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  • Check out my Wattpad story, Bespelled, in the source link.

    Your cliche witch story. Teenage girl doesn’t know she descends from witches; girl’s powers awaken; girl uses magic to get the guy; girl is stalked and seduced by a fallen angel; girl has to battle demons. You know, the usual.

    Being a teen witch can be a bitch.

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    Siempre lo encuentro como el protagonista perfecto para cualquiera de mis historias de Wattpad :3

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  • MLQC Boys as Wattpad Clichés

    I used to read Wattpad but not anymore so forgive me for the mistakes lol and also when I say Wattpad Clichés, I meant something along the lines of wattpad high school romances and stuff *shrugs*

    Victor Li aka The Ice Prince

    • the popular and rich cold hearted guy that ‘melts’ for the right person
    • ice cream or snowflake can be used as a metaphor for this guy
    • very serious and doesn’t understand half of the joke he hears (although he himself is often the butt of the jokes lol)
    • probably richer than god and flaunts it everywhere he goes
    • usually the leader of a three to four person group (like some kind of Meteor Garden shit)
    • doesn’t talk much but that’s okay since 95% of what comes out of his mouth makes you want to smack him
    • usually has him denying his feelings for you for the better most half of the story
    • his courtship includes dissing you and then trying to act kind (which he fails at spectacularly)
    • character is consistent but with a touch of soft moments in between (and usually when there’s no one watching him)
    • an heir to a wealthy business / son of CEO (Jumin Han?!?)

    Gavin Bai aka The Bad Boy

    • he’s the Bad Boy with a golden heart complete with a leather jacket and a motorcycle
    • probably everyone’s favorite type of guy in the Wattpadverse
    • gets into fights, spends more time in detentions than in his classes, and is introduced as ‘the bad boy’ in conversations
    • everyone is legit scared of him except for you, I guess?
    • looks dangerous, acts threatening and rebellious, but is actually a good guy underneath
    • usually has some kind of family problem as a tragic backstory
    • once he realizes his feelings, he’ll probably do something to make him worthy of you
    • very overprotective, possessive, and caring towards you
    • usually the one thinking ‘I don’t deserve this beautiful girl in my life’ (even tho he totally does)

    Kiro Zhou aka The Hot Boy Next Door / Best Friend

    • the most popular guy who is also friendly, wholesome, and well-liked by most people he meets
    • also the best friend that has been in love with you for most of his life
    • talented and gorgeous af who is probably a model in his spare time
    • lots of fangirls due to his friendly nature and good looks
    • totally waaaay out of your league (but you still deserve him tho)
    • will tell you and show you how beautiful you are over the course of the story
    • is probably insecure about himself and a lot of things but hides it underneath sunny smiles and laughter
    • there’s a secret side to himself that only you might know (helios?!)
    • eats lots of junk food if he can get away with it and has weird habits that only you know

    Lucian Xu aka The Mysterious Seatmate

    • the mysterious seatmate who doesn’t talk much but is incredibly smart and a teacher’s favorite
    • a total loner and likes to be with himself although he is approachable and friendly
    • no one totally knows anything about this guy aside from his name and where he lives
    • probably surely leading a double life as an assassin or a mafia boss or something
    • there is always a wall that divides him and the rest of the world (until someone comes along and decides to break it)
    • incredibly considerate and speaks of poetic, philosophical shit
    • usually the one who doesn’t understand his feelings for you until love slaps him in the face and knees him in the gut
    • he doesn’t know how to confess so he decides to follow his instincts (which is basically using gestures to you that are romantic af)
    • perfect character for a coming-of-age romance
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  • You were woken from your slumber when a loud crashing was heard. Groggily sitting up, you rubbed your eyes. More crashing and shouting was heard as you made your way out of your bedroom to see what the commotion was all about.

    Rounding the corner, you entered the kitchen and saw what your three idiotic brothers were up to. They were covered if flour from head to toe, and an egg was sliding down from Ace’s head. Pots and pans were scattered everywhere and there were random things scattered on the counter. The trio of brothers stood still with eyes wide open, like a deer caught in headlights.

    Your voice was calm and low as you spoke. “What are you three up to?” Ace shook his head as he stuttered and started explaining. “Y-you see, (Y/N)-Chan, we just decided that we, being your big brothers, decided that we make breakfast for you, but those crack heads” He glared at Luffy and Sabo. “Messed it all up.” Luffy then butted in. “Hey! You were the one who fell and scattered the flour all over and fell asleep!” he protested. “And you threw eggs at us, Luffy!” Sabo exclaimed from beside Ace. “And you threw the butter at me!” Luffy argued.

    They bickered back and forth as your patience grew thinner. You stood there, eyes twitching and breathing heavily. You quietly climbed on the counter, nobody noticing you and went behind the three. “Enough, you guys!” you exclaimed as you bonked then in their heads. For being 10, you were pretty strong. They pouted as they rubbed the bump that had formed on their heads.

    “Is this how you treat your big brothers who decided to make an innocent breakfast for you?” Luffy asked. “You three act like you are the younger ones in this house. Now clean this all up and I’ll make breakfast. Now shoo” you waved them off as you prepared for breakfast. Their shoulders slumped and they got to cleaning. After some more scolding from you for not wiping the counter properly and spraying the glass cleaner at each other, the four of you now sat peacefully- Well, as peaceful as it can be, and had breakfast.

    “This is delicious (Y/N)!” Luffy said happily as he stuffed his face with more pancakes. At least that’s what it sounded like. After breakfast, you all got ready for the day and since it was the weekend, Sabo had planned to go to the amusement park. “(Y/N)? Are you ready?” Luffy asked. “Let’s go!” you exclaimed as you jumped on his back. He laughed happily and started walking towards the door.

