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    #finally deleted my wattpad account as i should have 3 years ago <3 #so true of me
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    Okay but?? Jared x Wilbur isn’t even that bad why are you making it seem like that’s the epitome of cursed. Simp it is canonically bi for Jared.

    #apparently someone quit wattpad because or jarbur fanfiction #but??? #there’s so many worse things out there #how did THAT make you quit???
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    i cant believe this website is free <3

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    Hihi- I’m bored so I’m just gonna-

    Get to know me!😀

    ⇢ I’m not exactly the social type so like-

    ⇢ Most likely a minor compared to you (13+)

    ⇢ I suck ass at writing smut and lowkey feel kinda uncomfortable while doing so-

    ⇢ I have a Wattpad : TRU3_C010RS and a tiktok : tru3._.c010rs

    ⇢ I’m mixed (African American x Native American)

    ⇢ Gender fluid (preferred pronouns are they/them)

    ⇢ I’m usually just here scrolling so if you want to talk then I’m open-

    ⇢ A huge simp

    ⇢ I take requests if I get any- No smut tho- thas a Nono😭

    ⇢ I get uncomfortable quickly im so sorry💀

    ⇢ I’m fine with writing kinktober Headcannons but no more than that please-

    ⇢ I listen to music a lot- im literally listening to music rn

    ⇢ I’m 5’7 🧍

    Irdk what else to put😭uhmm yeah if you want to know anything else just ask ig-

    #idk what it is #im awkward #get to know the blogger #get to know the writer #get to know me #im bored#wattpad#tiktok#tumblr #idk what else to tag
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    The Wicked Witch of the Westside (Wattpad Cover)

    para doação, se tem interesse é só chamar
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    wait i’m adding some spice to chapter 9 😮‍💨 give me till 10:30pm ct at least

    #werewolf!harry #the alpha’s weak mate #harry styles#wattpad#smut
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    Buenas tardes!

    Los invito a que le pasen a mi Wattpad llamado:Yeonpad.

    Allí estaré subiendo las historias completas,recuerden que serán historias LGBT, así que si no nos apoyas no vayas a dejar un mal comentario <3

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    chapter 38

    𝔴𝔬𝔯𝔡 𝔠𝔬𝔲𝔫𝔱: 3.97K

    𝔤𝔢𝔫𝔯𝔢: romance | slice of life | fluff | angst | bts x female!reader | ot7

    𝔰𝔲𝔪𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔶: You watched them from the sidelines ever since you were a young teenage girl. Now you’re grown up, they’ve returned after 2 long years and everything has changed. What happens when you pull back the mask and find the darkness within? What happens when you see that they’re broken?

    𝔞/𝔫: sorry for the late update! I was busy today, so I wasn't able to update as early as I'd like. PLUS i still have to write Jimin's birthday chapter so I'll release that tomorrow. Two updates in a week FEELS.

    (pps all dialogue in bold from this moment forward means that the character is speaking in English)

    𝔴𝔞𝔯𝔫𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔰: cliffhangers | angst | fluff | slight mentions of self hatred | depression | mental health illness | self harm | occurs in the year 2024 | set in a timeline where BTS went to the military together | slight language | mentions of rape | childhood trauma | multiple forms of abuse | mentions of blood and injuries | toxic relationships

    tags: @kookaine | @fangirl125reader | @kookiebbyxx | @taradevonne | @rae-bear | @mangminnie | @pixiekooo (not taggable) | @cana

    Haven't I said this before?

    That pain doesn't leave?

    It constantly reminds you of its existence, and even if you manage to overcome it, it's still there. Hiding and waiting for the moment where you'll break down. Waiting for the chance to destroy you all over again.

    Perhaps, in this moment, you should have remembered.

    "What are you doing here?"

    Your voice is small, feeble, and shaking. Every move he makes you are sure to remember, your guard up and prepared for anything he may do to you. You don't know for sure why he's here, but the way the two of you left things off last time, you aren't sure if you want to find out.

    When he takes a step closer to you, your hands tighten on the door, and you visibly flinch, taking a step backward.

    "Yen? Who is it?"

    You never thought you'd be so grateful to see Taehyung's face. Turning to him as though he were your savior, he immediately sees the panic in your eyes and narrows his towards the newcomer. He may not know exactly what's going on, but he can tell that this person is someone who you don't feel comfortable around. He would even say you're frightened.

