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    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #ninah espero que esteja do seu agrado #notas: hendery tem cara de quem diz 'whos your daddy' kkkkkk #nct smut#wayv smut#hendery smut
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    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    . . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ Welcome enjoy your time here࿐ྂ

    ╰─▸ ❝ @[Kun]


    ╰─▸ ❝ @[Ten]


    ╰─▸ ❝ @[Xiaojun]


    ╰─▸ ❝ @[Hendery]


    ╰─▸ ❝ @[Yangyang]


    #↳ r.nctmasterlist ༉‧₊ #nct#wayv #wayv x reader #wayv soft hours #wayv smut#nct smut #nct hard hours #wayv hard hours #ten smut#ten lee#kun smut #qian kun smut #xiaojun smut#hendery smut#yangyang smut
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    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    . . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ Welcome to my master list ࿐ྂ

    "=⌕ Nct Dream (+u) / found here.

    "=⌕ Wayv / found here.

    "=⌕ Nct 127 / found here.

    #↳ r.nctmasterlist ༉‧₊ #nct#nct smut #nct dream smut #wayv smut #nct hard hours #nct 127 smut #wayv scenarios #nct 127 scenarios #nct dream scenarios #nct dream imagines #nct 127 imagines #wayv imagines#nct imagines #nct u smut #nct u scenarios #nct u imagines #nct dream hard hours #wayv hard hours #nct fanfic#nct fic#nct scenarios #nct x reader #nct dream x reader #wayv x reader #female reader btw!
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  • itstheoneshot
    08.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Doctor, Doctor

    Summary: It is not too often that you get a chance to practice your medicine studies on someone who actually needs it.

    Word Count: 4.2k

    Pairing: Hendery x Nonbinary Reader

    Warnings: 18+, NSFW, Crying, Sub!Hendery.


    You are used to having a house full of boys, with your younger brother’s friends coming to stay. Whether short or long term, there was pretty much always someone else in the house alongside yourself and Xuxi. You did not mind this though, the others always helped you out with rent, and housework, and it was nice to have company when your brother had to go away for intensive study.

    You are in your final year at university, top of the class as a med student, where Xuxi was majoring in performing arts. You two are so different in academia, yet so alike in every other way, and his friends treated you like family too. Only a week ago, his youngest friend Yangyang had moved out, and the room was taken almost immediately by your brother’s closest friend Guanheng.

    Guanheng made you laugh more than most of Xuxi’s friends, they are so similar in their sense of humour and… brain capacity, he definitely kept you entertained, even if it exhausted you to spend too much time with the both of them together. He is majoring in foreign language, which impresses you greatly, and only annoys you a little when he decides to switch up mid-sentence to practice.

    A day or two after Guanheng moves in, you bid farewell to your younger brother, he is heading out for a week for yet another intensive. His course is hectic, the requirements truly taking up every second of his time, but you are proud of how well he copes with it. You hate to say goodbye to him, but he promises to keep in contact, and assures you that the week will fly by, and that he will be home soon with a bottle of your favourite liquor to celebrate.

    You love your brother so much, he has always been your biggest supporter, and the only one out of your family to stay beside you after you came out as nonbinary. The perception of LGBT people in China was slowly changing, but your parent’s generation was still a little behind. You were lucky to find an incredible doctor at a wonderful clinic, who made your transition an easy process, but you know that it is not that simple for everyone, so that is truly what inspired you to become a doctor.

    You had left home at the time, and were only a few weeks into medical school when you had told your parents, and they asked you to never speak to them again. Two days later, Xuxi knocked on your door with his bags at his feet, and he has stayed beside you since. He had looked after you post top-surgery, and he has always made sure that his friends understood and respected you.


    A few days have passed, and you have barely seen Guanheng at all. He occasionally comes out to eat, but spends all of his time in his room. It is odd behaviour from him, he knows you well, and he has stayed with you before without acting like this, so you are worried.

    Sometimes you swear that you and your brother are telekinetic, as your phone lights up, buzzing on the table in front of you as a phone call alerts on the home screen.

    “Hey, dìdi!” You answer, “How’s training?”

    “It’s fine, gēge,” Xuxi replies, though his tone seems a little uncertain, “Have you spoken to Guanheng?”

    You sit up straight at the mention of his name, even more concerned now that your brother asked of him while he is away.

    “Not in days,” You reply, “Why’s that?”

    “He was complaining about not feeling great,” Xuxi tells you, “Could you see if he’s okay?”

    It would not be the first time that one of your brother’s friends has needed medical advice, truthfully, almost all of them have come to you with some sort of sports injury, sprained ankles or wrists, pulled back muscles and the like, though this feels different.

    You are sure that Guanheng would have come to you if he had hurt himself at the gym, so you rule that out without even talking to him. You know that you will be able to help him, or at least diagnose some sort of issue if he needs further medical attention, so you decide to do it.

    “I will,” You nod, “Thanks, Xuxi. Go and practice, I’ll see you in a few days.”

    You hang up the phone, and stand up from the desk setup in your room. You walk down the hallway to his room, knocking gently on the door to alert him of your presence.

    “Dìdi,” You murmur, “Can I come in?”

    You can hear him groan from the other side of the door, and you barely make out an audible “yes, gē…” before you open the door. You see him curled under the covers in his bed, the curtains are drawn, and some music video is playing on the laptop beside him.

    He looks up at you as you step inside, barely managing a smile before he rests his head back down on the pillow. You move to sit down at the end of the bed by his feet, concerned even more so now you have seen the state that he is in.

    “What’s wrong?” You ask, “I haven’t seen you in days, are you okay?”

    The younger man’s cheeks flush red, and he shakes his head gently, pulling the covers up over his chest.

    “Nothing, gēge,” He replies, “Just muscle pain I think, it’s okay.”

    You raise a brow at this, knowing him well enough to see through the lie, though you play along only to try and make him more comfortable, hoping that you will be able to coax the truth out with some further questioning.

    “Where does it hurt?” You ask, “I can take a look if you’d like me to.”

    If you were not so concerned, you would find it comical, the way that his eyes widen in fear and he shakes his head again, this time almost furiously. He sits up on his elbows, and you can see that this pains him too, now worried even further that he has hurt himself badly.

    “No, no,” He mumbles, “No, I’m okay, it’s fine.”

    You try not to get frustrated by this, though now you remember that of all of Xuxi’s friends, Guanheng is the only one who has never asked you a medical question, which strikes you as a little odd, but understandable, some people just don’t like doctors, and that is okay.

    “Please tell me,” You urge him, before repeating your previous question, “Where does it hurt, dìdi? I’m not gonna do something crazy, I just want to know if I can help you.”

    This time, you can see that he is pondering it, and you smile softly, attempting to reassure him that you are there to help, and not make it worse. He should trust you, he has known you for three years now, since he was 19, and you were 22, his current age, and he surely should understand that you will not hurt him.

    “Fine,” He sighs, “It’s stupid, I think I pulled a muscle in my stomach.”

    You smile again, before standing to move closer to him, with your knees rested against the side of the mattress. He looks so upset, but you are confident that you can diagnose whatever the problem is.

    “Lay back,” You instruct him, “I’m gonna pull the bedsheets down, you’re dressed, aren’t you?”

    He nods at you, doing as you ask, he moves the sheets down to his hips, and you lean down to graze your fingers across his stomach. The t-shirt that he is wearing is thin, and you can easily feel all of his muscles underneath. His abs are clearly defined, though you expected nothing less of the boy who practically lived at the gym.

    You press down gently, all of your focus on attempting to diagnose, and you draw your hand back quickly as a pathetic whimper escapes Guangheng’s mouth, and you look up to see his cheeks an even deeper shade of red than they were before.

    “Guanheng…” You murmur, “I’m going to lift up your shirt now, okay? I need to see what you’ve done.”

    It is clear to you that he does not want this, but the concern in your voice is enough to make him anxious, so he obliges you, pulling his t-shirt up to his chest. Your eyes narrow in on the pink lace that you see, peeking out from under the elastic waistband of his tracksuit pants, but you don’t say anything, not wanting to make this any more embarrassing for him than it already is.

    You continue to press into his stomach, trying your hardest to not get distracted by his whining. It is adorable, but you are still worried, at least you are at first. You lift your gaze to meet his, to see his concerned expression, biting his lip while he stares down at your hands, as they move further down his stomach, closer to his hips.

    It is not until you look back down, noticing that the muscles seem more tense than before, when you diagnose the problem immediately. Guanheng’s hands race to readjust the bedsheets, though it is too late for him, your eyes widening as you see the evident bulge in his tracksuit pants.

    “Gē, I… I- I’m okay,” He stutters, moving his hands to try and cover himself, “It’s ok, I’m okay, I-…”

    The sweet, innocent boy seems so flustered, his muscles are so tense, a problem that you are certain you can fix, though it does not require any of your medical expertise. You take his hands, forcing him to let go of the bedcovers, and you let them go again to pull the sheets back, exposing his legs to you fully.

    “Oh, sweet bǎobǎo,” You coo, chuckling at the puzzled look he gives you as you move onto the bed, between his legs, “I can fix you… it hurts a lot, doesn’t it?”

    He realises that you mean it, and you are offering exactly what his body is telling him that he wants. It makes you melt, knowing that he has worked himself up so much that he has ended up bedridden, it is pathetic, in the sweetest and most endearing way, and it makes you even more willing to assist him.

    “It hurts, gēge,” He nods, “I can’t do it myself, I’m not good enough… you… you’d really help me?”

    You softly touch him through his sweatpants, his cock is so hard, it must really hurt, with the way that he whimpers at such gentle contact. You pout at him condescendingly, before moving to hook your fingers under the elastic waistband, keeping eye contact with him as you do this.

    “Lift your hips up for me,” You order, “I need to see all of you if you want me to help.”

    Guanheng uses all of his strength, obliging you with a groan as you pull his pants down, leaving his pretty pink lace underwear on for you to admire momentarily.

    “These are so pretty, sweet boy,” You tell him, tracing your nails across his hips before easily working the lace down too, “But I want full access to you, so they need to come off.”

    His cock is red, pre-cum droplets leaking from the tip and you have not even wrapped your hand around him yet, though you do not hesitate, knowing that the boy is in agony, and you do as your medical school taught you, doing what is needed to ease your patient’s pain as quickly as possible.

    “Fuck,” Guanheng cries, his hips bucking involuntarily as you make your first movement, “Oh god, gē, fuck…”

    You reach forward with your free hand to cup his cheek, keeping his focus on you as you begin to stroke him a little faster. You are still gentle, you had promised to help him after all, not hurt him, but the idea of doing exactly that, when he is not in agony, definitely lingers in your mind.

    “Baby boy,” You sigh, seeing how hard he is trying to remain still, “Relax, gē has got you.”

    His fists are balled in the sheets either side of him, struggling to focus on anything enough to follow your instructions, and at this point you are not even sure if he is enjoying it that much.

    “What do you need, bǎobǎo?” You ask him, “I want to help you, okay? Tell me.”

    Guangheng’s bottom lip is trembling as he tries to find the words to speak. You can see that he truly is trying to get comfortable, but he is clearly not used to this kind of attention, it is all a little too overwhelming for him.

    “C-can you kiss me?” He stutters, “And… and I wanna see you too gēge, feels so weird being naked by myself.”

    He is asking a lot of you, and usually you would not be so nice, much preferring to tease and work up anyone submitting to you, but Guanheng is too far gone, too close to tears, and you just can’t resist that boyish charm.

    “Of course,” You reply, leaning forward with your hand on his shoulder to support you, your other one still stroking his cock as you kiss him for the first time, “You’re sweeter than honey.”

    It takes a moment for him to fully submit to the kiss, but soon he is crumbling to your touch, moulding into you as he works the clothes off your body with much more skill than you had expected. Soon you are naked, just as he is once you have pulled his t-shirt over his head.

    “You’re so handsome, gē,” Guanheng mumbles, his voice cracking as you continue to work him, “Fuck, fuck it feels too good.”

    Your kisses are charged now, much more forceful as your grip tightens around his cock. Guanheng whines into your mouth, and you chuckle as you feel his hands on your body, tracing the scars that adorn your chest. You are proud of them, and the way that Guanheng clings to you is clear evidence that he likes them too.

    You know that he must be close, and you pull back from the kiss to stare into his eyes again. They are glassy, tears brimming in the corners as he bites his bottom lip so hard that you swear that he might just pierce the skin.

    “You wanna cum, don’t you?” You ask him, smiling as he nods his head, “You don’t have to hold back, you need this.”

    Guanheng squeezes his eyes shut, and you watch his tears as they roll down his cheeks. He wants to protest, you can see it in the way that he shakes his head ever so slightly, but you do not slow down your hand.

    “Gēge,” He whimpers, “I can’t, I can’t!”

    Tears are streaming down his face as he opens his eyes again, he is a mess, and it is so fucking hot to watch him as he falls apart for you. It is not hard to tell that he wants more than just your hand, but he has to be patient, and you are going to make him work for it.

    “Let go, bǎobǎo,” You urge, “Be a good boy, won’t you? Be a good boy and cum for me.”

    Guanheng finally obeys you, throwing his head back as his cock twitches in your hand, his load shooting out of him in hot bursts, all the way up his chest to his neck. You work him through his orgasm, his moans are breathless cries, whimpers, full blown sobs, as you reposition yourself further back, and lean down to take the tip of his cock into your mouth.

    “No, gē, stop,” He gasps, as you swirl your tongue over the head, your hand still stroking him “Y-you said you’d help me… this is… fuck.”

    He is still half-hard despite the intense orgasm you just gave him, and you gaze up at him, smiling with your eyes as you work him with your mouth. Eventually you slowly loosen your grip, only pulling off his cock when he looks as if he could pass out from the overstimulation.

    “You aren’t finished, I have to make you all better.” You tell him, “You’re still in pain, bǎobèi, your muscles are still so tight.”

    You fall silent as you kiss up his stomach, licking him clean, and his cum dribbles from your lips by the time you make your way up to press your forehead to his, but he keeps his mouth shut, not allowing you to kiss him like you had planned too.

    He does not get to decide whether to kiss you or not, so in order to get him to submit again, you take your hand back to his cock, the sensitivity causing him to gasp, and you get the opportunity to dive in.

    You kiss him deeply, forcing him to taste himself, and although at first he tries to move away, soon you find him moaning at the sensation. You knew that he would like this, and you love his willingness to take everything that you give him, he really is so much better behaved than you had thought he would be, but you know that is probably just because of how desperate he is to feel good, so far past being able to be the brat you know him as.

    “You’re such a good boy, Guanheng,” You praise him as you pull back from the kiss, admiring him as he swallows the cum in his mouth, “You deserve a reward, honey, what do you want?”

    He blushes at the compliments you pay him, his eyes are blown out, red and puffy as he stares at you, still dazed from his first orgasm, and overstimulated with your hand still wrapped around his cock as it slowly grows once more to full hardness.

    “I wanna make you feel good too, gēge,” He replies, “I promise I can, I’ll do whatever you tell me to, if you’ll let me, please?”

    His words are enough to feel heat surge between your thighs, you know that you are already so wet for him, too, and the idea of taking the over-sensitive cock that you are currently stroking is almost too much for you.

    “And how will you do that, bǎobǎo?” You ask him, “I’m sure you have something in mind in that pretty little head of yours.”

    Guanheng blushes at your words, though they were both condescending and demeaning, it is clear to you that he liked it.

    “Gēge,” He starts, “Why are you doing this?”

    The question throws you a little, and you have to think for a moment before you answer him. His tone was so innocent and sweet, with genuine curiosity in his question.

    “Because you need it, sweetie,” You reply, “I couldn’t let a pretty boy like you struggle now, could I? That wouldn’t make me very nice.”

    His eyes light up again, and he smiles a little cheekily at you. He is so hard to figure out, you do not know how much of this is an act, or whether he truly is as innocent as he seems.

    “You think I’m pretty?” He asks you, his words are breathless as your hand moves to stroke cock harder again, “Do you think all of me is pretty?”

    “All of you, Hengi,” You nod, “Is that so wrong?”

    He shakes his head, whimpering as he tries to keep himself together. You have him in your control, and he knows it, but he wants to be here just as much as you do, if not more so.

    “Fuck me, gēge,” He pleads, “I need you on my cock, please?”

    These are the words that you needed to hear, at this point needing him just as much. You are sure that you are wet enough to soak through the mattress, and his thick, hard cock in your hand is only making you wetter.

    “Oh, bǎobǎo,” You murmur, moving one hand to his shoulder as you position yourself over him, “I’d love to, I think you’re going to feel incredible inside me.”

    His hands are balled in the sheets, gripping hard enough to turn his knuckles white as you lower yourself down, taking him in slowly to give yourself time to adjust. It takes some steady breathing to let yourself relax, pushing through the initial stretch to bottom out, and Guanheng lifts his hips to meet you, to help you take him in all the way.

    He feels better than you had even imagined, filling you perfectly, slightly curved at just the right angle, and soon you find it easy to lift yourself up to drop down on him again. You tangle your fingers in his soft brown hair, kissing him passionately as he moves his hands to your hips to support you riding him.

    “Sweet boy,” You moan, “You feel so good… you like this too, don’t you?”

    Guanheng nods enthusiastically, his nails digging into your hips as you make pace. His moans are high pitched, whiny and fucking adorable, perfectly in sync with your much deeper groans as you bounce on his cock.

    “You’re perfect, gē,” He gasps, “Fuck… I’m so lucky… you’re so fucking hot.”

    His praises make your heart swell, as you lean down to kiss him again, wanting and needing the boy to know that the feeling is mutual. You are not sure at what point this went from how it started, to where it is now, but you have no complaints as with each passing moment, Guanheng becomes more comfortable, soon thrusting up into you from underneath, your own moans escalating as you gain closer to your peak.

    He is past the point of overstimulation now, as with each thrust you begin to clench to him, and you nip on his bottom lip to get his attention, making him open his eyes to look at you.

    “You want to cum again, don’t you?” You ask, chuckling at how dazed he looks, “Tell me how much you want it, convince me.”

    “Please, gēge,” He begs, “Hurts again, I need to, I really fucking need to.”

    Once more, you pretend to ponder, if only to lengthen the process as you feel yourself getting closer, and closer, and closer.

    “Not yet, bǎobǎo,” You reply, laughing again as he pouts at your answer, “Oh, sweetie, did you forget that you promised to get me there too?”

    He tries his hardest to remember, completely overwhelmed with pleasure to the point where he can’t even see straight, his breathing is heavy, and you are sure that your high is only moments away.

    Guanheng moves one hand from your hip to your core, working your swollen clit just like you needed, and again you question how much of his innocent front is an act, but you don’t have much time to think about it now.

    “Oh, fuck, Hengi,” You gasp, “Don’t stop, gonna cum for you, need you to cum in me too, okay?”

    You can see how difficult this is for him, but it takes almost no time for your high to break through, your thighs shake as you fall apart, your orgasm is the most intense one you have had since you can remember. Your orgasm is followed so closely by his, and you are too lost in the moment to be shocked by the forcefulness in which he pulls you down to kiss him again, moaning into each other as you cum together.

    His cheeks are wet with tears, which you wipe away with your thumbs as you slow down to a stop, your chest heaving as you attempt to catch your breath. You don’t really want this to be over, but the poor boy under you looks as if he will faint if you try to go again, and you are not really sure if your body would allow it anyway.

    “Feel better, bǎobǎo?” You ask, “You made me feel so good, too.”