    Arriving at the amusement park, everyone was excited. Ace and Sabo went to the dangerous rides, which weren’t allowed for you, and you went to the rides safe for your age with Luffy. After a few rides, Luffy had suggested that he go and get some snacks for you. You waited for him on a bench as you waited for him.

    Luffy paid for the snacks and walked back to you. What he saw had him drop the bags and ran to you, helping you stand up. He held your shoulders and looked at you. You had bruises on your wrist and knees, and a few scrapes here and there. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, Ace and Sabo came running with joyful smiles. “Hey, the roller coaster was so sic-” Sabo’s words came to a halt as he looked at your condition. The three brother’s eyes darkened as they took in your state. With eyes covered with his straw hat, Luffy asked you. “What happened?”

    You looked down, eyes tearing up. “I-it’s nothing, I tripped and fell…” your voice was low. You blinked, begging the tears to go away. “(Y/N), you and I both know that you cannot get bruises on your forearm just by tripping.” Ace said his voice dangerously low. They were mad, furious. Whoever did this to their baby sister was going to pay.

    “They’re just bruises, they’ll heal. Now let’s go!” you tried to sound as enthusiastic as possible, but no avail. “You think that after someone did this to you we’re just gonna brush it off?! You’re out baby sister and we promised to protect you!” Ace exclaimed. You jumped in shock and looked down sadly. “S-sorry…” you whisper, looking down. Their eyes softened. They crouched down to your level and squished you in a group hug. Your small arms went around their necks. “I love you guys…” you whisper. “We love you too”

    Later that day, you were being carried on Sabo’s back and looking for the person that tripped you. Turns out, He and his friends were roaming around and didn’t see you there. Although he apologized, the three threatened him and I quote, “If you come in a 3-mile radius near our baby sister, I’ll make sure that your body is being fed to the wolves”

    So now, here you are, at home, watching a movie with your brothers with you in between Ace’s legs and Luffy and Sabo’s head on each of your legs. You thought about how lucky you were. Three idiotic but loving brothers. You knew nothing would harm you with them by your side. And although they were childish at times, they were overprotective when it came to you. You wouldn’t change anything for the world…

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  • Little (Y/n) sat there on the muddy puddle, crying. Not only had she ruined her favorite dress, but she also scraped her knee. She was also starting to feel cold as the day came to an end.

    Do you remember when I said I’d always be there
    Ever since we were ten, baby,                                                                          When we were out on the playground playing to pretend                                        I didn’t know it back then

    Ace turned back as he heard his best friend’s sobs. There she was, on a puddle crying and her princess dress covered with mud. He walked up to her and crouched down. “What happened?” he asked. “M-my dress is ruined! And my knee hurts.” She managed to say between sobs. He clicked his tongue and made her stand up. He shrugged off his jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

    (Y/n) instantly smiled and hugged her best friend. “Tsk. Get over it” he muttered with pink dusting his cheeks.

    Now I realize you were the only one
    It’s never too late to show it
    Grow old together, have feelings we had before
    Back when we were so innocent

    Thirteen old Ace was talking to his friends, Marco and Thatch when he saw (Y/n) enter the class with bruises on her skin. He was instantly by her side, asking her what happened. “I-it’s nothing, I just fell down.” She answered. He knew she was lying because every time he asked, she’d give him the same excuse. He gave her a hard glare as to say ‘Tell me the truth or I’ll kill you’ she sighed and told him the truth. “Kidd pushed me in the playground” Ace’s face flared with anger. “The nerve of the guy…” he muttered and he was gone.

    He came and sat with her during lunch. He was nowhere to be seen during the whole day. (Y/n) noticed the bandages on his arms, legs, and face. “Where were you?” she asked him. Ace looked to the side to hide his flushed face. “Beating the crap out of the guy” he muttered. (Y/n) raised her eyebrow and gave him THE look. “I might or might have not also got detention…” he added sheepishly. She sighed and whacked the back of his head. “You idiot…”

    I pray for all your love
    Girl our love is so unreal
    I just wanna reach and touch you, squeeze you, somebody pinch me

    Ace watched (Y/n) from his spot on the floor. She was reading a book and didn’t even notice him enter her room. He reached his arm and poked her cheek. “Hi, Ace” she muttered, eyes still glued on the book. He pouted. He wanted her attention but he wasn’t getting any. The light bulb over his head suddenly lit up and he jumped from his spot.

    He silently climbed her bed started poking her stomach. Her weak point. She yelped and glared at her best friend. Ace smirked and started to wiggle his fingers, making her roar in laughter. Her laughter was music in his ears.

    “A-Ace! Stop! I-I can’t breathe!” she yelled breathlessly. He stopped and stared at her. She looked at him and blushed at how close they were. Suddenly, his eyes widen and Ace fell on top of her.

    “C-can’t… breathe…” she wheezed. He chuckled. “Then pay attention to me!” he exclaimed. “Fine, now get off of me…” she whispered, out of breath. As he got off of her, (Y/n) rolled over and pinched his forearm. “Ow, ow, ow! It hurts!” Ace wailed as his best friend pinched him harder. She finally let go after a minute and smirked. “That’s your punishment.”

    (I must be dreaming)
    This is something like a movie
    And I don’t know how it ends girl
    But I fell in love with my best friend

    Ten years. It had been ten years and he still didn’t have the guts to tell her how much he loved her. He wanted to declare it to the world, but he couldn’t, fearing that it would ruin their friendship.

    I fell in love with my best friend
    I fell in love with my best friend

    Through all the dudes that came by
    And all the nights that you’d cry
    Girl, I was there right by your side
    How could I tell you I loved you
    When you were so happy with some other guy

    Ace sat in his room as he stared out of the window, his thoughts clouded with one person in his mind. She had been taking up his mind for who knows how long and no matter what he tried to do, she wouldn’t budge. He sighed. “What are you doing to me?” he whispered to himself, a smile on his face.

