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  • xiapxls
    23.06.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    And then she does what any broke sim does in this game: go on a collection run around the neighborhood.

    #sims 4#ts4#ts4 gameplay #sims 4 gameplay #super sim challenge #supervalerie#wilcox family #bestselling author & fabulously wealthy #valerie wilcox
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  • xiapxls
    23.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    First things first, Valerie gets a job as a Writer. She starts at level 4 bc of the Connections reward trait.

    Also, speaking of traits, I finally remembered to update hers: instead of being a Bookworm she's now a Geek. She also got some new reward traits: Gym Rat, Mentor, Free Services, Frugal, Heatproof, Iceproof, Super Green Thumb, and Needs No One.

    #sims 4#ts4#ts4 gameplay #sims 4 gameplay #super sim challenge #supervalerie#wilcox family #bestselling author & fabulously wealthy #valerie wilcox #i could say something about the implications of valerie getting the needs no one trait after finding herself alone in a new world again #without nat who was supposed to be there for her always #but i won't bc this is just a gameplay save and i don't wanna get too deep into the sad stuff
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  • mysticalcoffeequeen
    23.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    I know y’all mean well, but some of you need to stay out of peoples pockets, specifically the ones of the working class like I’m tired of seeing others dish shame & blame them for how they choose spend/save their income & it’s honestly none of your business.

    Sometimes they save & spend for what they want because they genuinely like it or to treat themselves. Most times they buy shit knowing it’s “unethical” but that’s the only things they can afford or they’re trying to be frugal.

    Even if they do have money like that it doesn’t matter if someone wants to spend 1K on a single designer brand item, $200 on SheIn or $500 on a tattoo. Unless you are their accountant or they ask, it is not your business or your place to lecture them on how to handle their money nor is it ok to make cruel baseless judgements & conclusions on their class placement, financial responsibility or “ethics” because you personally don’t agree with their purchase. It’s deeply classist and gross.

    You don’t know their pockets. Stay out of them & mind your own.

    #Ultra filthy wealthy people I understand #but stop shitting on Diane because she spent on a Gucci purse #and stop lecturing ETHICAL shit to people living in literal poverty #go invest and trade in stock if you want #let people enjoy their harmless purchases #we’d all like to invest and be ethical #but some of us like to eat TODAY and shop for basics in tbe Forever 21 Clearance section #or save for a PS5 #just my 2¢ #thoughts
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  • sarahthedragon
    23.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    obsessed with the fact that niall left 23,000,000 dollars to the upkeep of his dream house and dream wife that do not need care in a will that can be and has been altered before as well as a house full of priceless magical items not to mention the fact that ronan could literally just dream money if he wanted to and declan is like here's how much i can spend per week to stay middle class ????

    #trc#mister impossible #the dreamer trilogy #the raven cycle #like not to be pro rich people or anything but this literally should not be an issue #there are so many solutions of being endlessly wealthy and declan is like i know what will fix this: a budget
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  • xiapxls
    23.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    So here she is, standing in front of her big empty lot, the Twin Oracle Point lot in Newcrest, with her money set to 0.

    Now some of you may be wondering, where’s Natalie? Because I said she was going to come along. Well, there’s been a change in plans. She’s not coming after all. Sorry Nat fans (idk if there are even any Nat fans. Except me. I’m a Nat fan). Some ramblings about why under the cut.

    Okay so. Nat was definitely going to be here. I actually played this save with Nat present for a few sim days. And she was just kinda hanging around with nothing to do, which was pretty boring. Then at some point I finally found something for her to do, but it felt just off? I wasn’t feeling it, I wasn’t feeling anything with her. And so I realized that despite what I said earlier, I think I am done with her. She had a good, full life in the old save, and I think that’s where I want to leave her.

    #sims 4#ts4#ts4 gameplay #sims 4 gameplay #super sim challenge #supervalerie#wilcox family #bestselling author & fabulously wealthy #valerie wilcox#natalie wilcox #just gonna tag her too since i talked about her so much
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  • xiapxls
    23.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Hey yall! Valerie’s back, ready to continue her adventures in a new save. And in honor of the new save, we’re going to be starting from nothing and working our way up. So naturally the first thing to do is to get rich, and we’re going to do that by writing. It’s time for Valerie to become a Bestselling Author and get Fabulously Wealthy. Yes, we’re finally doing two aspirations at the same time.

    Bestselling Author - Milestone I: Fledge-linguist

    Write 2 books

    Write for 1 hour while inspired

    Now, for Fabulously Wealthy, the milestones are all like this:

    Have earned x money and

    Have x money in reserve

    where only the amount x changes. But apparently the game still remembers Valerie's earnings from the previous save bc all of these ‘have earned x’ are already complete. Which means I would have been able to complete this aspiration by just switching to it in the old save, but where would the fun in that be? I've always known I want to do the rags to riches style money grind with Valerie at least once and now's the time.

