, surely moving the operation a lot faster being able to slip under the radar of watching security guards.

    The trek down to the main lobby caused the two’s duo to grow in size; as Ramya, Elliott, Loba, and Anita all tacked on to the group slipping out of the hotel together. At the base of the stairs already waiting for the others was Fitzroy, Pathfinder, Bloodhound, and Renee.  

    Natalie giddily greeted Renee with a hug, trying to keep her ‘hello’s’ down to a whisper as they all gathered in the bottom corridor to headcount before leaving. Octavio lingered behind her, his hand in his back pocket and looking around at the group.

    “Is everybody here?” Octavio asked, quietly.

    “I believe so. Mary and Makoa are watching movies and babysitting Nikola for me tonight. Dr. Caustic said no.” Natalie replied.

    “Did he say no, or did he cuss you out with words bigger than Elliotts brain?” Ramya cackled under her breath, pulling her flask from her pocket to take a sip.

    “Uhm, rude, right here.” Elliott frowned.

    “Sorry, mate.”

    “I believe he called us ‘imbeciles wasting away’ or something when I asked, amongst other things I won’t repeat.” Natalie said with a shrug.

    “Well, jokes on him cause tonight’s gonna be dope.” Elliott grinned, winking at Renee.

    “Don’t say that.” Loba groaned, rolling her eyes and checking her watch as she tightened her sleek black trench coat around her waist. “The van should be rolling up now. A bit lacking in style, but I’ll let it pass for the night. It was short notice.”

    The group collectively left the corridor, hurrying out of the back door and all piling into the van awaiting them out in the parking lot to get out of the rain that was still continuing to drizzle over Psamathe.  

    Two doors slid open at the hands of Octavio and Fuse and plush bench seating awaiting them was revealed in three rows. In the front seat, behind the wheel, sat Jamie who waved a quick hello.

    “Thank you for showing up last minute.” Loba cooed, sliding into the passenger seat and typing into the navigation once she sat down. “Take a seat and get comfy. We have a bit of a drive awaiting us, according to Ajay this location is further out than the first two shows. It’s a bigger venue, I suppose.”

    “I love roadtrips! How much farther?” Pathfinder asked, a question mark appearing on his chest as he looked at the group. He sat in the front row alongside Anita and Elliott, behind them was Bloodhound, Fitzroy, and Renee. In the last row sat Octavio, Natalie, and Ramya.

    The van slowly rolled into a start, bumping everyone around slightly as they left the parking lot and turned down the street.

    “Mate, we just left.” Fitzroy laughed, leaning over to look at Pathfinder with a grin.

    “Mmm,” Loba looked down at the map, clicking through the details and turned to look into the back of the van. “A half hour?”

    “I should’ve brought more booze.” Ramya mumbled, pausing as she was tilting her flask back to take another drink.  

    “Perhaps pace yourself?” Bloodhound implied, tilting their head up and turning behind them to watch Ramya down the rest of her flask with a head shaking confusion.

    “Valid point. Maybe next time.” Ramya pointed back, hiccupping once and patting Bloodhound on the shoulder.

    Octavio leaned back in his seat, stretching his one arm around Natalie and draping it over her shoulder. He tapped his foot impatiently, looking out the window at the passing buildings and tried to catch street signs to see where they were.  

    Natalie folded her hands in her lap and held her bag there, crossing one leg over the other and leaning into the crook of his arm for comfort. She looked over at him, nudging him slightly with a grin on her face. “Are you excited?”

    “Duh. I should be asking you that.” he said, leaning down to talk quieter with a breathy laugh. “You still nervous?”

    She shook her head partially, her fingers fiddling with the button on her bag. “Only a little bit.”

    “I’m real glad you’re here, Watts.” he said, reaching his free hand to intertwine his with hers. “Things are gonna be kickass tonight. Swear.”

    “I’m glad I’m here, too.”” she nodded along, taking his hand and smiling widely.

    A quickening pace of the van meant they had met the interstate, and Octavio sighed in relief that the trip was going to be moving much faster now. He looked forward to the rest of the group, kicking his legs up on the seat in front of him.

    Fitzroy glanced over to see the metal feet sticking out beside his head and turned on his side in the seat to look behind him.  

    “Oh. Sorry, amigo.” he replied quickly, sliding his feet over so they weren’t as close to his head.  

    “Nah, no worries. You been to many of her shows? You kiddos go way back, yeah?”

    “I’ve seen a majority of em’. I’ve always gone alone or went with Ajay to set up shit at the venue though, you know? So, this is pretty sick to go with everybody. Now you’ll all get why I say she’s the best drummer around.” Octavio shrugged nonchalantly, unaware of the growing intrigue of Natalie who couldn’t help but wonder if he was ready to share this was her.

    “You’ve never brought anybody to her shows before?” Natalie asked, slightly curious.

    Octavio tilted his head down to look at her, shaking his head with a squeeze of her hand. “Not just anybody deserves to see the Flyer Liars with me. Come on, I'm basically a V.I.P there.”

    She laughed softly, squeezing his hand back and let a smile settle permanently on her lips. It was another glimpse into the life of Octavio Silva for her, and she was grateful he was willingly opening up to her now. Maybe long gone were the days of scraping for pieces of him – maybe he wanted to know her just as deeply as she did him. She had tried for a few years now, ever since they met really, to get to know him better and more than just the Octane she saw in the arena. It was a comforting feeling to know that things between them were falling into a more relaxed space, one where he was showing himself to her. It felt breakable and vulnerable to be so open with another person, wanting to memorize them down to the last detail so you could have them with you when they went away.

    She felt as if the two could last the trial of time for the first time in the last few weeks. At least, she was now determined to make that a reality. The truth was that she couldn’t see herself without him and she knew that now completely as they sat side by side in the back of the van together. Their hands clasped together and him distractedly looking out the window every fifteen seconds to see how far they had gone. She was quite happy; happy with him and where things were for the two and intended on keeping it that way. Things were supposed to be simple right now, but they were anything but that with the lack of direction besides deeper into wanting him.  

    He was just eager to arrive at the venue right now, unable to keep still in his seat in the van the rest of the drive there.  

    The second they arrived, he threw the door open and hopped out onto the wet pavement. He turned on his heel to help Natalie out of the van, offering his hand to her which she took instantly.  

    She stepped out alongside him and pushed her hood from her head, looking up at the sky for a moment. “At least it stopped raining!”

    “Si, I bet the line outside really appreciated it.” he motioned towards them all with umbrellas and damp clothes, taking his cigarettes from his pocket as a few members of the group walked slowly together towards the venue. He yanked his mask down slightly, looking towards the doors and scanned the line for anyone that looked familiar but didn’t spot anyone and was glad for it.

    He swiped one of his cigarettes from the pack and placed it between his lips, stopping to light it.  

    “The line’s really long, whoa. I wasn’t expecting that many people.” Elliott said, baffled and ruffling his hand through his hair to fix it. “I didn’t realize how popular they were.”

    “Che said she had to pull some strings to get us in – but I mean, like they’ll tell her no?” he laughed, puffing on his cigarette and exhaling it into the wind while he was still stood outside before the show.

    Loba was the last the join the group of legends standing in a circle in the parking lot outside the venue, having just bid Jamie goodbye and set a time for him to swing back to retrieve them all. She stepped up to everyone, pulling open her phone and checking in with Tae Joon quickly. After a few taps on the screen, she seemed confident. “I think everything is settled. We’re good to go for the night. So, I guess have fun and meet back here in four hours. If you're late, we’re not going to be waiting for you.”

    “On that note, I’m heading inside.” Ramya stated, walking ahead of the group and paused to lean on Octavio’s shoulder. She pursed her lip, looking at him. “Where am I headed?”

    Octavio chuckled, pointing towards the front door and a bouncer. “Go talk to them, then.”