    He was snapped back into reality as the doorbell rang. Lazily making his way down the stairs, his pace quickened when he heard her voice. Opening the door, the cold air slapped his face. But that didn’t matter. What mattered was shivering (Y/N) standing on his doorstep. Ushering her in, he closed the door. Not letting her utter a single word, he ran upstairs. Coming back seconds later with a towel in his hands, he wrapped the towel around her. “Ace-”

    “Shut up. Explain later. You’ll catch a cold. Idiot” he muttered, making her smile. He might put up a tough façade in front of people, but only she knew how much of a soft person he was. And so, after a much needed warm shower and a change of clothes, the duo sat on the kitchen counter with a mug of hot chocolate.

    “Talk.” One word was all it took for her to look down sadly and start talking. “I and kidd were supposed to go out today. When I reached the park, he was snogging up with Baby 5. Turns out, he was cheating on me with her for two whole months!” she finished off with a sniff.

    Standing up from his spot, he walked around the counter to sit beside her. Opening his arms, he quickly jumped into his arms and sobbed. “I told you he would only be trouble. He did bully you back in middle school.” he sighed.

    Now I realize you were the only one
    It’s never too late to show it
    Grow old together, have feelings we had before
    When we were so innocent

    He stood outside Vivi’s house, waiting for her to come out. He had been going out on dates, hoping that this would distract him from the thoughts of her. As she came out, then took off for their 'date’. The ride there was silent. But it was soon cut off.

    “You should stop wasting your time on these meaningless dates.” Vivi had started. He turned to her, a confused look on his face. “What’d ya mean?

    She chuckled as she shook her head. "What I mean is that it’s so obvious that you love her. (Y/N) I mean. The whole school knows, actually. Even the teachers are desperately waiting for you to get together, for goodness’ sake. Even Mr. Shanks! The way you look at her gives away the whole 'best friend’ thing. The only person who is oblivious to all this is (Y/N) herself. She thinks that you two can only be best friends, but she loves you too. Even Luffy, the biggest knucklehead I’ve ever seen, is suspecting something is going on. And she’s just like you. Not wanting to ruin the friendship when the other one rejects them. She herself is trying to distract herself and clinging on to that little string of hope that she finds someone who would distract her from you. But that person can only be you, Ace.”

    During her little speech, Ace was left speechless. You loved him too. Wait. “She likes me too?!” he exclaimed, eyes wide. “Love more like”

    And so, Vivi had explained everything to him. The signs that she’s shown that she loved him too. Even a little advice was given. His eyes were now opened and he couldn’t wait to confess. He went home with a grin on his face, so big that Vivi feared that it might split his face in half.

    I pray for all your love
    Girl our love is so unreal
    I just wanna reach and touch you, squeeze you, somebody pinch me
    (I must be dreaming)
    This is something like a movie
    And I don’t know how it ends girl
    But I fell in love with my best friend

    Ace waited for her in the park, near their tree. The tree that they planted there during the summer when they were ten. It had grown a lot, and the duo mostly spent their time sitting on one of the branches. He waited and waited. It had been an hour. He had planned everything. He was gonna do it today. Getting lost in his daydream, he jumped a little when his phone vibrated. Looking at it, his shoulders slumped.

    ’~Sorry, can’t make it today. Law asked me out.


    (Y/N) and Law was at the Baratie café, just down the street. They were sitting there in silence, and it was getting a little uncomfortable. “It’s a nice day out today, isn’t it?” she tried to make a conversation, but it clearly wasn’t working. After a few more failed attempts, Law finally spoke. “This isn’t going to work, (Y/N)-ya. I know that you like Ace-ya. Everyone does. So distracting yourself from going on dates and getting into relationships isn’t going to help. And denying the fact isn’t going to help either because you and I both know that it’s true. So stop wasting your time and just confess already. Otherwise, it’ll be too late.” She was shocked, to say the least. “B-but, what if he doesn’t like me?” she didn’t want to ruin their friendship. It was too precious.

    Law huffed and shook his head. Smirking, he replied. “Oh, he doesn’t like you, love is the word here.” and so, she knew what to do.

    I know it sounds crazy
    That you’d be my baby
    Girl, you mean that much to me
    And nothing compares when
    We’re lighter than air and
    We don’t wanna come back down

    They met up at the park, like always, and did their thing. Talked. But that soon came to a stop so, the duo sat under the tree, enjoying each other’s presence. None of the bringing up the fact that they knew about the other’s feelings.

    (Y/N) closed her eyes, finding the heat from the sun relaxing. Feeling that the sun was no longer hitting her face, she opened her (E/C) orbs and her breath hitched. Ace was hovering over her.

    And I don’t wanna ruin what we have
    Love is so unpredictable
    But it’s the risk that I’m taking, hoping, praying
    You’d fall in love with your best friend

    “I can’t take this anymore…” he muttered. “Wha-” her question was cut off when a pair of lips landed on hers. Without wasting another second, she kissed back with all the love she had for this boy.
    But the air was becoming necessary and the two pulled apart. “You have no idea how long I’ve been wanting to do that…” he whispered, staring into the jewels that were her eyes. She giggles, still breathless. With flushed cheeks, she looked ay his onyx orbs that were filled with so much love that nearly made her melt. “I think I know the feeling”

    I pray for all your love
    Girl our love is so unreal
    I just wanna reach and touch you, squeeze you, somebody pinch me
    (I must be dreaming)
    This is something like a movie
    And I don’t know how it ends girl
    But I fell in love with my best friend

    He peppered her face with kisses, making her giggle. She cupped his face in her hands, finally making him look at her. “I love you, so much…” and with that, she pulled him into another short, but sweet kiss. Pulling away, he pulled her along with him. Laying down on the grass with her head resting on his chest. “And I love you. So much that it hurts.”

