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  • thegirlthatsdancingintherain
    26.01.2022 - 47 minutes ago

    what if ten sells one of his sketches as a nft rather than buying one, would love to see that war going down in the wayv dorms

    #although i think ten thinks of himself too much as an artist to actually consider that #it'd still be funny #ten#kun#wayv
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  • techtechonmymind
    26.01.2022 - 53 minutes ago

    ten’s insomnia sketches are trillions times better than any of these creepy nft animals idgaf

    #idc that much but i do resent bad art selling for that much lmao #nct#wayv#ten ❤️#kun 🤍
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  • wayv-hoto
    26.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    WayV on WayVision Summer Edition

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  • d0llshee
    26.01.2022 - 3 hours ago


    “Ten baby? Why are you here”

    “I can’t sleep.”

    “Its 1 in the morning, babe.” You quickly let your tired boyfriend in your apartment and dragged him to the bedroom. “Did you drive here?”

    “Yeah” He sighed, hugging your waist and lowering his head to rest on your shoulder. You cradled his head gently, holding his face in your hands. The poor boy looked exhausted. Hours of training and recording must’ve really gotten to him this week. His eyes had bags under them, he looked pale, and he seemed to have lost weight too. You hadn’t seen him in the past week because of his schedule, which you understood, but boy did he miss you.

    “I missed you” he sighed, leaning into your hands, craving your warmth. Ten kissed your palms and pressed your hands into his cheeks. “So much…”

    “I know you did. I missed you too, my sweet baby” You brushed the hair on the back of his head while you kissed his cheeks. “C’mon, lets go to bed” Ten walked into your bathroom and changed into nothing but shorts before you tucked him into your bed with fluffy blankets and joining him.

    The boy wrapped his arms securely around your waist, nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck, leaving gentle kisses around the area too. “I missed your smell, your warmth, everything” he confessed, moving up to kiss the underside of your jaw.

    “Have you been taking care of yourself? You look pale, dear.” You grabbed his face and massaged his cheeks for a moment, making the boy melt.

    “I dunno… I haven’t been able to sleep. Its cold without you.” You noticed him slowly lifting your shirt up, so you made it easier for him and lifted the fabric over your head, tossing it aside. He smiled and started littering your body with kisses. He started from your jaw, down to your neck, your chest, and he stopped at your belly, which was slightly ticklish.

    If there was one thing Ten loved as much as you it was body worship. Whenever he was with you he needed to be touching you in one way shape or form. Wether it be holding your hands or playing with your waist or straight up kissing you all over, it was his favorite thing to do with you.

    You giggled as he kissed your stomach, making him laugh for the first time in days. He climbed on top of you and rested his head on your stomach, sighing deeply. You placed your hands on his head, one hand massaging it and the other just playing with his hair.

    “You know, I actually can’t sleep without you.”


    “Yeah…” Ten looked up and matched your gaze. “I have a hard time sleeping at the dorms… and when i do i have nightmares.”

    “Oh baby” You frowned, cupping his cheek with one hand. “You can always move in here if you want to”

    “I can?”

    “It’s practically like you live here anyway. Your clothes are already in my closet, and you have keys.”you chuckled, and he smiled, grabbing your arm and placing more kisses on it.

    “Lets do that. I’ll talk to my manager and the boys tomorrow, I’m sure they’d support me”

    “And what makes you say that?”

    “They love you, y/n. They love you for me, actually. Its adorable. Yangyang adores you! You’re his favorite noona, did you know that?”

    “I am?” You giggled, thinking of the younger boy. “Thats sweet, i should reward him for saying that~”

    “Oh, now don’t play favoritism with my members” Ten scolded, raising his hand and pointing at your face

    “What? Can’t I favorite the boy that said i was his favorite?”

    “I said you were my favorite first though... I have to be your favorite” he pouted, holding your waist closer.

    “You’re jealous!” You pinched his cheek

    “I am not!” His cheeks flushed a light shade of pink

    “Don’t worry, you’ll always be my favorite. You big baby.” You flicked his forehead lightly, laughing as the boy bitterly muttered words with a pout on his face. “I love you, chitta.”

    Ten loved that nickname. More than all the other endearments you usually called him. “I love you, y/n” He smiled, crawling up to sweetly kiss your lips. His kisses were always passionate, slow, and sweet. He himself was a very passionate man, and he loved romance, and this setting was doing a lot for him already.