    And maybe you were, but now, with him by your side, some of your strength and resolve return as you are reminded that you are no longer alone. You have someone who will stay loyally by your side.

    As you raise your eyes to Alex, however, you can spy that familiar glint of anger and malice in his otherwise blue eyes. He's always been the jealous type, a major issue in your relationship, so you aren't surprised, but you can't help but feel a sense of hypocrisy.

    He's the one who cheated on you, and yet he thinks he has a right to be jealous?

    Has he forgotten it's over?

    "Yeah Yen," he murmurs, his jaw set tightly and his eyes narrowed in displeasure. You had forgotten he was raised in Korea, you were hoping he wouldn't be able to understand Taehyung. "Who am I?"

    You nearly scoff at the question, your fear quickly rooting itself in your throat and turning to hatred and respite. With Tae at your side, you stand straight, your hand now tightening on the knob as a way to release your frustration instead of your dread.

    "No one important." You snarl, almost wishing you could slam the door shut right in his face. His eyes, eyes you once found beautiful and alluring, widen with your words, a flicker of hurt clearly found beneath his anger.

    "Are you serious?" He takes another step forward, but this time, you refuse to flinch and allow him to take dominance over the situation. "After everything, am I really nothing to you?"

    "After everything?!" You shout incredulously, your eyes widening with the same emotion. He swallows hard at the clear yet subtle reminder of what he's done, and at the sight of his discomfort you want to smile in the sick satisfaction it gives you. You curl your upper lip as you press your finger into his chest, forcing him back the same steps he just ventured back into your life.

    "After everything, you're lucky I even acknowledge your existence." You hiss with as much venom as is possible.

    "Yen, please." He begs you, but you refuse to accept it.

    If there's any sight of regret or apologies in his irises, you don't want to see it. You don't want to acknowledge it. He's done what he's done, there's no fixing that now. As you pull away, you make sure he knows it, your eyes stone cold against his plea.

    "I want nothing more to do with you." You murmur, making sure your voice is steady as can be. No signs of weakness, or hurt, no signs of regret. Especially not now. "I would like it if you could leave."

    You start to close the door, but you were a fool for thinking that he would give up that easily.

    He pushes against the door, leaving you to stumble back, your hand nearly being yanked from its firm hold on the knob. You wince at the sharp pain that awakens in your wrist, and if he notices, he doesn't seem to care. He lunges forward, grabbing your arm and squeezing it tight, causing you to let out a sharp hiss of pain.

    "Let go!" You cry, trying to pull away, but he's stronger than you remember and you're caught off guard. Your heart beats loud in your throat as past trauma begins to scratch its way free from the inner corners of your mind. Panic rising in the back of your throat, you look up at him only to see desperation clouding any form of reason.

    "Yen, just let me explain." His grip on you only grows stronger every time you pull back, and it doesn't seem to bother him that he's hurting you. You can feel the tears brimming at the corner of your eyes, as his fingertips dig deep into your flesh helplessness seeping into the corners of your mind.

    "Alex, you're hurting me!" You plead, hoping that he'll listen to you. You were afraid of this, he doesn't listen to others when he's upset, he just pushes and pushes until he gets what he wants. "Please just let go!"

    "No, not until you listen to me." And whenever things don't go his way, he gives you an ultimatum, gaslighting and manipulating you to make you feel inferior as though your situation was your fault and not his. You wince as you struggle against him, thinking that you were a fool to ever trust a man like this with your heart.

    "Tell me, Alex, what more is there to say?"

    At your words, you can feel his grip loosen, and you see this as your chance to break free. Gathering up your strength, you pull your arm out of his hold, but it's only a moment of freedom before he realizes what's happened and grabs it once more. This time, however, he is not satisfied having you in his clutches, he wants you to be outside in his space. On his terms.

    As he tries to drag you outside, you can feel the panic grow at an intolerable rate. You try to pull back, to stay in your apartment, but he doesn't give in, only increasing his hold on you. You can feel the cage he once held you in growing tighter and tighter, and the thought of being stuck in that impossible situation makes the hopelessness in your heart grow overwhelming.

    But when you feel the arms around you, everything else fades away.

    Taehyung doesn't know who this person is, nor does he care. The only thing he knows is that he hurt you. He made that helpless and frightened look appear on your face. As soon as he realized that you were unable to defend yourself against him, Taehyung knew he couldn't ignore the situation anymore.