    I pray for all your love
    Girl our love is so unreal
    I just wanna reach and touch you, squeeze you, somebody pinch me
    (I must be dreaming)
    This is something like a movie
    And I don’t know how it ends girl
    But I fell in love with my best friend

    And six years later that day, they got married. Even after all these years, their love for each other didn’t flatter at all. His heart beat faster every time she looked at him. Every kiss was like the first. Every touch sent sparks everywhere. But their friendship was still the same. Same childishness, same habits, everything.

    And a year later, they had two beautiful kids. Twins to be exact. Lucy and Rouge. And they proved to the world that best friends can fall in love and nothing can be ruined.

    I fell in love with my best friend
    I remember when I said I’d always be there
    Ever since we were ten, baby…

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  • {Father! Zoro X Mother! Reader}

    (D/N)= Daughter’s name

    (Y/N) turned around in her bed, her hand lazily searching for the mossy ball of warmth she called her husband, but only felt the cold sheets. She peeked one eye open to find his side empty. Her (E/C) roamed around the poorly lit room and found the door slightly open with the light peeking through the gap, and muffled voices. She groaned and looked at the clock on her bedside, which showed 1:22 AM. Sighing, she threw her feet on the floor, shivering from the cold tile.

    Opening the door a little further, she noticed that the light and the muffled voices were coming from the room down the hall, which was (D/N)’s room. Slowly and quietly, she walked towards the room, the voices becoming louder and clearer. She peeked through the creaked door to find two moss heads sat on the bed, the smaller form on the bigger one’s arms. She smiled at the sight.

    Squeals were heard, and the sound of her husband hushing. “Shh… you’ll wake up mama!” Zoro whispered quietly, putting his index finger on his lips. (D/N)’s squeals died down and (Y/N) smiled. They had no idea. “What happened after the warrior defeated the big bad bird?” (D/N) questioned, her head tilting to the side. Zoro smiled softly at her. “The big bad bird was killed and the warrior saved the princess.” He continued, tucking the loose green strands of hair behind the girl’s ear. “Yay!” (D/N) cheered happily.

    “The warrior and the princess then sailed the seas together, and then got married. They later had a beautiful daughter and lived happily in a small village.” He finished, smiling softly at (D/N) who yawned tiredly. Zoro rubbed her back for a while until her breathing calmed down into a rhythm. Tucking the child in her bed, he stood up and exited the room, his eyes widening at the sight of his wife, smiling at him.

    “W-when did you come here?” he stuttered, still recovering from the surprise. “Long enough to hear the warrior getting married and having a daughter.” She smirked, satisfied with the blush rising up Zoro’s neck up to his ears. “O-oh… why’re you up anyway?” he asks, trying to change the topic.

    (Y/N) warmly smiles. “You weren’t in bed, so I came looking for you” Zoro smiled. How did he get so lucky to have this amazing woman as his wife? What had he done in his life to deserve a person like her?

    His hand rested on the small of her back as they walked back to their shared bedroom. He tucked his wife in bed; he got in himself, sighing with the warmth of the covers. He soon felt small arms circling around his torso and a small weight on his chest, right where his heart was. His own hands found their way, too. One around her slim waist and the other entangling with her silky (H/L) (H/C) locks.

    Zoro sighed happily. This was his life and he couldn’t ask for anything more or less than this. All the struggles and hardships he went through to get here was all worth it. If someone was to say to him, a few years back, that he’d be happily married to the love of his life and have a beautiful daughter with her, he’d probably laugh on their face.

    “Remember, we have the gang coming for lunch tomorrow…” he heard her sleepy mummer. He hummed in response as his hand combed through her locks and the other drawing random things in her hips. Her regular breathing was soon hears and he, too, drifted to a slumber listening to her rhythmic breathing.

    #roronoa zoro #monkey d. luffy #vinsmoke sanji#usopponepiece #nami one piece #tony tony chopper #nico robin #franky one piece #brook one piece #straw hat pirates #modern au#Wattpad#oneshot#onepiece
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  • KEY: (B/D) = Your Birthday

    (F/FF/R)= Favorite fast food restaurant


    (B/D). It’s time. He was gonna do it. This time for sure. He had planned everything out. All he had to do was man up and do it. All he would have to do was take her to the place which had the most beautiful view and then-

    “Sanji? Earth to Sanji!!” your voice bought him back to reality. “Huh? Oh, you’re ready?” he asked, shaking his head to clear his mind. You smiled. “Yeah. This dress is poking and scratching me everywhere…” you scrunched your nose and look down at your (F/c) dress again, for the nth time.

    “You sure I look okay?” you ask him again. “Y-yes, absolutely okay!” he stutters. You frown. “If you say so…” you mumbled. You then looked over at him. He had his usual attire. Black dress pants, black coat, black tie and a navy blue shirt underneath the coat. But he had also added a rose in his pocket today, to give him a more classy and professional look.

    “You ready to go?” Your best friend asked you as you get in the car. “Yeah, I am, but you still haven’t given me a reason as to why you’re taking me to a fancy restaurant.”

    He shrugged. “Just to have some quality time for both of us. Yes, we live in the same apartment, but we aren’t spending much time together because we both have been busy with work. So I thought what’s better than to have dinner together? You know, catch up on things?” he explained. “Yeah, you’re right.” You smiled. The rest of the drive was spent in silence, occasionally filled with small conversations.


    “C'mon, up here!” he called out. You nod and climb up the stairs, silently thanking yourself that you had worn wedges instead of the pencil heels you considered wearing. The restaurant was amazing. It was made on top of a hill and the whole architecture looked like it was craved from stones. Sculptures were made from rocks and the floor had cracks, grass growing from them. Fairy lights, spotlights and lamps decorated the whole place. Fountains and waterfalls were everywhere. As you reached the top, you couldn’t help but marvel at the beautiful view. The rooftop was amazing. Lush green plants surrounded the railings and soft, yellow twinkling lights were to be seen as far as your eyesight let you. Tiny, red, moving lights were occasionally seen and soft music on the background could be heard, and the sound of running water from the huge waterfall on one side of the place, mixed with the hushed voices of the people sitting there, and the cool wind blowing, cooling off the heat from the sun in daytime.