    Guanheng cries out as you lift yourself off him, and he watches as you roll onto your back beside him, and you splay your hand out over his chest, truly not wanting to be apart.

    “So much better,” He replies, “Thank you, gē.”

    He looks exhausted, and honestly, so are you, and you are sure that at any moment he will probably fall asleep, though it would not surprise you if you did too. You are glad that your brother is not home, but you know that you will have to explain this to him at some point, getting the feeling that this is going to be much more than just a once-off occurrence, and you find the confidence to make that clear.

    “Any time, sweet boy,” You murmur, “I’d love to help you any time that you need.”

    Guanheng turns his head to face you, with his adorable, perfect smile, his eyes half shut as he tries to stay awake.

    “I’ll definitely need your help again,” He replies, “But first, I need to sleep.”

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    08.12.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Requests open

    So I was thinking to start series of fanfics inspired by songs. Anyone can request me a song + idol + type of fanfic (smut, fluff, angst) + everything else what y'all wanna read in fanfic lolz.

    Groups you can request:

    NCT (OT23), Enhypen, Stray kids, Monsta X, Oneus, Superm, Shinee, Bts, Txt, Ateez, EXO, The Boyz and Seventeen

    Artists I listen:

    Melanie Martinez, Why Don't We, Chase Atlantic, 3OH!3, Yungblud, 5sos, Plvtinum, Avril Lavine, Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Punkininloveee, Doja Cat, Jay Park, Maneskin, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Ava Max, One Republic,.. (and a lot more)
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    07.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    yangyang will fuck you in the backseat on the way to a vacation spot calling you an “impatient whore” for his cock. when you show up to the hotel covered in hickeys, yangyang sends you a cheeky smile as he is also covered in hickeys

    thank you

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    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    okay so after looking at the voting pole, i will be doing monthly ficrecs. I will create the first one in January, so in the mean time please use the tag neocainficrecs if you'd like me to read your fic and then potentially put it in my monthly ficrec.

    Thank you for voting for those who did to show interest in this, and i really hope that it helps people get their work out!

    -neocain ♡

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  • neocain
    06.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    hey guys, i had question.

    So there are so many good fics out there that sometimes i think need more recognition. Like i'll find so many that are soo good, but sometimes they just haven't gotten the love they deserve. Also i wanted to find a way to support other writers on here. I'm not that big of a blog but still. So i was thinking of doing a monthly top ten fics.

    if you guys would be interested in that please let me know. I'll track #neocainficrecs if you guys are interested in this.

    Just vote yes here if you are. vote here.

    -neocain ♡

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    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago
    #anon#minion asks #minion hard hours #txt smut #txt hard hours #yeonjun smut#taehyun smut#wayv smut#xiaojun smut #wayv hard hours
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  • weyzene
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Something More Than Physical (teaser)

    Description: WayV ot7 x female reader series
    Warnings: Smut (like a lot), cursing, reverse harem, prostitution, angst, fluff
    Disclaimer: This story is a fictional work and in no way is intended to cause harm or defame real people and organizations. This story in no way implies that the characters here are portrayed like in real life. (Side note, I started writing the draft for this several months ago so that’s why the timeline seems a bit off)
    Release date: December 28, 2021
    Word count: N/A

    There were so many things wrong with how SM was run and one of it was allowing artists and groups their own personal sex workers. It was supposed to be a way to discourage artists from dating as long as they had a pretty whore living in their dorm. All of the workers are paid by the company and live in the artists dorms, but there were so many restrictions that were enforced to make sure that a scandal wouldn’t happen:

    1. Workers will only be allowed outside the dorms when artists are out and will be escorted by staff

    2. Exposing anything regarding an artist’s lifestyle is prohibited and legal action will be taken into affect if violated

    3. Workers must not ever been seen with artist out in public

    4. Workers acknowledge that they work for sexual pleasure and should contact SM’s HR representative for any types of harassment

    5. For safety and health, artists and groups will not share workers with each other, although artists can submit a request to swap out workers from the brothel at any time

    There were many more rules but the one SM loved to drill into all the workers and artists’ minds seemed to be the most crucial: absolutely under any circumstances should an artist and worker not have a romantic relationship.

    Seems simple enough, right? There’s certainly no way you could break these rules…


    “Hey, Ten,” you murmured.


    “Don’t you think it’s weird that you’re only stuck with one sex worker at a time?”

    Ten’s hands suddenly stilled as soon as you asked that question before picking back up again. “What do you mean?”

    When you felt him pull the towel away you assumed it was safe to sit up. “I mean,” you hauled yourself up to sit facing him. “Don’t any of you think it’s weird to be stuck with one person at a time? Like you all have to share the same person. Isn’t that… I don’t know… gross?”

    Ten laughed. “Is that what you’re worried about, (y/n)? I can assure you we’ve done grosser things. Besides, we all agreed it’d be best to have someone around anyway since every guy in this dorm is so goddamn horny.”

    You tilted your head to the side. “I suppose that’s fair. But like, there’s so many of you. What if you guys were, I don’t know… interested in group sex?”

    That caused a smirk to form on Ten’s lips. “Why? You wanna be used by all of us at once?”

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  • tyongf-nct
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    ayo send me a member from a kpop group from the tags/below the line and i’ll do one spicy and one fluffy headcanon i have of them (minus minors ofc) 👀

    nct, nct dream, nct 127, wayv, nct u, ateez, stray kids, monsta x, shinee, bts, txt

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  • neocain
    06.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    navigation -

    rules for requesting: here | please read before requesting

    prompt lists for requesting: one | two


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    Jeonghan: Chapter 5 (Say You’re Sorry)

    Characters: Jeonghan x female reader x Kun (Sort of itch give me a break)

    Genre/Warnings: multi-member au (different scenarios), werewolf au, single dad au, fantasy, smut mentions, angst, potential blood mentions, runaways, domestic violence, obsessive behavior, stalking, degrading names, child abuse, violence. Any others will be put as warnings when future chapters are thought up/written.

    Author’s Note: Ahhhhhh. I hope you guys liked the chapter. It’s not very proof read but hey, it’s a chapter. It’s one of my favorite pairings too. And again, please don’t think I’m hating on WayV. I’m not. They’re one of my favorite groups. I just needed a good villain and Kun just got the bill.

    Please remember that all of these chapters and the content within them are a work of fiction! They’re just for fun/entertainment!

    Bold- Dialogue Italics- Thoughts

    Tag list- @studioreader @imtotallydef

    🥀 & ☁️

    Bruises Masterlist

    Chapter 5: Say You’re Sorry

    “How’ve you been my darling? It’s been so long since I’ve see you,” Kun purred as he slowly moved closer to you, causing you to back away slowly with Hyunwoo gripping onto you for dear life.

    You tried your best to hold your ground and act as though you weren’t afraid, though you knew he could tell you were absolutely petrified by his sudden appearance, “K- Kun, What are you- what are you doing here?” You stuttered.

    He let out something you could only describe as an evil chuckle as he put his hands in the pockets of his jeans casually, “Well i suppose I could be asking you the same thing my love.” He coldly smirked.

    Your mind began to panic. You found it a bit strange that you didn’t crave to be next to him as you usually did, you didn’t even have the urge now it seemed. But The rational part of you knew being around him after everything was going to end up with you dead. Though you didn’t care about that. You were more worried for Wooie who, at this point, was crying at how menacing your former mate sounded.

    “You-you shouldn’t be here.” You reminded him as you bared your teeth in an attempt to show dominance.

    He just laughed, “You’re right darling, we shouldn’t be here. And that’s exactly why I’ve came to take you home.”

    Wooie gasped from behind you in terror, “No! She home! You ca’t take her!” He tried to sound fierce even though he was cowering behind you.

    He would one day be in a position to tango with an alpha as his own father was one, therefor he would be too. But he was still a child. He was no more frightening to your ex mate than a small puppy.

    You shushed him to keep Kun from lashing out, but he was already out for blood.

    “And why… why does…” Kun spit from his teeth, “THAT mistake think he can speak to me?” He growled, causing Hyunwoo to whimper behind you.

    “He’s just a baby Kun. Please leave him be. He- he didn’t do anything.” You begged as you pushed the boy filled with fear behind you to protect him with your own torso.

    Once again, Kun just laughed at your words, “Just a baby huh? This baby’s father is the reason why you’re staying here. So is he not part of our little problem?” He stepped closer and closer to you with every word he spoke, his piercing eyes staring you down until his breath was finally fanning you in the face.

    You could hear his whole pack swarming around you. Part of you missed them. Part of you hated them. They used to be what you had considered your family. You used to hunt with them. You used to wrestle with them. You’d take care of the younger ones when they were sick. You were practically their mother as you were their alpha’s mate. But none of them ever helped you then, not that many could. Only the two oldest had the ability to without fear as they were strong enough to be Kun’s right hand men. The others just followed orders and kept their heads down to avoid persecution.

    Why would they help you now? You were on your own. Your main priority was Wooie’s safety and you were willing to do just about anything to keep him alive.

    “N-no he’s not. Kun I’ll- I’ll go with you,” you spoke with your hands up in the air to show you were not a threat, “Just- just please leave him and his pack alone. This isn’t their fault. It’s- it’s mine. If you’re gonna punish anybody, punish me.” You stuttered as your body began to unconsciously shake at the thought of having to leave with him.

    Kun narrowed his eyes at you, then softened them slightly when he realized you were scared, “I’d never hurt you my love.” He said as he moved a lock of stray hair behind your ear, causing you to flinch as you thought he was gonna hit you.

    The wolf in him whined at your response like it usually did when you did such actions around him. He truly didn’t want you to be afraid of him, he just wished you’d comply more with what he requested of you. You were always just so stubborn. If you hadn’t have been, neither of you would be in the current position you found yourselves in.

    “Please just let Wooie go. Then I’m- im all yours okay?” You promised as you squeezed your eyes closed at his close proximity and put your hands backward to grip onto the boy you had been taking care of, “I won’t even try to fight you. I’ll do as I’m told. Just please, he’s a baby Kun…”

    Kun stared at you for what seemed like minutes trying to decide what to do. He wasn’t planning on the little one being with you when he found and confronted you. He didn’t want to hurt children, he actually quite liked them and if he hadn’t have been who he was, he would’ve normally let him go without pause. But there wasn’t a doubt in his mind whether the boy would go running back home to tell his pack what had happened or not. No. He couldn’t have that happen.

    “I’m sorry love,” He whispered in your ear and wiped away a loose tear that had fallen down your now pale face, “But I can’t have him telling on us now can I?”

    And with that, he ripped Wooie out from behind you as you clawed your way to his defense and held the boy to his chest by his arm, causing Wooie to swing his legs back and forth in a paralyzing panic.

    “Kun please no!” You screeched as you felt your heart rate begin to speed up to the speed of a race horse while scratching at and gripping onto Kun’s arm to try and release Hyunwoo.

    “Stop fighting me! This has to be done.” He ordered you, figuring he could use his status to force you into submission like he had many time before as he was not only your mate, but your alpha as well. But it didn’t work this time. You were still kicking and screaming and refusing to give up… which was… strange… to say the least.

    “He won’t tell anyone! He can barely form a single coherent sentence. We can just go please put him down!” You pleaded with your hardened mate as you tried to grab the baby back from him, failing miserably in the process as he was much taller and bigger than you.

    Wooie began to squeal and struggle for help as the grip on his little arm tightened. Tears were now streaming down your face as you fought harder and harder against your so called mate for the boy, but it was no use. You couldn’t protect him the way he needed you to.

    “I’m sorry love. But he’s a liability. And you know I always clean up after my messes.” Kun taunted you as his hold on Wooie made a loud splitting cracking sound, causing the toddler to scream and you to fall down to your knees in horror.

    Hyunwoo was now on the ground crying with a part of his bone sticking out from the flesh of his arm just above his elbow. You watched as your mate dropped him to the floor as he got ready to finish the injured tike off with his foot.

    You refused to let anything happen to him. He was yours to look after. You were there to protect him. You didn’t care if Kun killed you or not. You had to save him. You had to save your son.

    You began to frantically look around for anything you could use as a potential weapon to distract your mate and you found a relatively large branch on the ground next to you. You picked it up and jabbed it through Kun’s leg, causing him to join you on the ground and groan at the sudden sharp pain he felt.

    “Run Wooie!” You exclaimed at the top of your lungs as you threw yourself with your stick in between your incredibly pissed off mate who was attempting to stand up again and your new mate’s boy.

    Following your orders, Wooie picked himself back up and ran back to the house with the tears flowing down his little chubby face.

    You heard movement from behind the tree line, your old pack. Even though the invisible connection that always linked you to them all felt distant, you could both sense their hesitation to follow the young one. But you also knew with one word from Kun they’d tear his little body to shreds because they’d have to follow your mate’s orders.

    The thought itself frightened you so much so that even in the meek state you always found yourself in around Kun, you managed to let out a weak, “Don’t hurt him” to your old pack. You could feel their confusion as well as that of your ex’s. Everything went silent and everyone stopped moving. You weren’t usually one to stick your neck out or make waves around them. Kun usually kept you fairly tame and had you on a short leash. The most out there thing you had ever done was run away from them, something by at this point they had all realized was out of sheer desperation rather than determination. Seeing you so… strong really threw them for a loop. So to say they were shocked by your new found courage to save the boy was a bit of an understatement.

    So after several long seconds of obvious hesitation and thought, Kun finally waved his hand in the air and spoke to them, “Let him go. He’s no concern of mine. It’s her I want.”


    “Daddy!” Jeonghan heard through his brothers play wrestling.

    From the tone in his son’s voice, he immediately knew something was wrong. And he smelt blood. A lot of blood.

    Jeonghan yelled for everyone to be quiet as he tried to listen for his son’s frantic high pitched voice.

    “Daddy Help!” Wooie wailed as he finally made his way past the brush of the forest and into his home’s yard while cradling his now deformed arm in his palm.

    “Hyunwoo!” Jeonghan all but screamed back as he bolted from his spot and ran to the tot, who he now saw was the reason for the metallic iron smell.

    “Hyunwoo! Hyunwoo what happened??” Jeonghan questioned as he picked the small boy up in his arms and examined him more thoroughly to see if he was wounded anywhere else with tears threatening to break through his own vision.

    Wooie couldn’t help but sniffle as he tried to explain the series of events that had taken place, though no one could really understand what he was saying as he was crying too hard. It didn’t matter to Jeonghan because he heard the only word that mattered to him: your name.

    Jeonghan quickly pressed a kiss to his son’s forehead and handed him off to Hanson so he could heal him before he darted in the direction from which his son came. A few of his brothers went after him so he would have some back up to face whatever the danger was that caused the harm, not that he cared whether he had them or not. He was gonna find you and he was gonna kill whatever or whoever hurt you and his son if it was the last thing he did.


    He could faintly smell you in the distance as he threw back tree branches and flipped himself over fallen logs with his brothers trailing not too far behind.

    “Hyung wait!” He heard Seungkwan shout very winded from behind him, “Minghao said he smells other wolves in the area. We have to be smart! We have to be careful!”

    Jeonghan stopped dead in his tracks causing Chan and Joshua who had been trailing him, to fall forward into him. Oh no. Oh fucking no. This was fucking bad. Like really really monumentally bad.

    You ran away from your past pack because your other mate was abusive. You had constantly voiced your worry that he might find you one day. But Jeonghan would always shove the worries aside with sweet hugs and loving kisses.

    He should’ve listened. He should’ve understood why you were worried. He should’ve realized your concern came from a real place and not an irrational fear. He just didn’t want to believe it. You were his.

    Jeonghan didn’t really actually think he’d come back for you after you literally ran half a continent away to get rid of him. Yet now here you both were, praying to whatever god that was listening that you would somehow walk out of the situation alive.


    He was towering over toward you now with his teeth visible in full. It all made sense now. The strength. The courage. The louder voice and bolder moves. You not feeling them as heavily as you once had. You being able to define him. It all added up.

    “How could you?” He quivered, trying his best to hide the single tear that slid down his face.

    He hadn’t realized that you smelled different before you sent the tike running. He thought it was the boy that was with you who’s scent he was smelling, but it wasn’t. It was coming from the crook of your neck that you never let him touch no matter how much he begged and pleaded with you.

    You were marked now. You were marked by a man that wasn’t himself. And now you could think more and move more for yourself than you had before. You had the freedom to decide things for yourself now because you now had a new mate who’s mark had lessened your connection to him. He couldn’t control you as much anymore. You didn’t feel the pull to your old pack as you once had because you were now connected to your new one via Jeonghan. The mark fucked everything up for him.

    “You’re my mate! You never let me bite you. I’ve known you for YEARS. Yet you let him TOUCH you after only knowing him for a short time? And You let him MARK you?? How dare you? How COULD you? Do you have any idea what this means?!” His fangs began to grow in his anger and sadness while the volume of his voice began to increase.

    He couldn’t help it. It was a reflex like sneezing when seeing sunlight for the first time in hours or coughing when water goes down the wrong pipe. His instincts had him so mad he just wanted to chew the man who bit you’s face off.

    You whimpered from your spot on the ground, knowing full well there was a good chance you weren’t going to make it out of the mess you were in.

    You let that filthy no good single father sexfiend corrupt you and mark you as his. Kun couldn’t just let that go. He had to teach you a lesson, and he had to make sure that little asshole paid for what he did to you.

    Just as he made his way and stalked over your weak form, he heard a ruffling from behind him and let a smirk fly onto his face.

    “Let the games begin.”


    Kun grabbed you by your throat and brought your tired body to his torso, gripping your jaw so tightly that you honestly weren’t sure if he had actually broke the bone or not.

    “Kun… please… don’t….” You gasped as you tried to free yourself from his mighty hold to no avail.

    A new form came barreling from the tree line at an alarming rate and stopped about three feet away from you both.


    “Put her down. Now.” Your usually soft spoken and loving mate growled as he tried his best to keep his claws retracted once he saw you in Kun’s death grip.

    He wanted to rip his throat out with his teeth and claw out his eyes with his razor sharp nails. But as much as he wanted your old mate dead, he couldn’t risk putting your life in danger. Not while Kun had you in his hold. He had to control his emotions until he knew you were safe.

    “Sorry pretty boy, I don’t think so. She’s coming home with me. She is mine after all.” Kun snarled back as he tightened his grip on your neck further to show some sort of dominance.

    Jeonghan’s eyes were now a crimson red and his body had began to physically shake in anger, “She is NOT yours. She’s her own person. You can’t force her to leave if she doesn’t want to!”

    By this time, the back up from your new pack had arrived. But you could sense that they had also been outnumbered by Kun’s pack and were in defensive positions. It was 5 against 7 which wasn’t the worst odds you know the older pack’s had before. But it was mostly the younger boys that had came to your aid and they weren’t as strong as their other brothers were.

    Once he saw Kun restrict more of your airway as they got closer, Jeonghan ordered the boys to stay put and not fight the circling members of the other pack. The boys weren’t gonna cower away in fear, but they definitely weren’t about to begin a fight they knew they couldn’t finish without their alpha’s permission. So there they all stood, sneering and snapping towards the boys you used to call family to try and protect you and give Jeonghan enough time to hopefully save you.

    “I’m taking back what’s mine!” Kun barked with a smirk on his face.

    “If anything she’s mine! It’s my mark on her neck, not yours!” Jeonghan sassed.

    Kun took the nape of your neck’s hair in his grasp and pulled your head back, causing you to wince loudly in pain, “Don’t think your mark means anything! I can easily replace it with my own.”