    “Ah, let’s go get us some cold ones for the night. Get on this one’s level here.” Fitzroy replied, referencing to Ramya as he followed her to the front doors with Bloodhound, Pathfinder, Anita, and Loba following behind.

    Renee side stepped from where she was standing in the crowd as some of them dispersed. She beamed at Natalie, approaching her as she spotted the two of them still side by side. She was glad to see they had become such a unit – she told him to keep an eye on her, and it seemed they took it to another level she couldn’t help but appreciate for her friend. It was fulfilling to see her have someone who visibly cared so much for her in her life. “You not heading in yet?”

    Natalie looked over at Octavio, who was speed smoking through his cigarette to rush inside, and then back at Renee with a shake of her head and a grin. “Not yet, no.”

    “It’s gross you even smoke those. Do they even have filters?” Renee asked him, retching slightly as she thought about it. “Ugh, how do you stomach that?”

    “Qué? I like the taste and it’s easier to roll my own without a filter, so I just don’t use them.” he shrugged, looking at the cigarette in his hand and then back at her.

    “Whatever works for you, I guess.” she shrugged in reply, but was still weary of accepting it, looking back at Natalie. “I’ll see you both inside then maybe?”

    “Absolutely!” Natalie waved her off, shifting on her foot and stuffing her hands in her pockets. She turned to look at Octavio with a smile on her face, bouncing on her heels as she stood next to him. She made sure to stand on the opposite side of the blowing smoke, keeping herself from the down draft but being able to stay here with him.  

    He put his cigarette out on the ground, stepping on it with his foot to extinguish it. He looked around them as the group all vanished inside the door, leaving them alone standing in the parking lot together. He grinned, pulling his mask down further on his neck as he closed the space between them with a few steps. He was happy she was still standing out here with him rather than following the group inside, she could’ve easily gone with Renee instead but she chose him, she kept choosing him, and it filled him with joy to be that first pick. “You want to go in the back way and see Ajay before she goes on?”

    Her eyes lit up, nodding at him quickly. “Oui, I would!”

    He placed a quick peck on her cheek, pulling his mask up onto his face and looked at her with a gesture to his mask. “Do I look good?”

    “Always handsome and put together just enough.” she smiled, brushing a strand of hair on his head into a better spot and poked him in the nose.

    He froze, a faint blush forming on his cheeks that he was happy to be hidden from her. He was a taken aback by her compliment, having heard it from fans before but always brushing it off and ignoring it. He didn‘t care about his appearance, it wasn’t important when you pull stunts. However, hearing her spin sweet words around him and how he looked to her and mean it made his heart swell. He stuttered on the thought. “I meant my mas-, you think I’m handsome?”

    “Very, actually. Haven’t I told you that before?” she asked him, noticing his pause and thinking back on each time he spoke highly of her. Had she returned the favor? Had she even told him how highly she thought of him? She couldn’t recall telling him how she thought of him in that moment, but she remembered each time she bit her tongue and kept a lingered gaze to herself. Every time she admired him from afar and wondered maybe but kept it to herself. Perhaps she was so busy hiding how she felt she wasn’t embracing it fully enough before, after all it didn't seem right to keep her appreciation to herself when nothing is granted to last.  

    She shouldn’t be sitting on unsaid words, at least she didn’t want to be that person anymore who kept things to herself. She had so many things she had wished to say and had lost the chance – maybe this was one of those times to speak up.

    He cleared his throat, looking from her to the ground and tried to ignore the question due to his inability to accept the compliment coming from her. He scrunched his nose up, trying to laugh it off and shrugged it off trying to detour the conversation elsewhere. “Me? You’re quite the stunner yourself, you know.”

    She rolled her eyes, blushing absentmindedly and laughing him off just as he did her originally. “Don’t change the subject! Have I not ever told you that? Everyone should hear it, especially you, and you need to know it’s true!”

    “Let’s just head-”

    She took his hand into hers again, brushing her other hand over his cheek with a bright smile and looked into his goggles to reach his eyes behind them. “You’re a mass of potential, energy, and to top it off you are very beautiful; inside and out.”

    He paused, lingering on the feeling of her hand on his cheek and her sweet words circling him. He hadn't heard any of those things projected at him in sincerity before, and it was a feeling to savor. No follow up of asking him to do better, no condescending tone that said he did anything but. It was hard to swallow when he was so used to being dismissed.

    “You are extraordinary, Octavio. I knew that from the second I saw your gauntlet run footage. I probably would have known it a lot sooner if we knew each other personally before.”

    “Where’s this coming from exactly?” he asked her, though devouring every word that she laid out for him.

    “I’m not sure, it has just been these last few weeks getting to know you better. I realize we have not really spoken like this before, I never told you that, I don't believe. I felt like you needed to know that. Is it too forward? I-” she stumbled over her words, suddenly worried she stepped over an invisible boundary. She was just caught up in how good everything felt between them right now, she forgot it was all still in a delicate beginning phase when they had been together night after night now. He was becoming a part of her life and she wanted to make sure he knew how much she cared, though still they hadn’t confirmed even what they were to each other. She wasn’t sure if she was even ready to determine where they went next when everything they were right now was working so wonderfully these last few days.

    “Gracias, Natalie. It means a lot.” he admitted, his heart fluttering in his chest with each word.

    She patted his cheek and smiled widely at him, his words calming her nerves that her statement was out of line.

    “Now, shall we go see Ajay?” she asked him, peeking at her phone to check the time and then back at him.

    “For sure. Let’s go, hermosa. We aren’t done talking about this though. I didn't get to repay the same to you.” he grinned, darting off ahead of her to a door on the side of the building without giving her time to reply and her following in step with a quiet laughter.

    He led the two of them around the corner, following a concrete path as they went and traced the edge of the parking lot. Natalie slid her hand along the building, walking in pace with him as she trailed the exterior.

    She huffed, shaking her head as she went but a smile still formed at her lips and was unable to argue as they were running behind compared to the rest of the group and he had already taken off to avoid her reply.

    As they approached the door, a bouncer who was less attentive and sitting alone on the side of the building, looked up from a magazine at them. She cocked her head to the side, eyeing them and tossing her magazine onto the chair as she stood. She replaced the magazine with a tablet, turning on the screen and looking up impatiently at them. “Names?”


    After a few taps, she found him on the list and scratched her head. She looked down at the tablet once more for clarification before turning to a locked box beside her chair. She clicked it open with a key around her wrist, pulling out two passes for either of them. “Er, okay so two lanyards, then. Please recycle them at the end of the night. Do not remove or lose this during the event or while on the premise, they are your pass and ticket around the venue. Valid for tonight only, do not try to use it again. Have a great show.”  

    The bouncer unlocked the backdoor, pulling it open to reveal a dim hallway with faint booming music coming from inside. She handed them a lanyard each, both of them slipping them on around their necks.

    Octavio offered his arm and Natalie wrapped her hand around it, grasping onto his bicep. She took a deep breath and followed closely beside him as they stepped through the doorway and down a few steps into the hall. He seemed to know his way around already, and she stuck closely to him as to not get lost or separated.  

    People were passing back and forth at quick speeds, some with headsets and equipment and others with instruments. Octavio didn’t get distracted by each person passing like Natalie had been, guiding them down the hall further into the back of the building and stopped at a pair of double doors only briefly. He used both of his hands to yank the metal doors open and motioned for Natalie to go ahead of him, waving his pass at a guard to get past the security at the doors.

    She slid through the double doors and felt him press up behind her as they both entered the room together, the door closing tightly behind them once they were inside. He rubbed her arm gently, stepping around her and walking into the room that was quieter than the hall and only filled with four people.  

    One person sat at a table on the phone and writing in a notebook simultaneously, while the other three were scattered around the room relaxing before the show on plush seating or couches.

    What once was a warehouse overflow storage, now was the venue’s green room. The room was concrete floors with rugs draped over to makeshift a floor. Overhead lighting that was dimmed and mirrors along one wall that lit up brighter with cosmetics strew about the tables. There were a few places to sit and a coffee table sitting in the middle of them all. The smell of liquor and a stench of a smoky skunk residue wafted around the room.  