    Ten laid his head on your chest, and tried to sleep. He felt it would be easier tonight, since he was tired, and since he had you. He felt it in your chest when you snored, and he held back a giggle, kissing the hand that was on his face.

    “I’ll always love you, my sweet angel.”

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  • what-if-nct
    26.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    Johnny: Your Austrian child just gave me this live chicken.

    Ten: He is German, he isn't Dutch, Russian, Austrian or Swedish. You don't even deserve his chicken. Give me that.

    Yangyang: No, no he needs the chicken. It will heal him.

    Johnny: Thank you, small Irish child thank you.

    Ten: That's not even in the same...just leave.

    Yangyang: Bye tall man from Ohio.

    Johnny: I'm not from-

    Ten: *closes the door* Good boy.

    #nct incorrect quotes #nct #nct incorrect texts #nct 127#johnny seo#johnny#johnny suh#Yangyang#liu yangyang#ten#nct ten#ten lee#wayv #wayv incorrect quotes #wayv incorrect texts
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  • they-said-this-i-was-there
    26.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    Johnny: I like men.

    Ten: Really? Prove it.

    [johnny grabs ten and kisses him]

    Ten: A-actually I was distracted. Could you prove it again?

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  • doyoungsballs
    26.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Ten Lee as Ciel Phantomhive🧎🏽‍♀️

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  • tamicawillemse
    25.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    I made this edit 😬

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  • kyunq
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    MOONWALK (2019)

    #nct#wayv#nctinc#mgroupsedits#maleidolsedit#boyidoledit#ultkpopnetwork#musicedit#yangyang#kun#ten#winwin#xiaojun#hendery#*kmine#gifs#moonwalk #ignore that boy #i rmbr when this came out twt freaked out bc of xj wearing the neoboy jacket #back when nct127/dream adn wayv werent allowed to mention each other
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  • moonlight--cafe
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    Hi there! I’ve been trying to speed run everything just to get to your ship! You’re an aussie too and I am mentally doing the apple bottom jeans tiktok dance thing to celebrate. I never find many Australian’s here and I just can’t help but get emotional. Anyways I put this under the “Custom Ship” category because this request kind of mixes some aspects of other ships. This was so much fun to do, you mentioned adding pictures and headcanons for your relationship. I will do both but to make sure you get the most out of your ship the boyfriend aesthetic images and stuff will be in a mini 5 pic moodboard so essentially you get a moodboard and a headcanon for each member I ship you with. You also requested a best friend ship and I’ll be doing that separately so I can keep everything in order.

    I got so carried away with this ship aesthetic, it turned into a full on headcanon type post. Sooo if anyone else wants me to start writing sfw stuff on this blog, like headcanons and drabbles. Please, please , please request something. I wanna spice up this blog even more. Okay back to you phil’s love child, I gave each person I ship you with a colour and the headcanons are based on an emotion associated with said colour.

    And one more thing, I tried my hardest to get to your ship for another reason. YOUR @ IS GOD TIER AND I JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW THAT anyways please enjoy your ship and don’t hesitate to request something else, my requests are always open.

    ~NCT 127~  Jaehyun  (I also got some Jungwoo vibes but I decided to just go with Jaehyun)




    the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled.

    You know the dazed feeling you get when you take a harmless tumble down the stairs? The moment when your back hits the (hopefully carpeted) pieces of jutting wood? This is how Jaehyun describes the sheer euphoria he feels, little pockets that are spread throughout your relationship, each pocket seems to last one whole eternity at a time.

    By all means he isn’t against feeling an intense calm but he just never imagined that it would come to him in the form of a person, you have become the embodiment of such emotions. In a pavlovian style he associates your brown hair and brown/green eyes with an easy type of happiness.

    For some reason Jaehyun’s maturity seems to be the most dominating in sense when it comes to his public persona, but we all know he is a covert fluffball. As cliche as it is he would look at you like you single-handedly hung the stars in the sky. He really sees someone that he would gladly spend the rest of his life with.

    There is nothing quite as sensual as him lazily dragging his fingers across your side when you are too engrossed in dancing to even notice him. They would mimic the Eb major key of Psycho by Red Velvet, and when he starts to sway his hips with yours you know that you couldn’t possibly love him anymore than you already do.

    The love the two of you share is always calm, the two of you just go with the flow. Jaehyun would never truly say no to you. When you approach him and ask if you could practice makeup on him he would resemble a gentle puppy as he sits cross legged on your shared bed. The feeling of the brush against his cheek would lull him into an almost sleep-like state. The only thing capable of waking him up would be when you finish his makeup and present him with a mirror so he can see how positively pretty he looks.