    How dare someone make you look that way? How dare they think that it's okay to ignore your feelings and hurt you, no matter what they may feel? Taehyung can feel the dark swirling pit inside of him grow and fester as he takes Alex's hand in his own and squeezes it until he lets out a soft cry of pain and finally releases you.

    As Alex raises his eyes to Tae's in a furious rage, he's met with a cold unforgivable stare.

    It's clear that if Alex touches you one more time, Taehyung will not hesitate to teach him what personal boundaries and consent really mean. His hands tighten protectively around your shoulders as he holds you to him, shielding you from the unfamiliar oppressor. He doesn't release Alex from his fierce glare, the tension growing tight around the three of you.

    "What the hell is your problem?" Alex growls, not ready to back down and at the statement, you can see the fury burn cold in Taehyung's dark eyes.

    "She told you to let go. It seems that you had trouble understanding a simple request." He answers his voice level but laced with icy venom.

    "Who are you?!" Alex exclaims, his eyes sparkling with malice.

    Taehyung smirks, before pulling you closer to him and raising an eyebrow. "Who do you think I am?"

    Growling, Alex tightens his fist, those blue eyes now darkened into a deep turquoise with his fury. You know that look, it's a look you've tried to avoid. Normally it was never directed towards you, but when it was, it never ended well.

    You wince at the memory.

    Any minute now his emotions will turn into a blind rage and he'll end up hurting someone or saying something he will most likely regret. You try to step in front of Taehyung to stop him before anyone gets hurt, but Tae doesn't let you pass.

    You look up at him, a bit shocked, but are at a stalemate when you see the look in his eyes. They are aflame with fury and hatred, and if it weren't for your presence beside him, he might have introduced Alex to his fist before your ex even had a chance. The look sends shivers down your spine, and you realize you've never witnessed Taehyung angry. Yes, maybe you've seen pictures and maybe he's been irritated while on TV, but those are fluffy kittens compared to the look you see on Tae's face now.

    "Get out of my way." Alex snarls and Taehyung scoffs, regarding Alex with the most spine-chilling glare you've ever seen him wear.

    "Make me."

    With that, Alex's restraints are shattered, and he lunges forward, his fist connecting with Taehyung's chin in a loud crack of bone against bone. You let out a soft cry as Tae stumbles back into your arms, rubbing his jaw in annoyance. You can tell that all of Alex's anger was packed into that punch given the already reddening bruise on Tae's chin. Anger swirling like a storm in your gut, you turn towards Alex, glaring at him with as much venom and hatred that you can muster.

    This has gotten completely out of hand.

    Pushing past Taehyung, you walk up to Alex and promptly shove him in his shoulder, making sure that he is completely out of your apartment, behind the line that you have clearly drawn between the two of you.

    "Yen..." Tae murmurs behind you, but you shake your head slightly, letting him know that it isn't his fault. Perhaps he already knew that, but there's no harm in reassuring him that it's not him you're mad at.

    That honor is reserved for someone else entirely.

    "Leave him alone," you hiss sharply, your eyes narrowing in your fury. You can see the guilt manifesting in his eyes, but at this moment you could care less if he regrets it. "This doesn't concern him."

    "Yen, I--" he begins, reaching forward to try and plead with you again, but you yank your hand out of his reach, the violent fury in your eyes freezing him in his place.

    "I don't care what you have to say, leave now before you make me hate you more than I already do." You murmur deadly, refusing to let him intrude on your life for much longer. He opens his mouth to reply but is interrupted by a familiar voice that sounds behind him. One that makes you almost let out a sigh in relief.

    "I'd do what the lady says." Though you had no idea Sunoh could speak English, it's certainly a helpful skill in this situation.

    His face, normally so carefree and complete with a fleeting smile playing on his lips, is now neutral and cold. As he leans against the doorframe across from your apartment, his dark eyes sparkle with malice and hostility. They could strike daggers into anyone's heart and make them wish they were dead instead.

    And here you thought Taehyung was scary when he was angry.

    "I'm sure you could have had a great macho fight against my good friend here," At the gesture towards Taehyung, Tae lets out a scoff which doesn't go unnoticed by Sunoh but is disregarded for the time being. "But two against one is never as fun as it looks on TV. Of course, you could take your chances...but I wouldn't recommend it."