    “You say she’s your mate but look at you! If she was really your mate you wouldn’t be hurting her right now!” Jeonghan all but screeched as he tried to reason with the crazed wolf.

    Kun began to tilt your head to the side as you looked at your other panicked mate with wide eyes, pleading for him to not step closer as to not upset the monster holding you captive, “Oh don’t worry, she likes it rough. Don’t you angel?” He taunted Hannie with a shit eating grin while he grazed his teeth over the shell of your ear.

    “Don’t you remember that time when I held you down and bent you over the counter for almost a whole day while I drilled you during my rut right after we found each other?” Kun lowly growled, knowing full well that Jeonghan could still hear him, “You had a lot of marks on you then. You didn’t seem to mind those. So what’s one more, more permanent one huh darling?”

    Jeonghan let an audible growl emit from his chest at the thought of you being with Kun. He knew you had been. You were with him for years so it would only make sense that you had been intimate with him. He wasn’t an idiot. But that didn’t mean he ever wanted to hear or think about it if he could help it. And he certainly didn’t want Kun to give him a play by play as he held you captive.

    “What’s wrong asshat? Don’t like the fact that I had her first?” Kun faked a pout at your other mate, “Well I bet you’d also hate that I used to cum inside her little cunt huh?” He evilly chuckled.

    “Hope you had fun fucking my last load deeper into her when you marked her.” He sneered while Jeonghan did his best to just roll his eyes and breathe through his nose.

    “You’re fucking disgusting you jackass.” Jeonghan waved him off, attempting to drive his seething rage down so he could keep his cool. You couldn’t help but look down at your feet in shame as hot tears found their way down your face.

    Kun just laughed, “Aww what’s wrong Jeonghan? Wondering whether or not she thinks I’m better at fucking her?” He taunted him once more causing you to interject.

    “Kun please… don’t.” You sobbed as you closed your eyes and felt your feet give way.

    “When I sleep with her, she’ll have no doubt in her mind which one of us is the better one you stupid fuck!” Jeonghan snapped, giving away a secret he hadn’t meant to which made him freeze and mentally slap himself in shock as your eyes jetted back open.

    Your old mate stood for a minute astonished, “Wait you mean to tell me that- that you’ve never actually fucked her? We slept together after less than a day of knowing her…” he paused between his reply as he was genuinely taken back before another smirk appeared on his face, “Guess she probably doesn’t really care much for you then huh…?”

    As much as Jeonghan’s rational side wanted to stay put for your own sake, he couldn’t help but lunge out toward the boy who had you in his grasp when he spoke about you favoring him over himself. His actions caused Kun’s pack to start their assault on the wolves guarding the perimeter around you.

    Kun was quick enough to push himself (and you) out of the way of your angry newer mate. He’d never purposely let you get hurt by someone else, only he could hurt you and only as a punishment when he thought you needed taught a lesson. Jeonghan landed on the ground beside you on a cushy pad of moss. But your new brothers weren’t so lucky with their opponents.

    Joshua was in a muzzle snapping match with Ten, your mate’s long time best friend and ally, and seemed to be semi-holding his own. But Seungkwan was being bitten by Winwin as he wasn’t as strong as the older more muscular boy. Minghao was being encircled and targeted by both Hendery and Xiaojun while he did his best to anticipate their next move, which was hard as they were both incredibly unpredictable. Even poor Chan was being pinned to the forest ground by the pup of Kun’s pack, Yangyang, who was much more energetic and speedy than the pup of your new one. Your new brothers all but had their paws tied behind their backs.

    You couldn’t watch. You had seen your family torn to shred before, you couldn’t watch it happen again. Not when you cared for them all so much. They shouldn’t have to die to try and save you. They shouldn’t have to sacrifice themselves to try and protect you. You weren’t worth it.

    “Kun please, you- you don’t have to do this. Stop this. If you promise to leave everyone alone, We- We can just go okay? I’ll go back and I’ll be good. Just like you- you always wanted.” You begged with tears threatening to spill from your eyes as you watch Jeonghan’s face fall in pain at the thought of you leaving him for Kun, “Just please- PLEASE stop this.” You shrieked as you grabbed the hand Kun had around your neck, whether it was for some support or to help lessen his grip, you weren’t sure, but you had to do something.

    “Angel, you know it doesn’t work that way,” Kun tsked as he narrowed his eyes at your new mate who was now in a crouched position near him waiting for an opening so he could try and take him down, “They need to be taught not to touch what’s not theirs.” He whispered in your ear, sending chills down your spine, “Finish them boys.” He declared and, just as if he snapped his fingers, the battle seemed to get that much worse.

    The boys were out for blood now. It wasn’t about holding their enemies captive anymore, it was about following their Alpha’s orders. And his order was to kill.

    You heard Channie whimper from below as Yangyang pressed into his trachea while he struggled on the ground for air. You heard Minghao biting and snapping at the two boys who were now pouncing on him savagely, trying their best to knock him down. You saw Seungkwan’s wolf form thrown into a tree behind him as Sicheng charged him and you had to listen to his body hit the forest floor. You saw Joshua trying with all his might to hold back a very snarly and angry Ten. But worst of all, you smelt blood. You smelt your new packmates’ blood. You couldn’t let it continue, they’d die if you did. So you used the only trick you could think of, a last resort trick you were really hoping that you’d never have to.

    “Kun please! You’re scaring me!” You shouted and cried, making sure to actually spill the tears that were already threatening to release from your waterlines down you cheeks. You began flailing around and gasping for air in his clutches.

    All the boys seemed to haut their movements at your childish screams but you didn’t care, better they sit still and judge you than move about and die.

    Kun’s grip immediately softened around your hair and neck, just like you knew it would. He gently brought his face to your lowered level with apologetic eyes, just like he always did when he had scared you.

    You were still his mate. In his mind, he loved you. In his mind, he was just trying to get you to come back home at all costs so you could be together again. All those times he hurt you were to just simply teach you your place. But he never was cruel to you without what he called “reason.” Even when he hit you, he always made sure you knew it was coming and why he was doing it so you’d know it was more of a tough love lesson that he was bringing on. He’d take care of you after and nurse you back to health, he never wanted to frighten you. So you knew saying such a thing out loud would hit him where it hurt the most: his fragile icy heart.

    “I’m sorry love. I didn’t mean to. It was never my intention. I’ve just been trying to get you home.” He cooed at you as he stroked your tear soaked face while you did your best to fight your instincts and not flinch away, “Are you alright?” He genuinely asked as he brought your body low enough for your feet to set on the ground, not enough for you to get away, but enough to ground you and make you feel safer instead of freely dangling in the air.

    Jeonghan growled at the small affection your other mate showed you. You felt bad for having to act the way you were going to when you knew he was right there, it hurt your heart. But it was the only way to keep everyone alive.

    “You’re scaring me Xiaodan.” You purred at him in Mandarin as innocently as you could using his longtime pet name, hoping it would help him see some reason, “This isn’t you. You hurt a baby. MY Xiaodan would NEVER hurt a child.” You whispered to him softly as you attempted to make eye contact with him, protruding your lower lip so he would take notice.

    What was going on?

    You could feel Jeonghan’s heart racing. He didn’t know what you were saying like your old pack or Minghao did, but based on the tone of your voice and the doe eyes you were giving Kun as well as the uncomfortable look he was receiving from his own Chinese pack mate, he knew it would more than likely break his heart.

    “I- I had to do that sweetheart,” He stuttered and your demeanor change. “If I hadn’t, you would have ran away to him again,” He reminded you as he dropped his hold on your throat and turned you around to face him while caressing your jaw line with both hands.

    “If- If I promise to be good and go home with you, will you let them all go?” You asked with puppy eyes, doing your best to fight for the lives of your new family while simultaneously dying inside for saying such a thing to another man around Jeonghan.

    What could you possibly have been doing? What were you saying?

    He looked around, his pack had Jeonghan’s by their necks, it would be easy for him to end it all and take you home. But as he turned his attention back to the ground trying to look at his feet in thought, he caught a glimpse of Jeonghan near him that made a warning growl emit from his chest.

    You quickly grabbed his face in between your hands to refocus him, “Look at me.”

    Were you trying to stop this? Could you have found a way to get everyone out alive? Or could you really mean what you were saying?

    But you could see by the fire behind Kun’s golden eyes that he was still centering on his anger towards your new pack and mate. Jeonghan was so close to you both and Kun had a better advantage fighting wise, you knew he’d go straight for Hannie and he’d win against the older wolf. He wasn’t a fighter, and Kun was bigger and stronger and younger. You couldn’t have that. You couldn’t let him hurt Hannie. So you did the only thing you could think to do to stop him from reconstituting the fight he had created, even if you knew it would absolutely crush your new mate.

    You leaned in and pulled Kun in for a chaste kiss, surprising everyone around you including both your mates. After a few seconds you pulled away, “Please I don’t want to be scared of you my Xiaodan.” You informed him while doing your best to show him love with your eyes.

    While Kun’s golden orbs visibly lightened at your actions, Jeonghan’s were full of nothing but sorrow and misery.

    At first, he was sure it was you just doing what you had to to stay alive, but the way you kissed Kun just felt so… real. His mind couldn’t believe the lie he had been telling himself anymore.

    He wanted to be mad that you just kissed another man. He wanted to hate you for hurting him and for choosing your old mate over him after everything he had done to you. It felt like a knife was being twisted in his heart. But, even as he sat there with streams of salty liquid now flowing down his face, he realized he couldn’t possibly hurt you. And he couldn’t possibly hurt Kun if you didn’t want him to. He’d do anything for you, even if it meant dying from the rejection he was no doubt feeling while you went off with another man.

    So there he sat with a cracked soul and no place to go as he watched you lovingly touch your old mate.

    Kun’s eyes had now gained a haze of lust over them and you could tell he had began to calm down, “Okay my love. We can go.” He decided as he swiped his thumb over your pouted reddened bottom lip, “Leave them be. They’re not important to me anymore.” He waved to his pack, causing them to retreat from their spots hesitantly and trot behind him, “But there’s still one more thing.” He causally mentioned.

    Suddenly, he grabbed a very defeated and weakened Jeonghan by the collar and lifted him in the air with one arm causing you to scream. You could see Kun begin to elongate his claws on the hand that wasn’t holding him up and began to panic. Hannie wasn’t fighting back. He didn’t want to, he didn’t feel like living if you weren’t gonna be in his life. He was gonna die anyways from rejection, Kun killing him would just speed up the process.

    Sure he had a son, but he knew his pack would take care of him. He didn’t want him to see him die a slow painful death, he’d understand one day when he was older. So the only thing he did was command the younger boys in your pack to stand down and not fight back even though they were ready to pounce again, prepared to fight for their alpha. His order made it to where they couldn’t do anything.

    “Kun what are you doing?! You said you’d leave them alone!” You shrieked as you tried to grab at your old mate’s arm, something you failed at as he easily shrugged you off behind him.

    “I know love. But if I don’t do this, your instincts will have you running back to him soon.” He mentioned over his shoulder to you as you gripped on to the tail of his shirt crying.

    Almost as if you were seeing things in slow motion, his hand began it’s journey to reach Jeonghan’s throat. The closer it got, the faster your heart rate got and the more your heart felt like it was breaking. Your mind started to race. You thought of all his soft touches and sweet whispers that you’d never get again. You thought of Wooie and how he’d no longer have a dad because of you. You thought of the future you’d miss out on if he died now. You had to think of something, hell ANYTHING, to save him. You couldn’t lose Jeonghan. And you especially couldn’t let him die thinking that you had chosen and abusive mate over him.

    You looked around you for anything that could help, for any possible solutions to your dire problem. The only thing your frantic mind could find was a larger branch that had fallen from a tree when Seungkwan had been thrown into it. It still had smaller branches and twigs attached with leaves sprouting off, but you didn’t care. It was something. So you ran at light speed and gripped it between your shakey fingers before Kun could even register your absence.

    You sped your way back just before Kun’s claws found Jeonghan’s neck and you smacked him with the fanned branch, causing him to drop Hannie from his hold and falling to the floor with a groan.

    “(Y/N)? Sweetheart I have to do this. For us.” Kun tried to reason with you once he saw your heavy breathing and now emerald green eyes.

    You brought the branch back down to Kun’s body with a thud, “Us? There is no us! How could I want you as a mate? You hit me!” You barked, once again bringing the tree piece down to hit him, this time in the face.

    “But love-” He tried to explain before you interrupted, “But love NOTHING!” Smack.

    He deserved everything he was getting. How dare he think he deserved you after everything that he had done? How dare he think he had the right to hurt the only person who had been nice to you in centuries?

    “This is for every cut and mark and nightmare you caused!” Smack.

    Kun curled up in the fetal position to try and lessen the blows you started hitting him with in your anger.

    “And this is for all the lies you told people about me and for having them all think I’m the crazy one!” Smack.

    The blow caused him open his armadillo shell and fall open on his back, making the next hit to smack him in the face.

    “And this if for all the fucking bruises you gave me while telling me you loved me!” Wack.

    You wailed while gritting your teeth and huffing, throwing the branch behind you and pushing it back full force in front of you to hit your old mate while your new one watched from the distance, completely stunned at your actions with both of the packs.

    “You beat me! He doesn’t!” Smack.

    Jeonghan felt his chest buzz as you continued your assault on your old mate, now feeling the life start to flow back into him as he realized you had been faking your earlier intimacy with Kun.

    “He loves me the way I am! You don’t!” Smack.

    His heart began to swell at your words, happy that you knew he’d never change a hair on your now hot and red faced head.

    “He’d never lay a hand on me like you do!” Smack.

    Jeonghan never hurt you the way Kun did. He’d never even raise his voice at you.

    “He doesn’t force me into submission like you do!” Smack.

    Jeonghan would never have you do anything you didn’t want to do. He always placed your comfort and safety above all else, even when he shouldn’t. He protected you.

    “He loves me! You don’t even know what love is!” Smack.

    Jeonghan loved you even when you hated yourself. He loved you more than the Sun loved the Moon. He loved you enough to die for you.

    “How could you ever think I’d choose you over him?!” Smack.

    Jeonghan wasn’t an option. He was the only choice. He was everything you could’ve asked for and more. He was the one for you.

    Before you knew it, you were looking at a bloodied corpse on the forest floor and you held the weapon that killed him. You were covered in the sticky red substance and part of you was hurting. But not even really because you missed him, you had never killed anyone before. And now here you were, standing over the body of your mate that had died by your hand. Part of you was in shock. But you still kept hitting him.

    Someone came from behind you and wrapped their arms around your petite frame to cease your actions, causing your stick to fall to the ground, “Shhhhh baby. It’s okay. I’ve got you. He can’t hurt you anymore. It’s okay.” You heard your loving mate whisper in your ear as tears blinded you and you fell to the ground.

    Yangyang and Xiaojun howled by their lost leaders body in sorrow while Sicheng and Hendery, your once brothers, threatened to charge at you for killing him. Joshua and Minghao jumped to your defense immediately, stalking between you, Jeonghan, and the boys from the other pack as they bared their teeth menacingly.

    “That’s enough. We’re done here.” A newly phased naked human Ten spoke as he jumped between your new pack and the younger boys, “This was Kun’s dumbass fight. It got him killed. We all knew this could happen. And we all knew she had good reason to kill him. She needed us and…” Ten looked back at you, partly in shame, partly in horror, “And we were the ones who did nothing. This is as much our fault as it is hers.” He declared, calming his pack down enough for their fighters to back down.

    “Now we’ll take our alpha and we’ll go back home. This is over.” He said, seemingly taking over the new position of leader almost instantaneously to keep all out war from breaking out.

    Yangyang phased back to his human form along with Xiaojun and helped lift their fallen alpha onto the back of the now second oldest wolf in their pack. Begrudgingly, Sicheng began walking slowly off back to where they came as the others followed through once they became wolves again.


    You figured you must have blacked out, because the next thing you remembered was being carried by Jeonghan and seeing your home in the distance with the sun beginning to set in the background, half the pack being outside on the porch waiting for you all. They must’ve heard the howling.

    Then, you saw the smallest wolf in the pack sitting on his healing uncle’s lap. Something in you yearned for him. You all but jumped out of your mate’s arms and fell to the floor before scrambling onto your feet and running towards the tot.

    “Wooie!” You shouted, causing him to wiggle out of Hansol’s lap and dash off to meet you.

    Before you knew it he was in your arms and you were spinning him around, listening to him giggle and squeal in your ear as his hand found place in your hair and squeezed.

    Jeonghan was concerned. He knew you must not have been okay. You just killed your mate and, even if he was an abusive asshole, it must still have taken a serious affect on you. He figured you would’ve needed at least a week before you were ready to do things on your own properly without breaking down crying. Yet, once you had seen Hyunwoo’s little face, you leaped out of your mesmerized state and ran to him.

    Now you were hugging him and pulling him away just so you could kiss every inch of his face and previously wounded arm. Hansol had obviously healed him as he now had function back into it. But of course Hyunwoo wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to be smothered in kisses by his favorite person.

    He was now showing you different part of both his arms and you were leaving little kisses everywhere he was gigglingly demanding. It was by far the cutest thing he’d ever witnessed and he couldn’t help but fall in love with you just a little bit more.


    Before long you had both fallen asleep reading a story Wooie insisted you read to him on the couch and Jeonghan had to carry you both upstairs to bed.

    Once everything was settled and Wooie had been tucked properly into bed next to you with the both of you facing the wall, Jeonghan joined on the side behind you and cuddled into you. He made sure to throw his arm over both you and his son in a protective manner given the day you had both had before he closed his eyes.

    Only moments later, he felt a small tug on his arm, “I’m sorry for today Jeonghan. But thank you.” You said, barely above a whisper as to not wake the boy up in your arms.

    “For what princess?” Jeonghan pondered aloud.

    After a few seconds, he finally received your reply, “For coming for me.”

    “You don’t have to thank me for the baby. If anything i should be thanking you for saving my ass.” He lightly chuckled into your dark curls.

    Once again, you hesitated before you spoke again, “And I’m sorry about… the things he said. You know none of that was true right? That I never for a second considered him better than you?”

    “I know.” Jeonghan purred softly.

    “And I hope you know that I never meant anything I said to him today.” You continued, snuggling further into him as best you could for reassurance.

    “I know baby.”

    After a few minutes of no replies, he figured you had finally fallen asleep. So he decided to follow suit. But just before he felt himself doze off, he heard you speak again.

    “I love you Hannie.” You lulled.

    “I love you too princess. More than anything.”

    (Updated 12/5)

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    ⚠︎ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 | Smut, Dilf! Aged Up! Sicheng, Unprotected Sex, Pantie Kink, Spanking, Name-Calling, Cum Play, Humping

    It's not that Sicheng was completely saddened by his failing marriage, hell—his wife couldn't realize it was failing.

    It's not any absolutely depressing event in his life either, it was just his personality. He was slightly hot-tempered, seemingly aloof to anyone who worked with him. Sometimes, he was a bit standoff-ish to his own wife. But then there's you.

    The moment you stepped into his office, he couldn't take his eyes off you. Not to mention the way you two instantly clicked. When you two first spoke it was as if you'd known each other for years—only, you met him that day. As Sicheng's associates walked by his office, they nearly dropped their coffee to see their distant boss being so close to his newly appointed college student of a secretary.

    One of the employees dropped her coffee upon seeing him smile at you so warmly.