    Many mock Jaehyun for wearing a drunk-dazed expression on his face whenever he is around you, he is very secretive with how he feels about you. It’s  not that he doesn’t love you or feel anything. He happens to feel 10x’s what he normally would, he has a bit of an irrational fear that someone is going to steal every single happy memory he has shared with you. Your relationship is calm like the salty waves hitting the shore, what this means is that he sees your relationship as a sanctuary. One that he doesn’t want to share, he just wants the serenity the two of you have achieved to last for a life time.

    ~NCT Dream~ Jaemin




    having, showing, or expressive of enthusiasm, affection, or kindness.

    Even in the dead of night the sun appears to always be shining when you’re in the presence of Na Jaemin. A more accurate but far more outlandish  analogy is that Jaemin controls the sun itself. The sun comes out when Jaemin wants it to, the sun trails behind him and begs for his attention. Nevertheless, he ignores it and gives all of his attention to you.

    Cozy, warm, kind and domestic.

    Those are the words one often uses to describe your relationship with Jaemin. Your relationship is an envied one, not that anyone would openly admit it. There is so much time and effort put into your relationship, and the most beautiful part? You both get back what you put into it. By nature Jaemin is a very caring and open person, there are differences between his on camera and off camera personality. However, the love he excessively gives out is always genuine.

    Jaemin is an exciting breath of fresh air, and while his energy is quite... energetic he is very mindful and respectful. He is the warmth in your relationship, but what truly warms his heart up is your soft, introverted ways. He is very proud of his intelligent and studious girlfriend, he is your designated cheerleader. You could cook a bomb ass meal and he would be giving his compliments to the chef for an extra five more days.

    As loving as he is, he puts a lot of effort into not being an overbearing boyfriend, especially since he knows you generally aren’t too into the idea of physical affection. When you express that you are comfortable enough to initiate some form of physical affection, he would be so excited.

    Being in a relationship with you makes Jaemin feel like the luckiest man alive, this isn’t an exaggeration. Though your relationship is away from the public eye he doesn’t waste the opportunity to brag about how cool his girlfriend is to everyone he knows, especially if one of his group members is also in a relationship. He wouldn’t start arguments but he can be a bit smug about how he managed to woo such a down to earth and beautiful chick. He takes pleasure in knowing that no one has a girlfriend as cool as his.

    A wholesome couple thing that the two of you do is write short letters addressed to the other person and leave them around the house. Essentially, you will always be bombarded with Jaemin’s love in one way or another. Open the fridge, bam there is a neatly folded note taped to the milk. You go to the bathroom and there is a two sentence of love letter in your favourite shade of lipstick (don’t worry he promises to replace it). Honestly, Jaemin has so much love in his heart for you, these little notes are his way of getting it all out.

    ~WayV~ Ten  (I was listening to Nectar when I made the moodboard thing and wrote the headcanon so blame WayV for how suggestive it turned out)




    strong and barely controllable emotion.

    Ten can’t control his emotions, I mean he could if he really wanted to but why would he. It makes life fun, he thrives on this sort of excitement. That’s one thing you learnt in the earlier days of your relationship with him, he is eager to be in a relationship and it show. He is also someone who isn’t a huge fan of physical touch, he will only do it when it matters.

    Pda aside he falls very quickly for people, I mean he wrote Paint Me Naked  when the two of you started dating. When you questioned him about the song he would passionately debate with you and say it wasn’t necessarily sexual, it was a metaphor, you know....because you like art? It’s not like he would ever ask you to paint him naked... according to him at least.

    Ten is attracted to pretty things, this nerd would openly collect limited edition coins because he likes the way they look. He would have been attracted to people before, that’s nothing new, but you were on a whole other level. Ten is critical of everyone, except for you he literally can’t name one fault of yours. I mean he even has a fixation with your Australian accent, most of the time he has a slightly distant look when you ask him what the weather is today. The way you enunciate everything has him going absolutely crazy.

    Ten doesn’t believe that he’s a lovesick fool when it comes to you, “I’m just admiring her, you know, like how you admire the Mona Lisa”.  The other WayV members wouldn’t have the energy to disagree with him, while the others flat out ignore him  Hendery would be brave and respond to him “Ohhh I get it, yeah she is like the Mona Lisa”. And that was definitely a wrong answer from Hendery, as soon as Ten heard that someone agrees he would spend the next hour talking about you. The first thirty minutes was dedicated to interrogating Hendery and asking him why he also found you attractive, the next thirty minutes would then be him describing every single endearing thing that you’ve ever done.