    At the ultimatum, Alex takes one look at Sunoh's strong build and Taehyung's ready fists and decides against the fight. He sighs in frustration before turning back to you and regarding you with a fierce, frustrated glare.

    Look at him. The little prince isn't used to not getting what he wants.

    "This isn't over." He warns you before promptly flipping the protective pair off and heading down the hallway where he came from.

    "Yes, it is." You respond, and at the way he pauses down on his way, you can tell that he heard you loud and clear.

    Once he's gone, you can feel an enormous weight lift off of your shoulders and the rest of the world fades away.

    In the background, you are aware of Taehyung thanking Sunoh and Sunoh complaining about how "some people can't take hints" but their voices are muffled and hard to hear.

    Your ears fill with static and past regrets which refuse to leave your mind. You can feel your body swaying as memories and trauma once more pound to be freed, your ears swelled with the sound of screams and tears, almost as real as the tears now released onto your own cheeks.

    When the world turns black, the static growing too much to bear, you are faintly aware of Taehyung's panicked voice calling your name as you fall into strong and warm arms. Arms that provide you a haven you were never allowed to experience before now.




    "Thanks for helping, Sunoh."

    Though the two of them had a rocky start, Taehyung can't help but be in awe of the young man. He held his ground surprisingly well, and though it pains Tae to admit it, without him they probably wouldn't have gotten out of that situation as smoothly as they had.

    Sunoh nods as he fiddles with a mug amongst other things Taehyung is currently putting away. You create quite the mess wherever you live, and nowadays you just don't have the motivation to clean up.

    "Of course." Glancing over at the dim hallway where you lie quietly in your bedroom, Sunoh can't help but feel a stab of pity towards you as he hands the mug over to Tae's outstretched hand. "She'll be okay, right?"

    At the question, Taehyung pauses.

    He's never seen you like that, so broken and afraid. It's like he's venturing into a caged-off area of your mind, and he's not sure if your relationship is ready for that darkness. He wants to be let in, to know about all of you, not just the good but also the bad...

    But do you feel the same? Or is he intruding on something that you'd rather keep hidden? Taehyung knows how intrusion can violate someone's emotional state, damaging it perhaps more than it was before, he doesn't want to do that to you. The last thing he wants is to hurt you.

    But if he doesn't open the door, will you do it for him?

    Or do you intend to hide inside forever?

    Taking a deep breath, Tae places the mug back in the cabinet before turning to Sunoh.


    Sunoh knows the answer is as believable as pigs flying, and he sighs. This isn't a problem they can fix, it's something that Yen has to do on her own. At the thought, Sunoh can't help but feel agitated. It's frustrating not being able to help those you care about.

    But maybe...

    Looking up at Taehyung, he sighs.

    "Look, I don't know what happened any more than you do, but I think you should know that she seems to trust you." Maybe the best thing for her is to know she's not alone. And if the best bet for that is Taehyung, then Sunoh wants to do what he can to push him her way. "Don't let her down okay?"

    With that, he gives Taehyung a small wave, before leaving the apartment with a soft goodbye. The words resonate with Taehyung, and he stands there for a moment, a bit stunned. A small smile grows on his face, and he shakes his head incredulously at the already absent Sunoh.

    "You know, I wasn't planning to, but thank you."

    Taking a deep breath, he turns to the hallway.

    Yes, maybe he can't do much for her, maybe she has to be the one to open the door...But it couldn't hurt to knock.

    Could it?

    And so he does, and she lets him in.

    As he walks to her side, she doesn't reach his eyes, she doesn't know if she'll be able to regain her composure once she does. But the fact that he's there beside her is enough for her to start to feel okay. She knows it's selfish to rely on someone else, she understands that she won't be able to do it forever. That one day she will have to gain enough strength to stand on her own.

    But isn't it okay for tonight?

    She needs him.

    You need him.

    He doesn't say anything as he closes the door behind him, just walks to your side. You want to reach out to him, show him that you're glad he's here, that you're glad he stayed, but you're numb. You feel so tired. Everything is so tiring, and painful, you don't understand why you continue to try. It's a melancholy feeling, one that pushes the tears out of your tear ducts, the one that makes your heart ache with a cut that is now too deep to be healed without a scar.