    The connection was there, but the tension.

    Oh the tension. Even his wife saw it!

    It was like you two were attached at the hip, always seen together by everyone. His wife once had to pull him aside from you for a moment in pure jealousy.

    As of right now, the both of you took time to be together in one of his estates without the knowledge of anyone. But one can assume.

    You placed one arm to one arm rest, trapping Mr. Dong in his chair. He sighed, looking up at you. "What ever does my darling need?" he said endearingly, grabbing your waist to sit on his lap whilst he watched the news in your room. You scanned his face up and down as he looked at you with pure curiosity. You smiled widely at him earning an eyebrow raise before his eyes went back to the screen.

    Grabbing him closer to your face by the collar of his shirt, his expression never faltered. "I'm wet." you stated simply. "You want me to fuck you?" he asked, now looking at you.

    You nodded at him. "M'kay" he shrugged, amused.

    Throwing you on the bed, he removed all articles of clothing showing him the extent of your words. He severely underestimated you—you were sopping wet, slick coating your inner thighs deliciously. Mr. Dong let out a breath of shock, "How'd you get like this, baby?"

    "I- I just thought of you" you admitted, embarrassed by yourself as you stayed bent over on the edge of the bed, all for Mr. Dong to see.

    Undoing his pants, he chuckled at your answer. "Just thought of me, hm?" he teased, using his belt as a restraint for your wrists. "That's cute"

    Stuffing your panties in your mouth, Mr. Dong then stuffed the head of his cock in your cunt—thrusting in ever so slowly. Only half way in, he cursed to himself while your eyes were squeezed shut, taking in the feeling of your walls stretching around. Never in your life would you think you'd get used to his size.

    Finally bottoming out in you, he heard a tiny whimper of relief leave your mouth. Chucking, he rubbed the soft flesh of your ass before picking up his pace inside you.

    Your squeaky mewls rang throughout the room mixed with the sound of the mattress shaking—not to mention the sound of skin slapping against eachother. "M'baby likes taking big dick, hm?" Mr. Dong asked, his voice groggy and a little throaty from trying not to groan as he spoke. After you gave no answer to him, he landed a sharp slap to your ass, "Fuckin' answer me"

    Swallowing back the drool that threatened to fall from your mouth, you stumbled on your answer. "Y-yeah..." you answered breathlessly as Mr. Dong's pace sped up on purpose "I- Fuck M-mister...I love it!" you whined out, completely rushed out feeling your high threatening to hit you at any second.

    "Mister D-Dong," you slurred out, your mind clearly not with you at the moment "M'gonna cum~" you wailed before creaming all over his cock, feeling every ounce of slick gush out on him.

    Holding your belt clad wrists in his hands he cooed at you, "Good fuckin' girl." With his eyebrows knitted together, he pulled out and flipped your body to lie on your back. Stroking his dick, he ordered you to open your mouth—to which you obliged. He jerked himself off, looking straight into your eyes until the second he came all in your mouth. As expected of you, you swallowed, earning a low laugh from Mr. Dong.

    Pulling his pants back on, he retreated back to his place on his chair to watch the news—ignoring the missed calls of his wife. Don't worry though, he'll call her back if he remembers. Dragging you with him, you sat atop his thighs. But the more you stared at him the more you needed him.

    Feeling a wet spot emerge on his pants, Mr. Dong placed his attention back to you—who was unsurprisingly rutting your hips against his thigh. Once you met his gaze on you, you sent him a wink while he smiled at you like a complete idiot.

    Truly, there was something about you.


    TAGLiST: @felixs-kithes @bestboylele @daegalfangirl @jisungsslut @chitaphrrrr @aehyei @luvjeongjaehyun @if-i-like-i-reblog @sunshinedhyuck @yuthereal-mp4 @misa-misa-09 @pinkynana @count-your-shadows @yasmin-uc @chicagosbigboi @madame-viper @luvlyjaemin @hyuckhoon @doieclayed @jensdior @jayparkscockring @wonswondrland @3ranch @iluvjaehyunn @mmiikkaaaaaaa @alexameliamg @rdflare51 @bockhyun @wanchai-eggtarts @brattybunforbts @osamudizzy @marklexleaf @cheesy-gimb0ps @huqi @littleeelionn @rjhuang23

    NOT ABLE 2 TAG: @nolovenow @ourfullsunhyuck @waspyharmony @doiedoi @cherrrysung @myuuchuu

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    #wayv smut #pms drabble game #wayv hard hours #nct hard hours #nct smut#yangyang smut #yangyang hard hours
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    the boy from third period pt.4 : pretty boys

    ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈

    Was the boy who flipped your life upside down in high school about to do it to you again in college?

    ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈

    *will be revised later*


    Pairing- jeno x reader, a little bit of lucas x reader

    Genre- romance, angst, smut (18+ please), slow burn, enemies to lovers

    In this chapter

    Special appearances- winwin, jaehyun

    Warnings- use of words like "slut", drinking

    Word count- 2.7k (a longer one :0)

    ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈ ┈

    pt.1 , pt.2, pt.3

    It has officially been two weeks since the incident and I haven’t seen him since as well. It’s probably for the best that I haven't seen him because I had no idea how I felt about the situation. I definitely liked it, that’s for sure. Did I want to continue it? Yes, if said person wasn’t my highschool bully… What did it mean? Why did he do it? Why did I like it? Why why why why.


    Oh my phone.

    I grabbed my phone from my bedside table and opened the message from none other than Lucas, my only real friend. It’s sad really because I haven’t had a single close girl friend while in college. Sure there was my roommate but she was out most days with her girlfriend-- a happy and stable relationship those two. And there’s a high chance that she’s disgusted by my reputation. But I don’t blame her, most people are deterred by it. It’s something that manages to follow me everywhere I go.

    My mask has been painted by people I don’t even know. I mean, what can I do? People will conjure anything up so others can lap it up like dogs

    If I did a head count of all the “friends” I had, the majority would probably be boys. Half of them are probably just there for sex but either way, I can’t deny that i don’t have many girl friends. And this isn’t a “girls are too dramatic” situation, they just simply avoid me half the time. I would love some more girls in my life if I was actually given the chance.

    yukheihei: party @ the frat house 9:30 pm. you comin?

    y/n: yeah sure pick up at 9 then?

    yukheihei: yeah i can where should i pick her highness?

    y/n: oh hushhhhhh

    y/n: i’ll wait by the hub yk where that is right?

    yukheihei: ofc i do dumbass

    y/n: lmao ill see you then <3

    This will be my first party since the one where I almost got my teeth punched in and I have definitely lowered my expectations since.

    I looked over to the clock which read, “8:43”.


    I dressed myself in a tiny black silk slip on dress on top of heart patterned tights paired with Doc Martens. To combat the cold and for some modesty I also threw on a simple grey sweatshirt. And with that, I was done. For only 13 minutes, I looked pretty good.

    I walked over to the Hub like I said I would be at and waited patiently for Lucas’s car to pull up. Lucas’s car eventually pulled up at around 9:10, a.k.a 7 minutes of coldness. Once his car came to a stop, I rushed to open the passenger door and threw myself in the seat as fast as I could so my legs could start to thaw.

    I threw a punch into Lucas’s arm. “Ow! What was that for?” he howled, rubbing his arm.

    “That’s what happens when you leave a girl in the cold for over 5 minutes!” I said

    “She’s got a point,” a voice from the backseat said. I jerked my head in that direction and there was Winwin, Lucas’s dorm neighbor, just chilling in the middle back seat.

    “Oh hey Winwin. I didn’t know you were coming as well” I smiled wearily.

    “Ah yeah, I thought might as well you know?” He told me with a shrug. I nodded a ‘gotcha’ at him and he threw me a thumbs up.

    Lucas responded to our prior conversation with, “If you didn’t wear such clothes, maybe you wouldn’t be cold.” He started up the car and took off. Ouch, that kinda hurt. Was wanting to look good and feel good regardless of weather, bad? Him and his impulsive mouth I swear would be the death of me eventually.

    I gave him another slap on the arm, “I look good and you know it! You’re just too stubborn to admit that I can be attractive”

    “The sounds that come from his dorm room beg to differ . . .” Winwin interjected. Lucas left out a bellowing laugh. I felt heat rush up to my face and to the tips of my ears. I couldn’t see myself at the moment but I’m sure no one could see the blush on my cheeks with how red I was.

    “Oh my fucking god” I exclaimed.

    “Good one Sicheng! If I wasn’t driving I’d dab you up or something,” Lucas said.

    “Yukhei! Don’t humor him and just drive” I demanded. Winwin stifled a chuckle with his hand. Although I wasn’t looking over at Lucas, I just know he rolled his eyes. Sometimes, he was the most infuriating little bitch but the only one who stayed by my side so I guess he gets some leeway.


    Once Lucas parked his car along the road near the frat house, we decided to set some ground rules.

    The rules were as followed:

    -Let the others know if you decide to go home with someone else or stay later

    -If in danger, find Lucas or Winwin immediately (as suggested by Lucas for me)

    -No driving under any influence

    -Have fun

    Okay, simple enough. I can do that, yeah. I don’t know if I can stay away from drinks tonight but I’m sure one of the others can. On second thought, maybe not Lucas. Guess I’ll have to beg Winwin to stay sober tonight or call an Uber.

    We all got out of the car and not going to lie, we looked fucking rich. Lucas branded a tank top with a leather jacket over and higher waisted straight cut black jeans with silver accessories. Winwin wore a white turtleneck tucked into pants similar to Lucas’s but faux leather. Though instead of silver like Lucas, he wore gold accessories like a wrist watch and clip-on gold hoops. No, his ears weren’t pierced surprisingly.

    The leather and silk combo of the three of us made for an attractive display. And it’s not just me saying this either, heads were turning as we walked in. Lucas in front, me behind him, and Winwin at the end. More eyes were on Lucas than Winwin and I which is not surprising of course.

    And although the overall feedback was good, I did hear mentions of me, not good mentions. “Why would she wear silk? Isn’t she just begging for it?” I don’t dress to please anyone but myself.

    “You think I can do her tonight?” No.

    Great, I already want to leave.

    “Hey I’m going to play beer pong with the seniors. That alright with you guys?” Lucas said, interrupting my thoughts.

    “Yeah, I’m good with it,” answered Winwin. Lucas’s eyes fell onto me.

    “Oh yeah, that’s fine go ahead” I replied.

    “Alright, cool,” Lucas smiled gleefully. He clutched the back of my neck, pulled me in, and landed a kiss right at the top of my head, “have fun this time, yeah?”

    I nodded with a smile. I looked over to Winwin and he gestured over to the drinks table. We walked with each other to it. He grabbed a cup of what I hope was just cider while I grabbed a can of beer.

    Then we went our separate ways.


    It was now 10:30 ish I believe. It’s safe to say that I’m drunk. Yes, I'm definitely drunk. I think I may have had 2 or 3 cans of beer? I don’t remember.

    Last time I checked, Lucas was still playing drinking games or a game with others and Winwin was dancing on the dance floor with some chick. Which left me to my own devices. I deserved a little attention. No?

    Jaehyun planted a kiss on my cheek after I downed another big gulp of alcohol and I giggled. I had my legs swung over his lap and my arms around his shoulders with his one hand around my waist.

    Ahhh Jaehyun. Jeong Jaehyun. Such a pretty man. Disgustingly pretty actually. Prettier than half of the girls I've seen! I’ve seen him at enough parties to consider him a friend. He’s always been so kind and gentle with me that I know I can trust him in such a wasted state. He wouldn’t try anything funky, nothing I couldn’t say no to. Jaehyun wasn’t a dick like half the people at this party, he’s just here to have a good time.

    “You got a ride home princess?” Jaehyun asked me.

    “Me? Oh yeah I have Yukhei heh heh,” I answered as best as I could.

    “I’m pretty sure Lucas is drunk as well and that isn’t safe. Anyone else?”

    He’s right. Lucas was 100% sloshed and the type to speed 20 over the speed limit when he was drunk, which is definitely a no-go. “There’s Winwin I guess but I think he’s with a girl” I answered again, slurring the last word.

    Jaehyun rubbed my back and head with his hands. It kinda reminded me of my mom. “Well if you need a ride, I only had a half of can or so but you know I can hold my alcohol well,” He finished with a chuckle.

    “Yeahhhh, I have yet to get you drunk enough to spill that you’re an axe murderer hah haaa”

    We laughed together. I laughed into his chest and he laughed into my hair.

    “Okay Jae, I’ll take her from here” a voice said. It definitely wasn’t Jaehyun’s because he’s ‘Jae’. Not Lucas’s loud and goofy voice or Winwin’s silky, pretty one. This voice was low and creamy.

    I lifted my head from Jaehyun's chest and looked to the person who casted a shadow onto us.

    “Jeno,” I whispered.

    “Yes, I’m Jeno and you’re drunk,” he said tilting his head as he observed the state I was in.

    I let myself fall back into Jaehyun’s chest. “No, go away” I groaned, turning my head away from him and flinging my hand around, “shoo.”

    Why was he here? Did he come here just to find me? Is he going to continue his highschool ways now that he knows we go to the same college? No, no calm down Y/N. He wouldn’t do such immature things now that we’re both adults. He probably just happened to find me here. Yeah, yeah.

    “You heard the girl Jeno,” Jaehyun said backing me up, “go away”. Jeahyun gave him a sweet, mocking smile and gave my back another rub.

    “Look, there’s something I’ve been meaning to discuss with her. Seriously.”

    “Lee Jeno, that is exactly what they all say and they never do her any goo-”

    I pulled his face to mine with my hands and landed my lips onto his. He kissed me back without question, pulling me onto his lap by my waist.

    If I heard right, Jeno had let out a grunt, an annoyed one.

    Just to push him further, I started grinding my hips back and forth over Jaehyun’s. His grip on my waist tightened but was immediately replaced by a more forceful and painful one.

    Jeno had pulled me off of Jaehyun’s lap and was dragging me outside by the waist

    “Let go of meeeahhh”

    “Drunk or not, we have to talk.” Being too drunk to fight, I leaned into him.

    Jeno pushed past the dozens of people dancing on the dance floor and unexpectedly, one of the dancer’s hands landed on his right shoulder.

    “What are you doing with her?” A pretty voice asked Jeno.

    “Don’t worry Winwin, if she isn’t back within like 15 minutes, you can beat me up all you want”

    “It’s fine Winwin,” I murmured, waving my hand in where I thought the voice to be coming from.

    When nothing else was said in response, Jeno and I walked the rest of the way out of the house and sat down on the porch.

    I leaned back on the bench and pulled my jacket around me. I fought the strong urge to fall asleep right there on me.

    Jeno says, “Don’t fall asleep on me quite yet please,” like he was reading my thoughts.

    “You want to talk about highschool? Ya?” I murmured.

    “Straight to the point I see,” Jeno waited for a second before speaking again, “you’re right though. I want to talk about highschool”

    By now, I have sobered up a little. Still tired and slow but sober enough to cohesively respond. “Go on”

    “So, um. First and foremost, I’m sorry. I was young and angry and I took it out on you”

    I let out a laugh. “Can you like, tell me something I don’t already know?”

    “Right, yeah. I don’t know if you can forgive me anytime soon-“

    “Forgive you? Jeno, you threw me against lockers, spread the most nastiest rumors about me, and said the most vulgar things to me. Like how I was a-“

    Jeno cut me off as well, “Yeah, yeah I know, you don’t have to tell me that…”

    “I don’t know how you expect me to forgive you. I mean look at me! I’ve become trashy because of you! I go to parties all the time, I’m in someone’s dorm room every other day, and, and.” I couldn’t finish. I knew fully well of my habits yet it was still embarrassing to admit them aloud.

    “That isn’t true Y/N and you know that. I know you’re on a scholarship, that’s gotta mean something?” How did he know that?

    “Oh pssshhh, like anyone cares about that. People don’t look at me and think, ‘wow that girl must be something! She’s on a scholarship!’. That just isn’t something people consider.”

    “Well, that’s not what I think…” He whispered, barely audible.

    I looked at him and he was already looking at me.

    When was the last time I looked at him, like really looked at him? His hair was a dark, natural black while his hair in the past was a platinum blonde. His eyes appeared softer but still held the same dullness. And his lips, his lips curved a serious line as we stared at each other.

    I narrowed my eyes and whispered, “Then why?”


    “Why did you treat me the way that you did?”

    “I- I can’t tell you that. It’s not easy”

    It’s not easy? That’s rich.

    I started to slur as I spoke, “Then why are you here after all these years?”

    “Because I regret my actions”

    “Why did you do your actions? Why did you leave? Why did you come back? Why did you kiss me? And why did I li-“

    The front door of the house slammed open. Winwin walked out and leaned against the frame looking at us. “Times up”

    Sounds started to mix together and everything started to blur. God, I’m so tired. This is too much.

    “Oh hey, Winwin”

    “Hey Y/N”

    “Where’s Yukhei?”

    “He’s coming soon and we’re leaving,” Winwin said sternly, then glanced at Jeno, “that means you have to leave”

    “Mmmm” I groaned. The slur of music and voices finally lulled me to sleep.

    *This portion will be told in third person for story telling purposes*

    Jeno reached over to catch Y/N’s head in his hand.

    “Have you drank at all?” Jeno asked Winwin as he sat next to Y/N and rested her head on his shoulder.

    “No, I have not,” Winwin narrowed his eyes at the sight, “and you might not want to do that.”

    “Do what?” Jeno jerked his head to the left. Winwin twirled his finger to where Y/N’s head laid on Jeno’s shoulder. “Why?”

    “Yukhei may or may not be pleased.”

    “Oh yeah, Lucas. Why would he be mad? It’s not like they’re dating…”


    “They aren’t, right?” Jeno asked nervously

    Winwin crossed his arms, “that’s not something I can answer for you unfortunately.”

    Jeno stopped for a moment, deep in thought. His lips pulled thin.

    Winwin broke the silence. “I’ll take her and save you the confusion.” Winwin walked towards the two and looped his arms under Y/N’s legs and back.

    “Yeah, seeya…” Jeno said and waved at them.

    “Bye” Winwin replied flatly and made his way down the porch stairs and to Lucas’s car parked along the sidewalk. He kicked up his leg to support Y/N’s back as he released his grip on her back to open the back car door. He placed her down across the back seat and sat himself in the front seat.

    Winwin sent Lucas a text.

    Winwin: Lucas let’s fucking go, Y/N hella wasted.

    yukheight: Ahj ill be oit in a sexond

    Winwin: Lol sex

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  • notonehorangdan
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    "You slut"

    •Requested by: an Anon
    ❤︎Pairing: WayV (YangYang) x Male Reader
    ❣︎Genre: Smut
    √Type: IdolAU!
    ∆Positions: TopYangYang x BottomY/N
    While preparing for the new NCT/WayV 2021 releases, the members are left to rest and cool off for a couple of minutes.
    Y/N socializes like a human being does while flirting with a certain member, and after talking to YangYang, Y/N quickly finds out that he saw everything as jealousy arrives in more ways than one.




    "Shut up, you douche"

    "Hey, I'm just saying.

    You can't have your cake and eat it too."

    "It was '7 minutes in heaven' , how do you not kiss the person you're stuck with?"

    So, the shooting for the teasers was done and the members were all piling up to get dressed and leave, while Y/N and Johnny stayed put caught up in their own... important?... conversation.

    Half naked by the way, in the dressing room of all places.

    "Maybe they were scared or something?"