    “It’s Silva!” one of the members chimed out, raising a beer up in a greeted hello. “and a smokin’ hot blonde. Hello, there. Aren't you a legend like these two? They let somebody as gorgeous as you compete?”

    “She's one of the best, actually. Wattson.” Octavio replied defensively, passing his hand behind her to take ahold of Natalie. He slipped his arm around her waist, trying to bring her to the back of the room towards Ajay sitting at the mirrors but was met with slight resistance.

    He felt flustered and annoyed, wanting to personally take it into his own hands, but was silent as Natalie straightened her posture. He didn’t feel like he had a right to speak for her, though he wanted to do so desperately. He just hated hearing someone else trying to compliment her. It sat uneasily in the pit of his stomach, but he was grateful she wasn’t seeming to care – or reciprocate it. He always forgot how stern she was in the arena. She wasn’t one to be walked over without having something to say about it, she wasn’t one to be under estimated; he learned that the hard way, but was grateful in the long run for all her killings to his inflated ego at the time to bring him back to his core. He had began forgetting who he was to start it all when he first showed up, running endlessly until he accomplished a goal and then looking for the next.

    He was just glad to not be on the receiving end of her wrath anymore.

    “I’m more than appearances. I am assuming that was intended to be kind, however. Considering you are friends with Ajay, merci, I think.” she cracked a weak smile pursing her lips together to hide her aggravation, waving hello to the other band members with her free hand.  

    Octavio gently nudged Natalie along, mainly to get her away from the flirtatious band member, walking towards the mirrors to stand behind Ajay as she was finishing putting on her makeup.  

    They slowed to a stop, appearing in the mirror behind her and Ajay smiled widely. She had applied a thick layer of liner to her lid, placing the pen down and turning quickly once she noticed them in the reflection alongside her.

    She rose from her raised chair, stepping down onto the floor and pulled Natalie into a tight hug.

    “Yuh made it!” she exclaimed, rocking her friend slightly during the hug and pulling back to get a better look at both Octavio and Natalie. She grinned, shoving Octavio in the shoulder playfully and jittered on her feet before pointing towards her band member. “Sorry 'bout him. He’s working on being less of an ass.”

    “Sorry.” he replied, muttered and echoed through an almost empty beer glass before raising to his feet.

    “I gotcha somethin’!” Ajay said, shaking her head as she spoke focusing back on Natalie.

    “Oh?” Natalie replied, curious.

    Ajay turned to unzip her bag sitting on the table beside her mirror, pulling out a pair of thin headphones that sat over your head. They were yellow and still wrapped in the plastic. She turned, handing it to Natalie with excited anticipation. “We searched everywhere for dat thang. Not too bulky, but it’s great at diluting sound. It’ll help, for sure. If it don’t though, yuh can come hang in here to chill out.”

    Natalie collected her gratefulness, taking the headphones out of the plastic and slipping them on to rest around her neck. “This is so sweet of you, Ajay. I know you have offered before; I just didn’t want to put you through all that trouble of accommodating me. Wait, we?”

    “O was the one running around for me after a while. I got busy wit’ interviews and gettin’ muh kick drum fixed. Ain’t nobody or nothing would stop me from gettin’ you here! I think O would say the same, yuh know?”

    “Are you kidding me? It’s not a trouble if it helps you, Watts, I'd run anywhere to find you what you need.” Octavio agreed, tapping the headphones around her neck with a thick laugh.  

    “Eugh. Enough, please.” Ajay joked, sticking her tongue out at the two and turning back to grab her sticks off the table. “You both best find a good spot here soon. Curtain is in ten.”

    “As they say in the theater, break a leg!” Natalie chimed at her.

    “Don’t take that literally, Silva.” Ajay laughed.

    She walked both of them back to the double doors that lead to the hallway, checking the time once to see how quickly they all should be hurrying. She hugged them both goodbye for the time being, waving them off down the hall.

    It was a quick walk for Octavio and Natalie back to the main room of the venue, having been able to bypass lines using the backstage corridors. They ended up slipping out of a side door beside the bar, him leading her into the condensed crowd.  

    It was quieter now in the main room, the stage empty, but the colored lights brightly filling the dark room and a faint thumping of a random track being played to pass the time for the crowd. The bartender was working at  lightspeed, tossing out drinks for customers rushing to get a refill during the downtime between acts.

    Natalie exhaled nervously the second the door behind them clasped shut and closed off the hall light. She had no clue why she felt so anxious, perhaps it was just anticipation for the show and knowing she was here with him. She felt Octavio step behind her, his arm slinking around her waist as they stood at the side of the crowd and he placed his lips near her ear.

    “Want anything, Princesa?” he asked, glancing at the bar beside them and then back at her.

    She shook her head ‘no’, taking ahold of his hand at her side and crossing her arms over her stomach. She looked into his goggles, smiling once she reminded herself how nice this moment would be for the two of them if she only let herself relax. Her concerns were within his fans, mainly, but she didn’t notice anyone running up to demand his attention right now. No one would see them in the darkness of the room, nothing would happen after tonight that would ruin things, everything would be okay if she just let herself enjoy this.

    Instead, she let herself focus on Octavio and the energized bounce to him as they stood together. It brought a smile to her face, squeezing his hand in hers.

    As for Octavio, he was feeling unstoppable right now soaking in the anticipation from the crowd, the feeling of a concert or show could never be replicated and he always appreciated the sensation. It flashed by in an instant but you talked about it for years. He could only strive for that kind of longevity with his stunts.  

    Just like a reckless drive late into the night this was one of his most beloved past times and sharing it with Natalie was thrilling, though he knew she was still wary with how much she would enjoy it. She was an overthinker at heart, but it was her scientific nature to find solutions. He admired her for it – but did wish she would just move past things sometimes and do without thinking. He couldn’t help but remember the laughter and racing filled night she tried what most likely was the impossible before – and it seemed he enjoyed showing her new things far more than he realized. He wanted to be the person to help her branch out and try new things. She had done that for him plenty so far and he felt he wanted to return that favor like many others.

    He was just glad to bring his past and himself into what they had started together. He never did that with anyone before, never shared a piece of himself with them and asked them to stay.  

    He nudged her gently, looking around for a route through the crowd. “Let’s get a better view of the stage. Sound good?”

    She nodded, unfolding her arms and him spinning her slightly so he didn’t have to drop his hold on her hand. She laughed slightly, her nervous settling more from the spin as she drifted in the careless world that Octavio brought her into.

    The two held tightly to one another's hands as they trudged through the crowd, finding a spot to stand that was situated near the back of the room but center to the stage. As they slunk through, Natalie bumped into someone and quickly turned to apologize.  

    Turning around with a laugh was Renee, grasping hold of Natalie’s shoulders before the two stumbled more. “Didn’t think I’d see you! Where were you guys?” she asked them, slightly drunk and yelling to contrast the crowd more than she needed to be. A few people around them glanced over but returned to talking amongst themselves rather quickly after.

    “We went back to see Ajay.” Octavio replied, his hand still connected to Natalie’s and his thumb grazing over her palm. He gestured towards her empty glass. “What’d you get?”

    “Just some limited time drink for the night. The bartender said Ajay came up with the cocktail, so I wanted to try it. It’s not bad.”

    “Ah, shit. I forgot all about those specialty drinks. Can’t believe they still sell them.”  

    The lights clicked down, the sound of the crowd yelling erupting for the show and ending the conversation between the three. Natalie winced at the screaming coming from directly beside her, grasping for her headphones and pulling them up onto her ears. Maybe it was best to use them before it got any worse.

    Everything muffled out and she sighed in relief, a heavy breath leaving her body and relaxing with it. Octavio stepped closer to her, placing a hand at her waist and tapping the headphones now on her ears. He gave her a thumbs up, and she returned him with one back.  