    But he doesn't need words, he doesn't need affirmation, he can feel it as well as he can feel his own heart beating firmly in his chest.

    He reaches forward and lifts your chin to meet your eyes. It's a gentle touch, one that you give into, allow to take over your body. At the sight of his tender eyes, the tears run hot again, and it takes all you have not to sob. Sometimes, the sight of someone else seeing you weak, makes you want to cry even more.

    For they see you at your worst when you wish they could only ever see you at your best.

    Heart aching, he does the only thing he knows how. He places his hands on your cheeks, wiping away those tears, his thumbs warm and comforting on your skin. He doesn't realize that it makes your heart melt and heal, or that it urges the tears of pain to transform into a deep relief as you're reminded that there is someone who cares.

    That you are not alone this time.

    You place your hands on his wrists, clinging to him as though he were your life support, and refusing to let go of him. When it's clear that he cannot wipe every tear, he leans forward, pressing his lips against your forehead in an intimate gesture, you had only ever seen done in the movies.

    "You already did that." You murmur through the husk of mucus the tears have brought forward, and he pulls away from you, his thumb subconsciously rubbing against the skin between your earlobe and the edge of your jawline.


    You smile softly, as best as you're able before gesturing to the hands secure on your wet cheeks. It takes him a moment before he remembers the moment on the couch after Hansung's death. A moment that seems so long ago and yet is still present in your mind.

    As a response, he returns your small smile and removes his hand, only to intertwine his fingers with yours as he kneels before you, his body encasing you in that protective cocoon.

    He's always protecting you, isn't he?

    First from the fall on the bus, then from your injured ankle, then from the rain at the park, then from your insane loneliness, and now...

    He's starting to protect you from the monsters that plague you inside.

    "I'm sorry." You whisper, half to yourself, but he hears you, and the comforting brush of his thumb against your cheek pauses as his sparkling eyes search yours.

    "What for?" You take a deep breath at the question, praying to God that you don't lose your composure now. But when it's been so long that you've felt this safe and protected, when you've been missing that feeling of comfort and affection; it's hard for you not to tear up a little.

    When you try to answer him, it becomes near impossible to speak, and the tears start again, this time, more violent than before.

    How do you tell someone that you're apologizing because you feel like you're a burden? How do you confess that you're selfish for relying on him when you know it's not your place? How can you express all the emotions in your heart, when you don't even know what they are themselves?

    And the most important issue of all...

    How can you let him in to see the darkest parts of you, when you've lost the key?

    How can you trust someone, when you've become too afraid to do so?

    Taehyung lifts himself off from the floor and sits beside you on your bed, wrapping you up in his arms, and holding you as though he were afraid he would lose you if he didn't. You cling to the sign of empathy and lean into him, accepting his offer of protection and allowing the chrysalis to once more encompass the two of you inside.

    "You don't always have to be strong, you know?" He murmurs, his voice deep and strong beneath your ear, and you look up at him, eyes wide and swirling with so many tears that it looks as though a million stars have embedded themselves within your irises. "Sometimes it's okay to let go."

    Carefully, he lifts a tear from your cheek with his forefinger before blowing it away almost as though it were the star he was making a wish to the twilight sky.

    "Whenever you need to let go, I'll be here." He says as he turns back to you, his eyes filled with everything you want and everything you need. He is your comfort, a place for you to confide in, a place where you can be safe again.

    "I'll make sure you come back. I'll make sure you aren't lost." He whispers, as he brushes your hair away from your face, his arms strong and secure around your body as he draws you closer to him.

    "I told you already didn't I?"

    Is it okay to let go?

    Is it okay to trust that he'll always be there?

    Is it alright to believe that he's not a dream after all?

    Closing his eyes, he presses his forehead against yours, his hand secure on the nape of your neck as he ensures you won't fall too deep in your despair. After a moment, you give in. For in him, you find strength, and in him, you long to accept every dream he shows you and make it into a reality that the two of you can share. And as you do, one truth becomes painfully clear.

    A truth you had rather never realized.

    A truth you pray he will never understand.

    "I'm not going to leave your side."

    I'm truly sorry Taehyung.