    "Johnny, if we were stuck together, this ass surely wouldn't be afraid to make out with you"

    "In the dark?"

    "Hell yeah"

    "Where we can't see eachother?"

    "Even better"

    "Is that a dare?"

    "Do you want it to be?"

    The pair looked at eachother before laughing their asses off, not taking it seriously.

    "Ok but like, who do you think would initiate the kiss first between all the guys?"




    "OK FINE.

    YangYang and Ten."

    "Ooh, hot."

    "You're not supposed to be liking this as much as you are."

    "You said Jaehyun is as hot as Albuquerque, you can't blame me"


    Speaking of double y, he's absolutely staring at you right now.

    And I mean, he's staring bitch like staring like fucking-"


    I got it."

    Y/N chuckled as he turned around, walking beeline towards YangYang.

    YangYang looked... surprisingly agitated almost as if something or, someone, made him extremely annoyed.

    "Hey yang.

    How you doing?"



    You know, I've actually been talking to Johnny like a minute ago about who would initiate a kiss if they were caught up in a '7 minutes in heaven' type of thing and your name popped up."

    "Did it?"

    "Yeah, I would be very willing to test that theory out by the way.

    Just saying."

    This little flirtatious remark situated right in YangYang's brain as he looked like someone sparked a fire inside him.

    He roughly grabbed Y/N's hand before dragging him towards the backroom.

    This surely did not fly under the radar as the remaining members left saw the said action.

    "Should we- should we intervene?"

    "Nah, let them work it out.

    YangYang's got a couple of kinks to work out."

    "I'm... not even gonna question that."

    YangYang shoved Y/N inside before locking the door.

    "What's happening?"

    "You know damn well what's happening here.

    You slut."

    "Excuse m-" His sentence was rudely interrupted as YangYang pushed him against the wall, slowly gyrating his hips on his ass.

    The said action made you moan, as you could feel YangYang's cock through his pants grazing over your entrance.

    Thank god you wore leather pants for this shoot, cus your ass in those pants surely didn't leave anything to the imagination.

    "Flirting with Johnny just out in the open like that?

    Knowing that I'm watching?"

    Every word that came out of his mouth was followed with his pelvis slamming on your ass.

    "You said you wanted to test that theory?

    Let's test a different one."

    He quickly started unbuckling his pants, eager to finally make his point.

    You started to to take of your pants as YangYang quickly slapped them away.


    You crossed a line.

    I'm in charge this time."

    "You sure about that?

    'Cus you're not doing anything to show it"

    This response surely made a sting as YangYang wasted no time enveloping Y/N in a very hard kiss.

    He took both of your hands before holding them up, taking off your jacket and undershirt, kissing every exposed spot starting from your neck.

    The said friction and feeling alone made you inadvertently moan as you stopped him.


    Point taken."

    YangYang took off your pants before sliding your underwear down, stroking you in the process.

    He quickly spat on his fingers before sliding them inside you, prepping you for what's to come.

    He used the rest to coat his cock before adjusting himself against you, slowly entering you.

    The said action made both of you gasp, as YangYang wasted no second moving inside you.

    You were losing feeling in your arms and that seemingly increased the pleasure you felt.

    With each and every thrust, YangYang went faster and faster, not giving a damn that the walls are paper thin at best.

    He worked his way inside you before finally hitting your prostate, making you release a gutteral moan.

    This definitely made all of the staff know what you were doing and YangYang enjoyed seeing what he was creating.

    The more you tightened, the more YangYang felt close to his release as his facial expressions hinted.


    Was all it took before YangYang stilled inside you, filling you up with his seed.

    He came a lot considering how your hole definitely squeezed every drop he had.

    He carefully slipped out of you as he saw his cum sliding out.

    "God, we need to clean you up."


    No more playing the 'bad biker boyfriend' act?"

    "Come on, you know that's not me.

    I just wanted to do it 'cus it was kinda hot seeing you helpless like that."

    "Damn, and I thought I was kinky"

    "It's called 'being a professional fucker' "

    "That's a double-edged sword YangYang."

    "I- SHUT U-"


    And that's it.

    I actually kinda like this one lmao, it's not long but it's not as short as it was originally supposed to be 💀

    I have a tendency to write a little drabble and turn it into a full-length fic 😭

    But yeah, thank you for reading ☠️

    Peace y'all ✋‼️

    #kpop male reader #kpop x male reader #male reader#nct yangyang#wayv yangyang#yangyang#yangyang fanfic#yangyang fic#yangyang smut#implied smut#kpop smut#nct smut#wayv smut#wayv fanfic#wayv fic #nct male reader #smut nct#smut fanfiction#smut #smut with feelings #smut with plot #smut with fluff #male reader smut #male reader fanfic #kpop male idol #nct u #wayv x y/n #nct x y/n #smut fic #male reader fics
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  • writemekpop
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    [11:49 PM]

    wc <0.5k, genre: suggestive, pairing: ten x reader

    Ten pressed his hot lips against your shoulder blade as he stripped you naked on the rooftop of the skyscraper hotel. You let out a soft sigh and gazed at the stars.

    You were leaning against the icy railing, with Ten’s firm body pressed against you from behind.

    Ten’s fingers pulled your dress's zip all the way down your back. Slowly, he slid the dress off your shoulders. You gasped as the evening breeze hit your sensitive, bare chest.

    You were too high up for anyone to see, but you still felt a rush of exhilaration at being so exposed. If anyone was to glance up from the street, what would they think of this elegant naked woman, embraced by her dark companion? Your velvet dress was bunched at your hips, and Ten’s long, talented fingers danced up your spine.

    You turned to face your lover. You could see the entire city twinkling in Ten’s large chocolate eyes.

    "You're gorgeous," he murmured, leaning down to meet your lips.

    "And you're all mine."

    🌼Timestamps Masterlist 🌼

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  • renjunnnnn
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    [19:55] “dance with me?” you breathed out shakily, eyes going wide and feeling as though your heart had come to a halt when seeing jeno kneeling down next to you, stars in his glistening eyes as he held is hand out. you gulped, licking over your lips. “you know i can’t.” your voice broke and jeno tried to keep himself from tearing up at how physically and emotionally drained you looked, gesturing over to the tank of oxygen sitting next to you, then adjusting your nasal cannula. “i’m only here because my mum forced me.” you chuckled sarcastically and jeno looked up at you with round, innocent eyes, “she thought bringing me to the ball would take my mind off the fact that i’m about to die.” his heart stung and he tried to keep you from noticing the drop in his expression, the drop in his stomach. jeno shuffled closer to you, smiling a little and his eyes become crescents, once again offering his hand out for you to take. “it’s not everyday lee jeno goes out of his way to ask a lady to dance with him.” you scoffed, trying not to laugh too loud, “i don’t think you should pass up on this opportunity.” you pouted, thinking, “i can carry the tank.” jeno let out, blinking up at you and you looked down, biting your lip in thought. “or i could just do this.” his eyes widened when you removed your nasal cannula, looking to see if your mother was around to tell you off. “you sure you’ll be okay?” “i’m dying anyway.” jeno wished you’d stop saying that. every time he thought about it his body would begin to shake at the very thought of his best friend not being around anymore. “i don’t want to live the rest of my life confined by this stupid illness. if it’s gonna take me, it’s gonna take me happy. not all depressed.” jeno breathed out, thinking for a few seconds with nothing but a sorrowful, longing expression before again bringing his hand out in front of you, which you took immediately. he led you onto the dance floor, the both of you too lost in your own worlds to be able to realise that the entire ballroom was staring at you. you couldn’t care any less when jeno wrapped you in his arms, placing your head on his chest and fluttering your eyes closed, dancing to the beat of the music and the beating of his heart. he placed his hands on your lower back, chin resting on your head as he tried to ignore the tinge he kept feeling in his aching heart. he had to be strong for you right now. you sighed into him, he kissed your hair. “when i’m on my deathbed,” your voice was barely above a whisper, but for jeno it was enough to drown the music out. to him, it was just the two of you this entire hall. “i think this is the moment i’ll keep looking back to.”

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  • flowerboykun
    04.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Genre: Smut, fluff, slight angst

    Pairing: Yangyang x reader x Jungwoo

    General Warning: language, insecurities, parties, mentions of alcohol

    Smut Warnings: sub!Yangyang, switch!reader, switch!Jungwoo, pet names, praise, degrading, dom-sub dynamic, BDSM, spanking, marking, overstimulation, mistress/ma’am kink, master/sir kink, mommy/daddy kink, orgasm denial, edging, corruption kink, polyamory, m x m involvement, sexting, voluntary feminization, lingerie, phone sex, oral (m / f receive), dry humping, nipple play, unprotected sex

    !!MINORS DNI!!

    Word Count: 15.8k

    Note: I highly suggest you read Pain Is Pleasure before this since this is basically part 2

    For the Love and Debauchery collab hosted by @immabiteyou and @ncteaxhoe <3

    You and Jungwoo have been married for about two years now and you officially have joined him in his line of work as a professional dom. This job is so much more fun than working at a desk like you used to, you get to play with pretty subs all day long then go back upstairs (or stay down there) and get your brains fucked out by your husband or vice versa. You of course have your regulars that come into your makeshift studio once or twice a week, and your one-and-done guests. Recently though you’ve become slightly bored with your job, you love working with your husband and you love what you do but it seems to be the same routine per guest and it’s getting old. You suggested several things to each of your regulars but they always claim it to be something that they would never do. A part of your job is to always go with what is within the comfort zone of each client, be willing to push the envelope but don’t rip it.

    “Bye dear, we’ll see you next week” you send off your last guest of the week

    As you clean up you let out an exasperated sigh, “What’s wrong love?” your husband questions

    “Everything is just so routine now, don’t get me wrong I love our job but it’s just the same cycle over and over. We keep suggesting new ways to go about things for our regulars or to try something new with them but they never seem to want to do anything besides the normal,” you explain “I just want something new and exciting.”

    “Well dear, you can always try new things on me” he flirts

    “Jungwoo, darling, I love you and all the things we’ve tried but let’s be honest. Name one thing we haven’t tried on each other.” you giggle reaching up to play with his locks of freshly bleached white waves.

    “We haven’t- but we never-“ he tries to figure something out “okay, you’re right, but who would possibly be up to doing the things we do to each other? Our regulars already shot it down and our one-time people are too scared.”

    As you go to answer his question you hear the doorbell ring from upstairs. You’re both extremely confused, you don’t have any more guests today and you don’t remember inviting anyone over after you were done. You share a look with each other before making your way upstairs to the front door. Once there, you open the door to find a rather shy boy standing on your front stoop.

    “A-are you Master and Mistress Jung?” he shyly asks

    “Depends who’s asking” you respond

    “And how old you are” Jungwoo adds

    “I’m Yangyang, I’m 21 years old, and I desperately need someone to teach me.”

    “Teach you what sweetheart?” your dominant persona jumps out.

    “Teach me how to be a good sub… I’m just too shy and no one will teach me. Then one of my friends told me about professional doms and I found you guys online. So yeah, um, teach me please?” he rambles

    “Well angel, do you just want her, just me, or both of us?” Jungwoo steps a little closer to him.

    “U-um, I like the idea of both of you, but I’ve never been with a guy before.”

    “So I see we need to do some educating too, huh? You seem to be a bit clueless as to the process of this.” you put a hand against his cheek causing him to blush. “Come inside dear, we have a lot to talk about.”

    You guide him down to the basement into the area that isn’t for work necessarily, the room has a billiards table, a few couches, and other entertainment centers. It was obvious that the boy was extremely nervous and you did all you could to calm him on your way. He reminded you a lot of how you were when you first met your husband, innocent, naive, unsure. You wanted to guide him through that just like Jungwoo did for you. For whatever reason you felt the same pull you did when you met Jungwoo for the first time, it was almost magnetic. Jungwoo was the only person you felt this connected to, at first sight, it almost felt wrong to be so intrigued and enticed by him. 

    “So dear, we don’t fuck you if that’s the impression you got.” Jungwoo explains “She thought the same when she first started as my sub.”

    “S-she’s your sub? But I thought you were both doms.”

    “We’re switches prince, but for you, we’re your doms. My husband here introduced me to this life a few years back and now we work together.”

    “H-husband?” Yangyang questioned almost disappointed

    “Mmhmm, is that an issue pup?” Jungwoo asks again

    “No,” his eyes sparkle “I just…” he trails off

    “Speak up pup, I can’t hear you”

    “I just think that y/n is really pretty is all.”

    “Well thank you, darling, now let me continue what I was saying. We can get you off, play with you, but we will never outright fuck you. That’s not how we roll. If that’s an issue then you can find someone else to dom you.”

    “I understand, I really like you guys though. You make me feel small and still safe. I like that.”

    “Here pup, fill out this form then mistress and I can discuss how to go about our sessions with you.”

    Jungwoo passes him the clipboard for him to fill out the form which has checkboxes next to a list of kinks and types of play that he can check off. The second page is a consent form just stating that he agrees to all the terms of the sessions and the physical agreement between the three of you. You watch intently as you see him check off several boxes down the list and then sign for both the consent and terms of agreement forms. You knew you were going to have fun with this one, no one has ever checked off as many boxes as he has, at least on the first go.

    “Jungwoo” you whisper in your husband’s ear “I like this one, I have a good feeling about him.”

    “Yeah?” he whispers back “Why’s that?”

    “He reminds me of me when I was still innocent.” “Hmm, he kinda does, are you attracted to him? If you are, don’t worry I don’t feel threatened by him at all.”

    “Honestly, he feels as magnetic as you do, it feels almost wrong how much I’m intrigued by him.”

    “Do you want to offer him what I offered you?”

    “I don’t know babe, it seems a little much for him still.”

    “S-sorry to interrupt your conversation but here are your papers back.” he shyly calls 

    You take the papers from him subtly grazing your hand over his as you do so. You look down at what he checked off. Pet names, praise, degradation, exhibitionism, hair pulling, spitting, marking, motion restriction, voyeurism, mommy kink, daddy kink, impact play and so many more that caught your attention. You point to a few on the list showing Jungwoo what you thought to start with first. He also pointed some out that stuck out to him and that he wanted to handle himself. There are still some things that you’re not well versed in yet that you practice on Jungwoo during your alone time. Those things are ones that you’ll let him take care of when you share a guest. 

    “You’re a bit of a slut in the making aren’t you pup?”

    “I’m sorry?”

    “You heard me pup, you checked off quite a few things on here. You just want to be a little slut don’t you?”

    He whimpers in response to Jungwoo’s teasing.

    “Master asked you something,” you smoothly speak “you answer when he asks you something.”

    “Sorry ma’am,” he drops his head. “I want to be a little slut for you master, you too mistress. If you’ll let me.”

    Both you and your husband thought it best to let him be for right now. You did however send him home with something no other client gets, your personal contact information. Both you and Jungwoo knew you were attracted to the younger boy, he just seemed so perfect for you to toy with. You hum absentmindedly as you continue to clean around the house, Jungwoo perched on the living room couch still looking over Yangyang’s form devising a plan for the younger when he comes early next week for his first session. You make your way into the living room where he is. You hear him gasp, shocking you slightly.

    “Jesus babe,” you chastise “what was that for? You scared me half to death.”

    “I think I figured out how I want you to run Yangyang’s session next week.” “Did you just say? Like me solo? He said he wanted both of us.” you pause your cleaning to join him on the couch.

    “Yes, I did princess, you’ll be running his first session, just so he can get to know each of us individually first. Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? We don’t want to overwhelm the poor boy.” he smiled at you, squishing your cheeks.

    You blush slightly, removing his hand from your face, “So, what’s your idea for his first time?”

    “I was thinking,” he starts showing you his notebook, “he marked down that he wants to try out a mommy kink, we both know how much you love that, and he also said he wants to try edging. I think that would be enough for his first round with you. Unless you have other ideas in mind.”

    “What if I did that plus overstimulation? I know it might be a bit much for him but he can always use his safeword if it gets too much too quickly.”

    “Hmm,” your husband acknowledges your thought “I like how you think kitten.” he agrees, placing a sweet kiss on your cheek, “It’s getting late though and we have some plans tomorrow, best be off to bed.”

    “Plans? What plans?” you question him

    “You’ll see baby, come on now, time for bed.”

    Soon enough Tuesday rolls around and you hear your doorbell ring promptly at 4:30 pm, you’re sitting at the kitchen table working on some paperwork from other guests.

    “I’ll get it dear, it’s probably Yangyang so be ready to head downstairs with him.” Jungwoo singsongs as he exits the room.

    You hum in acknowledgment despite your husband already being out of the room. You immersed yourself back into the paperwork making sure you had everything in order when you hear it. From the living room-foyer area, you hear a whimper that begs for your attention. You quickly shut the client’s folder and exit the kitchen. What you see when you enter your living room is not what you expected in the slightest. Yangyang is pinned to the wall next to the door with Jungwoo looming above him. You simply lean against the entryway to the kitchen from the living area, whatever the younger did you knew he deserved this. Jungwoo was never the type to do things like this, especially outside your workspace, unless absolutely necessary. Yangyang was the first of the two to acknowledge your presence simply glancing over at you with a plea for help. You merely smirk at him and gesture for him to focus on the man in front of him. You hear another whimper escape his lips when you hear Jungwoo lowly chastise him to keep his eyes on him. You decide enough is enough and push yourself off the wall and approach the duo.

    “Well, what do we have here?” you ask placing a hand on your husband’s back alerting him of your presence.

    He doesn’t break his eye contact with the younger but still responds, “What we have is a fucking brat.”

    Yangyang quickly shakes his head denying anything of the sort, “I was-”

    “No one told you that you could speak right now.” Jungwoo glares down at him, “And don’t lie, as soon as I opened that door I clearly heard you say ‘Well it took you long enough, thought I’d have to get myself off right here.’ or am I mistaken pup?” all he could do was let out another weak whimper in response.

    “My, my, darling. Seems like I have some punishment to dole out.” you chuckle.

    “No, please, I’ll be good! Promise!” Yangyang struggles against your husband’s grip on his wrists.

    “It’s a little late for that, isn’t it pup?” you fake pity as you rub your thumb along his cheek, “Master’s going to let you go now and you’re going to be a good boy and come downstairs with me. Understood?”

    “Y-yes ma’am.” he near-whispers.

    Without missing a beat Jungwoo releases his grip on the boy, a smirk resting on his lips. Yangyang released a breath he didn’t know he was holding and looked at you with wide eyes. He almost resembles a puppy with how he pleads with his eyes. You gently reach down taking his hand to guide him down to the basement. Before you go though, Jungwoo leans over placing a kiss to the top of your head as reassurance that it would all work out. Yangyang squeezes your hand without a word, you pause mid-stride to check on him. He has a worried look in his eyes.

    “You okay pup? Do you want to change your mind?” you look at him with equal worry.

    “No,” he whispers, “a punishment just sounds scary.”

    “Don’t worry honeybun, I’ll be gentle. Remember you can always say red to stop me or yellow to take a break or slow down.” you reassure before pulling him downstairs.

    Once you arrive in your makeshift office you direct the boy to take a seat on the large bed. You squat down in front of him and guide him by his chin to look up from his lap into your eyes. He looks as scared as he did when you first mentioned a punishment. You give him a gentle look trying your best to calm him. You take his hand in your free one rubbing a soothing hand over his knuckles, gently shushing him to calm him further.