    He bounced happily at her reply, turning her to face the stage by the waist and pulled her back against his chest. His arms draped around her from behind, twiddling his fingers as they stood together through the entrance of the band. She could feel his heart thumping in her back, it pressed against his chest. It was beating rapidly, feeling the quickness of what he strove to feel all the time, and held a hand to her own heart to compare as she watched the show starting.

    The lights flashed on a pulse, multiple colors lighting up the scenery and then back to pitch black. After a moment, they heard the bang of a drum ring out through the darkness and Natalie jumped excitedly on her feet to cheer for what she knew was Ajay.

    Once the lights came up fully, it showcased the Flyer Liars together up on the stage, side by side with instruments and smirks on their faces ready to put on a show for the screaming fans that managed to swing tickets to the show at all. Standing behind the two upfront on a stand raised higher, and on her drums, was Ajay with her hands banging on the tom drum in between her legs. She stood up on her bench seat, raising her arms up higher.

    “We are the Flyer Liars!” she yelled; a smile plastered over her face as she met a pleased yell from the crowd. The faint strumming of a guitar was under her words, and she waved at the crowd with one of her sticks. “Hope ya liked the opener we booked for ya guys. Tonight is pretty special and not just ‘cause this is our third show that you all sold out, again.”  

    Ajay paused, looking at the crowd and smirked again letting herself soak in the cheers. “Not only is this our last show, but we have plenty of Apex Legends scattered throughout the crowd tonight.”

    A few gasps and cheers escaped the crowd, one bellowing yell from Fitzroy coming from the bar and another from Elliott near the front of the stage.  

    “We givin’ you all a kickass show tonight, and I’m glad my friends are here to see it! Don’t forget in a week we add a new one to the family at the banquet, tune in! You may just hear a new single from a certain group you all claim to like.” she laughed, pointing to the back of the crowd towards Natalie and Octavio with her stick and smiled. She dropped down to her feet, landing on the bench and yelling out again counting her band in together.

    Octavio felt the rush of the music wash over him, but his attention focused on Natalie at first, looking to her in front of him to see if she was okay with it now that the show was started fully. He smiled to himself as he watched her bopping along to the music, hesitantly dancing to it but seeming to enjoy herself. He took it as affirmation he could lose himself slightly in the music too.  

    He closed his eyes, letting the thumping of the bassline pound in his body and he started dancing along to the music with his hand at her waist at first. She was standing so closely, her body against his and his heart raced faster because of it.  

    After a minute, he strayed from her partially and was jumping around with the crowd along to the music and the chants of others screaming the words along with the band. Natalie laughed at the sight of him, no limit to his intensity and felt her heart grow with happiness. How she happened to find another portion of him she liked more than the last, she wasn’t sure, but she adored him. She reached for his arm, not wanting to lose him in the dense group of people they were dancing in.  

    Octavio took her hand, spinning her in a few circles on the ball of her foot and pulled her in closer with a breathy chuckle that her own laughter mixed with. They maneuvered around in circles, dancing together and vanishing into a world where it was only the two alone in the room despite having a few hundred people around them. They could’ve been plucked right out of a living room with the lack of care they had to the wandering eye being together.  

    It was a carefree opposite right now to how Natalie felt during press week. She always feared being caught by the wrong person and losing the serenity that came with barely anyone knowing about the two of them. There were so many factors at play, so many unreliable variables that could ruin what she was holding so closely. It was refreshing to have a space so public and yet so private for the two, at least for tonight she felt as if it was okay to let her guard down to be with him fully finally. It only took the feeling of the drums hitting her chest to make her forget, the gift she found within him dancing away and looking to her to be the partner.  

    She felt free right now, feeling the sensation of the music within her and losing herself as she danced around with Octavio running his hands along her skin. She was feeling a complex list of emotions right now, but it all summarized down to never wanting this moment to end with him.

    He had grasped at her hips, moving the two in motion to together, and her arms were draped around his neck.

    After a set of songs gone and passed, Octavio was still wired but Natalie began winding down though she wished she wasn’t.

    He turned in time to notice her force a fake smile and lowered his level of energy as he got even closer to her, pointing a thumb over his shoulder towards the doors to question if she was ready to take a break. He leaned towards her ear to ask her if she was alright as her hand grasped his arm.

    She didn’t even wait for him to say anything, him about to speak as she nodded her head quickly to him; not thinking she could even hear him right now over the music anyway. She was just growing tired, and thirsty, and had tried to hide that fact from the speedster with endless battery with no success.


    Octavio didn’t hesitate once he saw her nod at him pleadingly for a break, wiping his arm over his forehead to remove the sweat from dancing. He pulled the hood of the jacket onto her head, cupping her cheek gently and nodded back at her in understanding.

    He cut through the crowd with her holding his hand tightly. The two sliding through the masses and finding the side door next to the bar again, Octavio opening it up for her and Natalie scurried through it into the hall. She placed her hands at her sides, taking deep breaths as she giggled from the excitement of the night.  

    He shut the door behind him, turning to look at her as he pulled it closed and grinned widely to himself as her laugh echoed around him. The sound of the show still blared on at a fainter sound behind him as he moved forward down the hall. "You’re a good dancer.”

    “So are you!” she said, tugging the headphones from her ears, and grinning at him widely as she relaxed her back and raised her foot to press against the wall. She patted at her forehead to find it sweaty, a softer laugh leaving her lips as she looked over at him with another deep breath.

    “You alright?” he questioned, moving closer and placing his hand beside her head on the wall and leaning towards her.

    Natalie brushed her hand over his chest, sliding her hand over his shoulder and rested her arm there as she nodded with a wide smile. “I’m amazing! I would love something to drink, though.”

    “Come on.” he grinned back at her, eyeing her lips and trailing his gaze to her eyes that were glimmering with energy from the night. He was so attracted to her right now while she was clearly running on an adrenaline high - it wore so well on her, to him at least. He darted off down the hall, which was now partially deserted during the show, and ran towards the green room again.

    “Tavi, ugh, no fair! My feet hurt!” she barely groaned, unable to keep a stifled giggle down as she shoved herself off the wall to catch up with him.

    “Aye, what’s that like again?” he asked, jokingly as he looked down at his metal feet and then back at her as he waited for her at the doors.

    He shoved the double doors open to the empty green room and held one of them for her as she walked in before him.

    She slowed her jog to a walk as she went through the doorway, collapsing on to the couch with a sigh, her feet throbbing from the dancing and walking.  

    Octavio followed behind and searched the cooler at the side of the couch, pulling out a water bottle and handed it to her.

    It was dripping from sitting in ice that had slightly melted, but she didn’t care as she sat up and took a few drinks. She wiped her hand dry on her jeans and looked around the room, crossing one leg over the other.

    He took a seat beside her, resting back on the couch and tossed an arm around her while kicking his legs up onto the table. She took another drink of her water and leaned her head to the side, resting it onto his shoulder.

    “Answer me this, it’s been bugging me all night. When did you see my gauntlet run?” he asked her, taking his goggles off and running his fingers through his hair.

    She sat up to look at him, having to wrack her brain for the memory. She finished drinking her water for now, closing the bottle and shrugged. She took a tired breath and squinted her eyes in thought. “I think it was the day I was invited to the games, if I remember correctly. I had gone to see Blisk to discuss the ring and I believe you had just come from an interview with him, so it was playing on his screen. I asked him to show me what it was; I was curious.”

    “Oh,” Octavio rolled his eyes, remembering on that day and the anger he left the interview with. Maybe he shouldn’t have pried. “he told me I wasn’t Apex material that day, whatever that meant. I never got why he changed his tune, though. I didn’t ask. Didn’t wanna.”

    “He wasn’t sure how stable you would be for the games as a whole. He thought you were too reckless.”  

    He scoffed, “Too reckless! Is that even possible? and let me guess, you believed him after watching me blow off my own legs?”