    I'm afraid I've fallen in love with you.

    note: ANYWAYS Yen has finally figured out her feelings for Taehyung! Are we excited?! Do you think Taehyung has anything to realize himself? Also, how do you think Yen's past trauma will unfold? So many things LMAO, hope you're ready for next weeks update!

    chapter 39 coming soon

    check the Infinite Stars masterlist for more chapters

    check my BTS masterlist for other BTS content

    check out my masterlist for other kpop fanfics

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  • fandomfan102
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Chapter 6: An uninvited guest

    Shu went back to his ship and he and his crew sailed away. It was night so, Cuza was blowing a torch, then lighting it up around the ship, then going down while swinging, then lights another one, then lighting all of the candle wicks. Cuza lit Xander's light, as he looked over at the ocean.

    Xander: "Hmm."

    Xander looks over at Shu who is looking at the star and walked over to him along by grabbing the torch.

    Xander: "So, any idea how we actually get to Tartarus?"

    He pulled out a map and looked at it.

    Shu: "Tartarus? [chuckling] Oh, no, no, no, no. People get killed in Tartarus."

    Xander: "So where are we going?"

    Shu slams another map on the other map Xander had.

    Shu: "Fiji."

    Xander crosses his arms as he smirked at Shu.

    Xander: "Fiji? This time of year?"

    Shu placed his hands behind his head.

    Shu: "Think of the beaches."

    Xander: "Oh, beautiful, if you like mosquitoes."

    Xander slaps his neck as he felt something on it.

    Shu: "Think of the sun."

    Xander uncrosses his arms.

    Xander: "It's monsoon season."

    Shu: "Oh, then the women."

    Xander placed a hand on his shoulder.

    Xander: "They're cannibals, Shu."

    Shu: "Exactly."

    Xander throws his head back and groans and walks off.

    Shu: "Come on, Xander."

    Xander: "He's your friend."

    Shu: "Listen to you. You sound like my mother. Valt will be fine."

    Xander: "You're sure of that?"

    Xander places his fists on his hips with a raised eyebrow.

    Shu: "You and I both know Kento is not going to let them execute his only son."

    Xander: "So we're running away?"

    Xander said that as he waves a hand.

    Shu: "We're retiring. We don't need another score. We've got enough. Now, set a course for Fiji."

    Shu turned to his crew.

    Shu: "Gentlemen, we're heading to Fiji!"

    Hyuga: "Fiji! Fiji!"

    Shu went to a door that led down to his room.

    Shu: "Xander... Book."

    Then opened another door with three swords on the target on the back.

    Shu: "Valt."

    When he opened it he stops himself as he sees a familiar H/C haired woman in his room looking around his collection.

    Y/N: "Look at all this. I can't believe it. Oh, but this can't be real. It'd be far too deli..."

    She touches the skeleton and a tiny bone of its parts off of it.

    Y/N: "Uh-oh."

    She then turns around and sees something on a desk.

    Y/N: "This is more like it. Stolen from Venezia."

    Shu exhales, before getting into his calm composure then getting in.

    Y/N: "From Pompeii... And from a brothel in Syracuse."

    Y/N was leaning against a desk as she looks around and picks up a woman's top with crystal's jangling on it. Not noticing Shu behind her.

    Shu: "Good guess."

    Y/N gasps and turns to see Shu.

    Shu: "What do you think you're doing here?"

    Y/N narrows her eyes at him and throws the top away from behind her.

    Y/N: "I'm here to make sure you get the Book of Peace. Or bring back your dead body if you fail."

    Y/N crosses her arms as she stares at him sternly. Shu places his hands on his hips as he smirked at her.

    Shu: "Really? And how are you going to pull that off?"

    Y/N: "By whatever means necessary."

    Shu leans against the table as Y/N clenches her fists. Shu crosses his arms.

    Shu: "Did you bring a crew?"

    Y/N: "No."

    Shu: "You know how to get to Tartarus?"

    Y/N almost hesitates.

    Y/N: "Uh... no."

    She then looks away.

    Shu: "Can you navigate on your own?"

    Y/N: "Yes!"

    Shu: "Well, good! Then I'll dump your butt in a rowboat, and you can paddle all the way back to Syracuse. 'Cause we're going to Fiji."

    Shu walks over to his and lays down on the bed, covering his eyes. Y/N smirks at him.

    Y/N: "Fiji?"

    Shu: "Yup."

    Y/N leans against the pole.

    Y/N: "Just as I thought."

    Shu's small falter and uncovers his eyes.

    Shu: "What?"