    “Wow…” you mummer, being left speechless by the scenery around you. “Beautiful, isn’t it” he whispers beside you. You only nod. “Yeah, it truly is,” you whisper back, thinking that if you talk any louder, the beauty around you will vanish. When you look over at him, his deep blue eyes are starring into yours with a look of adore on them. You quickly look away. You had to, because if you looked at him in the eye which had this look in them, you would do something that would ruin your 17 year friendship and you would regret it for the rest of your life. You take a deep breath to calm yourself down. You cannot let this happen. His friendship was more important to you. And if he is only willing to give you nothing more than that, then you’ll cherish this for however long it lasts.

    A waiter soon leads you to a table he had reserved, and gave you the menus. As you were deciding what to order, his phone rings. He answers the phone, signaling you to give him a minute and walks to a quieter corner. You continue to look at the menu. He finally comes back and you start to talk. After some minutes pass, he looks up at you. “(Y/N)?” you hum in response and look up at him. He then softly starts to sing. “Happy birthday to you…” more voices follow behind you and as you look up and your (E/C) pools widen. You’re surprised to see your mom, dad, Owner Zeff and all your friends and a cake in your mom’s hands.

    “W-what?” you look back at Sanji to see him smiling at you. “Happy birthday (Y/N)!” he cheers and the rest follow. Your mom puts the cake down in front of you. You stand up from your spot to hug everyone. You are then handed a knife and the cake is cut. You take a piece and a bite is taken by everyone, Luffy being the last because you being the kind person you are, he was given the biggest piece.

    When everyone was settled down and ordered the food, they started talking, but you couldn’t focus on anything. Your arms and legs were shaking and you were still in shock from the surprise. “(Y/N)?” Chopper called out. “Huh? Yeah, what’s up?” you ask. “You’ve been spacing out. Is everything okay?” Robin asks. You smile. “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m still shook over this… this whole thing…” You say and laugh.

    “Well, you could open the gifts to calm yourself” you mum says. You nod as you stand up to take the bag which contains all the gifts which Brook hands you with a “Yohohoho”. You take all of them out and placing them beside the bag, reading the labels as you do so. The biggest one was from Zoro. He is literally like your older brother, as you open the wrapping paper, you feel as if you’d cry any minute now. He gave you a photo frame, four in one. One of them had a group photo with all your friends, the second one being you with your family, third one of your own, and the last one, which was also the biggest one of all, was of you and him. Since he was sitting beside you, you jump on him and hug him tight, not noticing the glare that was being sent to him be a certain, curly eye browed blond. The next gift was from Robin, who gave you some books of your favorite genre. Franky had given you a jewelry box, Ace had given you a (F/FF/R) gift card, Sabo gave you a painting, Nami had bought you a cute shirt, Chopper gave you a pocket first aid kit, Ussoup got you some machine he made, which he said would help inform your friends of where you are in case of danger, brook had got you a CD containing all your favorite songs written by him, Luffy had bought you a charm bracelet with a meat charm on it, and your parents had got you some decoration pieces for your apartment.

    You thanked them all and the food soon arrived all you all started eating and recalling memories of the past, laughing all the time. You were having a great time, having all your favorite people with you on your birthday but you couldn’t help but wish that something more special would’ve happened today.

    When everyone had finished, they started taking pictures of themselves with the scenery and talking. You were talking to your parents when Sanji appeared beside you. “Hey, come with me for a sec?” he asks. You nod and excuse yourself to follow your best friend. He took you to a quieter area. The view was even more spectacular from there. More lights could be seen and the flowers were beautiful. You turn to him. “What’s up?” you ask him. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you…” he trails off. You notice that he wasn’t meeting your eyes, meaning he was nervous. “Snooj, you okay?” you ask, worried as to why he was so nervous.

    “Y-yeah, yeah, I’m fine. It’s nothing, forget I said anything….” He stuttered. You look at him uncertainly. “Sanj, I’ve known you for, like, 17 years. I know you’re not fine. Tell me what happened?” you persist. “I told you, it’s nothing.” He says, somehow finding his shoes more interesting. You shake your head. “I know something’s bothering you.” You say again and he just shakes his head again.

    “Was your day bad? Did you injure yourself somehow? Is your stomach hurting? Did you have a fight? Did-” Your questions were cut off when something warm was placed on your lips. His lips. Someone was kissing you. Sanji was kissing you! Wait… SANJI WAS KISSING YOU?!?!?!

    Your eyes widen as you realize. But when you did, he had already pulled away with a hurt look on his face. He looked at you with the same expression he his only hours ago when you two were looking at the scenery. “That’s what’s wrong. I’m in love with you. I knew you wouldn’t feel the same…” he said, his voice low, filled with sadness. “But it’s okay, it’s okay if you don’t love me back, I’ll try to be as normal as I can, I won’t bring this up again and-”

    Now, it was his time to be cut off. With a pair of lips. Your lips. His eyes widen, but he came to his senses, and returned the favor. His long, slender arms wrapped around her slim waist and her short arms hugged his neck, thin fingers playing with the hair on the nape of his neck. When the two finally pull away, they both are panting. “Why would you think I wouldn’t love you?” You ask in between breaths, your (E/C) eyes shining with love and adoration. He smiles. “Thank you,” he whispers, his face buried between your neck and shoulder and arms still around your waist. The two stay in the position for about two minutes when Sanji pulls away. “I almost forgot.” He mumbles. “What?” she asks confused about what he was referring to. He chuckles and takes a long, velvet box out of his pocket and opens it to show (Y/N) what’s inside. Her surprised gasp fills his ears and he feels satisfied of himself. On the box, there lies a necklace with her name engraved on it. “Sanji, you shouldn’t have…” you whisper. “But I did,” he smiles. His hands grips your shoulders and turns you around and you immediately gather you (H/L) (H/C) locks in one hand and lift it up to allow him to clip the necklace in place. He brings right hand in front of you and the left one reaches out for the other end. When you hear the satisfactory ‘click’ of the necklace being fastened in place, you feel his lips on the nape of your neck, and his hot breath just above it. You turn around when he parts away and smile thankfully. He starts to pepper her face with kisses and she giggles. He suddenly stops, making her look at him in confusion.