    “Non, actually quite the contrary.” she stated, looking over at him to see a puzzled look permanently stuck to his face from her words. “I’ve told you before, but I will say it again, Tavi. You are full of potential that no one else seems to ever see. I told Blisk that too that day. We all need a wild card to keep things fresh and spontaneous, to bring the unknown to the public to see. The innovative take on how you tried to quicken your time at the Gauntlet, while terrifying as someone who cares for you, it cannot be ignored how original you are. That cannot be bought or replicated.”

    “So, it’s sounding like you got them to accept me into the games? Should I be thanking you or something?” he asked, a bit puzzled, but now feeling slightly indebted more so to her. She was making him a better person... and was the tipping reason he even was invited to the games in the first place?  

    “Absolutely not. I simply got them to see what was already there, they just weren’t noticing it.”

    He huffed quietly, looking at her and clenching his teeth together from nerves. He dropped his gaze to the floor, and she took his hand in hers. He had so many things he wanted to say in reply, but his words were caught in his throat and were muffled by finally feeling accepted. He hadn’t a clue of how to repay her for being so considerate and accepting.  

    He wanted to shower her in the feelings she gave him, he wanted to replicate it ten-fold but no words would ever be enough in his eyes. “You’re one of the smartest people I know, Nat. You’re stunning, you’re funny, you're... you’re you. Beyond what anyone could ever try to be.”

    She blushed, nudging him in the side thankfully and looked down at her water as her heart fluttered in her chest.

    He ran his fingers along her shoulder and tapped her again to gain her attention.  

    “Let's get out of here.” he suggested after a moment of silence.

    “What about the van and Ajay?” she protested at first, slightly confused but growing intrigued.

    “Who cares. Let’s just go. The bus route isn’t far from here and we can be back by morning.”

    “Did this idea just come to you or did you always plan on doing this?” she asked, her answer already starting to fall within a yes because of her admiration of his never-ending ideas. She never knew where they would end up when they were together and part of that terrified her while it thrilled her.  

    He was a mix of things she couldn’t stop wanting or thinking about. A complicated bottled mess of perfection she wanted every last part of.


    She rolled her eyes at him playfully, tossing her hands up in acceptance. “Okay! Let’s go, but I want to stop for food at Connie's.”

    “Deal.” he agreed, smiling widely and pulling his goggles back on. He rose from the couch, bounding off towards the doors and looked back as he waited for Natalie who went in the opposite direction as him. He looked back an forth from  her to the door. “Wait, where are you going?”

    “Just a moment!” she replied over her shoulder, scribbling on a scrap paper with a pen. She tucked up the paper on the mirror, it faced with the label looking out towards the room. A big font that said AJAY on the front. “I’m leaving Ajay a note for when the show is over since we’re not going to be here.”

    “Oh, right. Good idea.” he shrugged, though he hadn’t even thought of that. He tapped his foot and waited as Natalie hurried over to him in the doorway, the two of them rushing out into the hall and directly to the side door they entered in.

    Natalie pushed the door open for the two of them, stepping outside into the fresh night air and catching the attention of the bouncer as they left who barely looked up momentarily from her magazine.  

    He followed out with her, looking around the empty parking lot and then back at her. She caught up with him, walking alongside as he directed the two down the street.  

    It was deserted outside this late than compared to the venue, but you could still just barely hear the sound of music coming from the warehouse as they walked further and further away.  

    The moon and streetlights were the only lights to guide the way, and Octavio was lingering at a slower pace tonight to admire Natalie. It felt familiar to when he first started even thinking about the chance of them – that night he stayed at her house seemed all so far away in the past now but ever present in his mind.

    He slowed to a stop as they approached a bench, a bus sign hanging above that was lit vibrantly in blue. Natalie instantly took the excuse to sit down, resting on the bench from the few blocks walk here as he scanned the schedule. He checked his phone and then the schedule again, turning to her with a thumbs up. “Kickass, bus should be here in five.”

    “Are you sure we are going to make it back for morning check in?” she asked him, not wanting to bring it up again but her concern for too many strikes always worried her. No one wanted a record as a Legend, and she was no exception. No one wanted to seem unreliable in the eyes of the show runners.

    “Positive, chica. I won’t let you be late.” he told her, swaying next to her at the bench and checking around them. “I just want more time with you.”

    “Why can’t we be together at the hotel?”

    “We can, but not really. You don’t want anybody to catch us and I get it, people are like vultures sometimes but... Nat, it’s really hard hiding how much I wanna be near you at the hotel. I’ve already had fans get at me on social about not showing up at my suite ‘cause I’ve been staying with you so much. They don’t know where I’m going but they def’ are getting suspicious of somethin’.”

    “I did not know they noticed...” she trailed off.

    “I guess I streamed so much before we started seeing each other that when I slowed down the hours it made them question what was up.”  

    She felt embarrassed to be taking up so much of his time and bit down on her cheek. Would he be streaming if it weren’t for her? “Am I hindering your schedule or something?”

    He chuckled quietly, dropping down to sit beside her on the bench. “No, of course not. It’s not a set thing or anything, anyway, when I do stuff online for fans. I can just let people know about us and then we can just move on. I’m sure they’ll get it.”

    Natalie placed her hand over his arm, squeezing gently. She didn’t want to keep bringing them back to square one per say, but she felt as if it was the best choice to keep them together for now. “I know it’s hard but I’m not ready to let everyone in on this. I do not want to share this, not yet. We will work around it... you always say live in the moment, so let’s just keep doing that together. We can worry about telling fans and the media later. Please?”

    He looked into her eyes and tried to find space to argue but couldn’t muster it when she seemed so determined with her opinion. Hearing her tell him she wanted to live in the moment with him, he couldn’t turn it down. It just didn’t feel right despite wanting to shout from rooftops about the two of them. It made things so much easier to merge his two worlds, but knew that wasn’t what she wanted right now. He would accept it to please her, anything to keep her around. He sighed, nodding along. “Alright, alright, alright. Later.”

    He rose to his feet again as the bus pulled to a stop beside them, helping her to her feet. It hissed out as the breaks settled in, the doors swinging open with a thud of metal.

    The two got onto the bus and Octavio paid for two tickets with a swipe of a card, scurrying towards the back together, tucked up alone.  

    Natalie took a seat first, him plopping down beside her as the bus lurched forward to move on the next stop.  

    It only took about twenty minutes for them to reach the destination they needed, him tugging her along and her skipping in follow out the doors and back onto the pavement outside once they reached it.    

    They were around the block from Connie’s diner and you could see it shining through the trees from where they stood at the bus stop.

    “Thank goodness, I’m so hungry.” she exclaimed, walking towards the diner the second she saw the signs light through the leaves.

    He chuckled under his breath, following behind her and jogging to catch up as they walked to the diner around the corner.  

    It was basically empty in the parking lot again, only a car was sitting parked outside this time. The upsides of always going to a diner in the middle of the night, never a soul in sight but others that don’t care to be seen.  

    “I’m glad you liked the show.”

    “I loved it! You will have to take me again sometime.” she replied him enthusiastically, turning on her heel to look at him as she walked backwards to the door.  

    He opened it for her, reaching around her to do so, and guided her inside as the bell above the door dinged twice.

    “For sure, I’d do that again any day with you.”

    Behind the counter, sitting on a stool and doing a crossword with the radio on low in the background, was Connie. She peeked up from the paper, looking over at the door with a growing grin.  

    “Well, look who came back. You kids look wrung out. Where ya’ been?” Connie questioned, getting up from her stool and setting her paper down. She walked over to the register to ring the two of them up, looking over the counter at them.

    “Che had a gig tonight, underground scene. Nat went for the first time and we took off for some food. She insisted on here.” Octavio replied, glancing over at Natalie as she was reading the menu.

    “Girl’s got good taste, that’s why. I appreciate it, sweetie. Whatcha wanting tonight?” she said, turning to talk to Natalie personally.