    Y/N: "Shu, you're not a very complicated guy. All someone has to do is imagine the most gutless course of action, and you're bound to take it."

    Y/N gets off the pole and places both of her hands on Shu's edge of the bed as she looks down at him.

    Shu: "Hey, this is not my problem. I did not steal the Book."

    Shu crosses his arms. Then Y/N sits on the edge.

    Y/N: "You're really not going to lose any sleep over this, are you?"

    Shu: "Not a wink."

    Shu rolls to the side and faces the wall like a child.

    Y/N: "Because me, I'd be tossing and turning, knowing I'm alive... because I let my friend die."

    Y/N leans closer over to Shu as she narrows her eyes at him with faltered lips. Shu widens his eyes and groans in disgust as Y/N moved away and walks away with Shu following behind.

    Shu: "I'm not responsible for this mess. And I didn't ask Valt to put his neck on the line for me."

    Y/N turns to him with a bored and uninterested expression.

    Y/N: "Look, clearly I can't appeal to your honor. But I have other ways of convincing you."

    Y/N places her hands on her hips as she gives Shu a grin as Shu had a slight pink blush on his cheeks.  

    Shu: "Really? Uh... just how do you expect to do that?"

    Y/N: "By speaking your language."

    Y/N gets closer to Shu's face before taking out a diamond in front of him. Shu takes a diamond from Y/N, holding it and examining it if it's real and looks at Y/N with an interesting look.

    Shu: "Keep talking."

    Y/N grabs Shu's hand before grabbing a bag filled with jewels before she shakes the bag of jewels to Shu, then throwing the bag away then crosses her arms. Shu shakes the jewels in his hand.

    Shu: "Yup, this'll do! But not for first class."

    Shu grins at Y/N, as she looks at him curiously yet nervously. Just then the door bursts open, Shu had Y/N hanged over his shoulder as she struggles to get off.

    Shu: "As you can see, we're well equipped to accommodate the most discering of royal tastes. We have excellent ocean views..."

    Y/N grabs his face before hitting his back with her fists. Shu threw her into a storage room filled with food.

    Shu: "...luxurious living quarters, with three gourmet meals a day, pickles, eggs, and pickles. Oh, hey, Spike, there you are. I'd like to introduce you to your new bunkmate... well, actually, you're his new bunkmate, as it's actually his bunk. [chuckling]"

    Spike jumps on Y/N and licks her face.

    Shu: "We do hope you have a pleasant stay aboard the Chimera. Oh, if he starts hugging your leg, it means he likes you."

    Shu backs up with the door ready to close. Y/N pushes Spike off of her.

    Y/N: "If you think..."

    Sinbad closes the door, locking it before Y/N could say anything then barking came from Spike. Shu walked up back on the dock while looking at the diamond she gave him.

    Shu [whispers to himself]: "How did she even get on the ship?"

    He stops as he sees his crew with the jewels in each of their hands. Hyuga puts a jewel in his mouth, Hikaru hiding it behind his back. Raul yawns before hiding it behind his back.

    Shu: "Gentlemen, we have a new course. We're going to Tartarus."

    Hyuga spits out the jewel.

    Hyuga: "Huh? What happened to Fiji?"

    Hikaru: "What? No fun?"

    Hyuga: "No beaches?"

    Shu walks up to staircase to the upper level before the flower necklace drops on his head.

    Shu: "Cuza."

    Cuza: "Sorry, Captain."

    Cuza peeks his head over the lookout point with a ukulele in his hand before hanging down.

    Cuza: "But did you say Tartarus?"

    Shu: "That's right."

    Cuza: "Will that be the same Tartarus from which no sailor ever returns?"

    Sinbad pushes Cuza as he swings in front of Shu then circing him.

    Cuza: "The Tartarus of the lost souls, where they grind your bones and pickles your spleen, and..."

    Shu grabs Cuza's flower necklace.

    Shu: "No, Cuza. This is the nice Tartarus, with lots of beaches and drinks. You know, with little umbrellas?"

    Cuza [muttering in Italian]: "Non ci posso credere, non ci posso credere, mi hanno fregato ancora."

    Shu walks up to the upper level and stands next to Xander who was smirking, Shu corrects him when he didn't say anything, crossing his arms and looking at the star.

    Shu: "I'm only doing this for the money."

    Xander: "Right. So how do we get there?"