    “Can you strip for me baby?” you gently speak

    He nodded standing up, you back off from him and sit back on the loveseat. Shyly, he began to take his shirt off, suddenly aware of the situation he tried to cover his upper body. You rise from your place striding towards the boy, you stand in front of him and pry his hands off his body.

    “You’re so pretty baby, let me see your pretty body.” you hold his wrists gently in your hand, “Do you want mommy to help you finish undressing?” he whimpers and nods “Can you say it in words darling?”

    “Yes mommy, want your help.”

    You smile at him watching how he melts into your touch, he lets you draw your hands across his chest lightly tweaking his nipple as you explore the expanse of his skin. He lets out a small whine at the action, you smirk at his little noises of pleasure. You let your hands trail further down along his skin gently scrapping your nails along the surface.

    “Why are you so tense honey? Mommy’ll take care of you don’t worry” you whisper against the shell of his ear as he leans further into your touch.

    “Just feels so good, I don’t know how to react.” you chuckle at his answer

    “Don’t worry love react however you please, I won’t ever judge you.”

    And with that your hands found the waistband of his jeans, you play with the button but not undoing yet it causing Yangyang to whine and buck his hips toward you.

    “Did you want something angel? Tell me, use your words like a big boy.”

    “Mommy,” he whined, “touch me, please.”

    You giggle at his eager state “Let me get these off of you then you can go sit down on the bed again.”

    With another gasp bordering a whine you pull his remaining clothing off and gently send him back to his seat on the large bed.

    “Don’t forget honey, I still need to give you that punishment.” he whines still not wanting it, “I know honey, but Mommy needs to make sure you’re being good for both Daddy and I don’t I?”

    “Y-yes mommy, I’m sorry for being mean to daddy earlier.” he mopes

    “I know you are dear, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll play with your pretty cock until you almost cum but you’re not going to until mommy lets you, okay?” he nods again, “It’s called edging baby, if either of us punishes you and say that’s what’s happening,  I promise it’s not as terrible as it sounds. What mommy will do after is called overstimulating you, even after you cum I’ll still play with you some. I won’t too much though since it’s your first time.”

    He nods finally relaxing some more as you guide him to lay back on the bed. He whines and begs while you gently run your fingers across the expanse of his torso again. You slowly trail then down to his hip, he gasps expecting you to finally touch him where he wants you to. You don’t though, you skip right over his throbbing member to his thighs letting your nails make light scratches on his skin, nothing breaking his skin, just enough to leave small red marks behind. He bucks his hips up again trying to get your attention where he wants it. You tut at him focusing on his inner thighs instead, massaging them gently, and squeezing the muscles. Once you felt you had tortured him enough in this way you gently placed your hand over his cock. He whimpers finally getting some attention where he wished it. You cup him gently not giving him the satisfaction of stroking him just yet. You rub your hand against his member and balls only riling him up more. He whines louder just wanting to get some sort of release.

    “Oh, pup, did you want something?” you mock sympathy.

    “Please, please, please.” he whines again, “Touch me please, Mommy, want it so bad.”

    You chuckle before finally stroking him, he twists and squirms at the feeling. You smile softly seeing how sensitive he is, his whines sounding like a symphony to your ears. You can tell he won’t last, his breaths are short and shallow, he already has sweat glistening across his forehead.

    “Mommy, gonna-,” he interrupts himself with a moan, “gonna cum”

    You pull your hands off of him making him whimper and almost cry. He begs you to let him cum, he knows you won’t let him just yet but that doesn’t stop him. When you feel he is sufficiently far from his high again you take him back in your hand. You roll your fingers over his tip torturing him in the best way, he is basically leaking precum as you continue your ministrations against his tip. You then move your hands to his balls and play with them in your hands as you take your free one to stroke his member once again. His volume increases as you continue to torture him, as he gets close again your rip his orgasm from him, this time he lets a few tears slip from his eyes. You release him fully hovering over him and hushing him to relax some more. You wipe some tears from his cheek and brush his hair out of his face.

    “You’re okay love, you’re doing so good for me baby. Such a good boy.” you praise, “You’re taking everything I give you just like the angel you are. I don’t like punishing you, not one bit, I need to though. Can I continue lovebug?”

    He nods finally calming down some, you hold his hand as you bring your body back to sit between his thighs. You run the forefinger of your other hand along the prominent vein that runs along the length of his cock. He jolts at the feeling and whines as if to beg for more but also for you to stop at the same time. He squeezes your hand not wanting to disobey in any way and you chuckle at the action. You cup him again making a loud moan erupt from his bitten pink lips, if he wasn’t going to last long before you know he won’t last thirty seconds now. His pants trying to maintain any sanity, you look up from his member to see his eyes screwed shut, sweat glistening on his forehead making his hair stick to it. At that moment you decide you’ve tortured him enough, after all, it’s only his first time. He squeezes your hand even tighter than before signaling silently that his high was approaching again. You let a gentle smirk grace your lips seeing the sight in front of you.

    “Baby, if you want something you need to ask.” you remind him.

    He whines not saying any real words, every noise that escapes his lips is completely unintelligible. You let out a sadistic giggle as you watch him crumble below you. You prompt him to ask for what he wants again, but he still doesn’t. You take your hands off him again to further prove that you won’t do anything without him asking you.

    “Please, no. So close.” he whines when he registers your hands were no longer on him.

    “Oh? Were you love?” you mock sympathy again, “I don’t remember hearing you ask for something. You ready to ask now?”

    “Yes, mommy, I’m sorry, I’ll ask now.” he nearly cries out.

    You smile softly at him and take him back in your hand, he immediately reacts by letting out the loudest moan you had heard from him so far. You were taken aback slightly by his volume, you were almost positive Jungwoo heard you from upstairs. If you thought he wouldn’t last before, he was even worse now. His chest rising and falling rapidly as you stroke him at a moderate pace. 

    “Please.” he breathes out.

    “Please what?” you reply immediately.

    “Let me cum, please, I’ve been so good.” he begs again.

    “That you have angel. Go on then, cum.”

    That was all the permission he needed, he let himself reach his high with cries falling from his lips, “Mommy, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

    “Your very welcome sweetheart. Such good manners.” you soothe him as you continue to stroke him.

    When he starts to come down from high and registers that you aren’t stopping he nearly kicks you away. You knew it was coming though, you grabbed his thigh and held it down preventing him from moving much at all. You knew he would use the color system if he absolutely needed to. You just give him a sadistic smirk as he whines louder at your ministrations. He squirms under you as you continue, you knew you wouldn’t go much longer since you edged him for so long. You watch him wiggle around a bit longer before you finally release him from your grip. The moment he feels your hands off of him he lets out a whine, you knew he didn’t want you to keep going though.

    “What is it, love?” you ask in an almost worried tone.

    “Just-” he suddenly gets shy again.

    “What is it? Tell me Yangyang.” you move to be above him looking deep into his eyes.

    “Cuddle me, please?” his eyes sparkled as he asked.

    You smile at his request and nod, “Let me clean you up first, okay?”

    He whines but agrees, you step away from him for a moment to get a wet rag and clean the cum from his lower belly and softening member. He whines at the cool rag on his skin, again he tries to pull away from it but you move him to continue cleaning him off. You discard the rag on the floor deciding it would be best to just clean up after everything was done, including aftercare. You join him on the bed pulling him back further to rest his head on the pillows and pull the blankets over you both. You were glad you had chosen something more comfortable to wear, you don’t need to worry about any uncomfortable materials rubbing against his bare skin. You hold him against your body, he quickly takes to you and nuzzles against the crook of your neck sighing happily. You pet his hair in a comforting manner helping him lull into a calmer state. You were falling asleep yourself when you heard the door open. You turn to see Jungwoo approaching the bed. You make eye contact with him then look down at Yangyang who was sleeping comfortably in your arms. He leans against the bedpost by your head and gives you a questioning look.

    “He needed some aftercare, babe, I couldn’t leave him a mess to go home.” you quietly explain.

    “You really wore him out.” he laughed quietly, “He’s really deeply asleep, hun.”

    “Did you want to cuddle too? You seem jealous, baby.” you tease.

    He sighs and shakes his head at you, “I’ll join you guys, you’re just lucky that we didn’t have anyone else today.”

    Jungwoo slides into the bed on the other side of Yangyang, he leans over the sleeping boy to kiss your forehead. He then gets comfortable and spoons the boy from behind. Yangyang lets out another content sigh feeling the extra body heat behind him. 

    The both of you had been seeing Yangyang on a twice a week basis for almost two months now and he has blossomed very quickly in what he’s learned. He finally took the liberty of talking to you through texts, he had honestly forgotten you had given him your numbers. Most times he was just chatting about nothing critical. You both had your fair share of individual texting and sexting with him. That didn’t stop him from making a group message with you both and doing the same in that message thread. It became very amusing watching Jungwoo squirm while looking at his phone when Yangyang had sent him a particularly dirty message. Especially when your husband wasn’t in the most dominant mood, when he was like that he was much softer on the younger man. More often than not you would help him get off while he texted with the other.

    You were going about your day off cleaning around the house as you always do on your days off. You didn’t have your phone on you, you left it on the dining room table while you vacuumed the living room rug. Jungwoo bolts down the stairs as if he were being chased. His phone was tightly clutched in his hand. You had tasked him to clean your shared closet, he was the one who made most of the mess in there with his clothes everywhere. He looked at you eyes blown wide and you looked back in confusion. You don’t know what could’ve had him so rushed and shocked, your gut told you it was about Yangyang though.

    “How can you have no reaction right now?” he speaks exasperatedly.

    “What are you talking about babe?” you laugh lightly.

    “Where’s your phone?” is all he responds with.

    “Dining table.” you say slightly skeptical of his intentions.

    He doesn’t say anything else, he sets out on a trek to the dining room to find your phone for you. You hear him let out a noise of happiness when he finds your phone right where you said it would be. He keeps his phone tight in his grip and now he holds yours in a similar fashion. He quickly shuffles his way back into the living room where you had continued to vacuum the cushions on the first couch. He brings his hand that is holding your phone to wrap around your waist. You jump at the contact not realizing he had already come back into the area. He slips his phone into his pocket for a moment and removes the vacuum hose from your hand, reattaching it to the body of the machine then proceeding to shut it off. He then replaces that hose with your phone.

    “Open your messages sweetheart.” he whispers lowly against the shell of your ear.

    You open the device in your hands and head directly into your messages. You see a notification indication next to the group chat with the three of you. You see the beginning of the message and take in a sharp breath causing your husband to giggle in a low tone, the vibrations hitting against your back. You click into the group chat and as you expected Yangyang was trying to get a rise out of the both of you. The message was simple but absolutely effective.

    Yangyang; 2:47 pm

    Miss, Master… I went out with my friend today and bought some things. Would you like to see what I bought?

    No pictures were attached to the message, yet, but you knew the moment one of you responded it would be torturous to not be there with him. You look up from your phone to over your shoulder where your husband was hovering with a smirk resting on his lips. You knew what he wanted to do, you had a better plan though. You spun around in his grasp wrapping your arms around his neck. You immediately capture his lips in a heated kiss. He’s surprised and lets out a small noise at your forwardness but still accepts the kiss happily. You let your one arm move from behind his head to throw your phone down onto the couch then bring it back to lace through his platinum blonde hair. He wraps his arms tighter around your waist not even thinking about what you might actually have planned. You trail your hands down his chest and abs to reach the trim of his shirt and tug it up and over his head. He doesn’t take long to get you in a similar state, you still have your bra on but that’s as far as you need to go right now. You pull away from his lips making the man groan at the lack of contact, despite you both being attached to each other in almost every other way.

    “Baby,” you breathe out voice dripping with arousal, “take a picture of us like this.” “What?” he asks slightly confused as to what you have planned out.

    “I have a plan babe, just go with it I’ll explain after we take this picture.”

    Jungwoo takes your phone off the couch sitting down and pulls you into his lap. He sets up the timer on the camera to make it easier on you both. The picture shows from your nose to where your thighs rest around Jungwoo’s hips. Your lips are locked on his, your lower lip caught between his teeth. Your breasts still trapped in your bra pressed against his bare chest, his hands splayed against your upper waist, fingertips just barely grazing against the lower edge of your bra. It’s clear that he’s pulling you closer by his grip against your skin, slight indentations are evident, you knew they might leave marks later, but that was the least of your worries.  Your hands were clearly tangled in the hair at the back of his head, effectively tipping his head back making your kissing look even filthier than it already did. You hear the shutter of the camera go off and you try to pull away from the man beneath you, he wouldn’t let you go so easily though. You had riled him up and he was not going to let you leave him high and dry like that. His lips clung to your neck when you did manage to pull your lips from his. Jungwoo had always loved to leave marks behind on your skin, he claimed that it helped your clients know that you were his before anyone else. You pick up your phone trying your best to focus as he sucked marks into your skin and pulled you impossibly closer, bringing you to grind against his growing member. Typing out a text while your husband is quickly becoming more desperate becomes clearly very difficult. After multiple typo corrections, you attach the image and send the text into the group chat.

    Y/n; 2:58 pm

    [image attached]

    We’re busy right now prince, we’ll take a look later, okay?

    You’re beyond pleased with your plan to tease the younger, you throw your phone back to the side and focus back on Jungwoo. He keens at your attention when your hands find purchase holding his face, the cold metal of your wedding band contrasting against the warmth of his skin. You hear your phone vibrate several times, you’re almost positive that it’s Yangyang trying to get your attention again. You choose to let him suffer a bit longer and continue to focus your attention on Jungwoo. He does what you don’t expect though and reaches to take his phone out of his pocket and open the group chat himself. You pull back and give him a questioning look before you realize what he’s doing. You see him go to the information of the chat and click the ‘facetime’ button, you grab his jaw and pull him to face you again. You smirk and pull his lips back against yours ignoring the ringing of the call. You forget about the fact that he did that completely until you hear a whine through the other end of the phone. Jungwoo lets out a breathy laugh before pulling fully away from your lips. He turns and looks at the screen of his phone that was resting against the arm of the couch. The sight in front of him was Yangyang blushing brighter than a tomato and covering half his face with the sleeve of his hoodie.

    “Hi, there honey.” Jungwoo hums.

    Yangyang takes a moment to register that he’s being talked to, “H-hi.”

    You smirk and lean towards the phone giving him a perfect view of your cleavage. Jungwoo lets his hands fall from your waist to hold your ass instead. He squeezes the flesh in his hands, you had a habit of wearing his clothes during cleaning days, and of course, now you’re wearing a pair of his sweatpants and he’s obsessed with it. Yangyang tries to hide further into his hoodie sleeve when you lean towards the phone. Pride swells in your chest knowing you have this effect on him.

    “You want to show us what you bought today baby?” your voice drips in a sultry tone.

    He doesn’t respond verbally, he nods his head behind his hand. He takes his phone and props it up against something on some table in his room. He waddles his way into his closet, he honestly looks so adorable as he does, he’s wearing an oversized hoodie giving him sweater paws and a pair of baggy sweatpants. You hear him rustling through some bags off-camera, you don’t get to focus on it for too long though. Jungwoo brings his hand down against your ass to gain your attention back on him. You let out a whine as you feel it but still turn back to look at him, he smirks at you and pulls you down into another heated kiss. His other hand trails back up your body to cup your breast in his hand massaging it gently. His lips find their way back down your neck to your clavicle leaving more marks there. You let out a breathy moan at the feeling of him sucking at the delicate skin. Yet again, you forget Yangyang’s on the phone with you until he calls for your attention.

    “P-promise you won’t make fun of me…” he calls in an insecure tone.

    “We promise, prince.” you breathe out as Jungwoo continues to mark up your skin.

    The first thing you see is a hand still half-hidden in a sweater sleeve gripping the door frame of his closet. A soft blue sleeve, from what you can see it looks fuzzy and thick, you would think it would keep him warm. That is until he lets his full upper body come into frame. You swear you could die happy seeing him, the sweater is cropped just above his belly button. You can see a blush high on his cheeks, even though his phone is far from where he’s standing he can tell you have his full attention, Jungwoo, not so much. Your husband is still extremely immersed in marking up your skin more than anything else. You smack his shoulder to get him to focus on what’s happening on the screen of his phone. You feel him take in a sharp breath and squeeze your side to try to keep a grip on his sanity.

    “Hi pretty, don’t be shy.” you urge him further gently.

    He slowly releases the door frame and steps fully into the frame. You stopped breathing for a solid ten seconds seeing him slowly walk forward closer to the camera. He anxiously picked at the edges of his nails waiting for you to react to his appearance. Not only did he have this beautiful baby blue cropped sweater but he also had a white pleated high-waisted skirt paired with a pair of similarly colored thigh highs. You hear Jungwoo whine underneath you, he bucks his up against you trying to get his attention on you. You give him a look that commands his obedience, he still whines again and tugs at the borrowed sweatpants you’re wearing.

    “This isn’t about you, is it?” your voice soaked in a dominant tone, “Look how pretty our baby is.” you turn your attention back onto the phone and see Yangyang trying to hide behind his hands again, his lower lip caught between his teeth picking at the skin, “Yangyang, angel, fuck you’re so beautiful.”

    He blushes even brighter at your praise, “Thank you, miss, I was really worried you’d hate it.” “I love it, sweetie, how could I not. Right, Jungwoo?” you reassure.

    Jungwoo didn’t want to say a word, whenever he was more submissive he wanted all the attention, and he wasn’t getting it right now. He was far from happy about it, you grabbed his chin and forced him to look at the phone and at your shared sub. His eye blow wide looking at the other man and his appearance. He tried to look up at you but you only turn his face to look back at the younger.

    “Go on, tell baby how pretty he is.” you urge.

    “Yangie you look so so so pretty.” Jungwoo almost whines, “Wish I was that pretty.”

    You then pull him to look at you again, you hated it when he spoke so lowly of himself. He knew he shouldn’t have belittled himself to praise Yangyang, he knew he was in for it now.

    “Kim Jungwoo, what did you just say?” you quip.

    “N-no, I-” he quickly stops himself, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that about myself.” he apologizes.

    You hear Yangyang whine on the other end, he still had yet to see Jungwoo subbing for you. Of course, he had seen you both together in front of him, he loved being a voyeur. He just had never seen it like this. You give Jungwoo one more look, much more gentle before turning back to the phone.

    “Yangyang, do you want to have a bit of fun with us?” you offer.

    “Yes please.” he near-whispers.

    “You heard him, baby,” you direct your words at your husband again, “shall we show him how good of a boy you are for me?”

    Jungwoo whines again slightly embarrassed to be so submissive in front of someone who has only seen him dominant. You give him a look that conveys a message asking if he was okay with what was happening. Instead of nodding, he launches himself forward and kisses you. He goes to grab at your chest again. Before he can though you grab his wrists and pin them above his head against the wall behind you both. You hear another whine through the receiver of the phone. You turn your head while grinding against Jungwoo at a torturous pace. You see Yangyang palming at his bulge through the skirt, he knew better than to touch directly without your permission. Jungwoo leaves open-mouthed kisses on your neck, not leaving any marks behind this time.

    “Pup,” you sigh feeling how hard the other is beneath you, “You can touch, go ahead, I know you want to.”

    He shakes his head blushing impossibly redder, “I’m shy.” he mumbles.

    “Why prince?” you ask, stopping your ministrations causing Jungwoo to whine again.

    “Have another surprise for you guys.” he whispers again.

    “Show me baby.” you say pulling slightly away from Jungwoo.

    He slowly lifts his skirt up to show the red lace barely holding his member inside it. You let out a shaky breath at the sight, your mind begging you to say something, anything. But you couldn’t form any coherent sentences.