    Natalie smiled in reply, pushing the hood off of her head as she hummed her lips together before speaking. “Could I get a large cheesy fry and I would like to try the ‘overloaded chocolate’ shake this time, I think?  

    “That sound’s good. I’ll have the same but make the fries spicy?”

    “You got it. It’ll be a minute, if ya wanna take a seat. I’ll get your shakes here first.”

    “Merci, Connie!” Natalie replied, wandering the few tables and picking a booth to sit in.  

    Octavio slid in the seat beside her, prying his goggles and mask from his face and setting them on the table with a clatter that filled the empty diner. Lines imprinted on his face from the wear all night, and he rubbed the sides of his eyes momentarily before leaning on his arm on the table.  

    The blaring of the blender cut through the diner, and Natalie tapped her nails on the table with a sigh. She looked over at him leaning on the table and smiled weakly. “Do you think it will be hard for us after Press Week?”

    He turned his gaze to meet hers, not able to find a truthful answer when he wasn’t sure what was in store for them. He didn’t want to talk about that right now, he was still riding on a high he wasn’t ready to crash from. “I’ll make sure it’s not.”

    “Tavi, you live so far and I hardly ever-”

    “It doesn’t matter, we’ll make it work.” he interjected.

    Connie swooped past the table, pausing the conversation and set the two shakes on the table along with two long spoons and straws to pair. She darted off after that into the kitchen to start on the fries, leaving them alone in the front of the diner together.

    Octavio slid her shake in front of her, along with the two utensils but when she didn’t reach for anything he sat up in his seat.

    “Live in the moment with me, huh?” he reminded her, brushing his hand over her cheek and scar to rub strands of hair between his fingers.  

    “I know, I said that, didn’t I?”

    “Later, then?” he asked her, handing her the straw from the table.

    “Later.” she sighed, trying to ignore the impending conversation she knew would have to occur at some time, taking the straw and ripping it open to stick in her shake.  

    “Wanna know what I can mention now though?”

    “What?” she asked as she took a sip of her dessert.

    “You’re ‘smokin’.” he snickered, eyeing her with another chuckle as she smacked him playfully.  

    “As if it could be a hindrance to my performance in the arena because of my appearance.” she rolled her eyes, poking her shake with the straw and took another sip.

    “You can kick my ass thinking ten times faster than me and look breathtaking while doing it.” he replied, taking a spoonful of his own shake before looking back at her. He froze as he was staring at his face, a smile on her lips but he was confused nonetheless. “What?”

    She shook her head, taking a sip of her shake and lingering on his words. “Not a thing, Octy, just glad we came here.”

    “Me too.” he pursed his lips into a smile, trying to keep from grinning too widely and cleared his throat.

    The smell of food wafted into the front of the diner and Connie appeared in the door to the kitchen, propping it open and walking out with two plates on her tray and quickly carried it over to the booth they were sat at.

    She slid it on to the table, along with the receipt. “No rush. I’m gonna go scrub up in the back, holler if you need anything or just grab it. You know where everything is, Octavio.”

    “Will do, Connie. Appreciate everything.”

    “Oh, hun, you know it!” she yelled back as she disappeared into the back of the diner, the door swinging to a closed stop after she left.

    The two chatted absentmindedly about the show and things happening in the games, plans for things to do later, or places to visit together while they ate. They talked about anything but what was to come for them as a duo in permanence.

    Time passed by unnoticed until the two spotted the sun peeking over the horizon out the windows while sitting in the diner over a now cleaned table. Natalie looked down, finally noticing the missing plates from the table and pulled out her phone from her bag. Her eyes widened at the time, running a hand through her hair anxiously.  

    “Shit!” she exasperated outwardly, nudging him in the shoulder to stand up and hurry along but he just held back a laugh. “What is so funny? We are going to be late getting back to the hotel and- Tavi! Stop laughing!”

    He bit down on his tongue, sliding to get up out of the booth and walking towards the door with his mask and goggles in hand. It was amusing to hear her using vulgar words when she always sounded so proper, and he couldn’t help but laugh despite her concern. “We’ll get back on time! Don’t stress, chica. Come on, let’s go.”

    She held back her smile, watching him and his endlessly energy bounce to the door, and followed after grabbing her bag on the way. “You say that so confidently for someone who is borderline running on suspension status. I do not know how you do it.”

    “Touché but we don’t even have anything booked for either of us today.” he urged, walking outside and to the sidewalk with her in step right behind.

    “Fine, you’re right, but we can’t just walk back, it’ll take forever. I’m not running.” she replied sternly, not thinking she could keep up with him right now in her state of fatigue. Her feet ached and though she had a cup of coffee in the diner it wasn’t nearly enough to match him.

    “We won’t!” he promised her, placing both hands on her shoulders and stopping them as they walked. “I hit up Che earlier, she’s on her way right now. We just have to meet her at the park down the street.”

    “How clever.”

    “See? I listen.”

         -     -     -

    The drive back to the hotel was quick and silent besides the radio and turbo bursting; Ajay was still half asleep from her small nap after she returned to the hotel but willing to show up for the two like they did for her prior. She was sipping coffee the entire drive there and back, the radio on and playing rock music to keep herself awake. In the back seat, Natalie dozed off on Octavio and he scrolled his phone to pass the time.

    She dropped the two of them off at the back door of the hotel and then drove off to park the car, leaving them to walk inside to their suites together and waved them off. She knew Octavio wasn’t headed back to his suite anytime soon, he was glued to Natalie’s company with no chance of removal unless his world shattered. He had too much pride to let that happen.

    Octavio opened the door to her suite, unlocking it and propping it open for Natalie once they got to her door upstairs.

    She shuffled inside, dropping her bag on the counter and paused. “Oh, I need to go pick up Nikola. I am very late for that, I said I would go ages ago.”

    “I’ll go, I’ll be quick.” he offered her, her sighing in relief.

    “Merci! You’re the best. I’m going to shower; just take my key.”  

    He nodded with a wink, tugging on her gently by the hoodie pockets to pull her towards him. “Can I borrow my jacket for a minute?”

    She looked down, patting at the jacket around her shoulders and remembered she was wearing the one he let her wear and she ended up keeping. She laughed at herself more so, unzipping it and sliding it off her arms before she handed it back to him. “Sorry if it smells like my perfume, I didn’t think about it.”

    He scrunched his nose humorously, shaking his head as he put the jacket on and tossed the hood over his head. “Nah, I don’t care. At least it smells good.”


    “Huh?” he cocked his eyebrow at her, zipping the jacket up.

    “The perfume is lemongrass, lavender, and some other stuff.”

    “Oh, si, got it. Well, I like it.” he leaned in, placing a quick kiss on her cheek and tapped her on the chin. “Go change and try to lay down. I know you’re tired, you almost fell asleep on the way back. You can take a nap or something.”

    She leaned into him as he kissed her cheek, sighing as he started to walk away and was left tired and smitten. She watched him take off out the door in a sprint, the whirring sound of his legs kicking into high gear as he went down the hall and to the elevator.

    Natalie spent the time Octavio took going up two floors to get Nikola in the shower, bathing the venue from her skin and lingering in the hot water because it soothed her aching muscles.

    She heard the door opened and then close outside the bathroom door, shutting off the water to the shower and stepped out of the tub. She grabbed a towel and wrapped herself in it and then another towel to try to dry her hair.

    She shuffled towards the mirror and wiped away the steam from it, letting herself see her own reflection and set the towel for her hair on the counter by the sink. She wiped the remaining makeup from her face with a wet cloth and leaned up to look at herself again.  