    “I forgot to ask, be my girlfriend?” you do a mix of a huff and a chuckle. “I’d love to,” and within a second, she is trapped in between his arms again, his chin resting on top. “Happy birthday, (Y/N),” he whispers in her hair. She stays silent, only hugging him tighter. “We should probably go back…” she says. “Yeah, we should,” he says back, but no one moves. After about four minutes of being in each other’s arms, they pull away, but not entirely and walk back hand in had, back to the company they had for the night…

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  • Pairing: Sokka/firebender!Original Character (female)

    Word Count: 2068

    Warnings: None:)

    Rating: E for everyone

    Summary: It’s the final countdown (aka it sorta follows the OG plot and this is the final fight!) Sokka gets a little jealous, alotta worried, and many fluffy mushy feelings<3

    Part 1 I Part 2



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    ‪Jenlisa AU; Not all love stories end in happily ever after.‬

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  • I’m too insecure to start a Youtube channel turns out. But I can make a Tik Tok for ya’ll

    Follow me on TikTok @ alisonwasheere

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  • y’all remember loudluke on wattpad?? i just reread all of her fics and i’m currently living my best life reminiscing on 2016/17. life is good.

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    Pusiste atención a Cada Palabra que dije.. Lo noté..

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  • Other People: The fic must be 100K plus words, completed with multiple chapters, perfect grammar and spelling, must include at least three of my favorite tropes, the characters can’t be too OOC but it also has to feel fresh and new. If it fails to live up to these standards than sorry I’m not reading it and deem the writer and everything they write trash.

    Me: Is it at least semi coherent?…yea…LET GOOOOOOO BABY!!!!! *kick flips straight into a brick wall*

    #fanfiction#fanfics#ao3#wattpad #not to diss people with standards #I used to be hella picky #but I realized I was missing out #so now I just have fun #though mpreg is still a no from me dawg #support authors
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  • A digital portrait of Alan! His blue-gold eyes are famous in a town filled with brown-eyes and brown hair.


    Follow my Instagram @tov_writer for a character portraits! Tomorrow, we meet Caramel— the notorious Redheaded Bandit.

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  • Five:

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    #not without you #stucky#steve rogers#bucky barnes #steve rogers x bucky barnes #marvel#fanfic#wattpad#ao3#canon divergence #post infinity war #endgame au#nomad steve#angst#hurt/comfort #fix it fic #otp #eventual happy ending
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  • Gota 2. ¿Y la novia para cuando? 

    – gracias por su compra – despide Luna con una dulce sonrisa al joven cliente 

    El chico apenas da una respuesta clara y agarra la bolsa con su libro para salir con grandes pasos de la tienda; y cuando estaba en el vidrio del exhibidor, Luna aprovechó para despedirlo también con la mano. Se pintó de un rojo intenso toda la cara del chico y ahora sí se fue corriendo de ahí 

    Hasta que el chico se fue, ahora sí pudo devolverle la mirada a Mavro; quién hace rato tiene la mirada clavada en la nuca de la morena, y de seguir así va hacerle un hoyo en el cráneo

    – ¿Que? – cuestionó a su amigo 

    – ¿No te parece que es un cliente muy frecuente? Es su quinto libro en esta semana

    – pues debe ser un ratón de biblioteca como tú 

    Cómo reemplazo a una ceja levantada, los ojos vidriosos del chico se tornaron a los de una punta de lápiz

    – ¿Y es completamente normal que parezca semáforo cada que viene, no, cada que Tú lo atiendes? 

    – exposición excesiva al sol – respondió Luna con una amplia sonrisa 

    Mavro soltó risitas y volvió a retomar su libro, y Luna ella volvía acomodar la estantería enfrente de ellos. Leyó unos párrafos para finalmente agregar 

    – eso se llama aprovecharse de un pobre humano que no tiene idea que quiere andar con un esqueleto de la edad de los dinosaurios

    Dejó de hacer lo que hacía, se bajó de la silla pequeña de metal y se planteó enfrente de su amigo, con ceja pronunciada y vena casi a punto de explotar

    – repite lo, que no te escuché bien – quitó el libro del camino y puso sus brazos en los brazos de la silla giratoria – esqueleto, ¿De qué época? 

    – dije dinosaurios, pero tú fuiste creada con los primeros seres vivos en la tierra

    Y con esas palabras, Mavro había firmado su sentencia de muerte 

    Pero una dulce voz de niño lo salvó de morir 

    – ¡MAMI! – exclamó con gran alegría el pequeño Mike, quién fue corriendo a los brazos de su madre

    Luna se había agachado y con el impulso de sus piernas levantó a su pequeño de 5 hasta que sus piernas quedaron colgando en el aire, dieron giros y ella lo llenaba con muchos besos en su rostro y en su cabeza

    – ¿Cómo le fue hoy a mi hombrecito favorito? 