    Ten has a very unique habit, unique in the sense that he never did it in his previous relationships. It isn’t inherently sexual, but sometimes he will indulge himself and make it sexual. But since you also have a love of makeup and fashion Ten would really like it when the two of you do each others make up and dress each other. Since it is Ten you can rest easy knowing he does an amazing job as your stylist.

    He is a romantic at heart, and he shows this in a very theatrical way. Whatever couple activity the two of you do, there will always be an extra sense of drama. Another thing Ten loves is when you agree to dance with him, while he just likes dancing as  whole he likes it more when your skin grazes his. If you were dancing for fun it would be the most intimate for sure, if he was teaching you some choreography it would still be serious but he would lighten the mood with some gentle kisses as a reward. When the two of you would have a break he would pull you closer to him murmuring a phrase you often hear “Did you know I love you?”

    ~ATEEZ~ Yeosang




    the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

    The moment he realises that he loves you, he is sitting across from you  at a cozy cafe, the way you don’t notice the froth still sitting gently atop your lip would have been charming if you hadn’t left it there for a whole five minutes. Still he tilted to his head to the side, shook his head and reached forward swiping the froth away before beckoning you to continue the fantastical tale you were telling him. This moment is the perfect analogy for your relationship as a whole.

    The relationship you have with Yeosang is a strong one to say the least, most of this comes from the fact that the two of you were best friends before you decided to make the ultimate decision to become lovers. This scenario may sound like it comes from a popular k-drama but it really did happen, like most of your relationship it sounds too perfect that it sounds like an elaborate lie. Yeosang has a peculiar way of describing your relationship to others when they decide to pry.  Whenever someone gets far too nosey he responds with a simple “It’s like A Song Written Easily by Oneus”.

    And that’s honestly the best way to describe it. Yeosang’s trademark is that he always seems like he’s off in  another world, one more beautiful than the one we live in. In a sense he is, especially when he is with you. You are his escape of some sort, the more introverted aspects of your personality really appeals to him. The both of you don’t even have to speak to one another, just being together is enough. You have that magical connection where no words need to be exchanged. He too is a person who is a bit hesitant when it comes to physical affection, but in this case he is the shy one. You are the one that needs to go to him or initiate it for him to respond, he will always respond but while your cuddling into his side you fail to see the soft blush on his face.

    Your cool mum nature would be a welcomed addition to the character archetypes present in ATEEZ. You are the cool mum and Yeosang is the cranky uncle who doesn’t share his chicken with anyone who isn’t you, it just works. Sometimes Yeosang would feel like the others are hijacking his relationship with you, he knows how amazing and comforting you are but he doesn’t appreciate Jongho clinging to your side like a lost toddler. You can tell when the other members annoy him, so to save the bickering you gently grab his hand and lead him to his dorm room so you can cuddle.

    Your intelligence goes hand in hand with the abstract wisdom he possesses. There is such harmony when it comes to your personality traits and little quirks, there isn’t really a better pairing on the grand scale of things. Your relationship is a symbol of everything being exactly how it should be, this comfort serves as an inspiration that leaks into his career as an idol. What I mean by this is that he often puts forward ideas that somewhat mimic his relationship with you, an example of this is the Dreamers music video. Yeosang confidently strutted into a meeting between Hongjoong and their manger and straight up said “Yeah the Dreamers music video needs to be like this” . Yeosang was prepared too he had charts, he did his research into colour theory, he had location ideas and a moodboard ready. All of this because he wanted to make an elaborate anniversary gift.

    The best way to describe your relationship with Yeosang is dancing on a porch in the warm summer evening as crickets chirp and your pet dog that you both bought runs circles around you. His love for you is childish yet it holds a striking sense of maturity, the two of you are like a youthful old married couple. Yeosang ponders things deeply, you often find him sitting on the couch staring off into the distance and wondering how he got so lucky. The only thing you can do is walk over and place a gentle kiss in the crook of his neck to remind him that he doesn’t need to fantasize about the perfect relationship when he has one.

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  • a10vely-yutazen
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    ten: at the end of the day, we're all human beans

    xiaojun: together we will rice

    hendery: lettuce pray

    yangyang: ramen.

    kun, on the verge of jumping off from the building: CAN YOU NOT

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