    Her fingers trailed over where he had placed his kiss and she smiled to herself. Tonight had been so pure and filled with so many highs she was sure a crash was imminent somehow, though she did her best to submerge those worries deep within her. She had built a perfect world up for the two of them where nothing could touch them, she wouldn’t dare let anything harbor it. She wanted this to last, and in order to promise it would do just that she was viewing it more like an experiment that needed careful handling to keep from the results becoming inconclusive. She wanted to keep him around so badly, despite the fears out of her control in the back of her mind threatening to ruin what was there.

    She would do anything to keep him from going anywhere. She knew that sacrifice was a part of love, and she was prepared to do whatever it took to keep them alive.

    Hurrying to change into the tank top and sweatpants to lay down, she brushed her hair with her fingers while it was damp to get through the process faster. She opened the door and walked back into the suite, scanning the room to find Octavio in the kitchen feeding Nikola breakfast.  

    “You didn’t have to do that.”

    “What? And waste time with my bud? Not a chance.” he looked back at her while rubbing Nikola’s head, the cat purring and standing on the counter as Octavio was emptying a can of wet cat food into a bowl. He double took a look at her, brushing his hands on his shorts as he placed the dish onto the side for Nikola to eat and tossed the can in the trash.  

    He side-stepped around the counter, meeting her where she stood. “I was gonna hang here if that’s cool?”

    She paused, turning back to look at the bed and then him. “That’s fine, is it alright if I lay down?”

    “How about I lay down with you?”

    She twisted her face into a confused smile, tilting her head at him. “Really? I didn’t think you were tired yet.”

    “Don’t sound so shocked, Nat. I can wanna lay down with you even if I’m not tired... when am I ever? It's not about sleeping. Come here.” he stretched his arm out to reach for her, taking hold of her hand and let her guide him to the bed. It was honest in what he said, it was more about being along side her than the act of sleep itself. He just enjoyed being able to wrap her up in his arms. He learned that the night of the camping trip.

    She slid under the sheets and let go of his hand, pulling back the covers and falling into the bed with a soothing exhale to relax after the day. Her adrenaline from the night was still fading, though groggier now and growing tired. She was laid flat, staring up at the ceiling and looked over at Octavio who was beside the bed and still riding high on his rush because of the company he was keeping.

    Octavio shrugged off his hoodie, setting it on the base of the bed and slid into the covers with her, propping himself up on one arm beside her and laying down too. He looked down at her, taking in the tired blonde beside him and swallowed the truth about what he was denying for the last few weeks. She meant so much to him. It was painful to think of a world without her in it somehow and he was scrambling to run from the inevitable endings that could take her from him, that could break this right after he let it become a piece of him.  

    How badly could a person want another? He was certain he learned a new level of want altogether when it came to her. He took in her gentle features, letting his head collapse into his hand in a more relaxed state, his eyes trailing the pattern of her scar on her cheek.  

    She turned her head on the pillow, meeting his gaze with a smile. She was reminiscing the past few weeks together, taking in his appearance just the same as she did so. “You are quite the company, you know that?”

    “You’re beautiful, Natalie.” he replied, a lingering admiration in his voice.

    She blushed, glancing down away from him for a moment as she tried to regain her breath in her throat. “Stop doing that.”


    “You keep saying these wonderful things out of the blue and it keeps catching me off guard.”

    “I’ve been wanting to do this for a really long time.”

    “What are you talking about?” she questioned, though she saw the way he was looking at her and somehow knew what he was going to ask her. She glanced down at his lips, trailing his sharp jawline and darted her gaze back to his eyes that were digging into hers.

    “Por favor,” he started, a needy raspy tone to his voice, brushing his hand along her cheek and cupping her face softly in his hand. “tell me I can kiss you?”

    She held her breath as she nodded, her hand meeting his on her cheek.  

    He leaned down with a slow pause, sliding his thumb over her lower lip before cupping the other side of her face.  

    His lips met hers, first gently, as her hand trailed to the nape of his neck to twirl his hair through her fingers. The bubbling sensation of electricity in his veins as he felt her grasp back at him, moving one of his hands to her side and finding her bare skin under his touch. He pulled back slightly from the kiss, his nose still resting against hers, she smiled up at him as he pecked her lips a few more times in a row.  

    She giggled faintly, her hand resting on his chest and holding a part of the fabric on his shirt as her heart pounded away. He grinned cheekily at her laughter, closing the small distance between the two and crashing his lips to hers again without much delay. This time pulling her closer to him, his hands searching her waist and hips to keep her closer, desire filled for more of her.  

    The feeling of her lips against his own was an addicting sensation he never wanted to stop doing now that he knew of the enjoyment of it.

    He could kiss her for ages; he knew that now as they were intertwined in the bed together and he couldn’t keep himself from reconnecting his lips to hers every time they pulled apart.  

    He loved the feeling of her hands wrapped in his hair, and she was too captivated by kissing him she forgot to breathe.

    When she patted his chest once, begging for a second of air, he proceeded to keep leaving kisses down her neck and onto her collarbone unable to stop himself now that he had broken that barrier between them.

    She was in state of whimsical beginnings with him, the taste of him on her tongue and the sparkling touch of his hands against her skin as he bit faint love marks onto her neck. She laughed more as he bit down gently on her skin, yelping slightly from the feeling and looked at him with a reddened face from a small kiss that propelled into more.

    “Conejita? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asked her, concerned at the sound coming from her as he met his gaze with hers but a smile stayed etched onto his face from his ecstasy.

    Natalie wrapped her hands around his neck to find the back of his head, him leaning above her and looking down as she pulled him down towards her lips with an unbridled impatience for the touch of his lips to hers again.

    His tongue glided over her lip again, his fit lean frame meshing into hers and his hands trailed under her shirt.

    She couldn’t think straight right now, unable to form any coherent thought other than how badly she had wanted this closeness and how puzzle fitting it felt to have it with him. Her hands were twirling in his blue locks and she didn’t want to separate or forget how it felt to feel like she was flying while lying on the ground. Her lips parted willingly, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss that she had been dreaming about for weeks.

    He made her feel like she was on top of the world, like she was in a daydream with only the two to inhabit. There were no worries here – just the two of them.

    His phone buzzed from his pocket, causing her to pull away and him to groan aggravatingly as he dropped his head against her shoulder. “Not now.”

    “You should check... what if it’s important?”

    “What if they-”

    She didn’t bother listening to him argue, instead slipped her hand into his pocket and pulled his phone out for him. She clicked it on and handed it to him, him squinting his eyes as he looked at her in defeat. He took his phone and rolled away from her partially, opening it up and reading through the few messages on the screen. There were more older messages reminding him of things he never bothered with, but he kept those to himself.

    “Ugh, I gotta go.” he groaned, placing his fist against his forehead and sighing exasperatedly. “I do have stuff today scheduled for fans and stuff. Fuck.”

    Natalie sat up on her elbows in bed, half frowning at him and placing a hand on his cheek. “You have to go. You can’t call in again.”

    “I know. Why do you think I’m so pissed? I don’t wanna leave you right now. Not now.” he reiterated, shoving his phone into his pocket. He closed his eyes and lingered on the feeling of her fingers against his skin, interlocking his hand with hers and encapsulating it in his own.  

    “Look at me.” she whispered, squeezing his hand as she leaned in to place a quick peck on his nose.

    He sighed, a small smile on his lips as she kissed him on the nose, opening his eyes to look at her. “Don’t say it’ll be over in no time.”

    She paused, looking upwards and pursing her lips together. “Okay... it will be over in a zap! Go, it will be alright.”

    Octavio couldn’t hold back his chuckle, it bursting out slightly as she spoke and he shook his head at her while smiling. He hopped up from the bed, dropping his grasp on her and found his mask and goggles to take with him. He glanced down at his clothes from the night, quickly swapping his shirt and grabbing a fresh one from his bag on the floor.  

    Natalie bit the inside of her cheek as she saw a flash of his toned abs, glistening bare skin. She could barely make out much but she saw scars that stretched his side and crept onto his stomach, smaller ones and more prominent ones alongside one another that she wondered the story to.  