    – ¡FUE GENIAL! – volvió a exclamar entre risas en los brazos de su madre 

    Ambos adultos rieron, pero vieron mejor la sonrisa del pequeño. Sus ojos quedaron como platos, en el caso de Mavro se tornaron de un morado tan oscuro que estaba a un paso de volverse negro; cuando vieron un gran agujero en los dientes traseros izquierdos del niño

    – volvimos – aviso Leo cerrando la puerta de cristal

    El pequeño dió pequeños empujones a su mamá para que lo soltará y ahora fuera a los brazos de su padre, quién lo subió a sus hombros. 

    – mmm, hijo – llamo Luna a su pequeño, quien volteo a ver a su mamá – ¿Y tus dientes? 

    Luna se atrevió a plural a ver semejante hoyo que ahora tiene su niño, dónde mínimo le caben tres de sus pequeños dedos

    – ¡CIERTO! 

    Mike le pidió a su padre ponerlo encima del mostrador de madera y ahí empezó su relato 

    – bueno, estábamos mis amigos y yo en el recreo, habías terminado de comer nuestros almuerzos y estábamos pensando que podíamos jugar. Pensamos y pensamos – el pequeño se cruzó de brazos – pero nada se nos ocurrió 

    Levantó sus delgados brazos, y de un puño antes hecho, ahora solo tenía el dedo índice de cada mano

    – ¡Boris dijo: “si somos bestias, ¿Podremos llegar al techo de un salto?" 

    Ahora puso sus manos a la cadera 

    – nadie se atrevió, y solo yo lo intente – dijo el niño con tanto orgullo que inflaba su pequeño pecho 

    Pero esto solo hacía a su madre plantearse el tipo de educación y vigilancia que tenían con los niños, los ojos del mitad bestias ya habían tenido dos tipos de verde, uno normal y el otro chocando con el azul, naranja desde el tono más pálido hasta el más oscuro, y el morado oscuro se transformó en lila, y todo en esos escasos minutos; y Leo, estaba aguando la risa desde lo más profundo del diafragma y espera con ansias su parte favorita de esta historia

    – entonces, imaginen que está esta es la mesa del patio de mi escuela – dijo agitando con mucha velocidad sus pequeños brazos, y con sus palmas extendidas hacia el mostrador que tiene a sus pies – entonces me prepare, lo calculé en mi cabeza, y ¡Salte! 

    Flexiono sus piernas igual que hizo en la mesa del patio, y tan buena fue la actuación que si salto; pero ahí tenía la ventaja de caer en brazos de cualquiera de sus padres o en los de su tío. Y como el más cercano, Leo fue el que sirvió de lugar cómodo para caer del pequeño niño 

    – gracias papá – dijo para poner sus pies en la segura tierra – y así pasó – terminó con una amplia sonrisa 

    Los ojos de Mavro se mantuvieron lilas y Luna tenía ojos llenos de confusión, pero en su rostro mantuvo su sonrisa dulce hacia su niño 

    – entonces mi niño, ¿Te caiste de cara…? 

    – no, no, no, no, no – interrumpió él a su madre, negando también con la cabeza – se me cayó mi diente cuando termine estampado con la columna

    En instantes de explicarse los ojos del mitad bestia se transformaron en un verde oscuro y su boca empezó a notarse cada vez más. Pero un codazo y una mirada fulminante después, lo hizo regresar sus ojos de cristal blanco y su boca ya era inexistente

    – y por eso perdiste tus dientitos y ahora tu ojito está morado 

    Y una vez más, el niño empezó a negar 

    – no, solo fue uno. El otro fue porque la maestra no me vio que estaba detrás de la puerta – dijo otra vez con su sonrisa amplia 

    Incluso después mostró con alegría sus dos dientes que guardo en una de las bolsas del costado de su pantalón de deportes de los colores cálidos de la escuela. Ambos hombres tenía una mano en la boca y ya varias carcajadas habían salido

    Luna suspiro, para no matar a esos dos antes de tiempo, y se agachó para mirar mejor sus pequeños dientes de leche

    – wuaw, mira esos dos dientes. Apuesto que el ratón te traerá mucho dinero

    Los ojos del pequeño empezaron a brillar 

    – ¡¿De verdad?! – dijo emocionado 

    – por supuesto – aseguró Luna – lo suficiente para completar lo que te falta para ese carro tan bonito que quieres a control remoto 

    Las risas de ambos pararon cuando Luna los miro con una mirada cómplice y una sonrisa maliciosa; esa sonrisa maliciosa con la que siempre ella podía salirse con la suya

    – ¿No es así? – fue tan descarada para que incluso hacerlo notar en su voz

    – si cielo, el ratón es muy generoso – sonrió Leo dolido 

    Ahora sus billeteras son las que lloran mientras el niño da brincos cual saltamontes, agradeciendo en gritos alegres al ratón y su gran imaginación explotó en tan solo pensar en tener ese hermoso carro en sus manos. Horas y horas de juego sin fin 

    – iré a limpiar mis dientes y ya los pondré en mi almohada – dijo con gran entusiasmo, y con ese mismo iba corriendo hacia la planta de arriba 

    Cuando los adultos ya estaban solos, Luna empezó a repartir golpes a diestra y siniestra

    – y yo que pensé que el único niño era Mike – dijo furiosa, para ir con un paso marcado al mostrador

    Ambos compartieron una risa cómplice, los ojos de Mavro se volvieron de un verde llegando al amarillo, pero se apagó en cuanto Luna volvió hablar; pero esta vez fue diferente. 

    – y espero el dinero muy pronto, señores 

    Su expresión molesta se volvió en su sonrisa malévola de villana de cuento de niños, incluso el tono llegaba ser tan aterrador como si el mismo demonio viniera por tu alma, pidiendo la con la mano extendida. Y por la inocencia del niño más adorado, con mucho dolor en sus codos, le dieron el dinero suficiente para el costoso carro de juguete que tanto ansía el pequeño Mike

    Recordatorio para ambos, Luna es muy aterradora y manipuladora

    – por cierto, Mavro – el mencionado volteo con ojos en un azul llegando al verde muy pálido – ¿Cómo va mi paciente? 