    “Beautiful.” you breathe.

    “R-really?” he asks hopefully.

    “Really, baby, you’re so fucking beautiful.”

    Jungwoo was over not getting attention, he bucked his hips up again. You finally give him what he wants and you pull your own pants and underwear down showing him just how wet you were for them. You yank Jungwoo’s shorts down, releasing his member from its fabric prison. You lean down and press soft kisses to his shaft before looking at his phone as you lick a wide stripe up the length of him. You hear Yangyang keen out a high noise, you watch as he dips his hand below the delicate material finally giving himself some relief. You climb back into your husband’s lap and seat yourself on his member. You let out a quiet whimper as you have him fully inside you. You begin to slowly bounce yourself on his member leaving fleeting kisses on his bare shoulders. You rest your head on his shoulder as you begin to focus more on your movements and on what the younger man was doing. You see him stroking himself in a quick short motion focusing on his tip. You both knew he was much more sensitive there and he was bound to reach his high quicker when he focused on it. He whines loudly watching you bounce more aggressively on Jungwoo’s cock. You feel the heat bubble in your belly, your orgasm slowly growing. You grab Jungwoo’s wrist and guide his fingers to press against your clit. He immediately jumps into action and rubs small circles causing you to let out another moan against his shoulder. Taking your attention off of Yangyang for a moment you turn and capture Jungwoo’s lips in a searing kiss, you swallow his whines as you let your skin clap against his at a fast pace. Your moment is interrupted by Yangyang letting out a loud whimper.

    “Gonna cum, let me cum.” he begs.

    You pant feeling your own high nearly there, “Go on honey, make a mess for us.”

    “Can I too?” Jungwoo whines hopefully.

    “No.” you state causing him to whine, “You can’t cum until after we both do.”

    Luckily for him, you and Yangyang are both extremely close to your highs. Yangyang finishes first cumming all over his brand new skirt and his stomach. You see the mess he had made of himself and reached your high at the visual. You spasm in Jungwoo’s lap your walls fluttering around him. You dig your nails into his shoulders and suck a mark into his neck trying to keep your volume low. Jungwoo follows suit and fills you with a loud moan falling from his lips. His hands climb their way into your hair, holding it in a tight grip throughout the duration of his orgasm. You feel overstimulation begin as the man beneath you continues to thrust up shallowly finishing out his high. Yangyang collapsed back on his bed trying to catch his breath from the intense experience he just had. Catching your own breath you look between the two men with loving looks. You place soft fluttering kisses all over Jungwoo’s face, making him smile and hold you closer to him. You then turn to the phone, Jungwoo still inside you, and check on him. You call his name a few times before he turns his head to look at you. His eyes are blown wide with ecstasy, you feel your heart melt at the sight before you begin showering the boy with praise. You guide him through removing his now ruined clothing and remind him that he should take a bath or shower before falling asleep. Once everything was all taken care of you turn back to Jungwoo who was starting to get even clingier than before. You smile and hum playing with the ends of his hair like you always do after anything with him. Yangyang stays on the phone through his bath making small talk with you (after you had both cleaned up too). You and Jungwoo are cuddled up in your bed now, you the big spoon, hold the phone in front of you both so you can both see Yangyang. Everything was peaceful and happy, you just feel bad you couldn’t give him the aftercare he deserved.

    “Can I tell you something?” Yangyang asked in a sleepy tone.

    “Anything sweetheart.” you hum sleepily as well.

    “I really really wish I was there with you both. You guys give me the best cuddles.”

    That was the last thing he said before falling asleep. You smile and note that for later. Jungwoo is asleep in your arms snoring softly with each breath he takes. Some part of you feels horrible for feeling the way you do, but you desperately wish Yangyang was there too, he seemed to be a missing puzzle piece to your and Jungwoo’s lives that you didn’t know you were missing until right now.

    You had been on edge all day, you’d been way rougher on your clients than you had in a long time, you snapped at Jungwoo this morning, you had no idea what was wrong with you. You were making dinner, your earbuds tightly fixed in your ears canceling out any and all noise around you. You didn’t realize you were being so aggressive with your stirring until you caused some of the broth to splash over the side of the pot landing on your arm. Luckily there wasn’t any bad damage to your skin, it was just extremely hot. You yelp at the feeling but continue as you were before. You didn’t even realize Jungwoo was in the room and saw what had just happened. He went into the freezer immediately grabbing a bag of frozen peas from the shelf and placing it on your arm. You look at him but give him no reaction, you try to pull away and try to start stirring again. Jungwoo wraps his frame around your back and takes the large spoon from your hand.

    “Baby, take the bag of peas and cool your arm. Let me take over cooking.” he gently speaks.

    You huff, breaking yourself from his grasp, and stomp off to sit in your armchair holding the frozen peas against your skin silently bruting still. You feel so overwhelmed with emotion but you refuse to let it affect you. You drop the bag of peas on the floor and pull your knees up to your chest holding them there with your arms crossed over them. It didn’t take much longer for Jungwoo to finish the soup and set the rice with it, he calls you but you don’t respond. You hear his soft footsteps pad towards you and stop behind your chair. He places his hands on your shoulders squeezing them in a comforting manner. You try to shrug him off but he holds true.

    “Baby,” he sighs, “please tell me what’s going on. You haven’t been yourself today at all.”

    “I’m fine Jungwoo.” you speak shortly, “Let’s just go eat.” you sigh standing up to go to the dining room.

    He hates seeing you so upset, he wants to help you, that’s all he wants, but you won’t say a thing. He lets out an exasperated sigh and follows you to the dining table. Dinner was way too silent for Jungwoo’s liking, you continued your silent anger. He thought he would explode if he didn’t hear you talk to him. He stays quiet though and continues to eat. You take your spoon and push your soup away, not particularly wanting to eat at the moment. You do the same with your rice, just pushing it around. You hear your husband let out another sigh from across the table, you glance up at him then back down to your bowl. Jungwoo places his spoon down with a rather loud noise before looking over at you with a fire in his eyes. You look at him again, still void of most emotion too overwhelmed internally. 

    “I’ve been nothing but nice to you all day, y/n. Please, I’m just trying to help you. Tell me what’s happening.”

    You couldn’t handle it anymore, the floodgates open and you burst into tears. He lets his expression soften and he immediately gets up and walks around the small dining table and gently takes ahold of your hand that was limply resting against the cool wood of the table. He fiddles with your wedding band for a few moments before squeezing your hand in his. You look up at him, tears streaming down your cheeks. You push yourself up and instantly hug him. He doesn’t say a word, he just hugs you back, rubbing a soothing hand against your spine. You cry against his chest for a few more minutes, neither of you says a word, he just holds you there by the dining table helping you calm down. He rocks you back and forth in your place helping you calm down further.

    “You can tell me anything, you know that right?” he whispers against your hair, “I’m your husband, I’ll love you no matter what you could say to me. I always have and I always will. Nothing you could ever say would make me leave you. I love you to the ends of the earth.”

    You nod against his chest and let out a shaky sigh. He pulls away from the hug slightly and looks into your eyes with so much concern and love. He gently takes your hand again and guides you to the living room and sits you down on the couch beside him. You take a deep breath finally debating whether or not to tell him what was happening. He said before that he was going to love you no matter what but what if he still freaks out about what you need to tell him, what if he does end up wanting to leave you because of what you’ve been feeling. In the end, though, you decided it’s better just to tell him and deal with the aftermath later. You let out another shaky sigh before letting all your worries come off your chest.

    “I- I just really like Yangyang, okay?” you say looking into his eyes with a worried look.

    “I’ve known that love.” he smiles, “Why were you so worried to tell me that?”

    “You don’t understand, I really like him. Like, as much as I love you. I know you said you weren’t threatened by him, and I told you before all of this that I felt a pull towards him. But I still feel so fucking guilty for liking him.”

    He takes your hand back in his and holds it tightly, “My love, it’s okay. I’ve known you like him. I see the way you look at him, the way you care for him. You don’t do that for any of your other clients, it’s only like that for him, and for me when I sub for you. But even outside the sexual stuff, you and I both talk to him on a daily basis now. I totally get the romantic feeling developing for him. Like I’ve told you, I am not by any means threatened by him or your affection towards him. If you like him romantically that’s completely fine. I support you no matter what you want to do.”

    You start to cry again so overwhelmed with emotion, you didn’t know how he would react but now you know how much he really loves you. He pulls you into a hug doing his best to console you through the shock of emotions. He continues to rub your back in comforting circles, gently hushing you to aid you further. When you wrap your arms around him he lets out a sigh of relief, he still didn’t know how you wanted to approach the situation but he knew that you love him and that’s all he needed to worry about. You both stay that way, holding each other, you aren’t sure how much time passed, it could have been seconds or hours, it didn’t matter though. Getting that weight off your chest was what you needed and you felt so much lighter now.

    “Do you want to tell him?” Jungwoo gently hums.

    You shake your head against his shoulder, “Not yet, I need to face myself and think about what I want from my feelings. Don’t worry though, you’re the love of my life, nothing will ever change that.” you reassure him.

    He presses small kisses on the top of your head before speaking again, “Just don’t hide things from me, I’m here for you no matter how big or small the issue is that you’re facing. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health. Right, that’s what we’ve promised each other for the past two years, and I plan on keeping that promise to the day we die.”

    “I do too, Jungwoo, I always will.”

    You slide into his lap just wanting to be closer to him, he lets his hand fall to your hip and continues rubbing comforting circles with his thumb against your skin. You stay like that again for a much longer time, his head rests against your chest as he listens to your heartbeat. You move your hand to gently massage his scalp, his dark roots starting to show against the white blonde of the rest of his hair. No matter what he could look like, no matter how he changes his look up, you’ll always find him the most handsome person in the world, the one you love through every situation you could ever face. He continues to lowly say sweet nothings to you, his breath hitting gently against the skin of your clavicle. You let your breaths even out as you finally feel at peace for the most part. Again your moment was interrupted though, a gentle knock sounded at the front door. You let a gentle sigh out before pushing yourself off your husband’s lap. You gently pad across the room and unlock the door and pull it open. The moment you do the person on the other side runs into you and hugs you tightly, you are beyond shocked at what’s happening. You look at Jungwoo who mouths to you that it’s Yangyang as if you didn’t already know. You wrap your arms around him, his face is hidden in the crook of your shoulder, despite him being taller than you he feels small in your arms. You hear him sniffle softly and you pet his hair trying to soothe the younger.

    “Hi honey, I didn’t know that you’d be coming today. We just had dinner, well Jungwoo had dinner, I didn’t eat much. I can warm some more soup if you’d like.” you offer.

    He nods against your neck, you let him go and whisper to him that Jungwoo can comfort him while you cook. He meekly shuffles his way to the couch where Jungwoo was still seated, he sits beside the older and tucks himself against him. Jungwoo wraps his arm around Yangyang’s shoulder and rubs his arm knowing it would comfort the boy. Neither of you knows what’s wrong but your priority right now is to take care of him. You absentmindedly stir the pot of soup that was still resting on the stove from earlier that night, you had taken your bowl back with you and stuck it in the microwave to reheat while you warmed the rest on the stove for Yangyang. Your mind ran a mile a minute trying to fathom what could possibly be going on that he came straight to your home and into your arms. Of course, the worst-case scenarios filled your mind. They were quickly stopped though as you hear the younger male giggling in the living room, Jungwoo had a particular talent to calm people down quickly and almost instantaneously cheer them up again. He’s used that gift to help you on way more than one occasion. Hearing their laughter calmed you slightly, but you knew it must be a big underlying issue if he nearly burst into tears the moment you opened the door and he hugged you. By the time you finish reheating the soup the laughter in the living room had died down. Before you even put the soup in a bowl for him, you decide to check on them first. What you found was not what you had been expecting at all, both boys laying on the couch, Jungwoo on top of Yangyang. Yangyang was breathing rather heavily while Jungwoo attached himself to the boy’s neck. Jungwoo had never really acted upon any clients like this before, marking them, he didn’t roll that way, but here he is marking up the younger’s neck the same way he does to yours. You and Yangyang make eye contact, you gesture for him to not let the older know you’re there. Jungwoo finds a particular spot on the sub’s neck causing him to let out a high whimper, his hips buck up against your husband’s. The movement effectively got their clothed erections to grind against each other, the feeling made Jungwoo let out a shaky breath that bordered a moan. You hadn’t expected the evening to turn this way at all but you weren’t complaining one bit about it. It was rare that you got to see the two of them together without your direct involvement. You watch as Jungwoo’s hand snakes between them and into Yangyang’s sweatpants, the younger let out a loud moan at the direct contact.

    “Hush, prince, we don’t want Mommy to catch us now, do we?” he mumbles against his lips.

    “No, Daddy, don’t wanna be caught.” he whines back even though he knows you’re right there.

    “That’s a good boy, do you want to do me a favor?” he asks as he grinds down against the younger.

    “Yes.” Yangyang breathes out trying his best to keep his volume low.

    “On your knees, right in front of me.” he demands with a slight growl.

    It didn’t take long for the younger to be kneeling facing the couch, Jungwoo still didn’t account for your presence. He was way too in the moment for him to notice you yet. He pulls his own sweatpants down, you watch as Yangyang lets his mouth fall open, already knowing what the older was going to ask him for. Jungwoo’s lips display a cocky smirk as he guides Yangyang to take him in his mouth but the back of his head. This was a sight you’ve never seen, but god did you want to see more of it. Jungwoo throws his head back as Yangyang takes him in whole, only then did he see you resting in the doorway, he motions for you to come towards the two of them without Yangyang’s knowledge.

    “Baby boy, how long did you know Mommy was standing there?” he questions in a deep breathy voice.

    Yangyang pulls off the older, licking long stripes against him instead, “Since you had me laying down, giving me all these pretty marks.” he admits before sucking the older back in.

    Jungwoo lets out a moan louder than any other you’d heard this night, “Why didn’t you say anything pup?”

    “I told him not to.” you interject kneeling beside the other male.

    You grab a handful of Yangyang’s hair effectively pulling him off Jungwoo’s member, you bring his mouth to yours in an immediately heated open-mouthed kiss. Jungwoo lets out a cocky laugh seeing how pliant Yangyang is for both of you. The younger man lets whimpers escape from his lips which are immediately swallowed by you. You feel your husband reach down and wrap his fingers around your wrist, he guides you to his neglected member and you instantly know what he wants. You steadily jerk him off while you make out with Yangyang, low groans escape his lips as he watches the scene in front of him. You take your free hand and bury it in Yangyang’s dark locks again and pull his lips from yours, not far though, close enough that you can feel his breath hitting your wet lips. You guide him back towards Jungwoo’s cock and join him there, both of you leaving open-mouthed kisses along his shaft. You take his tip into your mouth as Yangyang continues to focus on licking up and down his shaft. Eventually, Yangyang kisses his way up Jungwoo’s member to meet your lips at the tip. You both lick over the sensitive head, your tongues meeting each other every so often. Jungwoo lets out a breathy moan seeing and feeling you share him like you are. It doesn’t take long for your husband to feel his high impending, he takes fist fulls of both of your hair trying to get even more attention on his member. Just as he lets out a shaky breath he interrupts himself with a moan. His cum leaks down his cock, you and Yangyang do your best to not let a single drop go to waste. When Jungwoo does let go of your hair and Yangyang’s, Yangyang immediately takes notice of the little bit of cum resting on the corner of your mouth. Without a second thought, his lips are back on yours licking the little bit you missed, you climb into his lap and immediately begin grinding yourself against his still clothed member.

    “Please,” he whines against your lips.

    “Please, what angel?” you hum continuing your ministrations.

    “Make me cum, want it so bad Mommy. Daddy got to cum, can’t I? I was so good.” he begs, holding your hips tightly in his grasp.

    You chuckle sadistically and grind your hips harder and faster against him. You latch onto his neck and give him marks to match the ones that Jungwoo had given him earlier. Yangyang buries his face in your neck, mouthing at the skin there. He doesn’t want to risk giving you marks without your permission first. Jungwoo has since tucked himself back into his sweatpants and leaned down to whisper against Yangyang’s ear.

    “It’s okay prince. Go ahead, you can give her some hickeys.” he soothes, “She loves it so much when I do it, let’s see how much she loves it from you?”

    That was all the permission he needed, he lets his teeth graze against your neck to test the waters, you let out a gentle whimper at the sensation. Yangyang sucks a bit of your flesh between his lips creating a soft red mark in his wake. He begins to litter the skin of your neck with marks of different shades of red and purple. You grind against him mercilessly, you hear his whimpers muffle against your skin, they steadily get higher in pitch. A telltale sign that he’s close. Before you can even think of torturing the younger anymore he twitches beneath you and lets out a strangled moan against your neck.

    “You okay baby?” you ask breathlessly.

    “Came.” he whines, “I came in my pants.” you can almost hear the blush in his voice.

    “How cute, did it feel too good baby?” he nods at your words.

    You guide him to unbury his head from your neck and you both look to Jungwoo who was contently watching you both. Yangyang blushes, even more, when he makes eye contact with the older. Jungwoo gestures for you to get off of Yangyang’s lap, you do so immediately. After you had moved to be seated beside him, Jungwoo rises from his seat on the couch and squats down to your level, he holds Yangyang’s chin guiding him to revive their eye contact. He gives him a gentle look before bringing him into a soft and loving kiss. Yangyang lets out a sigh, which seems to be in relief, and kisses the older man back. Jungwoo guides him to stand again, Yangyang squirms at the feeling of his cum pressed against his skin by the fabric. He whispers against his lips before offering a hand out to you to help you up from the floor. He takes you both upstairs to your room helping you both change into his clothes knowing how much you love it, and simply by the fact that he knows Yangyang doesn’t want to stay in cum soaked pants. Jungwoo takes care of you both and cleans both of your bodies where needed knowing neither of you was really up for a full shower right this moment. You climb into your shared bed with Jungwoo and take Yangyang with you, both of you instantly curl up together happily. You hum to yourself and you play with strands of Yangyang’s hair, you watch as Jungwoo gets the last thing for the movie prepped before joining you in bed. He slides under the blankets on the other side of Yangyang happily trapping him between you both. The younger was in a state between asleep and awake, just barely coherent enough to still hold a conversation as the movie progressed. Jungwoo twiddled with Yangyang’s fingers absentmindedly as he tries to focus on the movie, you still play with the strands of hair focusing more on him than the movie.

    “I can tell you anything right?” he mumbles.

    “We’ve been over this before sweetheart, tell us absolutely anything.” you encourage gently.

    “I really like you guys. Like I think I might love you.” he admits, “I know you’re married so there’s absolutely no chance for me at all. And it’s probably weird that I want to date you both,” he sits up trying to get out of bed, “so I’ll leave, I won’t be in your lives anymore.” he begins to cry, “I- I’m just happy I got to know you guys for a short while of my life.” he wiggles his way out of the bed and starts for the door.

    “Baby, baby,” Jungwoo calls after him, quickly running to grab him before he can make it down the hallway, “I love you too.”

    “W-what? You’re married, your wife is sitting right there! You can’t love me! That’s cheating!” he cries trying to break free from Jungwoo’s grasp.

    “Yangyang, I- do you know what we are? Do you realize what we’ve been doing for the past few months?” he sputtered out.

    “You’ve been teaching me? That’s what we’ve been doing for the past few months.” Yangyang says back no longer trying to pull his arm back.