    Anyway, that means the only thing Valerie needs to do for Fabulously Wealthy is to have 50k in reserve, so I’m not going to be tracking the milestones for that.

    #sims 4#ts4#ts4 gameplay #sims 4 gameplay #super sim challenge #supervalerie#wilcox family #bestselling author & fabulously wealthy #valerie wilcox#milestone #oh my god this post is a monster there's so much text i'm so sorry #but i have a lot of things to say #and this isn't even all of them #also it's still way too hot here #but somehow i managed to queue some posts
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  • reni-kamikizaka
    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    you see, the beautiful thing abt dotsuhon is that any order of them can be this image

    #it works no matter who it is! #rosho tsukkomi-ing his bokes #sasara's wealthy ass never stepping foot into a costco in his life #rei's wealthy ass doing the same
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  • bitchthefuck1
    23.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    One thing that i think a lot of the “Kaz OWNS Inej!!1!1″ people seem to miss (besides the whole book) is that they frame it as though Kaz could pay Inej's contract off if he just wanted to, and like Kaz was an Adult Man With Power when she joined the Dregs and not a literal 15 year old.

    The fact that Haskell is the one who she owes money to, and the fact that Inej was very clearly given the choice to join the Dregs or not with no consequences if she chose not to has been emphasized a lot, so I’m not going to go over that again, but setting that aside, in addition to not having the authority to release her from her contract because he has no real power over her (a fact that Haskell stresses A LOT any time Kaz says he needs Inej for a job), Kaz also doesn’t have the financial means to just pay it off for her. 

    He’s 15 when she joins the Dregs, and it’s unclear whether or not he’s even Haskell’s lieutenant yet (we know he still wasn’t at 14 but that’s it), and while we aren’t given an exact number, we know Inej’s contract is for a lot of money. When Kaz does pay it off for her at the end of Crooked Kingdom, he literally has to sell every asset that he owns to afford it, (assets he didn’t have at 15) and all he has left is some money for Inej to escape Ketterdam with. That’s it. When he convinces Haskell to buy Inej’s loan, that is literally the only possible way he can give her a chance to get out of the Menagerie. It’s not an adult man taking advantage of a young girl in a vulnerable position, its a literal child helping another child out of a bad situation in the only way they can.

    #feel like this element doesnt get brought up enough because its very important context #like ive seen people say kaz is 'a rich man buying a young girl' and like...he is neither rich nor a man #hes 15 and a minor gang member at best do you really think he has 'it would take years to pay off this debt' level money? #also side note hate when people write aus or other scenarios where they paint kaz as being wealthy but like in a generational way #he was literally homeless and penniless on the street as a child. he had to steal to eat. even when the book starts he has money but like #if he was a modern day person hed have a junker car and an outdated phone #anyways these are my two cents this was bothering me #kanej#kaz brekker#inej ghafa #six of crows #soc#crooked kingdom#ck
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  • amarriageoftrueminds
    22.06.2021 - 21 hours ago

    omegaverse concept:

    for most of human history, peoples' unique scents were affected by their diet and therefore that usually meant they could only smell like things that originated in their homeland. 

    That changed with faster international shipping.

    But, peoples’ scents will still tend to be strongest when matching the geography of their genetic ancestry. Ergo, purely northern or western Europeans’ scents are rarely spicey; only S. American or sub-Saharan African descended people can smell like chocolate or vanilla, etc.

    #omegaverse#a/b/o#worldbuilding #related idea: alpha Steve smelling green and dark like Ireland (maybe with a dash of Scandinavian) #and omega Bucky smelling hot and citrusy like the eastern Med. 🥰 #yet each man queues the thing he loves #think how this would play into class/wealth disparity #wealthy people would smell better because they can afford the best ingredients #and food deserts would affect peoples' scents #but the best-smelling people would be native/indigenous people with the least amount of processed or chemically-altered food in their diets #and nobody's going to smell as good as someone who does physical labour for a living (which the rich would find ways to emulate) #but poor people also might originate somewhere with eg. fantastic spices or flowers #and end up smelling better despite rich-peoples' best efforts to eg. buy foods to smell as classy as possible #so there might be racism/prejudice against people with spicy smells because of eurocentrism
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  • urdadsthirdexwife
    22.06.2021 - 21 hours ago
    #not YOUR dad ros i would never do that to you #but people with wealthy fathers watch out
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  • recall369
    22.06.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Senate Republicans balk at bulking up IRS because they don't want to chase wealthy tax evaders

    Senate Republicans balk at bulking up IRS because they don’t want to chase wealthy tax evaders


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    #Senate Republicans balk at bulking up IRS because they don&039;t want to chase wealthy tax evaders.
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