    Shu: "That star's our point."

    Xander spins the wheel of a ship, then Hyuga and Hikaru pull the rope, then Raul ties the rope, then Xander holds the wheel. The ship then zooms out from a cup to Eris watching them.

    Eris: "Wow. Our little thief isn't going to run away."

    Eirs turns to her creatures as they hiss.

    Eris: "He thinks he's going to pay us a visit."

    Eris says in a mocking tone the creatures hisses and clicks.

    Eris: "Hmm. Let's provide some mood music."

    Eris licks her finger as she circles the cup with her finger and sirens appear swimming around the cup as they sing a melody.

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    literally me after watching that video,  though ngl she explained it so well and she’s just hilarious;  i immediately love her,  and I’ve subscribed.  ( & tomorrow I may binge watch more of her videos ) 

    #out of days. [ out of character / mun ] #( ask a mortician was very good ) #( but that whole cult leader? mother god? that's a literal wattpad fanfic ) #( she's the queen of that place? lemuira? or whatever i can't spell for shit ) #( and her father is donald trump? like come on. come on-- u know that's some cringe ass but good wattpad fanfic ) #( and how she believes she's the incarnations of like jesus and marilyn monroe and such? )
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    I just published "Lesson Number One" of my story "Second Chances". https://www.wattpad.com/961504295?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.samsung.android.app.simplesharing&utm_content=share_published&wp_page=create_on_publish&wp_uname=arielcutiepie&wp_originator=Ts1jbsjN27oDJq0RkifgMV2xgfrNBUMN4KAAr24VrnbJ0R0F45rtpgV7jd4bghRzvFzhRPOn8OsJz7zjKzhS%2FhwW3dCQJaQwIRWXO9Bfka4hpi3aDPD%2BPFm5FMcjusrV

    Ch. 35 is up!

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    Acho que você vai gostar desta história: " Fábulas Encantadas ", de celinyarguilera , no Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/209891368?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.tumblr&utm_content=story_info&wp_page=story_details_button&wp_uname=celinyarguilera&wp_originator=4Zd1D5200D3FiS1Gwju4fQ5FrvlfRkNPYHctRQmXy2GfQQjQk%2F8%2B70Pe1ae4mNG7kF1nrIdzy6GbafZ2AYtO7axzc12rT99CbOVoac6uTazemUcAhZGodA18E0aKOmJK

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    Ahhhh, okay. My Chenford Book just hit 10k views which idk how good that is in the fic world, but nevertheless, it's cool for me. I love how people read my work, comment and the support for me to continue is just amazing. But I'm posting this to say thanks for everyone who has been supporting and for anyone who wants to follow my Wattpad, its FangirlingKenzie

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    #IS GIRL WRITING ROMANCE STORIES AND PUTTIG THEM ON WATTPAD #its def a self publishing internet site #and a romance story #im#abt gfn
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    yo solo quiero estar contigo - capitulo 52:atraves de ti (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1138514944-yo-solo-quiero-estar-contigo-capitulo-52-atraves?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=carminashugart12&wp_originator=7nE8vOdaUmH0WLhU9Qc5woeq0M3RedxPRTiYPpXIQiXyNdm9G01%2B%2ByddKnmvOqtjDiXDLHXvCogPmvMQbQgR6defhXQQqNJKzkHqHjmnJ%2Fa7KL3UGZq4QqGuZeZhUjX%2F cuando dos personas se aman siempre quieren estar juntas

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    Senden sonra çok şey değişti ya eski ben değilim artık. Senden sonra kaç kişiden hoşlandım yakınlaştım saymadım ama bil ki senden sonra unutmaya alıştım. Daha Çok sigara içmeye başladım. Herkesi seviyorum unutabiliyorum artık. Bunu bana sen öğrettin...

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    essa capa já tava virando lenda urbana de tanto que demorei sério KKKKKKKK

    foram 2 semanas tentando fazer e eu não gostei, quase bebendo cloro e nem é meme

    #tudo por causa de um vidro #pensando em parar de editar #pq nunca gosto de nada que faço #capa para fanfic #wattpad cover#capa wattpad #capa para wattpad #capa dark#capa spirit #capa para spirit #capa texturizada#jikook#kookmin#jimin#jungkook #eu nunca sei as tags eu só vou botando tudo que esse site me sugere
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