    He rushed around the suite, trying to gather his things together to get to his meet and greet on time, mumbles of native language aggravation under his breath that she found adorable.  

    “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.” he winked, beginning to pull his mask on as he started for the door. He skidded to a stop on his heel, turning back to the bed and walked over to her again. He leaned down onto the bed, slipping his hand through her wispy blonde hair and pressed his lips passionately against hers again. When he pulled back, he took a breath and grinned cheekily to her. “I’ll be thinking about you.”

    #apex legends#wattane #wattson x octane #octane x wattson #apex legends fic #octane#wattson#octavio silva#natalie paquette #all it takes story #all it takes chapter eleven #can you believe we made it here folks and 12 should be coming soon! #i will double check for spelling errors and such in the morning bc im tired but i hope you all enjoy!
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  • tommy-10-k
    27.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    A Very Good Morning (Wattane)

    Octane and Wattson have a memorable morning together after a night of fun together.

    Warnings: 18+

    With a fluttering of delicate blonde lashes, Natalie awoke and glanced around the unfamiliar room as it came into focus. It took only a moment of comprehension before she realized where she was—in Octavio's bedroom, his bed to be exact. A blush quickly rose to her cheeks as she glanced down at her state of undress, her body adorned with love marks from the night before. The culprit, of course, was Octavio, who was equally as naked as he slept next to her in bed.

    Gently, so as not to disturb him, Natalie shifted to lay on her side, propping her head up in the palm of her hand to gaze at his dozing form. Always on the move, it was extremely rare to see Octavio looking quite so peaceful, and she considered herself lucky, special even, to be allowed this glimpse of him, a side that no one else was privy to seeing.

    Natalie's admiring gaze roamed across Octavio's facial features—from his strong brows, to the scar present on his nose, to his high cheekbones and the sharp jawline that could cut glass—and who could forget those adorable ears? He was roguishly handsome, a fact Natalie realized from the very first moment she'd caught a glimpse of him without a mask. But once that previous curiosity about Octavio's face had been sated she had found herself wanting to see more of it. Since then, a year had passed with each day bringing Natalie and Octavio closer to one another, from acquaintances, to close friends, to this, a new development as of the night before, a release of months of tension that had been building between them.

    Natalie's blue eyes continued their journey of the naked and sleeping daredevil, trailing from the freckles and moles on his strong neck, to the tattoo on his toned arm, to his prominent collarbone and lean chest, then down to those defined abs he loved showing off so much—and rightfully so. From there her gaze fell to the alluring V at his hips, which led down to strong runner's thighs that framed a certain part of his anatomy she was now intimately familiar with—and left deliciously sore from. Not only was Octavio good at using it but he certainly wasn't compensating for anything with all of his stunts.

    As Natalie continued gazing at him, her mind began to flow vividly with memories from the night before, and it wasn't long before she felt a hot flush course throughout her entire body. Squirming where she lay, she pressed her thighs tightly together, wanting nothing more than for Octavio to wake up and take her again.

    The movement from her squirming though was enough to rouse him, and his hazel eyes flickered open to find one of the most beautiful and sexy sights imaginable staring back at him.

    "Buenos días, mi conejita," he spoke after a moment of watching her check him out, his voice raspy with sleep and much deeper than usual. "Like what you see, huh?" he asked cockily, that signature crooked, playful grin spreading across his lips.

    Natalie immediately startled, embarrassed at being caught red-handed, her face cutely reddening the shade of a tomato as she looked away from him and reached for the bedsheets to pull over herself.

    "I didn't know you were awake, Tavi..."

    "Well, you woke me up, hermosa," Octavio replied, reaching over to slowly peel the sheet away from her body. It was like opening a Christmas present but oh so much better. "In more ways than one actually..." he added with a deep chuckle, dipping his head at the same time to place a trail of soft, teasing kisses, nips and licks against her neck that made her sigh with pleasure.

    With his lips firmly planted against her neck, rough, battle-worn hands soon found Natalie's soft, creamy skin beneath the sheet. He gently tugged her into his lean frame until her ass was flush against his hips. Involuntarily he bucked his already aching hardness against her while his hands continued their journey across silky skin. Every inch of her was fair game as Octavio stroked over her breasts and nipples, stomach, and thighs—then in between them where he found her soaking against his fingers.

    "Fuck... you're already so wet for me, princesa," he remarked in amazement as he played with her.

    "Mmm, Tavi..." Natalie gasped out, her breath hitching as she melted into all of his electrifying and addicting touches and kisses. The feeling of Octavio now so hard and strong against her only added to her desire, which was quickly overwhelming her, and she pressed insistently back against his rolling hips, causing him to moan against her skin in return. He needed to be inside of her, rápidamente!

    "Octavio, please... je te veux tellement."" she begged, and that was all it took for him to swiftly grasp his length, guide it to her entrance, and thrust forwards to bury every inch of himself, to the hilt, in her tight, wet heat.

    Both of them moaned out at the sensation, but savoring that feeling would have to come another time. The urge to move was too strong for Octavio and he soon started to thrust his hips against Natalie who was whining with every single one of his movements. But it wasn't enough. So he wrapped his arms around her middle and pulled her snug to his body, bending his leg for leverage as he started bucking his hips relentlessly, each pump driving his thick length deep inside of her again and again.

    "Dios, princesa, I'm addicted to fucking you," he growled out against her neck as his lips, tongue and teeth sought out the skin there—she would definitely have to wear a scarf after all this— "you feel so fucking good, so tight..."

    His words soon devolved into incoherent Spanish and grunts as Natalie cried out with every rough, quick pump of his hips and from the lewdness of his words. Her body was already so sensitive from the night before, she wasn't going to last very long.

    "Tavi... mon amour, I-I'm going to..." her words broke off as she let out a moan, her back arching as Octavio continued to split her apart.

    "Sí, sí, princesa, come for me, I wanna hear you, bebé ," he urged, reaching a hand down to toy with her sensitive button.

    And that was all it took to send Natalie over the edge, as the dam broke and she cried out, quivering on Octavio's length as he fucked her through the leg shaking orgasm. He wasn't far behind. As she came, he could feel her body squeezing him as tight as a vice and it set him off. Burying his face into her neck, he groaned out, his thrusts coming to a halt as he spilled every last drop of himself deep inside her.

    Breathing heavily, exhausted, and thoroughly satisfied, the two laid back against the pillows with Natalie snuggled up against Octavio who had wrapped his arm around her. Leaning in, he captured her lips in a languid kiss, his free hand moving to cup her face as his thumb stroked across the Lichtenberg figure scar on her cheek. She melted into the kiss.

    "Have fun, mi amor?" he finally asked once the kiss was broken, his face lighting up with that familiar cheeky grin.

    "What do you think, silly boy?" she giggled, giving him a playful poke on the nose before snuggling back up into his side with a yawn.

    "I think I really tired you out," came his smug reply, clearly very proud of himself. "And after we sleep? I'm gonna do it again."

    "Is that a promise?" she questioned, idly kissing a scar on his chest.

    "Bebé, es una garantía." 

    This is also posted at: https://archiveofourown.org/works/32848534
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    No one:

    Octavio when his genius gf doesn't pay attention to him:

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    Just a little spark ⚡️

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    you know doing this was wayyy harder then I thought

    #wattane #apex legends wattson #yeah i had to attempt at this ship i love! #wattson is taller not sorry! #apex legends
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    (Her) Energy charger ⚡️

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    Wattane beach episode 👀🏖

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    What is it with me and shipping an angsty/chaotic brunette and a more responsible/kind/dorky blonde.

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    Series of what their kids would look like

    5) Octane x Wattson (Wattane)

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    Must Be... Love

    Artwork by me

    #apex legends#art#fanart #apex legends fanart #apex legends fanfic #apex wattson #apex legends wattson #apex octane #apex octavio silva #natalie paquette#octavio silva#romance#love art#love#wattane#lovers#game romonce
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