    Luna mira a su mejor amigo con una sonrisa y con ojos expectantes por la respuesta, mientras Leo mira al mitad bestia con una media sonrisa

    – bien – respondió con sequedad 

    Leo ríe con libertad y Luna mira a su amigo con una mueca de descontento total; boca abierta, ojos muy abiertos y cejas muy inclinadas. 

    – debes de estar bromeando 

    Ahora los cristales se tornaron de un gris grafito y soltó un largo suspiro, tanto que incluso varias gotas de su saliva cayeron esparcidas en el piso. 

    – Luna – dijo el chico con cansancio extremo – no vamos a tener esta conversación otra vez 

    Ahora, para evitar por completo el sermón y ignorarlo mejor, empezó acomodar los libros; pero Luna no se rindió. Salió del mostrador y confronto a su mejor amigo 

    – Mavro, es una chica sexy

    – además es amable y gentil – agregó Leo 

    Sus ojos volvieron hacer de un cristal blanco, agarró su libro y dió inicio al plan de escape. Luna y Leo lo hubieran seguido de no ser por la pila de cajas que aún los esperan dentro y fuera del demostrador, todas llenas de libros y artículos que hay que acomodar para la venta

    Pero no sé quedaron con las palabras en la garganta

    – aunque sea invitala a una cita – dijo Luna encogiéndose de hombros

    A estas alturas se conformaba con que Mavro saliera un rato con alguien más que no sea ellos dos

    – o un rato divertido – agregó Leo con picardía

    Cómo antiguo casanova, quería quitarle lo amargado a su mejor amigo con una hermosa y sensual chica

    Los ojos volvieron hacer grafito, volvió a suspirar, esta vez en su interior, y se fue lejos de ambos “cupidos” que quieren desesperadamente verlo con una persona; hombre o mujer, se conforman con cualquier género mientras sea otro individuo, humano y bestia, tampoco importa mucho 

    Evitó a sus amigos hasta que ya estaban muy cansados por la mercancía para seguir siendo sus “cupidos personales” y ahora sí los ayudo con las montañas de libros que tenían que acomodar. Cuando terminaron ya era hora de cerrar, y el pequeño Mike había terminado rendido por Morfeo, por eso en esta ocasión cada quien se fue a su casa

    Cuando llegó lo recibió la escena normal, la señora Cook saludando y dando le la bienvenida al edificio, el regresando el saludo, darle un vistazo rápido al correo antes de abrir lo cómodamente en casa y contando su día con rápidas palabras a la señora Cook como ella siempre lo hace con él

    Hasta ahí era normal

    Pero la rutina se rompió cuando la vieja Cook la llamó para que bajara, no había avanzado mucho solo había pasado las primeras escaleras, por eso no fue nada cansado regresar 

    – casi lo olvido. Hijo no te voy a mentir, nunca voy a entender a los cazarrecompensas; pero puedes pedirle a tus amigos que no hagan tanto ruido. Sé que los Miller están de luna de miel, pero aún así pueden molestar a los demás inquilinos

    La señora Cook son del tipo de personas que explican con detalle las cosas, no es del tipo de dejan un halo de misterio, es directa y por eso es de las pocas personas que Mavro habla con ella sin necesidad de utilizar la libreta. Además de la cercanía de 5 años ha hecho que ella identifique cada color en los ojos del mitad bestia; y por eso, no pudo seguir hablando

    Las palabras dejaron de fluir, su garganta se había cerrado, y no era para menos. Solo ha visto el rojo intenso en los ojos del mitad bestia unas cuantas veces en el tiempo que lleva conociendo lo, y jamás ha sido buena señal

    – señora Cook – Mavro abre ligeramente su boca y se quita los guantes, dejando ver la placa de metal y las cuchillas filosas que tiene como dedos – escóndase en el almacén, llame a cada inquilino y dígales que ninguno salga. No importa que puedan escuchar. No. Salgan 

    Con esas últimas palabras Mavro se fue disparado hacías las escaleras, corriendo con velocidad las pasillos donde cada pared cuenta con un par de puertas, y brinca como gato las escaleras para ir corriendo otra vez en los pasillos; llegó el punto que el mitad bestia dejó de caminar en dos pies y empezó a caminar en cuatro para ahorrar mucho más tiempo. Hasta que en minutos llegó al séptimo piso, segunda puerta en la derecha, está rota la puerta de su departamento y colgando de un lado, unida únicamente con uno de los seguros de la pared

    Y adentro era peor 

    La gran mayoría de su vajilla había sido víctima, sus muebles estaban volteados y su mesa había sido privada de una de sus patas traseras. La puerta de su cuarto había sido tirada, y sus cosas no habían sido tocadas, al menos no a grandes rasgos; y la segunda puerta del cuarto, estaba semi cerrada y un agradable olor a rosas provenía de él 

    Abrió la puerta

    #historia#Wattpad#Mavro#avatar#oc#Isabel #Dos gotas de lluvia #llegando tarde forever X'D
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  • This is not Storge Related - I came up with a new WIP today, and I’m really excited about it but it’s pretty experimental so I’m thinking about posting it to something like Wattpad or a personal website instead of pursuing proper publishing, at least not yet. Just to put it out on the internet and see what people think. 

    Here’s the thing, It’s told in the format of logs, so there’s a lot of very particular formatting with different colors of text, indentation, bold text, a certain font I’m using, the orientation of the text on the page, ect. to get the point across. 

    Does wattpad preserve your formatting if you import it from a word document? Will certain website services? This might be a deciding factor in which website maker I end up using. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I know tumblr is going to mess it up, and I’d rather not post screenshots for the accessibility issue. 

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  • image
    #wattpad#werewolf#wxtch speaks#personal #basically i’ve come full circle
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