    “So me fucking you was teaching? What did we tell you the first time we met you? We don’t fuck our clients.” he explains, “Do you understand now?”

    “What? I know you don’t fuck your clients, we knew I wasn’t a normal client but I can’t be anything more than that.”

    “We don’t fuck our clients, Yangyang, do you understand?” Jungwoo says softly lessening his grip on the younger.

    “Yeah, I know that.”

    Jungwoo sighs slightly frustrated, “You’re getting special treatment Yangyang, don’t you realize that?”

    You had had enough of Jungwoo dancing around the topic, you approach the two of them and take Yangyang’s hand in yours gently. He moves his eyes from Jungwoo down to you, confusion still filling his eyes. You sigh looking up into Jungwoo’s eyes before looking back to Yangyang. You run your thumb comfortingly along his knuckles before speaking.

    “Yangyang, sweetie, we’re poly. We both love you with our whole hearts.” “W-what? You mean, I don’t have to feel guilty about liking you guys?” he asks hopefully.

    “You don’t have to feel guilty at all prince.” you reassure, “I actually just found out how Jungwoo felt about you, he knew I liked you, he didn’t admit it until he told you though.” you explain while teasingly nudging your husband.

    “That’s like the pot calling the kettle black.” he teases back, “I didn’t know you liked him until earlier tonight. Literally right before he got here.”

    Yangyang giggles at the interaction between you two before pulling both of you towards him and into a tight hug, “I love you both too.” he smiles holding you as close as he could.

    “Do you want to make this work?” you ask, your voice muffled in their chests.

    “Of course I do!” the younger beams.

    “You honey?” you direct your question to Jungwoo.

    “Is that even a question? Of course, I do, I just confessed my love for him. Why wouldn’t I?”

    You feel Yangyang pull you both impossibly closer to him and let a happy noise. You wiggle enough to get your face unburied from their chests and look up at them, you see Yangyang with a wide smile on his face as he giggles feeling Jungwoo place small sweet kisses all over the younger’s face. The moment he sees you looking up at them he drops his face down to kiss you as well, soon enough Yangyang catches on as well both of them now giving you their full attention. You were right, he was the last puzzle piece you needed in your life, and you knew Jungwoo would agree.

    You had no idea where he was. No call, no text, nothing. It was a Friday night and he promised he’d be home to have dinner and watch a movie with you both. You tried being rational and shooting him a text hoping he just forgot and would answer you soon, when he didn’t answer you tried to call him still no answer. Jungwoo was anxiously pacing around the living room going down a spiral of ‘what ifs’ he was absolutely terrified something happened to your shared boyfriend. You rise from your seat on the couch and walk over to where Jungwoo was pacing. You stand directly in front of him and hug him in an attempt to calm him down. He lets out a long sigh melting into your hug realizing that he was panicking more than he would like to admit.

    “He’s probably fine dear, I’ll try to text him again and if he doesn’t answer then we can think of a new way to find him, okay?” you take your phone out and send him another text.

    He nods against the top of your head, “Okay, I’m so worried, he normally tells you or me when he can’t make it or if he’s gonna be late. I know he might forget with all of his classes going on right now but I’m scared he’s hurt.”

    “I know. I am too but we can’t be pessimistic, it won’t help anything.”

    You stand there waiting for Yangyang to respond to you, you keep yourself tucked in Jungwoo’s arms helping keep you both calm for the moment. He gently sways you both back and forth as you hear his heart rate slow and you feel your own calm as well. That’s when a brilliant idea hits you.

    “Woo, you remember Renjun?” you question.

    “Yeah, he’s Yangyang’s best friend, why?” he asks back.

    “I have his number, I can call him and ask if he knows where Yangie is.” you enthuse.

    Renjun was the only one of Yangyang’s friends you truly knew, and the only one who knew the true nature of your relationship with him. He turned out to be just like your younger partner, fiery and energetic. Often times if he wasn’t with you or at a class, he was with Renjun, it made perfect sense that he might know where the younger is. You quickly find his number in your contacts and call him. You worry at your lower lip waiting for him to pick up the phone. Luckily it doesn’t take long, but the moment you hear his end of the call it was nearly deafening.

    “One second let me get outside!” he yells through the phone trying to talk over all the noise, “Okay, what’s wrong? Is everything okay?” 

    “Have you seen Yangyang? He was supposed to come over tonight and he hasn’t answered me or Jungwoo for hours. We’re just really worried about him.”

    “Uh, yeah, he’s right next to me.” you hear him awkwardly giggle.

    “What?” you nearly deadpan, “Put him on the phone, now.”

    “Someone’s in trouble.” you hear Renjun tease before Yangyang was on the other end.

    “H-hi” he says knowing he’s in for at least an ear-full.

    Jungwoo takes the phone from your hand, his eyes full of anger, “Address.”

    “Huh?” Yangyang responds.

    “Send me the address now, I’m picking you up from that damn party.”

    “Is y/n coming too?” he asks nervously.

    “Yes. You better be ready to get in the car when we get there, we aren’t afraid to walk in there and get you.”

    You climb into the car after Jungwoo hangs up on the phone, you can tell he’s still mad that Yangyang hadn’t communicated with you both. That was a critical part of having this relationship work how it does and Yangyang failed to keep that in mind before running off to a frat party. You had offered to drive not wanting Jungwoo to drive while so angry but there was no point in trying to talk him down from driving himself. Most of the ride was silent, only the low hum of the radio keeping things from being dead silent. You slowly reach over and place your hand on his thigh, he lets out a huff of air before stealing a glance from you. He knew you were still worried about everything. But right now it was mostly at the level of anger that radiated off of your husband. He assured you he was fine though, he just wished that Yangyang had communicated with you better.

    Arriving at the house, you obviously were on the receiving end of some stares. You were two random people showing up at a frat party with seemingly no explanation. When neither of you sees Yangyang waiting outside in the yard like you had expected there was no choice but to go find him in the house or backyard. You are the first to step out and a few of the boys quickly start checking you out, you roll your eyes remembering how ridiculously horny some college kids can be. Jungwoo quickly notices their stares and pulls you close to him by your hip. You approach the door ready to walk in when who you assume to be one of the hosts stops you.

    “Woah, who said you can just show up to a party with no invite.” he drunkenly slurs.

    “We’re just here to pick someone up, we’ll be in and out.” Jungwoo tries to explain.

    “Yeah, they all say that get lost.” the boy scoffs.

    You lean towards Jungwoo, “Trust me, I’ll get us in to get him.”

    Jungwoo nods and lets you take over. You put on your best pouty face and get close to the college boy. You talk to him in a sweet high voice knowing it’s every young 20 somethings’ weak spot. Jungwoo watches in amazement as the younger man grows a dopey smile on his face and lets you both pass by him. You take Jungwoo’s hand and pull him into the house. You turn back to him seeing his awestruck face and giggle at him.

    “Did you forget that I’d get into parties all the time when I was in college, and it wasn’t that long ago. Only like two years.” you tease over the booming music.

    He can’t find the words to respond and instead sets out to look for any sight of Yangyang or Renjun in the crowd of sweaty people dancing. You were lucky that your husband is a giant, otherwise, you know you’d be trying to weave between people much taller than you and probably get swallowed into the crowd. He keeps a tight grip on your waist as he tries to search through the room from the edge of the room, he knew some drunk frat boys would be on the prowl and you both still looked like college kids, after all, someone was bound to hit on you and he knew it. You did your best to help him look as well, you could only do so much when you were shorter than most of the people here. You tug at Jungwoo’s shirt trying to tell him you wanted to step outside for air and to look for your boyfriend there. He almost instantly gets your silent message and guides you outside. You let out a sigh finally getting some fresh air in your lungs. Jungwoo lets you go for a moment to fan his face not realizing how hot it was in the house. You then feel a pair of arms wrap around your waist from behind, a pair that didn’t belong to Jungwoo who was standing beside you. You jump and gasp at the feeling, you look up at Jungwoo who looks like he’s about to punch someone. Then you hear a small voice in the crook of your neck.

    “I’m sorry I wasn’t out front.” you hear Yangyang mumble against your skin.

    Jungwoo instantly calms when he sees that is your boyfriend, “Come on you two we need to go home and have a chat.” he speaks calmly.

    You turn in Yangyang’s arms and hug him back, you raise your head to see Renjun a few feet away and you mouth a ‘thank you’ to him before burying your face into Yangyang’s shoulder. You know he’s worried about what’s to come but your embrace calms him and you notice that Jungwoo slides his hand across your hair and onto Yangyang’s shoulder ready to guide you both back to his car. You opt to sit in the back seat with Yangyang to help him not to overthink on the way home. He plays with your fingertips while awkwardly resting against you. This time the drive was a bit more pleasant, Jungwoo was making small talk to keep the atmosphere light and you held Yangyang close to you just happy to have him back with you both. 

    Not before long you were back home and making your way to your favorite couch to cuddle on after a meal. Of course this time it wasn’t the time to cuddle, you all knew that you needed to discuss everything that happened this evening. The moment you sit down you find Yangyang clung to your side trying to hide his face in the crook of your neck. You giggle softly at his clingy behavior, you look over to see Jungwoo taking a seat on the other side of Yangyang. He hums happily at the sight in front of him before speaking up.

    “Baby,” he speaks softly, “can you look at me?”

    You feel Yangyang nod and unbury his face, “I’m sorry.” he starts, “I really really meant to tell you guys that Jun dragged me out to that party but it completely slipped my mind. Then you started texting me and calling me and I thought you would be mad at me for not showing up tonight.”

    “Sweetie, why would we be mad about you forgetting something? We were just worried about you.” you explain, pulling him closer to your body placing small kisses on the top of his head.

    “I don’t know I just panicked I guess.” he mumbles slightly embarrassed.

    Before you can even process what’s happening Yangyang was no longer in your arms. Jungwoo had grabbed him and hugged him close. You faintly hear Yangyang breathing unevenly into Jungwoo’s chest as the older hushes him and pets his hair helping calm him back down.

    “We could never be mad at you angel, we just wanted to make sure you were safe. You just need to communicate with us what’s happening. We aren’t at all trying to control what you want to do. You’re your own person, we don’t own you. We just worry about you a lot, you are our boyfriend after all.” he airily chuckles

    “I’m still sorry though.” the younger sniffles.

    You slide closer to the two men and hug Yangyang from behind resting your head against his shoulder blade, you rub a hand against his spine and you feel him shiver at the feeling. You can feel his breathing slowly even out finally at peace between you both. You lift your head off his back and look up at Jungwoo, he looks so much calmer compared to earlier. He worried too much, you both knew it. He just looked so happy holding the younger male in his arms, just as happy as he looked when he held you. You sit back up straight still rubbing Yangyang’s back as you exchange silent words with Jungwoo through your eyes.

    “Sweetheart,” Jungwoo sighs in his baritone voice, “I have a little bit of paperwork to handle, why don’t you and y/n head upstairs and choose a movie. I’ll join you guys when I’m done, okay?”

    “Okay, don’t take too long please.” he begs with his eyes. 

    “I promise baby.” Jungwoo smiles fondly at him, “Go on, I’m sure you can cope with just y/n for now.” he giggles.

    You wrap your arms around his waist from behind resting your chin on his shoulder just wanting to be close to him, “Come on, you can choose the movie.” you whisper against his neck.

    Jungwoo gives each of you a kiss before retreating into the dining room where the paperwork rested. You gently pinch at Yangyang’s side as he began to pout causing him to turn around in your arms and hug you back. He reburied his face in your neck and whined trying to get closer to you even if it wasn’t physically possible. You smile loving having him with you when you feel him shift to climb into your lap you only feel your smile widen and your arms hold him tighter. You stay like that for a while just enjoying each other’s presence until you pat his side prompting him to get up.

    “We’ll be much more comfortable in bed silly, come on.” you smile reaching for his hand.

    The moment you lay in bed, your upper half resting against your headboard, he’s on top of you cuddling as closely as he can. You again laugh at his cute antics before stretching to reach the remote to your tv. You knew he had no interest in actually watching a movie, he just wanted to cuddle you, so you chose the first random movie when you opened up Netflix. He lets out a whine when he realized your full attention wasn’t on him. You place the remote down and start to run your fingers through his hair, he lets out a content sigh at the feeling. You end up actually watching the movie, even if Yangyang is buried in your neck completely lost in cuddling you. You don’t even notice when he began placing small kisses into the skin of your neck. You only begin to notice when he would randomly nip at the skin knowing it would catch your attention.

    “Baby?” you question, “What are you up to?”

    “Nothing.” he mumbles against your skin before placing more kisses.

    You chuckle, “Baby, if you want something just say so, you know I’d give you anything.”

    “Love me, please?” he whines again.

    “Aren’t I loving you now baby? We’re cuddling.” you instigate.

    He lets out another whiney breath and subtly grinds against you. You drop your hands down to his waist and hold him still, he releases himself from your neck to look at you with pouty lips and eyes. You just smile at him sweetly knowing it would only get him more worked up. He attempts to move his hips again to get your attention where he wants it, you don’t cave though, you squeeze his waist gently and lean up to kiss him softly. He sighs into the feeling of your lips against his and tries to chase your lips as you pull away from him. He was just too adorable for you to deny anything for too long, you place more soft kisses against his lip and each time he tried to keep you there.

    “Don’t you want to watch the movie prince?” you ask almost innocently.

    “No.” he quickly shakes his head, “Want to-” he cuts himself off with a blush, “Want you.” he pleas.

    “Oh? Do you?” you act shocked.

    He whimpers at the attention and lets his hand fall down to your chest gently playing with your breasts. You smirk at his forwardness but don’t stop him. He was slightly shocked by you letting him do as he pleased, you normally don’t roll that way, that doesn’t stop him though. You let your grip on his waist loosen and slowly shift to hold onto his ass, you guide him to start moving against you again. He gasps at the sudden friction but soon accommodates for that too and continues to play with your chest as he moves against you. You just watch as your pretty baby does his best to please himself while also attempting to please you as well.

    “Look at you baby, remember how innocent you were when we first met? Hmm?” you question condescendingly.

    He doesn’t respond, he just moves his hips faster trying to chase the feeling he’s experiencing. You let out a sadistic chuckle and smirk seeing him so focused on what he’s feeling, you let your hand come down against his ass. You revel in the sound that he lets out, somewhere between a cry and a moan, and it’s music to your ears. He drops his head down against your forehead and continues to let out breathy moans just wanting to reach his high.

    “Prince, don’t you want more? Just ask and you know I’ll give it to you.”

    “Please,” he cries out, “let me be inside you. Promise I’ll be good, I’ll make you feel good.”

    Your heart practically melts hearing him beg in such a sweet voice, “Help me undress baby, I’ll help you too, okay?”

    He frantically nods and immediately grasps at your shirt pulling it over your head, he doesn’t even think twice before covering your chest in kisses not forgetting to leave marks behind wherever he felt like it. You chuckle at him again reaching behind your back to undo your bra, letting it fall away from your body. Again without fully processing anything, he takes your nipple into his mouth sucking gently at it while rolling the other between his fingers. He looks up at you with seemingly innocent eyes despite his actions. You reach for the fabric of his shirt and pull it up his back, when he refuses to detach himself from your body, you take a handful of his hair with your free hand causing him to let out another noise of pleasure. You pull his shirt the rest of the way and take in his beautiful body for a moment, he squirms feeling your eyes on him. You grab him by the back of his neck and drag his lips back against yours. Slowly you slide your bodies to be laying flat against the bed as you make out giving him a better angle to grind against you. One hand snakes down his naked torso and into his joggers finally giving him the contact he craved, he bucks into your touch as you gently stroke him. Large beads of precum leak from his tip giving away how desperate he was as if it wasn’t already obvious.

    “Please, more, anything.” he breathes between kisses.

    “Well baby, help me finish undressing, and then you can have exactly what you want.” you smile.

    He doesn’t waste a second sitting back on his ankles, his member just barely peeking out from the waistband of his joggers. His hands grab at your shorts and pulls them down your legs and off your body followed by your underwear. He leans down and presses kisses up your leg in a delicate manner dead set on pleasing you. You briefly catch sight of him grinding against the mattress before his lips meet your core. You let out a moan as he focuses on your clit, your hand reaches into his hair again gasping it as praise. You weren’t expecting him to be patient enough to give you such attention, you expected him to immediately strip himself after and be inside you. You aren’t complaining one bit. Although you do come back to earth for a moment and see him moving against the mattress desperate for his own pleasure.

    “Prince, let me help you.” you breathe out.

    He breaks from his focus on you and makes eye contact processing the information slowly. You give him a fond look before sitting up and leaning towards him. He follows your lead and leans back causing him to lay back on the bed, his head by the foot of the bed. He looks almost helpless under you as you pull his remaining clothes off his body. You position yourself above his leaking member and tease him for a moment rubbing his tip through your folds.

    “Did you want something cutie?” you ask as if you didn’t already know.

    “Please let me be inside, I’ll do anything.” he begs again.

    “Oh, prince,” you lean forward placing your free hand against his cheekbone gently stroking it, “I think you’ve waited long enough, haven't you?”

    Before you can even let him respond you sink yourself onto him fully taking him inside you. He lets out a cry-like moan finally feeling what he’s been wanting to. You immediately set a moderate pace both of you lost in pleasure, you’re almost positive Jungwoo can hear you both but you couldn’t care less. You’re pretty sure he knew what he was doing when he sent you both up here alone. You let your body weight fall forward onto Yangyang still thrusting down against him. His arms wrap around your middle and his face is back in the crook of your neck where it always seems to be. You’re so focused on your rhythmic motion that you hardly register him calling out to you.

    “C-can I be on top?” he asks almost unsure.

    You don’t say a word, you grab his shoulders and pull him up still keeping him inside you. The moment your back hits the soft mattress again he’s thrusting into you as if it’s the last thing he’ll ever do. You lose yourself to the pleasure and you know he is too. You grip at his shoulders still knowing there would be marks left after everything. Unable to contain yourself any longer you attach your lips to his neck leaving marks in your wake. He was weak for you and everything you did to him. He lets out more sounds of pleasure as he feels your walls tighten around him in response to his noises. Your nails continue to leave red trails behind as you grip onto him as if trying to hold onto one last thread of sanity. Soon he warns you that he might not last much longer, you happily give him permission to cum, you’re just as close as he is. Just after he releases inside you and still continues his motion helping you ride out your own high. The moment you both come back down from the heavenly feeling you hear a knock at the door.

    “Sweethearts? Can I come in?” you hear your husband call from the other side.

    “Yeah, you call back. Could you actually grab a damp rag before you come in though?” you ask with a slight giggle.

    A few minutes later Jungwoo walks through the door and sees the both of you happily cuddling actually watching a movie this time. He shakes his head as if in disbelief at how shameless you both are. You acknowledge his presence and reach out for him with grabby hands. A smile graces his lips and makes his way towards you. He gently moves you to help you clean up the aftermath, it’s moments like this where you’re extremely grateful he doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body, at least when it comes to Yangyang. Because if he did, you knew you’d be absolutely wrecked by him right in front of the younger. He eventually finds a space between you and Yangyang and cuddles you both, both of you on his sides tucked under his arms. Within ten minutes both you and Yangyang were sound asleep. He knew you were both bound to fall asleep and he didn’t care one bit, he was just happy to have both of his babies with him safe and sound. Everything was complete with the three of you together.

    “I love you both more than anything else I could ever have in this life or any other.” he mumbles softly before succumbing to sleep himself.


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